Remember The Greaseman?

If you lived in the DC area during the 1980s, I don’t need to tell you who Doug Tracht was, better known as The Greaseman. He was a hugely popular morning DJ on DC-101 (WWDC-FM), a Washington rock station. He took over Howard Stern’s morning slot in 1982. Our middle school bus driver in 1983 and ’84 played the age-inappropriate Greaseman show every morning, to our delight. That he didn’t run off the road laughing is testament to his professionalism.

Here is one of Greaseman’s classics, Daughter’s First Date:

The right stuff

The Greaseman wasn’t a liberal. Though his show was mostly apolitical, he made asides about Bill Clinton during the early 1990s, calling him Adolf Clinton in one of his segments. He was popular with the police and military. Finding out that a local Marine Corps base banned his show over sexism, he made a serious monologue, written here from memory:  “I am ruefully looking at the USMC. Not the Marines themselves, they love me and I love them. I’m shaking my head ruefully [that phrase is almost verbatim right, my memory is good] at the leadership of the Marine Corps and I ask them to let these fine military men listen to my show.”

The Greaseman’s fall

You can read about his “controversies” under the Infogalactic link above. In 1986 on Martin Luther King Day he said on air: “Why don’t we plug four more and get the whole week off?” Then in 1999 when James Byrd killers’ trial was in the news, he played a Lauryn Hill rap song and said, “No wonder people drag them behind trucks.” The proper bounds of on-air humor is a subject for another time. Unfortunately — echoing the previous post about Megyn Kelly’s abject apology over nothing — The Greaseman went on an apology tour like no other. You can read about it on Infogalactic. Very sad.

Greaseman faded into obscurity after he left DC-101 for syndication in 1993. According to a friend of mine who heard the interview, Greaseman reflected on his rise and fall, paraphrased here second-hand: “Things changed in the ’90s. It got more personal, more mean. My style of humor fell out of favor.”

Howard Stern had this to say, also paraphrasing from memory: “Look, I said much worse things. The reason Greaseman was canned is because his ratings sucked.” Unrelated: as far as I can tell, Doug Tracht isn’t Jewish, and neither is Anthony Cumia.

Selections from The Greaseman Show

There are Greaseman clips on YouTube if you are interested. One I listened to for the first time is The Deliverance his Asian version. Back when you could goof on foreign accents because all things Asian were still foreign:

Take off your kimono. Untie? No words please just action. Untie kimono! I beg pardon but I’m not sure what to make of all this. You know, you look just like a panda. Can you bellow like panda?

He was a master of melodramatic sound effects accompanying his monologues. As one example, his Estelle bit is about an on-the-rocks couple that tries partner-swapping to reignite the passion. (The video is fan-made).

And then there were the recurring characters or running gags:

  • West Virginia (all in good fun, such were the ’80s.) Only he could make banjo sounds with his mouth that sounded more real than a banjo.
  • SGT Fury, the ‘Nam vet with flashbacks
  • Ladies man Nino Greasemanelli
  • The Lawman, cracking skulls and much, much more
  • His regular guest John Riggins, the great White running back. If you were a fanatical Redskins fan during the (first) Joe Gibbs era, you’d understand.

Coda and my high school memory

Thank you for the laughs, Greaseman. This short post does your genius no justice.

I’ll leave things with Greaseman’s rendition of Against Her Chin, which he sings to Bob Seger’s Against the Wind. Alas, that piece is not on YouTube. I have it as an MP3, transcribed below. Play the Seger original I helpfully linked and sing along:

It seems like yesterday, but it was long ago
Velma was lovely, she was the queen of my nights
Snarlin’ in the car, with the radio playing low
And the doo-dads that she squeezed
The nodules that she noshed

Gobblin’ like a wildfire out of control
Till there was nothing left to splat
And nothing left to gag…

And I remember what she said to me
How she swore that it would never end
I remember how she held me, oh so tight
I wish I didn’t know now
What I didn’t know then

Against her chin
They were slappin’ against her chin

We were young and strong
And I had doo-dads against her chin

My head lolled side to side
And the courtesy light was on

A cop pulled up and he glanced inside
His eyes bug-wide

When he saw what’s going on
So he got out and dropped-trou
Grinnin’ all the while

That part always reminds me of back in high school. She (a beauty) and I parked late in the evening in my car by the closed gate of a state park. I picked that spot to assure privacy and soon we were undressed. The windows were heavily fogged up. That’s not a metaphor, they really do that when you make out in a car.

