Push Away The Censorious Philistinism

Heartiste throws down the gauntlet in matching the characters in George Orwell’s Animal Farm with the dramatis personae of contemporary America. I recognize a good game when I see one so here’s my contribution, using the characters in Cobra Kai:

Western Christendom would be… (Daniel)

AltRight would be… (Johnny)

White countries would be… (Samantha)

Generation Zyklon would be… (Robbie)

What (((they))) want to turn us into would be… (Anthony)

The myth of assimilation would be… (Miguel)

Cowardly normies would be… (Dimitri)

AltReich would be… (Eli/Hawk)

Feminism would be… (Robbie’s mom)

Bugmen overclass would be… (Kyler)

The police state would be… (Kyler’s friends)

Wall Street would be… (Sid)

Free trade would be… (Zarkarian)

Shitlibs’ feverish nightmare would be… (Kreese)

Have I created an impression that I really like the series, at least the first ten episodes so far? Well yeah, I do. Here is my overall review of the show. But not everyone shares my enthusiasm. A commenter writes:

You have FAR too much faith in the overlords bro. They will subvert this show sooner or later. Season 2 or 3 they will start introducing the fags or magical negroes, etc. and turn the narrative on it’s head. Can’t have any wypipo show go un-pozzed for TOO long now, can we?

My reply, in part:

I’ve always said that. When Jews tell our stories, we just use the usable parts like cultural Viet Cong with discarded American [equipment].

… also beware the censorious philistinism. Everyone on the Right has those impulses. Keep in mind that I’m not a moron, other readers of CH aren’t morons. We know the entertainment industry just fine. The value of a little fun with explicating Cobra Kai is the exercise of imagination. It’s also an excellent ten episodes.

Populism has its philistine strains. As Matt King observes in that discussion, “As compromised as it is, we cannot give the culture over to those who want us dead.”

Despite the present condition of pop culture, all our stories are belong to us. After all, we have the great books for men and Murdoch Murdoch. They have… Beyonce, and they can have her. And when it comes to quality production such as The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or Cobra Kai, we impose ourselves over what is ours.

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  2. “AltReich would be… (Eli/Hawk)”

    The full name of the Hawk character is Eli (((Moskowitz))).

    I see what you did there…

  3. PS – I very much enjoyed Cobra Kai.

    I was born and raised in NorCal, but I have spent a significant amount of time in SoCal. Cobra Kai possesses a degree of verisimilitude that truly represents the California that I know and love.

  4. There were a bunch of Mexicans at the beach park yesterday.

    Why can’t they stay in the own country?

    It’s only a matter of time before that beach park goes gangster-gayfag and needs police presence. It is sort of miracle that it hasn’t reached that point already.

    One group of them took a boat out on the water in violation of the horsepower restrictions. Pretty flagrant and weird. They didn’t stay out long, so maybe they got the message somehow.

    Another group occupied a large section of the picnic area and were playing stupid mexican rap on a boombox. Also without a doubt they are drinking on the sly.

    At another section of the park the niggers were barbecuing.

  5. I don’t mean to blackpill, but it’s just weird how it plays out.

    There is no authority at that park, and it’s still a place where (some) quality White people take their children.

    And at the edges are literal scores of not-quite drunk 20-something mexicans.

    It’s kind of weird how that literal scene can be painted in accurate animal terms — and yet somehow at the same time, the White people involved manage not to see the Wrongness of it.

    The other irony is that if the White men who were there, could act together and with authority, and leaving aside the issue of legal sanction — could clean it up in two minutes and put a couple heads on pikes, and the problem would be solved for the next ten-and-a-half years and we’d have a peaceful place for the kids to play and for that matter, old men to relax.

    In the interests of an honest retelling though, the kids never get harassed. It’s not at that point yet.

    And on the white pill the tide turns does it not. The mexicans around here might be accurately intuiting that the Whites would be only too happy to put their heads on pikes. (boomer caveat: not all mexicans; actually some of them have tight pussies for awhile)

  6. Ralph Macchio has a neotenous face so according to some segments of the Dissident Right he is less likely sprung of red flowers. But to all evidence he is fully aware of current social trends. His position can be surmised by this his public reaction the current television series.

    He doesn’t have to use jew funding to get made, but he does need netflix or whoever to get it distributed.


    I like Mr Macchio. He made a great joke on Letterman no less, about his neotenous face back when it was a meme. Letterman was just all like wow you look so young and Macchio came back with some Italian gusto which is to say bluster, that he “due back at museum in half an hour” (and STFU already).

    It was a great quip and put Dave in place, which not many of his guests were able to do.

  7. I had meant to post this one:

    Rory Gallagher – Going To My Hometown & I Could’ve Had Religion – Beat Club Sessions

    Players will agree that he was in a league of his own.

