Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

John “The Derb” Derbyshire published his
article “Unpleasant Truths – a conservative view of the world today” in the National Review on August 2, 2002.What he wrote nearly twenty years ago might strike you as mild, but so will Steve Sailer’s or the late Lawrence Auster’s writing from that same time. The understanding of the political reality that we now take for granted was just getting worked out in public, when fundamental truths about our social arrangements were obscured by centralized media’s sixty-year monopoly on public discourse. He wrote that article when few understood that the monolithically centrist national consensus was splitting into two camps: the ruling globalist coalition on the Left and nationalist dissent on the Right. See the illustrations of how that split developed over the past three decades. Writing for globalists’ controlled-opposition magazine whose founding mission purported to serve the cause of tradition while subverting any such roadblock to globalism, Derb was the man with integrity (and wit, and intelligence) who asked the right questions.

Discovering his work a year earlier, several months before the 9/11/2001 attacks, helped me find my own footing in making sense of the passing events. If Derbyshire reads this, I hope he forgives the liberty I took with his ancient article, as like the rest of us, he lives in 2018 (for the next three weeks, in any case).

Unpleasant Truths is a classic article that struck a blow against the official optimism of neoliberal doctrine. Derbyshire’s points from that 2002 piece are in blue. Commenting after each point is me, the time-traveler from 2018.

DERB 2002: Most of us will die in poverty. There is no way that systems devised to provide for mid-20th-century retirees will be able to cope in the mid-21st, with imploding demographics and a centenarian on every block. “Defined-contribution” pension plans will have to be baled out by the federal government, if private enterprise is to survive. The dollars we get from them will therefore be massively devalued. Since there is no one to bale out Social Security, benefits will soon be restricted to citizens more than 80 years old. Similarly for Medicare. In fact…

PA 2018: [For most, material luxuries will pass with the Boomers. But that’s still in the future, unless you’re a GenX’er who is already knocked out of the middle class by Bush’s housing bubble or a Millennial with student loan debt. Under the right circumstances (read: when living among your own people and in full ownership of your public space), austerity is salutary and makes communal ties stronger, which is fulfilling of our deepest social needs. This includes old people’s willingness to make personal sacrifices for their grandchildren’s sake. Poverty is not properly understood. The modern flight from poverty is not aspirational; it’s a flight from contact with non-Whites.]

Quality health care for all is not possible. Quality health care is what rich people get. (Actually, according to one of the depressingly tiny number of rich people I know, even they have trouble getting it.) The rest of us must wait on line to be misdiagnosed by ill-trained, paperwork-swamped, litigation-shy doctors, assisted by nurses imported from the less hygienic parts of the Third World, and unionized hospital staff with no-way-you-can-get-me-fired attitudes. This could only change if the U.S.A. devoted her entire Gross National Product to health care; and even then, it probably wouldn’t stay changed for long.

[Derb wrote that before Obamacare. People scramble to pay for health coverage that has local in-network White American doctors, a vanishing breed.]

Pop culture is filth. It is now completely degenerate. Why do you never hear anyone humming a current pop song any more? Because none of them is hummable, or even worth bothering to remember. What is the main topic on TV sitcoms and “dramedies”? You know what. Why do you stand in the aisle in Blockbuster muttering to yourself: “There isn’t a single damn movie in here I want to watch”? Because Hollywood produces nothing but crap, crap, crap.

[LOL what’s Blockbuster? Since 2002, pop culture has gotten even more degenerate, in particular with the heavy-handed promotion of race-mixing. Not just that, but it’s also tailored to retardation-level IQ audiences, its chief purpose being not entertainment or even escapism, but to make its audience stupid. Heard a mainstream Country song lately? Counterpoint: there is also niche entertainment written to our intelligence, albeit filtered through Jewish sensibilities, such as Breaking Bad and Cobra Kai.

There is also an independent art and music scene, if you know where to look. Oppression begets great rebellion art. Let me show you some Murdoch Murdoch videos… a few affected me like no film since Kieślowski’s Dekalog.]

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. The saddest true thing ever said (by Henri Estienne, 1531-98). Translation: “If youth only knew, if age only could.”

[Such is nature’s balance. Game changer: manosphere emerged in 2007, connecting men across generations. Just like my generation then, young men now lack patriarchal structures of masculine guidance. Unlike us, though, they now have access to the kind of knowledge that we had to stumble toward in painful ignorance.]

The environment is collapsing. The U.S. will get the blame for it, of course, but the main culprit is the Third World. Take a trip to China: The air is a soupy smog, even in quite remote places. Vast dust storms sweep periodically across the north of the country, sometimes continuing right on across the Pacific. (And in one case last year, the Atlantic, too!) The rivers run purple, orange, and turquoise. People tell me India is worse. The inhabitants of Africa are busily stripping their continent of all vegetation, having already pretty much exterminated the fauna, except in a few tourist reservations. The oceans are being fished out, and near-earth orbit is filling up with lethal junk.

The Leftists take the high ground, in terms of “The Environment” and green peace and the rest of it — because that high ground is there for the taking, and SOMEONE HAS to take it. (2017).

Science has stopped. None of the really major scientific advances that you have been reading about since 1970 as “just over the horizon” is ever going to happen. Cheap fusion power; the colonization of Mars; artificial intelligence; supersonic air travel you can afford; contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; the conquest of cancer, tooth decay, or the common cold; fuhgeddaboutit.

[Technological advancements disrupt society until a new equilibrium is found. Since the writing of Derb’s article, smart phones have deformed human relationships but also armed people against their globalist governments. Now, if medical research could develop a cure for paralysis…. we won’t get there as long as medical schools are saddled with Affirmative Action and technological research is done by H1b’s, leaving China with nobody to steal science from.]

Not all groups are equally good at all things. East Asians will continue to win Olympic diving events, and runners of West African ancestry will continue to win the 100-meter dash. Similarly, nobody will ever be able to devise a test of knowledge or understanding on which groups with different population-genetic histories all record identical statistical profiles. You can have meritocracy, or you can have equality of outcomes by ancestry-group, but you can’t have both. Which one do you want? It seems we have already made up our minds. Corollary…..

[Mono-ethnic states with mutual obligations and loyalties among their social classes will make this moot. Nationalism means a home for everyone, and the demand for it has grown worldwide since 2002.

But to address Derb’s point from the 2018 perspective. The bad news is that the Narrative has reached levels of HBD-denial insanity I didn’t think were possible — transgender madness. The good news is that people have more or less stopped pretending to believe in blank-slatism, somewhat neutralizing the “racism” blood-libel against Whites. What’s my evidence that people stopped pretending to believe? — because the black-uplift narrative is dead, replaced by “die whitey!” malice that the system is not even going through the motions of rationalizing.]

Affirmative action is absolutely essential to social order. Think about it.

[Overall, blacks’ K-selected aggression has become visibly pacified over the past decade-and-a-half of gibs. But not their r-selected behavior, which can revert to African cannibalism if indulged.]

Socialism is popular. Practically all of the Socialist Party platform on which Norman Thomas ran in 1928 has been implemented. Thomas himself noticed this as far back as 1962, exulting that: “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of Socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.” Yet the main negative factors in the national life today, according to spokespersons for this country’s largest political party, are corporate greed, tax cuts for the rich, and poverty-stricken old folk crying out for life-saving medications. Plainly we need still more socialism. Don’t worry, we’ll get it. Conversely…

[American conservatives recognize socialism for the perpetual shoveling of White wealth into a black hole that it is. Neoliberalism, however, ostensibly in the tradition of American self-reliance, had inflicted the worst of all worlds on Whites:

  • The uprooting of communities and their informal social networks; a National Review author jeered: “Rent a U-Haul if you don’t like it that we cashed-in your factory!”
  • Unilateral dismantling of protectionist trade policies
  • Competition with infinity in-sourced and outsourced foreign labor
  • The burdens placed upon the productive and creative for the sake of the parasites in high and low places.

So absent genuine liberty and self-reliance, there is a growing demand for the power of the state to bend favorably in our favor. This goes beyond economic safety-nets. The setbacks we continue to suffered despite Trump’s efforts point to the obsolescence of Reaganite dream of “less government” because laisse faire private-public partnership hits core Americans the hardest, as they have the most social capital to liquidate into globalists’ portable wealth. Like conservatism, lower-case libertarianism is a losing proposition — there will always be a government, especially now with instant global communication technology. The operative question is, whose government is it going to be.

