A Banal Basis Of Liberals’ Fanaticism

“Globohomoism relies on conformity, the consensus of the elites is enforced on the plebes via allocation of status based on moral exhibitionism. What frustrates them most about Trump is he didn’t gain his status through their sanctioned pathway, he got rich, famous and popular through sheer force of will. So their favored tool, social ostracization, doesn’t work on him. He’s a free man, he will win or lose based on his own wits and merits, not by repeating globohomo scripts. To be able to carve one’s own path is all anyone can ask for.” – williamk

This helps explain the anti-MAGA fervor of ordinary shitlib Whites who oughtta know better.

My personal discussions with them, back when I thought that communication is possible, had me mystified by their fanaticism. My appeals to their personal experience, parental instincts, or other forms of rational self interest, not to mention appeals to higher values, fell flat. Libs’ eyes go blank when they concede that invaders hate said libs’ children and mean them harm.

And I wasn’t dealing with libs who live in super-zip bubbles, if there still is such a thing. Those weren’t ego-driven online flamewars among strangers but conversations among people you go way back with.

After all, this is the objective reality:

If MAGA wins, we win.
If MAGA fails, we lose.

If MAGA wins, libs possibly lose (loss of face and on up through retributions)
If MAGA fails, libs certainly lose (they will be destroyed along with all Whites)

So it’s no surprise that I have genuinely puzzled over their hysteria. I’ve proposed my Twelve  Theories, speculated about the liberal’s death-wish and wondered about the possibility of demonic contamination of their souls. Those are all zeroing in on the truth and the element of Evil is part of the picture.

But the cited comment opened the door to another explanation, a banal one: somewhat independently of a given lib’s intelligence and degree of connection with reality, many of them are one-chess-move-ahead thinkers.

Move One: Conformity to liberal values increases status and dissent diminishes status.

“Hey, what about you next move?”

(Dead eyes)

19 thoughts on “A Banal Basis Of Liberals’ Fanaticism

  1. I think that’s exactly right, from the conversations I’ve had with folks like that.

    “Look at the shiny new penny they gave me for my daughter! What a shrewd negotiator am I!”

    “Your *daughter*?!”

    “Yep. Where’s your penny, loser? No penny, huh, loser? Mine’s shiny!”

    There’s a lot of normality bias going around, too.

    And it’s hard for them to believe that the highest-status members of their own group want to destroy them and their posterity. It’s hard for anybody to believe that.

  2. Yes exactly. These people feel entitled to a president that represents the values they so vainly spent their lives trying to emulate. Shitlibs who have spent their entire lives social climbing, acquiring all the right credentials and virtue signaling, are deeply wounded that someone like Trump, with his working class vernacular and mannerisms, could come along and take a big messy shit all over their pretensions. They are offended that someone like Trump represents them and their ego can’t accept it. That’s why every week the news cycle spins out of control hysteria over every little thing he does.

  3. “…to carve one’s own path…”

    Eppur si muove. Opting for this ‘narrow path’ in an even more confusion-strewn e-motorcade is to accept the vital challenge of one’s birthright, steadfastly embracing the delicate Promise that only a careful, personal exegesis of the skies and their staggering works can reveal.

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  5. It’s still and always about status.

    The Leftists get their status from putting down White men.

    White men who are the real thing, can’t get status that same way. (they have to earn it)

  6. Porter’s current essay is on this theme, of how Leftists get their status by mobbing on dissenters, because it’s a thrill and it’s what they do.

    In Red America though, the real America — libs don’t get status by being fags, or acting like same.

    Silly status-signaling and its consequences which can be not-silly, all this comes about as people waste their time away because they are not busy with the business of life. And in the case of yenahus and associated non-Whites, for them it’s not necessarily wasting time; for them it can simply be aggression, passive or not.

  7. Democracy, the notion that every man and every woman has something to add to the polity, including masses of people who if left to their own devices would not survive a week, too stupid to avoid eating spoiled food or drinking bacteria or parasite laden water.

    Leftism is Nature’s ecological suicide switch for humanity. All of the Leftist Theocracy catechism is pure Mouse Utopia.

  8. Best observation ever. I have a good Jewish friend (to left of center, but not hysterical). I was discussing “Islamophobia” with him, and I asked him why he does not condemn a religion that wants him dead. His reaction: argue from authority–his old man’s more liberal Saul Alinsky-ish views heavily influenced my good friend to the point of Stockholm Syndrome befriending his sworn enemies. While this is a specific Muslim vs. Jewish issue, it reminded me of the “progressive” race to self-annihilation because it feels good to be nice.