  8. PA, I liked your decade or rather, presidential categorization with the TV shows that were popular during a president’s term.

    I see Dallas as the obvious choice for Reagan’s 80s, even though there were a strong handful that can claim that title. Everything’s bigger in Texas and dammit if everyone doesn’t know of Dallas’ influence.

    For Slick Willie’s 90s I don’t know what show that would be. The minutiae of irreverence of Seinfeld?

    Does LA Law bridge the end of Reagan’s 80 into Clintons 90s with Bush I as just a placeholder? That show had a strong following.

  9. Elk: I might use your lakeside observation in a new post if you dont mind. As always, I’ll not-identify the comment’s author if requested.

    Mendo: for 90s, “Northern Exposure.” It preached the new politically correct morality, wrapped in the PNW aesthetic of the earlier part of the decade for the smart set.

  10. Northern Exposure lasted for six seasons. During the fifth and sixth seasons it was handed over to David Chase of Sopranos fame. Prior to that it was run by the show’s two creators; a Jew and a Catholic.

    I consider Northern Exposure to be one of the great one hour dramas of the 1990s prior to The Sopranos.

    Northern Exposure explored many themes over the years. After Chase took over it became much more Catholic and less Jewish.

    For those who are not generally familiar with the show, I would consider these episodes to be good introductions: Season Two, Episode Six “War and Peace,” Season Five, Episode 17 “Una Volta in L’Inverno,” and Season Six, Episode 18, “Little Italy.”


  11. Northern Exposure was definitely the “It” show for awhile. Some really good writing and characters.

    I didn’t know that Chase wasn’t an EP until the last two seasons.

    The pilot was very explicit in its theme of a jew among the goyim. The very intro set-up of the jew doctor getting dropped into the town of ubergoys up there in the far wilderness: every jew’s worst nightmare.

    Yet another example of how they create their extended phenotype, by getting their hosts to see themselves through the lens as if they were in that guy’s place: as if they were jews.

    However they also portrayed White men sympathetic and even heroic. Maurice Minnifield as the swinging dick Texan, one of the five richest men in the Interior, engineer and ex-astronaut.

    Holling Vincoeur, of French Canadian extraction and possessed of much wisdom.

    Chris Stevens was the Gen X character though. What to say about him? Ffs he ended doing promos for TGIF and in a mewly voice at that. (fitting conclusion to his character’s arc?)

    There was an episode where Chris and Holling were both having “mid-life crises” [remember when those were a thing?] at the same time, in spite of Holling being 60 years old and Christ only 30. Holling’s people were long lived Quebecois whereas Chris’ notsomuch being from West Virginia or thereabouts.

    It was a perceptive extolling on the theme of what’s-it-called, Quick or Slow Life-energy Deployment Rate Strategy, which strategy has a real name and correlates with r and K reproduction.

  12. The writing in that show, if only upon recollection, was frankly brilliant.

    The real talent for writing was in television, at least for awhile. Perhaps starting with that show Northern Exposure.

    My take in generationally biased, but I can’t believe that Dallas was as good in its treatment of Life Stagey themes. Dallas treated the 80s and the 80s were money and coke. Or at least that’s what I heard and want to believe.

    Life in America then was still a Go

    It hadn’t crashed yet, in some way where everyone started to know in their heart, that it was gone.

    And therefore wanted a fictional recreation of that same small town in each of us to look back upon and set our stories.

  13. Speaking of talent in television writing, there is a scene in the last episode of Sopranos, where Tony and his faithful are holing up in their safe house and the tube is on in the background, and anachronistically it’s some black and white clip from wtf with a voiceover about how “television is always on the lookout for new talent” except that the exact quote is more money. Chase apparently had a enormous catalogue of memories for film and music.


    The commenter Bardon Kaldon said a long time ago at Taki’s that it is a mistake to think that the novel has any currency for this our age. It was great in the 19th century when people had to pass the time in that way.

    I still think that it has some currency in the form of autobiography. Everybody gets one life and if it’s well lived it is worth one book. And for remarkable people like Pirsig it gets two.

    Pirsig was a “systems” thinker and didn’t like to blame the jews; he explicitly resisted doing that in his second book. I had a correspondence with him though the mail back in the 90s.

  14. Suburban_elk,
    I’m envious that you corresponded with Pirsig. His first book was a life-changer for me, and I’ve read through both of his books numerous times. His concept that the touchstone of life, the organizing concept of life, is Quality, was one of those scales-fall-from-your-eyes moments for me.
    We live in a time when degenerate, weak, low-quality people are howling their rage at life for not making them beautiful, strong, smart, and rich, and doing their best to destroy those (white men) who most obviously embody that Excellence that they feel they so lack. In the simplest terms, its the battle between the excellent and the degenerate. And it’s exhilarating.
    Every day the degenerate gets a little weaker, a little more dissipated. And every day I find ways to get a little stronger, and little wiser, a little wealthier. I can feel the strength rise in me, while the degenerate feels the Darwinian forces of life working to eliminate him – or at least his behaviors. I think most anyone could build an excellent life of Quality if they turned away from the degeneracy and really strove for it.

