Pre-revolutionary England

The Scouring of the Shire.

That “Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson” song the English protesters are chanting is catchy. A revolutionary song. Then the crowd chants thunderously “Shame on you!” at the police. It’s going to be a source of shame, and possibly fear, to be an English policeman.

I saw this in Poland when Communism was on its last legs (Though it didn’t feel that way at the time. People continued to be afraid of the secret police).

The “villain-face” of that regime was its subservience to the USSR, the economic austerity, and the aggressive black-out about Katyń Massacre. The “villain-face” of UK’s current regime is the paki-pedo alliance, anarcho-tyranny, and population replacement.

I’ve been saying this since at least 2009: soon, people will stop believing in neoliberalism and its subsidiary anti-racist ideologies. And after that, people will stop pretending to believe.

See London cops run like rabbits when “Free Tommy” protesters chase them down.


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  1. Wo wart ihr Sylvester!!!
    Where were you on New Year’s Eve!!!
    English men and German men, both betrayed by their rulers.
    No more brother wars.
    Next time we fight, it’s side by side.

  2. I’ve always said that it was inevitable that my people (well, cousins in this case – I’m American) would fight back, but deep down there has been a seed of doubt, of fear that this just might be it for us – that we might be down and out. Now that the tide appears to be turning, it’s almoat surreal. The forces of Good are aligning; both sides can feel if in the air (cf Soros’ recent comments).

    I honestly don’t know how to feel: I’m relieved, happy, girded for a fight that is only now just beginning, sad in foresight for how bloody it will ha w to be due to almost a century of inaction. Donald Trump is a warrior of God, I truly believe that he was put here for this exact moment. No argument will dissuade me from this view, just as no atheist can provide any argument that God does not exist. I see the evidence every day for myself.

  3. Maybe people will fear the police much less after this, and openly defy them next time they move to arrest someone for having an opinion.

  4. “Stop fearing them and will openly defy them …”
    As I recall, it was a lone protester at what was supposed to be one more rally for Ceausescu who started booing … and then more people started booing – just like that dude dancing alone on the hill!!! – and then next thing you know …

  5. Lots of cracks in the official dikes right now, cracks everywhere, many such cases.

    How heartening it is to see white people take to the streets for their own cause even in cuck UK. It feels … just a little bit … like the summer of 1989.

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  7. The anglo saxon respect for law, order and respectability must be shattered. Only then will a true revolutionary phase be achieved.

  8. More and more people are starting to see through the lies. The freindly lady at the local supermarket just confided in me she doesn’t like globalism. That statement is nearly sacralegious, in my geographic local where liberalism and progressivism run amok.

    There is a growing awareness, even in the cities and places where the prevailing ideologies hard left.

    We speak in quiet voices, but there are more and more of us who have seen through the socialist, globalist scam.

  9. — I’m relieved, happy, girded for a fight that is only now just beginning, sad in foresight for how bloody it will ha w to be due to almost a century of inaction. Donald Trump is a warrior of God, I truly believe that he was put here for this exact moment. No argument will dissuade me from this view, just as no atheist can provide any argument that God does not exist. I see the evidence every day for myself

    Those are exactly my thoughts too.

    — Feels like the times are changing! /// Lots of cracks in the official dikes right now, cracks everywhere, many such cases. /// We speak in quiet voices, but there are more and more of us who have seen through the socialist, globalist scam.

    History only looks coherent when you look back on it in summary form. When you are in the middle of it, you don’t see the big picture. You might intellectually understand what’s going on, you might read others’ opinions about these things, but none of it feels… applicable to the things you see and hear with your own senses because we drown in waves of daily detail.

    It helps to remind oneself of certain human constants. One of them is, that people yield, move aside, but when the pressure reaches a critical point something akin to a chemical reaction occurs, in which everything transmutates in a flash. And now, consider how many elemental human instincts of White nations have been poked by neoliberalism:

    – TERRITORIALITY: visceral anger when uninvited people of other races or cultures are near our home. The fact that we have been rendered nomads. The feeling of impermanence where we need to feel the bedrock of home.

