A short comment by MGE that merits its own post:

I hate when weak people are the ones ruling over me. It doesn’t feel natural.

I hate people who make me repeat the lies that legitimize their power over me. It’s humiliating.

I hate the little suck up useful idiots that derive social status not from their own accomplishments, but by thought policing their peers.

I want the truth to come out like a cleansing fire and burn away all the dead wood.

I want to see our anemic, enervated elite torn down and replaced with those with vigor and a will to live by truth.

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  2. Pro comment by MGE

    I went to all-boys dog-eat-dog highschool, and now I work in the trades so I have minimal experience with bugman/soyboy/NPC behavior.

    But right now we’re working on the fire alarm system in a government building and it’s interesting to note how chock-full it is of these kinds of people. The females stare at me when I meet their gaze, which I enjoy. But the males either gaze downwards or make eye contact then break, then make then break over and over (not to say there aren’t a few “alphas”… I’m hesitant to use that term) but I do not enjoy their submission. I’m a pretty broken person and I don’t mind waiting for you in the parking lot should you give me reason, even if it should destroy my “life” (lol what a broken life) and end up with me in prison. I guess the bugmen sense that and simply avoid me, even if I say things which are grossly politically incorrect in a country notorious for its PC-culture.

    I prefer the other contractors and the security guards who meet my gaze and answer with a curt nod. I can shoot the shit with them, even if they’re non-whites. Was just talking to a Tamil guard who was saying how he works part-time as a bouncer and dudes come with the whole “I identify as a woman” BS to get half-price drinks in da kkklub. Lol people in the West are so ridiculous…

  3. And to MGE;

    Do not ever repeat the lies my friend. Do not ever repeat the lies. They cannot MAKE you repeat the lies as of yet, and when the time comes that they can… well there are things more important than a steady income. Or even a steady pulse.

  4. @Each Pond Gone

    Sienkiewicz… what an author. Quo Vadis is my seocnd most favorite book after The Rain God Weeps For Mexico. When I think of the fact that I’ve been exposed to the ideas of giants like him and still ended up as the worm I am… I cannot help but feel ashamed.

  5. Wow, Patriot. It appears RGWFM creator (Passuth?) put one out about the unhinged prince Carlo Gesualdo. I’ll get around to it, if I can ever actually pry myself from his dissonant vocal avalanches themselves!

  6. Shoahed. Pray for the healing power of consp– I mean, K-pop!

    Otherwise, I’ll see you fine people as soon as I can–and mail off a few epistles in praise of Pres. Trump’s reconstruction of Reconstruction in the interregnum. Onward, Christian soldiers!

  7. “If we repay evil with good, then how do we repay the good?”

    With… good? I don’t get what is meant here at all. Good isn’t a zero-sum game.

  8. Amen, Esquire. I was merely implying ‘things’ might already be not quite as dismal as the original post entertainingly implies…

    “The text disappeared under the interpretation!”
    —F.N., Beyond Good and Evil

  9. @ HungarianPatriot I don’t mind waiting for you in the parking lot should you give me reason, even if it should destroy my “life” (lol what a broken life) and end up with me in prison.

    I don’t mean to be a smartass but I think most Eastern European guys have that same kind of no-nonsense hair trigger to punch somebody quick and ask questions later if provoked. [including our resident blog owner 🙂 :-)]

    And that’s even known amongst blacks down South. On many occasions around Atlanta I’ve heard groups of brothers say stuff to the effect that “don’t fuck with a Russian/EE guy unless you are really ready to fight, they don’t mess around”.

  10. And in news totally unrelated to the fall of the “Migrant Chancellor” Angela Merkel ––freiburg–police-arrest-eight-men-after-alleged-rape-.B1ZkMDjenX.html

    The young woman filed a complaint. Six days after the crime, police arrested a 19-year-old Syrian in a refugee camp. According to police, she brought a DNA match on his trail.

    Further investigations eventually led to seven other suspects, six Syrians and one German. The police do not rule out that more people were involved in the crime.

    And by “one German” they mean a Middle Easterner who already got his citizenship papers 5 years ago as he was lucky enough to be in the 1st wave of Merkel’s Minions.

  11. And more great news related to the above:

    500 protesters march through German town after seven Syrian migrants are arrested for gang-rape of 18-year-old student

    Freiburg was already reeling from the rape and murder of 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of an EU official.

    Afghan asylum seeker Hussein Khavari was jailed for life earlier this year after he raped the student who worked as a refugee helper.