  15. @elk & others disrupted by Mexicanos::

    Live in such a way that the Aztec-bloodline is enchanted w/ your presence, and thereby embarrassed that they aren’t complementing your lifestyle under their own singular presence in Mexico. I’ve pulled up to a giant beachside fiesta for the hell of it and vaguely claimed “I’m here for Gloria” and made the quick holy trinity gesture to chest and forehead. Welcomed semi-warmly. Then I rejected their barbecue, saying “I’m craving the queso-flamiado I got down at a friend’s in Acapulco.” They might actually to track ingredients down.

    You’ll get many free brews, and still can joke with them about their not partying in their homeland. They’ll start to take you very seriously after you’re outdrinking them and laying down superior Western cultural references. Tried this with a conservative beaner native to Mexico, and inspired a whole truckload to consider wheeling their way back home permanently.

    Just do it once, and you’ve made a considerable contribution. Talk flows like Jalisco tequila w/ the Mexicans. Though I’m from TX; it may or may not translate over to coasts up north.

  16. Or just tell them outright to relocate…

    Both approaches are better than a smothered silence.

  17. In the mid-Atlantic, we have mostly sub-Mexicans. Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador on the lower end, Peru on the upper end.

    The untold story: the first generation men across all of those nationalities are hardy Dwarves. Their sons and daughters, to the last one, speak unaccented English and are obese by age 5. A significant fraction of them, morbidly so. They will require insulin monitoring by age 25.

  18. Neutral-neutral behavior is the best behavior for our public space now.

    Russians do an admirable neutral-neutral.

    Mexicans trend neutral-evil or lawful-evil, and blacks of course trend chaotic-evil.

    White people in their own lands would probably trend lawful-good.

    In rl I probably trend chaotic-neutral and or neutral-good. All good dispositions are a burden in their way, especially now.

  19. Tony Soprano: lawful evil with outbursts of chaotic good (his rage toward Ralph Cifaretto over the dead young stripper and the race horse).
    Ralph Cifaretto and Paulie Walnuts: chaotic evil
    Dr. Melfi: lawful neutral

    — “Neutral-neutral behavior is the best behavior for our public space now”

    My past description of such behavior:

    With our diversity and police-secured general order, most of our public space outside of non-White enclaves is no-man’s-land. When I pass a homie or a cholo, my posture and eyes communicate a message. I look at him, sort of through him. A blank fearless face. Mastery, not aggression. “No disrespect but it’ll cost you if you try something.” They always drop their eyes. Fights can result in organ damage or death (yours or his) so the point is neither to bait nor to submit, the latter serving to embolden them tomorrow, but to claim absolute dominion over your personal space and leave the question of public space ownership, at minimum, open for the time being.

  20. — All good dispositions are a burden in their way,

    I align “Neutral” with honor — can his word be trusted. “Good” with pity toward the innocent, thought that’s not a complete picture.

    More than ever, one’s integrity is an asset. With one’s own people. Screw over a friend, and you’re fucked. Yet more than ever, opportunism is the name of the game outside of one’s circle, however you define that circle. I haven’t made the case for Good, outside of one’s most intimate circle, as politically advantageous.

  21. When the public space is up for grabs, people’s behavior is severely affected.

    As a red zone White man, it’s an obligation to do everything in one’s power to project authority, or at least not be a pushover. But everyone will have his own capabilities and limits, in this regard.


    However; the general theme, of how a contested public space influences the behaviors of groups and their fractal individuals, can NOT be overstated.

    It is the primary explanation for why a lot of White males act like fags or at least submissive and effeminate. There are other factors as well, such as resource abundance; and food and chemicals in the environment.

  22. I take a simpler view of good and evil, PA.

    Helping people versus hurting them.

    The conflicting factor though, is our multi-race living arrangement.

    Antman Wilson does a great job in explaining how the conflict (the conflict that we all know in ourselves, experience and love) is at the very essence of our evolutionary nature: the tension between wanting to look out for one’s self, versus wanting to do right by others. But that evolutionary tension was playing out within one’s kinship and ethnic group, and for that matter race group. It wasn’t “meant” to play out on a universal stage.

    Wilson seriously dropped the ball in not addressing this central confounding factor of these our times.

    The dynamics of his whole theory on group selection, absolutely depend on group definitions. And so he would be able to articulate how those dynamics are thrown out of kilter, when group definitions fall by the wayside.

