Go Croatia!

Croatia plays “England” tomorrow at 2:00 PM Eastern US Time. If you are English, you’re better off cheering for your fellow Europeans because the blacks on your team by definition aren’t English, therefore your team isn’t.


As far as I can tell, every player on the Croat team is a son of Hrvatska. The match represents a contest between good and evil. To globalists, filth from Hell that they are, an uncontaminated European team burns like holy water. Where they can’t make us kill each other in a fratricidal war, they push the culture of death. Where they can’t have us self-annihilate with despair and sterility, they set up a debt-bondage economy. Where they can’t enslave us, they promote mixing. Where we stay true to our blood, they open the borders.

Athletic competition is an apex achievement of civilization because it gives human aggression a field on which honor obligates the competitors to keep it clean. All’s fair in love and war but a cheap shot in sports dishonors you. The Olympic Truce (ékécheiria, “laying down of arms”) was announced before the Games of 776 BC so that the host city is not attacked and athletes and spectators can travel safely.

Spectator sports is a communal event where your finest go up against the rival’s finest. International athletic competition represents the fraternal spirit among nations. In an honorable contest, the winner and the loser shake hands. But there is no honor in padding your team with foreign talent. That’s playing dirty, literally and figuratively. Africa’s population bubble offers a pool of one billion to augment the eleven-man squad. Reach for that ring, and you corrupt everything: who gives a damn about the game’s outcome when cheap imports fill the roster.

Croatia is a small country of 4.1 million people, up from 2.8 million in 1890. Whatever the final numbers on the scoreboard, tomorrow’s game will be the glory of Croatia because her players and fans aren’t cucked.

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  1. The Dalmatian Coast is a bucket list destination to be sure. My family first visited during the summer of 1990, right before the war.

    Most tourists will make a beeline to Dubrovnik. A worthy destination. But if you want to get away from the crowds, I recommend a long weekend in Korčula.

    Upon arriving in Korčula, we met a family who insisted that my family would sleep in the main bedroom of their house while they slept in the sitting room. They also prepared a family supper for us every night.That’s how friendly people are in Korčula!

    I have a cooler full of Karlovačko Pivo. My dad is getting ready to grill up a batch of Ćevapčići.

    One of my best friends is Serbian, but even he is pulling for Croatia. There are times of war, and there are times of peace. Leave it to Europeans to create the Christmas Truce of 1914.

  2. I wanted Russia to win it all, just to be a huge poke in the eye to all the anti-Russian (((agitators))). But with Russia out, I’m 100% pulling for Croatia. The U.K. has become a degenerate charnel house. Nothing good will ever come out of that place again, unless they have a massive purge. The French team is basically the African team. Belgium is a bit better but not much.

    It would be so great if Croatia wins the whole thing. A long shot — at least so say the people who know soccer, though they’ve been wrong about a lot in this tournament — but they may have God behind them.

  3. There are a couple fantastic honey liqueurs from thereabouts; ‘Melkey’ is a known one. Apparently used as a sort of invigorating medicine historically. Would be great to find some again. Croatia’s players shouting their impassioned slogans actually stirring up controversy is hard to stomach. As if they’re expected to learn trad. black gospel songs for the sake of politeness.

    I’ve had some formidable training partners that played high-level soccer. They’d be great in the 800m if they were in track. Excellent partners for more distance-oriented workouts, they’ll shrug off a multiple-vomiting episode as if they were briskly itching a mole. Nice to see those fiery Croats go so far.

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  5. EPG, the official hard liquor of the Balkans is Slivovitz, a type of plum brandy that is similar to Italian grappa.

    Some people claim it is too strong to be enjoyed outright. Those people are not to be trusted.

  6. I’m definitely rooting for Croatia. There is something more admirable about using your own home grown talent rather than just paying for the best players.

  7. The globalists are in dire need of Examples, capital-E. An “English” team that is mixed “proves” that we are all brothers under the skin, ready to be lined up for one cash register or another. Final globalist analysis: What’s in it for our class? The class that rules through political bribery and commercial TV, through mega-corporations and lax sweatshop-country standards, through despair and outrageous entertainment fiascos.

    End result? A world that is even more Balkanized than it is meant to be.

  8. — Some people claim it is too strong to be enjoyed outright. Those people are not to be trusted.

    You got that right. I had Śliwowica in Poland, also plum brandy. It’s 80% alcohol so you have to drink it in small sips. The taste is indescribably good.