    In June this year, local daily ‘Schwarzwalder Bode’ reported that a series of migrant sex attacks have brought fear to the local population of 226,000.

    The newspaper wrote: ‘An unprecedented series of sex offences has shaken the public’s sense of security.’

    The paper was backed up by Freiburg police spokesman Dirk Klose, who said: ‘To my knowledge, we have never had so many offences of this kind before.’

    Photo of chief suspect below:

  12. — Freiburg was already reeling

    I visited Freiburg in ’97. Nice city, lots of young people as there is a university there. There is exactly zero probability that the afro-asian human garbage has any inkling that it’s playing with fire.

  13. Wait, there’s more

    Police: Slain track star paid her killer $1,000 so he wouldn’t post compromising photos

    McCluskey met Rowland on September 2 at a local bar where he was working as a bouncer, and they struck up a relationship, according to the timeline.

    Five weeks later, on October 9, she decided to end the relationship after learning that Rowland was a registered sex offender and his age.

    Around 10:30 a.m. on Monday, McCluskey e-mailed police to report she’d gotten a text from someone claiming to be the deputy chief and requesting she come to the police station.

    “University Police now believe the text came from Rowland with the intent of getting Lauren to leave her dorm room,” the timeline states.

    Rowland spent that afternoon in a residence hall with some of McCluskey’s friends waiting for her, it shows.

    Friends?!!! WT*F?

  14. Make sure you read this part:

    Another question is: Why didn’t University Police assist McCluskey in getting a restraining order?

    “Rowland was threatening Lauren financially and reputationally, but there was no indication to University Police from Lauren that he was threatening her with physical harm,” the university said.,


    “I believe my officers and my entire department work in a very tough environment,” University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy said Thursday.

    Salt Lake City a tough environment? For what, finding someone dumb enough to commit a crime?

    It’s all Mormon and like 3% black.

  15. @Camlost

    Saw this story on DS the other day. I’m not nearly as hostile towards Western women as Anglin (his yellow fever is the main thing I dislike about him) but there’s no point in stressing yourself over this dead whore.

    The main mistake Western (specifically Western white) men make with women is assuming they think ANYTHING like them. They do not think like rational “human” (men) beings. Even a male negro’s thinking patterns are much more akin to yours than that of a woman of ANY race. Many times I have been amazed at the amount of abuse women have willingly and gleefully accepted from me, and how they recoiled when I tried to be “nice”. And it’s not even a race thing; as much as the YKW condition them, they will just as gladly fuck the Hell’s Angels member with the viking beard as the negro crack dealer if they’re not kept on lock. Difference being of course the Hell’s Angels dude is much less likely to kill them lol.

    There is no wheat-field-virgin, there is no Aryan princess. Just a multitude of whores crying out for a strong pimp hand. I know the White Sharia meme is overplayed but yeah… White Sharia NOW. These things are basically just baby factories.

  16. And regarding the EE hair-trigger yeah, it definitely exists. I think it comes from a history of foreign powers trying to dominate us. Whereas the Saxon must begin to hate, the Slav and the Magyar has never stopped hating.

    My personal hair trigger is physical contact, although I suppose an extreme insult like something about my mother would also suffice. Living here in the West, I find it funny how men who get into fights do these little rituals where they talk shit and square up and bump chests. Last guy who tried that with me got sucker-punched to Tokyo then a brutal beatdown. Lol he was so incompetent at fighting like a little lamb. All I remember was laughing like a maniac throughout. Afterwards I told him that if he feels any extreme abdominal pain he should check into the ER, I was a little worried about him internally bleeding.

    That being said I’m a little unhinged even by EE standards.

  17. Melvin was a big guy. 6 foot 3, 270 lbs. Monster jaw and underdeveloped forehead.

    McCluskey’s dad, her people whoever, would have had to act, uh decisively.

    She doesn’t have “people” though.

    It’s a cliche and everyone reading this gets it, but. Everybody’s got “people” except White Westerners. Among American blacks it’s a well known concept: they’re “people”.

    Without people willing to go the mat for you, and specifically to avenge your death, someone is at a tremendous disadvantage in the Game of Life.


    McCluskey’s track events were the high jump and the hurdles. She was probably clearing what, 6 foot 2?

    Anglin in his coverage of this, made a joke post about her being fat. I thought that joke was not funny. She’s not fat. What was the joke? In all seriousness, pleased to be explained.

  18. * Of course I meant to say: their “people” and not: they are people.

    When is last time you have heard a White person (and not counting Greg Johnson) refer to his People?

