A Reply To “Imagine”

When you find himself in John Lennon’s Imagine-land and want to go home. Well, at least that was my instant interpretation. The song, in fact, was written as a continuation of Zbigniew Herbert’s poem about the Final Judgment, “At the gates of the valley” and it tells the story of a man who was overlooked by the angels who were sorting people into “those gnashing their teeth from those singing psalms,” lost somewhere between the earth and his proper place.

The song is from c. 1980. Music by Przemyslaw Gintrowski, also the vocalist on this recording. Lyrics were written by his long-time collaborator Jacek Kaczmarski. My translation is not perfect, the original has a lot of ambiguity. Musically, there are some powerful moments.

Powrót / A Homecoming

Ścichł wrzask szczęk i śpiew / The shrieks and the hymns have died down
Z ust wypluwam lepki piach / I spit the sticky dirt from my mouth
Przez bezludny step / Over the deserted steppes
Wieje zimny wiatr / Blows the cold wind
Tu i ówdzie strzęp / Here and there a shred
Lub stopy ślad / Or a buried
Przysypany / Footprint

Dokąd teraz pójdę, kiedy nie istnieją już narody /
Where do I go now, when nations no longer exist
Zapomniany przez anioły, porzucony w środku drogi /
Forgotten by angels I go, discarded along the way
Nie ma w kogo wierzyć, nie ma kochać, nienawidzić kogo /
There is no one to believe in, no one to love or hate
I nie dbają o mnie światy, martwy zmierzch nad moją drogą /
And no worlds care about me, just the lifeless dusk over my way

Gdzie mój ongiś raj / Where is my old paradise
Chcę wrócić tam / I want to go back there
Jak najprościej / The simplest way

Szukasz raju! / You’re looking for paradise!
Szukasz raju! / You’re looking for paradise!
Na rozstajach wypatrując śladu gór?! /
At the crossroads looking for trails that lead there ?!

Szukasz raju! / You’re looking for paradise!
Szukasz raju! / You’re looking for paradise!
Opasuje ziemię tropów twoich sznur /
Like rope your footprints gird the earth

Sam też mogę żyć / Me, I can live alone just fine
Żyć dopiero mogę sam / I can live well alone
Niepokorna myśl / An indomitable thought
Zyska wolny kształt / Freely finds its form
Tu i ówdzie błysk / Here and there a flash
Lub słowa ślad / Or a word’s trace
Odkrywany / Is discovered

Wszystkie drogi teraz moje, kiedy wiem jak dojść do zgody /
All paths are now mine, now that I know how to find accord

Żadna burza, cisza, susza, nie zakłóci mojej drogi /
No storm, silence, or drought will disturb me on my way

Nie horyzont coraz nowy, nowa wciąż fatamorgana /
Not the ever-retreating horizon, not any new mirage

Ale obraz świata sponad szczytu duszy oglądany /
Just the world’s panorama from the soul’s height

Tam dziś wspiąłem się / I climbed there today
Znalazłem raj / I found paradise
Raj bez granic / Boundless paradise

Jesteś w raju / You’re in paradise
Jesteś w raju / You’re in paradise
Żaden tłum nie dotarł nigdy na twój szczyt /
No mob had ever scaled this peak you’re on

Jesteś w raju / You’re in paradise
Jesteś w raju / You’re in paradise
Gdzie spokojny słyszysz krwi i myśli rytm /
Calmly listening to the rhythm of your blood and thoughts

Jestem w raju / I’m in paradise
Jestem w raju / I’m in paradise
Żaden tłum nie dotarł nigdy na mój szczyt /
No mob had ever scaled this peak I’m on

Jestem w raju / I’m in paradise
Jestem w raju / I’m in paradise
Gdzie spokojny słyszę krwi i myśli rytm /
Calmly listening to the rhythm of my blood and thoughts

The Liberal’s Rational Case

The liberals of your acquaintance, maybe ones in your extended family, loathe Trump and they loathe you because you voted for him. At first, they thought you were misguided and could be swayed to see things their way, but soon they came to see your irrevocable opposition to Leftism as proof of your evil. At this point, you know well enough to avoid any talk of politics with them, should circumstances dictate that you see each other, because your previous efforts at “hey, let’s go through this together and see where we agree, and why we disagree elsewhere” resulted in their twisted faces either hissing in your direction when they outnumber you, or coldly staring at you like executioners.

