How Does The Average Person In Sweden See Things?

In Sweden, or anywhere in occupied Europe.

I know exactly what people in the United States thought about Diversity before it marred our landscape: it was a mix of pity, anxiety, and confidence that we’ll never lose control of it. But that was then, this is now.

It would be interesting to learn more about everyday life in Sweden from someone who lives there. Bad-news tweets tell a part of the story but they also make you wonder, how does the average person over there see the reality that comes to us via “cucked Sweden” cliches? The question is complicated by the very term “average person” because the average person is a follower (you forget this because if you are a reader of AltRight blogs, you are a leader to some extent — you’re bucking the liberal culture that you get from politicians, school, telewitz, and clothing store ads).

So this “average person” in Sweden or wherever will tell you that things are fine. He will point to his country’s top score on the World’s Happiness Index. He’ll even say it after experiencing an incident with a mud because he follows the official line that all is well, the immigrants are OK, and it’s the racists who are the threat to peace. He might be a “Number 7” liberal:

Seven: like everyone in the West, they feel that something is very wrong. But unlike those of us who want to confront the problem, liberals are appeasement-oriented. Whomever they seek to appease at any given moment — placate any individuals or entities that comprise the patron-client matrix of neoliberalism — they look with horror upon Trump and the Alt-Right’s aggressive challenge to these seemingly omnipotent forces. Liberals would rather let the wolves pace about so long as we don’t give them a reason to bite, even as the animals grow bolder and meaner with each passing year.

Still, people aren’t automatons. Though he’s a follower, the average person has eyes. Something feels off in his gut but he insists that Sweden is doing well… first, because he believes the cheery messages. Here is one such example of demonic cheer from a Swedish children’s book:


(Demonic cheer in America is no different. Go to a public library and see the glossy black-grievance and homosexuality-promotion material on display. Americans ignore that stuff like a bad talisman; reverently years ago, cynically now. What do Europeans think of such graphics?)

Then, he believes because he wants to believe. After that, he only pretends to believe. Eventually, he discovers that his expressions of loyalty to the liberal system do not guarantee fair treatment. He might start thinking that his government simply hates him for who he is.

At this point, one of two things happens:

  1. He seeks psychological comfort in doubling-down on his fidelity to liberalism, or
  2. He stops considering his government legitimate.

The bad news: most people will take Door No. 1. The SJW is a product of such doubling-down on submission. The good news: their loyalty is conditional on the system’s display of omnipotence. Door No. 2 is what we red-pilled folks in America, Sweden and elsewhere walked through, some of us decades ago. But this post is not about leaders. It’s about followers, our brothers and sisters who outnumber us by a ratio of more than 9:1.

The difference between them and us, as I said, is that being leaders (on some level), we were, for one or another reason, spiritually equipped to push away the system’s dominant narrative. Some of us found nascent Right Wing blogs and accepted the connection between what we read there and the doubts that were gnawing at us. Others had the religious or social substrate that was stronger than liberalism to begin with, and yet others looked for truth independently. But the average people don’t have any of those truth-seeking impulses, they prefer the comfort of obedience.

Once they feel that the liberal system is no longer a fair master, they will look for a new home. Are average people in Western Europe at a point where they are weighing their options?


52 thoughts on “How Does The Average Person In Sweden See Things?

  1. The average man here in Sweden thinks just like a female, which means feeling more than thinking and explains the groupthink. Women play along because the men do, the men play along because they are women. The Swedes are happy because it is mandatory, if you don’t act happy there will be consequences. It really is satanic.

  2. Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY and commented:
    Seven: like everyone in the West, they feel that something is very wrong. But unlike those of us who want to confront the problem, liberals are appeasement-oriented. Whomever they seek to appease at any given moment — placate any individuals or entities that comprise the patron-client matrix of neoliberalism — they look with horror upon Trump and the Alt-Right’s aggressive challenge to these seemingly omnipotent forces. Liberals would rather let the wolves pace about so long as we don’t give them a reason to bite, even as the animals grow bolder and meaner with each passing year.

  3. Bottom right in the picture is a pink unicorn. Because fantasy.

    I think these people understand, deep down, that it’s all fantasy. They go along because of social pressure to conform.

    The day the message is finally delivered that its OK to hate the fantasy, and it’s OK to love your own children and want what’s best for them, I think the fantasy will be swept aside as quickly as Ceausescu’s control was extinguished.