    Rural Whites in the South and Appalachia probably still have that concept and usage. I can tell you that around here, it’s not in use. Except for those Whites who are in the Underclass and affecting black language mannerisms.

  19. 6’3 and 270lb that is big. However I can assure almost certainly mostly fat. There are VERY few people who weigh 270lb and mostly muscle. In any case, they are at a disadvantage in a fight; they gas very easily. In fact the pure muscle dudes gas even more easily than the fat-muscle dudes.

    The most dangerous fighters I’ve ever faced have been decently-muscled ectomorphs who stood about as tall as me (6’2). Just brutally fast individuals. They threw punches so hard it spun my fucking head, I barely remember their faces and certainly not their names but I clearly remember the pain and the confusion that followed being hit by one of those H-bombs hooks. The most deadly fighter I’ve ever faced was a Chechen.

  20. Also excuse me for the serial posting lately but I will say this; Negroes are weak. Like physically weak. I’ve sparred negroes who looked way more toned/defined/muscular than me; they were quick and agile but I was surprised how easily I manhandled them when it came to clinching. They have a natural talent for boxing but are hopeless at wrestling/grappling, which is what most life/death fights come down to.

  21. — Whereas the Saxon must begin to hate, the Slav and the Magyar has never stopped hating.

    I like that. Will use it.

    — My personal hair trigger is physical contact, although I suppose an extreme insult like something about my mother would also suffice.

    Mine is having someone point a finger at my face inside my personal space.

    — Everybody’s got “people” except White Westerners.

    Police filled that role, until the Democratic Party made it dangerous for a cop’s career to rough-handle a nig. White Westerners have to begin to hate. Before that, remember what happened to Emmett Till. I re-read that post this morning, with the comments. There was a debate in the comments as to whether a beat-down would have been sufficient or was the killing the proper action.

    — Rural Whites in the South and Appalachia probably still have that concept and usage.

    In the western NC county I’ve spent time, the community is the local Baptist church. Those folks are tight. If you aren’t part of that community as a local, your odds of falling into meth addiction very much increase.

    Many parts of the country suffer from the effects of geographic mobility. Job-magnet metropolitan areas are full of people from somewhere else, other areas have seen their people move to other states.


    On the festive side of things, we hosted a Halloween party today – sons’ friends, their parents, several neighbors, fire pit in the front yard. Outdoors the whole time, table full of food and picnic chairs. Feels good, man.

  22. It would be foolish to let this particular phenomenon of “mudsharking gone maniac” get memory-holed not just for its inexplicable-plausibility, but also for its very real potential as “false flag.” The alt-writer inhabits a meta-reality where ALL instances are real. “Mudsharking gone maniac” is both (t)ruths (inexplicable AND plausible) and “false flag” and one must navigate this sphere with all virtual realities in mind. As a true story (both plausible and inexplicable), whites are conditioned. As a “false flag,” whites are profiled.

    The instinctual aim, therefore, is to avoid conditioning (in either the plausibility or inexplicability of any triggering event) and likewise to see the “hair trigger” without effecting its unconscious release (thus providing a profiling point). The intellectual aim is to excoriate the plausibility of the phenomenon by bluntly explaining its genesis (anti-racism).

    In an inexplicably true story like the above. “White father” now openly hates himself (will publicly double-down in his anti-racism) where before this self-hatred was thought to be hidden, but clearly, was inculcated into the daughter. For a father who hates himself will raise children who hate their father and thus hate half of themselves. This is natural law.

  23. “— Freiburg was already reeling”

    Ha, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The gang rape of a student by Syrians has been mentioned above. Now they have arrested an immigrant from Eritrea for multiple rape in and around Freiburg, 3 women plus several goats and sheep. No kidding, they found his DNA in all his victims both human and animal.

    It is getting harder and harder for Merkel’s supporters to argue that open borders are a good thing.

    Still, they (including the mayor of Freiburg) could mobilise some 1300 to 1500 counter-demonstrators last monday in Freiburg. Not much for a green university town like Freiburg, but there are still enough ANTIFA thugs to attack small groups of patriots on their way home after the rally with sticks.

  24. It’s all just theater or monkey dance until the guns come out.

    Until then, I guess I ignore it all. We always have people self-nominating for a Darwin Award or similar:
    1. Ignoring their 6th sense in favor of PC goodfeelz to date an exotic, getting a two-fer (Darwin Award and paying the Eloi Tax)
    2. Producing a mixed-breed kid (whose IQ mean reversion is unlikely higher than mom’s)
    3. Choosing the single/childless life (so their DNA dies with them, self-pruning their branch of Humanity’s Tree)
    4. Getting that “perfect selfie” on a precipice
    5. Or straight-up being in the wrong place at the wrong time with idiocy aforethought.