As of 2002, Americans have yet to fully learn of US government’s treachery to its voters under George W. Bush, its open hostility to them under Obama, and the extent to which its multi-generational bureaucracy is stacked against them now with Trump.]

Conservatism is dead. No genuinely conservative policy will ever be enacted, ever again, by any U.S. government or the government of any important state. Great masses of ordinary Americans believe that “conservative” means “repressed fundamentalist freak.” Why would they not believe this? Every medium of mass entertainment and mass information has been preaching it to them, over and over and over, for twenty years. The Ronald Reagan of 1980, if he were to stride onto the national stage today, would be unelectable. Calvin Coolidge would be laughed out of public life, if by some bizarre accident he were permitted to wander into it. Even when large majorities of Americans favor a conservative policy, nothing will be done to implement it. For example….

[Au contraire! Liberals of 2018 luuuurrrrrv George Bush! (both, the Dead and the Lesser). I will now pause for a moment to let my 2002 readers digest that.

Gentlemen: fourteen years from now, Donald Trump will be elected on Pat Buchanan’s campaign platform. The next candidate who will inspire similar devotion of the White electorate will run on Vlad Tepes’ platform. If you haven’t done so yet, do see my linked illustration in this article’s first full paragraph.

PS: regarding “Americans believe that ‘conservative’ means ‘repressed fundamentalist freak.'” Oh how that’s changed, and I’ll explain the slang later. Let’s just say that while no woman dreams of being ravaged by George Will, zfg shitlords get swiped-right.]

Nothing will be done about immigration. Business leaders and economic decision-makers all believe (perhaps correctly) that mass immigration is the main reason for this country’s continuing economic vitality. The Left sees poor immigrants as clients. Huge numbers of Americans are now “Hispanic,” and believe that anti-immigration activists hate them. The Joint Chiefs have no intention of letting their commands be used to police the southern border, understanding perfectly well that they would never be allowed to open fire on anyone — which is the main thing that trained soldiers are trained to do, and the inability to do which leads to collapsing morale and cratering recruitment. (It is also, of course, the only thing that would have any actual effect.)

[By now, globalists have discarded their economic talking points in support of immigration, openly gloating that its purpose is in fact White replacement. On the other hand, there are signs of life. Immigration is now the top electoral issue. Further — ubiquitous talk of Civil War II, the rise of European nationalism, an indulgence in extermination fantasies on every side, no less so by our side. The slow quiet demographic snuff-out feels less likely now than it did during W’s first term sixteen years ago.]

Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy. The natural state of human society is despotism. If you tally up all the human lives that have ever been lived on this planet under organized systems of government, no more than five per cent were lived under consensual systems. Even to get up to five per cent, you have to include places like ancient Athens and Tudor England, which wouldn’t pass muster as “democratic” by modern standards. In the last couple of centuries, practically all consensual systems have been Anglo-Saxon. Other cultures can fake it for a few decades, as France, Germany, and Japan are currently doing, but their hearts aren’t really in it and they will swoon gratefully into the arms of a fascist dictator when one comes along. As a corollary of this…

[Things that weren’t part of common consciousness in 2002:

  • Cynicism about the official line on 9/11
  • Knowledge of the fact that intelligence agencies monitor every aspect of private communication, including passive spying via household electronic devices
  • The uni-party as unmasked by Trump’s 2015 campaign
  • Professional hits on dissidents and whistle-blowers
  • Genocidal levels of immigration
  • Along with full-blown tyranny in Derb’s native England.

And… the darker rumors about earnest Satanism and crimes against children among elite in-groups, on up through US Presidents. Anglo-Saxon or not, this democracy was always a sham and it will have to end if our people’s existence is to be secured.]

China will get stronger and richer, without moving one inch closer to constitutional government. The Chinese Communist Party has got “over the hump” into a plateau of stability that, barring severe environmental catastrophe (see above), will last for decades. Rich and confident, unrestrained by electoral considerations or Judeo-Christian ethics, or any other kind of ethics, they will do all the things we dare not do: human genetic experimentation, culling of “useless mouths,” militarization of space, minor wars of aggression, etc. In particular… 

[Old wisdom: we in the Free World live well because there are codified legislative processes; other places are shitholes because they have authoritarian governments. New wisdom: constitutional governments are a fig-leaf over predatory transnational cabals that strip-mine nations for profit; right wing dictators are the prevention and the remedy.]

Taiwan will be re-united with the Motherland….by some combination of economic carrot and military stick. The U.S. will grumble ineffectually, up to the point where the Chinese ambassador loses his patience and asks the U.S. Secretary of State point-blank: “How many cities are you willing to lose over this? We ourselves are willing to lose three or four.” Then we will stop grumbling.

[Not much in the news about Taiwan in years. Instead, China is colonizing Africa. White Pill: the Dark Continent’s new yellow overlords might take measures to ensure that its endangered megafauna shall not perish. Black Pill: they’ll dump all 1.3 billion Africans into Europe.]

Something inconceivably horrible will happen in the Middle East. Probably the following: The Arabs will commit some huge, gross atrocity against Israel. Surviving Israelis will respond by massacring the Palestinian Arabs, and perhaps erasing a couple of Arab capitals. 100 years of peace in the Middle East will follow.

[The years that followed the Second Intifada showed that Arab treat to Israel is overstated and conversely, the 2006 Lebanon conflict exposed Israel’s limited competence in conventional warfare. Instead, US foreign policy of the Bush and Obama administrations destroyed Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. ISIS terrorists, which John McCain had a hand in organizing, mass-murdered Christians throughout Arab states. Israel enjoys peace and stability today, having built a wall on its own border. Her diaspora pushes open borders for White countries.]

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are saddled up and ready to ride. Just to remind you, their names are: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. No. 4 will presumably always be with us, but at least we have got Nos. 1, 2, and 3 pretty much fenced off in sub-Saharan Africa, right? The chance that you or me, or your kids or mine, will die in a genuine mass-mobilization-type, carriers-going-down-with-all-hands-type, flattened-cities-type war, or from starvation, or in some horrid medieval-type, communal-grave-type, 1918-flu-type plague, is actuarially insignificant, right? Well, believe it if you like, but your belief has no foundation more substantial than wishful thinking. History suggests that it is most likely false.

[The male imagination tends toward the epic. That said, sixteen years later we’re closer to that scenario.]

The next version of MicroSoft Windows will be even buggier and more counterintuitive than the last. That one you know perfectly well, of course — I don’t know why I bothered to include it. Further bad news on this front: e-mail will be rendered completely useless by spam, all that wonderful free information on the web will gradually be shut off into fee-paying sites, and NRO will start posting my photograph again.

[I don’t have an opinion about Windows. Free information on the web isn’t locked on pay sites because there is no economic incentive to do so. Since Trump’s victory, however, Big Tech has been hard at work turning the ideological content of the internet into Television 2.0 through platform monopolies.]

Poverty and hardship build character; prosperity and security destroy it. Look around you.

[So it was, so it shall be.]

The U.S. constitution is incompatible with a war on terrorism. It is absurdly easy to commit a terrorist act in the U.S.A. This state of affairs could be changed only by abandoning key constitutional protections. We shall be very reluctant to do this; but if deaths from terrorism reach a certain number, we shall do it anyway. That number has either seven or eight digits.

[Constitutional USA took harsh measures against hostile Indian tribes without abandoning constitutional protections for its citizens.]

Justice is dead. As the last of the generation of judges who actually believe in the law heads into retirement, the administration of justice will be divvied up between avaricious trial lawyers and ideology-addled graduates of lefty law schools. Their morale destroyed by “brutality” and “profiling” hysteria, police forces will sink into corruption and paper-pushing. Ambitious public prosecutors will concentrate on framing up law-abiding citizens with “hate crime,” “corporate corruption,” “dangerous product” (guns, fast food) or “child abuse” charges. Actual crime — murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and assault — will skyrocket, but it will be illegal to talk about it.

[The anarcho-tyranny that your late colleague Sam Francis wrote about… it’s here in 2018. The illegal alien who killed the beautiful White woman Kate Steinle went free. James Fields was convicted of premeditated murder over a fat SJW’s unrelated death of a heart attack.

In 2012, you will be fired by National Review for writing an article that I am certain has actually saved people’s lives.]

We are living in a golden age. The past was pretty awful; the future will be far worse. Enjoy!

[At the age of 105, the oldest living insurgent of the 1944 general Warsaw Uprising was asked when, from his perspective, was his country most free. To the young interviewer’s surprise, he said: “during the Uprising.” When asked if the current generation of young people would fight just like his did, he said “Yes, they would because dire circumstances bring us together.”]


