Songs From Yugoslavia

Hej Slovani, naša reč / Hey, Slavs, our Slavic language
Slovanska živo klije / Lives on

Those are lyrics from the former Yugoslavia’s national anthem. The wording and language varies a bit between the different national groups that comprised “The Land of Southern Slavs.” Balkan experience is different from that on the northern plains. The mountains and the shadow of the Ottoman empire shaped things differently than our history did, with Germany to the west and Tsar/Stalin to the east.

Doris Dragović Željo Moja. I linked to a live performance at 1986 Eurovision because there is some vintage Euro stuff in the announcers’ prelude to this performance, including a shot of Norwegian reindeer-sledding. But you can look up the recorded version easily for a high-definition sound; it’s a pretty song. It is introduced in English and French as “Love is Fire” for some reason, but Željo Moja means “My Wish.” It’s interesting to compare languages. For example, the line before the chorus:

Croatian: “Tiho tiho, suzo, ne daj se”
Polish: “Cicho cicho, łzo, nie daj się”
English: “Hush hush, my tears, don’t give in”

1991 Yugoslavian Civil War. The wounded Serbian soldier in the footage below appears to have been conscripted and assigned to a unit that didn’t have much in the way of leadership. He was left behind by his platoon, interrogated here by a more professional-looking Croatian unit that found him:

Croat commander: “Don’t worry, we won’t kill you”
Serb: “Please don’t, brothers”
Croats [laughing]: “Brothers? we are not brothers”

Serbian and Croatian languages are nearly identical, though the former is written in Cyrillic and the latter in Roman alphabet. The enemy soldiers in the video communicate without difficulty. My fluency in Polish allows me to pick up many of the individual words but without the subtitles, I’d be almost, but not quite, able to understand what they are saying.

It seems nonsense to us now, to see Serbs and Croats at each others’ throats. We just don’t understand the Balkans of that period. It helps to envision things coming to a showdown right here. Compare their ethnic conflict to our incipient ideological one and think about the liberal down the street who’d have you fired from your job if he discovered that you comment on right wing blogs. In a hypothetical situation similar to the one in the video, we’d understand our prisoner’s English just fine and all the same, we’d laugh at his appeals to brotherhood.

I think a lot about this. I don’t want a civil war so I’ve tried to be patient with libs because our paths are not separate, we’re just having to wait out their hysteria. But neither reason nor compassion works. There is no communication. They want to go down, and take us with them.

“In the modern Europe there is no room for homogeneous national states. It was an idea from 1800s, and we are going to carry it [multiculturalism] through…and we are going to create multi-ethnic states.” — Gen. Wesley Clark

NATO’s bombing of Christian Serbs on behalf of Muslim gangsters woke me up to the malevolent nature of the American empire. There was a news story about U.S. bombers hitting a downtown bridge in Serbia and people scrambling to help the wounded civilians. Then the planes made another pass, this time killing the bystanders who ran to give first aid. A man was quoted grieving over his teenage daughter, who was among the people who rushed to help.

Amadeus Band’s Moja Zemlja (“My Country”) features a contemporary HD video of a Serb special ops team rescuing a hostage in a hero-villain story. Watching it will increase your testosterone. As a commenter here once put it:

One thing that I’ve noticed about the music scene among the Slavs, is that a lot of mainstream music takes on nationalistic, militaristic, masculine/patriarchal and anti-“globalist” themes, and isn’t relegated to the fringe like it is in the western world. Love and pride of culture, country and people is promoted rather than outright ignored or even intentionally trashed.

There was a tired quality to Warsaw Pact’s and Yugoslavian armed forces. Since then, and especially as a result of several countries’ joining NATO, it’s been a different story. As dramatized in the video, the armed forces of these countries have modernized and some of them have combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. And arguably, morale and personnel quality is higher in east-central Europe than elsewhere on the continent.