    Nature used to provide the sharp edges on which people would be culled.
    Now that much of Nature has been tamed, people choose behaviors that fill in. (Maybe that, too, is Nature’s little joke.)
    I’m a fan of substituting out random luck in favor of voluntary stupidity, so who am I to complain?

  25. “the futility of argument.” Ain’t THAT the truth. I don’t need more reasons to restrain myself.

    It’s funny. I used to SELL a major antibiotic (to doctors.) Unlike most of my fellow salespeople, I actually have a science background…and unlike every single other person in that space, I have a degree in microbiology. It made me squirm at times to listen to colleagues talk about how they promoted the use of “our” product. The ignorance of the sales people was only slightly worse than the ignorance of half the doctors. Expedience and profit uber alles.

    Most people misuse them. Most doctors misuse them. And sadly, we all pay the price for that. The harsh news is that resistant pathogens are massively on the rise. The good news is that the main targets of problems with regard to that are people who do stupid things (“ahem” populations that have very high incidence of STD’s, for example) or people who are immunocompromised (which me and mine are not.) Hospital frequent-fliers (who include both hypochondriacs and those too trusting of “their” physician) are going to be in very bad shape. I expect a punishing lesson on returning to good hygiene practices.

    As to independence, thought without guidelines is what got us into this mess. My kids were encouraged to think for themselves, but also knew that ill-considered “thoughts” were subject to belly-laugh ridicule…mostly by illustrating how stupid were some of their peers or other Poster Child examples. Common sense may not be common, but it can be taught (I think.)

  26. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” — Laura Ingalls Wilder

    I know a number of people who take psychiatric medication for Anxiety and Depression.

    1. What really is Anxiety and Depression, and how should these things be treated by the medical community?

    2. Psychiatric Medication. Are these things responsibly doled out? Do the people who prescribe have any real thorough understanding of their effects on the brain and the whole organism being treated?

    3. Why are my acquaintances so entirely trusting of the medical establishment and their tricks?

    It would seem that these people get some CONSIDERABLE relief in their belief that their “meds” are going to help them out in this difficult struggle of Life, and so I am reluctant to grab them by the shoulders and shake them and say that these doctors don’t know what they’re doing that they’re grasping at straws and that you’d be literally better off smoking crack and drinking vodka. (Which in their case means going back to doing that, but that’s another story.)

  27. The comment I was trying to make, is really about these people’s, which these peoples are my 12-step acquaintanceship, magical thinking faith in their meds.

    In re taking meds. Even a cursory review of some of the studies, reveals that most psychiatric meds hardly do any good. Like for instance the summary report on something once recommended to me, in order to diminish “cravings”, was something like 10 per cent of trial subjects reported diminished cravings. So in other words the medication had NO EFFECT on 90 per cent of those who took it.


    It’s a big subject — and “YOU should follow your doctor’s advice” — except maybe not really.

    Half the people who end up with the dependent relations to their meds are such basket cases, that comparisons with them DO NOT EVEN APPLY to those who are higher agency more together type people.

    Except for what’s ironic is that a lot of more regular people think that they can take a pill and solve their problems.

    Anxiety and Depression. Those are the two big bugaboos. It used to be Depression and now it’s Anxiety.

    Yeah of course you’re anxious. You’re not supposed to be living like this.

  28. Well definitely don’t take advice from people on the internet.

    And don’t drink box wine.

    And floss your teeth. This last IS actually good advice, and should be followed. In fact not flossing is the leading cause of bad breath.

  29. Of course though, the internet does have good advice. Like lift weights. Get outside more. Be a man. Have kids if it’s feasible.

    Those are some obv good advices but the trick as always is in the context and particulars.

    I think that people should not drink alcohol but on the other hand, many people enjoy it and it adds to their lives.

    Somewhat relatedly is a problem that’s come up recently in AR podcast communities.

    They’ve become quite literally, crack houses. Or in any case that’s exactly what they sound like what with all the vaping.

  30. Physical exercise is important. When I lift (maintenance regimen, nothing extreme) and do cardio, I’m unstoppable and sharp.

    Until I changed my work location last year, I used to do a vigorous daily 45-minute afternoon bike ride through, as they say on the radio here, our nation’s lovely capital, as part of my commute in lieu of the subway ride. In the muggiest of summers and coldest of winter.

    When I slack off on lifting, it shows.

