Police Work

Open-borders activists shriek at policemen tearing down their anti-ICE encampment in Philadelphia: “How do you fucking sleep at night?!”

An appeal to conscience can be a powerful thing. For example, militarized police might well have been kicking in the doors of clandestine homeschooling cells under a Hillary presidency. If such a cop were a working class, conservative, over-forty White man, he’d not feel good about what he’s doing. If you asked him how he sleeps at night, he would avoid your eyes even as he carries out his corrupt masters’ orders. You appeal to his conscience to plant seeds of doubt in the police mission. Good cops who follow bad orders commit suicide.

Richard Spencer said that the Virginia State Police trooper bearing down on him in Charlottesville avoided his eyes as Spencer pleaded (quoted from memory) “Why are you doing this to us?”

Cops are human beings. They don’t want to do evil, even as they do it. Anonymous Conservative wonders if the Cabal is pressuring elements of law enforcement to do things they do not want to do:

Air Marshalls were conducting surveillance on regular citizens who were not on any watch list. This may be a very significant reveal, and indicative of something that will gradually be delved into much deeper. Notice the Marshalls complained. I would assume they were following people who knew they were being followed, and who didn’t like it – and the Marshalls got the feeling both that this was interfering with their mission, and that the people being followed were regular people who should have been left alone. There are a lot of regular Law Enforcement getting roped into stuff they don’t understand, and are not sure they want to be a part of. I have seen a Cop looking me up and down with the most penetrating look of confusion, clearly wondering what my story was and why he was there. At some point, I think ground-level Police will be drawn by the God Emperor into the Awakening, and this might be the start.

“To Serve and Protect,” as goes the ideal, is for the benefit of the legitimate community. Crushing enablers of a massive foreign invasion is perfectly consistent with honorable police work, so appeals to conscience (How do you fucking sleep at night?! howled a potty-mouthed anti-White) miss the point entirely. Maybe the Philadelphia policeman would reply to the anti-ICE protester:

I sleep just fine, communist filth. How do you sleep at night?

The Relevance of Katyn

The Katyń Massacre is depicted from 1:48:20 to the end of this 2007 Andrzej Wajda film:

Wajda was 13 when he lost his father at Katyń. At 86 years old, he said in connection with his film’s premiere: “He was my ideal… he died at the age when I needed him the most.”

The massacre was prompted by NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria’s proposal, approved by Joseph Stalin and dated March 5, 1940, to execute all captive members of the Polish Officer Corps. Beria, a gamma male in power, meets his end thirteen years later:

Beria and all the other defendants were sentenced to death on 23 December 1953. When the death sentence was passed, Beria pleaded on his knees for mercy before collapsing to the floor and wailing and crying energetically, but to no avail. … He was shot through the forehead by General Pavel Batitsky who had to stuff a rag into Beria’s mouth to silence his bawling. [Infogalactic]

What’s the relevance of the Katyń Massacre? If you are Polish, it’s your history. My grandfather was a lieutenant in Poland’s army in September of 1939, but he was deployed to the western front against the German invasion.

Everyone else ought to understand Katyń as the foreshadowing of the modern catastrophe.

From historian Norman Davies’ God’s Playground, Vol. 2, 1982 ed., pages 451 – 452. I hand-typed the following from his book:

The [15,000 Polish] officers were taken into Soviet detention in September 1939, separated from the rank and file, and sent to three separate camps in western Russia. Most of them were not professional soldiers, but reserve officers mobilized during the German offensive. They were well-trained graduates — teachers, civil servants, businessmen, doctors, scientists. From the Soviet point of view, they were the cream of the class enemy. For eight months, until May 1940, they were able to correspond with their families at home. And then the correspondence suddenly ceased. From that time on, only one man from the 15,000 was ever seen alive again. He was sent for interrogation in Moscow at the time that the original camps were being disbanded.

