The Three Ways Of Relating to Diversity

You could also call it “The Stages of Racism,” but that’s a made-up word, an epithet for White.

“Celebrate.” First off, there is no celebrating of diversity, that would be unnatural. What there is, is status-signalling among people who aren’t personally affected by it. Morbid generosity on race is rooted in vanity. “Provincial” is a term of disparagement among striver-class Europeans. By celebrating diversity, these people, average-nobodies in almost every case, are posturing as cosmopolitans who move in international circles, or as adventurers who know how to earn the trust of exotic natives. But for diversity to confer such cred, it has to be novel. Not drab and depressing, as it’s long since become.

They also feel pity for the dark-skinned people. It’s a superior’s awkwardness when looking at a retarded person, and the relief as that discomfort is discharged when something nice is done for the pitiful creature.

This stage is where much of the so-called “cucked Europe” is right now. A critical mass of people who are older and affluent remains in thrall to the past sixty years of American anti-racism propaganda and have not yet had a sufficiently unnerving encounter with diversity.

There are also liars, shills, spinsters, diaspora Jews, and politicians. And the Communist mayorette of Madrid:

How can we despise a group of humans who are of such obvious value as these people, who have struggled so hard to reach countries where they can find a better quality of life? [illegal immigrants are] heroes in pursuit of their dreams.

Tolerate. Migrants arrive like a troop of baboons. “I’m not racist, but…” is the first step toward dismantling the Marxist fiction in one’s mind. You once humble-bragged about your contact with diversity, you are now embarrassed of the downmarket stench that’s associated with such contacts. The sight of an interracial couple ruins your mood, you find mixed-race children creepy. But you still accept diversity as an immutable social arrangement. Elephants raised in captivity are tethered by a thin rope that they could easily sever, but they don’t try to because they were bound by it from birth and thus conditioned to consider it unbreakable.

This stage is where you find most of the people who no longer believe in the ideology of inclusiveness but who have not yet internalized the notion that the forcible mixing of nations is a crime. They do not yet understand that racial integration is biological warfare against them. They do not yet understand that they don’t have to live like this.

In the next stage, they assert that right, at the very least on the level of their personal life until they are ready to support a social movement that will secure their free and dignified futue.

Hate. Overheard: “Why is there a nigger on the lacrosse team?” Seeing a single non-White where we want to relax, be ourselves, or push ourselves pisses you off.

When you visit a martial arts school or a little league baseball practice and you see non-Whites under instruction of White coaches there, you are witnessing a fatal compromise on a Männerbund structure for mentoring boys in the image of their elders. Diversity disrupts harmony. Blacks have their all-black inner-city boxing gyms. Whites have to price-out the diversity with sports like lacrosse and hockey.

You understand the evil of a take-everything, give-nothing dynamic represented by an alien enjoying the fruits of White social capital while wrecking his hosts’ vibe and aesthetic by just being there. You then take that one-off observation and scale it up to where abstract notions such as justice and natural rights of man, and the destiny of his nation comes into full view. Territoriality is a healthy instinct. Thwarting its expression, like with other natural human feelings, will bottle it up until something gives.

At this stage, it’s possible to see diversity as a mortal danger to everything you cherish, yet be cool as ice. It’s possible to deal with diversity where unavoidable and smile, be professional and cordial, yet know that their presence here is illegitimate and that separation is the only humane solution but it is not the only solution. Your eyes will show it, by the way.

So you disabuse yourself of any notion that your non-White friend is your friend. He is not. He is using you for access to White social capital and will turn on you on a dime in any kind of a racial snag. You shouldn’t bring him to any implicitly White event or space anyhow (don’t pollute), so what kind of a friendship is that anyway.

Except the Dalai Lama.



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  1. Beautiful, PA.

    I’ve passed through the phases and even phased back and forth for a bit, til my mid-20s galvanized me. My family was always more conservative than most, but the times a-changed us now and then. I don’t regret those moments of lib insanity. Invaluable lessons.

    Diversity…the European nobility readily married off sons and daughters to other European nobility. Solidified relations, treaties, etc. I note that no daughters of even minor vassals were promised to Arabia, though. Keep it in the family to a respectable degree (Hapsburgs notwithstanding).