    – DIGNITY: mere legal equality with wogs, when you think about it, is humiliating. Now amplify this by elevating the lowest of races (blacks) and the vilest of cultures (expansionist diaspora muslims) above you. And then you compound all of that with the vicious cruelty of interracial images blasted in your face and anti-White propaganda in schools and in the marketplace.

    – FAMILY: it gives one a pause, to understand that your government does not want you to have a family (it now takes a SEAL-level operation just to get a decent girl to marry). We love our children more than life itself and we understand that everything we do has to be done with a focus on protecting them, and preparing them to deal with, the destructive anti-White anti-culture of globalists.

    – PROPERTY: all of your life’s work can be destroyed with the wrong kind of an inbound moving van. You pay the most in taxes and consume the least of it.

    And those are just the human instinctual imperatives that they’ve been violating, that come to mind as I quickly type this comment. Zoom away from the here and now and see it from the perspective of a history book a century or two in the future. What do people do, when they are cornered? What do they do when they catch rays of hope and see a crack in their enemy’s facade of omnipotence?

  10. This breed of white man is more common in the US than the enemy would have you believe, and your examples from the UK and Germany prove he is not alone in the West:

  11. In the original video, his voice is much deeper and he catches the rifle as he runs out the door. For some reason this has been clipped and accelerated.

  12. they should be protesting in front of the CPS offices and the judge’s house as well.

  13. My friend of 35 years recently returned to America from London. She studied in Barcelona and received her Masters in Econ at LSE, and is currently a Veep at JPMorgan Chase in NYC.

    Omg another woman with a long marriage and three kids who makes way more than her husband but is, strangely, faithful and in love with him. Hmmm.

    Part of their move was about the immivasion in their neighborhood. They have a teenaged daughter who is prime age for grooming. They left when they had the chance. But she bemoans the lack of Care Homes (essentially free or highly subsidized daycare) and universal healthcare in America, like she had in the UK.

    I should ask her if those things were worth her kids going to school under threat of violence from Muslims. But it would end our friendship, certainly.

    Her husband, a native Brit by birth but also appearance, might have other reservations. He likes to go out for drinks with Husband now and then. I wonder if a few pints might open him up, for a first person perspective.

  14. I was at the rally on Saturday. The best speaker was Anne Marie Waters. She understands what’s going on: both the problem with Islam and the deeper problem of its swampy enablers. If only she could get over her butthurt and return to UKIP. Gerard Batten, the new UKIP leader was there too: he’s strongly anti-islam and it’s pointless to have two parties with the same nessage (Waters quit UKIP and created her own party when she lost the leadership election). A great day out though: beautiful weather, huge crowds, and as I was walking home everyone around me was talking wokely about immigration, Islam, the EU, the MSM, etc. There is hope.

  15. “…put here for this exact moment.”

    It seems Trump is borrowing tactics from Marcel Duchamp or Situationist International’s ghosts, countervailing the globalist cakewalk with the necessary, albeit regal, feis of inexplicables that such an environment demands. A matter of hours after touching down to hurriedly mock the G7, he pulls up to Kim Jong-un in his favorite ‘Beast’ limo, immediately talking him up about North Korea’s clear-cut real estate/beachside hotel opportunities. Dennis Rodman, sporting a MAGA hat nearby, sheds “tears of happiness” at the improbable union.

    Meanwhile the “heritage-moulded” rebellions are brewing on U.S. soil, as well as across Germany and U.K. The world is young! We are living out the wild card of experiential wild cards; it’s a privilege to be here.

  16. When the Berlin wall fell, in 89, I was in eighth grade and flush with adolescence and a look-forward attitude. It was a new day, and time. “Right Here, Right Now” extolled Jesus Jones, and I was ready to Change The World. My parents were too young for Woodstock and marches, but old enough to be Vietnam vets, both of them, in the hospital corps, tending to wounded soldiers Home from that futile war.

    I know Deter disagrees, but the internet is a disruption on par with the printing press and Luther and the discovery of America and all of the worms that spewed from those opened cans. It’s s new era of communication and dissemination. It might be slow, resisted, refused, and in some cases censored, but it IS.

    The West wasnt really wild, unless we allow romance to take hold. It was just people doing what they do: establishing order and dominance, taming the frontier, and doing the hidden dirty work, like sewers and dumps, that make civilization possible.

