The Five Best Geopolitical Events Of My Lifetime

This covers the 1970s decade through today. Interesting times.

As to the most fortuitous events, I’ll leave the election of Karol Wojtyła as Pope off the Top 5 as “unknown” because I don’t know what his influence was on post-Cold War developments. Nevertheless, I remember his 1978 election like it was last week. The telephone in our Warsaw apartment rang, mom picked it up and moments later shouted: “A Pole was elected Pope last night. Go to the kiosk and buy a newspaper!” I ran, but they were sold out. Not a word on the state-owned TV or radio about the event.

I don’t know the Vatican or its inner workings post-Vatican II. Whatever their secrets, Pope John Paul II was a holy man. Of the volumes of his appeals to the faithful, this one stands out:


If this were a Top 10 list, I’d have included the Oklahoma and Norway operations because historians, decades from now and with their feelings detached from the horror of innocent lives taken (some of them were innocent), will validate Thomas Jefferson’s words:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Thoughts of gratitude, which the writing this post has inspired, snowball with recollections of one after another good, significant geopolitical development that took place in my lifetime. Another one that would make the Top 10: Wikileaks. A private citizen disseminating information about corporations and governments to the public, Zuckerberg in reverse.

Technology is a force-multiplier, nothing more, nothing less, and I consider its progress inevitable as long as the northern races live. The effects of its advancement have a way of getting neutralized by subsequent developments or adaptations. For that reason, I’ll rank the technological advances of my lifetime neither as good nor bad. For better and worse, we now have the internet and smartphones.

I’ll also leave the Fall of the Soviet Union off the Top 5 list as “unknown” because we will never know the alternate history. Still, I give thanks for the miracle of an empire’s collapse that occurred for the most part bloodlessly. We may have dodged a thermonuclear war. But for all of the high hopes, the end of the Cold War was also a geopolitical tragedy that ushered in three decades of neoliberalism.


And finally, on to the five most fortuitous geopolitical events in my lifetime:

5. The Law and Justice Party Triumphs in Poland

The Top 5 countdown begins here. In October 2015, right wing party Law and Justice (PiS) won Polish national elections, displacing the governing liberal party. Among its first acts, the victorious PiS affirmed the rightful place of the crucifix in Poland’s senate chamber and reneged on its predecessor’s agreement to admit migrants to Poland. Two kinds of memes were all over Polish Facebook feeds prior to that election:

  • An image of attractive young people with the caption EXPORT and third world savages with the caption IMPORT
  • “Repatriation, not immigration” slogans condemning the liberal government’s restrictive stance toward Russian-speaking descendants of Poles who had been deported to Siberia, contrasted with the party’s openness to Muslim migrants.

Beyond Poland’s borders, the significance of this victory is the moral and material support the PiS government gave to Hungary, who up to that point was alone in defying the EU on its immigration mandates. As Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán said in his address to 500,000 rally-goers in Budapest last week:

Hungarians were alone in 2010 when we stood up, revolted, and started fighting in Brussels and in other centres of the empire…later Poles, Slovaks, and Czechs joined in support of the Hungarian government’s efforts.

Poland’s stature among Eastern European countries gave Hungary peer support. Without the solidarity expressed by Poland’s newly elected government, Hungary risked becoming an isolated “rogue state” and everybody knows what the bloodthirsty Pentagon does best.


4. The Rise of the AltRight

It began with Whites asking questions. “What’s up with women?” “Why am I betrayed by the people I voted for?” “Why can’t I be left in peace?” The search for answers to those simple questions tore down the Frankfurt School’s curtain of lies that had been deforming our perception of every aspect of reality.

The AltRight is a synthesis of Pat Buchanan’s moral nationalism and Camille Paglia’s amoral sex realism. It reconnected us with Christian fundamentals and our Greco-Roman heritage, waking Whites up to to the planned destruction of the European race.


