Idle Thoughts On Italian Pop Songs

Someone posted on Gab:

Look how fast the Italians went full Mussolini shortly after a nignog murdered a single Italian whore. The Italian Tommy Robinson just went on a shooting spree and was hailed as a hero.

Rispettiamo Luca Traini

And another surmised:

It always starts with Italy, from the Renaissance to Mussolini. I can’t wait for what they’ll start next!




The next step is a strafing run on the boats.

I did visit Italy once, in 1997. As part of my Western European tour with a couple of friends, we traveled along France’s Mediterranean coast and Monaco up into Italy through Turin, stopping at an Alpine town Ivrea for the night.

On to the pop songs.

The musical duo Albano Carrissi and Romina Power frames my idle thoughts. Carissi’s mother named him Albano (stage name Al Bano) because at the time of his birth his father was fighting in Albania for the Italian army during World War II. Romina Power is American. The two were married from 1970 to 1999 and had four children. One of their daughters went missing in New Orleans in 1994 and is declared dead, an unsolved case.

 “Tu, soltanto tu.” This 1982  live performance captures their chemistry. He strikes me as an earthy guy whose short stature keeps him humble. She’s a coquette, with those smoldering glances at the camera. (Yes, I am aware of her role in Justine)

“Felicita” is their biggest hit, which they perform here. A good pop song is a drug and I’m high on this one. As with the previous song, they’re young here. She’s in her twenties, he’s eight years older. She’s the minx, he’s coming into his own.

Young love. This is when they were much younger. They both look like teenagers. The song is “Ti Amo,” its most famous version being by Umberto Tocci. The song’s intro:

Ti amo / I love you
un soldo (ti amo) in aria (ti amo) / a coin in mid-air
se viene testa vuol dire che basta / if it’s heads it’s over
lasciamoci (ti amo) in sogno (ti amo) / let it all have been a dream
in fondo un uomo / deep down I am not
che non ha freddo nel cuore / a cold-hearted man
nel letto comando io / I take charge in bed

ma tremo davanti al tuo seno / but I tremble at your breast
ti odio e ti amo / I hate you and love you

Nationalism is setting the stage for this generation of White kids to know young love, which is the desire to find a wholesome age-mate to build a future with. They will be chastened by what we failed to safe-keep for them. Their destiny is to take back what’s theirs.

The Arc of Life. Though divorced, Al Bano and Romina Power reunited in this 2018 medley of their best-known songs. It’s an uncanny thing, to see someone at 25 in one video and then as a septuagenarian. They sound good, neither has an old-person voice. The gorgeous young fans in the audience, most of whom weren’t even born during the duo’s heyday, sing along to their hits.

Italy, the birthplace of beauty.

The Tarantella is a southern Italian dance. Nice stuff! Sometimes an amateur performance is more fun than watching professional dancers. Guarda queste ragazze. A bit stiff at first, then they really get into the dance:

28 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts On Italian Pop Songs

  1. I’ve intended to go & stay a couple weeks on the edge of Rapallo for quite a while now. “The place for starting things.”

    Autobiography was also created by the Italians. Jung was afraid to visit due to the risk of being overwhelmed with architectural beauty. The go-ahead musical score of history itself.

  2. Mateo Salvini (the politician who stated “we need a mass cleansing” was apparently talking about the Roma, not recent immigrants from Africa and the middle east.

  3. So, this fiasco over the firing of the Netflix Director of Communications thing is getting hilarious:

    On Reddit they are saying that the guy merely read the term “nig*ger” in a list of terms that comedians use that can be found offensive – during a meeting a few months ago – then he repeated the term recently in a meeting with HR about complaints made against him.

    That’s it.

    But the MSM isn’t giving those details as they don’t care. All they know is a white man got accused of racism and got fired so “social justice” must have occurred.

    Apparently the complaint is that black employees complained that he said that term matter-of-factly in a list of other words during the meeting several months prior, and in subsequent meetings he simply went on to other business, without estro-swooning and gyno-lamenting over how catastrophically sorry he was that a 40 year-old white man was allowed to say the word generically without issuing 70,000 apologies and millions $$ in payoffs to Al Sharpton.

    The fired guy (Jonathan Friedland) has gone on twitter to lament his own “deep lack of understanding” and “insensitivity”. In other words, that’s part of the deal he got to leave and not sue Netflix for wrongful termination – I’m sure he got a nice separation $$ package to just go away quietly and kowtow. You can bet his reaction would be a bit different if he went away without any nice $$$$ payout.