    Most people, including all of the followers, know it’s a fantasy. They only need the right Leader… and they WILL need a Leader as they’re all followers.

    This unfortunately means the satanic fantasy will end with a dictatorship. We’ll be the ones embracing it. Such is the cycle of civilizations.

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  5. I listen to The Golden One, on occasion.

    For a Swede, he is a high-level and famous WN. But Sweden is lacking in test today, so he’d only be like a mid-level Alt-Liter in Murka.

    I have to warn anyone who listens to him, that he is a bit weird. He is a strange dude but a good white brother.

  6. The Golden One’s final step is to recognize and acknowledge that what “we” all are in when we talk about the collective degeneration is the self-annihilating chaos of anti-white (S)upremacy.

    The Golden One is proto-wS of Swedish particularity.

    That he will reject “white (s)upremacy” with knee-jerk certainty is a fatal flaw. He collapses that which “we” were all in and throws “us” back into “radical autonomy.”

  7. The Arab lady in the niquab would never have a dog, for allah’s sake. Canines are ‘unclean’, doncha know.

  8. Sweden was recognized as an open air insane asylum at least since the early 90s. High suicide rates, a strange hive mind conformity noted by most continental Europeans. I’m not as surprised by the trajectory of Sweden and Canada as of the UK.

    He is correct that SJWs are not really “normies.” People who see through the system but come to erroneous conclusions are still further along than those who genuinely believe in the system in that bovine, suburban dad way.

  9. PA, I found this comment on a recent ROK article. Think its true?

    There is a reason why Roosh doesn’t own real estate; it’s easier for Soros to pay Antifa and Chanty Binx to damage Roosh’s property. Antifa, with the help of Soros, tried to detonate a explosive device at his mom’s house. The media took photos of his mom’s house with an intent for a call to action to murder her.

  10. Last i heard Roosh he was giving advice on a live youtube to a nog, on how deal with French girls who had unreasonable expectations of his endowment.

    This wasn’t back in the dawn of PUA prehistory, this was three or four months ago.

    He had the chance to say something tactful and politic, but instead completely ignored the larger issues of genetic integrity, and played his advice all on the personal. So he showed his true colors.

  11. But as far as the media setting him up for violence, that’s one of their favorite tricks. They harassed Anglin’s mom quite a bit, to the point of looking in her windows, in their efforts to find “Andy” and then bizarrely telling about their behavior in their featured Atlantic article, and not knowing how lowlife they seem.

    Anglin detailed this “encounter” with them quite extensively. They are somehow immune to consequences, and they are also without restraint and dignity because those things take character which they don’t have.

  12. Roosh is a very smart guy and he’s not fat, and he is White enough that he could have been an asset and even a part. But he chose not to.

    Whatever his reasons they are his own.

    Everyone famous has to walk a line, between harnessing the energy of their audience and not getting killed.


    On the CH front, i see that CH ‘the man himself’ has sided with Ryu (and not the more ethical Elk) and declared himself a high functioning psychopath.

    And woe is me, Captain Obvious still beats his drum that satisfying a woman needs jacking off her clit like a horse.

    So i repeat my lament, that such labors are demeaning (not to mention gross), because the clit is supposed to be stimulated and brought into fruition by the pelvic saddle and the intertwined motions thereon, in the course of natural sex which natural sex does not obtain without the glide mechanism provided for by intact genitals.

  13. Speaking of clitorises and horses — clitorises and horses, hahaha — for a funny picture, you can find old school ladies such as Audrey Hepburn used to have to ride ‘side saddle’ so that they wouldn’t get too hot.

    About the most excitement a girl used to could have, was straddling that horse and gettin on her gallup. They would quite literally masturbate on that saddle, back in the old days. We can assume that they still do.

    The Fatherland, which has been off its last couple ‘sodes, did have a good bit about horse girls turning into horse ladies, and which fate how to avoid for your daughters.

    The point being that horse girls are a meme that’s wanting to be born. For you city faggots, horse girls are the cat girls of the country. They are big strong girls who can ‘tame’ a horse, and your dick’s just not that big.

  14. And woe is me, Captain Obvious still beats his drum that satisfying a woman needs jacking off her clit like a horse.

    Lol, someone learned this one sure trick. Hey, why not bring one of those industrial strength vibrators next time. That’ll show her, whoever she is.