  9. the 2010 world cup was the last in which i barracked for england and they were already diverse enough. needless to say, back then i still believed in feminism, equality and gay rights. how far we have become.

    admittedly, the croats are not the best side left in the competition. if they happen to lose, that’s going to be with honour for not having resorted to simian backup and respect to their populace for not supporting the corporate globalist elite that hates them.

    for the new england and france players 🍌

  10. I think we can just say that any victory that doesn’t go to the Croats at this point is invalid, because stacking your team with Africans is cheating. So they’ve already won by default.
    This crap is one reason why I literally never watch sportsball.

  11. “stacking your team with Africans is cheating.” – Heretic Phi

    I have to disagree with this statement. What African team has ever won the World Cup?

    From an HBD standpoint, the fast-twitch muscles that Sub-Saharan Africans possess are not an advantage in The Beautiful Game. And the long-distance marathon winners from the Rift Valley of Kenya and Ethiopia may seem superior on paper, but that superiority has yet to manifest itself in the world of soccer.

    The only country with significant African blood to have consistent success in the World Cup is Brasil. And Brasil is one of the largest countries in the world, both by land mass and population.

    I have visited Brasil three times over the past two decades. It is difficult to imagine a country more obsessed with soccer than Brasil.

    Just picture the USA if it was as committed to soccer as Brasil is. Every elite athlete in the country dedicated to that one sport. If that was the case the USA would have won the World Cup many times over already!

  12. Back when America was a tapestry of White people with history, Croatians were thought of as tough hard working and reliable. Probably and drinking a lot too.

    They were in these parts, miners and loggers. Do those communities still exist, or did they get acculturated to the American mainstream and lost?

    The local character and long term governor Rudy Perpich, deceased, was Croatian and from the Iron Range. He was governor in the 70s. Browsing his wiki, he might have been described as a statesman and not just a pol: a part of what made people think of this state as more better than some of its other neighbors such as ‘shitty’ Wisconsin and ’dull’ Iowa.

  13. Lothar of the Hill People
    first off, it’s not that brazil are that good at football. a lot of their success can be ascribed to officials giving them the necessary push so they can overcome whatever obstacle might thwart them. their 1994 and 2002 fifa world cup wins had a lot of referee meddling to help things go their way. in 1994 against the netherlands that branco’s free kick that resulted in their winner came from a retaliation foul after he slapped a dutch player’s face and everyone ignored that. against sweden inthe semifinal the referee sent off a swede for a foul that didn’t merit even a yellow card. in 2002, rivaldo feigned injury against Turkey after someone kicked the ball at his feet and the referee sent off the “offending” turkish player. in the round of 16 Belgium had a regular goal disallowed for an alleged foul that was merely more play-acting. also, they’re historically sore losers, resorting to violence when they’re losing and manipulation and mind games (3rd world style) when they’re winning, like screaming at officials, diving, and kicking the ball away after it’s out of play to buy time. no doubt that they’re still good and even one of the best in the world, but the amount of support they get from footballing authorities is largely responsible for their success.

  14. I did not know that Perpich was of that ancestry, and would not have guessed it from his name. His wiki is fairly interesting. He wanted his state to distinguish itself and do worthwhile progressive things. The DFL, it was called. Apparently he was involved in getting the Mall of America, which was after his time in office.

    Back in the 70s, a certain suburb near to here had a reputation for being more ‘ethnic’ which in those days meant non-wasp, typically Italian and misc Slavic.

    To this day, it can sort of be seen in some of the civil servants — aka the overpaid police.

    That suburb was simply closer in and the property less expensive and more working class. Less Heritage American and more Italian.

    What was left of those rivalries played out some in the high school sports. Nowadays probably not so much.

  15. also (real) african teams are usually mediocre because they’re still local teams. senegal only uses senegalese to play for them, unlike globalist sides that shop for players in the whole of africa, the americas and the middle east. they’re searching for the best, while senegal has only a limited pool of players to choose from, the requirement being heritage senegalese. i also doubt that the globalists will ever make a 100% diverse team for them. they seem to be against vibrant managers, and always look to keep at least 1 european player to elicit coordination from his 70 iq peers.

  16. jx and Elk, great comments.

    My favorite World Cup team of all time is Italy, 1982. It’s hard to imagine a moment that tops Tardelli’s goal.

  17. The bookmakers will say it’s and uphill climb, but at this time, in this moment – with the tide turning for Europeans seemingly everywhere – it does feel like this could be one of those serendipitous things, doesn’t it?

  18. “…uphill climb…”

    Smallest country to make the final since 1950.

    And tremendous timing. It’s like the entire Alt Right has made a headlong charge to the top of Annapurna. Just a brimming handful of nimble-footed negros eating sweetened baguettes in the way of mounting a flag — and recharging the vanguard of Europe. It must be done in glory, no matter Sunday’s score.

  19. the 2006 fifa world cup final was the last to have a good ending. seeing the muslim whore’s bastard lose it was alone worth it.

