Extortion vs Rememberance

Wild Man comments:

Yes – this holocaust thing, the industry that has formed around it (‘industry’ as in using the holocaust narrative as a cudgel to obtain unrelated tribute in a huge variety of ways) is very very telling imo. Who else does that? What other group uses their own dead (genocides throughout history are not uncommon) to curry unrelated favor in the here and now, to this utter extent? No other group does that to near the same extent. That is because, other groups at deep subliminal level, recognize that it is extremely shameful to do so. The dead should be respected. Their name should not be used to curry unrelated favor. Their name, if and when used, should only be used to promote the spirit of respect. Respect for the dead first and foremost. Their life and their death should never be made into an faux-ideological play-thing designed to extract unrelated tribute. That is reprehensible. The dead were real people who had real lives, filled with meaning, and it is beyond disgusting that that meaning will be so blatantly disrespected in this way. If and when we do that – we are lost. We are all gonna die. Each and every person shares that fate, and to some degree we are bound by that common fate. The jewish holocaust industry spits and shits on that common existential bond we all share, by demeaning it, in order to obtain the false comforts stemming from the coercive power associated with elevating jewish genocide above all others in this way, always in order to curry some unrelated favor of one form or another for jews, above all others, in the here and now.

Look – pointing to the injustice of genocide to right a wrong (the injustice) is a normal human response. Learn from the past. So as to try to avoid that occurring again in the future. That’s where every other group that has suffered genocide has decided the boundary of decency, with respect to honoring their dead, lies. The jews? – No – no such boundary is honored. Their own dead are used by the jewish tribe, not just to point to injustice, address that, and leave it at that (like every other group) – no …… watch what happens to the contrary with the holocaust industry ………. it goes well beyond that, crosses the boundary of common human decency, so as to be used to obtain unrelated tributes ….. the holocaust is brought up time and again as a rhetorical device to shut down discussion when the argument the jews favor is full of holes and being questioned ……. this is all done to obtain undeserving tribute of one form of the other.

This is telling because it amounts to pathological psychopathy with a BPD (feminine) bent. Furthermore, it is particularly telling because jews of all stripes seem to see nothing at all wrong with this. They all close ranks around the machinations of this holocaust industry. What gives with this demented tribe – demented in ways unlike anything else ever observed among the annals of humanity? Demented by way of this extreme racial narcissism?

Look – there have been some crazy things done through the annals of history, with respect to disrespecting the dead (or soon to be dead), it’s true. Cutting the heart out and eating it. Extreme forms of torture before and during death. Genital mutilations, ‘necklacing, etc. etc. Some of this still occurs upon occasion in predominately black environs to this day. Some of this still (though rarely) occurs among the afflicted in our own culture. And in warfare …… these types of things have always occurred. But as terrible as that is, it’s not at the same level of depravity as what the holocaust industry does. War-like death cult behavior is about attempting to extract the power associated with the MEANING of the lives of the victims. But the holocaust industry’s modus operandi is far worse. The holocaust industry negates the meaning of the lives of the jewish victims. To my mind it is akin to an attempt to deny the potency of the abstract genocidal attempt at ‘eating power’, by way of attempting to negate the reality of that power (the power associated with the meaning of the individual dead jew’s lives), by demeaning it, by way of gas-lighting, to mold that ‘meaning’ into a self-serving tool, to serve a completely unrelated agenda. it really is the depths of depravity.

So ….. by way of the logic of the holocaust industry, the lives of the dead jews have been made into a sick joke …. the lives of the dead jews have been made into a means to censor those that disagree with you, as a jew, so as to get your own way, in pretty much any unrelated matter.

Holocaust industry logic (and by extension, ‘jewish logic’, because jews close ranks around the machinations of this industry):

Dead jews = a tool, to be used by living jews, to ensure that, when push comes to shove, I always get what I want, no matter what.

Sick beyond belief because it is existentially disrespecting the dead. This is an extremely deep, sordid and intractable sin, because it (this sin) is akin to trading in existential matters. But everybody else knows existential matters (honoring the meaning of the lives of the dead) are not for sale. I don’t know why more people don’t see how sick this is. Nobody else does this. It truly is a very deep level psychic aberration – probably borne of a failure to normatively reconcile the objective/subjective dichotomy. There is alot of evidence that that is the etiology for this group condition. Explains the essence of the madness of the ‘god’s chosen people’ trope as well (that is unbelievably, astoundingly, still alive and well to this day).

“There can be no poetry after Auschwitz.” — Theodor Adorno (1951)

The aggressive ugliness of Holocaust memorials, particularly in countries that were never under German occupation, is in line with that solipsistic announcement.

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  1. I know that one of the sacred cows of the alt-right is that all Jews are malevolent agents of Satan, but in my experience most are simply clueless pawns in a larger game in which a small percentage of their fellow tribe members use them for their own ends. they try to blend in with their host countries while eating their challah and celebrating Chanukkah, doing what they-re told by their rabbis and being “good Jews”. or they don’t even go to synagogue but instead just go along with the diversity herd without ever really giving it much thought.