3. Viktor Orbán’s Government

“Hungarians won’t live according to the commands of foreign powers.”
– Viktor Orbán, 2012

Hungary is the savior of Europe. Viktor Orbán was the first European head of state to speak out against the flooding of Europe with a replacement population — and win. The wall he built on his country’s southern border blocked the inflow of “refugees” who were advancing on Germany and England. Without Hungary, the brown deluge would have swallowed Europe.


2. The Election of President Donald Trump

Globalists had a 16-year plan to destroy Whites. Obama’s two terms were the set-up, the Hillary Clinton administration was supposed to deliver the kill-shot. But they never saw Trump coming. Without his victory, the United States would have:

  • UK-style criminalization of speech
  • A government gun-grab
  • All black crime against Whites effectively decriminalized and all White self-defense drawing felony charges
  • Nationalization of local police departments
  • The rate of immigration doubled or tripled
  • Aggressive race-integration on neighborhood level
  • Pushed pxxxphilia
  • Started a war with Russia.


1. The Reinvigoration of Russia

The 1990s were a bad time for Russians. Well-connected domestic and foreign Jews looted the country. Russia impotently watched NATO bomb her closest ally, Serbia. The nation’s lowest point was the Kursk submarine accident but I saw that Vladimir Putin is a serious man when he initially declined help from British and Norwegian navies. The world took him seriously when he sacrificed some of the Moscow Theater hostages to kill all of the hostage-takers.

European patriots are in the position of Józef Piłsudski at outbreak of WWI, who understood that his national aspirations for independence are best served when neither the Kaiser nor the Tsar prevail over the other, but that the two empires grind each other down until the captive nations locked under them can rise up.

In the brightest scenario, a resurgent Christian Russia fulfills the Fatima Prophecy. At worst, it’s an imperial oligarchy like America but even under that scenario, it’s good that there is an alternative to the unipolar Jewish world of the past thirty years. So either way:

Slava Rossyii. Urrah.

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  2. Can’t wait to show my sons the video of Putin. The only I wish they added was footage of him at mass.

  3. –I almost worried yesterday that this glee over the Sarkozy arrest was premature, but if they’re really holding him and charging him, then this means he’s outed as a Real Life James Bond Villain (shades yet again of The Living Daylights), and a neocon/lib globalist (((Western))) head of state can answer to charges of what, from the “normie” perspective, is an unbelievably wicked conspiracy.

    It would be an almost Caecescu-shooting level event, and perhaps a pivot into the longed-for Globalist Perp Walk Revolution that would be a capstone world historical event.

  4. Never really considered the AR/Greco-Roman heritage connection. Definitely it’s at least in this line; I see it. A long way to go yet, but the inaugural seeds are sown.

    “In a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw & become audible so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer.” -Plutarch

  5. I had to stop and comment that as soon as I read the opening disclaimer on PJPII, I actually got a shiver. As a prodigal son, returning to Catholicism after a long fight with God, I can tell you that I always perceived him – even in my most adolescent atheist phase – as an incredibly holy man.

    I don’t understand the exact mechanics of the existential battle we are engaged in, but I know who is on my side. Donald Trump is in my side. Pope John Paul II is on my side.

  6. “The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band” – Brian Eno

    This post is the epitome of that kind of inspiration.

    I was a mere infant when Karol Wojtyła became Pope, but I remember when I was growing up there was a palpable sense of pride and honor amongst my immediate family and other relatives that a Pole, much less The Pope, could have so much power and influence on a geopolitical scale.

    As to the rest of the list: *Italian chef kissing his own fingers.*

    Bravo, PA.

  7. PS – After Pope John Paul II, Lech Wałęsa seems to be a close second on the list of role models for Americans of Polish descent. I would be interested in hearing PA’s thoughts about him and Solidarity.

    PPS – Krzysztof Kieślowski is up there as well, perhaps equal to or slightly higher on the list than Czesław Miłosz.

