Germany Has Had Enough





Via @RachelBartlett on Gab:

#Chemnitz statistics


20 injured, including two police

591 police officers tried to ‘de-escalate’

6.000 right-wing populists

1.500 leftists

43 police reports (breach of peace, use of illegal symbols)


9 injured

1.800 police, including cavalry

4.500 right-wing populists according to city*, more likely 12.000

4.000 leftists according to the city*, more likely 2.500

25 police reports (breach of peace, bodily harm)

* I’m past trusting the municipality, or the MSM, on anything. Look at the videos and decide for yourself.

These are Type 3 protests.

There’s been surfeit of news that feed the cliche of cucked Western Europe. Not in Chemnitz:

Waving German flags, with some flashing Nazi salutes, the angry mob made its way through the streets, chasing after dark-skinned bystanders as police officers, vastly outnumbered, were too afraid to intervene.

A Syrian refugee and father of two, Anas al-Nahlawie, watched horrified from a friend’s fourth-floor balcony. They were hunting in packs for immigrants just like him, he said. “Like wolves.”

Symphonic music to my ears.

For a few perilous hours over two days this week, the mob owned the streets of Chemnitz, where anger exploded after word spread that an Iraqi and a Syrian asylum seeker were suspected in a knife attack that killed a German man early Sunday.

Non-Europeans do not belong in Europe. Made to feel welcome, they will abuse any unearned graciousness. Raped children (think about that horror for a moment), murdered young people, excrement in the streets, despair and feeling of hopelessness among Europeans with the sight of every alien face claiming a European street. All over the world, mocha-colored people follow such news and glow with pleasure at what they imagine to be a spring of brown nations.

Until Europeans say enough.

What it takes for Germany or any other contaminated European country to reclaim their land is to team up, take to the streets, and not fear martyrdom. The enemy is made of paper.

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  2. It’s worth pointing out that this is East Germany. This is unlikely in Western Europe and impossible in the USA. Americans have come to accept blacks and browns as part of the fabric of our nation. We celebrate 600,000 Americans dying just so blacks can freely live among us and try to get our daughters hooked on hard drugs so they can pimp them out to their homeboys.

    Proof? The Tibbet family’s reaction.

  3. the moment that it gets too out of hand, the corporate media will just stop broadcasting this altogether. a little insatisfaction fits the anti-white narrative perfectly. too much of it, and people on the fence might start thinking that something is amiss. once they start reading too much into it on their own….

    this is just how it happened with that Breivik event. A nationalistic Norweigian man killed tens of muslims,including women (what was the body count? 50, 60, 70?). A blond haired blue eyed evil white male mowing down members of europe’s protected minorities was the perfect setup for the narrative, a golden opportunity dropping from on high onto their laps. they could hardly believe their luck.

    it was their opponent directly dealing into their hand. and yet they chose to pass up, not declaring a win that would have cemented their propaganda into history.

    At first there were reports, then some typical feminism-style snarks about his motivations (whenever this happens, the media always assigns the jewish/feminist imperative to do the talking, never voicing the incident diretcly from the muslim/brown perspective because they know they will muck up) , then radio silence. It stopped getting any sort of media press as if that had never happened at all. I clearly remember how it was barely two weeks after that happened that the media never mentioned it again, but they’re still crowing about Charlostville because 1 person (she was of the right gender, but not the right ethnicity to prop them up even further) was killed, even though it’s been over a year. even the KKK, which killed fewer people than Breivik back when they were active, still gets to dominate a lot of the shitlibs’ talking points. this gives rise to many interesting questions. My best guess is that they sensed the danger in the air. if people started focusing on this incident (of the evil gun violence by heritage norweigian man no less) there was a good chance that some real talk might have found its way into reluctant people, the same who just need a little push to get on the wrong side of history, like the gay mulatto would say. Had they pursued it, some real talk might have spilled out, causing them to lose control of the narrative. After all, a lot of people still think of Europe as heaven on Earth, free of the problems that have long plagued the non-western world. They wouldn’t just see a norweigian man who is intolerant to diversity, they would question: what is really diversity? There was a good chance that once people started sifting through his reasoning they would go “hmm. he has a point”. I suspect the same thing will happen in Germany once the current affairs become a bit too frequent to ignore.

  4. > The enemy is made of paper.

