Man’s And Woman’s Best Years

Two independent – almost in fact inverse – variables go into making a man’s best years: vigor and wisdom.

You have plenty of vigor at seventeen. Less so at near-fifty. Though in good shape, I can’t run a sub-5:00 mile like I used to. (I can still beat teenage boys up a steep hill sprint and do 50 perfect-form pushups with minimum effort.)

But you have very little wisdom in your youth. When it’s said that late forties are a man’s best years, they’re talking about the optimal intersection of vigor and wisdom. Slide that point back to thirty or forward to sixty as you wish.

A life’s arc in an instrumental piece.

It’s similar for women, except that their two variables are beauty and social affirmation. Beauty in their youth, social affirmation as they age if they do things right: children they are proud of, a stand-up man for a husband, some measure of material and spiritual comfort that they helped build. Then grandchildren.

(The crazed pussyhat “Refugees Welcome” spinsters are what happens when a woman’s beauty, such that it was in some cases, fades and all that they have in their middle age is an ugly face reflecting an ugly soul, barrenness, and other relics of their horrible decisions.)

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  1. When it’s said that late forties are a man’s best years, they’re talking about the optimal intersection of vigor and wisdom.

    I suppose that’s fair. My comment was coming from a place where, it’s like, I’m awfully wary of anything that reeks of the self-serving notion (seen elsewhere in the manosphere) that male SMV peaks at 40.

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  3. — that male SMV peaks at 40.

    There is Rollo Thomassi’s famous graphic that shows female SMV peaking at 23 and male at 38. Certainly, many variables are in play and especially so for men, but it feels right. Optimally, should 38 year old men marry 23 year old women? No, that’s too old for both. But match them and sparks will fly.

    The James Bond character was 37.

    SMV parity at 30? Yeah. Recalling my 10 year high school reunion (all of us being 27-28), the women were stunners, the men were just coming into their own.

    And as you noted, this post isn’t solely about peak SMV, it’s “best years” in the broadest sense.

  4. It’s not just wisdom as to the reason men “peak” later in life.

    A truer statement than “men peak later” is that “better men peak later.”

    There’s a lot to learn, and to know how to do well. And good man can do all sorts of things, and it takes a long time to learn all those things, and to become competent at complex skills.

    Men who are doing well at 50 have generally been put to the test and come through.

    I admire anyone who can beat my ass, but respect? no.

  5. These days there are a LOT of White men at 50 who don’t really have much confidence in themselves. And further, without self-confidence and then looking down the barrel of old age, it’s a grim picture. Enter the various mechanisms of self destruction and suicide.

    I never learned how to run a farm, or lead an army of men into battle. But still, Life is on its own terms, and that’s that.

  6. I never learned how to love a woman either. Is it even possible to do that anymore?

    You ever play that stupid game of naming your album, but not writing the songs for it?

    No such thing as love

    That’s the name of my album!

  7. Is that the real Suburban Elk? I don’t know that it helps that I know exactly what you mean, emotionally first and foremost, but then the congruence required for wisdom makes it all fit together. I think SMV prime for men is like graph, late 30s. In early 50s one has to consider being realistic in practices more than expectations because the expectations for white men is that we simply die. On this front I like what Cappy Cap has been intermittently preaching. If I ever get another opportunity, I will be superficially whatever works. Had enough. You can’t learn to love a woman today. Only patriarchs can afford such pleasant delusions that are real enough. Loyal women are women without immediate choice. Better to consider Platonic love for men who share your desired way of life. After self, ‘love’ starts from there. Funny how power is love.

  8. But match them and sparks will fly.

    Sorry dude, being literally 38 at the moment, I don’t buy it at all. But, I won’t hijack.

    Recalling my 10 year high school reunion

    You went to that?! Curious why. Presumably you have at least a university education, and if not a graduate degree are at least intelligent enough to have one. I cannot fathom why you’d care about high school.

    I never learned how to love a woman either. Is it even possible to do that anymore?

    Is it possible to love a woman, or is it possible to learn to love a woman? I find it instinctive, personally, not something that had to be “learned” at all. But then again I love my mother-in-law too, which evidently is not a thing everyone says.

  9. I have a Bachelor’s degree and 27 graduate credits. Didn’t finish my Masters program up in Boston. As to high school, I was both unlucky and lucky. Unlucky in that I had to sever all of my childhood friendships at 12 because we left PL, but lucky in that I made lifelong friends here in the US in middle school.

    What Doug just said about Platonic male love…

    Arthur Koestler wrote that it is impossible to form a genuine friendship after 20. I think that was in his “Arrow in the Blue” autobiography which he (again, IIRC) wrote at 40. Several decades later he went back on that and said that it’s even possible, as his experience showed, to do so in mature years.