In April 1943, 4,321 corpses were disinterred by Germans in the Katyń Forest, on the bank of the Dnieper near Smolensk. Most had their hands tied behind their backs, and each had a German bullet in the base of his skull. Many had decipherable documents in their pockets. There is no doubt who they were. The Nazis claimed they had been killed by the Soviets in April 1940. The Soviets claimed that they had been killed by the Nazis in the winter of 1941. This explanation was dropped when someone pointed out that the victims were wearing summer uniform. One International Commission assembled by the Germans supported the German claim; another, assembled by the Soviets, supported the Soviet claim. To people who need final, documented proof, the matter is still open.

That final sentence: notice the present tense. I am citing an edition published in 1982, before the USSR had acknowledged its complicity in the massacre while the West, for reasons of diplomacy, remained officially agnostic on the war crime through the duration of the Cold War. The USSR continued to deny responsibility for the massacres until 1990, when it officially acknowledged and condemned its full role in the atrocity.

Such falsification of history — to include contemporary fake news media — is alive and well today, with stonewalling on anti-White crime and on the realities of the migrant-invasion of the West. Davies continues:

Yet to the satisfaction of most neutral observers, Soviet guilt is established beyond reasonable doubt. The Katyn massacre is the only ‘Nazi War Crime’ on Soviet territory which the Soviets never mention.

What was the purpose of the Katyń massacre? According to Norman Davies, its purpose was decapitation:

The conclusion is unavoidable. At this stage, the USSR was seeking to prevent the resurrection of an independent Poland in any form whatsoever. Stalin was outpacing Hitler in his desire to reduce Poles to the condition of a slave-nation incapable of ruling itself.

Communists have been dumbing-down modern Western education, from Brown vs Board, to deconstructionism, to marginalizing classical literary canon, to Common Core. They wreck boys’ hierarchical organizations like the Boy Scouts with obscene court orders. To get a post-national world order of slaves, you have to liquidate individual nations’ leadership class and if mass-murder is not feasible, you corrupt their traditional institutions.

In “Physical Bravery and Young Age,” I listed three ideals that naturally produce leaders among a nation’s boys and young men. Two of those are always direct targets of Communists:

Mentorship — When you visit a martial arts school or a little league baseball practice and you see non-Whites under instruction of White coaches there, you are witnessing a fatal compromise on a Männerbund structure for mentoring boys in the image of their elders. Diversity disrupts harmony. Blacks have their all-black inner-city boxing gyms. Whites have to price-out the diversity with sports like lacrosse and hockey.

Culture — As T.S. Eliot put it, “Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living.” A living spirit whose great books for boys transmit masculine role models and foster a purposeful sense of identity. Culture is home. That’s why they wreck Boy Scouts and blue collar fraternities such as firefighting and construction work by pushing women and diversity on them.

The Katyń Massacre, along with episodes such as Bela Kun’s brief reign of terror in Hungary, are examples of what Communists do whenever they seize power. Communists haven’t changed, they just discarded the red star and stole the rainbow. Communism, historically led by Jewish intellectuals and sponsored by Jewish elements within the international banking community, is best understood as war on a given peoples’ organic social organization with the goal of enslaving them.

Thank God for Poland surviving the Nazi-Soviet terror, and my grandparents for their sacrifices in securing a future for their nation. Thank God for His watching over Viktor Orban and Donald Trump. Thank God for creating us free men who hang tyrants. That’s why globalists hate and fear us and why they embolden the worst of the human specie against us. The relevance of Katyń is that (((they))) and their father the devil yearn to decapitate us at a faster pace.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. [John 8:44]

President Trump smoked them out into the open before they were ready.

The Right Is Truth, The Left Is Power

“shitlibs come in two types; true believers (early adopters) and signalers. Leaders and followers. Both types watch the elites (now Jews) for the correct opinion and adopt it” — Regular John

That’s well put when it comes to the political Left, and it is not analogous to those of us on the Right. Some of us, certainly, are leaders and others are followers, but whereas libs’ opinion comes from an external, often centralized, source, ours comes from our innate alignment with what our gut tells us is right.

This is why liberals shift their positions on every subject under the sun according to how their elites rearrange their taboo/affirmation clusters.

We, in turn, would follow our elites only as far as they also serve that which is true and beautiful. If our elites went too far in some perverse or harmful direction, we’d cut them loose. We follow our elites only so far as they champion our vision. For example, many of us supported George W. Bush because we believed him to champion our ultimate vision, however imperfect he seemed to us then with his many nods to liberalism. We rationalized those compromises as tactical moves. But once he pushed for open borders and the causus belli for the Iraq war was exposed as sham, we abandoned him.

