A Revelation To Many

Minnesota voted in Keith Ellison, a black Muslim, for attorney general. And if anyone here has a black or brown friend, he’s convulsing with delight at that news. And he’s not even Muslim! So please don’t invite him to implicitly White places and events.

Ok. Why do I keep beating on this.

Because it’s true and because many Whites, in their ego and niceness, won’t face up to the fact that things are tribal — racial. “I know a good one.” Fine, express some pro-White belief to him, especially one that has a basis in racial exclusion. Tell him that you don’t like seeing Africans in Denmark. And see his reaction. Ask yourself if he’s using you and White society in general as a bag of goodies. Ask yourself how deep is the veneer of Nice in your relations. Ask yourself, what sorts of impulses fire through his brain when he sees the most vile thing for us to process, a White girl with a brown baby.

I’ve observed things decades earlier that have contributed toward my belief that non-Whites harbor a Biological Envy that drives them to long for our unhappiness, fall, and total disappearance. My experience with blogging, on other blogs and here, has provided me with the final pieces I needed to be wholly confident in asserting this.

Suburban_elk brings a sharp analytical eye to the above:

I agree with the premise, that the members of a race group like to see their competitors suffer and fail.

As I recall however, the premise has been expressed at times in absolute terms, as in “every black American likes to see White people suffer and fail.”

For the sake of argument, consider that a Fair Summary.

Much of the difficulty and contentiousness of the argument around that premise, is of course in its inclusion of “every member” of group X. So said argument could be refuted with a simple NAxALT.

And in fact that’s where most people will contend it.

In support of the premise however; consider Suburban_elk’s soon-to-be famous axiom, that every single individual is but a fractal expression of his group AND AS SUCH, benefits or suffers as with his group and inversely his group’s competitors.

I find that to be a strong argument. Even if good-hearted blacks — and let’s not froth at the mouth and pretend that they don’t have their share of good hearts — don’t drink a toast to the anniversary of Newsom and Christian, they still benefit from their group killing out members of their competitors.

Actually though at some point they don’t benefit from that, because their competitors respond back and with force.

And so we learn that whiteboard Reasoning on such a broad problem as competition between population groups, doesn’t reduce to neat axioms. Who knew?

Another difficulty in the original premise, is in the meaning and understanding of “like”, as in blacks like to see Whites suffer and fail.

The way that people characterize and categorize their own reactions and thoughts and feelings about things, is often secondary to how those things affect them. For example, I won’t necessarily “like” to see every black in America inexplicably die in six months of tuberculosis but on the other hand it would be great.

So this thing I’m saying about their ill will, is this supposed to be some kind of a revelation? Or just a belaboring of group competition and ordinary Schadenfreude?

It’s a revelation to those who blind themselves to the reality of group competition. Anti-racist conditioning relies on Europeans’ historic tendency to idealize blacks as faithful dogs. This tendency leads to cuckish habits of mind when political fortunes reverse the master-servant dynamic and metastasizes into a “refugees welcome” general hysteria. The world happily exploits those who operate under the delusion of fraternity, with collateral damage to cucks’ neighbors.


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  1. I’m convinced that every sin is based on Pride or Lust. See, e.g., 1 John 2:16 “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

    Pride, however, is the worser sin, not just because it was Lucifer’s sin, but because it is used every time to justify sin.

    Lust is pretty easy to figure out–you want someone or something. Envy is lust for what others have (which totally breaks the Tenth Commandment–meaning ALL economic migrants are sinning by default, unless they really are so stupid they don’t understand the nature of their desires). This envy is why the United States is the #1 country in the world for “refugee” applications. This is also why every brown or black man wants a White woman, but no White man wants a mud unless he can’t get a White woman (and envies other men who can).

    But pride is more subtle, thus more sinister. Most people have a problematically simplistic understanding of pride. Pride is not just thinking “I am the greatest”. Rather, it can be distilled into this: using the notion that one is in ANY way better than another as a source of self-satisfaction*. The contrapositive (formal logic definition: the same thing stated in its reverse form) could be expressed as experiencing dissatisfaction because is one is somehow worse than another.

    These are the root of Leftist thought. Lacking the time to distill a succinct and potent list, let me throw out just a few examples as they come to mind in real time:

    1. Feminism–lust for men’s strengths, pride in women’s. “It’s not fair that men enjoy perks when women are more empathetic and better communicators!”