    I wish I could share your optimism. The enemy has formidable advantages e.g. complete control of propaganda and the security services. I agree with Cuddles and jx that there is no general rebellion in prospect. The baizuo and their allies (women and colonists) are too numerous for that.

    They do have interesting weaknesses however. Since the baizuo phenomenon is the product of mental illness, their abilities to plan and coordinate are degrading. This is illustrated by their frequent in-fighting where some baizuo will tear down their own for insufficient holiness (see #metoo).

    We are still far weaker. Most dissident web sites are run on baizuo controlled infrastructure (wordpress, blogspot, the domain name system, etc) on the public internet. It seems to me inevitable that such sites will be evicted at some point, perhaps in a year or two, perhaps next week.

    It would be a wise precaution to start arranging alternative sites on tor or i2p or some such, so we have somewhere to go in that case.

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  6. The rally is one thing. Such rallies are becoming more numerous in Germany, e.g. Cottbus, Dresden, Kandel, Berlin. There are still counter-demonstrations, although with only a fraction of the number of participants of the patriotic rallies.

    Another thing is that the police is increasingly taking the side of the counter-demonstrations, so calling these protests type 3 protests is correct. For example, in Chemnitz the police failed to clear 70 counter-protesters blocking the path of the patriotic rally. In Germany, rallies are announced in advance and granted a route to march. Blocking such a rally is a crime punishable with up to 2 years in prison. Rightist rallies are rountinely blocked, and the police usually fails to clear the path. Police instead uses force to prevent the rally from bypassing the blockade. Police will also use force to disband a patriotic rally if they can find any flimsy pretext.

    Police officers are often unhappy with this state of things. In Chemnitz a judical Officer published the arrest warrant of the Iraqi who had commited the murder that caused the rallies on Sunday and Monday. Publishing an arrest warrant is a crime punishable with up to 5 years in prison.

    When an Officer is willing to go to prison just to proove that his government is lying, it won’t take much more for others to commit more serious crimes.

    However, most Germans still support Merkel’s policy of open borders – or at least won’t act or even vote against it. In elections and polls the parties who want to keep the borders open still have at least 75% of the votes.

  7. In your article, you cite a media report that itself cites Syrian (a family man of course, what else?!) about Germans in Chemnitz having hunted down immigrants in packs, “like wolves.”

    This “Hetzjagd” meme (you are familiar to an extent with German, I take it, which is why I mention the German term used) was spread and legitimized by the Merkel abomination and her official speaker, Steffen “Saruman” Seibert, themselves, right after the murders committed by the Muslims about a week ago, and the spontaneous protests that erupted after them. It then set the tone for German Cathedral reporting about events during the entire past week — but is now in the process of being officially debunked.

    By “officially” I mean that it is not only bloggers, activists etc. who doubt or dispute the veracity of this account. No, the office of State of Saxony’s Attorney General has now come out and officially stated that according to all information available to them, there never was any “Hetzjagd” / hunting down (of immigrants) in packs in Chemnitz, at all.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the Berlin Cathedral will react to this.

  8. I see one of the communist marchers is carrying a sign featuring the image of young Heather Heyer. I have an image taken on the day she died of a heart attack, it’s taken at 8 years after the one most have seen, maybe longer.
    Before heart attack:

    Position when car struck people, but not her:

    Heyer on stretcher during her heart attack, as she’s dying:

  9. Karl, Herzog: your insight is sincerely appreciated.

    Pat: I’m happy to see “Communist” come back as the label for our enemies. That’s exactly what they are.

  10. Tfw it’s a good thing gurneys have wheels

    Signs that Heather Heyer was a mudshark —

    1. Newports
    2. They call it morbid obesity for a reason

    3. That look on her face in the “before” picture, something about it. The wrong combination of mischievous and something else; that look that says I can do anything I want and you can’t stop me

    [Smoking menthols is a 100% reliable mudshark-tell — PA]

  11. I had some pretty good life adventure stories this weekend, but to keep it short.

    Took the train into Capital City (for good reason), on Saturday night after dark.

    SCENE. / Hahaha details to follow


    Train ride. NYC in the 70s and I’m Travis Bickle

    It’s “supposed” to be this friendly city and a modern place with a train, but it’s full of niggers and crazies and crazy niggers. And then the exceptions aka quality White people.