A middle-aged cop startles us with a knock on my window. How long he was staring at her breasts before knocking, I have no idea. We cover ourselves and I roll down the window. Cop voice: “Did you see all those No Parking sings? You’re trespassing on state property.” “No sorry officer, I didn’t see them but we’ll leave right now.” He gives me a stern speech of which I remember not one word.

And then just before turning to go he asks my date: “Ma’am, are you here because you want to?” Those were late 1980s. Date rape hysteria was just coming into its own. She earnestly nodded her head, clutching some fabric up to her neck: “Yes!”

We found a different parking spot, behind an elementary school. As the temperatures rose again, she said with a devilish gleam in her eye, “What if I had said ‘No’ to that policeman?”

He said “Son, when you get done
You can just leave her here

The midnight watch can be lonely and cold”
I said “Officer, you’ll find it so sublime 
There ain’t no chrome on my trailer hitch”
And soon I felt that bubblin’ tide 
There in the front seat I began to twitch


Spoken during the instrumental: “One of my more tender songs. And now my left hand, and left hand only, I play the piano. Yeah, you probably think back a long time ago to the drive-in that’s no longer there. To the lovers lane that’s been paved over for condos.” Sotto voce: “And you remember.” 

“Happy as you are, you wonder what happended to the pffftfffh-receptacles of yesteryear. You hope that they found the joy that you found. You shake your head and you wonder, God, how did we get away with that stuff!”

47 thoughts on “Remember The Greaseman?

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  2. as far as I can tell, Doug Tracht isn’t Jewish, and neither is Anthony Cumia

    The face in the youtube still is a classic German phenotype. And then with the sun bleached hair. The 80s are calling, they want their high school yearbook back …

    My hs memories aren’t all as glorious as PA’s.

  3. I ranked highly in high school though, courtesy of my peer group, which it turns out were the best people. God bless them.

    Sorry to dream post but just four hours ago I was tormented in a dream about my math SAT’s which in the dream had fallen into the 500’s.

    It’s a great regret of my life that I did not achieve the perfect pre-renormed math score but I was out partying past midnight the night before, drinking and smoking hash. What a fuckup. Dropping the ball in the big game but at least no one was there to witness it. Unlike the episodes of ED.

  4. Regarding ‘parking’.

    These days, that’s ill-advised to do because it’s totally not safe. Certainly the hs kids don’t ‘park’ anymore like they used to.

    That was the actually the ritual, was to do it in the car. Such protocols of behavior to ease the passages into adulthood.

    How do you go about making a girl?

    Well there used to be a protocol that involved a car and an out-of-the-way parking lot.

    Now it’s something else. The kids are having less sex because they are generally not as strong and virile and hormone-infused as they used to be. That’s what some redzone information dispensaries are maintaining, and it seems likely. However the less sex that they are having, is also infused with less meaning and commitment.

    Either way it’s a bit prurient to take a clinical interest in the sex habits of teenagers. How much are they doing it anywaze? Would this make for a good Next Door post do you think?

    The original point re parking. Talk about spooky American. Pick out a likely parking lot and go there and hang out by yourself in your car after dark and report back on the mood and what it’s like to be there.

    There would certainly be some parking lot intersection with homosex pick-up zones, but this isn’t about that.

  5. Once marriages go cold in the bedroom, that’s a problem. (so I hear)

    Sex out-of-doors is generally against the law. It would be against the law to do sex in the backyard of most suburban lots in this municipality.

    There is probably an exception for lots that can maintain enough distance from the lot lines that there is plausible deniability. What? No! that was NOT the two-backed beast you thought you saw; how dare! absolutely dare you simply

    The case law re outdoor sex is probably the one chapter of law school coursework that is not a 100 per cent boring.

    In all seriousness, I would be very offended to see two people having sex in a public place even in their car. To use the cliche, it’s totally inappropriate.

    I saw two White “suboids” going at it down by the River in Saint Paul. This was a while ago. Come to think of it, what was I doing, down by the River? the implication being, nothing good.

    * Suboids is a good new word from Frank Herbert, except that it’s not Frank Herbert it is from his son’s extended Dune additional series, some of which were readable and entertaining. It means the less evolved lower classes, with face features not quite human.

    Mystery meat (or even white but) run by NPC program = one suboid

  6. He is before my time. Someone like DeLillo should have based some longer work on a comedy figure that drifts out of public favor such as Greaseman. I’d guess he’s a bit too old to attempt it now.

    I’ve always wanted to hear a chap with clear-cut radio voice try to mediate or take part in a serious brawl. I’d fall down laughing.

