Relearning The Lessons

Prior to about the 1960s or even the 1980s, depending on context, the assumption was that much of the planet was Westernizing. That impression was created by the fact that people from Third World countries were represented to Westerners by their elites and upper classes, who aspired to European standards of behavior, dress, appearance.

Subcontinental Indians, for example, and even Pakistanis and Bengalis, were informally considered White because of their Caucasoid facial structure and the light skin among those who traveled outside of their countries. They had classical British education and could converse about Shakespeare.

The 19th century lessons of colonists and explorers were a bit forgotten. Savagery, cannibalism, tribal warfare faded from Westerners’ imagination. Girls at Kabul University wore short skirts. Beirut was Paris, Latin America was Spain.

You know how we now acknowledge the Japanese as our equals and in general have a friendly attitude toward them? That was the West’s attitude toward all of the Third World based on our limited recent experience with them.

Progress meant that the Third World becomes like us. It then flipped to mean that we become the Third World.

Joseph Conrad warned us: civilization is besieged by savagery. E.M. Forster warned us: colonial elites will turn on the English. With aid from the West, infant mortality in the Third World collapsed and their underclass populations ballooned.

Popular consciousness about non-Westerners changed radically in my lifetime, at dizzying pace over the past several years. Everybody operated under one or another degree of delusion, I did too. My full clarity came about upon realizing that every single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead, and when they read about some tragic event that we find terrible or obscene, they feel a warm glow of pleasure. The truth shall set us free.


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  1. Prior to 1980 or so Western Culture was attractive. So People in Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Iran etc. were trying to imitate, perhaps even adopt, Western culture. As time went by, Western Culture degenerated more and more. Feminism, gay rights, trannie rights etc. It stopped being attractive for a heterosexual male. So non-Westerners no longer want to have anyting to do with it and stress the differences of their own cultures.

    Think about it. If you had to choose at gun point, would you rather send your children to a school run by trannies or to a school run by IS?

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  3. “My full clarity came about upon realizing that every single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead, and when they read about some tragic event that we find terrible or obscene, they feel a warm glow of pleasure. The truth shall set us free.”

    I do not claim to be able to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
    However, I have not seen that gruesome “warm glow” you describe in the countenances of my non-white acquaintances. I think I would recognize it if it were there.

  4. thordaddy, And on that same blog, a post about how there is no such thing as a “biological German.”

    Monkey caca.

    This is related to Christian missionary activities, the command to make disciples of all men, to spread the Gospel and that we are all brothers in Christ.

    One. World. Religion.

    One. World. Culture.

    One. World. Government.

    Now, I know all that stuff about Christianity not really being like that, but that is what it has become, tainted by Enlightenment values of equality and brotherhood. The savages would cease to be so, if only we could educate them and lift them up out of poverty. They’ve been lifted up into a tide that could drown us all.

  5. Texan, personally I know a very small and select group of intelligent black people who would definitely not feel warm fuzzies over white demise.

    But that handful is a drop from the ocean of diversity that really does take pleasure in seeing whites go down. The smug satisfaction of seeing a white suffer is real, shadowed ever so slightly by the regret that they were not personally responsible for the hurting.

  6. Chakrates…

    On closer inspection, “your race is your father” and “no biological Germans” is not in conceptual conflict. Even neo-Nazis will concede that “national socialism” can persist where “no biological Germans” exist. The white race is a social construct and even more so than the German race. Your race is your father(s) is strictly biological. Every free-willed white man is a singularity having consciously partaken in the making of his father(s). Hence, free-willed white man can intellectually toy with social constructions, individually, but nevertheless, perceive that these social constructions are true enough to exert binding force on each and every man.

    By claiming “no biological Germans,” the {{{globalists}}} are inadvertently conceding that one’s race is one’s father(s).

  7. Chakrates, the blog post about “no biological Germans”, happens to mock the statement. You’d know if you’d read it.

    Christianity is diametrically opposed to globalism. Christ says “make all peoples my disciples”, not “destroy all peoples and cultures and make a one world government”. Globalism was Babelism, which was in no uncertain terms destroyed by God himself.