    Celebrating diversity can be a thing, when you celebrate it in its native place. Like the time I celebrated the diversity of Irish food (underrated and over-ridiculed btw)…in IRELAND. Or the time I took in Caribbean culture when my family briefly visited Puerto Rico. Or even locally but privately, when my family celebrates Christmas Eve with traditional foods and customs. It’s not out their for everyone to fawn over, nor do we expect or desire fawning.

    Diversity as the cause is the problem. I’ve said this elsewhere: most libs are diehard envirofags. Just him ‘em where it hurts in that regard. Diversity improves the environment, what are you a speciesist conservadrone?

  2. Dalai Lama saying that should be effective in arguing with boomers and liberals of all ages.

    Will NPR report on what he said? What “context” could they possibly provide to cast it as hateful and ignorant?

    Tibetans. We can work with them. They will know and agree with their leader on what he has said here.

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  4. Big hitter, the Lama.

    He’s right tho! But it’s like arguing with people that Christ was a refugee, ergo we have to accept refugees. They forget that Jesus, Mary, *and* Joseph, even! all went back.

    Refuge is a temporary thing. Rebuilding your homelands, yes, that’s the way to go. Easier to parasitize, though. And the Syria, crises are cover for importing foreign mercs to subdue the natives.

    Saw the Lama speak at my Alma mater years ago. Really wonderful experience. Even Aquinas agreed that pagans get some things right, and can set their feet on the same road as Christians.

  5. The Dalai Lama advocating for tribal identity (he’s also spoken favorably of Trump) was a gut shot for libs. Notice you don’t see him being paraded around the University circuit anymore, the way he was during the Obama years?

    there’s an interesting connection between the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama’s predecessor, and the ebil nah-zis, BTW, which is work looking into.

  6. My current obsession is learning what is scientifically established about how people actually think, with special emphasis on the pervasive errors in our thinking, both individually and on a collective/social basis, that lead to predictable disaster.

    While so far I’ve yet to see it stated quite in the terms I prefer, it appears to me that our Leftist Theocracy is entirely based on impulsive cognition that combines herding behavior (the innate need to “fit in,” because the zebra that stands out gets eaten) with addiction (to the dopamine release of feeling smugly superior.)

    Western Civ clearly elevated empathy to a social good that cannot be questioned. This eventually became self-identification with anyone perceived to be a victim (of circumstance, of nature, etc.) It gave us the “Violence Against Women” Act, where a woman simply being annoyed is a CRIME…because….she’s a victim! It gave us the notion that a suffering child is entitled to succor, and it disallowed questioning ANY proposal for doing so. This yielded a situation where the weakest, least-able, most-uncontrolled child in any classroom dictates the entire function of said classroom. Trust me, this is the way schools now are.

    Barbara Oakley wrote an article on Pathological Altruism for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences five years ago. It describes in detail recent scientific advances in the understanding how we arrived at so many PREDICTABLY DISASTROUS social beliefs and public policies. Frankly, it’s a wonder things aren’t far, far worse than they already are.

    My view remains that the last 50 years were a manic “Extraordinary Popular Delusion and Madness of Crowds” period in every aspect of human endeavor, from monetary systems and banking to asset “investment” and recreation to art, science, music, pop culture, politics and (ABOVE IT ALL) religious belief. It all assorts together, emanating from a wellspring of cognitive bias and self-delusion without recorded historical precedent.

    I believe the signals exist to show that we’ve passed “peak diversity,” and that the cognitive-bias-driven theology underlying it has entered a bear market.

  7. “I believe the signals exist to show that we’ve passed “peak diversity,” and that the cognitive-bias-driven theology underlying it has entered a bear market.”

    I’m wondering how quickly the “sell-off” of cognitive-bias-driven theology “stocks” will unfold, in the age of the interwebs. will there be a tipping point, or a slow, steady shifting of herd allegiance?

    will the mob/herd-mentality rubes simply switch herds, or will they actually wake up? history seems to indicate the former.

    should be interesting. as you say, the point of no return seems to have already passed. pass the popcorn.

  8. Me growing up in a 97% White culture:

    “We’re all human beings. How can people be racist?” The few brown kids who went to my school all dropped out, became substance-abusers, and went on welfare. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Me in my 30s, in a different state where Whites were a slight minority:

    “Why is it that I strive to treat all my employees generously and fairly, but every Mexican I fire sues me for racial discrimination, whereas every White just finds new work?”

