“We understand how hard and costly it is to regain our country”

That statement, today, is most apropos Westerners who had lot their countries to mass immigration.

On an English-language blog, I post Poland-related material primarily with the thought of it relating to the dreams of people of English-speaking countries, as I live here too. The video below, which is a four-minute explanation of the Independence March in Warsaw, will speak to your thoughts. Many elements of Polish history are playing out right now in your country.

The English-speaking narrator opens with:

Many in foreign media outlets have criticized [the march], with some strong words used to label those who attended. Noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama…

The photo below is flashed up; the banner says “White Europe of Brotherly Nations”


… labelled the march “fascist.” Andrew Rettman for the EU Observer called it “Neo-Nazi.” Al Jezeera described it as “homophobic and White supremacist.” And the BBC labeled it as “far right.” The most recurring epithet to describe the march was the word “nationalist.”

I don’t want to defend the march from those allegations, as they are not worthy of much consideration. I would rather take the time to explain why 250,000 Poles chose to attend the Independence Day rally.

“Bóg Honor Ojczyzna” on the banner below translates to “God Honor Fatherland.” The four-minute video:

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  3. Excellent video. The subtitles were helpful.

    If there is hope, it lies with the Poles.

    Bad jokes aside, said joke would not fly over at Morgoth’s Review. There was a very piqued subthread in which the big gun commenters were expressing much resentment at the Poles in their country.

    On the topic of the Independence March. It is a great story, and the slanted coverage shows the extent to which the lamestream can not abide any good feelings that come from such expression.

    Al Jazeera called it homophobic.

  4. On a sidebar note I thought I’d share this documentary with you. It’s a 1999 documentary from Polish television on Jewish Kapos in concentration camps and the brutality they inflicted on other Jewish inmates but how most escaped justice after the war because….circumstances.

    Yet at the same time Jews still to this day accuse Poles of either being complicit in or complacent in their destruction. I post this in response to the videos above which highlight the “White Nationalism” fringe elements of that march and which also put that whole march in a negative light while ingoring the clear consensus that this is our country and this is how we want it run.

    There was no violence at the march, no women were molested, no property was damaged. It was a group of people marching in solidarity for their country on a date the commemorates its rebirth after 125 years of foreign occupation. Somehow THAT message is ignored or diluted.
    There truly is a double standard when it comes to global media coverage of Poland.

  5. — Bad jokes aside, said joke would not fly over at Morgoth’s Review. There was a very piqued subthread in which the big gun commenters were expressing much resentment at the Poles in their country.

    Can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want the English in Poland either. A related white pill anecdote. There was a kid in my in-laws’ town who’d came over and hang out with my wife’s family, kick the ball around with us, etc.. I liked him, he was a cool young dude. This was about 12 years ago. A few years back, I asked my father in law about him, and he said that the kid had moved to Norway. “The western youth-vacuum scores another win,” I thought with a bit of sadness. Well, somehow yesterday for some reason I mentioned the kid, who is now a young man, and found out that he met a Polish chick also in Norway, they moved back to my in-laws’ town and have three kids.

    — On the topic of the Independence March. It is a great story, and the slanted coverage shows the extent to which the lamestream can not abide any good feelings that come from such expression.

    It’s really great that “Walter Cronkite” is dead, literally and figuratively. Nobody trusts the media. It is unlikely that they will ever have their old godlike power of shaping a universal narrative.

    — Al Jazeera called it homophobic

    Punchlines write themselves.

  6. Walawala’s video under the “Poland’s Independence March 2018” post, contrasting the subways in Western Europe and Warsaw really shows you what’s at stake, when you lose your country in modern globalist circumstances. Riding a Western subway, for example the DC Metro isn’t Dante’s Inferno each and every moment. Rather, and I assume it’s the same in Berlin/London/Paris as well, it’s an unpleasant scene of ugly diverse faces, unwelcome noise from people’s electronic devices, the air of hostility. Those peak-diversity moments like in walawala’s video (an ape openly urinating, creepy muzzies chanting, ugly confrontations between White and mud women) are episodic eruptions of Diversity. It’s a loathsome thing. It’s Hell.

    Seeing a contrasting scene from a Warsaw subway – pleasant chatter, normally dressed people, a mix of ages, relaxed and even friendly expressions on people’s faces, it’s the “normal” that’s under attack wherever so much as one mud face is present. As goes George Orwell’s saying “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – in a time of Great Replacement, an all-White public space is a revolutionary act.

    It’s easy to forget two things: if you live in a Diverse country, this is not normal and right. If you live in a homogeneous country, never take it for granted. And people, as the quarter-million-strong March shows, don’t take it for granted.

    The subject of Poland’s Independence Day, what was it about the 123-year Partitions that made them a tough time? A number of things that come with the frustrated aspirations to have a state. One, episodes of cultural ethnocide under the Prussian and Russian rule (the Austrian one was comparatively mild). This took the form of forced Germanization and Russification of Polish children, under the Kaiser and the Tsar respectively. Polish language being illegal in schools, political correctness of its time and place and secret police enforcement of ideological conformity. Lack of religious freedom under Russian rule as well. Historically, imperial Russia has had a paternalistic attitude toward Poland as being a wayward younger brother, a fellow-Slav nation that’s Catholic rather than Orthodox.

