To Save South Africa



“Most kids here are happy. Some of them know the situation they are in. I don’t want to talk big about my kids but if I tell them there isn’t any money they accept it. But it is hard, I just want the best for them.” — resident of a Boer squatter camp in South Africa

If they were free to act and willing, a small army of Boers/Afrikaners could retake all of South Africa in a month. When free to act and willing, they create beauty in the desert; see this promotional video for the microstate of Orania.

“We’ll take 100% of all South African [read: Afrikaner/Boer] refugees.” – A hypothetical tweet by President Trump, reflecting the AltRtight’s attention to the escalating genocide in South Africa. Here is what I think about such an action:

The good:

  • Exposing the genocide.
  • Giving asylum to 100% is better than “some Boers” because partial evacuation means more misery for those left behind.
  • More Whites in America.

The bad:

  • Perpetuating an unforced-retreat mentality.
  • Perpetuating a pro-immigration mentality when there is literally no such thing as good immigration.
  • Abandoning four centuries of cultivation to cannibals.
  • Further upsetting America’s culture (Boers have a weakness for black-uplift aspirations, a common attribute among agrarian nations whose members sometimes project a “faithful dog” quality onto their black workers, and which devolves to cuckish habits of mind when political fortunes reverse the master-servant dynamic).
  • How are all those Yank refugees in North Carolina working out.
  • Do you honestly believe that Boers won’t be just another alien and troublesome block over here once they are no longer the sweet pitiful victims?

The right thing for an American statesman to do:

  • Acknowledge his government’s role in destroying South Africa thirty years ago.
  • Bring the blazing fury of hell to anyone and anything that would ruin an outpost of European civilization.
  • Embrace Boers’ vision of a free and expansive White Afrikaner homeland in Africa.
  • Arm the Boers and provide air support.
  • It’s okay to be White.

Holy Mollie


Is Mollie Tibbets real? By that, I mean: has an individual by that name and who was recently murdered by a mestizo illegal alien ever existed? Because her family’s post-mortem public statements create an impression that the entire awful event was manufactured by the media to feed a narrative that promotes child sacrifice to the god of Diversity.

One also can’t dismiss the possibility that the murder of a 20-year-old Iowa girl did happen, but her grieving family’s public statements are either falsified or made under duress.

But barring material evidence, we take those things on face value. After all, there are precedents. Nineteen-year-old Maria Ladenburger, daughter of a German politician, was raped and murdered by an Afghani alien two years ago. Her father asked well-wishers to donate money to a refugee charity. And most infamously, Amy Biehl’s father shook hands with his 26-year old daughter’s African murderers.

There is no White race without Christ. Building a society’s ethical structure on Enlightenment philosophy leads to Communism. Embracing paganism leads to Satan-worship and virgin sacrifices. Two paths, same destination:



“He is a man, whose path in life crossed that of Mollie’s life, with tragic results. He is a man who felt entitled to impose himself on Mollie’s life.” — a grieving mother

For goddamned fuck’s sake, are we talking about a flea ridden cut-throat or Romeo and Juliet?!?

“The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans. As far as I’m concerned, they’re Iowans with better food.” – a grieving father


Rest in peace, Mollie. I pray that God gives you eternal rest because your life was too short for you to have grown out of your foolishness. Perhaps given more years and proper guidance from the family that now misses you and the society that had failed you, you’d have one day become a wife and a mother with her head on straight. But you never had that chance because you were born to a people that tossed you onto Moloch’s pyre.

Is It True Or Not?

… when I say:

[E]very single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead, and when they read about some tragic event that we find terrible or obscene, they feel a warm glow of pleasure.

Sure, there is a nice black gentleman somewhere who voted for Trump, or that mythical hard-working immigrant. But scratch him and you’ll discover that your trust is misplaced. Just tell him that you hate race-mixing.

The global south has generally looked up to Europeans, if for no reason other than our physical appearance. When we are strong, they want to serve and emulate us. When we look weak:

You got this lion, he’s the king of the jungle… Now, the little lion cubs they start messin’ with him, bitin’ his tail, bitin’ his ears, he doesn’t do anything. The lioness, she starts messing with him, coming over making trouble, still nothing. Now the other animals, they notice this… – Christopher Walken

In practical reality, most of them won’t actively do anything to harm us. Many enjoy the benefits of being embedded in White society, so they keep racial antagonism under wraps. But they will relish, viscerally, any confirmation of our weakness. When they read such items:

  • “America is browning.”
  • “Islam is spreading in Europe.”
  • “South African government is confiscating White farms.”
  • “Opioid addition is devastating rural communities.”
  • Colleen Ritzer, Justine Ruszczyk, Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts
  • “Pakistani gangs have prostituted 1,400 underage English girls.”
  • “I saw a mudshark today!”

… they feel good. Or tell me why that’s not true.

