Which Way, Mr. President?

A list compiled on Twitter:

1. No Wall in sight
2. DACA: Live & kicking
3. Russia: Endless Sanctions!
4. Hillary: High on the hog
5. Social Media: Commie-curated
6. Rosenstein: Still ruling roost
7. South Africa? What a tweet!
8. Israel: Fat & Happy
9. Debt: Putting Obama to shame
10. Mueller: Still on my payroll.
11. Sholom Rubashkin: Pardoned
12. White turnout: Lowest in decades.
13. Iran: Sanctions by meme.
14. Opioid Crisis: Ongoing.
15. Felons: Free and ready to vote.
16. Setting DOJ on protesters at Charlottesville & giving left a free pass
17. Sessions charging James Fields with terrorist/murder when it’s clear it wasn’t
18. Still in Syria, still sabre rattling
19. Non stop pandering to every other demos except the only one who voted for him

And early arrivals from the caravan are already entering the United States.

It’s reasonable to admit that President Trump has come to a point at which his negotiating approach has arrived at negative returns. At the present curve of accomplishment, nobody is voting for him in 2020. And I believe he knows it and that there was always a Plan B. I haven’t been part of his preparation for presidency and I don’t get his intelligence reports, so I don’t know how that might look. Plan B, I imagine, would be a high-risk, high-reward extraconstitutional move involving loyal elements within the US armed forces and the fanatical devotion of his 63 million rally-goers. It might be modeled on the Red Army’s possum game of withdrawing and then encircling and pouncing.

Ronald Reagan, by history’s tragic twist, inflicted two mortal wounds on the country he loved: by signing the no-fault divorce into California’s law and then by signing the Simpson–Mazzoli immigration amnesty into law in 1986.

White Genocide is real. Emboldened by Trump’s apparent weakness, leftists are now openly affirming that. We elected him to stop it by reversing the past three decades of demographic and political changes. Nobody, for a moment and on either side of this cold civil war, saw him as just another President in a parade of alternately liberal and conservative ones. He was elected to kick over the apple cart.

The worst thing Trump, already the greatest President since Andrew Jackson can do, is follow Reagan’s example of trying to work with his enemies. At this point, the survival of the American people and their culture will be well served by President Trump’s weighing of inspiring, decisive action. And if he doesn’t have the power to do that, then may he at least speak openly and spell out for everyone exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Mr. President, this is no time for age or physical exhaustion. The eyes of the millions who will follow you are upon you. The eyes of eternity are upon you.

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  2. With all that has been (jingoistically) said
    and not done, you give that Dunce far
    too much credit for wisdom; tactical,
    strategic, and otherwise.

  3. Despite everything, YouTube’s divers blightwing vloggers continue worshipping Trump with 4D chess analogues, spinning loss of the midterms as a win, making “Trust the Plan” references to Q, and earnestly claiming “We can take back California in 2020.” Sickening. Nationalists, my ass. 95% of Trump’s base would turn on a dime and support the globalist Paul Ryan for POTUS tomorrow, if he were the candidate. Half of California Republicans don’t even support a nationalist agenda anyway, due to fear of loss/depletion of their pension funds (invested in China) and because third world invasion drives up real estate equities. “Republicans thirsting for death” applies to “the base” as much as it does to the GOPe.

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  5. people with common sense left in them are still going to vote for Trump in 2020. The only real alternative is a heritage america man who openly calls our enemies shitskins and makes no bones about the perils of feminism and its biggest proponents (ykw).

  6. With all due respect, PA, I think you’re vastly underestimating the work done by Trump. You’re also underestimating the difficulties presented by the “deep state”, RINOs, a complicit media, and the left.

    Lets not forget that the left has been working for decades to move the Overton Window to it’s current, ridiculous location, with little resistance from the right. That is not undone in 2 years.

    By far the most important things Trump has done are the two recent Supreme Court appointments. Hopefully a third appointment will also occur.

    The fight for the future of this country is a long one. Don’t expect a sudden change or a single climatic transformation.

  7. Agreed, though one should note that the alt-right has spent its time since the election on pointless infighting rather than exploiting the win.

    As I understand it, as exposed when Milo got his phone hacked, the big “alt-right”, really alt-light, connection was Bannon – Milo – Vox Day, et al. Well, that one will have to be nurtured to become useful again. Donald Jr and some others also seem friendly. There’s a band of politicians on the right track too. Not all is lost.