  20. tfw you’d like to get even with people but paradoxically have enough perspective to know that’s not how it works

  21. Topic — Entertainment
    Medium — Television
    Service Provider — Netflix
    Category — British TV shows
    Series — Locked Up Abroad
    Season 8, Episode 7: Hippie Mafia

    The pictured boomer asshole on the left (your right) turns out to be a real world hero.

    His name is Eddie Padilla, and he is the founder of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, which was in the 60s in California and therefore in the spirit of neither irony and nor gay.

    But anyways, he eventually got busted into jail in Peru, quite certainly one of the very worst prisons, and then but escaped.

    His presentation is something to behold.

    Ooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzing ALPHA from real world trials but come through humble.

    nb4 he is clearly castizo; some of those guys can be pretty cool; in America, they will inevitably occasionally fall on the White side of the line

  22. He might not actually be Castizo, he might just be Spanish and part Portuguese or something. But a quick guess from his bio is very likely part Mexican.

    His extended phenotype, if you will pardon the expression, is Aryan.


    On the personal, last couple weeks I fallen off BAP-levels of rl heroism, and watching television. And so it goes.

    This show is from 2007 and I have made this comment before.

    The series is quite well known, for instance to the faggots at Chapo Trap House and such others.

    But its over arching theme, is how White Westerners end up in prison, for dealing drugs essentially, and then have to become hard men in order to escape and or survive.

    The ones who get made shows out of, have remarkable stories to say the least. It is inspiring in the sense of the unstoppable White hero who will not go down. Of course many others end up dead and otherwise broken.

    The guys who are made into episodes are self-selected as extreme risk-takers to begin with, being willing to smuggle drugs across national borders takes a certain type of person.

  23. It’s really the best television, that show. There’s apparently 8 seasons and approximately 100 episodes and they vary in quality.

    They mix in documentary footage with “biographical re-enactment” or whatever it would be called in the trade.

    But the thing is, the producers get it right, the biographical re-enactment, at least some of the time. They know that they can’t cast low-T faggots in the roles for say, enforcers.

    The story for the subjects, the White Westerners typically English and American, usually goes the same way. They start out making an easy trip and then it gets worse.

    There’s a lot of money to be made in drug smuggling. But now it’s not the same as it was back then.

  24. A person can spend a lot of time on youtube, watching whatever. There is all this footage of life in the slums, and people on drugs and going crazy.

    And to point out the obvious. That’s the reality — drugs and going crazy — that a good portion of the world is at. Right now. Complete levels of third-world dysfunction, and it’s spreading more and more every day. Every minute of every day. Except in one place; the Philippines. And maybe some other places.

    It certainly is wanting to spread in parts of America. But on the other hand, the Trump Effect is real, and a lot of White men are driving around with guns in their trucks, and having a “dampening” effect just by being out there and looking for niggers trouble and just driving around.

    We can’t lawfully carry loaded weapons to hand, in our trucks, in this state, so it’s a felony and ill-advised.

    The cops are the only ones who do it around here. This is about the most sheltered municipality on the face of teh earth, along with some other similar places elsewhere. But even here, the rot is just down the block.

  25. Family problems kept me from going shooting this weekend. I don’t mind not shooting though, it’s hard on the old ears and hearing damage is cumulative. Even with doubled-up protection.


    Another recommended show is The Public Space, hosted by Frenchman “JF” Jean-Francois Gariépy.

    Which Frenchman some time recently ago took a lot of flak for doxing Ricky Vaughn. What his side of the story might be, I don’t know, but a lot of prominent Dissident Right personalities condemn him in no uncertain terms.

    That aside, his youtube is very hot. He gets all the best guests.

    This episode, Author Colin Flaherty | TPS #33, is with the Chicago-based journalist Flaherty.

    Flaherty is an interesting guy. Very old-school and forceful personality, but boomer-tier constipation in his thought processes. For instance he refuses to allow that blacks attacking Whites might have reasons that can be described as genetic.

    Which example of retard-tier stubbornness, what can one say?

  26. The other show I would comment on, is HateHouse, on TRS.

    Host Larry Ridgeway and first guest Azzmador are both personalities who have talent for the medium of podcasting.

    But on their latest the topic of circumcision came up, and they’re treatment of it, was with kid gloves.

    For fucks sake guys. It’s not about poor semitic jews getting their penises “sucked” by mohels.

    That meme has got to go. The meme of circumcision being about poor little jews getting their dicks “sucked” by dirty old men. Yeah it’s all true, and sick and disgusting, but here’s the thing.

    This is the Alt Right and we don’t care about jews and their problems. Our concern is for White people.

    The topic of circumcision, and it’s 100 per cent confined to baby jews.

    Azzmador seemed like he wanted to say something more.