Bijelo Dugme Te Noci Kad Umrem (“The Night I Die”). The great Bosnian band — I blogged about them a while back. The song is about different women’s reactions to the news of the speaker’s death. The guitarist (wearing a white shirt) in this 1987 fan-participation live performance, Goran Bregović, is now regarded in Europe as the Balkan folk-pop musician.

Divlje Jagode Krivo Je More (“The Sea is Wrong”) is a contemporary performance some years after the power ballad’s original release. Also from Bosnia. Something I find cool in Yugoslavian languages is the words that have an “r” but without any nearby vowel. They are spoken in a trochaic consonant burst. Examples: srce (heart), krv (blood), mrvica (crumb), or crni (black). Their equivalents in Polish are more pronounceable: serce, krew, mrówka, czarny.

Ti, ti si ga upoznala / You, you met him
jedne ljetne večeri / one summer evening
On, on te poljubio / He, he kissed you
dok more se pjenilo / while the sea was foaming
I ti si se zaljubila / And you fell in love
mada nisi htjela to / though you didn’t want to

Krivo je more / The sea is wrong
Znaj, ljeto je varljivo / You know, summer is deceptive
a srce ti zavodljivo / and your heart was seduced

Kući kad si došla ti / When you came home
znala si da si u zabludi / you knew you were lost
A to veče uz mora šum / But that evening by the roaring sea
Od sreće sva si blistala / you blissfully glowed
Krivo je more / The sea is wrong

Yugoslavian National Anthem, (1943 – 1992). Its opening line is at the top of the post. The melody is based on “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego,” which has been the national anthem of Poland since 1926, but the Yugoslav variation is at slower tempo. The video shows propaganda images from pre-civil war Yugoslavia, along with English subtitles.


“We are not brothers.”
— Croat soldiers laughing at a wounded Serb POW

Is that still true?

Laibach. Their pan-Slavic interpretation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia anthem in English, from their 2006 “Volk” album:

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  2. A quite uplifting topic. History as anthology. “The sea is wrong!” I like it. Spending this wknd out on the waves myself. Thanks for this run-down; my knowledge of the Yugoslavian saga is lacking.

  3. I think you’re right, if things break down here it’ll be very much like the Serbs/Croats. This would be a useful war to study.

  4. Some of our best WNs come from the ex-Yugoslavia nations.

    They are a little tired, and rightfully so. What happens after your win your white ethnostate?

    Ordinary life moves on. Kids, family, jobs. It is just that for awhile, the jew leaves you alone (as he plans his next move). It isn’t heaven on Earth, just less bad.

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  6. Serbian and Macedonian traditional songs, and even some songs written in more modern times are better than “Yugoslavian” songs.
    A few examples:

    Yugoslavia was a huge mistake: cobbling together enemies (those who fought on opposite sides in WWI) into a country. Then when the Germans/Germanics/west came again, the same peoples went to their side, only they sabotaged things from the inside. The Croats in the military/government gave Germans inside info/secrets, sabotaged the equipment, helped the Germans round up the Yugoslav/Serb soldiers, and then laughed about it.
    But even after that, the same peoples were AGAIN cobbled into one country. And after the U.S.S.R. started collapsing and Germany reunited, Germany and the west (especially the U.S., British, and French) started again breaking up Yugoslavia along old fault lines, using their same proxies. They did it at Serbs’ expense since Serbs were 40% of the country and had substantial, even constituent population, in the set-to-be-broken off republics, and they didn’t want to be force-ably separated from other Serbs/Serbia.
    Plus, they had no choice, as the Yugoslav border guards and Serb civilians were actually the first attacked right away. The separatists had covertly been receiving military equipment and weapons and advisers from the west even before the war actually began.

  7. If a Western person isn’t himself religious, it’s impossible for him to understand that others take it seriously, even unto death.
    Serbs=Eastern Orthodox
    Croats=Roman Catholic
    Bosnians=Muslim (yes. honky muslims.)
    But the West never understood any of that.