  15. Ryu’s comment on a CH thread, that there is a convergence among PUA and WN, was referenced by a popular young gun DS podcaster.

    It was a good observation. Credit where due.

    PA has been banging that drum for years though. So has me too. Womenz be the spoilz bitches and to them haleth victory.

  16. OK, so … any more swedish readers willing to testify? We know they have a 15-20% (or more) Sweden Democrats so it can’t be all niceness and conformity.

  17. We are all on the same team, Elk.

    But I do agree that I am a psychopath, Roissy is, one and that psychos shall lead the movement. This will be very clear if WN ever leaves the internet and enters the real world.

    Simple brutality can cut through yards of conditioning and talk. As the saying went “terror can overcome reason.” An instant of seeing jews and minos fear you is worth years of debate.

    I learned this, watching the skins and racist prison gangs. They don’t logic and reason their opponents to death. They are violent animals; they get the respect of other men and women willingly obey them. Feminism and mino rampages solved.

    The “cultured thug” future is real.

  18. Swedish commenters are quite rare.

    It may be the case that WNing online is illegal for them, as it is in England and Germany.

  19. This post got a larger than usual number of pageviews from Sweden. (I get aggregate numbers, can’t see individual reader’s info, if anyone there is worried). Readership from Scandinavian countries is my highest for non-English speaking countries, after Germany.

  20. PA, I recall a few weeks ago you said that blacks (and let’s just say diversity in general) is the red cape distracting us from the Matador. If that’s the case, who is the Matador? And what is his goal?

  21. I’d say that voting results indicate how the average Swedish citizen sees things. Look at which party or parties dare to voice an even remotely reasonable opinion on the state of things and then check what share of the vote they got. The only party that does not believe in Immigration and Diversity is the Sweden Democrats – their best result so far was 13 % (in 2014).

    At least some (most?) of the voters of Sweden Democtats are not average followers. So I’m confident to say that the average Swede still believe that everything is fine.

    The situation is large the same in the rest of non-eastern Europe. Some 10% to 20% of the population object to what is happening. The rest follows the present politics.

    I disagree with your opinionn that when someone starts thinking that his government simply hates him for who he is, he has only the following two Options:

    1.He seeks psychological comfort in doubling-down on his fidelity to liberalism, or
    2.He stops considering his government legitimate.

    2 is extremely rare, because people believe in Democracy. This implies that the majority has the right to implement a collective suicide. So there is an Option 3

    3. He believes that his government and most of his fellow citizens are “misguided”, “uniformed” etc., but will still consider his government legitimate even if he knows they hate him.

  22. The Matador is Command and Control for the Multikult Machine: the jews.

    You already know their goals. Minos for the most part are just dumb animals, being pushed from behind by ((( them ))).

    They use blacks and spics in Murka, Muzz in Europe. In both cases, the real power at work is the same.

  23. The Matador is Command and Control for the Multikult Machine: the jews.

    I don’t believe it is correct or useful to blame it wholesale on the Jews. Sure, it provides some psychological comfort to put a face to this alarming phenomenon, but as long as we misdiagnose what is going on, there will be no cure, and will continue down our current path. No doubt Jews have played a disproportionate role in pushing the multikult agenda, and with some motive of malice. But that can’t be the only explanation. This line of thinking is equivalent to the childish but ego assuaging notion blacks hold that the only reason Wakanda doesn’t exist is because of da white man.

  24. True enough, but we’d like to give our people a target to lash out at. Whites do have some blame, but pushing personal responsibility and education? Today?

    That game is for conservatives. They lost.

    There is an ideology for soldiers and another for officers. What we require from soldiers is obedience and a sort of blind hatred for the other. It has always been that way, and it will be that way for us too.

    WN? Takes 5 years to make a good one. Too much for a normie to aspire to. WN is the white leadership class.

    Getting rid of jews alone will solve many of our problems. In fact, I’d say that history shows that when jewry is banned, real progress begins. I believe the purges of the Middle Ages kicked the jews out and made Europe great again.

  25. There are no real terrorists. (Or very few).

    The War on Terror is just another racket to fleece the people….pay your taxes…or calamity will ensue!