  23. A man needs a woman in order to be an executive level man.

    Just like in the business world, I don’t know if this is still the case, but it used to be an Time Magazine-tier meme that a man couldn’t rise to executive level without a good wife, because without a woman he was not one of the boys.

    That’s some good common sense, and if it was true (it was), it would have been to the credit of the business community. It’s not the case anymore: look at all the fags. (“FAGS”, get it?)

    But it’s the same way in real life. Without the the social and emotional development that goes hand in hand, one cannot be an executive level person.

    I have come to that conscious realization, so now there is nothing to be done except get a custom tee-shirt that says “I want a woman to suck my dick to love and cherish in matrimony” and go to the woman store.

  24. I don’t promote degenerate sex in any way shape or form, which is why that’s crossed out in the previous post. [*]

    The Dalai Lama is right in that regard.

    And also there was that elder woman poster about a month ago whose handle I don’t recall, who perspicaciously made the astute observation regarding fellatio, that it was a substitute for natural (intact) porn, as in the interior of the mouth mimicking the feel of intact genitals. Sad, many such cases!

  25. “Antman Wilson does a great job in explaining how the conflict (the conflict that we all know in ourselves) is at the very essence of our evolutionary nature: the tension between wanting to look out for one’s self, versus wanting to do right by others. But that evolutionary tension was playing out within one’s kinship and ethnic group, and for that matter race group. It wasn’t “meant” to play out on a universal stage.”

    This concept is not that difficult, whether or not I have summed it up very well. Wilson’s very readable book The Meaning of Human Existence lays it out clearly enough, as well as many other sources.

    The idea is simply that our evolutionary heritage is on two levels.

    Our individual level, which is generally competing within the group. And then also the group level, which is competing against other groups.

    Wilson presents the real science as more or less settled, at least in the case of humans, on the question of evolution by group selection as opposed to evolution by more strictly individual selection. I am not sure whether other scientists agree that it is a settled question.

    Wilson’s brilliant insight, with which he wants draw the Humanities into his purview, is that that conflict between our evolution playing out on these two different fractal levels at the same, is what we experience as a tension between selfishness and altruism.

    And he goes on emphasize that there is no escape and no resolution (at least that anyone can foresee) to that tension, because that tension is how we are evolving.

  26. – I align “Neutral” with honor — can his word be trusted. “Good” with pity toward the innocent, thought that’s not a complete picture.

    I wrote that wrong, needs to be fixed. Should be:

    I align “Lawful” with honor — can his word be trusted. “Good” with benevolence toward the innocent, thought that’s not a complete picture.

  27. Modern Heretic has a good write-up on Mollie Tibbitts, over at blogspot. But it includes this:

    The University of Iowa mourned the loss of Tibbetts, a psychology major who would have started her junior year this week.

    Yeah. I’ll bet. You still have to pay off the kosher pound of flesh loans, next of kin. You can’t bankrupt it away, either.

    But that’s not true though, right? I mean once you’re dead (not only can you not update your blog but also) you can’t pay back your student loans and they don’t get passed on to Next of Kin. (which was a pretty cool movie with Liam Nelson and Patrick Swayze)

    This is the guy who owned the farm that the murderer worked at.

    Farmland country America has an overclass that owns all the land and has the money. Apparently a lot of them look like that. What a scumbag.

    One other point on this rambling comment. At Porter’s blog, a commenter suggests and Porter agrees that Mollie didn’t call the police on her phone because she didn’t want to be “racial insubordinate”.

    I agree with the general idea, but the simple reality is that she didn’t call the police because she would have been afraid and not wanting to antagonize the stalker into more aggression and violence.

    Anyways, she was a virtue signaler of the worst sort.

  28. I align “Lawful” with honor — can his word be trusted. “Good” with benevolence toward the innocent, thought that’s not a complete picture.

    Lenin’s formulation of who / whom seems more cutting every day.

    How can there be a universal goodness, among competitors?

    My country right or wrong. My people now and forever, right?

  29. One other point I wanted to make, re Wilson’s hypothesis of the prominence of group selection being the operative factor in human evolution, as opposed to individual selection as it is among those animals without a eusocial arrangement.

    And it’s a simple point, but relevant to the AR and the question of fatherhood and having a family.

    It’s simply that because of the prominence of group selection, it is NOT necessary for an individual to have children, for that individual to be of value and to pass on his genes.

    According to Wilson, that last part is absolutely NOT speculative. They have used math to evaluate the question and they tell us that that’s the explanation for our social bonds: our social bonds are NOT simply reduced to having children and or a blood relative on the side; they are operative at the larger group level as well.

    The details of that distinction are above my pay grade, and I can’t explain them better, but that is an honest if basic summary.