    Me in my 40s, living amongst all the colors of the mudbow:

    “What are these people doing in my country?!? They don’t even want to be American! I’d return to my hometown but it’s barely White anymore, and those who possess pale skin are overwhelmingly cucks and leftists.”

  9. I am a “member” of a martial arts school. It is bare-knuckle, military-oriented. Occasionally a black will show up to a class. Some will be there for a year or more; others just want to see what is being taught. But mostly it is white men and an occasional, under-20 young man. We even have two white women in the class. I find it very much a mannerbund. Because of the cost — monthly or single class — it tends to drive away blacks. We have one moderately successful, brown Hispanic and one white Hispanic, student age.

  10. ‘”Provincial”is a term of disparagement.’

    That’s why female suffrage is the start of the snowball to civilizational collapse.

  11. When I was a boy, we would calculate how old we would be in 20,30,40,50 years. We had absolutely no idea what would happen in the intervening years, or what our country would be like. We mostly assumed, being children, that things would be pretty much like they were then, only with newer gadgets and who knows what kind of car to drive. I now arrive at this horror show we have, where people that should be trustworthy and responsible are worse than the lowest villain we could have ever conceived, illegals are coming in like a Red Tide, and most people are looking only to get ahead somehow, instead of reforming and regrouping our basic principles. Civilizational Exhaustion, I heard one blogger call it. And one of its’ worst symptoms are people that know they’re doing wrong, and don’t change, and people seeing others doing wrong, and don’t fight it. Leftists, in all their costumes, need to be expunged from amongst us. The blood price will be very, very, high. The only way I see diversity is that it is something to be nullified and repudiated.

  12. “So you disabuse yourself of any notion that your non-White friend is your friend. He is not. He is using you for access to White social capital and will turn on you on a dime in any kind of a racial snag.”

    This is especially pertinent with Asians. Smooth talking intelligent blacks aren’t many in number, and in any case blacks are Americans for better or worse (I don’t mean Africans here, who have to go back). But Asians are growing in number by leaps and bounds, and the two main groups — Indians and Chinese — are smart enough to fake their way into white society. Even off the boat Indians often have the language skills. With Chinese it’s more the second generation. But in either case, they are moving hammer and tongs into Progressive organizations (e.g. the new head of Planned Parenthood is Chinese) and are heading into the forefront of anti-white movements. Jewish men are marrying Chinese women left and right, with Zuckerberg being the most prominent example.

    Asians are openly jumping on the “white privilege must go!” bandwagon. Check out the Asians in that recently leaked Google video, as one example. At some point, I wish Trump would get over his Wall fixation, as necessary as it is, and tackle Asian immigration. Why do we have some 400,000 Chinese in our universities every year? It should be zero. Why are our tech companies overrun with Chinese and Indians? Trump is right to take on China in terms of trade regulations, but he could hurt them far worse by putting an end to all student visas and H-1Bs.

    Well, that was a ramble!

  13. OT, PA: your site is being attacked on mobile by one of those auto-redirecting sites you can’t navigate away from. I’ve noticed this is a big tactic that goes on at sites (((they))) don’t approve of. I know it happened to True Pundit – remember him talking about trying to get it fixed.

  14. ConantheContrarian: Having to price ’em out is an outrage. Doubly so when it doesn’t even guarantee that anyone unwanted is kept out.

    Chase: You’re right. I logged out of WordPress and got a redirect as well when visiting this post. I did some reading about it, apparently WP deals with these sorts of attacks. Hopefully it’s not (((political))). Sorry that you had to experience it. For now I hope it’s a standard security matter that WP is fixing.

  15. I logged off and visited this post several times again, also asked another person who reads this blog to do so. No redirects anymore. Problem solved I hope.

  16. in Voxday’s terminal equation:


    either we liquidate/expel the shitskin invasives

    and (((those))) who ultimately bring them here

    or they will kill us all. When the Jewess

    Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag said

    “the White Race is the cancer of human history”

    she disclosed her Tribe’s absolute intent.

  17. Peterike, x 1000. The notion that a dot-Indian or a Han can ever be what we all understand as “an American” is akin to thinking one breed of dog can be a different breed, just via relocation.