    The type is extremely rare, in the West. Many Western countries are locked down Police States. Action groups simply can’t exist in such an environment.

    Usually they are caught quickly. Today the only “terrorist groups” are the famous ones who are government sponsored:
    The CIA
    The US Military

    The real center of world terror is Washington DC. Our CIA is the most well funded turrist group on the planet. A real “war on terror” would start in DC and Manhattan.

  26. — If that’s the case, who is the Matador? And what is his goal?

    Nobody has the definitive answer. Anonymous Conservative speculated on this a few days ago in a post titled “The Jewish Question.” Maybe it’s the Rothschilds, maybe it’s someone else behind them.

    People crave the power to rule over others and humiliate them. Sociopaths are ambitious in pursuit of those goals but sociopaths are stupid and don’t cooperate well. However, supersociopaths have evolved by selective pressures and they take over institutions, global banking cartels and such. Elite Jews are highly represented at that level. Jesus called them out on it:

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

    Jews, elite and ordinary, are wired differently from us owing to their Semitic genes. That’s not more “controversial” than saying that Nepalese are adapted to high altitudes. Jews see things differently than you and I do. Namely, where we regard the social norms of our countries as an end in themselves because those things is us, Jews look at those things with an eye on value-extraction. For example: Whites consider Christmas a celebration of Christ’s birth and a time of good will. Jews who came to America found Jesus offensive so they wrote songs about the weather and loud horse harnesses. Then they turned the holiday into a money-siphon.

    People who see themselves apart from host society rather than part of it will not care if they run it to the ground, just like you don’t care that the ribs you’re eating become bones that end up in kitchen garbage.

    Jews’ talent is to install themselves at cultural and commercial choke-points of society and creating those choke-points where they don’t already exist.

  27. There is also the strawman argument that the problem is THE jews, rather than the real argument which is that jews are a problem.

    Zman recently did his long awaited exegesis on the jews, and he coulda saved everyone some time and just said that.

    A more subtle take on the jewish problem is that it’s not they themselves as much as the environment they create, which environment includes their lackeys who effectively become them.

    They are a virus. And it’s important to emphasize that calling them a virus, will almost certainly be borne out, if science isn’t stopped dead in its tracks, as not a metaphor but a homologue.

    They are literally a virus that will have the same fractal patterns and expressions as those ugly things that live inside us.

    tldr jews suck, and but their lackeys are worse

  28. Remember that freaky scene from invasion of the body snatchers, which movie was just before my time and as such scarier than had we actually scene it. That scene where Donald Sutherland has his revealing moment. What’s the fancy greek word for it, anagnorisis, though not sure if this is exactly correct usage.

    That scene where he reveals himself being body snatched. How was able to do so, so convincingly?

    Yeah, he was an imposing actor, but also because he was — quite literally — body snatched into the jewish extended phenotype, and become one of them. That scene is a also a good example of a fractal. It is an expression in the individual, of what is happening to the audience. And other levels.

  29. — They are a virus.

    Unlike other skilled value-extractors (Armenian or Chinese diaspora) they don’t just accommodate themselves to local conditions; they cause mutations to the host-society’s structures to accelerate and maximize the harvest.

  30. It is more accurate to think of jews as an expression of the problem, than the problem itself.

    And yay verily gay! victims they are.

    When we have our great purge (oooooh i can’t wait!) i for one would loooove to line up the nurses at the hospital i was born at and cut out their genitals, as they do to the children there. But realistically that is not feasible or helpful to the future generations; or is it?

    I don’t know. Do we have to kill the dogcatchers and the mailmen?

    Read Siege motherfuckers! (for any boomers reading this, that is an old meme; which now it’s dead)

    Apparently when the Chinese cultural revolution petered out, everyone just agreed to forget about it, as the only workable solution to getting on.

  31. Is your morning not complete, without a shit post link to TRS Forums?

    Here then, try this one on for size.

    I’m seeing a lot of retarded takes out there on the forum regarding the OQ and considering the two sides of the optics debate have sadly devolved into trashbag jumpsuits vs poor person red shoes, I think it’s high time to weigh in and give you some advice you can actually use to not look like a dumbass.

    [ … don’t miss the pictures … ]

    So there you have it, @the-Ovenmen’s guide to not dressing like a stupid poor person. Adapt these looks to suit your body type and budget but remember this, your best dressed self is your best self.