Don’t let your impatience for unconditional peace cloud your better judgment. Ignoring elementary biology is not idealism, it’s mental laziness.

Relearning The Lessons

Prior to about the 1960s or even the 1980s, depending on context, the assumption was that much of the planet was Westernizing. That impression was created by the fact that people from Third World countries were represented to Westerners by their elites and upper classes, who aspired to European standards of behavior, dress, appearance.

Subcontinental Indians, for example, and even Pakistanis and Bengalis, were informally considered White because of their Caucasoid facial structure and the light skin among those who traveled outside of their countries. They had classical British education and could converse about Shakespeare.

The 19th century lessons of colonists and explorers were a bit forgotten. Savagery, cannibalism, tribal warfare faded from Westerners’ imagination. Girls at Kabul University wore short skirts. Beirut was Paris, Latin America was Spain.

You know how we now acknowledge the Japanese as our equals and in general have a friendly attitude toward them? That was the West’s attitude toward all of the Third World based on our limited recent experience with them.

Progress meant that the Third World becomes like us. It then flipped to mean that we become the Third World.

Joseph Conrad warned us: civilization is besieged by savagery. E.M. Forster warned us: colonial elites will turn on the English. With aid from the West, infant mortality in the Third World collapsed and their underclass populations ballooned.

Popular consciousness about non-Westerners changed radically in my lifetime, at dizzying pace over the past several years. Everybody operated under one or another degree of delusion, I did too. My full clarity came about upon realizing that every single nonWhite in existence, acutely so if talking of those who live among us, hates us and wants us dead, and when they read about some tragic event that we find terrible or obscene, they feel a warm glow of pleasure. The truth shall set us free.

Push Away The Censorious Philistinism

Heartiste throws down the gauntlet in matching the characters in George Orwell’s Animal Farm with the dramatis personae of contemporary America. I recognize a good game when I see one so here’s my contribution, using the characters in Cobra Kai:

Western Christendom would be… (Daniel)

AltRight would be… (Johnny)

White countries would be… (Samantha)

Generation Zyklon would be… (Robbie)

What (((they))) want to turn us into would be… (Anthony)

The myth of assimilation would be… (Miguel)

Cowardly normies would be… (Dimitri)

AltReich would be… (Eli/Hawk)

Feminism would be… (Robbie’s mom)

Bugmen overclass would be… (Kyler)

The police state would be… (Kyler’s friends)

Wall Street would be… (Sid)

Free trade would be… (Zarkarian)

Shitlibs’ feverish nightmare would be… (Kreese)

Have I created an impression that I really like the series, at least the first ten episodes so far? Well yeah, I do. Here is my overall review of the show. But not everyone shares my enthusiasm. A commenter writes:

You have FAR too much faith in the overlords bro. They will subvert this show sooner or later. Season 2 or 3 they will start introducing the fags or magical negroes, etc. and turn the narrative on it’s head. Can’t have any wypipo show go un-pozzed for TOO long now, can we?

My reply, in part:

I’ve always said that. When Jews tell our stories, we just use the usable parts like cultural Viet Cong with discarded American [equipment].

… also beware the censorious philistinism. Everyone on the Right has those impulses. Keep in mind that I’m not a moron, other readers of CH aren’t morons. We know the entertainment industry just fine. The value of a little fun with explicating Cobra Kai is the exercise of imagination. It’s also an excellent ten episodes.

Populism has its philistine strains. As Matt King observes in that discussion, “As compromised as it is, we cannot give the culture over to those who want us dead.”

Despite the present condition of pop culture, all our stories are belong to us. After all, we have the great books for men and Murdoch Murdoch. They have… Beyonce, and they can have her. And when it comes to quality production such as The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or Cobra Kai, we impose ourselves over what is ours.

Extortion vs Rememberance

Wild Man comments:

Yes – this holocaust thing, the industry that has formed around it (‘industry’ as in using the holocaust narrative as a cudgel to obtain unrelated tribute in a huge variety of ways) is very very telling imo. Who else does that? What other group uses their own dead (genocides throughout history are not uncommon) to curry unrelated favor in the here and now, to this utter extent? No other group does that to near the same extent. That is because, other groups at deep subliminal level, recognize that it is extremely shameful to do so. The dead should be respected. Their name should not be used to curry unrelated favor. Their name, if and when used, should only be used to promote the spirit of respect. Respect for the dead first and foremost. Their life and their death should never be made into an faux-ideological play-thing designed to extract unrelated tribute. That is reprehensible. The dead were real people who had real lives, filled with meaning, and it is beyond disgusting that that meaning will be so blatantly disrespected in this way. If and when we do that – we are lost. We are all gonna die. Each and every person shares that fate, and to some degree we are bound by that common fate. The jewish holocaust industry spits and shits on that common existential bond we all share, by demeaning it, in order to obtain the false comforts stemming from the coercive power associated with elevating jewish genocide above all others in this way, always in order to curry some unrelated favor of one form or another for jews, above all others, in the here and now.