  30. The pictured man above, the overclass of farmland America — what do you think his net worth is, as a big time player on the Iowa farm scene? From the Modern Heretic link,

    In a statement late Tuesday, Yarrabee Farms said Rivera had worked at its farms for the last four years and was an employee in good standing. The Brooklyn-based company said it was shocked to hear that Rivera was charged in Tibbetts’ death. Yarrabee Farms is owned by the family of Craig Lang, a prominent Republican who previously served as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau.

    So they are based in Brooklyn but dollars to donuts Lang which is a German name, is an old Iowa farm family.

    Steve King, Iowa Fourth District US Representative, is one of the most based congressmen.

    Those landowning farmers are from the business overclass. They are goys but now they are probably aligned with the jews. I have met two of them, not the super rich but probably worth mid-eight figures in assets. What “class” does that put you in, in American these days?

    It’s well into the Upper Class. I would like to see a good write-up on class in America, as it stands now, and which includes how much money one has to have.

  31. Iowa is perhaps the most liberal state in the country. Even more so than Minnesota. The people there are the worst cucks this side of Sweden. And co-incidentally the girls can be very attractive. Unlike Tibbetts who was medium pretty at best.

    In the 70s in high school, she would not even have ranked “hot”. But today she’s got the cache of a Glamour girl. A dead one now but still.


    I wanted to make some gardening posts but what’s the point. The point is that those wealthy farm owners don’t grow their own food, that’s for sure. They grow a lot of corn (obviously).

    I downscaled my garden this year for the first time in 15 years. Out of having to do other things. But did do nine tomato plants, from the nursery, and here’s the thing: I grew em field tomato style which is to say no trellising. It’s a “whole new way of being.”

    That’s how they grow them commercially, is field tomato style. On the home garden scale it has its advantages and disadvantages. Not trellising is a tremendous time saver. And also if you have the space, it’s does not diminish yields. The disadvantage is that more of the tomatoes get blighted, particularly with a soft spot where they are in contact with the ground. So a good percentage of them, maybe half, are not “marketable.”

    But for the home gardener, the workaround is simple. That part is simply cut off, it’s a negligible portion of the tomato, though that small blight generally does keep them from ripening all the way.

    The best thing I find to do with unripe tomatoes is clean them, roast them, puree them, and serve as simple soup. Five lbs tomatoes will make a quart or so of soup: two hearty servings.

  32. Alt-writers who take glee in the Tibbett’s murder due her anti-white regurgitations simply do not recognize the beast as perpetual white self-annihilation. Clearly, this young, impressionable daughter was the culmination of a lifetime of pathological “equality” dogma taken to Final Liberation and, lastly, tacitly sanctioned by a totally deracinated “father.”

    This is a tragedy within the white race on an epic scale.

    Unless it’s all “fake news?”

  33. Every single nonWhite you might be personally or virtually acquainted with is feeling a warm glow of pleasure when reading about that event.

    Just so you know where things stand between you and others.

  34. Another idle thought about Cobra Kai: Miguel is “France,” Robbie is Croatia.

    Spectator sports is a communal event where your finest go up against the rival’s finest. International athletic competition represents the fraternal spirit among nations. In an honorable contest, the winner and the loser shake hands. But there is no honor in padding your team with foreign talent. That’s playing dirty, literally and figuratively. Africa’s population bubble offers a pool of one billion to augment the eleven-man squad. Reach for that ring, and you corrupt everything: who gives a damn about the game’s outcome when cheap imports fill the roster.

    Not just in prime facie backgrounds of the two, but also because Miguel won dirty in an athletic contest while Robbie walks away with honor and… has just began to fight.


  35. a few days ago i watched a game of the fifa u-20 world cup qualifiers. france vs spain. as you may have guessed it, france had about 2 french women on the team. the rest was an ugly mishmash of macaquesque abominations. they certainly are doing a swell job of doing away with the world wide fame of the beauty of french women.

    spain won 1-0.

  36. I read through a lot of that twitter thread yesterday–much good alt-content, little of it “trolling”.

    Any substance to the hapa/adoptee speculations? Her eyes do look a bit funny to me, but I can think of White girls (though not Scando-germanic) that come out like that.

    The deceased’s aunt came out last night with a statement condemning “racist” appropriation of her death for the enforcement agenda.

    Soldier on, Trump! The family has no moral veto against society’s rage, order, or vengeance.

  37. Just for fun, here’s a criminally underrated blue-eyed slice of SoCal soul from a scion of one of the founders of modern day Los Angeles. Anyone who has driven The Sunset Strip through WeHo has probably noticed the intersection with Doheny Drive at some point…

    His family’s house: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greystone_Mansion

    The song reminds of of The Eagles mixed with The Cars and Steely Dan, No surprise that he has worked with some of them.

    David Cassidy of the Partridge Family covered a version os this song as well.