  4. Camlost, did you hear about this one? Kendrick Lamar recently invited a white girl onstage to rap m.A.A.d. city with him. When the white girl inevitably rapped the word “nigga” (because it is present 4 times in the hook) Kendrick stopped her dead in her tracks and went on a rant about how “all she has to do is bleep out a single word,” and then kicked her off the stage. He embarrassed her in front of the whole audience who booed her and screeched “fuck you!” What a rotten thing to do to one of your fans. It’s obvious that he set her up for this treatment and he

    Judging by my observation of black people, I highly doubt many of them feel actually as oppressed as they say they do. They just know how to play the game and take a sadistic pleasure in manipulating naive white liberals. It’s a shame that so many white people fall for this shuck and jive, and it only seems to be getting worse, if the Starbucks struggle sessions are a bellwether.

  5. How did our politics and cultural discourse in general become so dominated by “estro-swooning” and “gyno-lamenting?” It’s a very noticeable shift and I think the obvious conclusion is that as more women have entered into positions of influence in politics, media, academia, corporations, our collective moral compass has become more feminine.

    It is well known that women, in general, make moral decisions differently than men. Not even feminists dispute this. When it was observed that women rarely develop past stage 3 of Kohlbergs stages of moral development (interpersonal accord and conformity), the feminist student of Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan, came up with Ethics of Care.

    Men tend to make moral decisions based on law, order, and justice. Women are more concerned with caring, inclusivity, and social consensus. The shift in our collective moral compass towards feminine values is dangerous because the male “patriarchal” ethic is what maintains an ordered civilization, while women’s moral instincts evolved to protect infants and nurture a family. So now every time a beaner baby cries on the TeeVee, the estrogen starts flowing, and hence we see demands to open the borders so we can take care of all these poor babies, without consideration of the broader consequences of doing so. And I’m not saying it’s just women that are doing this now. A generation of men have been trained to think this way by feminized school systems from kindergarten up to university.

  6. — Men tend to make moral decisions based on law, order, and justice. Women are more concerned with caring, inclusivity, and social consensus.

    This in part explains White liberals’ objectively suicidal political posture. With their effeminate imperatives, they feel threatened by the rhetoric and pressure from nationalists and by reality itself. Especially by things they can’t deny, such as “uncontrolled blacks are savage” or “immigration will displace you.” So instead of seeing things in their proper light, they feel that their values (caring, inclusivity, and social consensus) are under threat so they double-down on liberalism to the point of absurdity and even their own death.

    It’s hard for me to relate to someone like Peter Biehl or many of the lower-profile liberals. I think one way, they think differently, and it so happens that their mentality has been weaponized against all of us. There is certainly a place for caring, inclusivity, and social consensus — just not when those values aren’t balanced with the more K-selected values in a time when aboriginal peoples of the world are organized into a biological weapon against us.

  7. Re the amateur dancing – yes. Dancing is supposed to be something people do, not watch being performed on a stage – or rather ALSO do as well as watch as a performance. I love videos of old Polish and German couples dancing the polka in the Midwest – sad that you don’t see more young people participating.
    “Throw out the radio and take down the fiddle from the wall” – Andrew Lytle in “The Hind Tit” from I’ll Take My Stand (1930).
    I was intrigued by your comment that the sizes of the sun and moon were a clue.

  8. On dancing, Suburban_elk made me wise on to that in the blog’s early days. He pointed to an 80s video with Mellenkamp doing his thing to the 4/4 beat.

    Everybody naturally dances. Kids do it. Pop culture made people self-conscious about it 25 years ago.

  9. They are defective people and evolved into this late stage civilization to get along.

    The commenter Janos, at Clusterfuck:

    Their amygdalas are smaller. If you notice a criminal lining up on one of the folks and try to warn them, they will become afraid of you not the criminal. They are simply deficient in natural terms, all their energy going to their verbal center thus their endless spewing of ideology. They are a natural part of the end times of any Civilization, part of Nature’s correction I guess.

    I don’t know if that pans out in terms of real science or what. Captain Obvious is always on about people’s amygdalas. According to wiki they are part of the limbic system. Is it what is commonly referred to as the lizard brain?

