Making A Feminist Cry

It’s from 2013. Brazil’s current presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is accosted by a hostile female journalist. He tells her: “A few days ago you called me a rapist, in the Green Room. And I said I wouldn’t rape you because you’re not worthy of it.”

There are two kinds of women. Arrange your life so that it includes solely ones who never bait men into violence and thus you are never put into a position of having to clean up their mess.

She escalates. Bolsonaro effectively calls her ugly and sticks his finger in her face. She says that she’d slap him and enters his personal space. He fires back: “Slap me and I will slap you.” He pushes her back and calls her a slut. She melts down at this point, repeating the same phrase something like twenty times in a row.

As goes the saying: when the cat’s away, the mice come out and play. Liberal politics have devolved into post-Obama absurdities which I wouldn’t call “Hard Left.” Hard Left was Lenin and Che Guevara. What today is manifested as the hard edge of Leftism — pronoun etiquette, Antifa, anti-racism, transgender consciousness, and belligerent feminism — is certainly financed by the same actors who funded Lenin, it destroys innocent lives (which liberals high-five each other over), and it most definitely has the potential to develop into a hard political force. But it’s not there now. It’s larval stage of Left wing revolution: poking harder at traditional White societies because we looked weak when they poked softly. Much of this apparent weakness is our side’s refusal to engage — the cat ignoring the mice, which therefore get bolder and nastier.

Decades of Republican cuckservatism relied on such a misguided magnanimity. Go along with the MLK myth, nominate Bob Dole, give blacks what they demand, suffer the feminists, decline to articulate the collective interest of Whites as such. The result was the two Obama terms. Everything changed when Donald Trump batted the mouse with “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

The feminist is fearless, she juts her chin onto male zone of aggression and publicly challenges Bolsonaro’s honor because she expects impunity. Doing so, she forfeit the protection of chivalry beyond the prohibition on full-power strikes.


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  1. “Hard Left was Lenin and Che Guevara.”

    The real ‘left of left’ today tends to reject that designation altogether, instead adopting various strands of anarchism. The proto-feminists of the 18th/19th centuries e.g. Mary Wollstonecraft didn’t really espouse tyrannical equalism, and would probably side with Bolsonaro in the clip. Manners have apparently gone the way of the typewriter, with screen-savages now denouncing one another without any shame, filter or misgiving. You can bet pussy-hat parades in Guevara’s hometown would coax that latin rider hard right.

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  3. Please forgive me for stating the obvious, but he is out of her league. Sexually, she is overreaching.

  4. I have to add more. She is in shock that he does not find her attractive. Hypergamy is a two edged sword.

  5. It’s Brazil, she was White and tall. Probably reasonably attractive in her younger days.

    Her looks to me are Sara Plain and Tall to a dictionary entry.

    This footage apparently is not new.

  6. In the 90’s there was this hysterical moral panic about “violence against women” almost as bad as it is now. It wasn’t about “rape”, it was about “domestic violence”. But it was totally out of control. This is the context of the yenta’s loss of composure over getting pushed.

    Nowadays, those of us who have seen the suppressed evidence and are aware of all the unpublished research now know that women really do initiate it half the time, and knowingly and deliberately bring it on themselves much of the time they don’t. I never bought the idea of the “cruel wifebeater” epidemic, is was just too ridiculous. But it blew my mind how all the sheeple around me did.

    In grade 7 i remember two girls coming up to me on the playground and surrounding me from both sides, trying to get in a kick at my nutsack from opposite directions. They kept on trying over and over again, kicking me in the stomach and legs as I protected my groin, unable to do anything to stand up to them. A crowd of about 8 or 10 boys (and a couple more girls) gathered around this spectacle with their eyes alight, waiting in anticipation for the moment I might defend myself so they could all jump me at once and beat the piss out of me, then tell the teachers I hit a girl. This humiliation lasted about 3 or 4 minutes until I was saved by the recess bell. I never fought back, and was a laughing stock at that school from then on.

    Years later I knew multiple girls who deliberately hit drunk guys from behind at parties and cried to get the shit kicked out of the poor bloke when they got swatted or thrown off. There was this one cunt who liked to go around attacking pregnant women and trying to punch them in the stomach, and then go around bragging about how she got their men beaten up for trying to protect them. Multiple times.

    It’s equally as frustrating as being pro-White. How are men supposed to stand up for themselves when 98% of us are traitors collaborating with our oppressors for favor?

    Brazil is Brazil. But how would a man in our countries be able to defend herself against this slut?
    What could we do in the in 2018 against something like this?

    Just powerlessly accept being called a rapist and not even be able to say anything bad about your accuser, presumably. Even if you’re a supreme court nominee with a flawless track record.
    And come up with some bullshit about how she must have been raped but is confused about who it was, lest the mob turn on you if you insinuate she is a liar.

    I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about how some man who gets destroyed by a termagant somehow brought it on himself because he wasn’t alpha enough, or it was his own fault because he didn’t handle it right. You can point at this and say, “this is how you handle a thot”. But if it wasn’t on video the man might have been arrested, and in the West he would have been anyway.

    We can’t deal with this problem individually because one man can’t take on all of society by himself. Trump isn’t like a normal human. We have to manage female behavior as a widescale social problem.