    Here’s some concrete advice for Trump: build and fund alt-right/nationalist institutions that will long outlive your presidency, and tear down and defund their leftist counterparts. Trump has made a start on this, keep going. Crack down on the tech-left and finance-left to stem the deplatforming. Also, don’t just hand out pardons to shady Jews, free some rightwingers too. Hey, free Shkreli.

    And don’t forget the Wall.

  8. PS. Appointing the best judges is one concrete example of improving the institutions. Not to be overlooked.

  9. You have clearly articulated something that I know I was personally feeling, and I suspect that many others are feeling as well. That is, Trump is not delivering the goods as he promised. He could make some unilateral moves, and I don’t think anyone would have object. Most people do not even understand that the president doesn’t have complete power. They wouldn’t be upset or whine about the Constitution if he just did what he promised. I know that I wouldn’t, and I understand for well how the Republic is supposed to work. But the Republic is dead. This is not the time to negotiate with the Enemy, nor is it time to consider them fellow Americans. And it is definitely not the time to believe in nonsense like Q. There is no plan, there is no 4D chess, there is just Trump and a handful of people who actually are loyal to the country standing against the Deep State.

  10. Timely post. I like this line:

    And if he doesn’t have the power to do that, then may he at least speak openly and spell out for everyone exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Speaking of White genocide being real, anyone going to the store for the Holidays, which “season” sort of starts this weekend, can see for himself the situation that it’s become.

    The flip side of that is that quality people avoid going to the store as much as they can.

  11. — Also, don’t just hand out pardons to shady Jews, free some rightwingers too.

    Related: why is Antifa tolerated? From the legal standpoint, it would not be difficult to throw the book at a handful to make an example of them. Ten years in prison for domestic terrorism. Like the ones who attacked Tucker Carlson’s home.

    Unless letting somewhat controlled disorder to simmer is part of the prep.

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  13. Without an insider’s perspective on the Washington scene, it’s hard to know what the President is actually capable of. And it’s a separate question, on whether or not Trump is compromised by the Deep State and or is a willing participant.

    He should do something about the Charlottesville Unite the Right protestors who are locked up for self defense. He could do something about them, and energize his base, and still continue to be a yenahu tool if that’s what he is. Playing both sides, as it were.

    I am black pilled as hell on Trump. We don’t need feel good tweets. At some point such tweets when they have no substance behind them, become a joke, and an insult to serious people.

    I agree that the Supreme Court nominations mean something, maybe a lot. It’s crucial that we get Heritage Americans and not-Special People up there. God willing, Ginsberg’s health will fail quickly now.

    There is a lot of “cutting edge” [this turns out to be a bad pun] medical research going on with regenerative stem cells. Unfortunately, I think that foreskins are a part of that process. In other words Ginsberg is likely being kept alive with the genitals of newborn White baby boys. [*]

    I am hoping to bring a lawsuit against the hospital of my birth, for medical malpractice, as I did not consent to genital diminishment surgery. Eventually this will have to be resolved at the Supreme Court. And yes of course it’s naive to expect at this point in history any degree of fair and reasoned Anglo jurisprudence.

  14. There is a lot of “cutting edge” [this turns out to be a bad pun] medical research going on with regenerative stem cells. Unfortunately, I think that foreskins are a part of that process. In other words Ginsberg is likely being kept alive with the genitals of newborn White baby boys. [*]

    The question of whether stem cells are being harvested and used from the genitals of non-consenting American baby boys, in the treatment of geriatric jews, is within the realm of answerable questions.

    The don’t throw those precious remains away anymore, as they used to in the 70s. That they used to just throw them in the trash, without even biohazard trash markers, was one of the particular facts that offended the aesthetics and ethics of the few and far between possessed-of-a-soul White doctors such as Canadian man-of-conscience Christopher Guest.

    The rest of the medical community, the doctors and nurses and orderlies and techs, need to be killed with the same prejudice that applies to the purveyors of child porn. What they do is WORSE, by ten orders of magnitude.

    The fact that even in the Dissident Right, this is something of a taboo subject, just goes to show the extent we are socialized animals who are bound by the taboos of the group.

