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The Sopranos was a series for the George W. Bush era with its laying bare of the criminal character of America’s ruling class. The despair of the Obama years begat Breaking Bad, the show about blowing your brains out on meth. Cobra Kai is the story of the ascendant Trump era. I finally saw all ten episodes.

What those three shows have in common is a touch of authenticity about their respective historic periods. Cobra Kai is about Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso becoming great again. Miguel Diaz, the emo Hispanic teenager, is gracile, expressive, easy on the eyes. Robby Keene is Johnny’s troubled son who represents our future and our hope.

The object of the show is the sweetheart Samantha LaRusso, Daniel’s teenage daughter. In Sopranos, the analogous character was Tony’s precocious daughter Meadow Soprano. In Breaking Bad it was Jesse’s girlfriend Jane Margolis, the hipster chick who died of a drug overdose. In 1984’s Karate Kid, it was the blonde girl-next-door Ali Mills. What all of those young women represented, is America the Beautiful. And now, Samantha is the wheat-field virgin. She is America, for amber waves of grain. She is the prize.

Who will get her — Miguel the fatherless, assimilated white’ish immigrant?


Or Robby, Johnny’s forsaken son and America’s rightful heir?


Miguel is determined to overcome his underdog status, even if it costs him his honor. You can’t help but cheer for him when his fortunes are rising. Robby, who starts out as a petty criminal, reveals his innate nobility after his sensei takes him under his wing. He eclipses Miguel. His chemistry with Samantha is raw and natural at first sight, and that’s made stark the moment when she stands symbolically naked before Robby with her breasts visible through the sheer white top of her swimsuit. Nothing in cinematography is by accident. (Ali also flashed her charms like that in Karate Kid.)


Cobra Kai is a contest of complementary visions, which are personified in Johnny, the dispossessed White man and in Daniel, the descendant of Ellis Island immigrants and now a self-made member of the upper class.

Johnny’s philosophy is Cobra Kai ruthlessness, though when tempered by his honesty, he is the long-awaited hero who spits on Social Justice and by extension, on every fake virtue, every emasculation and flaccid lie that had claimed dominion over the souls of our people after the Reagan years. When a preening contestant at the Karate tournament makes a speech against hate and intolerance, Johnny tells his protégé: “Kick that pansy bitch in the face.”

Johnny counsels street-fight ethos for every situation in life. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. But he forgets to tell his impressionable students that while all’s fair in love and war, there are times when honor guides man’s behavior, so you don’t take a cheap shot in athletic competition.

Daniel’s philosophy is Mr. Miyagi’s counsel of balance. In Karate and in life. But while building his successful life, Daniel had lost a bit of that balance. He is comfortable, too much so. The rot is evident in his tenuous control over his family’s dramas, his passive-aggressive tactics against Johnny, and his frivolous use of Karate as a car-sales gimmick.

He also neglected to raise his son Anthony, given the boy’s obesity and video game addiction. Daniel gives all of his fatherly love to Samantha and passes his own sensei’s wisdom to her and to his new student. Johnny gives his paternal devotion, through a plot set-up, to Miguel and his dojo of misfits. This dual misalignment of patrimony drives the action and is symbolic of our displacement.

Johnny and Daniel had lost their way at mid-life and each seeks his redemption. They represent two halves of a whole: the warrior and the builder. In the narrative arc of its first ten episodes, Cobra Kai echos the urgency along with the new optimism of the Trump era: America. Who will keep her?

I made some observations about the first two episodes here.

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  1. I really wanted to like this show. It could have been really good. Unfortunately, it’s just more anti-white male race-mixing propaganda. It’s like they’re deliberately rubbing our faces in it.

  2. If that girl represents America then I understand why so many young men are going incel (which should be just “cel” as it’s voluntary). How old is she and she’s already got a double chin? Is a brown wife really all Heritage has to look forward to in life?

    Chakrates makes a point that you have to look past the medium in order to see the message, but often the medium IS the message. Whites understand the abstract message contained within an artistic medium. Browns see only what they’re looking at. I haven’t seen this show but, if the medium is “brown is beautiful” and “chase any girl that’s nice to you even the ugly ones”, then that’s also the message.

    I can appreciate the deeper message, but my own boys might not yet be old enough to understand that deeper message (I’d be fine with them taking “ruthlessness” away as the important lesson). They might take away “brown is beautiful” and nothing else. Then I’d be the one responsible for their cognitive dissonance when they later see girls who are actually pretty, or beautiful even, and can’t make what they’re seeing with their eyes jibe with what they were taught in their youth.