    Is it an actual observed phenomena, that the amygdalas of liberals are smaller?

    It would seem to be an easy enough data set to evaluate. Hey i know a guy who works at the hospital

    It’s a parallel structure to #physiognomy-is-real, which is attested by our own experience.

    People who don’t support race realism generally have different looking faces.

    HOWEVER, the structure of our society is so complex that it allows for competent and aggressive people to form sub-classes whose very existence is about feeding on their biological seed corn. See for example George Bush the younger.

    Also from Janos’ comment, the observation that their verbal facilities may be more developed, or over developed, or involved in a compensatory function.

    Which puts AR commenters in a spot, really. There is a contradiction or a paradox there.

  10. It’s hard for me to relate to someone like Peter Biehl or many of the lower-profile liberals. I think one way, they think differently, and it so happens that their mentality has been weaponized against all of us.

    Jonathan Haidt’s research on the moral values held by conservatives vs. liberals explains why we are so bewildered by their seemingly self immolating behavior. He analyzed the moral sentiment of liberals and conservatives along 6 axes: care, fairness, liberty, loyalty, authority, and sanctity. He found that liberals made moral judgements along care, fairness and liberty while conservatives considered all 6 of the above. To his surprise, he found that conservatives had a broader, more sophisticated moral palate, despite the prevailing stereotype that they are backwards, superstitious, and lacking in empathy. He furthermore discovered that conservatives were consistently better able to predict the moral sensibilities of liberals on a given issue than vice versa.

  11. — HOWEVER, the structure of our society is so complex that it allows for competent and aggressive people to form sub-classes whose very existence is about feeding on their biological seed corn. See for example George Bush the younger.

    A fatal flaw of empires.

    United States is big and culturally diverse, even among heritage Americans. Its size and complexity sets up many tempting Prisoners Dilemmas. The Founding Fathers tried to mitigate that vulnerability, at 13 Colonies scale, by providing for states’ rights and localism. Yet will-to-political-power has a way of circumventing barriers and so here we are.

    The scale of small and medium-sized European nation-states favors, comparatively speaking, internal accountability and external competition. (((They))) sought to get around such things by creating a European Union. I remember the triumphalist prognoses back in 1996: soon one currency, soon the USE. Yet that edifice is wobbling.

  12. Porter has an essay up about these two b-lister celebs, Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra,

    First of all. As if it needs be said, Hardwick is a “strong” English name, in ye old tradition of occupation names.

    And the meat of the story is that he lives up to it by keeping the bitch pictured above lying around his apartment all day in a state of starfish.

    Yes you read that correctly. That’s the point of this post, to introduce into the hard right lexicon those two lovers’ inside edition colloquialism of starfishing which is what they called her lying around all day limbs akimbo and waiting for him to come and assign some meaning. (hey i don’t make this stuff up)

    Second. Her name also true to form as it contains the word dyke and the further story is that she goes metoo on him and decides that she was sexual abused for lying around and waiting to get fucked.

    Third. She is not as good looking as that picture. But still Hardwick had some game to bring in that smelly vagina fish who was bigger than him.

    Hardwick was apparently a tv host, and Chloe Dykstra sounds vaguely familiar.

  13. A fatal flaw of empires. (PA)

    The question is, how much longer can the center hold?

    I am starting to see a very rapid tribal polarization in this country, and as allegiances harden, what forces could bring them back together? What’s remarkable is that this is occurring during a period of economic prosperity. What will happen during the next recession?

    Consider the following:

    * The left is no longer even pretending to support free speech anymore. The formerly non-partisan ACLU is now getting involved in elections in support of progressive candidates and will no longer support free speech that is pro-white.

    In an internal memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the ACLU nows says that when choosing clients, they will take into account several factors, including “the potential impact on the ACLU’s credibility” and “the potential harm to important relationships and ACLU standing.” What’s worse, the memo goes on to lay out “Considerations Specific to Speech Cases,” including the “impact of the proposed speech,” the “potential effect on marginalized communities,” and whether “the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values.”

    We all know “white supremacist” means when it is used by the left: it’s any form of speech or activism that is explicitly in the interests of white people. According to the ACLU, any form of speech is worthy of first amendment protection, including pro-pedophilia speech, but anything pro-white is a no-no.

    * Trump staffers are being harassed in public. Maxine Waters is now openly calling for more of this, without censure from her colleagues in Congress.

