“Leeches don’t have homes, they only have hosts.”

The video is NSFW due to themes and visuals. As usual, next week you’ll see a grey rectangle below, as the latest Murdoch Murdoch will have been zapped from YouTube. They’re all archived at Cheekyvideos.net.

This episode, titled “Border Runners 4 The Caravan Crisis,” is darker than others. There’s apocalyptic black humor throughout, on through “Now, I can dig that!” It also follows the familiar MM story arc from Hope to Despair to Destiny.

This one has:

  • The Caravan. That’s the theme of this episode.
  • “Screw your op…” you know the rest.
  • Retarded vs non-retarded White women
  • Lenin
  • (No NSDAP iconography)
  • Sarah Mclachlan
  • The Alamo
  • Biological weapons
  • Top Gun theme


MADCOCK: Molly, listen, I wanna apologize about what I said. I was wrong. Not all White women are retarded, it’s more like 48%. Is there any way I can make it up to you?

MOLLY: *smile* how about a pumpkin spiced latte this Friday night? *wink*

MADCOCK: It’s a date.

There is always a counterpoint to darkness in Murdoch Murdoch, which is also why it’s the most relevant contemporary story-telling and the real reason why it’s censored.


Well Done

A friend took his family to a regional park in the mountains last year. It was pure Heritage America atmosphere… except for a group of five young Middle Easterners in a car in front of him and his party on a self-operated downhill ride. They were constantly stopping (which is unsafe, against the rules and really obnoxious), holding people up with their selfie sessions and loudly carrying on in their language. Upon getting off the ride, my friend marched right up to them and unloaded with some words.

Everyone does his part. One act of civic courage can start a chain reaction in the minds of silent onlookers.

Reader AnonCon also did his part. In his own words:

As with all good things, it was never going to last.

We have a new priest this year. Our prior priest had been here for almost 10 years and was remarkable for being so apolitical, doubly so for being in this standard left-coast metro.

The new priest comes here after a long stint overseas. One might believe his only contact with the USA was through Netflix and Facecuck. Speaking of physiognomy, he has the most jarring case of Gayface I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing first-hand in a priest. I don’t get a pedo-vibe, so, I stay cool about it.

Our parish has had bilingual Masses for years. Longer than the last priest was here. No one likes them, but most people are too cowed to speak up and out about it. Besides, it’s been decided at least two levels up. Short of a nationwide financial boycott, it’s not changing.

But that doesn’t mean we have to take it completely like a bunch of passive, agency-less slaves.

And so Thanksgiving Mass this year was the usual bilingual Mulligan Pie. Except that the new priest had to put his own spin on it. His tradition is to pass around a microphone for parishioners to share what they are personally thankful for.

Incredibly to me, the Latin community showed no hesitation, nor shame, in sharing their thanks for “mi familia” and who-knows-what-else in their native Spanish. It’s all BS because I and everyone knows virtually none these people can’t speak English. Bilingual Mass is a psy-op. Propaganda. It’s the old Soviet trick of showing to a people they are powerless. The bolder the lie, the more effective it is.

Well, it was more than this Heritage American could stand.

After the microphone had gone around a time or two, about half of the very few Americans that did decided to share appeared to be displaying PTSD symptoms and AA flashbacks. I feel for them and their pain, but, sheesh, this is a family event. TMI bro. Eventually after a particularly banal share from a mystery meater near the front row the whole congregation spontaneously started clapping like it should all finally be over.

As for myself, I’d had a good 15 minutes to stew and think of what needed said. Not being the public speaking type I was more nervous than you can ever imagine. No, even more than that. Surrounded by interlopers and cucks I was going to stand up and speak truth to poz. And people were clapping like it was finally, safely over. But, as John J. Rambo said, “Nothing is over. Nothing. You can’t just turn it off.” I raised my hand and made eye-contact with the youngster doing microphone duty. Well, what else could he do?