Their minds are made up, about everything. You write off any possibility of future contact but then one day you learn that a mutual friend was passing through their neck of the woods and he got together with the liberals you had written out of your life. This mutual friend is most certainly a Trump supporter and highly intelligent, though not nearly as jaded about the prospects of a nice evening with old friends who happen to be liberal as I am, so they get together.

Ambush. This mutual friend initially deflected taunts about Melania and Tucker that they sniped at him with. He said “Hey, I know that our views are a bit different and yes, I support MAGA. But let’s not talk about politics.” To no avail. They were dialing it up, from “you’re so smart, how can you not be a liberal” to, in so many words, “you are a retarded piece of shit.”

The evening was a disaster. He was disgusted. He was also, like me a year earlier, disappointed at how two people he’s fondly known for decades had changed into Cheka interrogators.

He and I talked afterwards and I still wondered, in a detached frame of mind: what do they want? A hypothetical intellectual exercise fascinates me, this idea that a lib and I can sit down and first, I explain in a sentence or two what I want in terms of politics that shape the future of our descendants. Then, they will tell me, clearly and rationally, what it is that they envision as a good future for them and theirs. Culturally we are same, we’re not from rival religious, ethnic or racial groups. We have similar socioeconomic backgrounds.

Does a liberal have a rational case for hating the things we vest our hopes in and loving the things we despise?

Yeah, he does.

I finally figured out what liberals want. It’s a eureka moment for me, not necessarily for anyone else who reads Anonymous Conservative and knows his r/K political theory. The question about liberals’ irrationality used to dog me, especially after heated arguments with them. I used to say, “I can state clearly in three or fewer sentences, why I want Trump to win and am not a liberal. Can you, for my better understanding of where you’re coming from, do the same for your side?”

If that were a Serb vs Croat argument of yesteryear, there would have been a straightforward case on each side. That case may or may not have been acceptable to the other side. But at least there would have been a rational basis for the partisanship of both parties. Not so with MAGA supporters vs the apparently normally-functioning White, middle class Hillary-voters.

Our rational case, in simple words:

  • High-minded language — “Down with globalism, rebirth of nations.”
  • Cards on the table — “It’s okay to be White, build the wall, send them back”
  • The id speaks — “GTKRWN”

And one would think, being White and more or less just like us, libs would, if they were honest with themselves, want all of that too. But they don’t, yet they can’t tell us what they want.

In fact, they do have a coherent and rational positive vision: they want the r-selection paradise. Our dream of a vigorous West is their nightmare because it’s an aspirational world. They long for a world that entails a race to the bottom. It’s where they can be themselves.


A K-selected Right Winger wants to better understand their rational case for Leftism. He interviews his Hillary-voting subjects. His first question: “What about the ugliness of multiculturalism?”

  • The Left’s reply: “Diversity is vibrant. White is boring.”
  • What they mean is: “In a shithole, I can relax and be ugly too.”

Right winger: “Diversity plus proximity equals war! don’t you care about your family?”

  • The Left’s reply: “You are so fear-driven.”
  • What they mean is: “The bad stuff happens to other people.”

Right winger: “Our country is invaded, our ancestors dishonored, our descendants dispossessed. Are you okay with that?”

  • They blink dumbly.
  • What they mean is: “We are rabbits. No loyalty, no honor.”

Right winger: “And what about the sexual degeneracy? your side won the gay thing, the transgender thing, and now they are normalizing p-d-phiIlia!”

  • They get pissy: “Yeah, like Catholic priests are some paragon of wholesomeness.”
  • What they mean is: “No big deal; besides, I’ll also get to be degenerate and no one will judge me.”

If you think I’m making up a self-serving scenario with that last one, think about a hypothetical liberal’s attitude toward an actual priest. Should he know of one who committed some vile act, the liberal will condemn him, sure. A point for his side. He won’t, however, feel much of anything personally about such a priest. He might even see him as tragic, perhaps as victim of homophobia. The priest he loathes, one for whom the liberal saves his hottest hate, is the incorruptible man of God.