    I’ve redpilled a couple of Jews and my argument basically went something along the lines of, “look at what you’re own people are doing to you. they are throwing the rest of you under the bus. do you think this ends well, for YOU??” these were Jews who were already well on their way to rejecting their own culture, so they were ripe for eye-opening truths. both of them were shocked and frightened to learn of the level of chutzpah and callousness of the uber-Jews at top. of course, full-on tikkum olam/make-the-world-friendly-for-jews crusading was just a sibling away in both of their families, but, for whatever reason, these two particular Jews wanted no part of that absurdity. they wanted to have sane, normal lives, but happened to be born into a tribe with a higher-than-normal percentage of sociopaths.

    it is my belief that the average person in any subgroup of people is the type who would prefer to go about their lives and be left alone. that means their mind, bodies, and souls are mostly up for grabs by whoever controls the narrative. Jews have done an admirable job controlling the narrative in the last thirty years, but that doesn’t mean that the average Jew is comfortable with where things are heading, that they want to be forced to choose their own tribe’s side in a fight against the goyim, or that they give two shits about yet another drab, depressing Holocaust memorial.

    if the alt right is to succeed as a narrative it will have to transcend race and propel itself into the realm of spirituality. it will have to unite people around the idea of merit, of choosing a side in the battle between good versus evil. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a society that is loading every single Jew and black, regardless of their merits, onto cattle cars while telling my loud, cantankerous, bitter, tatted-up, cat lady neighbor that she gets a pass simply because she’s white. that sounds like a horrible place to live. no thanks.

    it doesn’t have to be one or the other, ie, that we’re either slaves or we kill everyone who disagrees with us. there’s a smarter way, but the smart people will have to lead. I liked something Matt King said over at CH: “An Aristocracy of the Woke”.

    we need a new narrative, and it needs to be a compelling one. I don’t know what that is, but shedding the lies of the past, including those we’ve been fed about race seems to be a good start. now let’s keep things honest and also talk about the problem of white apathy and the white intertribal squabbling that makes it so easy for the uber-Jews to manipulate us into working against each other.

  2. — I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a society that is loading every single Jew and black, regardless of their merits, onto cattle cars while telling my loud, cantankerous, bitter, tatted-up, cat lady neighbor that she gets a pass simply because she’s white.

    Dear God, how I hate that false dichotomy in whatever form it pops up. In lala land it’s always a choice between having Thomas Sowell and a white methhead for your neighbor.

    Nobody is putting jews or niggers in cattle cars last I looked, but something certainly will give. The cat lady does get a pass in some form because she is one of us; hostile aliens and wayward aunts arent equivalent things.

  3. “most are simply clueless pawns in a larger game in which a small percentage of their fellow tribe members use them for their own ends”

    An apt description of each and every one of us.

    The world brims daily with a billion-billion things. Our senses convey to our mind only a tiny slice of our immediate surroundings, and even those signals have to pass through the opaque filter of our beliefs and biases, such that we end up with a rounding error off zero of actual reality reaching our brain.

    We thus exist deep in a sea of ignorance, clouded by our own superstitions. Recognizing this, it’s tempting to give up and accept that near everything we think we know is actually just a tapestry of interlocking lies told to us so that others can parasitize us in society. I don’t know what is the answer; as Orwell noted in his “book-within-a-book,” “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism,” there has always been a High, a Middle and a Low, and there will always BE a High, a Middle and a Low. I suppose that sometimes the High is more or less parasitic than other times, and we can pray to live in a time of relatively low parasitism…but we are all cogs in the larger human mass and no one, neither Trump nor Gates nor Soros nor the guy living in a refrigerator box is outside of the Matrix. As the (it turns out bat-shit crazy) Wachowski brothers created in their movie series, even the “rebellion” is still simply a part of the larger Control Process. We are animals, coded by DNA the same as is a bee or a snail or a falcon. We only delude ourselves to think we’re “above” nature rather than OF nature.

    Woke or asleep, rebel or tyrant, we all play our assigned role. I don’t know if that is reassuring, terrifying or enraging.

  4. At PA: I read that Keith Ellison, the black (radical leftist) nominee for MN AG has spoken favorably about a black ethnostate in the South. I nodded and smiled at this. The “cattle car” analogy is, as you note, a false dichotomy intended to place outside of approved consideration any alternative to the “force and shuffle everyone together and beat them until they either say they like it or there’s enough cross-screwing that everyone’s a light shade of brown” current catechism.

    I can get along just fine with people of radically different culture so long as we don’t have to mix in ways that either threaten my life (underclass black gangsters conducting inter-car shootouts in my city is a fine example) or drive me up a wall (black, white or green, I become barely-controlled when some neighbor thinks it’s my job to tolerate his loud music when my bedtime arrives, so don’t get me started on the rowdy street parties–often ending in gunfire–that blacks seem to enjoy in Chicago and about 10 miles from where I live.)

    Separate-but-equal was shot down by a Supreme Court steeping in Lunatic Leftist Theology whose primary dogma was equalism. Equal doesn’t exist. Once we get past that truth, Separate becomes the obvious solution to all of the friction zones that currently threaten to tear society into a Zombie Apocalypse. People who don’t really like to live side-by-side SHOULDN’T live side-by-side. If that creates unequal rates of poverty, violence, loud music, street parties, education, industry, etc., then guess what? THAT’S THE NATURAL ORDER. Our Leftist Theocracy has been a revolt against Nature and Nature’s Order from the very start.