    And now, we have a situation: people v. State. State are pussies because they are trained so. I sympathize with the People but that comes dangerously close to communism.

  17. It’s all Politics of Obedience. Consent underlies every tyranny just as it underlies each republic. The same unconscious impulsive cognition at the collective level (herding behavior) impels the Bond Market, the Stock Market, the Real Estate Market, Open-borders Immigration, Equalism between the sexes, embrace of open insanity (I refer, of course, to that for which Bruce Jenner is the poster child), even women’s embrace of (wait, I just puked a little in my mouth) YOGA PANTS, etc.

    All of it rests on a herd that has stampeded toward optimism so long and so high that Nirvana is assumed to be just around the next bend in the road. Yes, some of us peeled away from that collective insanity years, if not decades ago, but we were (and largely remain) the exception that simply proves the rule. Look around you…actions are revealed preference (and thought) and you tell me that people in the aggregate act like they’re worried about ANYTHING. No, people are “worried” about what restaurant to visit for dinner, they’re not worried that the illegal Mexican from Chiapas state who has active TB is preparing their food in the kitchen. They’re not worried about multi-drug resistant TB coming in on every plane from Somalia, they’re wondering how they’ll fit the latest pair of shoes they bought into the closet. They’re not worried about stocks or bonds falling in value, destroying their life’s savings, they’re worried that their coworker is getting a higher return on his 401(k) than they are because he has more of it invested in AMZN and NFLX.

    We are animals. We have two tracks for cognition, rational and impulsive, with the latter being further divided between individual and collective. And impulsive thinking RULES. We just have entire professions (like economics departments) to rationalize what we already DO.

    This, too, will change. The world is stuffed to the gills with a nearly endless amount of fodder for when people become distrusting, pessimistic and angry. Just as Enron looked like a going concern until its stock completely cratered, and then (and only then) did everyone suddenly SEE that it was a massive fraud.

    AMZN. FB. NFLX. GOOGL. AAPL. etc., etc., etc. Equalism. Tranny-insanity. Race. Celebrating weakness.

    I have laid in a very large supply of popcorn.

  18. I should also mention that, from the theory I follow, the change in mood will occur when it occurs and the timing has nothing to do with events. All the skirmishes we see today don’t move forward the inflection point, what they do is provide fodder for directing the public FURY that will eventually accompany the inevitable plumbing of deeply negative social mood trends.

    Quite frankly, either the 80% in the middle flop entirely over to the 10% who are already Rightist and we avoid civil war in every Western nation, or if the muddy middle gets evenly divided between Red and Blue (Right and Left), it will be as 1861-1864 only on a house-by-house basis. I’d rather the former, so we can watch and have fun wiping today’s Left Cultist 10% from the face of the planet. Bring on Sherman…and his sentiments that he wrote to his wife while marching over land covered in corpses.

  19. Chakrates, the WWW is simply an amplifier at most. I personally think what it amplifies most is vice (self-harming mistakes people make, mostly now because their ancient reward centers of their brains are being hijacked by dopamine surges for which we are completely unprepared to manage.)

    People used to have to find a card or dice game…now they can gamble 24/7 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Ditto video games and porn. Don’t get me started on the disaster that are social media. The funniest part is that on the Internet every possible bias, premise or thought can find support. What a wondrous medium for a huge population that, until recently marched in Left-Foot Lockstep, but is poised to scatter toward every X,Y,Z target in the sphere of possible belief. From one theology to ten thousand of them, most which will exhibit a complete inability to coexist. Hobbes’ “State of Nature,” the war of all against all….

    No, we can’t all get along…and we won’t.

  20. We are animals. — Deter Naturalist

    This is the hound-nation of “Equalism for Dummies.”

  21. Tanstaafl has an article up that is critical of Greg Cochran’s subtle participation in the “jewing” of archeology.

    Tanstaafl says that Cochran plays like he doesn’t understand why it is that the old school archeology pre-Boas got shit-canned. And further, how even now the retrofitting of new science into that shit-canning it leaving out what really it is about.

    (Hint: the answer rhymes with “is it good for jews?”)


    Frankly I would write an effort comment but alas it’s hard.