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  4. i have long checked out of tv and hollyweird productions. i haven’t watched a current mainstream movie since 2003. and even then, i found the nauseating narrative too predictable to actually hold my interest. of course, the terminology wasn’t there yet so I found it hard to describe exactly why that was so off-putting. i was too steeped in anti-white mentality to see the light, so everything was a confusing mish mash of contradicting messages. now I just watch mostly b-movies from before the 90’s for the sole purpose of being amused. i have also thought whether the ultimate solution to the current malaise of the west requires us to “get in with the times” and start watching whatever sludge they’re churning out nowadays as a way of mounting any argument based on current trends. but judging from the few times i peeked at any recent show/movie/series endorsed by the corporate media, i’d say that the future of entertainment is dim.

  5. — Unfortunately, it’s just more anti-white male race-mixing propaganda. It’s like they’re deliberately rubbing our faces in it. (Teutonick

    Not really. Kyler, who is Asian, had a shot with Sam but got his ass handed. I’m wondering if there is a pattern with (((their))) punking of Asians/Chinese in some kind of longer-term propaganda game of fucking with them: the black corn-rowed Jaden Smith’s getting the Chinese girl in the 2010 Karate Kid, the rice-mudhsharking in The Last Jedi, and now Kyler’s multiple humiliations in Cobra Kai.

    Robby is an Aryan and he’s set up as the natural match for Sam.

    But maybe there is more to it. Is Miguel “Look Whos Coming to Dinner” redux? – a “gracile, easy on the eyes” just-like-us emo Mestizo without their alien facial features to normalize spic-mixing?

    But I’m not picking up on that dynamic. SPOILER – Miguel drops the ball in the love and honor arenas.

    — with all art, you have to look past the simple appearance (Chakrates)

    Exactly. Like I said in the OP, the show is authentic to this era. No formulaic characters like liberal wet-dream snarky alpha, black male of sterling character, butt-kicking bitch-faced babe, etc.

    I’m watching the show and not just because I enjoy it artistically and philosophically. I’m also paying attention.

    — Is a brown wife really all Heritage has to look forward to in life? (greginaurora)

    She’s cute, has a touch of Italian, less so than Meadow Soprano. A charming, modest girl who has the prized feminine virtues.

    — i have long checked out of tv and hollyweird productions. (seldom seen)

    Same here. I sold my Telewitz five years ago, I watch roughly two hours a year, mostly at friends’ houses. Commercials “shock” me. I was at a bar with two friends recently, and saw one after another commercial on the TV over the bar featuring a mudshark and a nigger. I asked him “is it always like this?” He said Yes, but in the movies the big thing now is power grrrl stuff.

  6. She looks cute in the third picture but the nip-poke is waaayy too much information.

    It would be less immodest just to spring for full-on boobage a la Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet–though the tit-slip frames are so few, even freeze-framing the dvd was a bitterly disappointing experience. Just the briefest blur: though if someone can catch a decently clear screenshot, we should all be grateful.

    Queen-as-f**k Zeffirelli of course was far more interested in Romeo’s ass. In fairness though, the lingering shots of Olivia Hussey’s bare back (no bum) are pleasingly and modestly erotic.

  7. That girl looks Germanic with a touch of Italian (as PA said). She’s not beautiful or hot, but cute. She looks like someone who would be a good wife.

  8. Great take on Cobra Kai, PA. I had some thoughts, which I posted here:

    I definitely got the impression that all the “grrl power” and black inclusion on the show was perfunctory, to please the YouTube/Google/Alphabet paymasters. The scene where the libtard douchebag calls for a moment of silence against “hate and intolerance” really got the point across. Not only does Johnny tell Miguel to “kick that pansy bitch in the face,” but Daniel LaRusso sits there with an annoyed look, refusing to participate in liberal nonsense. The whole thing was a send up of liberal virtue signalling. The girl empowerment scenes were short, and could be eliminated with no consequence to the plot whatsoever. Of course, they might ruin it in seasons two and three, but I am willing to give it a shot.

  9. By 80s high school standards on looks alone she would be a seven-and-a-quarter.

    That’s not pointy elbows bs, that’s just the facts.

    She does look to have a pleasant personality.

  10. — she would be a seven-and-a-quarter

    You can also see how she’s “barely-in” the queen bees clique. Socially, her dad’s wealth is her ticket in. But for example, she always sits in the back seat when out with the other girls.

  11. — Of course, they might ruin it in seasons two and three, but I am willing to give it a shot

    That’s always possible. Sopranos faltered in places in later seasons, with anti-racist themes (Columbus Day), PC-compliant minor characters like the Sterling Character Black Male (the fired state trooper), no mobster retaliation against nignog attacks like when Bobby lost his eye.