    It’s time to recognize that forcing the atoms of different behavioral norms and tastes and aptitudes together (REGARDLESS OF RACE), continually increasing the (political) force in making them all converge, is simply moving us toward a fission bomb detonation. Let us separate. Put in place buffers between us. Let the heat disperse. Move us away from what otherwise promises to yield a mushroom cloud.

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  6. at Plumpjack, I submit that the future has two and only two possible future paths:

    Path One is staying on this course, which appears to be consistent with people of Anglo-Saxon and/or NW European ancestry being out-bred, out-immigrated and out-numbered to the point of quite literally ceasing to exist–at least in Western Europe and the Americas. Volkmar Weiss’ 2007 paper on The Population Cycle (easily found on-line) cites numerous historical examples of a “more capable” people being demographically eliminated by less capable people, which provides plenty of reason to believe that “whites” in North America could absolutely go the way of the Dodo Bird if this course continues.

    Path Two is for those of Anglo-Saxon and/or NW European ancestry to in-group and reinvigorate the life-force of their genetic attributes (their tribe.) Such in-grouping looks utterly impossible if geographic intermixing (along with political intermixing) remains in place. As long as “whites” in the USA try to form some sort of compromise governing system with Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Africans, Mestizos, etc., the latter groups will be as vampires, draining both wealth-capital and literally life-vitality from whites. You simply cannot have a polity made up of disparate groups where there is any wealth/success/peace disparity among those groups, because parasites high and low will forever mine those disparities to rationalize gutting the more-able, destroying their ability and desire to self-protect and procreate. SA Blacks outnumber SA whites by 9:1 already, and rather than coasting on their gains, Blacks appear set to exterminate/eject the white holdovers (commercial farmers, etc.) even if it results in a Malthusian catastrophe.

    [This is something that economists or even HBD proponents fail to account for: it’s sweet to destroy something, even if that means one’s own death. This is also why I don’t have any desire to engage with blacks and most other nonWhites here or elsewhere – there is nothing to talk about. Especially when no matter how conciliatory and diplomatic the other guy tries to sound, it’s evident that he’s exploding with joy on the inside when news that is horrific or obscene to us as Whites is brought to light. – PA]

    Today’s full court press to tell whites we suck we suck we suck is quite literally an all out attempt to get us to NOT HAVE KIDS. It may not be a grand conspiracy, but that is part of the effect. A people who don’t enthusiastically believe in their backstory and future will not have children, and in short order they’ll become extinct.

    The only hope for Path Two is to see large political entities like the USA break up into smaller states, which would be the only path toward homogeneous states. The homogeneity could absolutely begin with culture, but since culture is largely genetic, as peoples coalesced into geographically separate places of shared culture, the effect would be 98% racial segregation (or more.)

    [Or as remarked upon by Vox Day:

    “It is becoming increasingly obvious to the historically-aware observer that there are now three, and only three, choices facing the nations of the West:
    – Continued adulteration, degradation, and collapse.
    – Deus vult and mass deportations.
    – Caedite eos.”]

    This is the Natural Order for humans, zebras, lions, bees, birds and everything else. Will it happen? I have no idea. I’m not sure there’s a historical example of when a people, blind-drunk with their past successes, has survived the level of suicidal self-destruction we see today.

  7. “The only hope for Path Two is to see large political entities like the USA break up into smaller states, which would be the only path toward homogeneous states.”

    this perhaps was always our destiny, and perhaps we never fully owned or controlled the US. we just fooled ourselves into thinking we did.

    but, again, none of this would have mattered if we had had a proper narrative. most of the damage was done when the US was 90+% white. where was our ancestral narrative then? where was it during the civil war? and on, on.

    I like the idea of coming together and reinvigorating ourselves around our common ancestry, but I hope we’re more selective about which parts of our ancestry we reinvigorate, because willing self-destruction seems to have been a big part of our history, also.

  8. The holocaust is a lie through and through. It’s a vile slander on the German people. Why are we dignifying it here?
    The “narrative” falls apart as soon as one takes an open-minded look at the “evidence.” No contemporaneous reports of cherry red skin? The amount of wood needed to reduce even the now much reduced figure of 1.5 million bodies to ash? The amount of time to do that? The smoke that would have been created that was never caught on film on the numerous overflights? And on and on and on.
    So we have to throw nice 90 year old German ladies like Ursula Haverbeck in jail for questioning it.

  9. a simpler way of saying what I’m saying above is, what part of our racial/ancestral identity can we/should we go back to that doesn’t lead to exactly where we are today?

  10. I know I ride a hobby horse about this and I’m actually much more interested in the discussion paths laid out above by Plumpjack et al. How did we get here, and what next?
    I think muh constitution narratives are dead and it’s all antiquarianism now , but the anti-federalists were right and would have led to a smaller more locally controlled set of loosely allied states instead of the gleichgeschaltet consolidated leviathan we have now. Also the southern agrarians from the 1930s on localism, agriculturalists, tradition and the Yankee peril.
    Like PA I don’t engage with the other side. Hell I don’t even read the news anymore – unless Anglin counts!
    As for the way forward? I’m sympathetic to Faye’s archeofuturism, melding our ancient past with Faustian striving.
    But nobody should let me anywhere near the steering wheel. All I can do is prep and take care of my family for the coming festivities.