  22. Tanstaafl has written about that stuff at length. Read it there.

    Somehow though it needs a summary.

    Basically the jews have to concede that the the old school archeology that Hitler liked to use to get his People excited about their past, was more or less correct.

    But then the question becomes apparent: Why was that science “discredited” post WW II?

    There is a sort of retrogressive recursion to their behavior where they are covering for the past sins, by doing the exact same thing …

    I take issue with Tanstaafl’s seeming contentions that Cochran and Sailer are, in effect, part of the jewish evolutionary strategy though. He says that they cover for the jews.

  23. It is frustrating though. The best minds such as Cochran seem not to go all the way.

    He is always extolling about jewish ashkenazi iq being 115 and also is a total 9/11 denier.

    Re the 115 iq. Cochran would say, look at the data dipshit.

    I am not going to do that, but without a doubt the iq at my public high school averaged 115 with a sample size of maybe ten thousand. The point being that it’s not hard to find select populations within a larger group.

    We need polymath geniuses who can hold forth at the highest levels and tackle the most relevant questions.

  24. All this exciting data in population genetics, but what we need to know, is how the health of White populations is being affected [no sic] by the multirace living arrangement.

    And also how the jews play into that. And those questions need to be studied with science and stuff. Not just this first person complaining — though that has its place too.

    I would also like to look at the long term health effects of involuntary nonconsensual genital reduction neonatal assignment surgery which GE assures does NOT meet the connotative meaning of mutilation!

  25. * Edit

    All this exciting data in population genetics, but what we need to know, is how the health of White populations is being affected effected [no sic] by the multirace living arrangement.

    For what it’s worth, that is a good example in confusing the meanings of those two words. It’s not just affected. The health in question of the population, is channelled into a route, and forever more: brought into effect.

  26. The Jewish “group evolutionary strategy” is anti-white (S)upremacy, ie., collectively against white men striving towards (P)erfection. End of Narrative.

    As a part of this group strategy is the purposeful perversion of the ideal into its total desecration.

    Ergo, white (S)upremacy = “white (s)upremacy” = white degeneracy per the dogma of “universal equality.”

    So deeply embed is the above group strategy that American whites are considered jew-like. Conceptually, white men striving towards objective (S)upremacy is a degenerate act in the minds of the supermass of “whites.”

    But things are actually worse…

    Because ALL THE HIGHEST IQs of the alt-rite play right along with what amounts to little more than some childish reverse psychology AGREEING that the highest IQs of the white race should not be striving toward objective (S)upremacy for our collective racial benefit.

    This is a diabolically hideous subversion of race-realism.

  27. Tanstaafl is a perfect virtual presence able to filter “lone white wolves” towards that last step of race-realism and then capture them in this near-final domain.

    Why… When pondering the Jewish Question is not the starting premise:

    {{{They}}} are anti-white (S)upremacy?

    And the answer is clear.

    No white men desire (S)upremacy. Not even the ones with the highest IQs.

    And only God-ordained free will can change this self-annihilating dynamic.

    The Jew qua Jew is anti-white (S)upremacy. The white (S)upremacist believes in free will and (P)erfection. End of our Narrative.

  28. Suburban_elk, the outliers aren’t the story. While Madison Avenue is putting mixed-race couples into ads for cars, homes, toilet paper, snack foods and guns (just kidding on the last one), they’re a lagging indicator, not a leading one. Madison Ave doesn’t guide what fad or fashion wins in the “marketplace.” Ad execs just guess, the successful ones jump on the bandwagon soonest and the stupid ones let their own biases guide their occupational endeavors (which is a great way to fail spectacularly.) What is the effect of the megaphone? To me, it’s the same as ABCNNBCBS fake-news-cycle, it actually pushes those who question Leftist theology further into heresy.

  29. Sounds like England’s “pre-revolutionary” period might also soon be known as “ante-bellum England.”

  30. Aaaannnnnddd Robinson gets suddenly moved to a majority Muslim prison and put in gen pop with people who want to kill him.

    Murder by state. The British gov is getting Muslims to do their dirty work all over, it seems.

  31. Tommy Robinson’s apparent death-sentence move to a majority Muslim prison:

    Either the State and/or the globalist cabal that runs the UK is confident that cracking downs on dissidents helps secure their power.