  8. Each Pond Gone: yeah, the AltRight/Classical heritage connection was always clear to me. Maybe it’s all the commenters with Greco-Roman handles… Paglia is Italian, could well be that she feels the connection to ancient Rome. It comes through in her schoarship. Her reverence for Catholicism is all about the aesthetic.

    Ryu: That’s the gist. This is a good article to start with to understand the Fatima visions:

    Lothar: definitely, Milosz is a fascinating writer. I can’t recommend Native Realm enough, whether or not you’re interested in the subject of its time and place. As to Kieslowski, this short post is about the prophetic elements in his French films:

    One of the interesting things about both Milosz and Kieslowski was that they weren’t what we’d think of as right wing. Milosz was a Marxist and a judeophile in his youth, though his discomfort with Jews’ zeal for radical leftism was something that he didn’t quite know how to deal with. His Communist comrades back in his radical student days chided him for being a leftist who is afraid of getting his hands dirty.

  9. Anglin just wrote today that living in Greece for a year and observing Golden Dawn taught him a lesson in identity and solidarity. He must read here, heh.

    [He does. – PA]

  10. Watching the video of Putin put me in a good mood. I don’t worship him, but the way he carries himself is appealing. It’s good to see Russia regaining national pride.

  11. Two emails to the White House, two emails to my Congressman, and an artfully hateful epistle to Paul Ryan–as well as one handwritten letter to the President, not yet mailed, later . . .

    Please encourage the President to veto the Omnibus Spending Bill. Ryan/Pelosi crew have screwed the President royally with an insulting pittance of $1.6 billion for border security, with strings forbidding spending on actual Wall construction. Mickey Kaus has been handing out that White House number with more fervor than we’ve seen since saruh tried to get me to call her. That White House number is:


    If our President has somehow temporarily been abused by the blithe insinuations of K-Street kleptocrat congresscritters eager to beguile him into submission to their un-American NeoCon agenda, he is a man who loves and respects his base, so let us help encourage him to take the forceful and decisive break (such as he is known for) from the bad deals of the establishment swamp.

  12. Yes, the Putin video is a study in self-command.

    The Russian drill-and-ceremony is interesting to watch in contrast with my own American army training. Some of the differences are that they face up when at attention (maybe that is some ceremonial “higher degree” of attention), while US doctrine is always head-and-eyes-level. They stylize their march while US military marches in natural step.

    Lucius, I am flattered that Bing shoa’d me! what does it mean?

  13. –lolz well all of a sudden it’s back now, but before “pa world and times blog” drew nothing but a whole page of random.

    I had just tried posting something at the chateau on “Mike”s marital situation. For many weeks now every time I comment at the chateau it goes straight to mod, and most times I don’t think it gets dug out, but in this case it was one of those things where I hit post and it just goes straight back up to the top of the OP, so I guess my comment vaporized. Some days I haven’t even been able to log onto my blog. That may be a browser update issue, idk, but it’s in the clear for now.

    I have to admit, I’m pretty much with CH on this one, while most commenters are gravitating toward an (excuse the expression) “for the kids” solution. His kids are probably lost hostages to an unfaithful and vengeful wife at this point. Who knows if his concubine is actually quality material, but the gist of my comment was: CH has always strenuously maintained, and I think the commentariat has tended on the whole to agree, that wifely infidelity is a nuclear trigger for divorce. His children may be a lost cause as far as giving them a “normal” upbringing at this point.

    I know and confess that pulling that nuclear trigger may be harder done than said. But his SAH homemaker willingly took another man’s dick in her mouth, and her perfidies are probably bigger than that. God knows enough marriages have been nuked (usually by a woman) for less.

    Of course I don’t say this because I think I’m qualified to tell Mike what to do with a great trial in his life. But, being as it were inadvertently locked out from the chateau, I feel a certain guilt in NOT weighing in on these controversies.

  14. My Dad, God bless him, went through a phase after my Mom divorced him where he’d leave out polaroid beaver shots on the tv for her to see when she dropped us off at his house.