  11. — The amount of wood needed to reduce even the now much reduced figure of 1.5 million bodies to ash?

    Six million is a strange number. By now I’ve seen many posts about that being some magic figure that comes up and again in Jewish mysticism. Oddly, and excuse the example, but C3PO in the original 1977 Star Wars makes it a point, twice, to say that he is fluent in six million languages.

    There are convincing arguments about the mathematical improbability of cremating the number of bodies that is claimed to have been incinerated in the given amount of time.

    I don’t deny the fact that an attempted genocide of Jews took place. There is no advantage to denying German (and Jewish, and any other) atrocities in spite of evidence and absent exculpatory new information. At some point it becomes a counterproductive exercise in “no racist bone in their bodies.”

    Truth is best. Nobody is guiltless.

    — willing self-destruction seems to have been a big part of our history, also.

    That’s true, and that’s a fascinating part of our nature. I went far with that thought HERE. Look for “number eight.”

  12. The Holocaust industry is remarkably effective and well funded. Check out the list of Holocaust Memorials/Museums in America:


    There are seven just in California! The global list is even more remarkable. Why is there one in Suriname? And Uruguay? And three in Brazil? Even China has them.


    What is the total number of school trips to these places every year? It must be thousands.

    When it comes to the survival of Western Civilization, Jews are working a lot harder at wrecking it than we are working at keeping it safe.

  13. The serious revisionist position – see the writers at CODOH, banned from Amazon – have never denied substantial crimes and atrocities, against Jews, Poles. Russians and others. Fwiw, part of my extended family comes from Rotterdam and lived through the bombing, and my wife’s people also suffered greatly. But there was no “attempted genocide.”
    The “holocaust” is a lie.
    All right, now back to whence and whither?

  14. Most people don’t understand when I say it, but this is how I think of the holocaust: It’s all one big, dark, Jewish joke. Once you’re in on that, everything else falls into place.

  15. — What is the total number of school trips to these places every year? It must be thousands.

    Contrary to propagandists’ intention, beating people over the head with someone else’s martyrology fails to foster pity and sympathy. It annoys people. Over time there is a backlash that begins with Gas Chamber Pepe cartoons.

    When I write about Katyn or the Warsaw Uprising to a largely Anglosphere audience, I don’t frame it in my own ethnic mythology. I put it in a context that the audience can find worth their time reading.

  16. Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed:

    Lol! What I like to call Poetic Justice Warriors. Here’s a bit more on these two knuckleheads:

    Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, last year quit their office jobs in Washington, DC, to embark on the journey. Austin, a vegan who worked for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Geoghegan, a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions office, decided that they’re were wasting their lives working.

    Ummm, yeah, they were wasting their lives working at THOSE jobs, anyway.

    Also, exactly what you could predict. She: GIGANTIC man-jaw. He: total soy face.

    This is white degeneracy in action.

  17. I think Adorno’s exasperated quote was meant to goad disillusioned creators on to some incandescent transcendence. (“Every work of art is an uncommitted crime.” —Minima Moralia)…

    Although he came up short as a composer, he never gave up his foray into music criticism. While he considered contemporary culture barbaric, one suspects he thought that at least music would climb out of it at some point. His own poetics was really one of bars, chords and scores; so he felt more at liberty to make such a sweeping remark.

  18. Wow, looks like those bike riders left their blog with comments open. They are harsh to say the least! Nobody is fooled.


    They called it “Simply Cycling,” but they should have called it “Doing Foolish White People Stuff.” What other culture but whites would even dream of “cycling the world” for ANY reason, much less to see how nice people are! This is both the strength of whites and why they are the superior race (most imaginative, most daring) and also their weakness (foolish naivete).

  19. — This is both the strength of whites and why they are the superior race (most imaginative, most daring) and also their weakness (foolish naivete).

    Two out of three is unstable. The third element is missing: state sanctioned organized deadly force.

    If their killers had feared a retaliation like they would have in the colonial era, they’d have behaved differently toward the clildlike cyclists. But absent such a threat, they felt free to pursue one of the most visceral pleasures a nonWhite can feel: inflicting or witnessing harm done to a White person.

  20. A comment at blog link above explains that most of the people they met were good and helpful and that

    They did not encounter multiple people that wanted to kill them […]

    The fact that they managed to spend a year experiencing hospitality and kindness, means that truly evil or dangerous humans are quite uncommon.


    The Daily Stormer write-up says that they were like domestic animals for generations unexposed to predators and then let loose in the wild.

  21. It would be nice if we didn’t have to condemn and kill all the bike riders for leftist tendencies. (they do ride on the right side of the road after all)

    Fact: Bike riding as a recreation is extremely White.

    In my opinion it doesn’t correlate with Leftism beyond the economic class that it is popular with. On the other hand maybe it does.

    This story in particular pairs well as a counterpoint to the Sky King.

    When people of my acquaintance make travel plans, I always try and warn them what the world is like. About the danger of being an obvious American and vulnerable and exposed. But almost always they don’t want to hear it.

  22. The holocaust is a joke.

    Is it even a thing anymore?

    The original excerpted commented makes an original point that the jews themselves are disrespecting their own dead, by lying about them.