With the duality of good and evil, one has an amplifying effect on the other. Goodness and purity catch the merchant’s eye. Evil and corruption set off a holy war to right the wrongs. (2017)


62 thoughts on “Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

  1. Excellent piece, if for no other reason than the hope it kindles: that for all Derb’s prescience he missed a few good things.

    Take a trip to China: The air is a soupy smog, even in quite remote places.

    Mega-depressing if true. (Or if still true today.)

    On the economic point: I am mulling over a theory about the economy as it relates to housing, but I need to formulate my thoughts better.

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  3. What a thorough effort comment!

    Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. The saddest true thing ever said (by Henri Estienne, 1531-98). Translation: “If youth only knew, if age only could.”

    Is it sad by virtue of being French?

    The American version of that saying: “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

    And it is sad, in either case. That phenomenon is right at the heart of consciousness. It very well may be the basis of consciousness.

    It certainly is true.

  4. Instead, China is colonizing Africa. White Pill: the Dark Continent’s new yellow overlords might take measures to ensure that its endangered megafauna shall not perish. Black Pill: they’ll dump all 1.3 billion Africans into Europe.

    What a disgrace that we humans, whoever, can’t manage not to kill off the gorillas and the rhinos and the whales and the tigers. It’s hard to be sympathetic in re humans of the various stripes including even our own, unless we can MANAGE some respect for the other animals.

    There was recently a picture making the rounds, of a rhino in Africa with its horn cut off, and it was still alive and breathing. Somehow the poachers managed to tranq it and cut off the horn, and they left it to die. It was very disturbing imagery. Large mammals such as the rhino may not pass the mirror test, but I think it’s the case the level of animal intelligence generally correlates with size.

    Nature is red in tooth and claw but we need better zookeepers.

    Who is the zookeepers up in this bitch?

  5. The anarcho-tyranny that your late colleague Sam Francis wrote about… it’s here in 2018. The illegal alien who killed the beautiful White woman Kate Steinle went free. James Fields was convicted of premeditated murder over a fat SJW’s unrelated death of a heart attack.

    And the jury has recommended for his sentence, “life in prison plus 419 years”.

    Ok. I haven’t followed the trial much closely at all, but listened to some Dissident Right podcasts on it, and I think they said his jury was comprised of relatively normal looking Whites, for the most part, with maybe one black or something. And how many women? but it’s not women specifically to blame because it would have only taken one or two men or persons with integrity, not to convict him.

    Those weren’t jews, they weren’t niggers; they weren’t women. They were American Whites and residents of Virginia.

    “This is — NOT RIGHT!”

    Or so said Conrad Hensley, the Tom Wolfe character who was delivered from an unjust conviction by an earthquake.

  6. Those people on that jury took an oath, and we’re to believe the evidence was beyond a reasonable doubt, for first degree murder.

    Those are our countrymen?

    Alex Linder said this advice, and I would second it. For anyone in the Dissident Right in the unfortunate position of having to defend himself of a criminal charge. Represent yourself and make your case to the jury. Look them in the eye and make your case.

  7. — the hope it kindles

    Thank you. It’s liberating to accept that history is dynamic and when circumstances change, so does the behavior of people around you. It makes you not fear the unknown. The 105-year-old veteran’s comment “during the Uprising” gave me a ton to think about.

    — I did not encounter these articles and essays until I was well past high school

    By 2002 I was already familiar with VDare and Peter Brimelow, many other paleoconservative writers. I also read Bill White’s neonazi blog around that time, as I had run into him a few years earlier in college. We didn’t know each other personally but I did a bit of friendly banter with him in the comments on his blog.

    But all of the above were the most marginalized human beings in the entirety of our civilization. Derb’s writing at NRO was genius in that he had a way to deliver this questioning of the Narrative on a platform that had a mainline to the GOP brain trust. And he wasn’t just “writing arguments,” his style had a way of changing people’s minds on their (neoliberal, which they simply called “normal”) preconceptions.

    –Represent yourself and make your case to the jury. Look them in the eye and make your case.

    That’s valuable advice. I in fact visualized myself doing it. Would I have it in me to roll my Charisma dice to sway enough stone-faced normie jurors who think I’m some nazi creep? Yes. Non-White jurors, no f’n way. OK, East Asians, possibly Yes. “Hey, I mostly didn’t say bad things about you on my blog!”

    Swaying White normie jurors that you are a fellow American, and ordinary person like themselves who is treated in a very cruel way by a system that hates THEM as much as it hates you. They’d not get it, I would not take my address to the Jury that far, I think.

    You might have brought it up earlier: popular rebellions require friendly civilian population. Too may people were literally brainwashed. This is being reversed and the question is, when and when and how with that “click” occur, that stone-faced normie jurors will reflexively embrace the pro-White activist as theirs?

  8. I like your responses to 2002 a lot and appreciate the idea and the effort, but I don’t like Derbyshire (I refuse to call him The Derb–who started that?). He’s a man without a country (I read somewhere, it might even have been his own account, that he left his native England as early as the mid-70s because of nonwhite immigration; white flight is understandable, but come on, that early?) and a man without a race (married an East Asian woman–Chinese? I don’t know, does it matter?–and had Benetton children with her). Then a few years ago in Takimag he insulted white people by writing, apparently seriously, that they’re “pussies.” He seems proud of his acquaintanceship or friendship with the “conservative” wing of the special people. Where does it end with this guy? It’s like he’s trying to piss off any white person who might be interested in what he supposedly supports. And what does he support, exactly, a cockeyed “Northern Alliance” dominated by his fetish East Asians? He’s perilously close to being a cuck or maybe something even worse.

  9. He’s not perfect when you line him up against the sort of rigorous judgment with which say, Lawrence Auster sometimes laid into him. I see him as an adventurer from another time. His expatting as a young man in Asia, even getting a role as a thug-extra in a Bruce Lee movie when he was an unknown is pretty cool. There is a type of writer who has these humble working class roots (coal miner family in his case) and for lack of better word, right wing instincts – unlike for example young trust-funders who slum it at “homeless” in Key West while rich dad wires the the money. Some people’s lives especially in their youth take an unstructured and confusing path and they can convert their experiences, even commonplace ones, into wisdom.

    As a writer he never beat you over the head, he just made you wonder about things. And when necessary, he knew how to not let slime like John Podhoretz fuck with him. I don’t like interracial marriage, including (especially) for White men but in Derb’s case it was a different time.

  10. Ok, thanks for replying to my comment PA, maybe Derbyshire’s discarding his native land so nonchalantly was a product of the class system there, I didn’t know/hadn’t thought of that. I wouldn’t put him in the company of world-class rovers and vagabonds like…any famous Britishers you can name from Francis Drake to Rod Stewart, but the British working class who left those isles, for whatever reason, after all, is US. That “pussies” article by him still annoys me, though.

  11. The “pussies” article was wrongheaded because it didn’t go into why things are the way they are. It was a venting of frustration. It’s because lynching [bad people] would get you crushed by the full might of the state. If I recall correctly, in that same article he contrasted Japan’s recent orderly response to an earthquake with one many decades ago after which they slaughtered their Korean minority population. His point being that vital, up and coming populations do stuff like that, while civilized behavior is for those on their way out. My point would be, that people collectively behave according to their rational fears and incentives, not according to their collective will-to-barbarism.

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  13. “Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy.” What we’ve actually learned is that no country can do democracy except with a very limited franchise limited to men of property over the age of 30 and a weak central government, which was the US up to the mid 19th century.. Women will always create a welfare state, welcome invaders, and want to loosen every restriction on license, and simply cannot be allowed to vote.

  14. Straighup Blimey,
    During my brief sojourn on the Continent in the early 80s, I remember encountering the issue of illegal immigration for the first time. While Red terrorism and Reagan sending nukes to West Germany dominated the news cycles, descriptions of illegals as “Turks” regardless of actual origin were already being discussed in mainstream media with the same objections raised as we see today. Perhaps Derbyshire acted on the writing on the wall earlier than others, but he was not alone in seeing it.

  15. Sorry. it was (N)ot, despite the damage he and his family wrought upon this Country, Bush’s “housing bubble”. In point of FACT it was the “Community Reinvestment Act” aka CRA which caused the collapse in 2008. The CRA was hatched by Carter and the legislative branch of his term. Back up on the homework you missed on this. I hear this from time to time and it still amazes me this isn’t understood.