    2. Cuckedness–lust for admiration, dissatisfaction in one’s powerlessness to obtain it. “It’s not fair that Trump gets positive attention after being so churlish when I am the one who has been working so hard to please everybody by being so much nicer than he!”

    3. Criminality–lust for [fill in the motive of the crime], pride that others are morally inferior in some trivial way. “Sure I murdered that man to get revenge for his making me feel small, but I’ve never hit a woman or kicked a dog!”

    4. Garden-variety Shitliberalism–lust for every sin, dissatisfaction with the guilt sin brings. “I may be cheating on my husband and aborting every child sired by these chains of Black bucks, but at least I am a champion against the evil corporations and their contributions to Climate Change!”

    5. Garden-variety Libertarianism–same as the shitlib, with a twist. “I may be engaging in every lust of the flesh and ignoring every law, but at least I am a champion for every man’s right to be free from others’ Aggression! Especially the Government’s aggressions. And the Church’s. And my employer’s.”

    The list goes on.

    * – I use the term SELF-satisfaction so as to differentiate from gratitude for one’s gifts, which is a noble, rather than sinful, thought.

  2. Or we could say that people make sinful decisions based on Lust, using Pride to justify them. We make righteous decisions based on Principle, the wellspring of which is Love. Well, and the Fear of God.

  3. On the criminality thought: this is why child sex offenders have to be protected from the general prison population. You have a mass of scumbags, including RAPISTS and murderers, who will beat a man to within an inch of his life for being sentenced to prison for fondling an adolescent girl’s boob. Is the child sex offender a worse criminal? You be the judge. But I bet you a dollar the violence stems from a need to feel morally superior; i.e., prideful.

  4. I had a black guy approach me at work a few years ago. He worked in a different department and I rarely ran into him. He took advantage of the holiday atmosphere during the last week of the year when few were there or doing any work if they were there. He tried to befriend me and at first I thought it was a gay come-on. It kind of amused me at first, and the guy was a good conversationalist and I liked the superficial talks we had in the lunch room about TV and stuff like that. Then he would start asking me for loans of 20 dollars, usually the day before payday. I didn’t like it the first time it happened, but as a test, I agreed, and he paid me back the next day. Fair enough. This went on for the better part of a year and sometimes the amount would be up to 40, but always paid right back soon. I don’t think I have to tell you how this ends, but just in case: the day after I gave him the last 40, he was fired, or left. I never learned his address, number, or even his last name. I chalked it up to experience. Any black who is your friend sees you as a source of an interest-free loan with no payment schedule and that might be the reason he’s your friend.

  5. In all my years around blacks, and being a minority among them i’ve learned that their main motivations and conversation topics are:

    1. Muh Dik.
    2. Gibs me dat
    3. Dindu nuffin

    Braggadocio writ large, greedy, and impossible to get them to feel guilt or responsibility for anything.

    Short time preferences, low IQ and high T if you prefer.

  6. Fascinating. I know an articulate Black man worth 100s of millions who I lent $100 cash to tip a bartender at a party where said black man ran up a tab of $1000s buying drinks for thots. I enjoyed a single drink on his tab before I felt dirty asking for more and stopped.

    He used to call me before every time he was to be in town. Now, I can’t get a hold of him, either through contacting him personally or through his assistant. His assistant said he would repay me, but only through direct deposit. When I asked for a check instead, it quickly turned to radio silence.


    The “lending a man money test” is tried and true.

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  8. Jaded Jurist: that was a great thing to read.

    Whole Earth Catalog: similar to how when we do the “trust test” like you did with that first $20, blacks do the “poke and retreat.” It’s how they gauge how much they can get away with. It’s best to arrest that shit right on the spot, they wont take it personally.

    Roy: not enviable, being a minority among them but one does come away with higher wisdom, you could say.

  9. I had a revelation yesterday, about the lower classes:

    I was at a blue-collar business, enjoying the atmosphere of unpretentious banter, and I thought to myself, why is it that you’ve increasingly seen blue-collar, lower-class individuals hastening to make sure everyone knows they’re not racist, against all sense of instinct and self-preservation? Because we do see this; we may be accustomed to conceiving of the “proles” as more fundamentally open and honest (vs. the virtue-signalling upper- and SWPL classes), but these days they hide their secret thoughts pretty well, quite often.

    Why is that? Answer: it’s because they know they’re just lowly blue-collar joes, and they’re not self-confident enough – about life, about their place in the world – to challenge the Narrative.

    Thus why it’s so important to get Elites in there to shift that Overton Window.