  31. something like 10 per cent of trial subjects reported diminished cravings. So in other words the medication had NO EFFECT on 90 per cent of those who took it.

    Almost every medication is like this. See: a statistic called Number Need to Treat:

    The number needed to treat (NNT) is an epidemiological measure used in communicating the effectiveness of a health-care intervention, typically a treatment with medication. The NNT is the average number of patients who need to be treated to prevent one additional bad outcome (e.g. the number of patients that need to be treated for one of them to benefit compared with a control in a clinical trial).

    Many of the most commonly-prescribed medications have a NNT that is shocking (see the example in the wiki article of atorvastatin).

    Having said that, I’ve seen antidepressants work very successfully for many, many people, and I actually do not have much sympathy for the anti-psychiatry lobby.

    Well definitely don’t take advice from people on the internet.

    Yes, there is that, lol.

  32. Speaking of sentiments that seem to possess entire generations, but that I just don’t understand: I have been following VD’s criticism of Jordan Peterson with mixed feelings; I’m still not wholly convinced. I agree that in general anyone who gets elevated by the media must not be much of a threat to the Narrative.

    Still, this a pretty good excerpt:

    I told him that young men are therefore faced with a Devil’s choice: if they are ambitious and competent (or even not ambitious or competent) then they will be treated, not least by themselves, as if they are expressing precisely the traits that produced this terrible tyranny, and are no better than the infinite oppressors of the past

    I have never felt this way, or even been tempted to feel this way. I have always been confident in my own abilities and proud (mixed with thankfulness towards the Almighty) of my success, and I have never experienced an iota of this self-loathing or self-criticism over imaginary “privilege”. I don’t understand men who do, but it does seem to have captivated a generation, as the uncanny placidity enraptured the Boomers.

  33. My insurance won’t cover psychiatric care, only a social worker for one half-hour session, limit of 10 sessions per calendar year. I don’t really call that good care.

    This is not to make light of your comment, but wow your insurance sucks.

  34. I have had my own experience with mental health issues. It took a long time to place them in perspective.

    Now I know that the Depression I was suffering from, was not my own isolated individual experience. It’s pretty much entirely in the past, for me, at this point. Not to invoke the cliches but there’s that movie, As Good As It Gets, the point being that the resolution to my own suffering was to figure out how to make the most of the situation as it exists in this here day.

    It’s hard to talk about such issues without coming across as pompous or full of shit or some combination thereof. I am sympathetic to people having mental health problems but on the other hand, the only solution that came to make any sense to me is the old school advice of buck up.

    Yeah life sucks. News at 10. Enjoy yourself. Try to be considerate of others. Other people have problems too.

    The topic actually though, does NOT reduce to those cliches. Those cliches hardly touch the real issues, which are the Questions of why are we anxious and depressed?

  35. — I almost ate a bullet (literally) a few months ago.

    I’m glad you didn’t. One, you are needed and you always will be. Even when your kids are all grown up. Two, I like your comments.

  36. — I almost ate a bullet (literally) a few months ago.

    Don’t do it.

    I don’t mean to be morbid and I hope I’m not overstepping, but if you were asked to make a top 5,000 list of beings who deserve a bullet I doubt you’d put your own name on it.

    This recent action in Pittsburgh is an awakening, folks. I don’t want to say too much, for obvious reasons.

    In a totally unrelated matter, what happened to Ryu? He still around these parts?

  37. “what happened to…”

    I haven’t visited his blog in a while but I hope he’s doing well. His banning was my least enthusiastic because he came across as one of us, a guy looking for answers. Some of his comments were valuable. And some made me uneasy: “hey PA, you are advancing as a WN, and now I want you to go and scope out this crime scene in DC…” … Does my FBI handler think I’m ready for a compliance test?

    He’s someone who is better off talking less, listening more. I give him credit for this: he wants to learn. I relate to that.

  38. I’d insert a line, just before the last sentence:
    “I wish for the times a benovent elite, that had the best interests of my people in mind, as they decided policy on our behalf”

  39. — I almost ate a bullet (literally) a few months ago.

    Can’t find the original poaster of this, but I second third and whatever all those above me have said. Don’t do it. Don’t even think of it again.

    The very fact you’re commenting here means that not only are you a part of an elite few that will end up changing the world, more importantly you’re a brother. I’d welcome you into my home, no questions asked, if you turned up at my gates and said “remember my comment on pa that time?”. Yes, yes I would,

  40. Chancellor Angela Merkel confirms she will not run for a fifth term as German leader

    I hope she gets raped by a pack of sand niggers.

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