    But they are not nice. They are traitors who are destroying me and my people without our permission.

  9. Goes back to Joachim de Fiore at least. A millennial age heralded in by a few knowledgeable (Gnostic?) elite, such as Order of the Just, Frankists, Lenin’s Vanguard, psychoanalysts, etc. Whether Jewish or Christian, the pride of knowledge really leads to the first and only heresy. Salvation comes from following the knowledgeable, enlightened, anointed ones.

  10. Every man a god, even if he’s dumber than a rock, especially if he’s been well-used as someone’s sock puppet to the point of a special case of incontinence.

    This is the affliction of our times, Dunning-Kruger raised to a large exponent.

  11. Nature’s culling of the perennially stupid & weak isn’t stopped, it’s just piling up behind the dam.

    Nature’s laws remain inviolable.

  12. Trump’s next move should be to agree to Snowden’s terms for his return. (A fair trial where he’s allowed to present his classified evidence.)

    Watch the liberal brain melt like a fucking popsicle under the sun. Trump would probably scoop up half of the Bernie vote.

  13. This is simple. America is a Jewish nation and has been since at least the 60s. As such, the correct opinions, values, biases, etc. are Jewish. Jews are a fanatical, revolutionary people. Based on personal experience, shitlibs come in two types; true believers(early adopters)and signalers. Leaders and followers. Both types watch the elites (now Jews) for the correct opinion and adopt it.

  14. — shitlibs come in two types; true believers(early adopters)and signalers. Leaders and followers. Both types watch the elites (now Jews) for the correct opinion and adopt it

    That’s not analogous to those of us on the Right. Some of us are certainly leaders and others followers, but whereas libs’ stance comes from an external source, ours comes from our innate alignment with what’s right.

    This way, libs shift their position on things according to how the elites rearrange their taboo/affirmation clusters.

    We, in turn, would follow our elites only as far as they also serve that which is good and natural. If our elites went too far in some perverse or harmful direction, we’d cut them loose. We follow our elites only so far as they champion our vision. For example, many of us supported G. W. Bush in his first term because we thought him to champion our ultimate vision, however imperfect he seemed to us then, with his nods to liberalism. We rationalized those compromises away as tactical moves. But once he pushed for open borders and the causus belli for the Iraq war was exposed as sham, we abandoned him.

    Unlike liberals, we didn’t follow him out of loyalty to political tribalism or to stay connected to a locus of power. We also didn’t turn to a stronger competing elite-figure such as Obama in 2008. We remained loyal to our intrinsic sense of right and wrong, and until Donald Trump’s entry, all we had was each other.

    Liberals, on the other hand, will follow their elite no matter what. I have no doubt that if the Left pushes p*d0-normalization, libs will defend that sickness with the same virulence with which they support tranny access to kids in bathrooms. Not because most liberals are pdos or tranny lovers (they aren’t), but because they follow the signals of their elite, as you say — and any intrinsic sense of right and wrong, whatever the moral system, matters not one iota to the liberal.

  15. This also shows why talking with liberals is futile. There is absolutely no appeal to anything, even the well-being of their children, that will sway them. Pointing to how the Left is hypocritical or unfair or historically murderous only gives them a hot-flash of pleasure, because it confirms to them that they are on the right side of power.

    Now, combine this with the liberal’s cognitive limitation as I described in the original post (their one-dimensional thinking) and you have otherwise-normal individuals who support sexual perversity they don’t relate to because that’s what the elites signal as being on the right side of power. You have otherwise-normal individuals who support racial integration despite being just as disgusted or uncomfortable with blacks as the rest of us because that’s what those in political power dictate.

    Every arrangement has its strengths and weaknesses. We on the Right, being that we identify with Truth over Power, can be broken by our insufficient opportunism. The Left, on the other hand — both its elites and its voters — is only as good as its appearance of strength. There is no loyalty on the Left, anywhere. There is only omerta and that is only as good as the size of their gun.

    This is why the Left always, ultimately, loses but usually not before it destroys so much good. As the song goes:

    It’s funny how one insect
    Can damage so much grain

    The practical takeaway for us here and now, is this: judge the character of every liberal you know personally — every single one — accordingly. We are living through an epic time, with Noah flood-like apocalypse. In a normal time, these liberals wouldn’t posture as your enemies. We’d all get along fine in an everyday way, we’d just think of them as wobbly where it matters. But in a time that polarizes everything and everyone, the masks are off.

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