  15. I would vote for Pres. Trump for a second term. I think the Democrats’ “blue wave”; the Democrats’ “blue tidal wave” at the mid terms was a flop. So they got governors who love marijuana in Colorado and California — and they tried to take Florida and Georgia demanding and whining for ‘do-overs’. And the morons in California have Nancy Pelosi as their ‘best candidate” the woman who told the nation that “after the Congressmen voted upon ObamaCare they will find out what’s in it”.
    I for one am weary of the losing Democrats demanding a do-over and suddenly finding boxes and bags of ‘uncounted votes’ stashed in someone’s rental car or in some other obscure place. Who are overseeing the voting process in these states that suddenly find these legal documents hours and days after the voting time has closed? Are they run by Bozo The Clown’s cousins? These county officials must be so incompetent that they should be allowed to drive their own vehicle.
    I am thinking that I am going to register as a Democrat for the next election because apparently the vote screeners can toss out one’s vote if it isn’t in their party’s favor. I figure that if I register as a Democrat that maybe my vote won’t get lost on the way to the counting and my vote for the candidates and issues of my choice — might actually make it past the vote screeners.

  16. Well, why don’t YOU tell us what President Trump should have done? It’s clear that the GOP blocked his agenda on many levels, in concert with the democrats. Again, what would you have had him do?

  17. I’d lol if Breyer did a Scalia before Ginsburg passes. The left would go berserk, then it goes up to 11 when RGB succumbs some months later. (NB. Breyer is about the age of Scalia when the latter died. So it’s not only wishful thinking.)

    If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next D prezbo quickly stuff the supreme court though.

  18. Who the heck cares what PA says. The so-called Christian church has ALLOWED BABY KILLING for DECADES along with prayer out of school, silent about Obama’s Transgender bathrooms and silent when christian bakers are losing their businesses because they refuse to bake a cake for the BUTT sex lovers. And, Evangelicals mostly do NOT vote. Are hearers ONLY and NOT doers with passion only for “God Wants Me to be Rich.” The TRUMPet has done more in 18 -24 months then the church has done in the past 70 years. Instead of attacking PA, why don’t you get your MEGAchurch to take a knee outside of Planned Parenthood and invite their millionaire pastor friends to join in and we could STOP BABY KILLING overnight. Thank you Jesus for showing us who the Devils are…. they are always the ones who attack online, in their bathrobe in the basement. All of us are citizens of this country so I wonder what PA is doing to assist the Trump agenda rather than attack. The TRUMPet is NOT the OBAMNATION so don’t get it twisted.

  19. Who the heck cares what PA says. The so-called Christian church has ALLOWED BABY KILLING for DECADES along with prayer out of school, silent about Obama’s Transgender bathrooms and silent when christian bakers are losing their businesses because they refuse to bake a cake for the BUTT sex lovers. And, Evangelicals mostly do NOT vote.

    Why would someone who doesn’t care what PA has to say, read his blog in the first place?

    Anyone else getting a less than lovely aroma of gelfite fish?

    Even so and actually however, the questions raised.

    Is it true that Evangelicals don’t vote much?

    I thought the problem with them is that they vote for Israel.

    On the topic of baby killing abortion. Abortion is wrong but.

  20. You don’t speak about the RHINO Republicans who voted down everything President Trump has tried to do; AND you don’t speak of the Democrat Socialist of America who are in the House and Senate and who VOTED against everything he has tried to do. He is ONE MAN, NOT JEHOVAH GOD. One man trying his best to get the GOP on his side. But the problem is that MOST of the GOP are just Democrats who are signed up as Republicans.

    You Statements are very UNFAIR. You speak as though that you are a Democrat. Also, President Trump has had an EXCESSIVE amount of UNNATURAL WEATHER SITUATIONS that have occurred since he took office. Texas, Florida, etc. etc. etc. that I don’t remember any other Administration having with this DEGREE. MORE SIGNS OF THE END TIMES.

  21. To me it’s very clear that I’m not criticizing the President from the left or from an ingrate perspective. I even called him the greatest since Andrew Jackson.

    What I’m doing is expressing my fear that he might fail and then it’s very bad, and my hope that he’s got things under control and will succeed.

  22. President gun grabber is failing badly,HES been had by his own greed,THERE WILL NOT BE ANY 2020 elections,The country wants THE SON OF PERDITION BACK..OBAMA,the country will shit when TRUMPS taken out and all hell comes on america,THEN they’ll be screaming we want OBAMA,and they will get want they want,AMERICANS ARE TOTALLY BRAINWASHED,they love evil and not good,THE WHOLE WORLD realizes america is ripe for the taking,get ready kids WAR IS UPON YOU,and your still sleeping…..