At the risk of having shared too much already, I’ll spare my exact speech. I will say it was nothing anyone over 35 wouldn’t remember from their own youth: thankfulness for our Forefathers: puritans and pioneers that built a country from the ground up starting from nothing; thankfulness for our beautiful church building made possible by the sacrifices of our parents, grandparents, and actually great-grandparents; thankfulness for our religious freedom, etc.

Now here’s the surprising part that made me need to share this with PAWorld, 28Sherman ex-pats, and all fellow travelers. After my little thinly disguised troll, a remarkable wave of peace and pride washed over me. For the first 30 minutes of Mass, I’d been feeling mad and agitated, like I do at every single bilingual Mass I’ve had to endure. But suddenly, I really felt great. It was as surprising as it was amazing. The tension was gone and I’d felt a subtle, but undeniable wave of peace hit me.

It certainly wasn’t a great a speech. I’m not good at speaking extemporaneously and even though I’d had a few minutes to compose my thoughts, it wasn’t enough for me to memorize everything I’d wanted to say. Indeed, I forgot over half of the things I thought of to say. But those few sentences were enough.

After a time sitting there my thoughts drifted to 28Sherman and how he always pushing people to make a difference in the real world, and to PA World and how he is the unabashed pro-Christian, pro-West blogger writing to keep the culture flame alive until the rest of the nation catches up. I felt like I had channeled them and everyone here that wants to restore our heritage.

After Mass as we were making our way through the parking lot an older gentleman who I recognize as a fellow regular, but don’t know anything about, looked my way from a good distance away and held it far longer than normal. It was like he wanted to make sure I was saw him and he knew that I knew he wanted me to see him. Then he simply raised his hand above his head and waived. Nothing dramatic about it, but the message was clear: “you’re not alone, friend.”

My friends, you don’t have to make the perfect speech, you don’t have to convert the shitlib’s and Christiacucks around you. You just have to stand up and let others know that you know from whence our Nation came. Let it be known our history is still appreciated in some corners. No matter their virtue signal, you get to stand tall and proud and say, “you didn’t build that.”

What Happened?

See this vintage 30-minute ad for Greyhound bus lines (h/t Jaded Jurist at Chateau Heartiste). It follows two female travelers who hit it off with two men on a sightseeing bus ride across North America. The boys-meet-girls plot is a narrative frame for the showcasing of the vastness and splendor of 1955 United States and Canada. It looks like paradise:

Good God, what a world was lost! Each place had its unique character. Every person you saw belonged there. The alpha protagonist (Tex the cowboy) ran natural high-T game on one of the ladies, and always saying “ma’am.” White manners.

Boomers were children during the making of that video and they watched all that grandeur decay. Blame rock-n-roll, with its CIA-guided recording industry. Blame the Warren Court, blame George Wallace for stepping aside at the schoolhouse door. Blame a string of US Presidents, especially Reagan. Blame geographic mobility, the economics of wealth-concentration, the agribusiness lobby.

Blame whoever thought it would be a good idea to keep on bringing millions of equatorial tribesmen into this country. Blame whatever multi-generational propaganda apparatus makes the mass-murder of civilians in Vietnam and Iraq “patriotic” but a napalm sortie in defense of your own border is unthinkable.

Abundance makes people passive in face of (((subversion))). Those who stuck their necks out, like Randy Weaver, paid the price. So there is a case for not-blaming individual Boomers for anything — as long as they did the one thing that any patriot can do:

Have the talk with their children.

Not grumbling and innuendos at home like Archie Bunker, but a spelling-out of what they see with their own eyes, which is a transformation of America, via MLK’s scripted histrionics, into the globohomo nightmare. The talk: “Son, you are an American man; daughter, you are an American woman. This land is what God gave us to safeguard for our posterity and what your pioneer ancestors carved out of the wilderness. Never forget who you are.”