    * Charles Blow just wrote an op-ed essentially acknowledging that whites are being replaced, but we should shut up and take it up the ass.

    * Silicon Valley Tech companies are not even pretending to be politically neutral anymore. Consider the following tweets by Peter Fonda

    Sarah Sanders is a lying gash, too. And “gash” is much worse than cunt. Maybe we should take her children away and deport her to Arkansas, and giving her children to Stephen Goebbels Miller for safe keeping.

    Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passerby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.”


    That last tweet triggered a secret service investigation. Yet, Fonda not only gets to stay on Twitter, he gets to keep his blue checkmark. Jared Taylor, on the other hand, violated no Twitter terms of service, and was booted from the platform for being associated with “violent extremist groups,” or something.

    These are just a few examples of the polarization I have seen within the last week. I don’t see any sign of this letting up. I’m not seeing any potential leaders on the horizon that would be capable of dialing this back. When I see this stuff happening, I wonder if things could spin apart faster than anyone anticipated.

  14. Peter Fonda would have been drinking to make those tweets.

    I don’t say that to make excuses for him. He is 78 years old; so it might not be fair to comment on his face.

    Actors became premiere celebrities because the weird circumstances of our modern culture. It’s my opinion that the meme is overplayed, of in times past them being the lowest of the low. Though they would have been beneath tradesmen (unlike now): they got money and made people laugh, and for which were known: ergo not nobodies.

    As far as how long the center can hold. Every day the disconnect grows but at the same time there’s no alternative.

    That’s the whole problem or whatever. The only thing that we have in common is this weird modern existence with its celebrity culture. And which weird has for its belief system a failed version of shit on your neighbor.

  15. Today more than ever since yesterday, the thirst for real talk grows.

    And tomorrow it will grow more.

    Niggers are literally baboons and jews parasitoids.

    There is a question of what tf can be proposed as a reasonable solution, given the “mixed company” that has become our neighborhoods and states.

    However the duct tape over everyone’s mouths has to come off. At least that.

  16. In a sane white ethnostate, Peter Fonda would be “terminable without consent” at the hands of a select few white men related to the white females to whom he spoke politically-parroted ill.

  17. However the duct tape over everyone’s mouths has to come off. At least that.

    The left’s narrative around race is held together with lies, lies and more lies. They were sitting pretty as long as they had control of the media and could keep repeating their lies, but they have lost control, the duct tape is coming off, and that is part of why you are seeing so much howling and screeching from the left. Frankly, it’s been delightful to watch. I hate liars, I hate snakes. I hate anyone who thinks they should control what I think and what I say. Let them shriek impotently as their entire ‘weltanschauung’ crashes and burns to the ground and they are left with nothing but the ashes of their lies.

  18. Although they are not a pop group, one of my favourite Italian bands is Goblin. A Prog Rock group who are mainly known for scoring the Giallo Movies of Dario Argento, such as Suspiria and Profondo Rosso.

    I saw them perform live back in 2013 during their first ever tour of the USA. Great stuff!

    Anyone who appreciates Pink Floyd will certainly enjoy the likes of Goblin:

  19. On the subject of Italian Pop, my favourite combination of song and video is probably “Boys,” by Sabrina. It is pure Eurotrash, very much a product of its time, and a hell of a lot of fun.

    Among the the many highlights of the video, Sabrina is constantly struggling, usually in vain, to contain her ample bosom within the confines of her bikini top.

    At one point towards the end of the video (02:50), her right breast is almost completely free of its moorings.

    Italy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  20. While I’m here, I should also mention that the Sabrina video reminds me of a Brasilian video from around the same time. Along with Italy, Brasil is one of my favorite countries to visit.

    Parts of Brasil are as dangerous as the worst shitholes in Africa. And other parts are as nice as the nicest parts of Europe. The main difference is that the nice parts of Brasil are usually protected by 24/7 armed guards.

    Marcos Valle is considered to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters in the history of Brasil. Judging from his appearance in the video, his DNA is about 99% European. The video was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, and people familiar with Rio will recognize many famous landmarks scattered throughout.

    Brasil is a fascinating country. If you are ever in Rio, make sure to visit the Botanical Gardens. Aside Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, Rio has the best Botanical Gardens of any city that I have seen. The orchid garden alone in Rio is unparalleled.

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