  16. Why don’t you just start out blaming Israel and Jewish people for everything wrong in the world? PA fits. Ever wonder why if they run everything they are holed up in a camp surrounded by devils that hate them?
    You are clearly following Satan’s plan.

  17. Why don’t you just start out blaming Israel and Jewish people for everything wrong in the world?

    Or alternately they could be held to account for their actions.

  18. There is a type of writer who has these humble working class roots

    We discussed this on another blog where I comment. It’s interesting to ask how and why we all got into this – this movement, this worldview. It seems very common that alt-Right dissidents have this background: individuals of high IQ (and presumably quality genetic stock) who nonetheless came from lower-class backgrounds for whatever reason, so that we didn’t grow up imbibing the liberal-UMC mores.

    For instance, maybe one guy had very highly-accomplished (in their home country) Eastern European parents but grew up in a poor immigrant community in North America. Another dude had smart parents that made a dumb choice or two when young and so never reached their potential, so this guy grew up as the smartest kid in a Diverse working-class neighbourhood, learning those lessons.

    We’re very often people who grew up not quite “fitting”. It’s very rare to see true-blue UMC children of luxury in the movement.

  19. Derbyshire referred to himself as an opinion journalist. It’s a modest job description. Also he has referred to his class background as upper middle lower middle lower middle class. That wasn’t the exact category description but it was something like that.

    Wouldn’t it be a good subject for an effort article, a quick and easy reference guide to class and status in Britain, what it’s based on what it’s become and how it’s changing, and how those changes and uncertainties reflect in the lives of those same people today?

    In America status is much simpler. You’re nobody; until somebody loves you.

  20. Derbyshire does seem to have the necessary Wit and Wisdom with which to make his articles worthwhile. The job category of “opinion journalist” wants for those two things; otherwise wtf is an opinion worth?

    He always has the cutting aphorism. On the other hand his math spurge number goonery is fairly status signal-y. On the other hand I wish i knew what he was talking about. Did you know he speaks Chinese, and the most educated dialect?

    Fred Reed and Derbyshire make a nice contrasting pair. Aren’t they mortal enemies or something? Reed also has a respectable layman’s knowledge of some science-y stuff and can write convincingly with big words. But by way of contrast his class background is distinguished American, or so he says. Virginia tidewater and Cavalier. The very best people.

  21. Some people’s opinions are worth quite a lot. But most people’s are not. And as we know, that’s the problem with Democracy.

    The job category of opinion journalist should go to someone with a valuable opinion. Sarah Jeong has an opinion? The only thing that she is qualified to opine on, in the amount of vinegar and garlic that goes into making pickled peppers. And ironically she doesn’t know the first thing about that!

    And before her, those jews with their faces, opining in the New York Times. Thanks God, for bequesting this rundown place of origin for with which to prepare the soil.

  22. By way of example of Derbyshire’s wit and wisdom, he said of the Dalai Llama whom he met, that he had just the right balance of gravitas and humanity.

    That was his exact description of him.

    First of all, it’s impressive in itself to have met his Humble Grace and Bestower of Righteousness. Or maybe it’s not, maybe it’s just part of being an opinion journalist.


    On a totally different note, the DS yesterday had a high level outrage article. One case of Mudsharkery is much like another but some are worse than others. This one you have to see to believe.

    The DS article makes the point, that such a nice ass-having White girl such as the deceased pictured above, goes for the weirdo 56%-er exactly because he has the willingness to go so as far as to kill her, for disrespecting him. And on the flip side of that coin, is that she doesn’t get wet for the White boys in her high school, because they aren’t swinging their dicks around enough to beat on her.

    But her getting killed is a feature not a bug.

    I hate to go all Elliot Rodger and let’s please please keep in mind that NAw; but actually that’s what they’re like now. Not all of them. Some of them are sweet sweet vaginas as long as you’re a swingin enough dick. So let’s do those dick exercises today!

  23. I know that PA hates those pictures, and I don’t mean to thread jack. But the off topic point that the article makes, is that those girls are just programmed to go along with who they see as winning. And from their perspective who is winning, is who is willing to throw their weight around on the street and or for that matter in the halls of the school that they go to.

    Please to be resumed otherwise normal posting now.

    The other thing about that article that’s “funny” is that the dead bitch in question — is the other picture is of their fambly at table and her father has a blue gum gf literally from darkest Africa, and perfectly enough wearing a tee shirt with Minnesota on it. They lived in Indiana but Minnesota and Indiana are both in the Midwest and do agriculture.

  24. “Most of us will die in poverty.” The poverty is already here. All we await is recognition that the cupboard is bare. My vote is that the $250 trillion counted as “wealth” (it sits in the debt market, aka “I owe you dollars in the future”) will largely evaporate, and people will awaken to realize that they loaned Wimpy the money to buy a burger this week but Wimpy never had the capacity to deliver two burgers next week and those “savings” are actually in Wimpy’s colon.
    “Quality healthcare is not available to all.” Bullshit. Of course it is. What we have is a system paid for with borrowed money (other people’s savings) where there is no means of knowing what is worthwhile and what is not. Today a majority of “medical services” are either harmful or quite literally an addiction (particularly among old people, for whom a visit to the doctor is little more than their primary social outlet.) Healthcare today is built out like a metastatic cancer that originated in the intestinal epithelium. Just because those cancer cells are killing they host doesn’t mean that intestinal epithelium is irrelevant or even dysfunctional.
    “Pop culture is filth.” Yes, of course, but the masses of men are always of idiocracy. The herd exists, and part of its purpose is to help those not-herd-animals diverge from it. Value lies in differences.
    “If youth only knew…” Yeah, so what? Can my kids learn from my 4-fold longer adult learning? Guess what? The answer is no, not really. No one learns from history.
    “We’re destroying the environment.” Blame globalism, which long ago bought-out the Greens (and the Greens were always watermelons anyway. Political belief trumps everything, and saving the planet was always just a vehicle for Marxism’s envy.)
    “Science has stopped.” Of course…as soon as Mankind decided that science was another word for how humans can alter the laws of Nature, also known as “man-is-god.” Never have people been more arrogant and more ignorant. At least our ancestors recognized how little they knew.
    “Not all groups….” Denial of reality (in favor of Utopian lies) was a high-social-mood thing. When investment markets finally end this 40 year lurch into Pathological Optimism Land, signalling a trend toward distrust and fear, HBD will take over and provide a new set of rationalizations that invert the old ones. It’s going to be UGLY, but such are counter-trend overshoots.
    “Affirmative Action” will be destroyed once 80th-to-98th percentile whites see their living standards crater. As above, HBD will provide the rationalization for the snap-back reaction to the blood-libel of innate white racism.
    “Socialism” blooms in a vast, anonymous polity. I expect the social mood downturn to turn the vast, distant apparatus of governance into irrelevance. “Socialism” doesn’t do too well when the haves and have-nots are known to each other personally. The former will exterminate the latter if that’s what’s needed to stop the looting.
    “Conservatism is dead.” Conservatism was NEVER Rightist. What is more important is that Leftism has probably gone about as far as it can before entering Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, and Right-leaning people are far too well armed for that to be likely. When we stop going Left, all other points of the compass are “Right” in some way. WE just don’t yet know the final new direction.
    “Immigration…” Markets fall. Livings standards decline. Rage and distrust replace pathological altruism and openness. The power of black-robed kritarchs evaporates. Not a place to be if it’s not YOUR HOME. The Hindus, the Mestizos, the East and South Asians, the MENAs, they’ll all flee for home or die in place.
    “Democracy.” No, even Anglo-Saxons can’t do democracy. Democracy is leftist. Aristocracy is rightist. Derb doesn’t and didn’t understand that.
    “China wins.” Ha. Bullshit. Chinese steal 100% of their advancement. China was static for 5000 years. If the West fails, China will be the tallest pygmy in the village, that’s all, a static culture of especially insect-like humans.
    “The Four Horsemen.” Nature culls. Natural selection occurs. Western man placed a lot of Nature’s culling on hiatus, but culling delayed is not culling averted. It simply built up behind a dam of sorts, and when culling resumes normal operations the main effect of the hiatus will be to have vastly increased the numbers of those who die premature deaths. We’re OF nature, not ABOVE nature.

    We lived in a Golden Age, but the gold was pyrite. The effects were a sort of pseudo wealth, where I have a nice-but-modest home, central air and heat, but it’s all Walmart cheap compared to the solid hardwood doors and artisan-created moldings that decorated middle-income people’s houses 100 years ago. Some stuff is really nice, but none of it lasts. The only manufactured goods that are a clear step up are guns, and in that industry we are treated to the best of the best…innovation and utilitarian artistry, or artistry of the esthetic, as one desires.