A thirty-something Canadian reader at CH describes a similar paradise lost:

I remember a few years ago leafing through my father’s high school yearbooks from early to mid-70s. Medium-sized town in English-speaking Canada. It looked like a wonderful time and place. The student body looked hale and wholesome; the girls were radiant and looked more like young women with blow-dryed blonde hair blouses. There seemed to be an enormous amount of school spirit leaping off the page: all the teams, clubs, sporting events, productions, teachers looked relaxed and friendly.

It was the same in my high school, which was during the latter half of the ’80s. It’s worth looking at two reasons for why things changed, aside from the infiltration of Cultural Marxism into education: geographic mobility, and the phasing out of male teachers and administrators. Geographic mobility: when people move around, and even merely when they know that they can sell their house and move elsewhere, society becomes atomized. The healthiest communities are ones where grandparents live nearby and young people don’t think about moving away. The loss of men in schools: without men, especially alpha men running things, people lose their interest in customs and traditions.

Candid photos of guys and girls walking down the halls earnestly carrying books or hanging out in the quadrangle or the library. Needless to say, the school was 99% white.

That’s still too Diverse. There isn’t any reason for it to be less than 100% White.

I went to the same high school as my father. When I shewed up in the late 90s, there were vestiges of the old times, including some of the same teachers and books in the library that my father and uncles had signed out, but even by that time, something had changed. Yes, it was less white, but still over 90%. Yes the English department still taught Shakespeare and poetry, but it’s almost as it the soul, that beating force that made the 70s look like such a warm, familiar, and congenial time, was starting to erode. Yes, They were giving out condoms in the nurse’s office, but the whole gay, lettuce bacon and tomato scourge hadn’t yet descended.

I’d frankly be terrified to send a child into a publick high school today. At least one that wasn’t in the whitest, remotest, bible beltest region I could find.

I don’t post those living-memory snapshots of paradise as an elegy. I do it so that we remember who we are.

What happened is captured in this current-year mockery:


It’s not an aspirational vision of multiracial harmony because Leftists don’t aspire to anything. They don’t create, they consume. There is no possibility of a multiracial breaking of bread on contested land. There is either the America as shown in the 1955 Greyhound trip or there is the vicious tearing-down of the statues of your national heroes.


In the Greyhound video, Tex speaks with a black fellow in a commanding tone of voice and the black stands on his own humble ground under that arrangement. Fast forward to the above defilement of Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving. The black male grins like a retarded person that was crowned king-for-a-day and the two White males have all of the physical hardware of men but their eyes are submissive and they smile like they know their place in the liberal order.

This happened incrementally. It will unhappen suddenly. The lesson, next time we’re asked to make a reasonable concession is to say No, because no matter how comfortable and secure you feel, no matter how strong you are, no matter how invincible you look, you must refuse to compromise on your descendants’ future in their own country. In particular, reject appeals to justice and generosity because it’s not about generosity and justice. It’s the serpent hissing into Eve’s ear and Adam passively going along with it. It all hangs on a thin string, never forget that.

This is the nadir but we’ve learned our lessons.

The Greyhound video, by the way, has a great ending. Hint: old-school Game FTW.


It’s said that men are the romantic sex. Guilty as charged, your honor. But we can handle it because our compartmentalizing brain lets us understand the full reality of female hypergamy and still not wallow in naturalistic nihilism.

There is a popular blog that sometimes goes into male-female mechanics. It’s hosted by an intelligent writer, a widower who ruefully reminds his readers that women are aroused by violence against them. He’s right, and such insights literally save lives and nations. Yet the Red Pill, like any pill, can be overdosed on. I find an excessive dwelling on soulless biomechanics repellent, like trying to live our one life with eyes compulsively fixed on the movement of a myriad insect legs in the grass.

You’ll find a more complete picture about men and women — of all places — in Milo’s critique of Jordan Peterson:

There is such a thing as the Chaotic feminine Peterson recognizes. She is the Whore of Babylon, rather than the Heavenly Bride. But Jordan only sees the Whore. This is a fundamental failing in his mythological structure: he doesn’t see the Ordering Feminine—the Lady as Heavenly City who gives a home to her groom. Men are constantly asking feminists to be more honest about male virtue. They have to do women the same courtesy. Peterson doesn’t, and can’t.