    Every Christian is different from one other. And so is every Christian nation, and so they should be.

    Churchianity has literally nothing to do with Christianity. Churchianity is a tool for the wolves in sheep’s clothing who we were warned about in no uncertain terms.

  8. “My full clarity came about upon realizing that every single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead, ”

    I think that is an immense exaggeration. 10% of blacks and 30% of browns and yellows voted for Trump.

    On the contrary, Mollie Tibbets openly said she wanted whites dead.

  9. I know it, Tulpa J. I mentioned it because those two ideas are in conflict, perfectly illustrating leftist inconsistency. Vox picks up on these things and disseminates for our benefit. I don’t always agree but I read there every single day since I found his blog in 2008 and I’ve learned a ton reading there.

    Related: perfect example of how Internet comms encourage pedantry.

  10. The Church close by here has one of those ridiculous “Everyone Welcome Here” signs, placed prominently right out front.

    That particular sign might not seem to indicate that it is actually referring to all different races and the rest of it, but somehow it’s implied.

    It’s partly implied because those signs all became a thing about four or five years ago, and they come in about ten types and about half of which ARE specific in their race politics:

    All races and religions, all colors, Everyone welcome here!

    That’s not the exact wording, but it’s close enough. Those signs are up at at least half the churches, they put them right out front.

    It’s a big turnoff.

    I have considered trying to “find a Church” but can’t really look past that.

    Jim of the Fatherland, suggests that one should not be put off by such signage, and that one should overpower the church ladies because they are actually only paper tigers. He may be right but who knows. I think that on this point he was talking specifically about the one true faith but maybe he wasn’t.

    Jim did a good job with that show, but that show seems to have lost its guiding light a little bit.

  11. “every single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead”

    I don’t wish for race group competitors dead, and like to think that there are those of good will and conscience among them who feel the same.


    There is a workable solution for the various races and subgroups to live on this planet without having to kill each other off.

    It would be a good idea to have a specific plan in mind, with which to advocate a race real and jew-wise platform. It shouldn’t have to be very complicated.

    Nation states should be based on their traditional populations. In America that means all post 1965 immigrants have to be returned.

    Except assimilated Whites should not have to be, if they don’t want to go back. If they are compatible, then they might have an option that others would not.

    But the same principle should apply globally. There were border and they weren’t perfect but life is a compromise.

    Africa and the rest of the primitive world will have to be managed severely.

  12. If we don’t manage the planet and ourselves on it, like as in a zoo, it won’t be pretty. Who wants to live literally on shit creek?

    We have no choice but to face up to the fact that we are domesticate animals and but paradoxically at the same time the zookeepers.

    This is not just a cute clever meme: it is the final solution.

    The problem for Whites in the recent past, is that the jews set themselves up as zookeepers. But were they ever the wrong choice for that job!

    However they may have to have seat at the council. I am not convinced White people have the answers.

  13. It may be unlikely or impossible that we can manage to live responsibly and long term.

    I said a long time ago, that Fermi’s paradox is not even a paradox. It’s an easy solve. Any planetary species that doesn’t adapt for a final solution, the habitat in which it evolved, cannot survive because it needs that habitat to stay healthy.

    We can’t maintain our vigorous lives going around in Space on sterile space ships.

    We need to live by source of the Volga river and seek out maidens to pleasure with our intact penises, to live and love life and have healthy children. Without those exact things, life is pointless and we lose enthusiasm for it, and instead of strong robust children sprung of passionate sex down by the creek in the summer time, we have attenuated and weak children who don’t even have sex down there anymore.

    Today was one of those beautiful late summer nights, and the teenagers don’t even copulate down by the Creek anymore. Me and my generation, a good number of us were conceived on the sandy banks, and some of us were healthy and strong.

  14. “Who wants to live literally on shit creek?”

    It’s not well known among modern contemporary internet posters, but that’s quite exactly what it used to be called, down Saint Paul: Shit Creek.