    To repeat though. The meme of circumcision being about jews getting their dicks sucked by dirty old men — that meme has got to go, because that’s not what it’s about, and it’s covers up the damage that has been and is still being done, to White people.

    They talk about circumcision for five fucking minutes, and it’s jokes about baby jews getting their dicks sucked?

    So they just forgot to mention the 100 million White Americans who were inflicted with same?

    Come on. If the AR wants a reputation for real talk, then real talk and quit covering your concerns with lame memes about baby jews.

  27. HateHouse is entertaining.

    Some people have talent for podcasting, and most people don’t.

    Ridgeway can speak extemporaneously with imagination and feeling, and Azzmador has a lifetime of memories and perspective he brings to bear.

    The topic as outlined above, began on their latest episode just after the halftime break. And I would request of anyone listening to it, to measure my above summary of their treatment, and verify that it is exactly as I described.

    Why when such a sensitive topic comes, are we suddenly concerned exclusively with baby jews? and not willing to speak on what’s been done to us?

  28. * Necessary Correction —

    “Which Frenchman some time recently ago took a lot of flak for doxing Ricky Vaughn. What his side of the story might be, I don’t know, but a lot of prominent Dissident Right personalities condemn him in no uncertain terms.”

    My mistake. It was the Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen who doxed Ricky Vaughn.

    Speaking of drama, the 200-page MPC thread on the Clone Wars is abrush with recent activity,


  29. That MPC thread is specifically about the ongoing and seemingly irreparable rift between the Conservadads at MPC on one side and the NEETsoc’s at TRS and elsewhere, on the other.

    CH and the commentariat there, I would say has a foot in each camp.

    The larger topic though, is what is effective politicking.

    Weev is an MPC poster, and in that thread he goes against grain and defends TRS and specifically Mike Enoch and his podcast The Daily Shoah, with the gong show fact, that Enoch’s show has the most listeners. Case closed, bigots

    Weev is right on this point, of course.

    a) Complaining about them being NEETsoc “losers”
    b) Them having more listeners

    >>> Choose one

    It’s not all about quantity though. Who wouldn’t rather have Trump’s ear, than a thousand ears belonging to basement wankers.

    The standard explanation for that their rift, is old men versus younger men.


    I didn’t like Ricky Vaughn’s voice. He sounded to me like a very dull person, with 3d6 creativity levels down around 7 or 8.

    On the other hand, he was a smashing twitter success.

  30. Popular site American Digest had graciously linked to the recent post “About the Sexual Market.” A commenter there amusingly wrote:

    The article about the sexual market….about the third comment down some genius was pissing about the j000s. How clever. These people have nothing of interest to say. Critiquing the young girls of the country. I bet they are saggy old bastards that never leave the house, etc etc. How I hate them.

    Normie conservative please. Comments on this blog are awesome, I have read every single one of the 24,585 approved comments posted here to date. Under that post, they were particularly interesting.

    I’m neither saggy, nor old, nor a bastard (except in the good way) and I do occasionally leave the house. Just came back from several days in the Appalachians. Rented home, mountain river in the front yard, firing my gunzzz in the back yard. Nobody around for at least a quarter-mile. A few reflections:

    As much as I travel, it still hits me, how things are different in low-density, non-invaded rural parts of the country. People are genuinely friendly. A teenage girl working at the ice cream store where we stopped was, literally, the most attractive and feminine young woman I’ve seen in a very long time. Love that mellifluous Charlotte Simmons accent. Healthy, confident young White dudes at the volunteer fire department and on a road crew.

  31. The anti-racist lynch mob has claimed another scalp. In an incident very similar to the Netflix executive’s use of the N-WORD in a discussion supportive of anti-racism, the Papa John’s CEO was pressured to step down after he used the word in a conference call. Not discussed in a single MSM article on the incident is the context in which he used the word, which was to decry the fact that Colonel Sanders (of KFC) used the word without repercussions.

    How did things get so batshit insane? Now simply describing is enough to be racist. What this is essentially is an all out war on white men.

  32. The article about the sexual market….about the third comment down some genius was pissing about the j000s. How clever. These people have nothing of interest to say. Critiquing the young girls of the country. I bet they are saggy old bastards that never leave the house, etc etc. How I hate them.

    You can’t please everyone all the time, huh.

  33. Papa John, the man himself, disavowed the AR.

    It’s extremely ironic that he is stepping down for saying the dreaded N-word.

    It’s frankly hard to believe that it’s real. Anglin asks whether he memed it into existence, and you have to think that he did.

    The Daily Stormer, under some circumstance whatever they were, adopted Papa John’s as the official pizzeria of the Alt Right. And obviously that got them thinking about it.