    I loathe those who say, “let’s just let in the world’s ‘best and brightest.'” I couldn’t care less if there are 30 million people in China and India with IQ’s above 140 all desperate to get to the USA. I’d quite literally rather die trying to drive them out than see my grandchildren reduced to peasants ground under the heels of Foreign Masters, even if (and I submit this is impossible) being a peasant came with free iPhone upgrades each year.

  18. — I loathe those who say, “let’s just let in the world’s ‘best and brightest.’”

    I do too. Like libertarianism, strains of neoreaction, and GWB-era neoconservatism, HBD (human biodiversity) was a contributing current to contemporary AltRight, or simply nationalism. All of those rejected the more noxious demands of Leftism but kept the Left’s premise of equality, given a tweak here or accommodation to empirical evidence there.

    HBD also has a strong Jewish and Subcontinental contingent so it’s understandable that as long as those groups won’t allow for White autonomy as matter of principle, they will deny the kinds of objections to Diversity that hit too close to home for them.

    “Muh eye-que” is their one and only measure of man. Their variant on the normie’s “I’m not racist, but…” and the cuckservative’s “I’m not against immigration as long as it’s legal” is “We need more high-IQ immigrants.”

    My position is that there is literally no such thing as good immigration.

    Peterike’s spirited commentary on Asians is among the top pleasures of running a blog. I lived in Korea (one year’s Army tour) and I like Korean people and their country very much, but I dont want them here.

  19. Coexist!

    But of course! It’s why we have separate countries.

    You mention “pricing out” and I get it, but that hurts poorer whites just as much. I don’t generally see black kids wanting to play hockey or lacrosse, outside of a few on the fringes. It’s like they’re pushed there for the purposes of excelling when they’re not up to par as a baller of another sort.

    And of course they don’t want to be accused of “acting white” so instead of adopting host norms, they corrupt the host with their baller ghetto mentality.

    They’re all awful, but to me the worst Asians are the ni**er wannabe Asians. Wtf Panjeet you’re so not hood, they’d eat you alive and parade your head around afterwards, please try less hard to be cool next time. I went to school with a ton of guys like this. So uncomfortable.

  20. That Sontag quote. She “gets it,” as the kids say. I take comfort in that. It acknowledges our spellbinding accomplishments but also our …how shall I say this … that other energetic and powerful side of our past. It’s just that we like it and see it as normal and are not ashamed of it, and she doesn’t.
    As Sam Elliot almost says at the end of the Big Lebowski- “the white man abides. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that.” We just need to wake up and remember who we are. And then act on it.

  21. If the Left were rational, the disaster that was Feed the World would have been and to everyone, a sign from God. A Rainbow Sign

    It felt good to sing that song.

    We are the world, we are the children.

    We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
    there’s a choice we’re making
    and it’s changing you and me
    Blah blah blah

    Lionel Ritchie and Micheal Jackson and Jackson Browne and Cindi Lauper. It’s like those people were acting all on their feelz for immediate social approval and not thinking of long term consequences.

    Even back then it was well known what happened to deer and rabbits, that they would get overfed and then all starve to death.

    I used to think that an ecological approach would be an effective way to win a meta political campaign, because

    1) It is actually a reflection of reality and the basis for a sensible approach to good happy living and satisfying life results with which to pass on to your children;

    and more to the point

    2) Lefties like animals and fields of green flowers and tripped out pictures of golden sunsets; Sting wrote a song about it

    Speaking of “Sting”, didn’t he cuck out recently and say something nausea-worthy about immigrants, and isn’t that ironic because he his dad was supposedly like 007?

    Celebrities. Letting us down again.

  22. Is Big Lebowski worth a re-watch?

    Would one have to re-watch the entire catalogue of those famously Saint Louis Park-ian jews, in order to put that movie in its proper place?

    For those blessedly happy not to have to hail from the gay Twin Cities, those two jews were from Saint Louis Park, which used to be well known as THE suburb for jews; whereas its neighbor Edina was the suburb for well-heeled nordic Whites who excelled in tennis. And then further east was Richfield where the poorer Whites some of whom with Italian and Slavic derived names. Richfield was the bottom of the pile. They couldn’t compete in sports, at all. They actually sucked then, and they suck now. Perhaps they didn’t suck back when it was a “rich field” but they decided it would be better off paved over and there ya go.