  7. In 1986 on Martin Luther King Day he said on air: “Why don’t we plug four more and get the whole week off?”

    That’s a five-star joke there. We’ll be out of this mess when it comes back into use.

  8. A few nights back my dad decided to park out all night in front of his doctor’s office for an early morning appointment.

    He had told me a couple of nights prior that he was going to do this, but I thought he was joking.

    After the fact, he’s admitted he has insomnia and drives around all night, but I was unaware of this, so that evening before his Dr.’s appointment I kept calling his house. I had some of his church people swing by and his car wasn’t at home. Then I started to panic. I called security where he was headed. They had made rounds shortly before and said no one was there. I began to think he must’ve had a wreck somewhere. Where the hell could he be?

    But I called security later and spoke to someone else and gave them contact info. A little bit later, in the 11pm hour, they call back and say that my dad is indeed parked out front of the clinic. “He seems a bit confused.” Well, I don’t THINK he’s senile, but– you know, he doesn’t know his limitations anymore. 30 degrees out, and he has pneumonia. Even if he’s packing industrial camping blankets in his car, how’s he supposed to breathe that air all night? “I can’t breathe!” is all he has to say about his condition any more, though of course it’s the kind of complaint in the kind of tone that underlines the non-literal quality of the claim.

    They also explain–which I still find curious–that they can’t legally make him leave. Huh? Isn’t that some sort of loitering on private property? But they were really nice and helpful. I told them they were welcome to try and convince him to head back home, or offer to take him to the ER (I figured his doctor would order him in to the hospital the next day anyway, but it turns out that didn’t happen either), but I’d head out down there anyway.

    I got there about 1:00am and he’s sitting in the lobby of the ER, watching television. The place is otherwise almost deserted. He didn’t directly accuse me of interfering, but I knew from my mom (they had called her too) that they had offered to him “to call his son.”

    “I told you two nights ago, I was gonna come over here about midnight and wait for that doctor’s office to open!.”

    “I know.”

    He’s quiet for a long time, and I reflect on how freaking hungry and tired I am. How can he stand to just sit here till 8am? His eyes look saucer and glazed. Does he mentally stay in here, or does he zonk out? When does he eat, if ever, and what anymore? I contemplate the surroundings. I can’t readily contemplate curling up on two seats and trying to sleep here, but I need to do something. Anyway, he gets ornery at me, so I just sit in silence for a while while he drifts back off mentally wherever, walk around and look out the windows, check out the quiet emptiness of the place, the triage nurse’s station ten steps away from him, and finally mouse out and drive another hour to my mom’s house, where she’ll finally let me go to bed after 3am.

    I have to underline that he’s always been infamous for showing up something like 2 hours in advance of ANY appointment. It’s part of his OCD, so incongruous with him but perfectly apt in me. In hindsight, and understanding the insomnia he complains about, I can follow the Gordian Knot logic of his deciding just to park out there in the middle of the night. Otherwise maybe he stays up all night and conks out at 6am, far too exhausted to make it out there.

    I regret that news of this spread far and wide, already out of control while the manhunt was going on. My churchlady reconnaissance finally declared him mentally unfit, with a finality which somewhat offended me–though until I found him, and perhaps for a while thereafter, I was finally ready to accept it myself. It’s a rather crazy thing to do, but he’s ALWAYS been THAT kind of crazy.

    So that’s the old man’s knock-on-his-window parked car story du jour.

  9. I didn’t grow up with his influence, but damn near everyone at the college I went to had. I can attest he had a positive, masculine impact on his fans. Every time someone wouldn’t want to do something risky or manly, he was derided as a “sailor,” as opposed to a masculine powerboater.
    One guy had recordings of him and the only one I remembered was his Gay Clint Eastwood (called Clinton by his lover). It was pretty good.

  10. That’s a tough deal Lucius.

    Extended old age is a mixed blessing.


    Never would have guessed that Tracht’s voice sounded anything like it does in the clip. His voice and the personalities he does are all over the place. A bit on the manic side for my taste, but clearly he had much imagination and creative juice.

    Going just by his picture I was dead-on re his German background, but not that it was hard to guess with the name and Chakrates’ previous comment. Wiki:

    Tracht was born and grew up in the South Bronx (New York City) with his younger sister, Diana, and parents, Alfred and Gertrude Tracht. His father was a native New Yorker who sold dental supplies; his mother was a Lutheran immigrant from Germany who stayed home to raise her two children until they were in high school, then became a noted educator.