    As a child I didn’t really understand it except I thought it was gross (though not as gross as I would think it later). Later in life I did think it was a disgustingly “misogynistic” thing to do. Now, I sometimes wonder if that wasn’t the most fucking alpha thing ever. Well, probably not–there’s something rather futile and sad about it too, and really it WASN’T very nice lolz!– but I sometimes feel the temptation to “brag” on him for it at the chateau and see what sort of response it would get.

  15. The people in my life and family whom I know best, have all suffered from this clown world shit show, and most of them quite a bit. Everyone tries to be heroic and overcome, but the problem is that many of us are not really doing that.

    I see the larger mission (of the AR, if that’s still what it is called), as trying to be a part in creating the culture that allows for and encourages heroism. On the other hand, the heroic quest is always undertaken alone. Joseph Campbell for all his gayness and faults made that point very clear, and credit where due.

    Campbell wasn’t gay, of course. He was quite masculine, certainly by the standards of today. He was a top track athlete at his prestigious university. His event was the half mile. And he played the jazz flute the saxophone. And he was six feet tall. And he came from the slums of Ireland, and grew up with those dirty Irish in New York, except that his people were lace curtain not shanty.

  16. The joke about Joseph Campbell, the meta joke or the meme, is that for his time, he was THE authority on heroism and what it meant and how it pertained. He could not have been as famous as he was, and as successful, without being convincing in his ideas, and convincing by his demonstration of them.

    So the guy was no poser. Just like most top-level pop musicians, you don’t get to have the job if you have the talent. There are exceptions of course, see for example Katy Perry.

    It’s a question I have posed many times, over the years in my commenting career (under this handle for ten years now), and I have not seen it addressed very well, frankly.

    Who were our American heroes?

    At some point our heroes had to be “anti heroes”, but that something about that phrase and concept doesn’t cut it. It somehow dismisses and relegates the essence of it.

    The standard suggestion, is that after we lost faith in ourselves, our heroes were antiestablishment figures such as rock musicians.

    I have suggested the best modern American hero, was Robert Pirsig. Other than him, i can’t think of anyone who’s not a musician. I would name John Fogerty and Greg Brown, as the two best American songwriter heroes of the Boomer generation. There might be country artists, but they are of an earlier time.

  17. There is a glaring point about heroism, that Joseph Campbell would lament me seeming to miss, that it’s not about looking for names, but about finding your own path.

    But my point was simply about us Americans not having heroes in common. As in none at all, that we can point to, even in the slightest.

    It’s an obvious indication of our demise.

  18. I feel a certain guilt in NOT weighing in on these controversies.

    That was some first rate thread drama, but not about Mike and his problem.

    Bragging about your knowledge of top restaurants is like bragging about your car. It’s so boomer tier except that boomers aren’t even that shit tier.

    Status signaling by your knowledge of restaurants is bugman. Fuck those people. I wish I had that money and a nice car, but on the balance most people in DC would be better off dead. Excepting of course, our host.

    Mike’s situation. He was alcoholic, so god only knows what his wife went through. As bad as her blowing some guy, he might have put her through worse.

    As far as what’s best for the kids. It’s impossible to say.

    You kind of have to figure that his alcoholism and her cheating is part of their trashy lifestyle. They wouldn’t happen to be friends with “the Matts” Heimback and Parrot perchance?

    And as such, their kids are going to go some distance into that trash no matter what, as that’s where they’re from.

  19. Anyone who cheats on their spouse, unless you’re Genghis Khan and she knows about it, is low level people.

    “Who are these people?”

    Gaming and fucking women one doesn’t want to have kids with, is also trash level behavior.

    How could it be considered anything but?

    It might be axiomatic that there has to be a window for sleeping around and “the sewing of wild oats” as Grampa used to say — but that window is never open into one’s 40s.

    “Who are these people?”

  20. It’s easy to have a rosy view of Russia when you aren’t their neighbor or getting invaded by them.

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