    That’s life under a foreign imperial rule. Even when the empire seeks to minimize headaches by minimizing oppression, there will always be tension between a ruled people and the ruling foreign power.

    Also forced conscription. There were two major uprisings under the Russian partition in the 19th century, the January 1863 being over conscription into the Tsar’s army. It was particularly tragic during WWI, when Poles, in some cases family members, would be drafted to fight in opposing armies on the eastern front.

  7. @PA what has always bothered me is this idea that Poland must conform to some sort of (((International))) rules to be a part of the global conversation.

    I think Post communist era Polish politicians were too try-hard to fit in. Now they’re really learning from history. They’ve paid their dues in Iraq and Afghanistan…they now have a unique voice that is no longer fringe.

    Also worth noting the story of the Polish government threatening to withdraw funding from schools that went ahead with LGBT events. There’s a tolerance for that fag stuff but not when it’s funded by the state which still believes in aligning with traditional catholic values.

    The pressure from the west to conform to a gay brown seculari but Muslim socialist agenda is something Poland knows is a slippery slope.

    Poland was religiously tolerant for 800 years and look where that got them? (((Their))) poisonous Ingratitude can be felt in various sectors. Watch the Kapo video.

  8. “@PA what has always bothered me is this idea that Poland must conform to some sort of (((International))) rules to be a part of the global conversation.”

    Exactly what happened to SA.

    Regardless of the label (Fabian Socialist, Progressive, Gnostic-Heretic, communist, etc.) the modern world is seen as a One-Size-Fits-All place where One Ring (set of rules) will guide them, and in the darkness bind them. There is no room on Planet Earth for those who disagree.

    This is globalism, not the Misesian, Hayekian, libertarian-anarchist darling of a globally-minute division-of-labor economy of perfect competitive complexity.

    Globalism is, first and foremost, a religion. Belief comes first, only then followed (at a considerable distance) by economics.

    People consent to an astonishing enslavement if they’re sated enough by soma. I still adhere to the notion that nothing sets up failure like success, and the globalizers appear to have enjoyed success beyond their wildest dreams. The inversion should be epic. I just hope it arrives before the inroads of the invasive sub-species push us past the point of no return.

  9. There was a tiny newspaper snippet in my daily paper about the march. No real insults but there was decent sized picture of some tough looking guys illuminated by red flares. Perhaps an attempt to make it look a little like the french world cup victory riots.

  10. @james

    please refrain from calling that diverse clusterfuck “french”. they’re as french as african monkeys.

  11. As long as we are never mentioning nikc__ again, Adam Marantz has a hot new article up at The New Yorker.

    For some reason I recall one of nikc__’s themes was to point out that the lamestream would occasionally cover the Dissident Right and it was important that we get all agita about their perception and misrepresentations.

    nikc__, whom are we never mentioning of again, was a bona fide boomer poster, in spite of being gen x. See for example his regard of the lamestream media.

    Marantz has come up a time or two. He is on the beat of the AR! This new article quelle surprise doesn’t allow comments. It is the story of how some tranny is supposedly stylish and fighting the good fight and not allowing youtube to be taken over by reactionary forces, in particular incels and the Toronto truck attack thing awhile ago perpetrated by that Armenian dude.

    In other words, unreadable. However this one quote might be worth 20 seconds:

    After the Toronto attack, Wynn spent weeks lurking on the incels’ subreddits and message boards, taking in their warped ethos. She wrote a script and revised it several times; when it was ready, she purchased costumes (a powdered wig, from Etsy; a sequinned shawl, from Amazon) and props (a beret, frozen corn dogs, a model human skull). Then she cleared her calendar, holed up in her two-bedroom apartment, and spent a week shooting and editing. The final version of the video is thirty-five minutes long, and has been viewed more than a million times. In it, she defines incel ideology as “more than the dogma that you can’t get laid. It’s also the dogma that, because you can’t get laid, you can never be happy.” According to “a classic incel meme,” Wynn says, the only thing separating an incurable virgin from a natural-born alpha male is “literally a few millimetres of bone”: the width of a man’s wrists, the shape of his jawline. Wynn acknowledges how ludicrous this sounds. “It’s pretty tempting to just mom the shit out of these kids,” she says—to correct their thinking and nudge them to make some friends. “But most incels don’t want to hear this kind of advice.” So Wynn tries another approach. “Hello, boys,” she says, facing the camera and swirling a glass of white wine, as smooth jazz plays in the background. “Let’s talk about bone structure.”

  12. The bolded quote above, is claimed to be a “classic incel meme”.

    The New Yorker author Adam Marantz himself, is a diminutive man.

    Frankly the topic is worth some discussion. It’s sort of a sticking point in the Dissident Right.

    Yeah you should be a bone breaking tough guy, to whatever extent you can, but the reality is such natural talents are not bequested to every White man of good character.

    Sexual dimorphism. The Mountain. The squat rack is calling your name.