    Half the suburbs in the South Metro have place names that reflect agricultural roots and rich black dirt, but now that’s but a memory.

    It’s interesting to wonder the question, to what extent do those (locally) famous suburbs retain any sense of identity, along those lines?

    They have civic centers that celebrate diversity, and at the same time they have heritage festivals that can’t be ret-conned too effectively without much ridiculousness but they sure do try.

    Sorry for the off topic.

  23. I don’t generally see black kids wanting to play hockey or lacrosse, outside of a few on the fringes. It’s like they’re pushed there for the purposes of excelling when they’re not up to par as a baller of another sort.

    This is an interesting question by the way. Over at Sailer’s they might sperg on it for 50 posts. But my suggestion is that Blacks do NOT have the talent for sports that require more finer “ball skillz” than basketball and football, and less big-ass fast-twitch jumping muscles.

    For instance lacrosse and hockey. It’s not just the money keeping out the blacks, it’s that perhaps they don’t have the talent for it?

    And also those games require more sports intelligence.

    Sport is not my wheelhouse, I wasn’t “a great athlete in high school”.

    I have made this joke 50 times, so now it’s canned, but still worth repeating for its singular quality as a metric of “American Studies” as Tom Wolfe might have called them. At Midwestern University in the late 80s the freshman newbs could and would buy a tee shirt at the novelty shop taht read

    I was a great athlete in high school

    The signifigance being, that it was such a common refrain, that people saw fit to make a tee shirt out of it AND it sold.

    And co-incidentally, on my very dorm room floor, at least two of those who comprised our IM squad were self-proclaimed “best athletes in their class”, in the determination of the high school year book. (or at least so they said!)

    Yeah it’s funny but maybe you had to be there?

  24. I don’t think the Kids feel quite the same about it now: being the Big Man on Campus or for that matter the quarterback of the hs team.

    There were two guys on our dorm floor, who were first team players at this University, which school was sort of almost ranked.

    They were White (thank god) and very handsome and fairly gracious, but totally kept to themselves and didn’t mingle with us lesser ranking classed hominid students.

    It was a big “clue” as to what those institutions were really about. I look back on it all with amazement and disgust.

    I shouldn’t have been there, and to this day wish I had the courage and conviction to drop out. Of high school for that matter too.

    By the rules, I had flunked out of high school due to unexcused absences in too many courses. But my guidance counselor and teacher together decided to graduate me, which is to their credit.

  25. Peterike’s spirited commentary on Asians is among the top pleasures of running a blog.

    Why thank you! And here’s a kicker for you. I’m a few weeks away from moving into a high rise apartment building that is AT LEAST 60% Chinese. I kid you not. Many of them are students that only stay for a year or two, and based on the apartments I visited, they live like bug people, stuffed four into an two bedroom. They even turned a living room into a bedroom by stringing a curtain up so they could cram in another roomie. And dirty, dirty, dirty. Crap everywhere. Stove covered in noodles (literally). But hey, don’t you DARE step on their throw rug with your shoes on! We have standards!!

    And hey, if YOU lived on the 25th floor of an apartment with a direct and gorgeous view of Manhattan, and huge panoramic windows, wouldn’t YOU keep all the blinds closed? Well they do.

    Expect more notes from the front!

  26. But my suggestion is that Blacks do NOT have the talent for sports that require more finer “ball skillz” than basketball and football, and less big-ass fast-twitch jumping muscles.

    I would modify this suggestion, to say that perhaps what blacks don’t have equal to Whites, in the realm of sports, is Tool Skillz (as opposed to ball skillz).

    Hockey and lacrosse are not direct ball handling sports.

  27. No. Elk, we were there, saw it, and dismissed the psychological pain.

    We were NEVER, EVER let be, in our own societies and ways.

    Irony is now peddled as a badge of honor for White slackers to pick up White dregs. By design.

    I’ve heard lots of Boomer/GenX cusp dads demean the young men they coach in baller sports. And then try to half-ass raise them up by saying “be better than this.”

    We took our guns and went home. It’s like some family tradition or something.

    My maternal grandfather is Florekii. He came to the US as an infant, settled in Cudahy, Wisconsin, a working class Great Lakes coast community. He learned to hunt and fish and make a life out there. His father used to beat his mother senseless, then have sex with her unconscious body. Hey, they were married, so it’s not rape! My aunts and uncles do t care why they are here.