  11. I won’t post the entire wiki but this is interesting:

    The Greaseman pseudonym originated while he was in college. “In those days of top 40, everybody who was on the radio was ‘cookin’; cookin’ with the Temptations, cookin’ Four Tops, that kind of thing. Which meant they were really rockin’. One day I said I was cookin’ with heavy grease. It was my way of saying I was out-cookin’ the other guys. I said it enough times, so one day one of the other deejays referred to me as the Greaseman.”[2] His radio name had been Dougie T, but when he became the Greaseman, a different personality surfaced. His voice deepened and he projected the image of a middle-aged tattooed truck driver with a beer belly and a cigar.[5] In reality, Tracht was 6 foot 2 and 220 pounds. He used the radio as an alter ego; a guy with a swaggering bravado.[2] At WENE, he was asked to do remote broadcasts from a sponsor’s business and listeners were disappointed to see that he looked like a wimp.[6] In later years, Tracht took up bodybuilding to improve his physique.

  12. — I know you’ve all seen and drooled over women in tracht and dirndl. (Chakrates)

    Coincidentally sort of, I had a post I started yesterday that I’ll probably not finish. It’s a meme from Gab with two try-hard selfie thots and the caption “What girls think men want” in one panel — and two lovely lasses in traditional dresses that are probably German and the caption “What men want.”

    I’d guess he’s a bit too old to attempt it now. (Each Pond Gone)

    Tom Wolfe’s “I Am Charlotte Simmons” was first rate despite his age. I didn’t read “Back to Blood” that he wrote several years later, as I recall after a heart surgery and a bout with depression. I cant judge its quality directly, but it hasnt made the impression on the Literate Wing of the AltRight that “C. Simmons” did. As I recall from Steve Sailer’s analysis and plot summary, it ends with the Hispanic protagonist marrying a Haitian woman. What was Wolfe saying there?

    BTW, between the effects of heart surgery and depression, I’d pin the latter, absent additional knowledge, on a writer’s underperformance. It’s said that alcoholism and depression haunt great writers. But writing takes, above all, energy. They presumably do their work during periods of clearheaded all-cylinders states of mind, not while depressed.

    Lucius: I salute you, Sir. You’re a good man. All the best to you and your dad.

    — Every time someone wouldn’t want to do something risky or manly, he was derided as a “sailor,” as opposed to a masculine powerboater. (DN Poolside)

    Thanks, I completely forgot about that. That, of course is very much a Maryland / Chesapeake Bay thing to say. Boating is huge here. (And crab feasts). Greaseman spent his summer weekends on the water.

    — I can attest he had a positive, masculine impact on his fans. 

    That’s a good point to make. Ballsy, no-PC male humor goes hand in hand with freedom. As Elk frequently puts it, some groups are on the move and their walk & talk shows it. Others are beaten down and carry themselves accordingly.

    How much of the Trump Cultural Revolution is the Eighties coming back with bloody vengeance, grabbing us by the shoulders and shaking us back into life.

    — Going just by his picture I was dead-on re his German background … Tracht took up bodybuilding to improve his physique. (Elk)

    You get a good look at him in the linked LAWMAN skit. He plays a cop.

    — That’s a five-star joke there. We’ll be out of this mess when it comes back into use.

    You nailed it.

  13. “Anyone recognize the music that starts playing at 0:47 in “Daughter’s First Date”? It sounds like a film score.” (PA)

    I tried to Shazam it and it didn’t work. But off the top of my head it reminds me of the Two Girls One Cup song!

    PS – The Art Basel scene in “Back to Blood” was pure, classic Wolfe. A flawed novel overall, but still worth consideration…

  14. I don’t recognize it. It’s no John Williams, that’s for sure.

    That’s a status signal-ey joke. John Williams is the goy genius who scored the jew movie blockbusters from that era such as [you name it].

    His specialty was The Rousing Theme like in Indiana Jones. He actually tried to trademarke that score title but the jews wouldn’t let him keep it so instead it is called Raiders Theme.

    He could actually make blah blah White men want to get out of their seats and go on an Adventure; after the movie.

    He was from Maine and his looks are uber White American Yankee. What a jerk.

  15. Raiders of the Lost Arc. Is that movie worth rewatching?

    Harrison Ford was the perfect jew virus weapon. The unusual mischling jew who can work in the trades and pass as a swashbuckler.

    At the time of the movie, him being a quarter-jew was just not a factor in anyone’s consideration. It didn’t mean anything.

    And now, how does one summarily explain, what it meant?

    The jews: those subversive jews, getting us to think well of them all the while.

    Look at the good looking jew on the screen!