    The jews don’t think of it like that though.

    They think that it’s a story with a purpose, and therefore it’s true. That is what truth means, in its quotation marks sense.

    Jerry Seinfeld made a joke on his show 20 years ago, that the Holocaust still wasn’t funny.

  23. Adam Silverstein’s Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction uses the number 600,000 as an illustration in his discussion of the concept of a topos:

    “‘600,000’ is actually a Middle Eastern topos for ‘an enormous group in its entirety’ (cf. Exodus 12:37).”

    He doesn’t comment on the Holocaust naturally, but among some definite redpilling moments (I enjoyed his hilarious throat-clearing discussion of Edward Said and the way he communicated that only professors of English are actually impressed by his schtick) and some POTENTIAL redpilling moments (he does in one interesting passage seem to ask by association wtf Europe should have to accommodate Islam, but by framing the question in terms of ‘how can we expect Islam to accommodate us’) I thought it was an intriguing choice of illustration, esp. as he’s talking about the obscure question of how many spurious hadiths existed from which one of several competing compilers made his canon.

    I agree that “gas shower chambers” are mythic, the camps were for slave labor, and probably total deaths, mostly by disease and starvation–and who in Europe in 1944ff wasn’t susceptible to those ills, to say nothing of death by fiery extermination to which every metropolis in Germany was open (mordantly amusing: an Allied bombing of occupied Rotterdam which missed its designated target wound up incinerating more innocent civilians than the famed Stuka terror raid–itself probably off target–killed in 1940)?– were in some hundreds of thousands. Grim and appaling, sure, but not really world historical–esp. in light of their own myriad Marxist experiments.

    And didn’t the Dominican Republic offer a bunch of Jews refuge? To think of how those lonely Spinozas could’ve been canoodling with DTF quadroonesses, instead of choking on all that gas! Tis the tragedy of Jewish munificence: to deny themselves in their humility their own right to the riches they wish for everyone else!

  24. If one were to accept the existence of an Auschwitz “Drowning Pool”, wouldn’t you enjoy pushing this lovely bird for a swim?

    This may TRULY be the single most insufferable specimen of “female” I have thus far yet located, virtually or otherwise, in my entire life.


    Watch at your own peril: this is an anti-Platonic essence of entitlement, stupidity, vapidity, and sheer cuntness.

    And I didn’t even know that–blasphemy!– at the last moment a Satanic irony would drop from her inmelifluous lips (“I just want to listen to . . .”).

    But this thing wants to decide what’s on the bookstore shelves!

    Multiply her existence times the topos of your choice, and I could see “genocide” as a legitimate moral necessity . . .

  25. Larry Auster used to talk about
    Faces you’d like to punch
    And George Romero makes movies about
    People being turned to lunch.

    I’m merely rambling aloud now
    And no one should give a poot
    If I just wonder rhetorically
    About faces one’d like to s#00t.

  26. — Watch at your own peril: this is an anti-Platonic essence of entitlement, stupidity, vapidity, and sheer cuntness.

    I watched it. So noisy…

    If you are 10 or 20 years old and you genuinely wish to master the tradition, which goes back to The Iliad and Beowulf… you really don’t need to be an English Major.

  27. — I think Adorno’s exasperated quote was meant to goad disillusioned creators on to some incandescent transcendence.

    Thanks EPG, there is almost always more to those things than meets superficial familiarity.

  28. — It would be nice if we didn’t have to condemn and kill all the bike riders for leftist tendencies. (they do ride on the right side of the road after all)

    What do you call it, when they (or (((they))) ) corrupt the better instincts of a segment of our people?

    I biked downtown in recent years. Loved the aerobic workout, felt the sense of entitlement to the urban streets. When in high gear and coasting and 100% alert, you really do feel like you own the road.

  29. But the lies and exaggerations keep “us” intertwined while the truth won’t really set us free.

    {{{They}}} want “liberation without separation.” Para-sighting.

    “We” want separation without liberation. Re-Generation X.

    And I nly a desire for (S)upremacy will do.

  30. Poland should bulldoze those grotesque memorial camps sooner rather than later. Turn them into national parks with severely restricted access for 100 years.

  31. “The Daily Stormer write-up says that they were like domestic animals for generations unexposed to predators and then let loose in the wild.”

    THIS is the point.

    Our ancestors innovated, producing the “secret” of safely disposing of human waste, of washing lacerations, of isolating carriers of infectious diseases and above all, planning ahead. They (foolishly) transplanted this to all comers, most of whom were and remain incapable of creating such systems. The result: instead of a childhood survival rate of 5, 10 or 20%, the vast majority of people born alive now reach reproductive age to turn the procreation crank anew. Earth weeps.

    In most of Europe, for a thousand years our ancestors hanged criminals on what was undoubtedly flimsy evidence. Life was cheap, especially at the bottom 50% of the food chain. Very few of that <50th percentile survived two generations, leaving mostly the artisans, the guild members and the aristocrats to repopulate the lands, generation by generation. The result was rising intelligence, systematic culling of violence-oriented genes and promotion of the out-group trust and cooperation that forms the very backbone of the civilization that created the modern world and all of the toys and conveniences our critics use each minute of each day…and they HATE us for it. (Never doubt that every screeching BLM clown hammering a keyboard hates the fact that he and his (or she and hers) could never in a thousand or ten thousand years invent such a wonder. Every moment in modernity is a reminder to them of their incapability, our presence is an existential insult…this is what informs their screams.)