    The actual creek was called shit creek because that’s where the people went to defecate. White people, for what it’s worth. A lot of the early Saint Paul settlers were Irish for some reason. So that might explain their primitive toilet habits?

    Last time I was in the downtown library, where I would go to use the concert grand, they had some books about the local history and geography, and it turned out that those two cities, the Twins as they used to be gaily called, used to be a nice place with — get this — geography. But we decided that the geography wasn’t important because for some reasons we had other things to do with our lives than appreciate the place where we were living at, which place sometimes otherwise might be known as God’s Green Earth.

    I took a drive this evening, and there is a lookout point, and it looks out over the River Valley and the Prairie West, for tens and hundreds of miles on a clear day. And not to dox our once proud suburb, but it’s the second highest point, and instead of so much as a plaque there’s a Lunds and across the 6-laner a Section 8 housing filled up with somalis, and a mediplex clinic. And if people want to get together they have to buy something from the store.

  15. elk: “We have no choice but to face up to the fact that we are domesticate animals and but paradoxically at the same time the zookeepers.

    “This is not just a cute clever meme: it is the final solution.

    “The problem for Whites in the recent past, is that the jews set themselves up as zookeepers. But were they ever the wrong choice for that job!”

    That’s really really good.

  16. Elk, ever since the “teens rocking their asses” comment three weekends ago, I’ve been longing each Friday to camp out here and regale it up. In some cases other commitments came up, but then again in others the did not. Nonetheless, you are a weekend amenity.

    In other news: any thoughts on irlactivism for the election? Is volunteering for the phone bank any good/fun? What is “mailing and envelopes” anyway– just licking the envelopes? Bringing stamps?

    Mme. de Pompadour supposedly wrote sixty letters a day, mostly on affairs of state. Maybe it wasn’t sixty, perhaps that was somebody else. Nonetheless, I think my real talent could be in a DIY letter-writing campaign. But who to target? How the hell can I get my hands on a list of likely GOP voters? I think the more letters I wrote, actually the less tempted I’d be to insert things like, “Congressman–nigga puh-leez!!”

  17. — Nonetheless, you are a weekend amenity

    Lucius, back in February you wrote

    –elk, no homo, I really take a kind of comfort in your weekend perambles around the grounds. They instill a “Virtual Comfort”, like a sentinel on the sidewalk.

    It was under the Kangs Pyramid post. I couldn’t shake that image off. Dead-on.

  18. Elk, if Creveld is correct and the era of the Nation-State is over, and if I’m correct and the knife that will carve it up is ultimately “Rightist,” then the eventual path ahead will be characterized by separation and exclusion rather than continent-scale eviction.

    I’m early in writing a novel based on what some of this might look like in 40 or 50 years but I struggle with changing my mind all the time with regard to the specifics.

  19. Pure biological warfare. It’s a form of unconventional war, which is why people are demoralized and confused about immigration.

    Am I wrong in my big assertion that every nonWhite alive finds something pleasing about a European country getting an injection of Rohinga, even if they dont know what “rohinga” is aside from some vaguely pleasing (to them) association with brownness?

  20. No, you’re not wrong, PA. It’s a primal thrill, and thrall. Viscerally thrilling, but fleeting once reality sets in. Because, usually, the non-whites Of non-X extraction are next on the block, even though they were once useful or at least a non-threat.

    We’ll eat you last, promise promise!

  21. The Rohingya matter is dazzling in its stupidity. Are you Malay? Are you Rohingya? Why do you care?

    I swear we need a good Event to bring us all back to life. Back to reality. Back from the fantasy.

  22. If obnoxious tee shirts were not so low class, I was thinking this might work for the mall:

    is a toxic bioweapon

  23. Official stats are now that Whites under 18 are less than 50 per cent, and whether or not that is counting Arabs Iranians etc.

    I mean wow. It is insane.

    The scope of this problem has accelerated into a reality that is “growing on us” every day in a cumulative way like a pestilence does in the garden. Like an infestation of bugs, whose presence needs picked over and eradicated every day.