Contrary to liberals’ modus operandi, we didn’t continue to follow him out of political tribalism or to stay connected to a locus of power. We also didn’t jump-ship for a rising star such as Obama in 2008. We remained loyal to our intrinsic sense of right and wrong and so for some time, we had no one in high places. Until Donald Trump’s entry, all we had was each other.

Liberals, on the other hand, will follow their elite no matter how obscene its face becomes. I have no doubt that if the Left were to go all-in on p*d0-normalization, libs will defend that sickness with the same virulence with which they support trannies’ freedom to choose their public shower. Not because most liberals are pd0s or tranny lovers (they aren’t), but because they follow the signals of their elite and any grounding in an objective right and wrong, whatever the operative moral system, is not part of their universe.

This also shows why debating with liberals is futile. There is absolutely no appeal to anything, even the well-being of their children, that will sway them. Pointing to how the Left is hypocritical or unfair or historically murderous only gives them a hot-flash of pleasure, because it confirms to them that they are on the right side of power.

Now, combine this with the liberal’s cognitive limitations (their one-dimensional thinking) and you have otherwise-normal individuals who support sexual perversities they don’t relate to because that’s what the elites signal as being on the right side of power. You have otherwise-normal individuals who support racial integration despite being just as disgusted or uncomfortable with Diversity as the rest of us because that’s what those in power dictate.

Every arrangement has its strengths and weaknesses. We on the Right, being that we identify with Truth over Power, can be broken by our insufficient opportunism. The Left, on the other hand — both its elites and its voters — is only as good as its appearance of strength. There is no loyalty on the Left, anywhere. There is only omerta and that is only as good as the size of their gun.

This is why the Left always, ultimately, loses but usually not before it destroys so much that’s good. As the song goes:

It’s funny how one insect
Can damage so much grain

The practical takeaway for us here and now, is this: judge the character of every liberal you know personally — every single one — accordingly. We are living through epic events. In a normal time, these liberals wouldn’t posture as your enemies. We’d all get along fine in an everyday way, we’d just think of them as untrustworthy, or at least flaky. But in a time that polarizes everything and everyone, they had been led out into the open.

Love Songs

A favorite game of mine is to ask: If you were to be stuck with one subgenre and period of popular music for a year / month / road trip, which would you choose? Also pick a chaser or a second category of music, given that you’ll inevitably tire of one style.

I’d go for early 1990s Rock, to include the Use Your Illusion double-album by Guns N’ Roses. “November Rain” is a great epic and “Don’t Cry” is a great ballad. The early-1990s era centers on Grunge, with Pearl Jam’s Ten being the album I’d keep if pressed to choose one. The rawest vocals, the rawest lead guitar of all time.

The period also has Mazzy Star, Black Crowes, and U2’s best album Achtung Baby with “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.” “So Cruel” is for when you’re 22 and intoxicated with the wild mare that’s tangled in your sheets.

The taste:

Her skin is pale like God’s only dove
Screams like an angel for your love
Then she makes you watch her from above
And you need her like a drug

And the burn:

You don’t know if it’s fear or desire
Danger of the drug that takes you higher
Head of heaven, fingers in the mire
Her heart is racing, you can’t keep up
The night is bleeding like a cut

What’s with all the Beta lyrics, right? Love songs are for emotional self-indulgence. They echo those moments from adolescence when you had butterflies just from seeing her face. You might also idealize a woman that inspires the intensity of devotion in the lyrics. You want an Alpha love song? Here is my favorite Alpha song:

You lead me on with those innocent eyes
You know I love the element of surprise
In the garden I was playing the tart
I kissed your lips and broke your heart
You were acting like it was the end of the world

My chaser is mellow ’70s with its sideburns-crooners. ABBA, Little River Band, Christoper Cross, Lobo and his mellifluous sound …you get the idea. And Climax Blues Band:

If ever a man had it all
It would have to be me

Life is a funny thing, as young blood stakes the same claims you once did. For them it’s all new. For you, if you pay attention, it’s full of renewed faith in miracles. Generation Zyklon: know your type, grab your balls and go for it. I’m glad I did.