    Not one of us alive ran the gauntlet of 90% mortality our ancestors had to survive. Not one of us had to survive the periodic famine, shivering hungry during a difficult winter where "the neighbors" perished. Not one of us is the lone surviving child when a pandemic swept through our village. We are WEAKER because of this.

    We are all of us domesticated animals, a product of generations of reproduction shielded from Nature's culling scythe. We are thus stuffed with weakness-inducing genetic mutations, not the least of which is our DNA-coded behavior set, which produces a predicted kind of social behavior in the presence of perceived unlimited resources. Put people in a state of "Everything's Coming Up Roses" long enough and I'm betting you ALWAYS get what today we call Leftism.

    I find I'm like the moron who doesn't want to sweat at the gym, I want "a pill for that." I want the robustness produced by Nature's vicious culling without the horror and pain of it (imagine for a moment that half your children are dead before 10 years of age…NO THANK YOU.) I want a tribe whose swashbuckling cultural narrative is that of CONQUERING HEROES, who crushed enemies under the boot and took all their nice stuff home to our wives. I want a backstory that, YES, arrogantly recognizes my tribe's superiority, such that our maidens would rather die than cross their line with the lesser peoples outside the walls.

    I want that, but without the lost lives, lost limbs, dead kids, etc., required to get there. I, too, am weak. No sane person would choose the path, on an individual basis, that produces on a collective basis the "right outcomes."

    As a naturalist, it's a trap. It reminds me that history really is a helix, and from one perspective we are set to head into the meat of a down-cycle begun a century ago. My descendants will have to make the best of it.

  32. — Poland should bulldoze those grotesque memorial camps sooner rather than later. Turn them into national parks with severely restricted access for 100 years

    Those concentration camps were never as judeocentric in Poland’s consciousness as they are in the West. Everyone knows about the Jewish aspect to them but they are first and foremost associated with ethnic/Catholic Poles as their victims. AK partisans and their families, civilian hostages from street round-ups, as well as national intelligentsia (priests, pre-war university professors) were among the inmates there.

    Also German communists, criminals, Jehovas Witnesses, and homosexuals. Soviet prisoners of war were sent to these camps; they were not accorded Geneva Convention treatment because the USSR was not a signatory. Finally, captured resistance fighters from all over occupied Europe (France, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc).

    Several of my relatives were murdered at one of the major camps. They weren’t Jews. One of them was arrested by Germans for a minor infraction and the entire household was sent there.

    I didn’t notice any judeocentrism in street names around the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The two streets that front the iconic railway gate are named “Martyrdom of Nations” and “Victims of Fascism.” All the other streets as far as I can see have old/traditional names.

    Auschwitz itself is an 800-year-old town whose residents have an occasionally tense, as you can call it, relationship with international visitors. Some years ago it was publicized that local hospitality employees complain about the rude Israeli tourists.

    Auschwitz is the Germanized name for Oświęcim, which in archaic Polish means something like “blessed.” The adjacent village Birkenau, which is where the main camp is located, is actually called Brzezinka, “little birch trees.”

  33. Even so, it seems mentally a lot healthier to put up monuments rather than ghoulishly keep the killing fields around for visitors. And regardless of who actually died there, these locations are first and foremost part of the holocaust industry, and will so remain.

  34. I wonder if any such razing would be Poland’s de facto declaration of war against Israel and the United States — or a calling them (Isr., US) out on their bluff.

  35. An interesting question. I’m leaning towards ZOG being rather butthurt, perhaps up to the point of sanctions of some sort, but on second thought you never know.

    Could also start with closing them down to visitors while considering what to do and see what happens. But fortune favors the bold.

  36. A comment from a vinyl record enthusiast forum that I belong to (where almost everyone is a total shitlib):

    “Here in Poland, we had a neo-fascist organization march through Warsaw yesterday for a national holiday, and people who protested and tried to block them were removed by the police.

    The punchline is that the organization behind the march (ONR) didn’t actually have a permit from the city for the march, but everyone knows whose side the police here is on.”

    I tried to look up footage on Youtube and google news, but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any links?

  37. @Lucius

    Thanks for that “English major” video! I enjoyed it, though I couldn’t last through to the end. Amazing how someone who professes to be an English major openly admits they don’t actually, you know, care very much for literature. But oh, they have to read SO much!

    I really liked how she basically admitted at the start that she was flunking out, cuz work is hard. As a long-ago English major myself, I can only imagine how simple it must be these days. Basically, you can take any “text,” as they like to say, and run in through the Grievance Sausage Grinder, and out comes your essay or term paper on the other end. Yes, the main point of “King Lear” is how he turns his daughter into “the other” and patriarchy, patriarchy, feminism, done. No thought or imagination required.

    Even decades ago when I was in grad school the rot was setting in. I remember really well in a Modern Drama class, some very effeminate, bitchy sounding dude asked the Professor (who was excellent) why all the characters in Ibsen were white. And the Professor, trying not to roll his eyes, said “well Norway at that time was a white society.” And the student very bitchily snapped back, “Well that’s really racist!”