    This White girl gets on with a bike and she’s a knockout. Like hard to believe. Why is a 25 year old literal 9.95 riding around after dark on a bike across “gentrifying but not-a-nice-place neighborhood” [that’s its actual name]. It’s utterly insane and she is 100 per cent unaware that she is at risk. And further, among i’m guessing most of her peer group, someone like me pointing out that she shouldn’t be alone out there, after dark at least, will be called “scaremongering” or worse, afraid.

    Anyways this chick was an outlier in terms of breast size. Honest to god E-cups or whatever they are called, on an otherwise modest and healthy frame. Total breeder of good bone and blood, and (like metoo) more on the upper edges of what used to be the middle class. Or as goes the joke WHICH Suburban_elk GETS CREDIT FOR:

    Middle Class. It’s the new Upper Middle Class

    At least she had the good sense to sit near to the only other White peoplez on the train, and I had the chance to secretly masturbate while sitting close behind and creeping up more nearby so maybe there’s hope right?

    The other White guy riding the train was half-broke and affecting the stylez of a harmless hippy. He was actually wearing a paisley bandana. Sometimes such a detail like that seems it has to be made-up, right? I mean wtf doesn’t know that those were a cliche — 50 years ago! and yeah they made a retro comeback but even that was a long time ago.

    But then it escalated: this poor sap said something flattering to the better-than-average black sisters who were nearby with their kid as they exiting, and it was utter CRINGE, with much cloy he said

    “Your kid is sweet, I wonder where he gets it from?”

    And they acted like they were made flattered by with what he said.

    (AND no bathroom on board for a personal moment and cry)

  12. There is (was) a famous /pol/ .gif.

    Of which it is of a sandy young blonde White girl about 17 or 18 years old, it’s two seconds long and she is making Youthful Face Expression that bespeaks of health and intelligence: yeah she’s young beautiful and knows it full well; and we love her for it.

    This meme is well enough known that any /pol/ readers know of which I speak. It’s not a masturbatory meme, it’s a meme that says we’re the best and most beautiful.

    The point being that this girl on the train, was literally in that class of good-looking. 9.95, what used to be called “the perfect 10” (cue Bo Derek and Dudley Moore?)

    What’s-his-name, David Foster Wallace wrote for awhile on that, before he decided suicide was inevitable and might as well get it over with.

    He called it PGOAT and I won’t keep you in suspense: Prettiest Girl of All time.

    (DFW plot recap: PGOAT was a thing among Sal and his brothers in Infinite Jest before things went all South on em. Sal lost his mind on psychedelics and self doubt; his older brother became a sex addict; and their younger brother fared best but lol because he had autism)

  13. “Infinite Jest”

    Wallace announced publicly and repeatedly that it was constructed intendedly in the manner of a Sierpinski Gasket. Something that might be deeply impressive if NEVER vocally admitted (and so blatantly at that) by the author. It’s like proudly boasting that you’ve been hitting the machines exclusively at the gym out of a longstanding fear of free weights when a girl compliments your physique. DFW was “purely” a logician at heart, which likely explains his suicide. Had he focused totally on, say, a people’s history of mathematics, I bet he would have been able to stomach the happenings of his country and private world. A lesson to never avoid the free weights, which stands for the Iron and for Laughter.

  14. this is a muslim’s response to someone asking him about his opinion on gays (this is from a blog post by that millenial couple killed by islamics in Tajikistan. this is the whole post, including comments:

    according to all the results of analysis and investigation, liking same-sex is deviate and it caused by mental disorders, because basically we are born with the male soul and the female soul as a whole. so if you ask what I feel about gays, now I ask you. Are you going to be hostile/beat to autistic people, fools, people with excessive phobias or even temperament people ?, if I am, my answer is “No”. all we have to do is be guided and directed towards the right. I know gay friends, but I am still good to them, different if they try to influence, force or make me gay, then I will stay away. so also if there are people who try to make you foolish do you want to accept it? because basically good people will not plunge us.

    if you bother to read the comments, you’re going to notice that the muslims’ replies are limited to “isis is not islam”. not a word of compassion to the butchered victims. defending islam is not only their first and foremost priority; it’s their only priority. otoh, the shitlibs’ responses don’t condemn the murderers not even once. it’s all “it’s so sad that you died” and “the world is so evil” claptrap. islam and shitlibbery are entirely opposing ideologies and i can’t fathom what will happen in the near future as liberals keep being killed in the most brutal fashion due to their own stupidity.