Yes, liberals have a rational case. No, they cannot be reasoned with. Yes, they have to be kept away from access to power and at least at an arm’s-length in your private life.

Autumn To Winter


The purpose of spring is to feel the sun again. Summer is the time to live it up. Autumn is for contemplation. Winter is when we get to be our real selves.

This year, we had our first snowfall in November. An unheard of early snow in the mid-Atlantic area. It usually doesn’t snow here until January. Is NASA right, that things are getting colder?

Ron Turner a Senior Science Advisor to NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program, said at the time that this solar cycle was “among the weakest on record,” noting that in the 23 solar cycles since recording began in 1755, there were very few solar maxima weaker than that recorded in 2014. As a consequence, scientists are predicting one of the coldest periods ever recorded for our upper atmosphere – and that means cooler temperatures down here, too.

Ice people feel most alive on the edge of birch woodland, with the distant caw of migrating birds under a heavy sky.

Peak-experience moment, twenty years ago: it was a chilly afternoon, I took the MBTA Green Line to do some research at the Boston University library. See it below. Spent a few hours there, then gathered my things to catch the streetcar home. Stepping out of the building, I beheld a spectacle of pure, unexpected joy: it was snowing. Hard. Huge flakes were pounding and there already was significant accumulation on the sidewalk.


And about that snowfall last month. I was driving to work, taking a road through a wooded area and enjoying the year’s first show of the white stuff. And to give another dimension of pleasure to the moment, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home” by The Cars came on. Its melody gently lets thoughts settle in nonverbal contemplation. Then the song was over.

“Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?” — John Keats

No, it’s not over. The next song kept the spell, starting with its opening notes. It was Guns N’ Roses “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”


Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later


Image credit: unknown

John “The Derb” Derbyshire published his article “Unpleasant Truths – a conservative view of the world today” in the National Review on August 2, 2002.

What he wrote nearly twenty years ago might strike you as mild, but so will Steve Sailer’s or the late Lawrence Auster’s writing from that same time. The understanding of the political reality that we now take for granted was just getting worked out in public, when fundamental truths about our social arrangements were obscured by centralized media’s sixty-year monopoly on public discourse. He wrote that article when few understood that the monolithically centrist national consensus was splitting into two camps: the ruling globalist coalition on the Left and nationalist dissent on the Right. See the illustrations of how that split developed over the past three decades. Writing for globalists’ controlled-opposition magazine whose founding mission purported to serve the cause of tradition while subverting any such roadblock to globalism, Derb was the man with integrity (and wit, and intelligence) who asked the right questions.

Discovering his work a year earlier, several months before the 9/11/2001 attacks, helped me find my own footing in making sense of the passing events. If Derbyshire reads this, I hope he forgives the liberty I took with his ancient article, as like the rest of us, he lives in 2018 (for the next three weeks, in any case).

Unpleasant Truths is a classic article that struck a blow against the official optimism of neoliberal doctrine. Derbyshire’s points from that 2002 piece are in blue. Commenting after each point is me, the time-traveler from 2018.

DERB 2002: Most of us will die in poverty. There is no way that systems devised to provide for mid-20th-century retirees will be able to cope in the mid-21st, with imploding demographics and a centenarian on every block. “Defined-contribution” pension plans will have to be baled out by the federal government, if private enterprise is to survive. The dollars we get from them will therefore be massively devalued. Since there is no one to bale out Social Security, benefits will soon be restricted to citizens more than 80 years old. Similarly for Medicare. In fact…

PA 2018: [For most, material luxuries will pass with the Boomers. But that’s still in the future, unless you’re a GenX’er who is already knocked out of the middle class by Bush’s housing bubble or a Millennial with student loan debt. Under the right circumstances (read: when living among your own people and in full ownership of your public space), austerity is salutary and makes communal ties stronger, which is fulfilling of our deepest social needs. This includes old people’s willingness to make personal sacrifices for their grandchildren’s sake. Poverty is not properly understood. The modern flight from poverty is not aspirational; it’s a flight from contact with non-Whites.]