Look – pointing to the injustice of genocide to right a wrong (the injustice) is a normal human response. Learn from the past. So as to try to avoid that occurring again in the future. That’s where every other group that has suffered genocide has decided the boundary of decency, with respect to honoring their dead, lies. The jews? – No – no such boundary is honored. Their own dead are used by the jewish tribe, not just to point to injustice, address that, and leave it at that (like every other group) – no …… watch what happens to the contrary with the holocaust industry ………. it goes well beyond that, crosses the boundary of common human decency, so as to be used to obtain unrelated tributes ….. the holocaust is brought up time and again as a rhetorical device to shut down discussion when the argument the jews favor is full of holes and being questioned ……. this is all done to obtain undeserving tribute of one form of the other.

This is telling because it amounts to pathological psychopathy with a BPD (feminine) bent. Furthermore, it is particularly telling because jews of all stripes seem to see nothing at all wrong with this. They all close ranks around the machinations of this holocaust industry. What gives with this demented tribe – demented in ways unlike anything else ever observed among the annals of humanity? Demented by way of this extreme racial narcissism?

Look – there have been some crazy things done through the annals of history, with respect to disrespecting the dead (or soon to be dead), it’s true. Cutting the heart out and eating it. Extreme forms of torture before and during death. Genital mutilations, ‘necklacing, etc. etc. Some of this still occurs upon occasion in predominately black environs to this day. Some of this still (though rarely) occurs among the afflicted in our own culture. And in warfare …… these types of things have always occurred. But as terrible as that is, it’s not at the same level of depravity as what the holocaust industry does. War-like death cult behavior is about attempting to extract the power associated with the MEANING of the lives of the victims. But the holocaust industry’s modus operandi is far worse. The holocaust industry negates the meaning of the lives of the jewish victims. To my mind it is akin to an attempt to deny the potency of the abstract genocidal attempt at ‘eating power’, by way of attempting to negate the reality of that power (the power associated with the meaning of the individual dead jew’s lives), by demeaning it, by way of gas-lighting, to mold that ‘meaning’ into a self-serving tool, to serve a completely unrelated agenda. it really is the depths of depravity.

So ….. by way of the logic of the holocaust industry, the lives of the dead jews have been made into a sick joke …. the lives of the dead jews have been made into a means to censor those that disagree with you, as a jew, so as to get your own way, in pretty much any unrelated matter.

Holocaust industry logic (and by extension, ‘jewish logic’, because jews close ranks around the machinations of this industry):

Dead jews = a tool, to be used by living jews, to ensure that, when push comes to shove, I always get what I want, no matter what.

Sick beyond belief because it is existentially disrespecting the dead. This is an extremely deep, sordid and intractable sin, because it (this sin) is akin to trading in existential matters. But everybody else knows existential matters (honoring the meaning of the lives of the dead) are not for sale. I don’t know why more people don’t see how sick this is. Nobody else does this. It truly is a very deep level psychic aberration – probably borne of a failure to normatively reconcile the objective/subjective dichotomy. There is alot of evidence that that is the etiology for this group condition. Explains the essence of the madness of the ‘god’s chosen people’ trope as well (that is unbelievably, astoundingly, still alive and well to this day).

“There can be no poetry after Auschwitz.” — Theodor Adorno (1951)

The aggressive ugliness of Holocaust memorials, particularly in countries that were never under German occupation, is in line with that solipsistic announcement.

Victory Day Parade

A well-executed military parade articulates man’s higher ideals. Russia’s annual Victory Day parades are among the best. These are the final years in which we will see veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

There was an article several years ago about old German and Russian veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad, who walked together on an organized tour of their old battlefield and bonded over their reminiscences. It’s always a sight to see a WWII veteran, of any nationality. The honorable ones, which means most of them, hoped that their contribution helps make a better world for their people. Most were in for a disappointed as the post-war decades unraveled. Those who are still with us can finally see the first rays of sunlight, however black the clouds.

The Eyes-Right tradition in drill & ceremony: when passing by the dignitaries’ stand, the soldiers turn their faces toward those stands, except the right-most flank. They continue looking straight ahead so that the formation doesn’t drift.

U.S. military doctrine emphasizes natural movement and posture. Normal marching stride, head and eyes level. Russians stylize those things with upturned faces and a crisp “goose step” stride. I also noticed that they can march while at Present-Arms (the salute). The American ceremonial hand salute is done, with exceptions, in the standing position of attention.

White nations are roughly divided into the Anglosphere, continental Europe, and Russia, which is reflected in our division into Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox branches of Christianity. Watch the Victory Day parade and marvel the miracles we accomplish when we act, individually or collectively, with faith and purpose.