A Banal Basis Of Liberals’ Fanaticism

“Globohomoism relies on conformity, the consensus of the elites is enforced on the plebes via allocation of status based on moral exhibitionism. What frustrates them most about Trump is he didn’t gain his status through their sanctioned pathway, he got rich, famous and popular through sheer force of will. So their favored tool, social ostracization, doesn’t work on him. He’s a free man, he will win or lose based on his own wits and merits, not by repeating globohomo scripts. To be able to carve one’s own path is all anyone can ask for.” – williamk

This helps explain the anti-MAGA fervor of ordinary shitlib Whites who oughtta know better.

My personal discussions with them, back when I thought that communication is possible, had me mystified by their fanaticism. My appeals to their personal experience, parental instincts, or other forms of rational self interest, not to mention appeals to higher values, fell flat. Libs’ eyes go blank when they concede that invaders hate said libs’ children and mean them harm.

And I wasn’t dealing with libs who live in super-zip bubbles, if there still is such a thing. Those weren’t ego-driven online flamewars among strangers but conversations among people you go way back with.

After all, this is the objective reality:

If MAGA wins, we win.
If MAGA fails, we lose.

If MAGA wins, libs possibly lose (loss of face and on up through retributions)
If MAGA fails, libs certainly lose (they will be destroyed along with all Whites)

So it’s no surprise that I have genuinely puzzled over their hysteria. I’ve proposed my Twelve  Theories, speculated about the liberal’s death-wish and wondered about the possibility of demonic contamination of their souls. Those are all zeroing in on the truth and the element of Evil is part of the picture.

But the cited comment opened the door to another explanation, a banal one: somewhat independently of a given lib’s intelligence and degree of connection with reality, many of them are one-chess-move-ahead thinkers.

Move One: Conformity to liberal values increases status and dissent diminishes status.

“Hey, what about you next move?”

(Dead eyes)

Cobra Kai

The Sopranos was a series for the George W. Bush era with its laying bare of the criminal character of America’s ruling class. The despair of the Obama years begat Breaking Bad, the show about blowing your brains out on meth. Cobra Kai is the story of the ascendant Trump era. I finally saw all ten episodes.

What those three shows have in common is a touch of authenticity about their respective historic periods. Cobra Kai is about Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso becoming great again. Miguel Diaz, the emo Hispanic teenager, is gracile, expressive, easy on the eyes. Robby Keene is Johnny’s troubled son who represents our future and our hope.

The object of the show is the sweetheart Samantha LaRusso, Daniel’s teenage daughter. In Sopranos, the analogous character was Tony’s precocious daughter Meadow Soprano. In Breaking Bad it was Jesse’s girlfriend Jane Margolis, the hipster chick who died of a drug overdose. In 1984’s Karate Kid, it was the blonde girl-next-door Ali Mills. What all of those young women represented, is America the Beautiful. And now, Samantha is the wheat-field virgin. She is America, for amber waves of grain. She is the prize.

Who will get her — Miguel the fatherless, assimilated white’ish immigrant?


Or Robby, Johnny’s forsaken son and America’s rightful heir?


Miguel is determined to overcome his underdog status, even if it costs him his honor. You can’t help but cheer for him when his fortunes are rising. Robby, who starts out as a petty criminal, reveals his innate nobility after his sensei takes him under his wing. He eclipses Miguel. His chemistry with Samantha is raw and natural at first sight, and that’s made stark the moment when she stands symbolically naked before Robby with her breasts visible through the sheer white top of her swimsuit. Nothing in cinematography is by accident. (Ali also flashed her charms like that in Karate Kid.)


Cobra Kai is a contest of complementary visions, which are personified in Johnny, the dispossessed White man and in Daniel, the descendant of Ellis Island immigrants and now a self-made member of the upper class.