    Jesus Christ. Jeff Goldblum in that movie with Charles Bronson. Talk about a study in contrasts. Both those men are mostly White and partly Asiatic. And both are representative of what their ethnic group would pick out to display on a poster as a good-looking specimen. And that’s where the similarities ends and the differences begins!

    If you image search Goldblum, in his early days he was considered by the jew producers as a likely sex symbol. There are all sorts of pictures of him with his shirt off doing the jew impression of a sexy goy. Remember that other film, Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Adam Sandler played the same part in that joke, as their version of a sexy guido jew.

    Bronson on the other hand was a great athlete, the scion of conquering Central Asian cowboys. He apparently had a 40+ vertical jump and bone crushing grip strength.

  16. I was doing a John Williams retrospective and wanted to ask him what it was like scoring all those movies for the jews.

    Him being of his generation and a part of it all — “it all” meaning the cultural wave that was those movies. What is his perspective on it; does he have any (perspective)?

    In order for his brilliance to be broadcast to the masses, he had to work in that medium and for the jews.

    Oh these times
    Oh these times that we’re living in

  17. Raiders of the Lost Arc. Is that movie worth rewatching??

    That original core story was written by the not-Jewish George Lucas of course, who also envisioned the “old style serial” presentation of the movie. In fact, George envisioned much of what we now consider “modern” in movie presentation – from lighting to sound to him being the first Director to understand the power of a soundtrack commissioned specifically to match a movie.

    Of course, George did go on to later marry a black woman, adopt 3rd world kids and create “Red Tails” later.

  18. Williams, like most Hollywood “composers”, is a relentless plagiarizer of the classics. Mahler’s “gift to the German nation,” the Symphony No. 8, provides his central motif for the Hollyhoax (in Mahler, part of his setting of the “Veni, Creator Spiritus” hymn). Korngold and R. Strauss were other key providers of thematic fodder. In the movie business, it’s easier than cribbing Plutarch for your Elizabethan drama. The gorgeous orchestral score in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “The Bear”, credited to Philippe Sarde, is a note-for-note transcription of a Tchaikovsky piano piece (and even the orchestration is credited to someone else). Shameless! Though rapturous in the film.

  19. Meanwhile, Gab has had connection problems this evening and now Andrew Torba (founder/CEO) just posted:

    Gab’s new hosting provider, has just pulled our hosting service. They have given us until 9am on Monday to find a solution. Gab will likely be down for weeks because of this. Working on solutions. We will never give up on defending free speech for all people.

    They hate us and they are terrified of our free association, thought and speech.

  20. If the Classics are the best — then Williams is damned if he does imitate them; and damned if he doesn’t.

    If it’s simply a matter of not attributing credit where might be appropriate? Big meh on that. That’s not practical in music and everyone knows it.

    Williams worked from and adapted the best music that he knew, to what people wanted to hear and to what worked in those films.

    What was he to do, other than that then?

    Is the point that Williams wasn’t an original and therefore not a genius nor even brilliant?

    Perhaps not a genius; but certainly brilliant.

  21. Out of those two crappy Star Wars “movies” they just created (TFA and TLJ) was there any memorable music?

    I will smack the shit out of JJ Abrams for ruining Star Wars in the unlikely even I ever catch his bitch ass on the street.

    BTW – Rogue One was an instant classic.

  22. — Perhaps not a genius; but certainly brilliant.

    Other film score writers, same consideration:

    Zbigniew Preisner (wrote scores for Kieslowski’s films)

    Francis Lai (French composer, wrote scores for softcore artistic films like “Bilitis,” also “Love Story” and others).

    Also mentioned earlier, Twin Peaks soundtrack.

    The two big ones from Preisner: “Song for the unification of Europe” from Bleu, whose ambition by my fancy is no less that Beethoven’s ‘Ode an die Freude.’ Next for me, would be the music to Decalogue V – Thou Shalt Not Kill. (Each of the ten installments of Decalogue had its own music; “Thou shalt not kill” hits the hardest though).

    “Song for the Unification of Europe” with subtitles for the Greek vocals:

  23. –Now now, elk, you yourself implied Williams should feel ashamed. His scores were “fun”–but he (along with many others) stole A LOT.

    Preisner’s “The Secret Garden” score is very beautiful.

    Meanwhile, as the “synagogue shooter” has been identified as “a heavy Gab user” (hence no doubt the attacks on Gab), the (((shooting))) coverage opens with this curious assertion: “Tonight we’re uncertain whether the bodies of those who were killed remain inside . . .”

    IOW: If you didn’t see any bodies coming out, that’s because they’re still inside; and if you’re waiting to see the bodies come out, we already removed them . . . .