See this clip, which shows highlights from Love Story (1970):

The movie is loaded with anachronisms, starting with the female lead’s ball-busting Second Wave feminism. And yet, “nothing human is alien to me.” When Jennifer Cavilleri barrages Oliver Barrett IV with hostile questions, you don’t see liberals of their era, you see a lower class girl attracted to a handsome upper class suitor.

One of the things I liked about the movie is its visuals of the northern climate. If nothing else, the scenes of our protagonists frolicking in the snow make you look forward to winter.

The dude, Oliver, is me in one particular way: in his earnestness. I married a girl with a lighter shade of the same lovely brown hair as that actress. She and I visited New England about a decade after I lived there. Saw a bunch of new things, also checked out my old haunts. As we’re driving back home, she looks at me and says “I think we’re bringing a son home with us.” Nine months later, our baby boy was born.

“We understand how hard and costly it is to regain our country”

That statement, today, is most apropos Westerners who had lot their countries to mass immigration.

On an English-language blog, I post Poland-related material primarily with the thought of it relating to the dreams of people of English-speaking countries, as I live here too. The video below, which is a four-minute explanation of the Independence March in Warsaw, will speak to your thoughts. Many elements of Polish history are playing out right now in your country.

The English-speaking narrator opens with:

Many in foreign media outlets have criticized [the march], with some strong words used to label those who attended. Noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama…

The photo below is flashed up; the banner says “White Europe of Brotherly Nations”


… labelled the march “fascist.” Andrew Rettman for the EU Observer called it “Neo-Nazi.” Al Jezeera described it as “homophobic and White supremacist.” And the BBC labeled it as “far right.” The most recurring epithet to describe the march was the word “nationalist.”

I don’t want to defend the march from those allegations, as they are not worthy of much consideration. I would rather take the time to explain why 250,000 Poles chose to attend the Independence Day rally.

“Bóg Honor Ojczyzna” on the banner below translates to “God Honor Fatherland.” The four-minute video:

Which Way, Mr. President?

A list compiled on Twitter:

1. No Wall in sight
2. DACA: Live & kicking
3. Russia: Endless Sanctions!
4. Hillary: High on the hog
5. Social Media: Commie-curated
6. Rosenstein: Still ruling roost
7. South Africa? What a tweet!
8. Israel: Fat & Happy
9. Debt: Putting Obama to shame
10. Mueller: Still on my payroll.
11. Sholom Rubashkin: Pardoned
12. White turnout: Lowest in decades.
13. Iran: Sanctions by meme.
14. Opioid Crisis: Ongoing.
15. Felons: Free and ready to vote.
16. Setting DOJ on protesters at Charlottesville & giving left a free pass
17. Sessions charging James Fields with terrorist/murder when it’s clear it wasn’t
18. Still in Syria, still sabre rattling
19. Non stop pandering to every other demos except the only one who voted for him

And early arrivals from the caravan are already entering the United States.

It’s reasonable to admit that President Trump has come to a point at which his negotiating approach has arrived at negative returns. At the present curve of accomplishment, nobody is voting for him in 2020. And I believe he knows it and that there was always a Plan B. I haven’t been part of his preparation for presidency and I don’t get his intelligence reports, so I don’t know how that might look. Plan B, I imagine, would be a high-risk, high-reward extraconstitutional move involving loyal elements within the US armed forces and the fanatical devotion of his 63 million rally-goers. It might be modeled on the Red Army’s possum game of withdrawing and then encircling and pouncing.

Ronald Reagan, by history’s tragic twist, inflicted two mortal wounds on the country he loved: by signing the no-fault divorce into California’s law and then by signing the Simpson–Mazzoli immigration amnesty into law in 1986.

White Genocide is real. Emboldened by Trump’s apparent weakness, leftists are now openly affirming that. We elected him to stop it by reversing the past three decades of demographic and political changes. Nobody, for a moment and on either side of this cold civil war, saw him as just another President in a parade of alternately liberal and conservative ones. He was elected to kick over the apple cart.