    Breaking Bad could have done well to end in an earlier season.

    Financial considerations push artistic ones aside when a single-season show gets extended. The story arc fizzles into “one adventure after another” narrative structure. Maybe it’s gonna be all about Sam as the tough karate girl. We’ll have to see.

    Regardless, it wouldn’t matter because the original story arc with its philosophical questions is all that matters. And of course, there is a possibility that they will do future seasons well.

  12. — the nip-poke is waaayy too much information

    Lucius muh Nillah, I couldn’t disagree more!

    The wet sheer top is a ripped-bodice, sartorially updated and softened for the premise of Sam’s innocence!

  13. — Maybe “complacency “ is the real theme. How long do you, can you, tolerate the poo being flung at you?

    Thought provoking observation.

  14. Sopranos was good through to the end.

    In fact it got better once it found its feet, which was pretty quickly: the pilot was a little wobbly and after that it took off and never faltered even unto its brilliant finish.

    Which brilliant finish was unequivocally Tony getting whacked by the Members Only guy coming out of the bathroom, at his ‘three o-clock’, which symbolism was foreshadowed several times and way back in the storyline.

  15. Back before the internet, I would watch that series start to finish, and know it better than anyone should.

    It really was the first last and best television. I said in a recent post comment that True Detective was in its league, but actually it was nowhere close.

    Nothing I have seen comes close. David Chase was compared by some anonymous commenter (non-AR commenter) to Michelangelo painting the Sistene Chapel and i thought he was being hyperbolic, but really he wasn’t. Because there is no other piece of artwork, in the whole wide world, in this our era, that is in its place.


    I am tempted to go point-by-point through PA’s specific criticisms above, but instead will just say Sopranos was racist and woke and didn’t pull any punches on niggers or jews. They were portrayed accurately, from the perspective of NJ Italian American.

    It also contained many fractal references to the nature of art and creativity, and also was grounded in philosophy. David Chase was a genius.

    Check out the Director’s Commentary to the pilot, which is with Chase and (get this) Peter Bogdanovich, who as you will recall played the character of Dr Melfi’s psychiatrist.

    Bogdanovich is a big man in the artsy movie scene, so apparently Chase respects him. Bogdanovich actually refers to “the goyim” in this conversation, indicating to Chase that he (Chase) is not to be considered a part of them.

    Which theme is treated extensively throughout the series: Italians as “jews with better food.”

  16. The Indians were lampooned hugely in the Columbus Day episode. The casino owner for instance was 100 per cent White (appearing).

    Chase said of that episode it was one of his least favorites.

    The black cop who pulled over Tony and gave him a hard time was described by his superiors on the police force, as having anger issues and being a liability. Also in that episode Meadow got her bike stolen at university by “a black” and Tony had an awesome I told you so moment with her.

    The bangers who fucked up Bobby’s eyes were portrayed as having the mental age of retards. Also, Bobby was mocked for being stupid enough to go into that neighborhood alone. They were an anonymous swarm and never would have been found. Also Bobby was on the outs with the rest of the crew for other various issues, and they didn’t mind seeing him get fucked up.

  17. Your recollection of detail in Sopranos is better than mine. I saw the early seasons, missed many episodes in the middle (relying on online plot summaries to keep up), and saw the last season.

    A testament to the skill of directing was the fact that every one of the protagonists looked so ugly. Not literally the actors themselves, but the evil or corrupt nature of the characters they played was well reflected in their overall look. Some of the minor characters downright oozed vileness through the screen — Ritche, for example (the guy who crippled the pizza place proprietor) – or Ralph Cifaretto, or that old fart who gets out of prison and attacks the two landscapers trimming a small tree.

  18. Off topic, Counter Currents has an article up called Eric Clopper’s Sex & Circumcision

    It’s about this guy Eric Clopper who is a millennial jew but has a strong face, and is making a bid to be a good jew, which category some prominent AR personalities will not accept, but I would make a case for them.

    Check out Clopper’s face, and then consider his willingness to stand up against the jews and by direct implication for White Americans and specifically baby boys.

    Counter Currents has well deserved reputation for being finicky and well, gay in regarding their comment moderation. But still I submitted this following:

    Once you’ve been bought into it, or had it done to you or someone you love, it is adaptive to believe that it’s not harmful.

    The evidence, not to mention the commonsense, is clear that Male Genital Diminishment is traumatic and harmful. Just ask that hundreds or thousands of White babies who died from the medical shock. And ironically, how many of them, had they survived, would speak out in favor of it.