  15. PA: Symphonic music to my ears.

    What I would like to get into the heads of these protestors if I could, is that it’s progressives that are their enemies, not brown people. Muslims are just biological weapons. The ones they need to be hunting down are the “Anti-racists,” as they are the ones responsible for the plight of their nation. Ignore the browns, go straight for the “counter protesters” and use as much force as possible, with an eye to permanently removing “those” problems.

    Patriotism has cost Europeans their livelihoods and freedom for generations, while treason has been free. It’s time to start settling 70 years of debt.

  16. PA, I was meaning to thank you about something relating to this for a while. I have seen you correcting people here/elsewhere who predict/gloat about the end of a nation. There is something very unpleasant about an ally(?) smugly consigning genocide to an entire people. Your efforts fighting this are greatly appreciated.

  17. “He was actually wearing a paisley bandana. Sometimes such a detail like that seems it has to be made-up, right?”

    When I first read that I INSTANTLY thought of DFW–and lo and behold, he was the next thing that came up!

  18. Chakrates: Breivik knew what he was doing.

    Yes, but of course, we’re not advocating violence here. I meant with rhetoric of course.

    My bad for stating this in a way that could be misconstrued.

    But yeah, the ones responsible are the enablers, not the powerless individuals being used against us as biological weapons. Punish the guilty, not the pawns.

    Elk: Now that’s edgy!

    If you’re going to use violence, you don’t talk about it on the internet. Andy B. knew that much. Hr kept his mouth shut about his plans, and that is why he was successful.
    Communication about any revolutionary operations should only include the participants.

    Shooting your mouth off is ALWAYS wrong, whether you plan to follow thru or not. Again, My bad for stating something that could be misconstrued.

    All should take note of this. It’s important enough to bear repeating periodically.

  19. Edit:

    Punish the guilty, not the pawns. — Heretic Phi

    The average white boy has 0% chance of punishing the “guilty” and a near 100% chance of being punished by a “pawn.” This is anarcho-tyranny and its ideological strifeblood is “forced integration.” Such forced integration IS violence per “universal equality.”

    Claiming it verboten to talk violence given the actualities is subversive.

    In the minimum, white boy should be prepared to kick a nigger’s ass because there is an increasingly foreboding possibility that a gang of niggers will attempt to kick his.

  20. Ignore the browns, go straight for the “counter protesters”.

    think of Japan suddenly implementing an open borders policy that favours exclusively whites. you’re also given exclusive advantages and perks just for being foreign, and a lot of state support to help you in your integration process. free shit to boot. plus, the same elite that started this also encourages whites to start race riots if they think that the police is being unfair with them or if the locals are starting to resent your presence as it’s becoming a little too frequent (and weighing down on the infrastructure and public services). would you renounce your pride and take advantage of this situation? or would you be disappointed in the japs for willingly throwing away centuries of local development and cultural identity while being simultaneously ashamed of your own people for employing such petty short-sighted stratagems to improve their lot in life?

    that’s why we need to hold the muds accountable for their chimp-outs. anyone who abuses one’s host’s hospitality and proceeds to engage in parasitic behaviour needs to be dealt with accordingly. if anything, it discourages others from coming and doing the same.

  21. Totally off topic. Recommended AR podcast, The Pozitive Feelings Button 63 – Office Space / Visioneers

    It is a deep dig into Office Space, the cult classic from 1999 by Mike Judge. The host is Borzoi and his two guests are regulars on Myth of the 20th Century. Iow, big brained niggers!

    One of the guests said a big brained nigger sentence near the beginning of the show that would almost be worth going back and transcribing except let’s not. It was about office culture in America and to the effect that, office culture ends up functioning (and to the point, not functioning) as the available grist for the mills of our social structures, and it gets worked up and formed into implicit and explicit hierarchies that don’t map at all onto anything that might occur in a more naturally ordered environment.

    In other words you have a boss who’s ass you have to kiss in spite of not liking the smell of it.

    And the less organic social structure American has to fall back and rely on and borrow from, the more weird office culture can become.

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