    My high school was a best-of America, if i wanna get sentimental about it. The students, that is. Even though I haven’t stayed in contact with most, I liked most of my classmates. Reunions are a good time to catch up.

  10. Ugh, today was poz day in my little place in Europe. First I was standing in line for a long, long time behind an englishwoman herding a taciturn niglet. No father around, of course. The woman was fussing uncontrollably while the kid was aloof and just wanted to be five or ten meters away from mom. The woman looked like a nice non-obese average girl who could have done a lot better, and in a not too distant era would have. ‘Tis pity she’s a coal burner, I thought to myself.

    Later I was walking down a thoroughfare and suddenly sees a 60-year old man in a dress posing in the middle of the pedestrian road. He looked fairly normal, except for the dress and a sick, proud basking in the surreptitious attention. At first I could hardly stop myself from making a barking laugh, then I felt a sort of rapidly heating rage that might have ended somewhere bad. Instead, I quickly walked away flexing my fingers.

  11. Is there a feeling of dread in W. Europe due to migrants and pozzed governments, or is that an exaggerated American impression?

  12. Hard to say, it’s a big place. Currently, I do get the feeling things are going in the right direction in many places even if too slowly. The heavy hand of political correctness seems to have lifted a bit but not much more than that, honestly. Then I read the demographics reports of the rapid blacking of France and get all depressed again. Even if the migrants aren’t quite swarming in over the Med like before — so far this year: 103482, about half of those in Spain — a lot more still has to be done to stop and reverse the trend.

  13. “I can still … hill sprint…”

    Glad to hear you’re still getting after it, PA. Speed work on brutal hills/mountains remains the best way to intravenously gold-pan the ‘cherry’ vitality of far-off shooting stars. I’ve lately found alternating dynamically through frequent hills/occasional weights and frequent weights/occasional hills cycles to be best.

  14. Off topic. Steve King, our man in Iowa, gave that bitch ass heckler some good from-the-heart feedback. (Apparently in Iowa not every single last one of them is a sap.)

    “I knew you were an ambusher when you walked in the room.”

    That’s an exact quote, of what he said to the Millennial bignose who accused him of having the “same ideology” as Bowers.

    That quote is interesting because it was said in anger, in the heat of the moment. And King being who he is, which is to say a White man of character — was instinctively speaking in anger aka blurting out his true feelings.

    In other words, he is jew-wise and stopped just short of saying it. Bowery used to correspond with King; maybe he got through to him; maybe King figured it out on his own.

    The blogger Audacious Epigone presents data that Zyklons are massively red-pilled,

  15. A time traveler from the 90s took umbrage with “Generation Zyklon” in Audacious Epigone’s comments:

    “Zyklons” We’re back to that? Really poor taste, especially in light of recent events.

    Aw my sides.

  16. On the same off-topic of the Pittsburgh shooting and the jews working interference for it.

    Irish Savant says that Molyneux sabotaged himself and his credibility by finally and of necessity confronting the Jewish Question Problem in the wake of Bowers’ shoot-em-up.

    Apparently Molyneux in their defense was less than a paragon of reasoned philosophy. Come on! Molyneux, just say it: My philosophy is that I run interference for the jews

    With that as a leading principle, you can remain consistent in your message, and have thing we Whites call Integrity. I’m not sure that Integrity much matters, but they say it’s its own reward.

    How relevant is Molyneux? He’s in a league with Jordan Peterson and a handful of others.

  17. Happy grandmothers who’ve stuck by their husbands through years of thick and thin are more attractive than childless career women in their 30s.

    I don’t mean sexual attraction, obviously, but social. To be in the presence of the former brings joy and comfort. The latter invite bitterness and strife. One attracts, the other repels.

  18. People who are bitter, men and women both, are hard to be around.

    What is the perspective of a 30-something woman who is slash was above average is attractiveness and intelligence, and did what seemed the thing to do, and now she’s looking down the barrel of spinsterhood.

    This comment by Angry Gamer at CH describes the experience that some women have:

    Anti Sex? Blame it on sex education these days.

    If you check out the curriculum of most pre college sex education it’s designed to scare the girls from ever allowing insertion into their vajayjay. The goal was to limit teen pregnancy. But the effect is to scare the crap out of young girls.

    I have had teenage girls freely say they are not having sex with any boy in high school. Which is interesting to me because these little dears go off to college and normally copulate with the first diversity candidate who doesn’t take no for an answer. Then after that cork is popped they start slooting around.