    “We’re under fire. We’re under fire” lolzolzlzlz sounds pretty intense!

  24. Same deal for Nino Rita, who Fellini made extensive use of. His sound is where comedy and mysticism hold a soirée, only to plunge deeper and deeper into a pulpy, citrus intoxication that they experience both directly and eerily secondhand.

  25. What do Robert Bowers and a mohel have in common?

    “Screw the optics I’m going in”


    Maybe at least the little jew will get to keep his dick intact?

    Or is that too much to ask?

    As the Daily Stormer has observed, (((they))) switched from calling it what it was which is a Bris Milah, over to a “naming ceremony”.

    If some good can come of this — it won’t — at least it could be framed as an angry God stepping in for a helpless little kid.

    Death to all those who whimper and cry

  26. Yeah I sort of just came up with that joke just now. Except not really.

    Someone at Morgoth’s Review put up a picture of a mohel doing his thing, with that same quote.

    “Screw the optics I’m going in”

    That doesn’t sound real. It sounds scripted. Someone with Bowers’ looks talking like that? come on

    The whole news cycle is moving too fast. No one cares anymore.

    I went out last night to a Halloween thing, and no one said word one about Pittsburgh and the dead jews.

  27. John Williams. At least he’s not Ed Sheeran.

    Morgoth has a short vid up on his thoughts about contemporary pop music and specifically Ed Sheeran.

    “Ed Sheeran is the spirit of the age which is soulless conformity.

    But the trick to pulling off situating yourself at the heart of the cultural Overton window is that you have to fake authenticity. It’s art by numbers but the masses have to think it’s genuine without existential angst that somebody like Nirvana would provide.”

    Apparently Sheeran is the biggest pop music star in Old Blighty.

    I didn’t recognize Sheeran’s name but his songs, or rather “his” “songs”, are all too familiar.

    The one comment I would add re Sheeran is that you can’t fake your voice. Just like your ugly sap poor face, your voice is an inescapable REVEAL. And Sheeran’s sounds like a whiner.

  28. For those of you in Rhio Rinelander, Morgoth’s Review linked above is the hotspot for Dissident Right blog comment discussion. For better and or worse it’s disqus.

  29. One more anxiety post; and then it’s off into the mean old world for another day of subjugation and abuse.

    The Dissident Right euphemism about “Rabbis sucking baby jew dick” has got to go.

    It’s weak sauce and weak willed and it’s a euphemism.

    I woulda let a million rabbis suck my duck every day until death RATHER THAN one over-esteemed Nordic Doctor Goy extended phenotype special — RATHER THAN just one of him, abridging the damn thing!

    And the point here is, that that is how the topic is generally broached, within the Dissident Right itself!

    Weak sauce and euphemistic.

    For instance here is a comment from Morgoth’s Review:

    What a degenerate, primitive “custom”, sucking the blood from the child’s circumcised dick wound.

    And to think it’s these same people who lord it over our traitorous politicians through their money power, that are busy destroying every White country on the planet.

    Get wise and call things by their proper names. Genital diminishment is accurate.

  30. Forgot the blockquote tag:

    What a degenerate, primitive “custom”, sucking the blood from the child’s circumcised dick wound.

    And to think it’s these same people who lord it over our traitorous politicians through their money power, that are busy destroying every White country on the planet.

    Get wise and call things by their proper names. Genital diminishment is accurate.


    And but forthwith, to end today’s anxiety posting series on a positive note.

    Pleased be to be noting, young goys, any sensitive souls who would like to leave this planet as he came in, with something at least resembling a fully evolved set — pleased to be noting that Restoration is a results orientated achievement if however be it incrementally experienced.

    Start today. Go to Walmart and ask for some “penis tape”. If it’s the same one that I go to, they will know exactly what you’re talking about.

  31. Dr. Charlton would say “things are coming to a point.” Raw politics doesn’t even bother with the pretense of attaining a higher consciousness. To be blunt, *you* got your dick cut off by the enemy. The enemy won. Yet, *you* were just a defenselss baby in the “care” of your mother and her doctor. So there was defeat and conditioning all at your beginning. Is there redemption? Can one peel all the way back to that first instance of self-annihilation and defeat and at the very least pass judgement and force accountability?

    To be jew-wed is to be conditioned to perpetual self-annihilation, ie., to be a parasite.

    It starts, materially, at the dick chopping ceremony.

    And it harbingers, psychologically, as the (white) female’s “might makes right” killer-take-all primitivism.

  32. That’s a fair description, to my reading, TD.

    As far as redemption … wtf knows.