  8. I haven’t listened to the videos, and am not necessarily ‘up’ for doing so. Sorry.

    But would comment that that area retained a certain romantic appeal to hip Americans, as a counter sauce to them being bland hamburgers. Of course the irony is that their food is like German food with more pepper?

    On the counter though it is absolutely a fact, Southern Slav women are the best women. Hungarians those other ones the Romanians. Those people are only like half slav so maybe that’s why.

    Back when the world was a big place, the definitive hipster-set book on the Balkans was Black Falcon, White Pony. It’s pretty long but apparently the people there all speak a bunch of different languages and are very sophisticated.

    And then for awhile after that, the only place to go and teach English was (but of course) Prague. There was also a book about that called [something else], where a high level American hipster went over there and was able to glom on to the media being bought out by Murdoch and make a mint on it, and so effectively selling out the people he went over to teach. A “new American” success story?

    Now I recall the title, Prague, circa 2000 or so. Another subplot was how he couldn’t get this local girl to spread her legs, in spite of an entire night or trying to warm her up. How high school is that? Apparently that happened to American expats though too. One has to wonder, whether his ‘American handicap’ played a part in that particularly long and frustrating night, which smell he will never forget.

    The other storyline that recalls, is that he looked too long a two local teenagers making kissing face in the park, and the hotheaded South Slav Romeo threw a rock at him and hit him in the head. That was very believable, because it is ‘imposing’ to look at people in that way, especially why they are making kissy face, and Mr American was grown up on nicety nice and didn’t get that his actions could piss people off to the point that they would throw rocks at him.

    Remember rock fights? (neither do i)

  9. Rock fights featured in Mark Twain, and Dostoyevsky too. So unless those two were lying to us, they used to be a thing.

    I know in the AR we are all tough guys and down with rock fighting, but realistically it’s a good way to get hurt.

    There is a new video making the rounds, out of my beloved alma mater Somali-on-the-River, of a 60-year old white woman getting abused at the train station bus stop on Lake Street, by a couple of black American urban youths.

    This is totally current, and it is always to weird to see ‘action’ at a place one knows first hand. The train downtown passes through there every day, and witnesses would have seen this from ten feet away.

    For the record, the woman’s abuse was stopped by another black of color, and it would seem she got away with no injuries. Looking at her face she is clearly homeless alcoholic woman. I wonder if this will motivate Minneapolis people to do something.


    This is the TRS Forum thread with the video of the woman getting roughed up at the train station on Lake Street. Which train station shelter is Exhibit A++ on why we can’t have nice things. [*]

    * It’s a trick question though. The answer is: not just niggers. The urban planning of that exact location is a well known local issue and one which demonstrates White people have their problems too. It is so desolate and unfriendly in its inhuman scale, so even without niggers around, it’s miserable and only weird urban creatures like rats and not even they can spend time there without wanting to get away.

  11. The other off topic comment I would make, this one also derived of a TRS forum thread, Not a flattering video for Spencer,

    which itself is based on the youtube video of the one and only Richard Spencer.

    I apologize in advance for the MPC-level drama post, but i can’t help but follow “the Adventures of Richard Spencer” and wonder how it’s going to turn out.

    I have always said, that the question to keep in mind, is to turn it around and ask, what factor is the Alt Right in Richard’s life.

    In other words, he’s clearly got his problems, but if he can be made better (not to say whole), but simply better.

  12. Not sure if this is entirely relevant, as it’s from the communist era, but I was listening to some vinyl with a friend whose wife is Slovak, and dragged out a record I’ve had for many years. The band is called Smak, and they’re Yugoslav. It was released in 1978, and it was the first time I’d listened to the whole thing in maybe 30 years. Sort of fusion/prog. Definitely draws on ethnic roots, though. Are any of you familiar with them, and wondering how such a thing could be issued in that era.