Johnny’s philosophy is Cobra Kai ruthlessness, though when tempered by his honesty, he is the long-awaited hero who spits on Social Justice and by extension, on every fake virtue, every emasculation and flaccid lie that had claimed dominion over the souls of our people after the Reagan years. When a preening contestant at the Karate tournament makes a speech against hate and intolerance, Johnny tells his protégé: “Kick that pansy bitch in the face.”

Johnny counsels street-fight ethos for every situation in life. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. But he forgets to tell his impressionable students that while all’s fair in love and war, there are times when honor guides man’s behavior, so you don’t take a cheap shot in athletic competition.

Daniel’s philosophy is Mr. Miyagi’s counsel of balance. In Karate and in life. But while building his successful life, Daniel had lost a bit of that balance. He is comfortable, too much so. The rot is evident in his tenuous control over his family’s dramas, his passive-aggressive tactics against Johnny, and his frivolous use of Karate as a car-sales gimmick.

He also neglected to raise his son Anthony, given the boy’s obesity and video game addiction. Daniel gives all of his fatherly love to Samantha and passes his own sensei’s wisdom to her and to his new student. Johnny gives his paternal devotion, through a plot set-up, to Miguel and his dojo of misfits. This dual misalignment of patrimony drives the action and is symbolic of our displacement.

Johnny and Daniel had lost their way at mid-life and each seeks his redemption. They represent two halves of a whole: the warrior and the builder. In the narrative arc of its first ten episodes, Cobra Kai echos the urgency along with the new optimism of the Trump era: America. Who will keep her?

I made some observations about the first two episodes here.

Srce Vatreno

It really is different when your country is small and nobody outside of your broader extended family understands your language.

Then: Song from Yugoslavia. “History as anthology” per reader Each Pond Gone’s apt reflection. Now: anthem-rock from the band Zaprešić Boys. There is no one vocalist. It’s team cadence.

Igraj moja Hrvatska (Play, my Croatia). Eastern Europe bedazzles people who live in points-west because it shows what normal life looks like. This video shows boys and girls outside of an apartment complex twenty years ago, and then as adults in the present year, getting ready for the big game. God, who works in mysterious ways, had shielded one half of Europe with the Iron Curtain.

U porazu i pobjedi (In defeat and in victory). Choral power in every verse and chorus. The video is the antidote to anyone in Eastern Europe who still wants to leave everything and go west. Fool’s gold.

Srce Vaterno” (Fiery Heart). Sing the chorus out loud when Croatia wins the World Cup:

Bijelo-crvena polja hrvatska / The white-red Croatian colors
Na dresu sjete me da ja volim te / On the jersey remind me that I love you
Igrajte za nju, Našu voljenu / Play for her, our beloved
Nek jače kuca to srce vatreno / Beat harder, the fiery heart

And the lighter side of Balkan sounds as you get ready for the game; the young and the old, the traditional and the modern, all in one voice: Hrvatska!

Go Croatia!

Croatia plays “England” tomorrow at 2:00 PM Eastern US Time. If you are English, you’re better off cheering for your fellow Europeans because the blacks on your team by definition aren’t English, therefore your team isn’t.


As far as I can tell, every player on the Croat team is a son of Hrvatska. The match represents a contest between good and evil. To globalists, filth from Hell that they are, an uncontaminated European team burns like holy water. Where they can’t make us kill each other in a fratricidal war, they push the culture of death. Where they can’t have us self-annihilate with despair and sterility, they set up a debt-bondage economy. Where they can’t enslave us, they promote mixing. Where we stay true to our blood, they open the borders.

Athletic competition is an apex achievement of civilization because it gives human aggression a field on which honor obligates the competitors to keep it clean. All’s fair in love and war but a cheap shot in sports dishonors you. The Olympic Truce (ékécheiria, “laying down of arms”) was announced before the Games of 776 BC so that the host city is not attacked and athletes and spectators can travel safely.

Spectator sports is a communal event where your finest go up against the rival’s finest. International athletic competition represents the fraternal spirit among nations. In an honorable contest, the winner and the loser shake hands. But there is no honor in padding your team with foreign talent. That’s playing dirty, literally and figuratively. Africa’s population bubble offers a pool of one billion to augment the eleven-man squad. Reach for that ring, and you corrupt everything: who gives a damn about the game’s outcome when cheap imports fill the roster.