    Maybe that’s a harbinger of something.

  25. The poverty is already here. All we await is recognition that the cupboard is bare. My vote is that the $250 trillion counted as “wealth” (it sits in the debt market, aka “I owe you dollars in the future”) will largely evaporate

    This is what I’ve been mulling over, as it relates to housing. Now I know nothing about economics, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants and willing to be shown to be wrong, but it seems to me that the money (debt) that has been spent is irrecoverable, because it’s already been wasted on things that can’t be refunded.

    I’m thinking very specifically about homes. As the standard of living decreases, an individual might say to himself, well, what could I cut back on so that I can continue to afford healthcare (or food, or whatever). It would be easy to say to an individual who is drowning in debt, well, sell your lavish 21st-century home, financed with late-stage capitalist debt, and purchase one much cheaper but still serviceable, like your grandparents lived in.

    But the problem is, on a macro level, everyone can’t do this, because the entire ecosystem of expensive housing is already built. Everyone can’t sell their expensive homes because there wouldn’t be anyone to sell them to. We’ve created a monster (housing that we can’t afford, sprawling neighbourhoods) that we can’t fix – these should be the first things to be sacrificed during times of economic hardship, but instead they’ll be the last, because there’s no easy way to offload them.

  26. — Everyone can’t sell their expensive homes because there wouldn’t be anyone to sell them to.

    I also know nothing about economics but this makes sense. When home prices were skyrocketing to the point of mania in 2004, I was deeply skeptical about this same basic-math sustainability. One homeowner I knew, had the comps-value of his home approach one million dollars. It was an older home that needed work, decent neighborhood but nothing extraordinary. When he brought up these things in conversation, I told him that its best to go cautiously on taking out loans against this rising equity. I was not clairvoyant and could not pin-point the 2006 bursting of that market bubble. In fact, I too was antsy about the real estate market — everyone was repeating “they aren’t making any more land.” At that point, even fixer-upper properties in borderline-ghettoes were growing out of reach for a lot of people.

    Everyone was talking about real estate values then. I used to ride a commuter train to work during that period. Surrounded by middle aged federal employees, all of whom humble-bragging about a house they just bought or that their son had flipped, or about their multiple properties.

    For some, there was the euphoria of having caught a rising tide to passively-acquired wealth. For others, there was the anxiety of being priced out of the market. It was a real anxiety too, if you were just getting started in life and “they aren’t making any more land.”

    The point I’d make to people when we discussed the ongoing housing boom, is that at some point… when your home is appraised to a million dollars, there aren’t going to be many people who will be able to afford to buy it from you! I wondered back during 2001 – 2005, non-economist that I was, if the natural correction will take the form of an across-the-board inflation — homes will all cost one million dollars and up, but the average person’s income in future inflated dollars will commensurately allow him to buy that property.

  27. S.J., we’re all flying by the seat of our pants. Billions of words are written in blogs, books and comments but no one (NO ONE!) knows the future. In my case, I’ve been guilty of TV-syndrome, where “hard times” arrive, are managed and then pass in the space of a Made-For-TV movie. For 23 years I’ve expected the sky to fall (because logic dictated it, in my view), but here we are and I’ve missed one opportunity after another. Hell, the USA’s civilization has been in decline for over a century by many measures, yet life today is quite good for most of us. Who knows if hardship will land like an asteroid strike or like a slow slide into simply more uncertainty? I wish I did know, but that knowledge is denied to us all.

    The last 37 years were increasingly a time where some people just got by (with lots of bling, mind you, as this includes people living in 4,000 sq.ft. mansions and driving leased Lexus 460’s, who cash-flow their bills) and some people saved by plowing their excess “wealth” into investment assets like stocks, bonds and real estate. The bond market is Ground Zero because we’ve had four decades of economic activity build out due to taking savings and lending it to government, corporations and consumers so that savings growth amplified economic activity amplified savings growth, etc., etc., etc. But this is not an organic way to grow economic activity, it’s the greenhouse version. A small home is shelter, a McMansion is pure consumption, just like borrowing to buy food (which is subsequently turned into human waste.) Our last several decades turned into Ponzi Finance, where borrowing was simply a means to turn savings into post-consumer waste (which is what “the latest iPhone” is for example, pure consumption, not utilitarian communication.) Compare the cost to heat and maintain a 1,600 sq.ft. home vs a 4,000 sq.ft. mansion. Will the latter be “worth more” if hard times come?

    Lending to people (offering credit, i.e., buying their IOU’s [bonds]) makes sense as a risk-taking venture to obtain a return on capital via funding others’ innovations and hard work. Lending to people so that they can consume (and building a hospital so people can “consume” more hip replacements or implant more coronary artery stents [of dubious actual medical value] is mostly consumption, as are the medical degrees of all who work there) is actually kind of insane…but it was the vast majority of credit creation for decades. Should there come a time when lenders (bondholders) simply want their capital back and creditors don’t have much to lend, a world of borrowers-consumers has no real means of returning what was borrowed. This was true 23 years ago…but irrelevant for that entire time.

    Today people count “as wealth” all those promises of future cash flows. I think that it’s the largest game of Chicken ever. We all know that “something bad” is coming, but “flinching early” has been a terrible approach (I should know.) Most people are holding on because everyone around them is holding on…it’s pure mass psychology and is the foundation for the phenomenal inertia we witness each day. Like living in the shadow of a smoking volcano that might erupt tomorrow or might erupt in a century, people become highly complacent. Most Americans could not fill the gas tank of their car even ONCE if their credit cards wouldn’t authorize at the gas station. Most Americans have but a couple days’ of food in their homes. Now that’s complacency.

    I think “wealth” represented by future cash flows (bond values, pensions, bank accounts) will someday evaporate, prices will collapse (the effects of deflation) but affordability will crater even worse as no matter how far prices fall, people’s ability to pay will fall even faster/farther. But after 23 years of expecting Mt. Vesuvi-Debt to erupt, even I’m getting tired…and complacent.

    Time will tell if I live to see this Poseidon Adventure arrive. I thought I’d see it as a family man with family responsibilities. Instead, my kids are in that role now, and I’m an “emeritus father.” Difficult times, if they do arrive, affect people differently depending on the stage of life in which they’re living. But we live in Plan A (things as they are), and expecting Plan B to arrive imminently has been a fool’s errand.

  28. I made a killing in real estate.

    Buy a house in 2000 for 200k. Put in 20 thousand plus sweat equity; sell it five years later for 210.

    Yeah baby!

  29. Chakrates and PA, last Fri at an informal Christmas party given by a coworker of my wife I heard one man opine that because of the demise of (defined benefit) pensions and the rise of the (defined contribution) 401(k) to replace it…and that most people plowed most of their contributions into stocks, the stock market has nowhere to go but up.

    I blinked. Inhaled. Shut my mouth and bit my tongue. It was just the latest illustration of how little people understand about markets, mass psychology and history.

    Psychology experiments have been done (and repeated) showing that the variation we see minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, etc., in stock markets can be replicated in a closed system of participants. This means that the jagged graph of stock prices up and down, with booms and busts, occurs entirely without “news.” In other words, the outside world (events, news, etc.) is not necessary to recreate stock market behavior, it’s a natural product of human social behavior. In fact, there’s ample evidence that “the news” has no lasting effect on investment market prices at all. Markets move…and pundits search for “explanations” to justify why prices did what they did. All such “reporting” and “analysis” is post hoc logical fallacy…but people hang on it just the same.

    We’re far better off simply watching the graph of prices and embracing the tautology that trending markets trend. Most asset markets have trended since the mid-1970’s. Prior to that they spent a decade not trending at all. Back in the 1700’s England’s stock market spent literally 64 years NOT TRENDING (so trends do not always determine things.) Today the stock market is in a weekly downtrend, defined as (1) the weekly 13 and 26 period exponential moving averages [EMA’s] are down-sloping, (2) the 13 is below the 26, (3) the market price is below both and (4) prices are tracing out a lower-high, lower-low peak and trough.