    Sometimes when I listen to this song and similar output I think of the California thread over at Salo Forum: https://tinyurl.com/ycula6k8

  38. Following are three (separate) retweets from Molly Tibbetts’ twitter:

    Fun fact: Friday the 13th was originally associated with Freya goddess of love and fertility. It was basically a day to fuck and the Church didn’t like that so they made Friday the 13th associated with the devil and bad luck. You’re fine. You’re more likely to bang than die today

    My current body type is like you can sorta tell I work out but you can also tell that I don’t say no when someone offers me a cookie

    just a friendly reminder that what you see on social media isn’t everything. it’s highlights. we all have messy areas in our life that get tucked away and aren’t put out on display. so next time you find yourself comparing yourself to others, just remember that no one is perfect.


    And then this one for the money shot:

    guys have nooo right to tell a girl she can’t wear something like LET HER LOOK GOOOOOD

  39. It’s almost seems as if for young women especially, social media is a vector of the poz.

    You go Mollie, you go girls. (except that now you’re dead)

    Re Asian admixture —

    This bitch? come on. That’s such a typical White look. And not meaning to be a pointy-elbows internet hard-on jerk, but going by that picture she was hardly a six-and-a-half.

    And those crazy eyes scream Help!

  40. She does look a little bit Asian though.

    On another note, those two liberal bikers who got run down in Tajikistan, that thread is still open and I am still working it.

    I wrote there the following comment, in response to yet another instance of the well worn liberal bromide, “the wrong place at the wrong time”

    The “wrong place at the wrong time” is a meaningless statement. In logical terms and in your usage here, it’s a tautology.

    Yeah they were at the wrong place at the wrong time — but it’s the context that matters and gives meaning to where they were and what they were doing.

    And it’s the context that might be useful for other people to heed and learn from. Whereas your meaningless statement, is of no use whatsoever and in fact is actually harmful.

    So then let’s proceed. What was the context?

    The context is that they were willfully naive Westerners out in the big dangerous world and with a unrealistic and unprepared attitude.

    Had their attitude and outlook been more realistic, perhaps they would have heeded one of the many many many many many many many warning signs they had already been given, and some of which are included on this very blog!

    But rather than do that, they willfully and ignorantly continued on until eventually they were “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    See how it works?

    Use pattern recognition next time, and by score points in the realworld community. Or cover your eyes shout nanny nanny boo boo and remain with the virtual signaling liberals.

    And to which some pansy liberal replied:

    Jay and Lauren went to Georgetown University, a private catholic university that is one of the best in the nation. It is clear to me that Jay got a great education just by reading this excellent blog.
    On the other hand, I can tell by the way you write that you went to a shitty public high school in a poor area and never attended a fully accredited college or university.

    I wouldn’t care about your bad grammar or clear lack of a decent academic background if you were posting about fishing or hunting or pickup trucks, but really man? You are lecturing us using fancy college words like context and even the super obscure look-at-my big-brain, tautology? You are trying to show off in a level of English that would keep you from meeting the minimum requirement to attend an unchallenging junior college. Everyone with a quality education who has read your post knows this without a doubt. Reread the previous sentence and let it sink in.

    Lauren and Jay were neither ignorant nor naive. They were smarter, wiser and better educated than you or anyone you associate with or any of your ancestors or offspring. Stick to non-academic subjects if you want to contribute positively on the internet.


    Without angling (here) for support, I find that their response curious and petty.

    So school-marmish. Oh there’s a typo! you didn’t go to Georgetown

  41. Your opponent is an insufferable lower-midwit. I know the type. I once argued with one about Trump during the primaries and he said something about Russia that was supposed to reflect badly on the Republican candidate. He kept coming back with “But Russia’s GDP is lower than India’s!” True or not, I dont know, but he would not let go of that rhetorical “check mate.”

    At that point, I understood that there is no communication possible with someone who is earnestly trying to communicate while being arrogant and 20 IQ points below me.

  42. I confess to being fixated on the dialectical question of whether “wrong place at the wrong time” is in fact tautological.

    To my analysis, it is. If you are run down by a truck and then stabbed, well that’s the wrong place at the wrong time. Because (recursively) that’s what means the wrong place at the wrong time!

    It is a good example of tautology, but however concept itself is NOT easy, even for a big-brained red-zoner.

    Because for one, in a sense, everything is a tautology if it’s true, and considered from a more encompassing perspective.

    Oh well my head hurts.

    I received in the mail yesterday the local School Board monthly publication and one of our local White boys got a perfect score on his SAT which is 1600.

    He a total normal good-looking guy. Totally not Asian and not Indian and not Chinese, so it’s likely he didn’t cheat and also that his dick is getting sucked going by his looks, but it’s also a good chance that he was neonatally diminished being born only 18 years ago. Let’s hope his parents were smarter than that!

    (Modern SAT’s are not accepted as valid iq scores because they were dumbed down in order to obfuscate the niggers and spics.)