    Papa John probably got used to thinking “nigger” and then he said it.

  34. I bet they are saggy old bastards that never leave the house, etc etc. How I hate them.

    I try to be as hard as I can, and make something of my life.

    It’s a challenge (to do that), and who meets that challenge all the way and to the end?

    Most people struggle quite a bit. Maybe even it can be said, that most people fail utterly.

    The challenge of being a man in a domesticate living arrangement — is not a challenge that be so easily brushed aside with such easy contempt and derision.

  35. The questions that were raised in that thread, bear a summary.

    Because those questions remain. I don’t know why basic bitch normies would hate the people who raise them, except that said basic bitch normies are so often either jews and their willing-or-no helpmates aka extended phenotypes.

    1) What is the effect of the current sexual market place, on the health of the people?

    2) What effect might have sexbots?

    3) What has been your experience?

  36. I don’t mean to respond so fervently to the blockquote basic bitch criticism, and thereby lend it credence.

    Those people are enemies, and don’t communicate in good faith, and don’t deserve a good-faith response.

    But I will say, that the motivation of the blockquoted commenter, would have been to prejudice his co-commenters against us, to dissuade any of his cohorts from checking out the linked thread.

    Because ironically enough, in the linked PA thread, I was going easy on the jews, and saying that Scandis be held to account.

  37. So I checked out that American Digest website, and on a quick perusal it seems in line with our American Heritage values.

    Here is the link containing the comment blockquoted by PA above,

    and at which link I just now submitted the following:

    The article about the sexual market….about the third comment down some genius was pissing about the j000s. How clever. These people have nothing of interest to say. Critiquing the young girls of the country. I bet they are saggy old bastards that never leave the house, etc etc. How I hate them.

    Try not to hate, if you can. On the other hand, such feeling is part of life, is it not.

    There are three references to “jews” at the referenced link, two by this commenter in which I point out that they are assisted in their schemes by non-jewish Whites.

    So it can be surmised that pbird doesn’t want people pointing out any jewish influence on things, at all, ever?

    As for leaving the house. Where specifically would you recommend going; and for how long; and where do you go back to when you’re done?

  38. It’s moderated commentary over there, so we will see if my comment goes through.

    Maybe I can get their commenter pbird to say if he has a problem with any criticism at all ever of jews.

    His dig about “not leaving the house” was actually taken to task by the next two commenters at their blog: who asked him quite simply what was wrong with not leaving the house?

    But that’s a topic in itself, is it not?

    We talk about “the public space”. That has been a theme at this blog since its start-up, and now it’s the name of Frenchman JF’s hot youtube channel.

    But it’s not about who gets credit for a phrase. Fixating on that is preening gayness, which (let’s be honest) everyone is guilty of. So I want credit for the phrase “preening gayness”. Just kidding, that would not be a phrase anyone would want credit for.

  39. Leaving the House.

    Such an ambitious assignment, such an effort comment. Can’t really be reduced to a quick joke, or anything less than a lifetime achievement.

    But if it has to be (reduced to such):

    I’m going back to East Virginia and never leaving home again


    It’s not a friendly world out there.

    But making that observation in the context of a debate / argument / conversation with globohomo leftist fags, and they will predictably respond with the criticism that you are afraid.

    Well and but yes there is an element of fear. I am an old man and alone

    I can’t fight off three nigger youths, or for that matter a carful of White hs hooligans — who still are around these parts and known to start trouble. [*]

    It’s not a friendly world out there.

    People go out less and less, and there’s a cascading effect, where now the only people who are out, are looking for trouble.

    That’s not to say that it’s like that everywhere. It’s not, at all, and you find what you seek.

    But when’s the last time that you’ve been downtown. (In the literal sense, not the cunnilingus one, and btw don’t do cunnilingus it’s degrading — no exceptions; the Sopranos was right: they introduced that meme of cunnilingus being degrading in the first season, and in doing so was a shocking introduction to Joe Normie viewer that he he’s got it all wrong)

  40. Once you grow up, and reach a certain amount of maturity, you don’t leave the house / go out, without a specific reason for doing so.

    Going out just to be out there, on the scene, is feminine and gay.

    Except it’s also what you do as a man to make money and get some pussy and action.

    But more “well adjusted” men, past a certain age — as a rule don’t leave the house / go out. (except, obviously, to go hunting and fishing)

    A 50-year old man going out. What does that even mean?

    Ok then, but then consider you are younger and looking for some. Where do you go?

    You go to the beach or the mall. Those are the public spaces that we have in America.

    In the Old World, which is to say Asia and Eastern Europe, you go to the market. Right?

    But here we don’t have a market because we have the mall instead. The mall sucks. I don’t like the idea of kids and otherwise regular people having their limbs detached from their bodies for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but otherwise can we please blow up demolish the mall?