    This is the first time since 2016 that this is true. If prices get back above those EMA’s and turn them up, in all likelihood we’ll go back to Bull Mode higher. But as long as most of 1-through-4 above are true, the trend is down, and if it stays down for a few months, the MONTHLY trend will turn down the same way. That has occurred twice in recent memory (2000-2002 and 2007-2009) and both times stocks fell 50% or more. But both of those times we were in a bull market for debt still (AKA interest rates were in a 35 year declining trend.) This no longer appears to be the case. If bonds don’t rally hard (and axiomatically interest rates down plunge again) then all bets are off. If stocks enter a monthly downtrend and bonds remain in their evolving bear market too, the Long Boom will be officially over and we should expect Financial Armageddon to have arrived…far, far later than I ever imagined possible in 1995.

  30. PS: This same dynamic applies to houses, land, commodities like oil, precious metals, etc. The difference between stocks & bonds vs the other things is that the former are largely intangible while the latter are largely tangible…but paradoxically all this means is that the rationalizations offered for price trends are slightly different.

    Stuff goes up in price and down in price. It’s mostly a matter of mass psychology. But with tangible things we hear “they’re not making more land” or “we’re running out of oil” or “back in the 1930’s gold did very well.” All of these latter are rationalizations for belief about the future price of something, and NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE. It’s all pure speculation.

    What a con game when you can get paid to give others your pure speculation.

  31. — despite the damage he and his family wrought upon this Country, Bush’s “housing bubble”. In point of FACT it was the “Community Reinvestment Act” aka CRA which caused the collapse in 2008. The CRA was hatched by Carter and the legislative branch of his term.

    The problem started with Carter but it blew up on Dubya’s watch, plus he fanned the flames.

    By the way, there is an excellent book about the housing bubble and collapse: Paul Sperry, “The Great American Bank Robbery” (2011). I started reading it two or so years ago but got distracted and didn’t finish it. I highly recommend it based on what I read so far. Perhaps time to go back and finish it.

  32. Elk, I made a 50% return in four years on a house once. I also turned $5k into $40k in three months once (index options)…and my certitude of my brilliance caused me to lose it all, and then considerably more. Nothing sets up failure like success. I doubled my capital-at-risk in 2008 (betting against stocks) and called the 2009 March low within a week. But I thought 2007 was THE top, I couldn’t imagine I was wrong, so I didn’t go long stocks…and tried to short again in 2010 and got creamed. I missed the entire 4-500% rally of these last 9 years. I watched while others got RICH. (facepalm) What a humbling experience.

    Lessons learned:
    1. It is mathematically near-impossible to make money in a declining market. Timing is far too critical, and markets can at most lose 100%, but if you’re wrong, they can rally an infinite amount. For me, DO NOT TRY TO PROFIT IN DOWN MARKETS.
    2. Identify the trend and if it is UP, climb aboard even if it looks insane.
    3. Don’t get carried away because someday markets may stop trending entirely for a long enough period to make “investing” a certain money-loser.
    4. “You” (pointing to me) are not smarter than everyone else. Stop trying to prove this falsehood.
    5. Keynes was right; markets can remain irrational longer than I could remain solvent.
    6. EVERYONE who promises to tell you how you, too, can become rich by trading is a charlatan and an asshole. This includes even people you otherwise respect. All investment advice (especially contrarian) is baloney.
    7. There may be a tiny few people who are mentally constituted to trade successfully for a living. They’re not smarter than everyone, they’re not necessarily luckier than everyone, but somehow they can do it…but only at the scale of the individual. I’m not one of them, and paying them to teach you “how to do it” is a fatal delusion. It’s not something that can be learned, as I see it.

  33. — strip-mine nations for profit

    Re comments just above… that’s the phrase I used in the original post. I’ve used it in the past as well, it works well. Thing is, it’s not flashy rhetoric with little thought behind it. I make a conscious effort to avoid empty phrases like that. Strip-mining human capital is precisely what fuels neoliberal economics, on every social scale.

    Harvesting = consuming the surplus. Strip-mining: burning through the non-renewables.

    Going back in living memory, racial integration. It was never about helping backs. It was always, as far as those who drove politics were concerned, the aforementioned “merchant eyeing that which is pure and good.” In the case of desegregation, there was a whole FIRE industry to be ignited with the unique social capital of White communities of every socioeconomic class.

    Have the boys with fixed bayonets disrupt those communities with inbound blacks, crush any vigilante-style community self protection, and make the high-social-capital citizens scramble in an eternal flight-not-fight nomadic way of life. The wealth sucked into the pockets at the top of the FIRE industry was akin to energy released by atomic fission, with equally analogous radioactive waste left behind.

  34. In a rural valley a farmer decides to throw a party, inviting friends, neighbors and family from city and country. The party starts on Friday and by evening the guests have consumed all the pork, all the beef, all the chicken and all the bread, and the wood pile is exhausted keeping the bonfire lit.

    Guests are drunk or high, and someone retrieves the seed corn and turns it to popcorn. Then they find the breeding stock hogs, chickens, and cattle, slaughter it all and cook it, tearing off wood from the barn for fuel. By now it’s nearly dawn but the hangover promises to be so painful that someone spikes the punch-bowl with methamphetamine, and party-goers resume celebration at an even more manic level. One attendee is the local bank manager and he agrees to borrow surrounding farms’ livestock and grain and lend it to the farmer throwing the party, based on the farmer pledging to repay it all next month (you see how this is headed for trouble; with what capital [breeding stock, seeds] will the farmer *produce* to repay the loan?)

    The party continues until everything that can be consumed, IS consumed (grain, livestock, barn, farmhouse, you-name-it.) What do people now have? A crushing hangover and a fistful of IOU’s. What was consumed? The very capital on which repayment depends.

    Today we are witness to the largest binge of capital consumption in human history. Our current moment in time is where the capital is consumed, the party is nearly over, and everyone is still too drunk/stoned on the fun to realize that their fist-fulls of IOU’s cannot be turned back into WHAT IT WAS before it was consumed. “Savings” could have been a nicer car, a trip, a 2nd home, but instead of consuming it that way, savers lent it on expectation of a return on investment. Savers, pensioners, *everyone* thinks they have “wealth” in the form of future cash flows, but the means of producing those future cash flows NO LONGER EXIST.

    If interest rates really are now in a rising trend (this remains to be seen) then it’s not Fed tightening…it’s the early stage of creditors becoming concerned with return OF their capital, not return ON their capital (h/t to Bob Prechter.) No one lends, even if it’s their exclusive industry, if they deem lending will result in certain losses…not even the Federal Reserve Banking System.

    We had our credit inflation, the largest such event in human history. We’ll get our credit collapse deflationary depression sooner or later, or else someone will have to come up with “something new under the sun.” Not impossible, but not the way to bet…

  35. I’m pleased that I was able to spur an economic discussion of this calibre!

    Land is expensive in NJ and there is an exit tax that must be paid when you leave, something like 12K for us given our assets. Trapped here.

    Sorry, wtf? “Exit tax”, HOAs, what is with things down there?

    S.J., we’re all flying by the seat of our pants.

    Thanks, I find that reassuring, even if I shouldn’t…

    Compare the cost to heat and maintain a 1,600 sq.ft. home vs a 4,000 sq.ft. mansion. Will the latter be “worth more” if hard times come?

    Funny, that is exactly one of the questions I have been asking myself.

    but something makes me uneasy. It’s fraudulent, or deceptive, somehow.

    Yes, exactly; that is precisely why I brought the whole thing up in the first place. I’ve lately been giving some thought to arguments about usury and whether our modern system might actually be wicked.

  36. If you’re having a great day and really want to ruin it, check out today’s DS article:

    Polish “Euroweek” Program Hands Over [young] Girls to Brown Men for “Integration”

    The photos will stoke your rage.

  37. “So. Much. Stuff.”
    Accumulated junk is solace for poverty of the soul.

    I have a hobby. Yes, I “overbuy” associated crap…I can’t help it. But my hobby has a practical use, so it’s not entirely stupid (emphasis on “entirely.”)

    I graduated college into the [Depr\Rec]ession of 1982. Couldn’t get a job at the point of a gun. Struggled for years (amazing what a difference being a year earlier or a year later would have made) so my wife and I are frugal to a fault. Our savings rate shames the Japanese. It amazes me to watch people think they live in deprivation amidst this cornucopia of plenitude.

    In college I had gas & food to visit GF worked out to the penny. No room for “extras.” After college/marriage we didn’t go out to eat for nine straight years. Only exception was to McDonald’s to celebrate our first kid being on the way. McDonald’s…. Never missed a payment. Went into hoc deeply. It all worked out. Doing the same thing now would likely be catastrophic. My first home mortgage had a 14% APR, my first car loan had a 15.9% APR. I got out of debt 15 years ago.