  43. He kept coming back with “But Russia’s GDP is lower than India’s!” True or not, I dont know, but he would not let go of that rhetorical “check mate.”

    That’s true, but India’s population may be as high as 1.5 billion now, compared to less than 150 million in Russia. And sagging oil prices always cause a GDP drop for Russia.

    India has actually surpassed France in total GDP recently, it’s a meaningless number in many ways.

  44. I wouldn’t care about your bad grammar or clear lack of a decent academic background if you were posting about fishing or hunting or pickup trucks

    i hope it was a girl you were arguing with. she mentioned masculine hobbies as instances of brute activities.

    keep at it. the point is not to convert her. it’s to use her to convert the crowd.

  45. I just posted on this same thread,

    “What has triggered the Trump supporters posting here is that Jay did something that they see as taboo: he did not protect his girlfriend from non-white males, which they consider a non-negotiable American value.”

    Actually that’s fair, except for one thing:

    Yes. Our traditional conservative and American values include keeping safe the women and children. And for that matter everyone else who is a part of OUR GROUP.

    And there’s nothing “taboo” about us wanting to do that. We are proud of that and it’s at the top of our list: keeping OUR people safe.

    And further, those of you who don’t and won’t share that value, of protecting OUR women and children, are NOT our people.

    On this crucial point there might would seem to be, an insuperable divide. Liberals and non-traditional Americans seem NOT to place first, the interests of OUR country and OUR people.

    They seemingly, inexplicably, seem to place before their own, the interests of OTHER peoples, non-traditional Americans and whomever else, to the point of wanting to replace traditional Americans!

    So be clear on this: There is nothing taboo about how traditional Americans want to protect OUR women. Those who don’t want OUR protection, are welcome to do without, but they should then forego the benefits that they get from us, which benefits we feel they are unappreciative of.

    So I went with “traditional Americans” and not “heritage Americans.”

    Both are good phrases. If anything Heritage Americans connotes a little more White, while traditional Americans is probably less racey.

    Both are crucial concepts that we can use to advantage. I am ok with merely getting rid of everyone post 1965. That would go a long ways in making America better.

    Niggers can be kept in check. American Indians can be let roam free. On their Reservations and casinos.

  46. In the game of liberation, last is first and first is lasting. Reading between the lines at this bicycle blog and the “liberals” advocate self-annihilation while conservatives subtly champion perpetual existence. So the reality is that this is an intra-Narrative tension being aggravated by conservative gaslighting. These cyclists reached Final Liberation FIRST, leaving their cowardly fellow travelers last, but nonetheless, in a state of existential perpetuation. In other words, with their overt act of self-annihilation, fellow, living, breathing “liberals” ARE LIKE CONSERVATIVES, relatively-squeaking.

    The question for racist Christians has always centered around the morality of facilitating the self-annihilator in his desire. In the context of cuck think, morality is on the side of prophetable facilitation. Yet, from the perspective of racist Christianity, one is in possession of a diametrically opposed orientation.

    So deep within this idea of “make-believe Evil” is a primal nod to (P)erfection. A primal nod essentially extinguished from the psyche of the radical autonomist.

    One could say that “liberals” die for (P)erfection and conservatives live for objective (S)upremacy.

  47. — I am ok with merely getting rid of everyone post 1965. That would go a long ways in making America better.

    So am I. As I see it, if I have to go, it means one of two things:

    1) From Somalis on up through Ukrainians, all were expelled and post-’65 non-Germanic European immigrants at next. My work here is done, I smile with satisfaction.

    2) America has gone fully insane (or cray like a fox?) and deemed it priority to expel post-’65 European immigrants.

    Either scenario validates my growing belief that migration of peoples is an evil on the macro scale and a tragedy on the individual scale, and that there is literally no such thing as good immigration.

  48. — Niggers can be kept in check.

    America’s original wildlife management burden.

    — American Indians can be let roam free.

    North American Indians are by some theories a hybrid of Siberian Bering Strait migrants and an aboriginal population that had descended from much earlier arrivals from Europe. Particularly the now-extinct northeastern tribes, who (as far as I understand it) bore little resemblance to contemporary southwestern and mesoamerican Indios.

  49. I haven’t read through the entire comment thread over there, but this has to be the single dumbest one I’ve run across: “Daniel 17 hours ago · 0 Likes

    The alt-right posters here who are blaming what they perceive as the the victims’ progressive political views for this tragedy would not go to Europe either. They have been told that terrorist jihadists now own it.

    Remember when Trump said he was right about a non-existent terrorist attack on Sweden? That was a dog-whistle to these morons.”

    Is this a serious comment? Not a troll? I think that it is. There really is no reasoning with people who think this way.

