The AltRight Offers Nothing New

Nor should it. An apt observation by S.J., Esquire:

I was at a blue-collar business, enjoying the atmosphere of unpretentious banter, and I thought to myself, why is it that you’ve increasingly seen blue-collar, lower-class individuals hastening to make sure everyone knows they’re not racist, against all sense of instinct and self-preservation? Because we do see this; we may be accustomed to conceiving of the “proles” as more fundamentally open and honest (vs. the virtue-signalling upper- and SWPL classes), but these days they hide their secret thoughts pretty well, quite often.

Why is that? Answer: it’s because they know they’re just lowly blue-collar joes, and they’re not self-confident enough – about life, about their place in the world – to challenge the Narrative.

Thus why it’s so important to get Elites in there to shift that Overton Window.

What S.J., wrote reminded me of a scene in Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.” A must-read novel, by the way. There is a scene in which two prisoners in Stalin’s USSR, an intellectual and a former tsarist officer, strike up a situational friendship. When they learn that the intellectual is scheduled for execution, the officer tells him (paraphrasing the dialogue), “I envy you… me, I have twenty years in this cell to look forward to. Another 7,300 nights without a woman…”

“But you can read, study” replies the condemned intellectual.

“I haven’t the head for that,” says the officer.

How that scene relates to the above observation is that unlike contributors to AltRight discussions who, in our way, thrive on independent thought, most people feel abandoned when their political culture turns on them. They ask “What guidance do we follow?” Churches are pozzed. Conservative politicians aren’t our friends. Self-satisfied Boomer parents are self-satisfied. Wise grandparents are dead. Television, schools, the football league, movies, commercial message bombardment, talking heads in the news… they are what they are.

So these regular people have their innate disgust threshold, like we all do, that makes them feel uneasy about the anti-racist and sexual perversion propaganda. But there is no place they can go that would settle their uneasy feelings. So people do the normal thing: they go along to get along and keep their real feelings to themselves.

Like S.J. says, it’s so important to shift that Overton Window in the public realm. And I would add, for the AltRight to provide that conceptual home for all of those people who are looking for it. It’s no accident that the AltRight offers nothing new, nor should it. It simply reconnects our people with natural law, Christian fundamentals, and European heritage.


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  1. No revolution ever succeeded without the support of internal elites or a foreign power.

    [It is heartening that the United States has Trump and in one country after another, Europeans elect nationalist governments. – PA]

  2. Well, a bit of hope, maybe.

    Blue collar people, and I’ll include myself and Mr. C., are colonial subjects. Our towns, schools, minds, have been colonized by libtards.

    Any area with outliers eventually gets colonial governors (libtard SWPLs) to occupy and survey, and an army of foot soldiers (Messican laborers, black lackeys) to displace blue collar trouble makers and disrupt our communities to quell even rumors of rebellion.

  3. As a Christian, and especially as a Catholic, you may be familiar with the principle, when studying theology, that “what’s new is what’s not good” – in other words, if your study of theology leads you to some doctrine that somehow no one ever thought of before, be mighty suspicious.

    So, same with the alt-Right: of course it offers nothing “new”, and as you say, nor should it.

  4. What is cause, and what then is effect?

    I believe trends run until they can’t, and then a new direction is taken as the new trend, which is rarely the direct inversion of the prior trend.

    Conditions in a trend obey no limit-laws. We can see this from our very experience; leftism’s embrace of equalist dogma went from blacks to “hispanics” (who run the gamut from filthy-rich Cuban ex-pats and Spanish royalty to illiterate Mestizos who don’t even speak SPANISH!) to men who gargle others’ semen and enjoy being sodomized, to men and women who are so high spectrum for the opposite sex’s behavior-attributes that they immerse themselves in the delusion that they can unmake Nature’s determination in each nucleus of every cell in their bodies. Each step on this path COULD have been the reversal point. But none was (so far, although I think the normalizing-pedo thing was doomed.)

    We cannot know in advance when the Fat Lady is singing. Only in hindsight will we realize, “Oh. That was HER?”

    Political-social trends are quite literally fads. Fashions. Madness of Crowds. No cell in the organism sees its place in the whole from the outside. No snowflake realizes it’s part of the larger whole, be it a snow man or an avalanche (the difference matters.) We think we’re above or beside the mass, but we’re only toward “one side.” We’re still a part, else why would we care? No man is an island, and Gary Larson’s “Lemmings” cartoon is the single, perfect illustration of our oneness with others. If everyone goes and jumps in a lake (or chooses mass-suicide), will you go too? Yes, because they will drag you by force if you don’t volunteer. (Prepare accordingly.)

    So if trends are fads/fashions, and their trend-changes occur at unanticipatable places, are the “leaders” of the new direction Essential Agents of Change or are they simply at the right place at the right time to step in front of the marching band when the band spontaneously chooses, like a flock of birds or a school of fish, a new fashion?

    Trump is a harbinger of trend change. He is extremely unlikely to be the authoritarian, the “benevolent” dictator who will emerge if the trends of the last 50 and last 500 years are actually choosing a new direction. The man who steps in front of the band when civic nationalism has waned to irrelevance, THAT will be he who will be remembered by our descendants…assuming we have any.

    Win or lose. There is no draw, gunfights have no second-place winners.

  5. most people feel abandoned when their political culture turns on them

    Very true. A good portion of the upper midwits around here want to fill up that missing guidance structure, with the One World and love will overcome stuff. Cue Bono.

    According to these dear old upper midwits sometimes formerly known as Deadhead; if everyone will just love another, then what could possibly go wrong?

    And if to counter such notion, you suggest that it’s not going to work because not everyone is going to love one another exactly equally? — well then YOU must be the problem!