Quality health care for all is not possible. Quality health care is what rich people get. (Actually, according to one of the depressingly tiny number of rich people I know, even they have trouble getting it.) The rest of us must wait on line to be misdiagnosed by ill-trained, paperwork-swamped, litigation-shy doctors, assisted by nurses imported from the less hygienic parts of the Third World, and unionized hospital staff with no-way-you-can-get-me-fired attitudes. This could only change if the U.S.A. devoted her entire Gross National Product to health care; and even then, it probably wouldn’t stay changed for long.

[Derb wrote that before Obamacare. People scramble to pay for health coverage that has local in-network White American doctors, a vanishing breed.]

Pop culture is filth. It is now completely degenerate. Why do you never hear anyone humming a current pop song any more? Because none of them is hummable, or even worth bothering to remember. What is the main topic on TV sitcoms and “dramedies”? You know what. Why do you stand in the aisle in Blockbuster muttering to yourself: “There isn’t a single damn movie in here I want to watch”? Because Hollywood produces nothing but crap, crap, crap.

[LOL what’s Blockbuster? Since 2002, pop culture has gotten even more degenerate, in particular with the heavy-handed promotion of race-mixing. Not just that, but it’s also tailored to retardation-level IQ audiences, its chief purpose being not entertainment or even escapism, but to make its audience stupid. Heard a mainstream Country song lately? Counterpoint: there is also niche entertainment written to our intelligence, albeit filtered through Jewish sensibilities, such as Breaking Bad and Cobra Kai.

There is also an independent art and music scene, if you know where to look. Oppression begets great rebellion art. Let me show you some Murdoch Murdoch videos… a few affected me like no film since Kieślowski’s Dekalog.]

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. The saddest true thing ever said (by Henri Estienne, 1531-98). Translation: “If youth only knew, if age only could.”

[Such is nature’s balance. Game changer: manosphere emerged in 2007, connecting men across generations. Just like my generation then, young men now lack patriarchal structures of masculine guidance. Unlike us, though, they now have access to the kind of knowledge that we had to stumble toward in painful ignorance.]

The environment is collapsing. The U.S. will get the blame for it, of course, but the main culprit is the Third World. Take a trip to China: The air is a soupy smog, even in quite remote places. Vast dust storms sweep periodically across the north of the country, sometimes continuing right on across the Pacific. (And in one case last year, the Atlantic, too!) The rivers run purple, orange, and turquoise. People tell me India is worse. The inhabitants of Africa are busily stripping their continent of all vegetation, having already pretty much exterminated the fauna, except in a few tourist reservations. The oceans are being fished out, and near-earth orbit is filling up with lethal junk.

The Leftists take the high ground, in terms of “The Environment” and green peace and the rest of it — because that high ground is there for the taking, and SOMEONE HAS to take it. (2017).

Science has stopped. None of the really major scientific advances that you have been reading about since 1970 as “just over the horizon” is ever going to happen. Cheap fusion power; the colonization of Mars; artificial intelligence; supersonic air travel you can afford; contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; the conquest of cancer, tooth decay, or the common cold; fuhgeddaboutit.

[Technological advancements disrupt society until a new equilibrium is found. Since the writing of Derb’s article, smart phones have deformed human relationships but also armed people against their globalist governments. Now, if medical research could develop a cure for paralysis…. we won’t get there as long as medical schools are saddled with Affirmative Action and technological research is done by H1b’s, leaving China with nobody to steal science from.]

Not all groups are equally good at all things. East Asians will continue to win Olympic diving events, and runners of West African ancestry will continue to win the 100-meter dash. Similarly, nobody will ever be able to devise a test of knowledge or understanding on which groups with different population-genetic histories all record identical statistical profiles. You can have meritocracy, or you can have equality of outcomes by ancestry-group, but you can’t have both. Which one do you want? It seems we have already made up our minds. Corollary…..

[Mono-ethnic states with mutual obligations and loyalties among their social classes will make this moot. Nationalism means a home for everyone, and the demand for it has grown worldwide since 2002.