    This was in the 80s people. Can you imagine what it’s like now?

  38. The link above from Peterike, on those two American bikers, the male Austin and female Geoghegan, both 29, murdered in Tajikistan by Islamic extremists, goes into the internet hall of fame. It’s their blog (and they’re getting killed).

    tfw you’re dead and can’t update your blog

    Which issue is its own topic, right?

    I’m not callous about those two young idiots getting killed like that. Most of us won’t get to “die in our sleep” but being run down and crushed by a car full of assholes and then finished off with a knives, is no way anyone would choose.

    But wow the comments are still open and some of them are high quality. At the top of the comments right now:

    John, we’re not all monkeys sitting in safe space; actually monkeys probably had more common sense than these two. Do you really believe they died doing what they loved; i.e. getting kicked off a bike by terrorists in a car, and then stabbed to death, while thinking this is a great way to go – my family and friends will be so proud we died doing what we loved? Dying doing what you loved would be accidentally riding over a cliff, or tragically involved in an accident in the tunnel (earlier post), or contracting a foreign disease; not getting murdered by people you believe are your ‘friends’.

  39. There may be an incisive point of contention somewhere in the disagreement on that comment board.

    Their supporters the Leftists, maintain that Austin and Ms weird-name “died doing what they loved” and therefore it’s just the price to pay for living a beautiful life. Or something.

    And further, their criticism of the Dissident and otherwise Natural Right meanies, is that we’re too scared to go biking in Central Asia and live life on such adventurous terms.

    That’s how they paint their critics.

    I made some comments there, and they are in an antagonistic vein. But the argument that I was having, makes me wonder what exactly is the point of contention?

  40. The point of contention is obvious. Whether or not there are hostile peoples out there who want to do well wishing Americans harm.

    I don’t mean to be thick, but what is in evidence on that comment board, is that the True Believers won’t accept their murders as evidence.

    It becomes “wrong place at wrong time” and NAxALT.

    So maybe it’s not a bright shining and new meta point. It’s the same old sad story.

  41. Also I agree that Lucius’ video was a solid reminder not to go for jewish college girl English majors, ever even under any circumstances, and further glad to be that if such circumstances are not prevalent in one’s own life situation.

    The English major in question had something talent for the camera though, it can’t be denied.

    They’re very verbal, those jews …

  42. I had a legendary professor at Midwestern University, and he delivered the goods and the passion for two semesters in a row, Intro to English Literature.

    He actually played on a “boombox” start to finish a Bruce Springteen song called The River in order to make some point about symbolism.

    He was good and there were no niggers, maybe a South American or two. Wordsworth was emphasized. Sounds pretty solid in retrospect. William would wax on about going up to Lake County and “seeing into the life of things” and then having those memories to sustain him through the later times when he wasn’t able to get up there so much.

  43. This sounds like a joke, but I was able to pay for most almost all of my tuition and expenses with a very modest loan and delivering pizzas.

    But other than that it was another in a long line of mistakes.

    Eighteen years old and surrounded by Midwesterners with access to endless alcohol. What could possibly go wrong?

    How is it even possible that parents think that is an acceptable situation.

    I of course failed to bang a bunch of drunk chick get herpes but even so looking back it was all WTF?

    Consider this un-exaggerated detail. My roommate was from Hong Kong and taking four five-credit accelerated STEM courses. Hmmmm …

    Whereas I was pursuing a liberal arts education [bad] but at least delivering pizzas [good].

  44. Also I would add that Deter Naturalist’s comment that pretty much none of us has run the steep gauntlet of mortality over the last however many generations, has colored this day’s experience.

    It’s like, what are we doing here?

    What’s the point?

    (Do I even deserve to be here?)

    The three questions of philosophy are

    1) Where do we come from
    2) Where are we going, and
    3) Why are we here?

    Antman Wilson is convinced that science and consilience can or maybe has answered the first question.

    I don’t know that the last question needs answered. It’s a mystery inside an enigma wrapped in a riddle, blah blah blah

    But the 2nd question wants some thoughtful consideration.

    We’re not going to Space. Yeah I’m talking to you Roy Batty. And further we’d be better off on bicycles.

  45. Regarding the subject of the original post, every Jew who brings up the holocaust should be reminded of the litany of city-states exterminated to a man, by Jews, in the book of Joshua.
    From Joshua 6:21 “they devoted the city to the lord and destroyed every living thing in it – men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.”

    As stated, genocides have occurred throughout history. The Jews are fortunate to have survived theirs, unlike the the residents of Jericho, for whom there are no memorials.

  46. These stories get buried or rationalized yet every misdeed by Poles during WW2 gets exaggerated as though it represented everyone…

  47. The Simply Cycling link is still active. I posted the following earlier today:

    The criticism of these two unfortunate victims of Muslim extremism, isn’t that they went to Tajikistan.

    It’s that they did so with the explicit premise that evil is a social construct.

    They were proved wrong.

    That was their social experiment.

    The facts speak for themselves. They were wrong about what they thought of the world.

    Their leftist cheerleaders on this board want to draw the conclusion from that criticism, that Trump supporters are scared to go biking in Central Asia.