  23. Read Trump’s 1987 autobiography The Art Of The Deal and educate yourselves. Democrats and liberals in general are all a bunch of lawyers and armchair theoreticians whose target is often businessmen and enterpreneurs who do real work and create jobs. Chapter 12 is a primer for the argument that free enterprise will always do a better job than government. Who can argue with the current economic numbers? Obama didn’t build that! Trump is the Alpha Male that this country needs to oppose the Globalists. He’s smarter than all of them put together. With the RINO Republicans on the run and the House now led by the Socialist Democrats, Trump has these people right where he wants them. Whoever becomes Speaker (probably Pelosi) will walk a thin tightrope between what her wacko constituents want, and being taken to the cleaners in 2020. Pelosi realizes this; hence the olive branch to Trump. The president is a genius. This is a “fault line” he can exploit to make deals which favor America.

  24. It’s times like this, that nikc_ is missed.

    For all his faults, he was who he said.

    As a old and beatdown gen x, I was slash am willing to include the legacies of slavery, those piece of shit niggers being what they are, in a newfound version of Heritage America. Not everyone will agree with that, and it’s far from ideal, but maybe something could’ve been worked out.

  25. Sorry to spree post, but internet deficit order and all being what it is …

    A clarification on my abortion comment above, that “abortion is wrong but”.

    Of course it’s wrong. It’s in a category with genital diminishment; it’s not an analogue to that, it’s something different; but it’s in the same category of wrongness; of really bad things.

    But as a broad topic, it’s complicated. First of all. Are we talking about White womb babies or not? So that’s an easy enough distinction to clarify but …

    A second confounding factor, is the point that was raised by a commenter here not so long ago. That “wise women” have always known how to abort their fetuses. And those women who aren’t so skilled in the use magic baby killing potions, will come up with crude techniques.

    It’s almost — as in: is — impossible to limit that biological female imperative, of not giving successful live birth, to a child that is sprung from some man they don’t like. That’s just the reality we live.

    The issue of abortion in contemporary political discourse though, is far removed the biological and sociobiological imperatives that we can live with. It’s like a lot of other social issues such as trannydom and homosex. Those things exist on the margins and that’s one thing. It’s another to have them promoted and worse, encouraged.

  26. There is an insight I had today, that came out of a 12-step group that I participate in as a means of getting to know and befriend the strangers who live around here.

    It’s worth an effort comment but I may not have the patience and skill to pull it off right now.

    This young woman who is White but almost on the margins of is she White? — one of those — she’s pretty cool but she has a young White son, and a big issue that she likes to complain about is “postpartum depression”.

    I don’t know shit about postpartum depression except that it’s a woman’s issue about them being depressed after childbirth. But listening to her life story — and I like this bitch — and reading the very amusing DS article on our man (not our man) Jordan Peterson’s bigtime messed in the head daughter what’s-her-name Mikhaila who has a nice enough looking Sears catalogue underwear vagina but is otherwise not even fuckable.

    There is a now famous picture at that article of Mikhaila whoring for the camera while her baby sits behind her on the bed not getting attention. And the article’s point is the excellent observation that this bitch coulda shoulda woulda coulda maybe done better than the man she done did with impregnated her and therefore she isn’t loving mommy thrilled with the baby she got out of the deal.

    I wonder if that exact dynamic isn’t a common element to postpartum depression? If so, it’s yet another thorny branch on the overgrown buckthorn of hypergamy and clownworld.

    Nb4 postpartum depression is more complicated than that.

    The recent discussions about how pair bonding is what is missing from our young and glorious lives, are relevant.

  27. Why is all the blame going to Trump?
    Everything is not being taken from him, he’s a billionaire.
    It’s you being robbed, you think you can just sit back and watch?
    Well Yes, actually, I think you do.
    So sit idly by while the left rob you of everything.
    Your firearms mean nothing to them, they will soon have it.
    So you’re not abandoning Trump you’re abandoning each other.

  28. Trump is the most consequential president since Ronald Reagan. But he can’t do it all himself. The Founders designed our government so that the president would have to negotiate with Congress — something which Obama refused to do. Trump the Deal Maker is holding up his end. But Congress hasn’t been reciprocating. Monies for projects such as The Wall must originate in Congress. Specifically, the House.