    As far as practical advice for the midterm elections: being involved on whatever level would be a good thing. To be one of the people at the voting place, handing out pencils and subtly encouraging people to make the right choice, just simply by being a White man of good character, standing tall. That counts for a lot.

  24. These are interesting crazy times. I wish that somehow I could be more effective in influencing the course of events, but that’s not the way of the world.

    As wiser men have observed, there’s nothing that anyone can do to change the course of history. Some people have a different opinion on that.

    I get really tired of seeing trash people down at the park, playing rap music. I wish that they could be made to leave, but what can you do?

    The practical advice on that question, that used to get kicked around online in WN 1.0 and 1.5 etc, was that you were supposed to “gang up” and ride around and influence things.

    But frankly that’s just not practical for most regular people.

    That said, I would love to see younger men doing that.

    I almost got into it with some fatass nog at the park who was walking by with not one but two mudsharks. I mean-mugged them and one of the bitches muttered something, and I made the choice to keep on walking rather than whatever was the alternative. Tired.

  25. Without wanting to get to into the feelz here, it’s the obvious point, that having to witness that spectacle is, on some level at least, humiliating.

    So then what are the choices in that situation, for the disapproving White man:

    1) Look away. But that’s not natural — there’s no one else around, and you’re crossing paths with people; not dealing with people in that situation is urban bugman shit-level behavior

    2) A disingenuous smirk / smile. Some people might advocate for that, and it probably is the most strategic thing

    3) A disapproving look, in whatever form: mean mug, disgust

    I went with option three, but being 50 years old and not an MMA champion, that option is antagonistic and can lead to trouble.

    People who are more well balanced, don’t need to get into it, and have a reaction. They are able to maintain a “neutral-neutral” alignment.

    But I think a lot of people, many of whom perhaps suffering from atomized emotional and social development, and including White people and young White males, end up going for Option 1 and worse, Option Zero which is what you are supposed to do which is approve. Boomers of course are famous for this (whether or not it’s a fair characterization of their reaction).

  26. Life in Clown World, Another Day

    That’s the title for this running commentary. I have a new gig this week, of semi-skilled labor to replace the last one which kind of petered out and or slash blew up. This new one is better pay, but slightly hazardous. No deductions up front neither. We’ll see how it goes. Frankly I am anxious but gave my word and will be there.

    Relatedly and on a different scene. I had the privilege of overhearing an interview by a landscape company small business owner guy, looking for help for “landscaping” (otherwise known as lawn mowing). This was today at Caribou. I had to share the big table with these guys. They were negotiating salary and it was 17 to 20 per hour. These were full grown Whites.

    The guy being interviewed was all up in head, in full “i’m a total sap (and aim to please)” mode. I wanted to take his aside and go Tom Wolfe on his ass and say, let me see your hands iow stop fronting already: The interviewer can see whether you’re man enough or not, and all your talk is just wasting energy which men know better know not to do.

    This town is at “full employment”. Does Trump get credit for this? Can it last?

  27. This paragraph corrected of its typos:

    The guy being interviewed was in full-on “i’m a total sap (and aim to please)” mode. I wanted to take him aside and go Tom Wolfe on his ass and say let me see your hands iow stop fronting already: The interviewer can see whether you’re man enough or not, and all your talk is just wasting energy which better men know not to do.

    Ffs man! you’re 45 years old and interviewing for a job landscaping, don’t be a sap.

    In a way it’s similar to Game with women: My time is valuable; I can be there tmr at 8. Yes or no?

  28. What I like about Elk (and PA for this matter) is that he isn’t for sale and one can sense this in his writings. And that’s what being jewed is all about. Selling-out. And ultimately, selling-out, in the mind of Heritage America, is to be dead altready.

    “Never sell-out son… You’d better off be dead altready.” — Racist Father

  29. Elk, if only we could be Plain with each other…too often that’s seen as an excuse to be an asshole, but I see it as the same diff. Just tell it to me plain and I’ll give it you straight. Ffs stop yanking my chain over nonsense. I’llwork for you if you’ll pay.

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