    There was a civic law issue about malls being public space, that came down the pike ten twenty years ago, and they ruled that they are not public space and free speech doesn’t apply.

    So where else is the public space. The parks, the street?

    Where do you go?

  41. Well adjusted White men hang out in their driveways after doing some work and talk to each other occasionally and as necessary. That is the mark of a well adjusted man around here.

    People know that things are falling apart, and without re-localization we don’t stand a chance.

    Recently here have been remarkably telling civic issues regarding land use, this is a prominent suburb in a gay state, which proposed land use the local citizens have vehemently protested — but entirely to avail.

    The city planners get their way 100 per cent, with what they call “best practices” and it’s the same model of suburban development that’s been a plague and known as such for 20+ years. And yet the local citizens, many of whom are prosperous White professionals, are utterly disenfranchised against the moment of “best practices” and economic development.

  42. When you’re younger you don’t give a shit that the local park gets paved over, because you’re gonna be somewhere else, later. Right?

    But then when you’re 50 and you’re like maybe I’m gonna make it out of this shitty town, which shitty town is actually on the balance better living than literally 99.5 per cent of the rest of the world population suffers, then it’s more sadder that they have to pave over the park and build more apartment buildings.

    They don’t build the same shitty three-story apartment plagues that they used to. And they’re trying to avoid and dance around the problem of filling them up with black-and-tans, but — isn’t a better solution to leave them unbuilt like everyone here wants?

    But they can’t do that, because the city developers somehow get charged the actual decision and go-ahead.

  43. Which problem, of the city developers, who are ultimately not the best men in the community (my blue collar neighbors could kick their ass), which problem of them having the go-ahead to get and make the actual decisions, is a problem of Scale.

    And once they’ve committed to doing it, it’s done. And the local residents who live nearby, are 30 to 1 against it. And then once it’s done, said local residents become more disillusioned with the phase change of their community and society, and have one less place to go out to

    The top-down model of suburban development has been un-wise, to put it mildly. Kunstler has his famous summary of calling it the worst misallocation of resources in the history of the world.

    It’s what we spent are available oil energy on, is building the car dependent suburbs.

    They are not built to a friendly livable human scale.

    And the effects of that unfriendly scale, are felt more on older bones. When you’re young it just doesn’t matter. You have grand plans for other designs with your life. Whether or not those come true.

  44. Which problem, of the city developers, who are ultimately not the best men in the community (my blue collar neighbors could kick their ass), which problem of them having the go-ahead to get and make the actual decisions, is a problem of Scale.

    And once they’ve committed to doing it, it’s done. And the local residents who live nearby, are 30 to 1 against it. And then once it’s done, said local residents become more disillusioned with th

    @ Elk – you have some fantastic ideas on how urbanization has affected the Western psyche and spirit in America. And, of course, depressed birth rates for whites have now become when of the end result of all of this.

    You’re one of the few people on the Alt Right I’ve ever seen that understands the connection between physical geography of modern America and our internal ailments of getting soft, liberal and mushy in the cultural and political sense. I can’t praise you enough for this stuff.

    One thing I’d like to bring up to see what you think:

    A lot of America’s development problems (especially in the Sun Belt) are driven by how new our settlements, cities and villages really are. A place like Vienna is steeped in culture, history and real roots because it’s ancient, it’s a real locus of culture, development and the people there have both a connection to the city, the language and the land. The great European cities developed alongside their people, and they maintained a balance and connection to the surrounding rural lands.

    A place that is a messy, physically horrific suburban mishmash like Atlanta makes no sense – Atlanta just started because it happened to be at the confluence of several new railroads being built in the 1840’s and going forward. Atlanta has difficult, rocky terrain and the entire interior of the South has unnavigable rivers/lakes and in the 1800’s vegetation grew so fast down here that it was difficult to maintain a city before concrete became cheap. Amongst big cities Atlanta is the 2nd highest in the USA after Denver, most cities occur in places with natural advantages – near harbors, on flat plains, near trade routes, etc.

    Part of the horror of our modern, suburban living conditions in America is that we forced our cities into existence with modern equipment. They didn’t develop organically.

  45. Those are interesting facts about Atlanta Camlost. I’ve heard about the sprawl, and of course it was the home of Charlie Croker, whose very fortune was tied up into that development.

    When you talk about Atlanta though, it’s not just the sprawl, it’s the heat. Derbyshire has a current article about the ice people versus the sun people. Atlanta would be in the domain of the sun people, if we were limited to our natural ecology. Kunstler always like to make the point that the South is dependent on AC in order for any semblance of modern comfort.

    The South and the Southwest both, and even the Midwest in the summer, has brutal heat.