    … argument solution forthcoming …

  6. which is rarely the direct inversion of the prior trend.

    Underappreciated point, but it’s true – there are many things going on which I don’t like and would wish to reverse, but I know that the way out of them won’t be a literal backtrack of the way we came here. C’est la vie.

  7. Thorough commentary DN. Gary Larson was great. He was ahead of his time. He was actually a hs biology teacher, maybe.

    There is a criticism that Larson “copied” his style from some Euro Frenchy who did the single panel thing first.

    THat’s a stupid criticism though. Larson brought the meat plant-based diet to the breakfast table every. single. morning.

    He observations were that we are animals and behave as such, and there is a lot of comedy about how in our thoughts we might not recognize our animal origins.

    One cartoon he had … oh never mind. I had a collection of Larson books and for that matter Groening books which in a pique of hard-headedness gave all away to the second-hand store.

  8. I have frames containing images on my desk:
    1. two photos in frame, one of me & my wife, the other of all my kids/grandkids.
    2. two Farside panels, one of the Lemmings, the other is Satan poking a guy in the back with his pitchfork, in front of two doors, one labeled, “DAMNED if you do,” the other labeled, “DAMNED if you don’t,” with the caption: “C’mon, c’mon–it’s either one or the other.”

    Brevity AND clarity.

  9. Deter Naturalist, great question: “What is cause, and what then is effect?”

    Two possible answers: that the meta-mechanics determine all, and that the mechanics follow the spirit.

  10. According to these dear old upper midwits sometimes formerly known as Deadhead; if everyone will just love another, then what could possibly go wrong?

    That concludes the discussion and declares the season to be open on his wife and daughters. Enjoy!

    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

  11. PA, possibly parallel to your construction, as I see it an individual has both personal spirit and a shared spirit, and the two can only withstand so much “spiritual dissonance.”

    Then, individuals exist on a particular part of the full spectrum of individual spiritedness. The NPC’s we see appear uniformly low-spirit personally, possibly attracted to making up for their individual lack by joining the zealots who volunteer to work them like sock-puppets. There’s a metaphor there for men (and women??) who engage in receptive anal intercourse, but I’ll leave that to those with stronger stomachs. For the sock-puppets, I must assume they seek out pencil-necked dweebs specifically because most of those have smaller diameter…arms……..

    My self-flattering story is that I and those with whom I agree are of fierce(r) individual spirit, and thus are simply less able to overlook the spirit-dis…or maybe, the spirdis. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Spirit is what makes a man capable of sustaining mortal wounds yet still taking the fight to his adversaries and making them light the halls of hell for him. Spirit is what makes a woman shield her children from invaders instead of submitting to them as they exterminate her sons, or makes her drive her sisters into the wilds for the crime of enabling the invaders.

    “Teach the children quietly, for someday sons and daughters will rise up and fight where we stood still.” Spirit is heritable.

    Distilled to its essence, “they” hate us for the DNA in our cells, and the gifts available only to those who descend from us.

  12. Why accept the Overton Window as our frame? Does patriarchy or culture have an Overton Window? Institutional supremacy exercises control. The controlled have aggregate compliance limits called the Overton Window. Why not let the Overton Window break with the rest of it? I chaff on the idea of checks and balances with aliens and autocrats.

    [Because we need the left half of our bell curve. – PA]

  13. The AR provides a kind of wry template for consulting or approaching history’s pellucid source, hence (understandably) not offering full caverns of new things explicitly; rather, some inchoate yet somewhat old-laced novelties — and only by stratiform/make-do suggestion. The mossy multivalency of history is thus dug through as autonomously as possible, making way for the fresh and clear springs of more brightly crested Truth to ripple forth, enliven and refresh. “Originality means going back to our origins.” —Antoni Gaudí

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  15. No revolution ever succeeded without the support of internal elites or a foreign power.

    Elites come and go.

    Sometimes they need to go kicking and screaming.

  16. Elites come and go.

    Sometimes they need to go kicking and screaming.

    True, but you need other elites to provide the fuel. When the Bolshies took over in Russia, they were financed by rich German and American Jews. Shocker.

    “Civil Rights” movement in America was promoted by Jews. As was feminism, gay-everything, etc.

    American Revolution was a revolt of American elites against British elites. Civil War was Southern elites wanting to break away from Northern elites who wanted to financially exploit them. The working class is always just cannon fodder, ginned up by propaganda.

    Even the French Revolution was backed to a great extent by aristocracy (with a grudge against the crown, or wanting a bigger piece of the pie) and church and middle class (SJWs of the day). Now THAT revolution ended up eating a lot of its own, but such is life in the Revolution.

    Hell, even Hitler was financed early on by Jews who wanted his help with the Zionist project.

    Who will be the force behind white nationalism? Who will provide the money? The media cover?

  17. In 1987 when I was 20 I was in the waiting room of a car mechanic in a suburban NYC town. The white owner or, at least, the guy at the front desk who I assumed was the owner was on the phone and said, loud enough that his employees, who included at least one black, could hear him, “You said ‘Man’! That doesn’t mean ni…s, j..s, or s..s! That’s not a man! I thought you meant a white man!” I have no idea what it was about, but the conversation pissed me off, almost enough to make me walk out with or without my car. How did he know I wasn’t jewish? Some jews in my town looked whiter than I did. How could he risk offending his customers and employees like that? That was one of the very few times I’ve seen or heard a blue collar white man act like they’re supposed to do all the time in movies and TV. If I overheard the same conversation nowadays I would smile and feel good about it.

  18. If I overheard the same conversation nowadays I would smile and feel good about it.

    Yes, exactly, you would.

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