But to address Derb’s point from the 2018 perspective. The bad news is that the Narrative has reached levels of HBD-denial insanity I didn’t think were possible — transgender madness. The good news is that people have more or less stopped pretending to believe in blank-slatism, somewhat neutralizing the “racism” blood-libel against Whites. What’s my evidence that people stopped pretending to believe? — because the black-uplift narrative is dead, replaced by “die whitey!” malice that the system is not even going through the motions of rationalizing.]

Affirmative action is absolutely essential to social order. Think about it.

[Overall, blacks’ K-selected aggression has become visibly pacified over the past decade-and-a-half of gibs. But not their r-selected behavior, which can revert to African cannibalism if indulged.]

Socialism is popular. Practically all of the Socialist Party platform on which Norman Thomas ran in 1928 has been implemented. Thomas himself noticed this as far back as 1962, exulting that: “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of Socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.” Yet the main negative factors in the national life today, according to spokespersons for this country’s largest political party, are corporate greed, tax cuts for the rich, and poverty-stricken old folk crying out for life-saving medications. Plainly we need still more socialism. Don’t worry, we’ll get it. Conversely…

[American conservatives recognize socialism for the perpetual shoveling of White wealth into a black hole that it is. Neoliberalism, however, ostensibly in the tradition of American self-reliance, had inflicted the worst of all worlds on Whites:

  • The uprooting of communities and their informal social networks; a National Review author jeered: “Rent a U-Haul if you don’t like it that we cashed-in your factory!”
  • Unilateral dismantling of protectionist trade policies
  • Competition with infinity in-sourced and outsourced foreign labor
  • The burdens placed upon the productive and creative for the sake of the parasites in high and low places.

So absent genuine liberty and self-reliance, there is a growing demand for the power of the state to bend favorably in our favor. This goes beyond economic safety-nets. The setbacks we continue to suffered despite Trump’s efforts point to the obsolescence of Reaganite dream of “less government” because laisse faire private-public partnership hits core Americans the hardest, as they have the most social capital to liquidate into globalists’ portable wealth. Like conservatism, lower-case libertarianism is a losing proposition — there will always be a government, especially now with instant global communication technology. The operative question is, whose government is it going to be.

As of 2002, Americans have yet to fully learn of US government’s treachery to its voters under George W. Bush, its open hostility to them under Obama, and the extent to which its multi-generational bureaucracy is stacked against them now with Trump.]

Conservatism is dead. No genuinely conservative policy will ever be enacted, ever again, by any U.S. government or the government of any important state. Great masses of ordinary Americans believe that “conservative” means “repressed fundamentalist freak.” Why would they not believe this? Every medium of mass entertainment and mass information has been preaching it to them, over and over and over, for twenty years. The Ronald Reagan of 1980, if he were to stride onto the national stage today, would be unelectable. Calvin Coolidge would be laughed out of public life, if by some bizarre accident he were permitted to wander into it. Even when large majorities of Americans favor a conservative policy, nothing will be done to implement it. For example….

[Au contraire! Liberals of 2018 luuuurrrrrv George Bush! (both, the Dead and the Lesser). I will now pause for a moment to let my 2002 readers digest that.

Gentlemen: fourteen years from now, Donald Trump will be elected on Pat Buchanan’s campaign platform. The next candidate who will inspire similar devotion of the White electorate will run on Vlad Tepes’ platform. If you haven’t done so yet, do see my linked illustration in this article’s first full paragraph.

PS: regarding “Americans believe that ‘conservative’ means ‘repressed fundamentalist freak.'” Oh how that’s changed, and I’ll explain the slang later. Let’s just say that while no woman dreams of being ravaged by George Will, zfg shitlords get swiped-right.]

Nothing will be done about immigration. Business leaders and economic decision-makers all believe (perhaps correctly) that mass immigration is the main reason for this country’s continuing economic vitality. The Left sees poor immigrants as clients. Huge numbers of Americans are now “Hispanic,” and believe that anti-immigration activists hate them. The Joint Chiefs have no intention of letting their commands be used to police the southern border, understanding perfectly well that they would never be allowed to open fire on anyone — which is the main thing that trained soldiers are trained to do, and the inability to do which leads to collapsing morale and cratering recruitment. (It is also, of course, the only thing that would have any actual effect.)