  10. My “naturalist” instinct is to see biology (and actual, as opposed to mythological, cognitive processes) underlying every action each and every person takes.

    Jaded Jurist highlights the sins involved. In essence, a person will do almost anything to improve his (or especially her) self-regard, and the existence of others basking in a condition more positive than him is a slap to the face. Think of the difference between 500 (or even 50) years ago and now: People practically living in grass huts have cell phones and Internet access. The images they see reveal people living lives literally unimaginably better than theirs. This is worse for the underclass in the USA, where the bling is across the street (hence why a black man may be unable to afford rent, but he’ll drive a late-model Escalade.)

    At least from my point of view, the higher on the scale of *real* capability and accomplishment you are, the less this affects you. I live a very humble lifestyle, outwardly exhibiting choices that dramatically run below my wealth level. The regard I pursue (guilty as it makes me feel) is some degree of recognition of the reality of my thoughts. I live in a small house and drive increasingly old cars. Frankly, those around whom I live are assumed to be incapable of recognizing the validity of my analysis. For certain, I’ve learned that sharing those thoughts invites anger or opposition (the 2 SD IQ difference communication gulf is quite real.)

    I respect those who are more accomplished than I am without wishing to trade places. This, I think, is a result of seeing “me” as “enough” to be satisfied. I own the shortcomings in my life, too. The grass may be different on the other side, but I’m content to nurture my side of the fence.

    We live in an Age when dissatisfaction is scientifically *cultivated* as an integral part of materialist obsession and consumer culture/economics. Ours is a world based on spinning people like tops in “shopping mode,” and nothing does that better than saturating their environment with messages of

    “you are justifiably dissatisfied; we have the solution. Free shipping until next Tuesday.”

    That this spreads to all aspects of social life, becoming sugar in the fuel tank of the commonwealth, well, is it feature or bug? Both, depending on who/whom. A grand conspiracy or organic, this saturates everyone’s brain with signals no one is evolved to process in a healthy way.

    It’s all part of the Leftist Theocracy, which is a Cargo Cult through-and-through. CC thinking substitutes appearance for essence, and what could better describe a consumer culture (in economics or politics) than this? What is our Age? Is it the Age of Consumerism, the Age of Materialism, the Age of Empty People? All, of course, but I think the last is best.

    Ask of yourself and anyone else: What were your main ancestors doing 600 years ago? For those lacking an “I have enough” personal assessment, this collective assessment is CRUSHING. Imagine the answer is, “hunting barefoot with spears” and your neighbor’s is “building the great cathedrals of Europe.” The result is clearly an, “If I can’t have what you have, I’ll make damn sure you don’t have it either.” The actions taken under this impulse differ (an 80 IQ, highly impulsive black seeing Channon Christian as a means to that end, or a NYC self-identified-as-Jewish, photo-screams-repugnant-to-the-opposite-sex writer soothsaying in favor of open borders and de-policing) but the intention is the same.

    Burn down what I can’t have.

  11. DN, that was beautiful. I gave up TV over 20 years ago, and find myself much more contented for it. Today when I consume TV now and then (say, waiting at the airport or visiting a household), it makes me less content, and often angry. I prefer not to know what infatuates the rest of the herd.

    Similarly, Facebook, which I still visit about once a week in case an old friend has looked me up, causes me to want to break things.

    It’s a combination of others’ attitude of envy that you speak of, and the 2SD gap.

    Well, admittedly, also a few little pangs of envy that try to find purchase in my own flesh. Why does that cuck, who used to be my peer, now have his own reality TV show? Oh yeah, because he’s a hard-core self-promoter born into a family with connections. I need to let it go.

    He also has adopted more Sub-Saharan sprogs than he has sired White children with his cute wife. I wouldn’t trade places for a single moment.

  12. @Deter Naturalist

    Proper comment!
    I especially liked the “invites anger or opposition” about trhing to let others come to see something they don’t already see.
    You gotta be crafty like a good hypnotist in that department, anything else is no use.
    As you say (elsewhere), people aren’t evolved to process debate or discussion in a non-primitive way.

    I also agree the Internet is falling on the minds of people like a storm they can’t process.
    Thinking of envy, individual and racial, social media work like a darned amplifier. You see all but the few truly accomplished women gone crazy because of that, and turn the resulting aggression toward men, because repression and denial make them need a different target, and our extremely well. organized Mass Culture Organizers chose men as that target (it fits their long-term goals).

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