    Or, those are the establishment’s panic moves (“Q rhymes with coup”) – like thrashing in quicksand is instinctual but causes you to sink faster.

    Or, there is no coherence in the System’s actions – neoliberalism ran on autopilot for decades, and its component-actors behave erratically and with no central control.

  32. @PA

    From most to least likely:


    Option (2) is just too hopeful for me to believe, though I don’t dismiss it outright. Dispositionally, I think I’ll always be a pessimist. The third seems most likely: there have been no evolutionary pressures on humanity since the Second World War as a result of our exploitation of cheap oil. The deleterious consequences are only now being felt. Man was made to struggle, and if we can’t struggle against nature, apparently we’re content to struggle against loneliness, heroin, video games and pornography. The whole system rewards misfits and socio/pysochopaths. Collapse is the inevitable result, and the sooner it comes, the better for those still around that are somewhat normal.

  33. Chase, makes sense. It’s surprising that Option (2) is even in play… and yet it is. Trump’s presidency would have been unthinkable 15 years ago. John Derbyshire wrote one of his more famous posts in 2002 in National Review, titled “Unpleasant Truths.” I remember reading it the day it was published and thinking “he’s got a point.” Partial quote, emphasis mine:

    Conservatism is dead. No genuinely conservative policy will ever be enacted, ever again, by any U.S. government or the government of any important state. Great masses of ordinary Americans believe that “conservative” means “repressed fundamentalist freak.” Why would they not believe this? Every medium of mass entertainment and mass information has been preaching it to them, over and over and over, for twenty years. The Ronald Reagan of 1980, if he were to stride onto the national stage today, would be unelectable. Calvin Coolidge would be laughed out of public life, if by some bizarre accident he were permitted to wander into it. Even when large majorities of Americans favor a conservative policy, nothing will be done to implement it. For example….

    Nothing will be done about immigration….

    Yet here we are.

    Sure, the realities are different now than they were in 1980 (globohomo had made many advances since then) — yet there is a sense that Reagan was a guy who worked with the system, with nothing but his personal charisma and patriotism to counter the rising American communism.

    Trump is so much outside the box, there is no better explanation than the fact that he is, unlike Reagan, part of a well-planned coup that might well have been prepared since Reagan’s time.

    TLDR: can’t write off the possibility that globalists are being taken out.

  34. “Where’s Lucious by the way? I bin kinda thinkin it’s his moment right now”

    lolz well since somebody asked . . . .

    Dad’s been in the hospital, minus one furtive respite, since the end of May. After a bewildering series of diagnoses, counter-diagnoses, and mysteries unsolved, he has been declared to be in fact free of cancer but now in immediate danger of starving to death. Eat, surgical feeding tube, or ice floe. Last night I tried to “intervene” to explain that his doctors have finally shredded the “cancer” diagnosis–the PT scan, which I was trying to move heaven and earth to get performed (and which apparently can only ever be done outpatient) would seem to be a nonissue, as every last sample, from the airport toilet fluid drained from his lungs to the urine samples on ice, and all the CT scans in between, show no trace of cancer and all his organs (minus his approaching-a-shutdown kidneys) have been declared to be fundamentally sound–and he’s going to have to will himself to perk up and get the hell out of the healthcare system.

    The attending physician conjectured his decline came from dementia, so I had to explain he’s always been this crazy. The lack of explanation for his long respiratory illness and the copious fluid on his lungs remains disturbing; nevertheless, perhaps at this point he has internalized the notion of doom to the point of willing himself to a quick end. Perhaps he will pick up. Yet I really have no idea what to do about him. He refuses to let me wash the clothes he came into the ER in, which a nurse spilled his Dr. Pepper on, an injury he refuses to let go. They’ve probably mildewed by now, and he’s certainly not at the point to allow me to go fetch him a fresh change.

    AOA Cream? It took me a while to recall. I suppose, sans ChoA, this is the time for the rest of them to shine. Poor ChoA–I hope she’s happy.

  35. you’re a good guy, Lucious. looking after an aging parent is one of the truest tests of a person’s character that there is. it’s not like you’re investing in the future. but you do it because that’s just what you do. I’ll buy you a beer any day.

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