    It’s a lot to ask to go through the hassle of this life, without even the prerogative of a whole complete body; and furthermore a society that refuses to acknowledge the grief and the pain of it.

    I am obsessed with the topic but try not to bore the audience.

    On the CH front. Yet another holler-up between Matt King and Captain Obvious.

    Matt King is the resident Bishop over there, but he explicitly came out in favor of genital diminishment for White American goys. To be fair and accurate, his stated position on the relevant CH thread [with “Bioshock” in its title as I recall] was that “circumcision” was a “tradition”, of ours and as such, he advised circumspection about calling it into question.

    That’s my recollection and is subject to re-evaluation. Furthermore who cares but;

    How anyone can take someone seriously, who is unwilling to draw a line and advocate for the bodily integrity of newborn babies — is beyond this humble character. Utterly. If someone doesn’t know right from wrong, may they be please go live in another society and forever more keep themselves removed from the children of this one.

  33. I enjoy commenting here but his whole internet experience is in a state of flux, owing largely to the jews about to shut it down.

    Incredibly they are managing to do it.

    Gab being the latest example, but youtube and google being better examples. Youtube to literally 99.9 per cent shit.

    My last comment at CH, was a spontaneous joke in response to Captain Obvious’ listing of the quote unquote deceased Pittsburgh jews. Their average age is like 75.

    Yeah granted the attendance at Synagogue a Bris Milah will slant not-young; but avg 75? no way in hell.

    My comment was that it’s a safe bet they all had their life insurance policies paid up.

    Original red pill was 9/11 and the lies surrounding it, and the conspiracy angle. I since fell off the conspiracy bandwagon because it seemed unnecessary and contentious and “divisive” meaning divisive of sympathetic Whites.

    Now things seem to be coming more full circle.

    Pittsburgh is bullshit. Show me those bullet ridden bodies and how about an explanation from the shooter on how he managed not to kill anyone younger than that.

  34. I might recommend Renegade Broadcasting as something more homespun than the official Alt Right content,

    The two hosts Sinead and Kyle are a married couple. Sinead has “talent for the mic,” as they say in the business.

    They might be criticized as being kooky or whatever; I do disagree (with their seeming position) that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy; my view on it is more that the System is naturally aligned and evolving into something that is hostile to human dignity, due mainly to the inherent advantages of Scale, and other factors more difficult to grasp.

    Re their program specifically though; I would call attention to their criticism of the “Alt-right” which they call the Alt Kike.

    They make the case that it’s controlled opposition, for the most part.

    To some degree they are certainly right. Richard Spencer being the obv if cliched example.

  35. I soured on Matt when he defended the medical procedure on grounds of “tradition.” Then as I recall he tossed in that Chesterton quip about not tearing down fences before you find out what they’re fencing off. Nice touch! Then maybe a week or two later he and I exchanged direct fire over his typically grandiluquent statement that Westerners from pozzed places ought to start a mass exodus to small, linguistically and culturally insular countries in east-central Europe. To my recollection, that was the gist of it. And the way he ecstatically framed it was something about White brotherhood but to me it read like the spirituality of the locust.

    [“Grandiloquence is a type of talk that is pompous and bombastic, full of pretty-sounding words and elegant turns of phrase that add up to nothing.”]

    I replied line by line, blowing up just about every every single sentence in his comment. In response he doubled-down, inadvertently showing a flash of wolf’s fang under those locks of sheep’s wool.

    Under that thread or another in that time frame, I called him out with the famed verse from Corinthians, “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

    I wont go as far as to say that Matt King is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That “fang” metaphor stands, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. We all have things we need to work thru. But I don’t trust him. The persistent impression I’ve had of him for a while: a star law school student who draws a side to defend in a debate, and defending that randomly-drawn issue masterfully.

    On the positives, insofar as personalities at CH go: I jokingly asked, “what’s more lively: PA vs Whorefinder 2014 or Greg Eliot vs Carlos Danger 2018?”

    As Greg and Carlos go, each brings important and positive conviction and defends it doggedly. From my perspective, they are very complementary on the internally divisive matters.

  36. “First Date” was hilarious. Brings back a lot of memories. Was it Greaseman who used to always say “and then I proceeded to drop trou,” for taking his pants off? Good times. Of course, if you re-did “First Date” today the football player would be D’Shantavious and not Brad. So declines our age.

    On the Synagogue shooter, I will only point out what WON’T happen as a result of that. And that is, Jews are not going to ask themselves, “Could this POSSIBLY, even in some small way, be related to our own behavior?” Nope. Even though he specifically called out Jews helping to bring in yet more immigrants (true). They will never gaze inward. It’s always just random hatred for no reason at all. Over and over again. Across centuries. Ummm hmmm.