    The’talent’ factor, and why TRS is winning the clone wars against MPC. In a word, content. (sorry to pedant at edgy bros who know this)

    The link above is the final word on the optics question, and hopefully that in-joke is over. Right?

    But do consider, before buffing up on above sartorial, the following link, and use it to spot the typo,

    Contrary to the Ovenmen’s expertise, turns out “rouge” is a gay and alluring color across the land used by Debbies to simulate their vaginas for hulking Chad-aspirational bff boyfriends. Who knew?

  32. The above post isn’t funny if you’re not lurking on that forum and know something of the wider scene, and for which sorry! but whatever.

    You can still learn something. It’s not too late.

  33. Rouge != rogue, diety != deity, reigns != reins, free reign is not a thing but free rein is, and so on. Worse are those who swap i.e. and e.g. I’ve seen that particular idiocy a number of times recently, so it looks like a new generation of degreed stupid is coming up.

  34. If we’re talking dress code, I thought those Belgian guys were triggeringly normal and well-dressed. The cat ladies and wiggers would be writhing in the streets with PTSD if they showed up (the examples from the videos were amusing). So those optics are just fine.

  35. However, I suspect MPC would also be triggered and very concerned if someone did something bolder than putting up a cryptic printout on a downtown window in some unidentified city.

  36. I may make you feel but I can’t make you think.
    Your sperm’s in the gutter, your love’s in the sink.

    So you ride yourselves over the fields and
    you make all your animal deals and
    your wise men don’t know how it feels
    to be thick as a brick.

    So possibly I can not know it?

    Radical autonomy … Well, given that I’ve interpreted the term correctly, I’d say the victims should also practice a bit of radical responsibility. It’s not like these things are hidden mysteries, it’s just a matter of not being sloppy. All I’m saying is.

  37. PS. If you find yourself wanting to hazard some punchy latin abbreviations, just take a deep breath and instead write “that is” (i.e. = id est) and “for example” (e.g. = exempli gratia). Now you won’t mix them up.

  38. Yet, before definition, syntax, grammar and the like is (C)apitalization.

    The primal instinct is:

    (G)od > (g)od.

    And it is not a dull mass mired in the error of definition, syntax, grammar and the like that is the real problem, but rather, a high IQ “default elite” ruthlessly propagating anti-(C)apitalism upon an otherwise literate middle-class. “Stupid” is this “default elite’s” intellectual shield.

  39. And as usual, it’s not entirely jews doing this. The jews have figured out that a lot of White people are willing wanting to be clowns, which in the here and now means playing National Socialist.

    These White people’s motivation for playing I wanna be a National Socialist is being an anti-social rebel, aka the maladjusted young adult.

    It’s hard to be a young adult these days. The models of socialization have been deformed, and so people don’t want to be socialized.

    tldr goddamn jews, again; and even worse, their stupid lackeys
    that’s also too long; didn’t read: White people can be pretty fuckin dumb

  40. PS. If you find yourself wanting to hazard some punchy latin abbreviations, just take a deep breath and instead write “that is” (i.e. = id est) and “for example” (e.g. = exempli gratia). Now you won’t mix them up.

    What’s the difference between sounding intelligent, and being intelligent?

    The size of your audience.

  41. If you are a genuine white nationalist, you believe that Hitler was right. — And rue anglin’

    But if one has converted to genuine white (S)upremacist then one knows Hitler to be wrong for his anti-white (S)upremacy (Hitler was, at best, a German (s)upremacist).

    The hard reality is that within the white race is desire for (P)erfection. Yet, a millennium or two of imperial miscegenation… Fathers’ “crossing blood…” And those particular white individuals with said desire have disappeared into the global white diaspora. “Revolution” is a prime mechanism in separating the mass from the (s)ingularities of wS. The entire Profiling State is to this end. Identify the genuine white (S)upremacist and annihilate him…


    Bring him into the fold…

    Into the Race to the (S)ingularity.

    Under this scenario, Roman Catholicism sits at the top of a “throne of bones.”

  42. that little monkey in a baby blue shirt in the upper right corner. looks like he’s urinating.

    “You can take the shitskin out of the shithole, but you can’t take the shithole out of the shitskin”. Donald Trump

    [That’s one of my favorite Trump quotes. — PA]

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