Croatia is a small country of 4.1 million people, up from 2.8 million in 1890. Whatever the final numbers on the scoreboard, tomorrow’s game will be the glory of Croatia because her players and fans aren’t cucked.

Hating Women

A compilation of quoted text from a “How much do you hate women?” thread on Reddit:

if almost all the women I needed to interact with had not treated me with disgust and disrespect, wanting to make sure I know my place as subhuman on the planet, I might not have hated them, but it would be necessary to remove all the bad memories of humiliations and aggregations, which were occasionally caused by them and by their social influence on their normies pets, all they had to do was say something and I was humiliated and beaten, there are too many memories to ignore and too much hate to be left behind, if I could I would put a bullet in the head of each one of them

Let’s see, for nearly two decades I’ve gone to sleep every night fantasizing about torturing women.

Just thinking about how much I hate women makes me hate them more. I hate them so much it gives me a headache.

I don’t know if I’d rather fuck or kill a girl. Both would be immensely pleasurable.

It’d be great if there was a girl in pain at my feet. And I could crush her head under my heel. Over and over, smashing her face into pulp. Unrecognizable as human.

It’s OK to hate racial and ethnic enemies. There are two kinds of such hateIn fact, if you don’t feel something icy and implacable toward them, something’s not right with you. Be assured that they hate you and they want you dead. It’s also OK to hate an individual woman such as a vicious ex-wife. But if you hate women as a category, pull yourself back from the abyss.

Liberal West is hell for us, paradise for entire categories of parasites. Is it a paradise for White women? SJ, Esquire’s comment gives a glimpse of what it’s like for a girl:

If you’re ever tempted to hate “women” as a class (God forbid one ever becomes as bitter as those incels, linked above), just think about how life unfolds for them, and you’ll probably find that hate melting away. Really imagine what it’s like for a woman: you go through life not understanding why everyone is nice to you all the time… you’re EXTRAORDINARILY susceptible to peer/media pressure, so that without even realizing it you put off the things that make you happy in favour of toxic behaviours that slowly poison your soul… and then one day, you notice that no one gives a fig for you anymore, and you’re invisible, and it was all a lie. That’s harsh, that is.

Confession: I like women. Girls were lied to just as badly as boys. Do you think that taking a hundred cocks, each new arousal dependent on a slightly higher degree of humiliation than the previous, and the deadening of every last bit of tenderness and ability to love made them happy?

We all could have lived differently. We could have lived in a world in which virgin marriage at a young age is the socially enforced norm. Women may well have felt a part of them contained by that custom, but I assure you that every last one of the ageing slags you see out there puking out her wine would have instead been healthy and calm and valued.

Many of us are angry. Had I known, had I not been lied to. Could have had so much more. Could have been so much more.

If you harbor homicidal feelings toward women as a whole, I’m not turning my back on you brother, just on the demon inside you. That thing is yours to kill.

About The Sexual Market

“What I’m seeing is fascinating. We in the midst of an unraveling sexual marketplace in all the ways that heartiste has so astutely documented, but this is the darkest underbelly of it all, the blackest of pills, here. No wonder it was banned from reddit. It’s too much reality. The darkest manifestations of the sexual revolution and the gory afterbirth of feminism, resides here.” – MGE

OK, I’m interested. I’m willing to gaze into the blackest of waters.

A Heartiste commenter last night mourned the disappearance of the everyday female beauty that had been ubiquitous until about twenty years ago. He added, with a flourish, that the few HB8s and 9s left alive are now in modelling or high-end sales. They are no longer part of the landscape like springtime trees year-in and year-out. That last flourish was mine.

How close to literal truth is his lamentation, though? Our genes are fine, but the environmental factors are baneful. From what I see, children look as bright and healthy as they always did. As to teenage girls, something happens at that stage of their development, and many are simply unattractive. They aren’t exactly fat, but there is a thickness to their faces and bodies — sixteen-year-olds with the sex appeal of a tired middle-aged woman. In young adulthood, every girl becomes the kind of woman she had decided to be, and there are two kinds. Do most of them succumb to HFCS and immorality? A polarized culture forces everyone to choose.