  7. I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about how some man who gets destroyed by a termagant somehow brought it on himself because he wasn’t alpha enough, or it was his own fault because he didn’t handle it right. You can point at this and say, “this is how you handle a thot”. But if it wasn’t on video the man might have been arrested, and in the West he would have been anyway.

    Well said.

    “It’s shit tests all the way down.”

  8. A good way to not ever fail those infinite tests, is to avoid them.


    The Public Space.

    I used to go to the Lakes in South Minneapolis, and still do once in awhile, but it’s difficult to relax and enjoy because it’s full of unpleasant women and the way they act.

    They are always looking for a face

    A certain type of man might be comfortable in that space, but I think that it’s not within the bounds of normal personality and normal psychology, to be at ease within that constant eye-searching and feminine pressure that they put out, which thing they put out is 100 per cent a shit test.

    They are all of them, [*] from the five year old girl to the 85 year old woman, looking for a man to lay it down for them. “It” being the law. “It” being a resolution to everyone’s yappity yappity yap yap yap.

    They of course can’t understand how the way that they behave, is an imposition.

  9. * Obviously not “all of them”, not everyone, is looking for someone, or in need of resolution to their unsatisfied unhappiness.

    There are in fact, people with families and otherwise comprised of healthy relationships. However they are in the minority. Or whatever their percentage, they are not projecting their insanity out in to the Public Space.

    God bless these people. I come to have more and more respect for functional people every day. It’s such an accomplishment even halfway functional people merit much.

  10. I don’t mean to complain about being looked at by unhappy women. That is simply how it plays out in one man’s life.

    The “shit tests all the way down” and not really being able to resolve them to satisfaction.

  11. The God Emperor aka the Apex Alpha, resolves them to satisfaction.

    That’s hypergamy meets clown world to the 100th power, in other words what we have now.

    It’s not resolved for Joe Average. Somehow women are able to put upon him. To project their anxiety and dissatisfaction and Loss, upon him, and what’s he supposed to do about it?

    Because he has no power. He can’t have his way with her, he can’t slap with, he can hardly even raise his voice

    That last is where we are. I read a comment at CH about some poor man at Cracker Barrel almost having to deal with the cops, for telling to old boomer “girls” to wait their turn in line. And for that this man almost has to deal with the police, and perhaps end up arrested?

    I got my own stories. And they end up sounding like bitchy complaints. Once or twice I have raised my voice at fellow transactional, a woman NPC, to behave, and she has gone into SHOCK! that a man would say something to her in an aggressive voice.

    It’s frustrating, being Joe Nobody. I wannabe be like Trump and have power. I wannabe a sovereign man.

    Can you do that in the Public Space?

    Here in gaytastic USA a man doesn’t even have sovereign rights to his own property.

  12. And then to top it off, not even having a dick

    What a life!

    (Well though we do call it a dick, here in America that’s what we call it. A better name would be the American brand half-dick; courtesy of our moms our negligent dads and the jews. Thanks, goys!)

  13. No way is Trump saddled with an ugly half dick, no way in hell

    And neither is Putin. Russians aren’t as stupid as Americans. Trump was probably saved by the folk wisdom from his mother being from the remote islands.

    I have a theory that cutting off part of someone’s genitals, has an impact on how they behave: that their Lifestory and Outcome are not the same. What a crazy idea!

  14. i have started telling shrikes and feminists online that they look as unstable as their pets’ shithole countries. it’s incredibly effective in getting them to go on about the “slights” of european collonialism and how white males are evil etc. at this point i want them to expose their hatred as much as possible.


    A cup of hot chocolate and a good talking-too,
    Oh Emma, I can see that you’re ready:
    It’s time for me to make my move–
    I could see us going steady.

    Yes, you’re a liar and you need sorting out
    But everyone’s a bit complicated,
    And I can’t deny you’re truly my style
    (Who hasn’t to you masturbated?).

    Your trail of texts, compiled for the court
    Reads like a great love story,
    And though your record we can’t abort
    I think I could make you a Tory.

    There’s something so longful and dewily girlsome
    In your bemusedly belligerent air
    And who would not dream of running his hands
    Through your cropped atom-blue hair?

    If Sarah Jeong should rock a thong, she might
    Come to surpass you.
    And, to be sure, her gook blood is pure
    While yours is already half-Jew.

    However, she’s old, and obviously sold
    On being dominated by elder White dudes,
    While you seem more of a challenge to score
    With, unless Roman’s bringing the Quaaludes.

    Oh Emma! Each day rises brand new, and ours
    Dawns so bright, our eyes are dim:
    I wonder now if the bush matches the roof
    And do you wear hoop rings in your quim?

  16. The Public Space is the larger theme. Whether or not we can separate, for the time being we are sharing the Public Space and it’s not pretty.

    The point I wanted to make in my previous commenting series was not so much about my personal experience with it, as much the more general observation that women today think it is to their credit, that it’s a good thing, that they are projecting into the public space with their less than beautiful and perfect personalities.

    They are under the illusion that such projection is to their credit. Nature abhors a vacuum and so it seems does our social nature. That public space will be filled one way or another.

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