Nationalism: Amateurs, Criminals, Leaders

“Somehow (((they))) managed to subvert the far-right Jobbik party, and to turn it against the nationalist Fidesz government.” — comment at Chateau Heartiste

Radical political parties draw not only visionaries and idealists, but also untrustworthy marginal and mercenary personalities to their leadership ranks. A question came up earlier: where is the IRA, now that they are needed to take back Irish schools and streets?

Apparently, nowhere; I don’t know anything about the IRA but it is not a stretch to speculate that its heyday leaders were more criminal than patriot. There was profit incentive, for example, in sectarian conflict where property transfer was the prize. There is no such economic opportunity under present conditions in hypothetical hits on propertyless migrants muhdikking around Belfast, so there is no native criminal syndicate doing action.

Effective national movements are run by talented Alpha men who have many avenues of success open to them. Most such types will steer clear of crime or radical politics for obvious reasons: too risky, too downmarket. Note that Fidesz was a moderate party, which grew into a revolutionary force because someone of Viktor Orban’s caliber took helm of it.

You see a similar dynamic on the AltRight, where sometimes it’s difficult to tell where the nationalists end and clowns begin. I’m not criticizing: amateurism is the provenance of destiny. Conditions have created a demand for leadership. Cream is already rising to the top.


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  1. We want the criminal types, PA. They are the only ones who can do it without permission. Cops and soldiers without uniforms are useless.

    The IRA was still pretty badass until the late 90s. Then Sein Fenn had a treaty with the gov, and became just another political party. The System enticed the leaders and gobbled them up. Kind of like how WNs think Trump is some kind of racist savior.

    The profit potential is there, and is here. What isn’t mentioned, is the Police State.

    People who don’t know, VASTLY underestimate how hard it is to be a criminal. Not as easy as the TV and movies make it out to be.

    The 5Cs: computers, cell phones, CCTV, credit cards, cars. Ireland is chock full of license plate readers, CCTV, stingrays. You can’t move without being tracked.

    Combine the chemical castration of the modern man and the 5Cs. Men who can’t or won’t act as men and who are tracked like cattle.

    I put my “hope” into the Aryan Mafia:

  2. America already has its Aryan Mafia: GHW Bush. Also its Redneck Warlord: Bill Clinton. Criminal leaders are not good to their own people. On a less extreme scale, there is Jobbik’s Leftward move.

    I’ve said that some amount of native street-criminality is an important part of a healthy society. I never said that you ever let them into positions of power.

    The grain of truth behind “We want the criminal types” is that sometimes they are useful as foot-soldiers in war. The best armies are not composed of feral men, but of domesticated men who can feralize.

  3. It isn’t a question of “letting” someone do something. Only slaves need permission. Your yourself learned to fear the master’s whip, as a soldier.

    Murka for instance, is run by jewish criminals. Being a criminal isn’t so bad, if you make the laws and if you can dictate to law enforcement.

    The military and the police break more laws, destroy more property, and kill more civilians than all “conventional criminals” combined.

    When a WN goes to prison, he works for criminal white leaders. Tribal areas create warlords. The real leaders of the white race have not yet emerged. You will see Roissy, Sailor and Vox working for them, not the other way around.

    [Fine, but drifting off-topic so I’ll leave your point be. — PA]

  4. In the case of Ireland, I suspect the ECB and banks are putting their collective boot on the neck of the Irish after the PIIGS debacle. Of course you have to implement the EU best practices, goyim. How can we lend you money if you don’t?

  5. The online alt-right currently seems to be packed with what are probably well-funded (anonymous) troublemakers tearing down what remains. The j-left are pretty good at no-platforming, I have to give them that. But it’s not over yet.

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  7. Article 1: In 2015, the muslims in Ireland pretended to be moderates and NAMALT. I expect it’s different now.

    Article 2: North Ireland seems to be having a culture war, but it’s heartening to see that the anti-muslim side aren’t wimps. Keep running, Omar.

    The remarks by the Pastor and First Minister have been met with strong criticism from the Christian community.

    On closer inspection, that’s the pozzed churchian community. The threat of ‘hate crime’ prosecution immediately appears to make the dissidents back down.

    This toxic legislation should immediately be removed in a sane country. Instead it seems to be all over the EU. I wonder if there is a history of how this was finessed somewhere.

  8. “You see a similar dynamic on the AltRight, where sometimes it’s difficult to tell where the nationalists end and clowns begin.”
    Alt-right supporters are similar to traditional Catholics (by traditional, I mean Latin Mass only/SSPX/ICKSP, etc.). There is a message in both that is ready to explode in growth, and there are very admirable people with both involved to promote this growth, but there is a minority of marginalized and alienated believers in both groups who are often lacking in prudence, charity, or even reason, etc. This comes from having been beaten down for decades. There was a time when a Latin mass was a rarity and a huge deal, and caused you to be marginalized as if you were an occultist. Now you have a lot of people like me who are TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) only. But before 2007, there were years of persecution by bishops, priests, even the upper hierarchy. This left some overly defensive, embittered, inflexible, and hostile. The same applies to the Alt-right. Just as the neo-Catholic cucks tried to stamp out trads, the Buckleyite, Neocon right sought to stamp out nationalists and those who were awake regarding race. When people have been the targets of abuse from their own churches/political parties, anger and venom can well up.
    More conventional or mild personalities have to play a role here. Being kind to new parishioners goes a long way. Consciously smiling when a family with children sits down in the pew in front of you is effective, also.
    With politics, a less venomous tone might be helpful. Particularly cutting out the constant accusations of faggotry we level at each other over the silliest nonsense, and being “agents” in league with the left. At least a quarter of commenters are cussing each other savagely, on many alt-right blogs.
    The Alt-Right is inevitable, as is God’s Church’s victory, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practice prudence and encourage intellectual/spiritual growth.

    [Excellent comment. – PA]

  9. re jobbik turning to shit:
    “any organization that is not explicitly anti-semitic ends up run by jews” — alex linder

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