    A small percentage, maybe ten percent, can be converted by reality. As in, they encounter a situation in real life that offers so much cognitive dissonance that they cannot help but be swayed.

    But the rest of them are utterly hopeless.

  50. PS – My father spent a year hitchhiking around the world in the late 1960s. This was after his military service in Vietnam. I wish I could give specific details, but he has very harsh words for the people in Northern Africa and the Middle East who shot at him and tried to stab him and rob him.

    Luckily for him he was a Polish American Vet who was tougher and smarter than them. But it was quite a reality check. But I’m glad he told me those stories when I was growing up, because they helped me a great deal when I was dealing with gypsies and arabs when I was living in Europe in my early 20s.

    But I almost have sympathy for people who were raised in a “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” bubble. Almost.

  51. The CH mod situation is WordPress bugging out and or being censored by their administrators.

    There have been rumors of late that WordPress is about to engage in more hardcore shutdown-style censorship.


    It’s a really good story by the MPC commenter.

    And yes, there is something about being at a pool that really brings out the gut level race realism.

    There is a great metro-area park in this town that has done well in maintaining some semblance of nature and quietude. But now big parties of non-whites set up camp there.

    I can’t imagine what they think of it: something like: Wow this is really nice, all the people back home would like to hang out here

  52. As the big dog commenter Janos (at Clusterfuck) likes to put it, all America is sword land now.

    And that really applies down to the local level like at the parks and stuff.


    I try and modulate my posting so as not to be “emotionally incontinent” but from my perspective, American is a big bad scary place and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.

    That perspective is why that Tajikistan bike ride thread hit home. Those liberals there make the criticism that conservatives are scared and that criticism is not without merit. They point out that 99 per cent [or is 96 closer to the mark?] of the bike riders who go to Tajikistan come back alive and therefore Case closed bigot! you’re afraid

    I used to walk around like a liberal, which is to say in sandals shorts and a tee shirt.

    It’s hard to separate one’s own journey from the larger patterns. To what extent is that experience of becoming more concerned about risk and injury, just growing old?

    It seems that as long as there are “new” (young) people coming up who haven’t been beaten down enough (and hopefully hardened up haha), that there will be enough clueless enthusiasm to go biking in Central Asia and heedless of the risks.

  53. I don’t have a CCP and frankly would not want to deal with it all the time, so my solution is not to go out after dark.

    The whole Scale of this built-up living arrangement is unfriendly. Everyone who is not in a car is exposed and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter how big and strong and “tough” you are — a pedestrian versus a car is a losing battle.

    And further, every pedestrian walking around the suburbs is fully visible to a hundred or a thousand cars, whereas not one of them is visible to him.

    For those reasons it is biologically stressful to go walk around cars. Some people, those of more robust and settled dispositions, deal with it better than others.

    And on the other hand, people don’t go out so much.

    Building up our cities, which includes the suburbs, up around the car was “the worst misallocation of resources in human history” for several reasons but simply the unfriendly scale of it and how that makes being out without a car less habitable and friendly.

    How else but walking around are we supposed to Build a Community?

    What’s funny is that phrase is something that the liberals like to talk about! For some reason they got a strong toehold into the conversation of gay community speak.

  54. “And on the other hand, people don’t go out so much.”

    Obviously meaning, people don’t go out so much not in their cars.

    There’s the whole fucking thing, which “thing” has never been treated to comic satisfaction, of going out and driving around for something to do.

    How lost and pathetic is that? (and when was the last time you did it?)

    And before casting the first stone, and pretending to be a righteous monk with all the answers laid out and perfectly expressed in his own righteous pointless life: it wasn’t long ago for me, and am thinking of doing exactly that shortly this afternoon about now.

    Frankly it’s very feminine and lost behavior. But to repeat, it’s basically what America does for a pass-time.

    Neal Young is the ultimate boomer and he is going off my playlist after I just heard that stupid 9/11 song with a reference to of all niggers Christ Rock, but that line he had from another earlier song about “we got fuel to burn” was pretty to-the-point:

    — So what you up to today?

    — Oh i dunno, maybe gonna burn some gas

    — Mowing the lawn?

    — No i was thinking of drivin around

  55. Driving around: the male equivalent of shopping.

    Complete waste of time and resources, but those activities “fill a need” because they resemble things that our ancestors did. In the case of driving around it resembles walking around and looking at things, getting the lay of the land

    In the case of shopping that resemblance case has been made many times before: it’s picking berries up and bringing them back.

    But it’s the male behavior equivalents that are more interesting to consider, because we know that females will just idle away their time, but with men it’s more pathetic because they’re supposed to be more porpoise driven.

    tfw when you’d like to go the porpoise store but don’t know where it is

    — Yes. I’d like one Porpoise please

    — Excellent. Will that be red, yellow, or White?

    — But White, of course!

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