    While visiting my oldest when he was a freshman in college (long time ago), two guys on his floor walked by carrying a case of Heineken. So much for “poor college students.” When harsh times do arrive, the violation of expectations will hit most people like a brick to the face.

    “So. Much. Stuff.” Yes, the main globalist business model is manufacture stuff in China for pennies, retail it in America for mucho dollars. It’s a box; the more you feed in and the more you pull into the retail channel, the richer you get. It’s a “raw-materials-to-landfill” cycle as short as they come. The limiting factor is shoppers, hence why Globalists want a hundred million new consumers in the USA pronto, and “giving” them welfare is a feature, not a bug. All the more $$$ in their pockets when they flood into Sam’s Club, Walmart, Harbor Freight, Target, or the hospital (where we Heritage Americans pay for their care, of course.)

  38. Polish “Euroweek” Program Hands Over [young] Girls to Brown Men for “Integration”

    Yeah I saw that article and my first thought was, no way am I linking this to PA.

    Commenting about younger teenage girls is tricky business. Jokes are generally in bad taste. That said, those girls are literally become the masturbation fantasy of the brown guys in the pictures. Especially the Indians, who for various reasons are more messed up in their development and obsession for White girls.

    Those Soros style social programs are displays of weakness, and seen as such by the invaders. Those programs lead DIRECTLY to violence and sex assault. I am not sure now it is possible to prove the DIRECT connection, but it’s not an overstatement to say that.

    Apparently there was much reaction against that specific program, by the natives.

  39. I also don’t know how the future is going to play out. I used to think that John Greer’s predictions that things would collapse on the staircase, made sense.

    That the complexity of the modern would break down in such a way like a bowling ball bouncing down the stairs.

    Certainly people are getting the idea, that the government whether or not deliberately, is wasteful and destructive. An article in the paper today said that there were not enough applicants to fill the police force. That is surprising actually. If I were younger and w/o dq’s that might be a good line of work.

  40. This modern world, this modern life. I appreciate and RESPECT any average Joe or Jane who is not anesthetized and is functioning at a medium level or above.

    I had a sympathetic thought for a change, re the fairer sex. This youngish White clerk of vagina would have been fairly attractive but for TO LOSE forty lbs.

    Then it occurred that i myself would be a hell of a guy with but for maybe a heart!

    Six of one and half dozen of the other, her problems and mine.

    Just a feelgood sympathy thought. There’s gotta be a way to sell this.

  41. Elk, I toyed with the cop thing late in college (was employed by campus police back then.) I’d be retired on full pension by now…but probably ruined. Cops deal all day long with the dregs of society, and have to endure multiple times the cogdis of people like me. My dentist’s husband is a retired detective. I can only imagine what it was like to spend all day interviewing sociopaths, morons, inveterate liars and the innately evil for a living. Where I live averages a murder every other week, ten robberies/assaults a week, a couple rapes a week…yeah, putting a bow around each of those events would be a *great* job…(/sarc off.)

    On the larger question, we humans are wired weirdly. We study things that are rare, highly-threatening or exotic while largely ignoring the everyday wonder and everyday threats with which we’re surrounded. We study the train-wreck tatted-up, over-pierced, pink-haired, Pillsbury DoughGirl waitress or checkout clerk and worry about a looming zombie apocalypse while we largely ignore the plain young woman who walks by or the risk of slipping in the bathtub or falling down our own stairs. We exist in a diorama-in-our-heads false reality built almost entirely of sample bias.

    I don’t know how to escape it, except to take the Pollyanna Express. And I can’t ride that train no matter how hard I try.

  42. Yahoo News provides today’s daily outrage porn.

    The story itself is hard to tease out, because it is not presented well. Partly out of (((the usual reasons))) and partly out of neglect. But this young Midwest girl goes to Netherlands for an adventure and gets knifed by her roommate whose identity isn’t revealed; and all the while before and after, (White) Dutch boyo-friend lends emotional support.

    This girl is the type who lives around here, in the suburban Midwest. Not the face piercings and the name. The deceased’s name was Papaneheim and her mother’s name Odegard. Bizarrely, Ms Odegard’s SON was in Netherlands earlier and he died too, but of suicide.

    Also of interest is that the girl was there studying music there and specifically jazz drumming! Apparently the killer was a cello player, which seems odd.

    The suspect, a 23-year-old Dutch man, lived in the same building as Papenheim, and the two were believed to be acquaintances, Rotterdam police said.

    The suspect was arrested about an hour after officers found her body, police said. He was located at a train station about 60 miles from Rotterdam.

    Odegard said the man, whose name has not been released, was a cello player and her daughter was a talented jazz drummer. Both were studying music.

    “They loved talking about music,” Odegard said. “There was times he would have highs and lows.

    “Nothing concerned me until the last time I talked to her when she told me this story,” Odegard added. “She said, ‘Mommy he did this. He is acting strange.'”

    Odegard said she told her daughter to “not be around him,” but as relayed by her mother, Papenheim said, “Mom, he is my friend. I am his only friend. He would get angry, but I can always talk him down and change his mind.”

    No motive has been established, police said. [ … ]

    She was living in the Netherlands after meeting someone playing a game online who lived in the country, her mother said. She traveled to the country to meet him, and after they began dating she decided to move to the country for school. Her mother praised her boyfriend, Nico, for the support he’s provided, both emotionally and as a native Dutch speaker.

  43. The girl was cute, and goes to Rotterdam Netherlands to study jazz drumming [jazz drumming?], and gets killed by her cello playing roomie who is probably an invader but do those guys even play the cello?

    Two quick points. First of all this story is very local and yet because of our atomized life it doesn’t mean a damn thing. It is a flash in the pan. Apparently this bitch deceased woman was a somebody on the local music scene.

    The other point is harder to get across, it’s life-stagey and teleological and confusing. Or maybe it’s not those things. This young woman wanted to have an adventure but she wasn’t qualified. And no one could convince her otherwise or for that matter even tried.

    And it’s that last that hits a nerve. Reminds of those damn bike adventurers getting (literally) axed in Kyrgyzstan.

    Life Adventures are cool. There’s nothing wrong with going on adventures. But when they end in the way that some of them do, like getting run over on your bicycle and beat up with an ax, or in Sarah Papenheim’s case knifed by your cello playing roommate, then that’s a sign that your video game console is out of date.

  44. Elk, rabbits gonna rabbit.
    If I were an inversion of this woman’s (and many, many, many women’s) weltanschauung I would be too afraid to leave my house. Few women realize just how strong are the aggressive killer-apes with whom they interact daily. They only see the politeness, not the impulsive rage, capable of driving denser, larger muscles immediately under the skin. I cringe when I see women express confidence in mastering an aggressive man.

    If women realized the degree to which they swim with man-eating sharks each day, and the degree to which the deferential treatment they take for granted is a tissue-thin veneer, they, too would not leave their homes without body guards.

    Even the veneer is thinning.

  45. PS: She self-nominated for a Darwin Award. Pathological Openness is now openly an invitation to be pruned from the Tree of Humanity’s DNA.

  46. — Pathological Openness is now openly an invitation to be pruned from the Tree of Humanity’s DNA.

    Something very thought provoking you once said: darwinian culling throws out a lot of babies with the bathwater.

    Really gives you a pause, because it’s true. The chick who was killed in Netherlands is one such “baby.” Pathological Openness… is there such a thing or is it a Female Sweetness that should not have ever been allowed out among the hyenas?

    I dont want that culled because gook-woman Cash Register For Soul isnt an improvement, so far as European spirit goes.

    [TANGENT: the Tiger Mom thing, it’s alien to us, we love our Mama Bears, which is the exact opposite of Tiger Mom. Mama Bear protects her cubs in their own habitat. Amy Chua created the phrase “Tiger Mom”. Her first book was about the fate of middlemen minority Chinese in Malaysia and how they are loathed by the native Malay (imagine that). Tiger Mom is about exploiting the habitat of another. Apex scavenger.

    First, by her, a Chinese woman, marrying an American jew, then taking reins of the household to adapt her daughters to a multicultural bazaar where they get to be middlemen minorities at an even higher tier than where she grew up. The Tiger Mom concept is materialism dialed up so high, it no longer feels human to us. /TANGENT]

    The girl in the Netherlands had looks and charm. Musical talent that could have been passed on to her son. What’s maladaptive about her, is the fact that her assets (sweetness) is fatally mismatched with neoliberal values.