    With this sort of mixed up fuc*** up stuff, how do we make a People?

    Tl;dr WE DON’T.

  28. Elk, I’ve noticed this, also, rather belatedly: White rules do not apply to blacks/SEAsians, etc,

    I know, right!

    But that is why the sport, the game, eventually changes. It must change, so it can be the same, yet accommodating.

    Hell we need to rewrite Chess it’s so cis-het-hwyte + PATRIARCHY. Old rules = no rulez, so new Rulez can Droolz.

    Mountain. Top. Now.

  29. Peterike: the Kitty Genovese story, which is being discussed in a lot of places now because of the recent excellent netflix documentary made by her brother, would never have legs nowadays. Her murder could have happened 5 feet away from that apartment, screaming bloody murder, but with the blinds down, earplugs in, eyes averted from everything but a screen, how could they be expected to notice? Hell, it could have happened inside their apartment and it wouldn’t have been noticed for some time. “Reave her arone!”

  30. — perhaps what blacks don’t have equal to Whites, in the realm of sports, is Tool Skillz (as opposed to ball skillz).

    Thought-provoking. I think you’re on to something.

    — You mention “pricing out” and I get it, but that hurts poorer whites just as much.

    Pricing-out is one of the most vile aspects of integration. Not only it imposes a White Tax, it (like I mentioned) does’t even guarantee that they will be priced out.

    — I don’t generally see black kids wanting to play hockey or lacrosse, outside of a few on the fringes. It’s like they’re pushed there for the purposes of excelling when they’re not up to par as a baller of another sort.

    In those cases, it is not about excelling at a sport, it’s about blacks’ access to those Whites who are pricing out the integrated sports. We have difficulty getting onto the heads and understanding the motives of r-selected. Most of us can’t relate to chasing those who don’t want us around. You have to understand that aggressive-beggar mentality.

  31. Edit:

    Even back then it was well known what happened to deer and rabbits, that they would get overfed and then all starve to death. — Suburban Elk

    If one’s basic assumption is that a demonic power is situated at the very top of the physical power pyramid and consequently recognizes that the singular aim is the mass damnation of souls then the cataclysmic explosion of Africans due in great measure to liberal “Christians” sets up this very scenario given the growing possibility of a mass starvation. In other words, if a mass starvation hits the African continent due the internal collapse of the West, WHO GETS THE BLAME? Radical “white” liberals or cuck-minded “Christians?”

  32. So heartiste finally did it, a long awaited post about Paul Krugman.
    Many here may wonder why I keep harping on Krugman, the New York Times resident globalist whom along with (((Friedman))), who provide the intellectual patina to the nation wrecking anti-white economic policies of the cosmopolitan Davos class. Watch the following clip, and you well see he flat out admits that the “deplorables” have no place in his economic worldview. Funny that Trump put these deplorables front and center of his economic policies and our economy is roaring, much to the enfeebled, nebbish protestations of Professor Krugman, who has never flipped a burger in his life.

  33. You ever wonder what could possibly possess 109 nations to expel the Jews, starting long before the birth of Christ, before (((psychoanalysis))) theorized anti-semitism as a pathological psychological state? Watch the clip again.

  34. Reblogged this on Notwende and commented:
    The racism of those preaching multiculturalism while urging governments to “integrate” even more “asylum seekers” is breathtaking:
    Firstly it’s the obvious hatred against their own race – the imagined (they didn’t participate in any of those) sins of colonialism or the Holocaust™ fuels a pathological guilt complex leading to a constant self-flagellation. Anyone that doesn’t fall in step with that constant “me culpa” is the target of their hatred.
    Since every non-white person is fundamentally better than any given white person their perverted brain turns to treating non-whites as their target of benevolence. Any White in dire straits doesn’t need empathy since his misery is just his own fault.
    The not so obvious racism manifests itself by them “helping immigrants along” and giving handouts and advice – all done from an elevated position since it is them who are not just good but better. They perceive themselves having the moral high ground and feel it’s their duty “sharing the wealth”.
    But it isn’t their own wealth that’s drained into the gutter – just like it’s not them when they’re talking about “we have to” or “we really should” but everyone BUT themselves!
    Modern day Pharisees is what they are.

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