    But on the general theme, of the effects of our built out and un-organic living arrangement, on the people who live there. It’s a big theme and questions abound.

    And like I was saying, it’s easier for younger people to ignore those questions, because they don’t feel their effects so in their bones.


    Obviously life wears everyone down; but if one is yoked into maintaining civilization and its infrastructure, and then that infrastructure isn’t satisfying on an instinctual level, then there arise the problems that we generally experience as ennui or anomie. Those terms have older origins, and intellectuals might dispute their application here, but that’s what they’ve come to mean to me.

    If we had “real sociologists” (as in not jewish) they might would try and study those questions with real concern for the people in question.

  46. Good quality White people, our peers essentially, are trying to reclaim something of their neighborhoods.

    Just yesterday (this really happened) I ended up by mistake on a lengthy and engaging chain text for a neighborhood group that was organizing to play games on a cul de sac street, not a mile from here.

    They said everyone was invited, so of course I should have showed up and played it like I knew someone. But such insouciant daredevilry is too off script at this point, for me. But cheers to them on their efforts.

  47. Realistically we want to evolve into elves. Maybe not High Elves, but elves nonetheless. It’s our last best hope for long term survival.

    And on the primary difficulty of them being ageless (or rather bound to the age of the Earth), and us humans not so much — well that’s the thing, isn’t it.

    We have to overcome that.

  48. I joined a networking group for this neighborhood which has my phone number, and was included on that text message.

    So it wasn’t necessarily “by mistake” that I was on the list, but it looked sort of to be a family group.

    They last thing they want is an unaccompanied man playing games with their children.

  49. — @ Elk – you have some fantastic ideas on how urbanization has affected the Western psyche and spirit in America. And, of course, depressed birth rates for whites have now become when of the end result of all of this.

    You’re one of the few people on the Alt Right I’ve ever seen that understands the connection between physical geography of modern America and our internal ailments of getting soft, liberal and mushy in the cultural and political sense. I can’t praise you enough for this stuff.

    I agree. I often catch myself typing a comment in response to Elk’s observation, but decide against it because it’s better to just think about it some more instead of commenting on it (for or against).

  50. Great exchange between Cam and Elk.

    A quick question, have you guys read much into the works of writers such as Edward Abbey, Jim Harrison, or Thomas McGuane? These are guys who attempted to reconcile man with nature in the American West.

    Fly fishing is restorative in general, but if you have ever been been fly fishing in a mountain stream in a place like Montana or Colorado it will hit really you in the feels!

    My family has spent most of our time and energy working to preserve these places for future generations. So far it is working out pretty well…

  51. PS – Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full is a great breakdown of 1990s Atlanta.

    I have a close relative who used to live in Buckhead, and I would visit once a year, from the 1980s through the mid 2000s. He eventually sold his house and retired to South America.

    Atlanta reminds me of a larger and more corporate version of Memphis. Against my better judgement, there are things I still like about Atlanta, such as Buckhead and Little Five Points and East Atlanta Village.

    And I like Marietta as well!

  52. A Middle Eastern female writer for The Guardian tweeted:

    Sixteen of the 23 players on France’s team come from families that recently immigrated to the country, most of them from Africa. Seven players are Muslim. A testament to how immigrants enrich a country’s culture.

    Who walks like a winner this morning: a Frenchman or a Croat?

    As to that Guardian tweet — there is, if that’s not completely obvious at this point — no dialogue. Who is going to bother explaining to Lady Cockroach that African celebration-riots all over France are not enrichment and that every normal Frenchman today contemplates ways of cleansing France.

  53. Atlanta. A big city for big men. That’s why Mr Wolfe set his story there.

    I think a lot of us rubes from other parts of the country, might not have known that Atlanta was a world unto its own. What would it be called in geographer’s parlance, a regional capital or whatever.

    And then there was also a 60 Minutes-tier meme from 20 years ago, i think they had an episode on it, how it was re-attracting blacks who wanted to “come home” back to the South.

    The scope of the black underclass there must be grim indeed.

    What are we going to do with all of them. Insanity.

    Eugenics now.

  54. I don’t want for total race war. My point being that it is worth it to consider practical solutions to the problem of the massive underclass that we have and are seemingly stuck with, besides Kill em all

    The suggestion has been out there for a long time, that social assistance simply be conditional on real and effective birth control.

    How easy a (partial) solution that would be, and go a long way.

    He Who Comes Next, might implement this in a day. Just do it.

  55. Who walks like a winner this morning: a Frenchman or a Croat?

    That’s a good line. Maybe someone will post it on her twitter.

    It won’t change her perspective. She is glad that the French it taken over by her co-ethnics.

    Hopefully French nationalists will have a forceful comeback.