[By now, globalists have discarded their economic talking points in support of immigration, openly gloating that its purpose is in fact White replacement. On the other hand, there are signs of life. Immigration is now the top electoral issue. Further — ubiquitous talk of Civil War II, the rise of European nationalism, an indulgence in extermination fantasies on every side, no less so by our side. The slow quiet demographic snuff-out feels less likely now than it did during W’s first term sixteen years ago.]

Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy. The natural state of human society is despotism. If you tally up all the human lives that have ever been lived on this planet under organized systems of government, no more than five per cent were lived under consensual systems. Even to get up to five per cent, you have to include places like ancient Athens and Tudor England, which wouldn’t pass muster as “democratic” by modern standards. In the last couple of centuries, practically all consensual systems have been Anglo-Saxon. Other cultures can fake it for a few decades, as France, Germany, and Japan are currently doing, but their hearts aren’t really in it and they will swoon gratefully into the arms of a fascist dictator when one comes along. As a corollary of this…

[Things that weren’t part of common consciousness in 2002:

  • Cynicism about the official line on 9/11
  • Knowledge of the fact that intelligence agencies monitor every aspect of private communication, including passive spying via household electronic devices
  • The uni-party as unmasked by Trump’s 2015 campaign
  • Professional hits on dissidents and whistle-blowers
  • Genocidal levels of immigration
  • Along with full-blown tyranny in Derb’s native England.

And… the darker rumors about earnest Satanism and crimes against children among elite in-groups, on up through US Presidents. Anglo-Saxon or not, this democracy was always a sham and it will have to end if our people’s existence is to be secured.]

China will get stronger and richer, without moving one inch closer to constitutional government. The Chinese Communist Party has got “over the hump” into a plateau of stability that, barring severe environmental catastrophe (see above), will last for decades. Rich and confident, unrestrained by electoral considerations or Judeo-Christian ethics, or any other kind of ethics, they will do all the things we dare not do: human genetic experimentation, culling of “useless mouths,” militarization of space, minor wars of aggression, etc. In particular… 

[Old wisdom: we in the Free World live well because there are codified legislative processes; other places are shitholes because they have authoritarian governments. New wisdom: constitutional governments are a fig-leaf over predatory transnational cabals that strip-mine nations for profit; right wing dictators are the prevention and the remedy.]

Taiwan will be re-united with the Motherland….by some combination of economic carrot and military stick. The U.S. will grumble ineffectually, up to the point where the Chinese ambassador loses his patience and asks the U.S. Secretary of State point-blank: “How many cities are you willing to lose over this? We ourselves are willing to lose three or four.” Then we will stop grumbling.

[Not much in the news about Taiwan in years. Instead, China is colonizing Africa. White Pill: the Dark Continent’s new yellow overlords might take measures to ensure that its endangered megafauna shall not perish. Black Pill: they’ll dump all 1.3 billion Africans into Europe.]

Something inconceivably horrible will happen in the Middle East. Probably the following: The Arabs will commit some huge, gross atrocity against Israel. Surviving Israelis will respond by massacring the Palestinian Arabs, and perhaps erasing a couple of Arab capitals. 100 years of peace in the Middle East will follow.

[The years that followed the Second Intifada showed that Arab treat to Israel is overstated and conversely, the 2006 Lebanon conflict exposed Israel’s limited competence in conventional warfare. Instead, US foreign policy of the Bush and Obama administrations destroyed Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. ISIS terrorists, which John McCain had a hand in organizing, mass-murdered Christians throughout Arab states. Israel enjoys peace and stability today, having built a wall on its own border. Her diaspora pushes open borders for White countries.]

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are saddled up and ready to ride. Just to remind you, their names are: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. No. 4 will presumably always be with us, but at least we have got Nos. 1, 2, and 3 pretty much fenced off in sub-Saharan Africa, right? The chance that you or me, or your kids or mine, will die in a genuine mass-mobilization-type, carriers-going-down-with-all-hands-type, flattened-cities-type war, or from starvation, or in some horrid medieval-type, communal-grave-type, 1918-flu-type plague, is actuarially insignificant, right? Well, believe it if you like, but your belief has no foundation more substantial than wishful thinking. History suggests that it is most likely false.

[The male imagination tends toward the epic. That said, sixteen years later we’re closer to that scenario.]

