Srce Vatreno

It really is different when your country is small and nobody outside of your broader extended family understands your language.

Then: Song from Yugoslavia. “History as anthology” per reader Each Pond Gone’s apt reflection. Now: anthem-rock from the band Zaprešić Boys. There is no one vocalist. It’s team cadence.

Igraj moja Hrvatska (Play, my Croatia). Eastern Europe bedazzles people who live in points-west because it shows what normal life looks like. This video shows boys and girls outside of an apartment complex twenty years ago, and then as adults in the present year, getting ready for the big game. God, who works in mysterious ways, had shielded one half of Europe with the Iron Curtain.

U porazu i pobjedi (In defeat and in victory). Choral power in every verse and chorus. The video is the antidote to anyone in Eastern Europe who still wants to leave everything and go west. Fool’s gold.

Srce Vaterno” (Fiery Heart). Sing the chorus out loud when Croatia wins the World Cup:

Bijelo-crvena polja hrvatska / The white-red Croatian colors
Na dresu sjete me da ja volim te / On the jersey remind me that I love you
Igrajte za nju, Našu voljenu / Play for her, our beloved
Nek jače kuca to srce vatreno / Beat harder, the fiery heart

And the lighter side of Balkan sounds as you get ready for the game; the young and the old, the traditional and the modern, all in one voice: Hrvatska!


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  2. Couldn’t quite dock the rainy denouement. But I see the “golden ball” was in fact secured by Team Cream; an inspiring performance and presence in an all-around gutsy tournament. I’m wondering what sports ‘Nova Europa’ & Co. will be playing a century from now. I can envision an arcane combo of boxing, powerlifting and baseball, each game played on a series of rounded fields like golf does w/ holes. I’m sure someone’s working diligently on such a project.

  3. Sad that Croatia lost to the mud bloods. But it’s just sports ball. In 20 years the entity formerly known as France will no longer exist. Croatia will still be a nation.

  4. The way I see it, is that a real national team from a small country had beaten one after another squad composed of non-European players — but couldn’t overcome the All-Africa All Stars. Winning gives you wings, losing keep hubris at bay. I’d have loved to see Croatia win the World Cup. Glad they got as far as they did and played well, and were hard to beat. There is no doubt in my mind that this Croatian team will be immortal in their countrymen’s legends to the end of time.

  5. Anonymous Conservative points to K-shift manifesting itself across all places and spheres in life. Something I noticed, is that Eastern European countries had gotten away from flouting their women’s beauty, to projecting a more masculine national image. An example, if you had clicked on them, is the Zaprešić Boys videos in this post.

    I had started thinking of this some years ago when I saw two giant ads at a major airport, for Air France and Emirates Airlines. The French ad had a photo of a beautiful stewardess. The Emirati ad had two galloping horses. They were side by side and the accidental feminine/masculine juxtaposition was not lost on me. I wondered, “What if Air France were to use robust male iconography to advertise their country, by proxy of their airline?” It wouldn’t have to be in-your-face hairy balls. The galloping stallions in the Emirates ad makes its point at one remove.

    Since then, I’ve been adamantly saying that it’s the men who represent the nation. Heartiste once featured a poster of a White Students Union at a Toronto university, which showed two good looking men. I commented that I like the fact that White advocacy is getting away from worshiping (the very real and sublime) beauty of our women — which shouldn’t be flashed up to please a multiracial audience.

  6. Apologies for being dramatic, but the Slivovitz has tipped my hand:

    (“My heart is in the coffin there with Hrvatska,/ And I must pause till it come back to me”)

  7. Interesting point about women used as advertising props/lures.

    Feminist theory cannot square that circle. People are hungry for a return to father’s dining table.

  8. OT, but this is a must-read article from Ron Unz.

    I especially loved how he made the economic point that I’ve been making for ten years. A sample:

    Critics today of all backgrounds bemoan the total impoverishment of so much of America’s once comfortably affluent middle class, noting that some sixty percent of the American population today possesses less than $500 in readily available savings. A younger generation has been reduced to permanent debt-servitude by ruinous student loans, while the the newspapers report that the opioid drug epidemic has claimed a dreadful toll in lives and family-breakdown even while Wall Street and other elite sectors of the financialized economy are richer than they have ever been before. There are certainly many different explanations for this sad economic trajectory, including technological change, growing international competition, and shifts of political power in the American system of government. But it does sometimes seem like a substantial fraction of our population has been reduced to a 21st century version of the drunken, ignorant, exploited, indebted, impoverished, and immiserated Slavic peasantry of the Jewish-dominated Pale of Settlement, and a striking graph produced by the Economic Policy Institute demonstrates that a very sharp economic inflection point occurred in the early 1970s, right around the time that the aforementioned ethnic transformation of our ruling elites was fully under way.

  9. The ad agency employed by Papa John’s, tried to extort the CEO of out $6 million after he used the “n-word” on a conference call. Nevermind the context in which he used said word was in support of anti-racism. The CEO of the ad agency is (((Casey Wasserman))).

  10. “But it does sometimes seem like a substantial fraction of our population has been reduced to a 21st century version of the drunken, ignorant, exploited, indebted, impoverished, and immiserated Slavic peasantry of the Jewish-dominated Pale of Settlement”

    I have what I believe to be a pretty solid theory (which alas is altogether over Steve Sailer, Film Critic,’s head) that Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate” ran afoul of the (((New York))) film critics because they correctly surmised some (((subtext))) in his film that was right along this alley.

    The end credits list “German merchants” who would be those who go to Kris Kristofferson offering to sell out the Slav immigrants. He replies by horsewhipping them out of his presence, an act which in the Christological arc of the film is clearly corresponds to Christ cleaning out the Temple. (((German))) merchants, are they?

    And while at least today the film’s awesome cinematography is no longer in dispute, the quotable charms of Cimino’s script still go sadly neglected. A curiously rat-looking Sam Waterson fumes at Kristofferson: “You’re a traitor to your class!” “You were never my class,” he replies; “You’d have to die and be born again first.”

  11. It is simply mind-boggling that Tanstaafl cannot bring himself to know the Jew qua Jew as the archetype anti-white (S)upremacist.

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