  56. My idiosyncratic two cents on Atlanta. In 1992, A friend and I drove from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL. Funny backstory, though something of an inside joke — living in the DC region at the time, we were on our way to visit a friend who had moved to Florida. We also learned that another friend, a troublemaker though an interesting guy, had moved to Atlanta. He owed us each of us money. It was an inconsequential amount, but the way in which he had reneged on his debt spoke ill of his character. We wanted to meet him there on a friendly basis. The money we deemed bygones, but figured it’d have been an opportunity for him to come clean. We got to Atlanta on time and called him from a pay phone. He never showed up, so we moved on.

    From Atlanta, we opted to take back roads from Macon to the Florida state line, going through Hazelhurst, Alma, and Waycross, then past Okefeenoke Swamp.

    At one point we made a wrong turn and navigated some really out-of-the-way villages. It was my first time off the beaten path in the South, and it appealed to my adventurer instinct to see something so different.

    In that era, there were no Mestizos, much less Subcontinentals anywhere in such regions. Local Whites or blacks, depending on what town you drove thru. No Walmarts yet, and not even bigger roads — Go0gle Maps shows that there is now a four-lane highway along that route.

  57. they are wealthy and highly liberal, nominally Christian but support open borders, most are doctors or lawyers or accountants and have post secondary professional degrees. So why the cogdis?

    In this recent post at Thermidor,

    they call is “Dadism”, as is Dad-ism.

    It’s a new term to me, but they are using it mean the cog dis that these people, these affluent White American dads (but not necessarily fathers, that is incidental actually), balance in their minds with the belief that the solution to our problems is to DISENGAGE from politics, and eat locally.

    Conveniently enough, that provides them with the best food, AND the most status points.

    The article accuses the Dadists, of not getting it: that we are at war. And that our “liberal” enemies will not be satisfied with allowing for us to retreat into a sort of Kunstlerian post peak oil and localist world made by hand.

  58. There is no retreat from the conflict that we have to face.

    A local solution just won’t fly.

    Those prosperous people who seem to have it all want their cake and to eat it too.

    Their cake being an idyllic lifestyle, and eating it being NOT coming into the hard politics and hard stance necessary to defend it.

    And eating it also being able to act like they are on the high road, of loving everyone and all that.

  59. Welders are high-ranking on the scale of manly trades.

    Not so high as Underwater welder but still.

    Higher than diesel mechanic but not helicopter mechanic.

  60. Lame jokes aside, tradesmen are tough guys. The work itself makes you tough, having to do it everyday.

    It’s a well known theme in the Dissident Right, that the career advice that we received in the 80s and 90s was off the mark.

    I myself was immune to advice but even so: “Follow your Bliss” didn’t cut it.

  61. It is interesting to consider that follow your bliss for a young woman, might mean and lead to a family. Hadn’t considered that angle.

    As we all know though, it was more prominently the Boomer meme courtesy of Joe ‘the saxophone playing half-miler’ Campbell, and it was directed not toward young women and domestic bliss, but toward young men in the season of their rising sap and spirit of adventure.

    It seems awfully hippy dippy in retrospect, to put it mildly. I would never advise a young man to follow his bliss. I would say pick a modest trade and or get a science degree if you have the talent. [*]

    In the Communists countries, they would (apparently) tell their youth to study now in order so that you don’t have to labor later.

    Life is hard either way, but the thing where we have to labor endlessly to make a few bux, is just so much debt servitude.

    The last two “gigs” that I made any money at were low-end and toilsome labor, and both of them society in a more holistically sense would be better off, were they simply not done.

    For instance, suburban landscaping aka lawn mowing, commercial and residential. Talk about wasted energy. It’s beyond absurd, the amount of resources that get spent keeping up these lawns, particularly commercial properties, which no one enjoys.

  62. Mowing lawns four years ago whenever was my reintroduction to the realities of making money and earning a living.

    In those low-rent labor situations, on any given crew half the “talent” will be basket cases in one form or another.

    But even so I have come to respect that sort of work and the people who do it. And it’s not really “un-skilled”. That’s a misnomer. I call it semi-skilled labor.

    Because the situation is, that you have more work than can be done, and efficiency is of the essence.

    And even just mowing lawns, not everyone can do it. I was able to grasp the geometry fairly instantly, and my co-workers were duly impressed.

    That particular gig was on its last legs though, and all our equipment was in an awful state of disrepair. It was a clown show. Literally we would have to bang down the heads of our shovels and rakes so that they stuck into the handles. Not to mention the mowers.

  63. I would say pick a modest trade and or get a science degree if you have the talent. [*]

    The advice of follow your bliss though, was meant to be directed to the children of the cognitive elite, and that’s where it gets all confused.

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