The next version of MicroSoft Windows will be even buggier and more counterintuitive than the last. That one you know perfectly well, of course — I don’t know why I bothered to include it. Further bad news on this front: e-mail will be rendered completely useless by spam, all that wonderful free information on the web will gradually be shut off into fee-paying sites, and NRO will start posting my photograph again.

[I don’t have an opinion about Windows. Free information on the web isn’t locked on pay sites because there is no economic incentive to do so. Since Trump’s victory, however, Big Tech has been hard at work turning the ideological content of the internet into Television 2.0 through platform monopolies.]

Poverty and hardship build character; prosperity and security destroy it. Look around you.

[So it was, so it shall be.]

The U.S. constitution is incompatible with a war on terrorism. It is absurdly easy to commit a terrorist act in the U.S.A. This state of affairs could be changed only by abandoning key constitutional protections. We shall be very reluctant to do this; but if deaths from terrorism reach a certain number, we shall do it anyway. That number has either seven or eight digits.

[Constitutional USA took harsh measures against hostile Indian tribes without abandoning constitutional protections for its citizens.]

Justice is dead. As the last of the generation of judges who actually believe in the law heads into retirement, the administration of justice will be divvied up between avaricious trial lawyers and ideology-addled graduates of lefty law schools. Their morale destroyed by “brutality” and “profiling” hysteria, police forces will sink into corruption and paper-pushing. Ambitious public prosecutors will concentrate on framing up law-abiding citizens with “hate crime,” “corporate corruption,” “dangerous product” (guns, fast food) or “child abuse” charges. Actual crime — murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and assault — will skyrocket, but it will be illegal to talk about it.

[The anarcho-tyranny that your late colleague Sam Francis wrote about… it’s here in 2018. The illegal alien who killed the beautiful White woman Kate Steinle went free. James Fields was convicted of premeditated murder over a fat SJW’s unrelated death of a heart attack.

In 2012, you will be fired by National Review for writing an article that I am certain has actually saved people’s lives.]

We are living in a golden age. The past was pretty awful; the future will be far worse. Enjoy!

[At the age of 105, the oldest living insurgent of the 1944 general Warsaw Uprising was asked when, from his perspective, was his country most free. To the young interviewer’s surprise, he said: “during the Uprising.” When asked if the current generation of young people would fight just like his did, he said “Yes, they would because dire circumstances bring us together.”]


With the duality of good and evil, one has an amplifying effect on the other. Goodness and purity catch the merchant’s eye. Evil and corruption set off a holy war to right the wrongs. (2017)


Divergent Senses

That’s when two of your senses, hearing and sight in this case, are pulled apart by equally powerful stimuli. It’s like a graphic composition in which two objects compete for dominance. Not what you want normally, “too much of a good thing” is real. Pulling your attention from one side, is the perfect rock song: the twelve-string strums, the chorus, the bridge, the lyrics. And drawing your eyes, is the perfect elf woman in the video.

YouTube commenters post about both unrequited and consummated love for the song’s namesake. Also, comments from people who were inspired by Boston’s song to name their daughter Amanda. Didn’t everyone have an adolescent thing for a girl that they connected with a popular song?

The Past… And The Future

By an unexpected turn of our history, a bit of the truth, an insignificant part of the whole, was allowed out in the open. But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold out their palms in reconciliation: “No, don’t! Don’t dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye.” But the proverb goes on to say: “Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago

See Britton, South Dakota in 1938. Excellent-quality film showing life in a typical American town of its era. The musical score — Hans Zimmer’s “Time” — is perfect.

Dostoyevsky once let drop an enigmatic remark: “Beauty will save the world.” What is this? For a long time it seemed to me simply a phrase. How could this be possible? When in the bloodthirsty process of history did beauty ever save anyone, and from what? Granted, it ennobled, it elevated—but whom did it ever save?

There is, however, a particular feature in the very essence of beauty—a characteristic trait of art itself: The persuasiveness of a true work of art is completely irrefutable; it prevails even over a resisting heart. A political speech, an aggressive piece of journalism, a program for the organization of society, a philosophical system, can all be constructed—with apparent smoothness and harmony—on an error or on a lie. What is hidden and what is distorted will not be discerned right away. But then a contrary speech, journalistic piece, or program, or a differently structured philosophy, comes forth to join the argument, and everything is again just as smooth and harmonious, and again everything fits. And so they inspire trust—and distrust.