    The NY Post has gone totally overboard on this, with a sob story or three for every person killed. It’s absurd.

    What’s interesting, and probably worrisome for the Powers That Be, is that the guy didn’t off himself. So now he has to go to trial. What’s he going to say? Does he have his story together enough to really lay down some truth at this trial? I expect he will get Jack Ruby’d long before his trial starts.

  37. Somebody should inform Matt King that a “tradition” of self-annihilation must ultimately die. And thank God for white man this memes not cutting off part of your son’s penis.

  38. There was that book: A Bright Shining Lie, about Vietnam, which title will be familiar to US college-educated once-were-liberal and fools.

    Which book they then made into a movie with Mel Gibson and the handlebar mustache cowboy guy as the sergeant.

    Another movie about Viet Nam: but this one promises to tell the truth, man, the truth!

    That’s another aspect of the 80s I guess. Viet Nam was not just another country is Asia where you could go for cheap sex.

    That book is an example of how our culture back then still had a guiding light at its center somehow. There was this book and educated people were at least supposed to know about it and failing it could still see the movie. And what’s more the book was non-fiction and recent history on a serious topic.

    I never read it.And to this day wouldn’t presume to speak on Viet Nam and what it was about.

    We were fighting them, the Communists over there, so that we wouldn’t have to fight them over here? Too bad instead we couldn’t just intern all the Flips. Woulda saved us a lot of trouble. On the other hand we might be in short supply of patsies!

  39. How is the cheap sex in Viet Nam these days?

    What are the hidden costs?

    Half the Gen X Commentariat on the Dissident Right seems to be based in Asia, or at least to have spent considerable time there. Banging hookers.


    The golden days of cheap Asian pussy has got to be in the past. The locals must have some awfully hard feelings about it. Probably get you killed in the Philippines.

    It’s a different world now. That show that may still be up on netflix called Locked Up Abroad, puts paid to any fantasies one might have gotten from Miami Vice about drug smuggling being a good idea.

    Back in the 80s it’s hard to believe, but it probably was a good idea.

    You have to have a certain skillset. You have to be more like Mark Wahlberg. Very handy with welding torches and your fists. And quick witted to see the angles. And high T and masculine lifeforce energy status: deployed enough to be confident with other high T gangers like the Rock who it turns out has a heart of gold.

    Mark Wahlberg was well cast in that role, in many movies. The movies themselves usually suck but that’s the world we live in.

  40. They hate us and they are terrified of our free association, thought and speech.

    They are also afraid of the truth. Society is held together by lies that the rulers tell their subjects. When their lies are exposed, their legitimacy to rule over us is threatened. Every society has a mechanism to propagandize their populace into accepting the status quo. We broke their lie machine and they are angry.

  41. Some random thoughts after too many cups of coffee.

    I hate when weak people are the ones ruling over me. It doesn’t feel natural.
    I hate people who make me repeat the lies that legitimize their power over me. It’s humiliating.

    I hate the little suck up useful idiots that derive social status not from their own accomplishments, but by thought policing their peers.

    I want the truth to come out like a cleansing fire and burn away all the dead wood.

    I want to see our anemic, enervated elite torn down and replaced with those with vigor and a will to live by truth.

  42. @PA (and others) regarding “King” at Chateau.

    The dude is an oblivious shill do not trust him. Reading Heartiste today my blood boiled over at his comments and I tried to reply but it vain. It seems I’m perma-banned at that site or something. I’ve tried multiple aliases and emails but to no avail. He is a pro-Zionist bag of excrement and if I ever catch him in my beautiful country I will leave him bleeding in the moonlight, I’ve told him as much before.

    That being said, the quality of Heartiste’s posts has gone steeply downhill of late, today’s post giving credit to the OBVIOUS shill “Rebbe” is exemplary of this. I used to trust Heartiste fully but now I’m beginning to question even him. I’m posting this here because you’re a commenter I’ve always respected (even though I disagree on some things) and I wanted to reach out to some of my old Internet “pals”

    If you ever get the chance, tell Greg and CO to keep calm; would be shame to lose guys like them to a stroke. And remind King to never come to Hungary or else 😉

  43. HungarianPatriot, glad you’re around. I’m also perma-shoa’d at CH. It’s some WordPress mischief, he said that he hadn’t changed anything in his settings. I trust Heartiste 100%. I “get” his temperament and thinking style, can relate to it.

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