    Is that a fair conclusion, maybe or maybe not. It’s reasonable to say that Trump supporters who were to go touring in Central Asia would not do so under the pretentious and false banner of a rainbow flag, and would plan their route accordingly and with precautions.

    Those two misguided millennials paid the price for being naive. Their cheerleaders on this board want to pretend that they were heroes for the cause.

    If they were heroes for the cause, then know this: It’s no “cause” that we have agree on.

    We do not agree that the world is a rainbow flag of harmless benign. We will take adequate precautions in our own adventures thank you very much.

    But for the cheerleaders. By all means repeat their experiments to your own satisfaction and with your own lives.

    I guess we can thank the original riders for conducting their experiment not on our soil. The murderous Tajiks apparently felt the same way.

    To which a leftist responded:

    >We will take adequate precautions in our own adventures thank you very much.
    Going to your red state Walmart to ride a mobility scooter up and down the isles with an AR-15 on your back while your mother shops for Depends is NOT an adventure.

    To which I then replied:

    Again you got nothing.

    You come on here to “hate” the opposing side of this political divide we find ourselves on.

    How about instead you honor the admonition of A Guest (above) and have respect for the dead. Discuss the substance that lead to deaths of two Americans (if you even care about it). Otherwise your internet blather is a sorry reflection of a underdeveloped personality.

    Let’s be clear. It’s you and your side who is taking a leading role in doing the “hating” here on this board, by refusing to discuss our concerns and differences, and instead throwing insults like this is a junior high lunch room exchange.

    Further. It’s not about having an adventure. It’s about making responsible decisions so that family and friends are not left in the situation that they were. Anyone can run away to where-ever-the-fuck-istan. How about instead taking the harder road and living in one’s own place with one’s own family and people?

    That’s what we Trump supporters and conservatives are advocating for.

    We will entertain your liberal frivolities, but only to a point.

  48. I hope it’s not too off topic to repost some of that stuff. I have some other good comments on that thread, but as everyone knows, it’s hard to debate with leftists. For instance the exchange above.

    Their ideas of Trump supporters are such a cliche that it defies belief.

    And they seem unwilling to engage in anything beyond base insults.

    I don’t get it.

    However; those two American bicyclists and their gruesome deaths at the hands of Muslim extremists, might yet still have something on offer by way of a point.

    For instance. Those cyclists cannot really be called weak. I mean, have YOU biked across Africa, and the long way at that? ffs that’s impressive, I am sorry.

    The other thing to their credit, is that they elected, for a change, to do their social experiment somewhere other than America. But maybe that’s not to their credit — the Tajiks didn’t care for it — but it was at least a courtesy to Americans, to take their asses out of country.

  49. — >We will take adequate precautions in our own adventures thank you very much (Leftist)

    I scrolled through that comment thread yesterday. Solid work by Elk. Internet arguments are pretty much now just among the like-minded. Still, I occasionally find the very idea of bridging the ideological gulf fascinating. I made a few posts about arguing with shitlibs, all of them explicitly or implicitly concluding that there is no communication.

    The hurdle I am having difficulty clearing is the fact that they (libs) are not operating on a rational plane. Or at least, they aren’t articulating their position at first causes. I can certainly articulate mine: 14 Words. And then all supporting positions, not exclusive of “incinerate the toxic biomass.”

    Can a lib be honest and say “There is a rational substrate to my views as well: I want to be accepted into The Club, and my shitlibbism is my testimonial of loyalty to globalist elites. Sacrificing my daughter Amy Biehl to cannibals is my demonstration of loyalty. So yeah, I will spit the vilest venom on you, Trump supporter. Makes sense now?”

    Anyway, I think I also covered the elitist motivation behind shitlibs’ fanaticism in What Are Liberals So Afraid Of. Look for Number Two:

    Drawn to their own conception of light, liberals seek out others like themselves who are elect, and recognize them by their specific markers of status, such as a proper type of education or cultural signalling. That is how liberals confirm that the person in question has a soul. They are repulsed by what they regard as their lesser compatriots, whom they consider subhuman and depressing. And for modern American liberals, the federal government and its power to hold its boot on the subhumans’ necks is the vehicle through which they — the elect — are safe. So what I am getting at, is that the liberal considers any talk of defunding federal programs an attack on the government itself and as such, an attack on the very light of civilization.

    That’s where his poo-flinging about scooters at Walmart comes from.

    Like any White man, he likes adventure. At least in concept. His notion of being (or striving to be) elect, though, passes through some kind of a soy filter that precludes self-defensive violence. Explorers of the New World were armed and prepared to kill anyone who was a threat. The lib has this beatific vision of childlike openness to stranger-danger. He does not even dispute the possibility of deadly violence, he’d rather work himself into a froth over Elk’s sterling – loving, I’d even call them – words.

  50. The hollow cost industry perpetuates to a large degree by way of white racial self-annihillation.

    But our base assumption now is “fake news” because “liberals” cannot be this stupid.

    I mean… If you really believe that Evil is a human construct (the actual invention of a specific person, materialistically-speaking) then you must take your “experiment” to the most socially contructed places of Evil.

    And so in this frame, the “white” self-annihilators were “right” in that they were able to prove human-constructed evil was real.

    Yet, as a fake event BECAUSE liberals are not this stupid, “deep state” draws sharper profiles on the enemies of insane liberation.

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