In vain does one repeat what the heart does not find sweet.

But a true work of art carries its verification within itself: Artificial and forced concepts do not survive their trial by images; both image and concept crumble and turn out feeble, pale, and unconvincing. However, works which have drawn on the truth and which have presented it to us in concentrated and vibrant form seize us, attract us to themselves powerfully, and no one ever—even centuries later—will step forth to deny them.

Solzhenitsyn, from 1970 Nobel lecture

At 2:45, did the cameraman look for the most handsome boy or did all young men look this healthy back then? Then at 3:02, a “nerd girl” of striking beauty up close.

Love Your Enemies


“It would be nice if the great song were written and performed by a godly man, but that’s not what happened. It was created by a faggot who got busted at an airport toilet stall. It’s a lesson in humility for everyone, but also in hope, when a man so flawed he makes you look clean teaches you something.”


“…she puts so much heart into [the song]. I found it remarkable that at least by superficial appearances, here is a Millennial pop singer whom you wouldn’t expect to be reverent of tradition, yet she pays such homage to a beloved classic, no less so that it’s an apolitical song that celebrates the beauty of her country.”

Talented Tenth:

“But where does the biracial man go? The one who got the best of both heritages is free to enjoy this moment in history among Whites as an interesting stranger. But once he tires of Circe’s feast and is back at sea, he becomes like Odysseus but with no crew and with no Ithaca, on open water between the unreachable light of Europe and the wild call of Africa.”


Wir sind das Volk (We are the People) came to prominence during 1989 protests against East German government. Now Germany stands at the threshold of heroic possibilities. They have a lot to lose by speaking up and taking to the streets under their present government, but even more to lose by remaining silent.”




“In the brightest scenario, a resurgent Christian Russia fulfills the Fatima Prophecy. At worst, it’s an imperial oligarchy like America but even under that scenario, it’s good that there is an alternative to the unipolar Jewish world of the past thirty years. So either way: Slava Rossyii. Urrah.”


“That’s the past and the guilty are dead. No more brother wars. Following the hard-fought Poland-Ukraine game in the 2016 World Cup, the players from the opposing sides customarily shook hands, but then swapped their jerseys in a gesture of fraternity.”


La Paloma… I love Mexicans… in Mexico. Another price of DieVersity: the loss of amity for people of other cultures. This passionate union of musicians and audience will make you forget your ill-will for just a few minutes.”


“Imagine a liberal wing of American politics that seeks to persuade in good faith, rather than make war on core Americans. Such an approach would look like that of Alan Colmes.”


“Waiting for my food, I started composing that scene in my mind and the unifying theme of this post becomes clear. Sometimes yes, dulce et decorum est indeed.”


“Men generally enjoy meeting men from other nations and races. There is a lot that is interesting, even fraternal, in the crossing of cultures—so long as these three conditions are met: both parties are coming from positions of equal relative status, each man has a home of his own, and each man knows who he is. Even Pashtun tribesmen are famed for their hospitality toward strangers whom they do not perceive as invaders. But multiculturalism, by imposing strangers on another’s home and codifying this intrusion with the Marxist duality of oppressor and oppressed, precludes any such fraternity.”


“If a stage play is written about the late Lawrence Auster, one can do worse than my premise: one of Lucifer’s rebellious angels seeks to make amends with the Almighty. As penance, he assumes a body of bachelor intellectual in New York City who struggles to overcome his Jewish tribalism and achieve wisdom through his writing, ultimately to die of pancreatic cancer. He appears to have fulfilled his journey of penance in the final act and becomes an angel, as evidenced by the short blog post he wrote ten days before he died.”


Listen, Stan, don’t deal in death lightly but if someone threatens your homeland, the life of your mother, sister or the life of a woman placed in your care, put a bullet in his head with no questions asked and don’t burden yourself with any remorse.

– In the Desert and the Wilderness, Henryk Sienkiewicz (1911)