    When things reset at traditional norms, White women will regard any contact, even casual, with non-Whites as social death. Not even a conversation, no smiling, nothing. If you attune your attention to this, you’ll find the sight of a middle-aged White woman being anything more than stonefaced-short with a nonWhite male clerk, coworker, whatever, as unbecoming.

    That chick should never have been allowed out alone like that. She didn’t need it for fulfillment, either.

  47. But this isn’t really about the killer, but about a young white girl raised by what appears to be a single mother who couldn’t say “no.” So now this mother has seen her son self-annihilate and her daughter get murdered. Which somehow will translates into prompt forgiveness of a “mentally ill” killer in the now classic, liberated double-down.

  48. The Daily Mail is known for getting the scoop, especially with their pictures.

    In this picture she looks even better. Not to be disrespectful of the dead, but as in hippy in the good childbearing way.

    The son though; problems already in his appearance and posture and expression. He has a strong dimpled chin.

    The stylings of that couch and pillow are classic 80s. As are their clothes. As much as we like to look back fondly on the 80s, those designs were awful.

    And of course where’s dad?

    Now the media will hype this story as much as they can, but no stories ever stick anyways, in either direction.

  49. Not to be superficial, but the clothes they are wearing are not awful they look good.

    I literally went to school with these people. I knew one Odegard and it’s not a common name. Swedish i think.

    Papenheim though was her last name, which sounds German. As is well known among Americans who care, there was as much or more German settling of the upper Midwest as “Nordic”.

    My grandmother was between half and 100 per cent 19th century Norwegian. She had movie star good looks, or at least almost. But otherwise my ethnic background is British Isles and frankly I am partial to those types of Old American character traits.

  50. It’s not just a stupid Coen Brothers joke, that the character of those Scandis is off; out of whack; or perhaps simply “whack”.

    And further, there’s the gracile version that lives in the metro area, and the robust model out in the woods. Those guys out in the woods say in Northern WI; half of them can literally bench press 400 lbs with little to no training. They are that big. Here in the metro they generally have a different form but of course these days everyone is moved about.

    They are not the same sort of people that you might meet from the Mid South, say Tennessee or Illinois. Not to overshare, but I sometimes feel that I would have been more at home there.

  51. If I can segue the original post on Derbyshire over to Unz this morning and Fred Reed. Mr Reed has an article up on how feminists don’t care about women, as evidenced by their response to Female Genital Mutilation.

    First of all, it’s not accurate to say that feminists don’t care about FGM. They do. I don’t see how Mr Reed reaches the conclusion that they don’t. Otoh I didn’t read his article too closely, as I was looking through the comments for my favorite topic and there it is. Anyone wanting to read my thoughts on it, can do so over there.

    However I would highlight this comment by a Carroll Price:

    Well how about surgically removing a healthy 6th finger on the left or right hand? Trust me – if you or someone you love has problems getting it up and keeping it up, it has nothing to do with a missing foreskin.

    I begin my reply to her with the simple question: How could she know that?

    Obviously she cannot know another man’s experience in re his circumcised set. I highlight the mean-spiritedness of her thoughts, as an example of how it’s Shit tests all the way down

    The first thing they do is cut out the sensitive part of your dick, and the second thing they do, is mock you for missing it. Hell of a deal we got for ya, goy!

    I don’t know from Carrol Price’s commenting history, but she is supposedly on /our/ side?

    If so, no thanks. Different countries please.

  52. I hope my three responses over on the Unz thread don’t result in endless exchange of acrimony from the misc baby boy genital diminishment headcases, who somehow find in their quote unquote hearts to argue in a pro White forum, that their menfolk to be done up as jews!

    Can cog dis can even have a purer distillation that that? But hey that’s our world we are only living in it.

    Particularly disappointing is the comment over there from Rurik. I once made a quick comeback (with someone else) that the more hard-ass a commenter’s handle, the more of a put-on he was. As a rule, that doesn’t actually hold; but it works sometimes.

  53. The commenter against whom I formulated that rule, in order to get back at, was the one and only Anton Chigurh, the most hard ass commenter in that whole section.

    Not long after Takimag dissolved into the great soup of internet entropy, with advertisement and gimmicks and shut down comments.

  54. – “Is it wrong to feel better that the killer is White? It’s a natural reflex”

    When the killer is White, he feels like a disappointment, someone who is like you and me but who really screwed up. He seems redeemable. You wonder if he will change and get his life right. To cure his defect.

    Not so with the feral Melaninite.

    If a child were left to play with a venomous snake and the child were bitten, nobody would grab the snake and yell, “How could you do this!?!” Rather, we would cry out, “Who let this child be alone with a snake!?!”

  55. I didn’t think of that take, it’s valid though. (And it goes without saying, you dont get angry with the reptile but you still destroy it as matter of course.)

    The reflex I had in mind, is that it’s an internal affair if it’s a White killer, as opposed to it being “points for the other team” along with their profound satisfaction at our expense if it’s a Melaninite killer.

  56. When the killer is white, he seems redeemable? What on EARTH are you talking about?

    Look up William Coday sometime. He’s dead, a prison suicide after being convicted for his SECOND brutal murder of an ex-GF. I had a *very* passing acquaintance with him almost 40 years ago (AFTER he hit a pretty ex-GF in the head with an alpine ice-axe a dozen times, and after he spent a year in a German prison where the experience of 23.5 hrs/day alone in a cell the size of a walk-in closet probably amplified the murderous crazy that resided inside his skull.) This guy walked among you and me.

    PA, I concur wholly. This girl (like almost all women) was far too vulnerable to be left alone in the wilderness. We worry about home invasions by demons unknown and parking lot abductions, but young women raised in the West are so domesticated that many have lost (or they’ve learned to studiously ignore) the basic elements of safety when surrounded by rare but catastrophic-if-encountered risks. Was it her pathological trust and pathological ignorance of basic safety considerations, or was it her mother’s version of the same thing? Beats me.

    Would loss to predators drop to zero if women respected the rare but existential dangers that exist in their (our) world? No, not to zero, and yes, there are trade-offs. Some women would have fewer adventures about which to tell their friends and their (in some cases) grandkids.

    I only observe that we now exist in a world that raised ENTERTAINMENT to the highest value among all. If you distill people’s behavior to its essence, this is what I see. The rare horror story we read is essentially a variation of some dumb-ass on a safari in Kenya walking out alone into the savanna with nothing but a camera, and having the bad luck to run across a pride of lions laying in the shade of a tree. For each one of these who pets the cat and gets eaten, hundreds or thousands take the same stupid risks and appear to return in one piece (I aver that some of them return carrying metaphorical or literal parasites or pestilence under the skin—or in their genitals—but that’s another story.)

    It’s all sample bias. People either are of the masses (and take their behavioral cues from their surroundings) or they’re of the Remnant (and they try to figure out how to live using their own minds at least to some extent, and then attempt to walk the talk.)

    Chakrates, from my perspective you might have benefited from hearing a saying I coined and repeated often to my sons: “Being different for the sake of being different is the essence of conformity.” I developed that from the hindsight of watching what a sad sack was I when I tried to remake my public image by dressing a certain way. Then again, perhaps teens lack much chance of embracing the notion that each of us really is unique, and that it’s the hard work of developing those attributes, which takes time, that is the path to rejecting the mindless, gray-blob, indifference-of-strangers that is being of the masses. (PS: the mob is always indifferent; trying to find self-esteem in the mirror of others’ eyes is one of today’s most widespread vices.)

  57. Regarding the two girls above. Norms prescribed to young women today place them directly in harm’s way. They are taught to go against their survival instincts when it comes to outsiders or get the scarlet “R”. And taught to reject traditional sexual reticence in favor of au courant sexual adventurism or get the “repressed fundamentalist freak” stigma. One can hardly blame a child for getting hit by a car when his family and society tell him to play in the road.

    Second of all, young people of all times believe they are invulnerable and take risks. When you live in the current diverse, pathological West instead of the West of 75 years ago, those risks are well, riskier. Elders have always complained about the foolhardiness of young people, and any other parents who read this will be keenly aware of the serious duty of tempering this tendency in their children so they do not make grave mistakes.

    In our culture, feminine sweetness is being leveraged to destroy feminine sweetness. With good government and good fathers, those girls would still be alive. Their deaths were not Darwinian, though it makes human beings feel better to have someone to blame when something senseless happens. But there is no making sense of evil, because evil is irrational in its essence. It is not a cause, but a deprivation of the good (St. Augustine). The mind will always be frustrated in making sense of evil, because it cannot be made sense of. Tragedy defies the mind’s search for a reason; only in God is their solace. God rest their souls.

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