    So women experiment and sloot at exactly the age and exactly the environment that all public health officials know is the most prevalent to spread diseases.

    In the past experiments should have been between virgin and low partner young men and women. But now we have a odd convergence of experimentation at the wrong time and the wrong place by very naive young women.

    Young low sexual experienced women practicing go grrl slooting may actually destroy their ability to have children later in life.

    But later when those sloots do get the beta husbank and the miracle of fertility medicine little girl at 40 the semi reformed sloot thinks it’s oh so cute to dress her 8 year old in risque clothing. Why not? She used modern medicine to cheat the biological game she was certain to lose by slooting. Still she had 1 offspring for all those fertile years, shame really.

  19. Back to Molyneux. The elections are coming up.

    As a single issue voter, I will be voting for Molyneux. On the one issue that more than anything else reveals a candidate’s Heart and his Commonsense, Molyneux turns out is Human.

    Molyneux condemns the praxis of male genital diminishment known as circumcision, and those who willingly subject their children to it. He treats the topic with his faculties of reason unabated; he describes it as it is.

    So he gets a pass into the ethnostate. White enough for this bloke, which is to say in his heart and commonsense. Good job Molyneux!

    Otherwise jews are not White.

  20. My hot take on the Pittsburgh Shooting by Bowers, was that it could have been seen as a vengeful God coming down on the side of the baby getting being held down and cut off; cut off from his fully evolved and God given experience of Life; cut off from the full palate of human experience; cut off of his very Humanity.

    The quick bloody blow job afterward by the rabbi is little solace to the kid in question, we can be sure.

    That could have been the angle to take, in framing the issue, IF White advocates had it together enough and could make their case but alas!

    Some of the Dissident Right — here’s to you, Ol’ Remus — who are unwilling to go all way and condemn jews for what they actually are — were defending the Pittsburgh Synagogue as an outpost of “conservative” jews.

    Apparently some of the conservative jews there were not happy about the homosexual adoption.

  21. There’s Armenians and other Caucasians who look sort of like that. Pretty “street” style he’s got going. I don’t like that style, but some guidos are still into it. If that’s your background.

    His medallion has four stars in the way of the true heart.

  22. Great monologue, Elk, thanks. I can’t type an eight minute-speech for a blog post but it is worth a full transcription. Yes, very smart. Lots of gems like this one, along with an overarching point:

    Whites did not evolve to live among large groups of liars. We hate them.

  23. Credit then to Counter Currents and the author there. I wonder if the youtube channel VertigoPolitix made their video in cooperation with them, or just decided to use the article.

  24. VertigoPolitx typically posts readings of others’ work. Click on the description of each video; he always links to the source. I figured that out when I heard him use “globohomo”.

    He used to comment on saboteur365 before wordpress shoah’d that excellent blog.

  25. @james I have no idea, which makes me sad. He put so much work into it, and if I were in his shoes I’d feel so bitter and beaten down.

    He has a Twitter, @saboteur365, so you may find info there and you can ask him what’s going on, send your support.

  26. You should probably do it soon, too, as he’s likely getting removed from that platform soon, as he is now #hashtagging things that are going to get him into trouble quickly.

  27. He wrote mostly about crimes committed by blacks, the evils of feminism and immigration, corruption in academia (he was a university professor forced to retire prematurely after a student or young colleague made some accusations against him), and animals, which he really loves. He came across like a kindly and polite senior citizen who had finally had enough BS, and was now ready to speak his mind. I think the main problem was that he used fairly St0rmer-tier labels for his antagonists (but at the same time, he never sounded mean-spirited to me), and he named the j_w.

    Now that he’s been punished by WP, I think he’s become more bitter. His tweets don’t sound the same as his articles used to.

    He would post at least five articles a day, and seemed careful to research them, or at least post disclaimers if he was unsure of the facts. I miss his blog.

    Ironically, he was shut down at the same time WP purged several other accounts who named the you know who. Another I read, which has since re-launched, is (also written by a professor, this time a Roman Catholic lady and some of her regular writing staff. She was WAY less offensive, and in fact was very careful to never call names or make unsubstantiated accusations. But she has researched stuff like homosexual perversions in the church, pizzagate, Cllnton corruption, etc. She also named the j_w, to a lesser extent. Her blog was terminated by WP the same day saboteur 365’s was.

  28. Forgot to mention: he claims the sexual harassment (or w/e) accusation was a witchhunt perpetrated by feminist shrikes who couldn’t stand that he–a non-Progressive! The horror!–was working at the school. I think it was UTSA.

    What I White man wss doing in San Antonio, when it wasn’t his native town, I’ll never know.

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