The worst thing Trump, already the greatest President since Andrew Jackson can do, is follow Reagan’s example of trying to work with his enemies. At this point, the survival of the American people and their culture will be well served by President Trump’s weighing of inspiring, decisive action. And if he doesn’t have the power to do that, then may he at least speak openly and spell out for everyone exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Mr. President, this is no time for age or physical exhaustion. The eyes of the millions who will follow you are upon you. The eyes of eternity are upon you.

Poland’s Independence March 2018

Today is Poland’s 100th anniversary of regaining its independence after 123 years under foreign Partition. The date was November 11, 1918, when the occupying Russian, Prussian, and Austrian empires collapsed in wake of WWI and withdrew their garrisons from Partitioned territory. History’s Great Man, Józef Pilsudski, stepped into the chaos and claimed himself the head of the reborn Polish state. Two years later, he led Poland to a decisive victory over the invading Soviet army, ending Lenin’s plan to capture Berlin and start a Europe-wide communist revolution.

This year’s Independence March almost didn’t work out. Just three days before the event, Warsaw’s mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, member of the pro-EU opposition party, revoked nationalists’ demonstration permit but thankfully courts overturned her ban at the eleventh hour. Last year’s march broke national records for largest crowds, at 60,000. This year’s estimates are upward of 200,000. Here are scenes from today, see the video below:

  • 0:01 – Chanting “Honor and glory to the heroes!” The heroes being saluted are national martyrs in general, Armia Krajowa partisants in particular.
  • 0:05 – Chanting “God! Honor! Fatherland!”
  • 0:12 – Camera pulls back and you see members of Italy’s nationalist party Forza Nuova among Poland’s National Radical Camp (ONR) members. ONR’s flag is green with the stylized arm holding a sword.
  • 0:15 – Poland’s president Andrzej Duda addresses the nationalists right there on the street:

“I wish you a successful celebration. Long live Poland. Long live the free, independent, sovereign Republic. Honor and glory to the heroes!”

Subsequently, more footage of ONR and FN participants.

  • 1:00 – Cut to another part of the march, the singing of the national anthem.
  • 1:18 – Footage of various parts of the march.

The remaining minute of the video shows as the evening darkens the sky and there are various scenes with absolutely lovely capture of ordinary people marching. November is cold and miserable in Poland, best kind of weather. The 2016 Independence March was pounded by sleet. Yet it looks warm, with so many patriots marching together.

I watched a Polish talk panel discuss the event. It was a friendly discussion with Krzysztof Bosak, one of the organizers of the march. He’s the young man with the blue necktie who does most of the talking during the first twelve minutes. As I learned, Bosak is a former member of parliament, now leader of National Movement, an umbrella organization of various right wing populist groups, including ONR.

I’m translating a bit of what he said:

I can’t emphasize enough, how many obstacles were thrown at us in the run-up to this march. And yet, this year’s march was more impressive than ever. There were scores of delegations from other countries. I spent a long time today with a Catholic journalist from the United States, who was tremendously impressed with everything he saw. [Laughs] Contrary to the American embassy, which had issued warning about this event, he never felt threatened. He simply felt wonderful, walking with Poles who were demonstrating their patriotism. Even when he saw some of the nationalist groups that the foreign media call extremist. 

Later he says:

I think that all members of All-Poland Youth, of National Radical Camp, from Independence March Association, from National Movement, understand that it just so happens, that we carry the burden of organizing the best, the largest patriotic demonstration in Europe.

Before he leaves after the 12 minute mark, Bosak goes over some insider-politics stuff that took place in the lead-up to the march, including the Warsaw mayor’s revocation of nationalists’ permit to march and the legal negotiations that rapidly took place that led to reinstating their permit. He concludes: 

Simply put, the Nationalist community is a community of mature, competent people who know what their aspirations are and are capable of bringing them to realization.