    How much you puttin up, bra?

  13. Some asshole road raged me yesterday. He high tailed it away before I could roll down the window and ask him what was the deal.

    This fucker had tinted windows on a 40 thousand dollar truck.

    The point being, around here in that truck, it’s 10 to 1 he was White. That behavior is going around. Who here always rises above it.

  14. — Yeah you should be a bone breaking tough guy, to whatever extent you can, but the reality is such natural talents are not bequested to every White man of good character.

    I started describing two two most alpha men I’ve personally known but it got long so it’ll be a poast.

    — Some asshole road raged me yesterday.

    TFW you had the exact same experience a week ago. It was a full size pickup, which means that its lights were flooding my car. 100% chance the driver was White, though I didn’t see him. I’m glad we have plenty of rednecks like that around. Better our assholes than their assholes. Had I pulled over, it’d have been a couple of “FUs” or possibly a deescalation. If a fight was offered, it’d have been puss move to talk your way out of it. If you pull over, you accept that. With a White redneck, it would have been clean if, for example, there was more than one in his truck.

    — Tfw not so many others are posting so much anymore

    Laguna Beach Fogey is lying low after cracking some antifa skulls.

  15. When I fucked with a driver of a huge pickup, and this was six or seven years ago: saw a lone available parking spot at a commuter train station. The reason it was available is because the pickup truck was partly in it. There was no reason for that, as the car on the other side of the truck was parked normally. I had no choice put to take the partly-occupied spot and struggled out my door to get out of my car. Totally ruining my morning happies.

    Upon returning in the afternoon, I see the truck’s owner fiddling with some stuff on his driver’s side, still of course partly-parked in my spot. As I unlock my door and as I try to squeeze in, rage rises in me and I intentionally strike his door with mine. He says “Hey, watch it!” and comes over. I stand up and say “what kind of a dick parks like this” and I look at him like I mean business. He wavers and tries to clumsily explain why he double-parked (a transparent lie) and I told him “shut the fuck up, pussy” and got into my car and drive off.

  16. Who was in the right and who was in the wrong?

    From PA’s story there, it can be hard to tell.

    Some guy parking like an asshole and taking up more than his share of space. Could be an honest mistake. Somebody else deliberately reacting and “dinging” his door …

    There’s a Russian youtube channel the theme of which is Don’t be a douchebag whatever that word is in Russian. It’s not just a loan word, let us hope.

    It’s a group of youngish Russians “vigilantes” who go around Moscow and wherever and patrol for drivers being assholes, like for instance driving their cars on the pedestrian paths in order to cut around traffic, and then apprehending them by standing them down and confronting them, and if the asshole drivers don’t comply with their lawful and reasonable requests — branding them with a poster-sized windshield adhesive that says douchebag and is hard to get off.

    This was slash is a very popular channel. But as a boomer poster, it’s probably no longer hot and current so apologies.

    But the larger point is about the Public Space, and how those youngish Russian vigilantes are able to confront their fellow Russians, and it resolves in a way that doesn’t lead to people getting their heads smashed in.

    All parties know the Rules. They know where is the Line. And they go right up to it, but pretty much everyone respects it.

  17. Nb4 Mosckovski Grazhdanin are not just Russian; “actually” they are quite diverse.

    Even so there is a set of rules people are aware of and play by.

    Part of that is just human instinct. Everyone knows there is a limit beyond which someone will get hurt for real and that’s trouble for everyone involved.

    But consider an analogue group of vigilante traffic do-gooders in America. How would it play out?

    Someone made another comment elsewhere that Russians are quite willing to take it upon themselves to correct behavior that is Antisocial.

    Which is no doubt true, but it begs the question of what is and what is not social behavior. The most glaring example of how that question plays out on youtube is “gay” stuff which is not tolerated there. That example is an easy cliche though, and a more subtle take on it might be useful.


    In my own road rage incident my “fault” was going the speed limit or slightly under on an artery residential road posted 35 mph.

    This guy tailgated me hard and I was considering pulling to the side but he swerved around and sped off before that could happen.

    I sometimes insist on going the speed limit, at least in residential roads. It can be hazardous to go the speed limit; certainly on busier roads.

  18. On the CH front, the current thread Ukraine is Wench. Big shooter spree poster gunslingergregi speaks up against involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment surgery.

    He is a Force of Nature type commenter and so who is going to argue against him.

    Coincidentally Daily Stormer has up an article on some big news on the same topic of men’s reproductive health and how it is [no sic] effected by involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment surgery, Hook-Nosed Federal Judge Discovers Constitutional Right to Mutilate Children’s Genitals.

    The yenahu judge in question has a face:

  19. I check the comments in the mainstream articles on the news item in question, and it’s good to see that the issue of four muslim girls getting knicked with a razor is now for the most part called out, as being a small thing as compared to what’s been done to American Manhood, which counts in the literal hundreds of millions. (1.2)

    Even in Mainstream Land the tide has turned on that question. However those middle-aged people have their brains wired in a certain way and are a sight to behold how they defend cutting up their own children baby boys.

    It’s a pathetic thing, this human drama.

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