  13. — I haven’t listened to the videos

    The war footage video (“Croats find wounded Serb”): I don’t know enough about that war to ascertain why the Croats were so humane with him. Possible reasons was the presence of a reporter if that’s who was recording it, and/or not having taken any losses in recent fights and thus no impulse to take their anger out on a POW. There is a higher-definition version of that video (similar title in English) without subtitles but with an additional minute or so of that footage, including the Croats finding a fallen Serb soldier while sweeping the area.

  14. That video is very piercing to me —- to hear the vulnerable desperation of a conquered solidier thrown into battle; can’t think of someone more ill-suite for foot battle than yours truly….

    re: of a 60-year old white woman getting abused at the train station bus stop on Lake Street, by a couple of black American urban youths.

    This is totally current, and it is always to weird to see ‘action’ at a place one knows first hand. The train downtown passes through there every day, and witnesses would have seen this from ten feet away……..For the record, the woman’s abuse was stopped by another black of color,

    elk, did you know of this star-trib columnist? I didn’t know she died til almost a year after the fact and it sorta tripped me out; i held a casual professional acquaintance with her at one time.

    She would be the one to do a ‘feature-story’ treatment of the incident you witnessed that I cited; she was among the first to write about the ‘new, more complicated twin cities,’ that you often cite on this blog; e.g., refugee population, crime, etc.

  15. elk, did you know of this star-trib columnist? I didn’t know she died til almost a year after the fact and it sorta tripped me out; i held a casual professional acquaintance with her at one time.

    No nik i did not know of her career.

    Kristin Tillotson, and below with her friend’s son Hector:

    And from the linked obit, about their relationship,

    The glamorpuss also was deeply compassionate. She became a devoted godmother to Reckdahl’s son, Hector, now 10, becoming his “nainaine” in Creole patois. “They talked about everything,” Reckdahl said. “It was clear that if anything happened to me, she was ready to swoop in.”

    And so what remains?

    Her father, John Tillotson, preceded her in death. Survivors include her mother, Kay, of Owatonna; sisters Kathy Tillotson Austin, of Owatonna, and Karin Tillotson, of Atlanta; niece Katie Austin and nephew Jack Austin, and longtime partner Jack Nicora, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

  16. If there has ever been a better case of Eat Pray Love than hers, i have never seen it.

    Red pill bros might want to check the obit link for its over-the-top celebration of her life. It left out the part where she talks about having oral sex with her cats. Though actually she had a boyfriend from Brooklyn so maybe not.

    Check out those genes though. Quite a woman, at least back when that first picture was taken.

    Her obituary says she was from Owatonna. That part of SE Minnesota is famously “beautiful” for its geography. Without getting all gay about it, it’s got the rivers and the hills. Hooray! for prettiness and natural beauty. There’s even rattlesnakes in the bluffs. Black bears too.

    Also, the people there are used to be proto super Nords. Like the bitch pictured above would only rate “Sarah plain and tall” at the local hs — which hs we can with 100 per cent certainty call Owatonna High.

    Craig Killborn too, with all his Aryan goodness, hailed from that county or the neighboring one. There used to be rumors that Craig was red pilled and jew wise, back when his career could have gone to the next level but didn’t, there was speculation that he unwilling to suck enough jew dick.

    Another town from there is Winona, which is the namesake of the jewess Winona Ryder who wanted to be White like those people but instead was stuck in her own looks.

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  18. “Bosnians=Muslim (yes. honky muslims.)”

    Not quite that simple, even. I rather suspect that Bosnians who stayed Christian eventually started calling themselves “Croats” if they were Catholic and “Serbs” if they were Orthodox. This was in contrast to, say, Albanians, where those who stayed Christian couldn’t adopt the identity of a neighboring Christian group that shared the language.

    “In a hypothetical situation similar to the one in the video, we’d understand our prisoner’s English just fine and all the same, we’d laugh at his appeals to brotherhood.”

    Closest Anglophone equivalent would be, I imagine, Northern Ireland.

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