    In any case, 10 out of 10 babies are against it, which is the reason that they have to be strapped down into the circumrestraint.

    Remember that dream that you used to have well into adolescence, where you were immobilized and someone was coming to get you and it was as if your reflexes and synapses weren’t working and you couldn’t get away?

    Generally men don’t like to say that they have any problems performing sexually with women. However in the discussion online, youtube elsewhere here wherever, plenty of men will state that it has caused them problems in bed. Or in more technical terms, made sexual intimacy and pair bonding more difficult to impossible.

    tfw you can hardly tell when it’s in

    That feeling is not normal, btw. The non-American brand penis is the most innervated set of organs IN (in, not out) the body. But not for Americans, their sex is reduced to that of non-evolved hominids.

    Intact genitals correlate with more sensual and pleasurable sex, and thus help in long term pair bonding which is a part of evolutionary strategy.

    Finally, the effects a diminished innervation profile is felt, or rather not (felt), more keenly later in life, when one’s dick isn’t so erect all the time.

    The current research as available online and from a layman’s perusal, indicates that the diminishment of sensation as measured by body tissue nerve endings thrown into the trash, is greater in male genital diminishment than in female genital mutilation, by a factor of ten to one, or by one order of magnitude. Fact: the commonly listed numbers of nerves in the clitoris is nine thousand, versus the estimate for nerves lost in a diminished penis, at 20 thousand on the low end, to 140 thousand on the upper.

    Which measure of pleasure, does not begin to address the different roles of male and female sexuality, and how the diminished pleasure response will play differently on those different roles. As in, a female will get sexed either way, but a man with diminished pleasure rewards not so much.

  19. from a practical standpoint: how does one go about reversing this perverse notion we have that foreskin mutilation is not only acceptable but considered some sort of cultural good (while FGM is vile)?

    In the context of women talking amongst themselves, say with their friends and peers who are expectant mothers, or something like that?

    I don’t know, how to convince them. Many of them feel that they want their babies genitally reduced, because intact genitals are smelly and gross.

    I have told the women I know well enough that the topic has come up, my feelings. That I hate that it was done to me, and that it’s been sexually crippling to the point that I can’t really have satisfying intimates sex.

    It’s only now that I am 50 years old and know longer “crave” sex in that way, that the perspective of the failed sex expression in my life heretofore, is seen in a context that makes more sense to me, as such context includes the limitations of a diminished set.

    And also now that I don’t hold myself to blame for the failure of it all, the failure of Life to be expressed in sexual intimacy and pair bonding, and family and pleasure and joy and life.

    People who advocate for Male Genital Reduction Assignment Surgery, are fanatical; and they will take such personal statements and use them to their advantage, and say that only the strong survive

    “Tough nuts kid, better men managed to procreate and get on with it, and had no problems.”

    And that take on things is true enough, in its own way.

    Call me a sap, I just don’t like cutting up children, especially those in my family, as a sacrifice to a hostile extended phenotype.


    That it’s even an argument, in the Alt Right and the wider Dissident Right, just goes to show the extent that brainwashing is an active force in human development and evolution.

    Those who advocate carving up their children, are effectively doing their enemy’s bidding.

    And they have no place in a White country.

    And if America is not that White country, then to hell with it. If there is no homeland in the new world, wherein White children are safe from the predations of sickos, then America is on the trash heap and good riddance.

  20. I am one-trick pony on this stuff, but …

    This is in to those who don’t want to hear about the pain of circumcision, and to a misc criticism or two read elsewhere, over at Counter Currents and CH, leveling that “anti circ” activists are obsessed MGTOW faggots and MRA gay. (And we’re not “anti-circ” we are anti-mutilation; using that basic bitch reversed meaning “anti” rhetoric is predictable and weak.)

    They have it backwards.

    What’s gay and lame, is not being concerned about what was done you!

    Even though having that attitude is adaptive, it’s not honest and thorough, and doesn’t belong in the realm of ruthless real talk and true manliness, which is ultimately about not lying to yourself, or anyone else.

    Are you really ok, what was done you?

    Are you a better man, for NOT caring about it?

    What if it was done yesterday, when you were 25 years old, would you expect (of yourself) to feign that same attitude of NOT caring, that the best part of your dick was cut off?

    No one is their right mind! answers Yes to those questions.

    If last night, some people restrained you and mutilated your dick, or to your son, you wouldn’t be ok with it.

  21. Elk: The Northern Hemisphere’s future President of Pukka Pecker Precaution, has won me over on this issue. I was somewhat indifferent until I noticed his overwhelmingly persistent vigor in maintaining and guarding the assailable foreskin frame.

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