    An incomplete list of Trump’s accomplishments, in just his first year. Naysayers go to the head of the list:

    An incomplete list:
    The economy has taken an unprecedented move towards the better.
    GDP is moving upwards.  Most are forecasting close to 4% growth in 2018.
    New jobs are increasing monthly. 
    Manufacturing jobs are returning to the country for the first time in thirty years.
    The bleeding of corporations leaving the country has stopped.
    Corporations have begun to reinvest in American factories and interests.
    Trade deals are being renegotiated to our economic benefit.
    The first major tax cut legislation in thirty years was just signed into law.
    Massive amounts of regulation have been cut, spurring business optimism.
    Consumer optimism is higher than in the past two decades.
    The coal industry in our country has been revived.
    Pipelines for oil have been released for construction completion.
    We have expanded oil drilling, even in ANWAR.
    We are virtually energy independent as a nation.
    Our energy businesses have become exporters.
    Our stock market is through the roof, up 30%, new highs almost daily.
    Business optimism has not been higher.  Atlas stopped shrugging.
    The horrid Obamacare individual mandate was torpedoed.
    Justice Neal Gorsuch was voted to the Supreme Court.
    Trump appointed more judges in his first year than any other President.
    He is remaking the judiciary in a conservative image as he promised.
    He has slowed illegal immigration to a level not seen in thirty years.
    He is destroying MS 13, and other illegal immigrant gangs.
    He is speaking openly of ending chain immigration.
    He has successfully gone after ISIS, virtually driving them into the ground.
    He has acknowledged Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.
    He has reset our alliance with Israel.
    He is quietly helping to remake a Middle East that is a bulwark against Iran.
    He has quietly reset our alliance with the new leaders of Saudi Arabia.
    He is quietly reversing the horrible Iranian deal left us by Obama.
    He has been the first President to stand against the insanity of North Korea.
    He has connected with the Chinese leadership, enlisting them as allies.
    He has pulled out of TPP, beginning negotiation on a better deal.
    He is renegotiating NAFTA.
    He has pulled us out of the ridiculous and harmful Paris Climate Accord.
    He has begun to dismantle the corruption of climate data by our bureaucracies.
    He has reset an agenda for space exploration by NASA.
    He has brought hope to the mission of our military. 
    He has worked and enacted better care and treatment for our Veterans.
    He is redefining our mission in national security with his speech last week.
    He has put the United Nations on notice for their arrogant nonsense.
    He has and is exposing the national media for the leftist activism base it is.
    He has fought the self-tarnished media more effectively than any other.
    He has exposed the Democratic Party as corrupt, issueless, and powerless.
    He has exposed the fecklessness, and fraud of the GOP.
    He is quietly remaking the GOP from their own ashes.
    He has exposed the deep state to public view.  And is just beginning to reveal more.
    He is exposing the corruption of our bureaucracies by the Obama administration.
    He is exposing the insanity of the hard left, and their utter lack of decency.
    He has driven mad the constituency of #nevertrumpers on the right.
    He has the Democrats right where he wants them. In charge of spending bills.


  29. He has not stopped the Geoengineering and DEW being used for hurricanes,droughts,and the fires in CA. If you ask the people on the Gulf Coast and in California that have lost everything I’ll lay odds they wished he would have put a stop to it.

  30. Stakes are too high for Americans and even personally for Trump and his family, to put heavy stock into accomplishments that would be expected of any Republican president (economy, taxes et al). We all know that this is all prelude to something big.

    Yes, unmasking the Left as insane and antiWhite is huge development in our favor. And there are other things on your list that are important: pruning the GOP of cucks and so on. Also whatever war is happening behind the scenes.

    Those are all prep-work. What’s next as far as taking America back from traitors and foreign immivaders? We have to wait and see.

    Two axioms: The Democratic party/Left in its present form must never get back into executive power. Americans must create an upwards of 90% White, Christian state(s), in whatever shape that takes.

    All else leads to a Red Terror that hasnt been seen since Lenin and a permanent erasure of the American blood and culture

  31. — It’s times like this, that nikc_ is missed. For all his faults, he was who he said.

    No way. He had just enough cream in his coffee to bobble below the threshold of getting booted, which amounted to a nuisance stew of passive aggression, concern trolling and constant poke-and-retreat n’rism.

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