Action In Belgium


European youth is waking up:
>communists planned to occupy a medieval castle and hung up banners calling for open borders and more refugees
>got supported by various refugee organisations and Greenpeace
>suddenly 20-25 young fellas show up
>some of them get inside the castle
>tears down every pro-refugee banner on the castle
>meanwhile another group holds up a banner saying ‘Secure borders, secure future’
>pissed off a whole crowd of leftist babyboomers, hippies and communists
>degenerate lefties start threatening them
>after several minutes the police show up and every single one of them got away without getting arrested

Good physiognomy, strong voice, good follow-on dissemination via the HD video below.

Most people aren’t going to take risky direct action against the system. That’s always been the domain of a small minority of fighters. The expectation on the others is to support them. One of the ways in which you can do that is to spread videos of successful action such as that one.

There are two kinds of target-audiences: the red-pilled and the normies. The latter require a shock to be willing to lose their faith in the system. One way to shock them is through “bad news” messages. That’s in fact the purpose of black-pilling someone. By itself, it becomes counterproductive when dwelled-on amongst ourselves because we already know. This is why, for example, when I posted yesterday about mudsharking in Ireland, I put it in historic context so that the problem doesn’t feel like it’s the end of the world. I also proposed a solution.

I also watch bad-news videos analytically. For example, this clip from a tram in Sweden, which shows a shitskin intimidating an old woman into giving up her seat. The most scary things are those that are unknown. All those abstractions about “migrants” feel larger than life until they assume a human (so to speak) face. In the linked clip from Sweden, it’s in the person of a tightly wound, frustrated mulatto.

Watching that scene, I wondered, “What would I have done on that train?” That depends on a lot of things. There is a young man standing nearby, pretending not to see. That could have been you or me. He required three things, as do we: one, a willingness to impose his frame on the spectacle (many have a shyness-threshold about loud public scenes). Two, confidence that others would have his back if he stepped in. And three, a conviction that he’s right to act. This is why if you witness one of those situations, you have to communicate, right there in the heat of things, your solidarity with the White party and step up per your judgment.

Watching such videos, you also want to analyse the antagonist’s physical potential. Is he armed? If committed to confronting him, would you surprise-strike or walk up and either intimidate him into submission or bait him to make the first move?

History never ends. There is never going to be a permanent settled peace (utopia) for them either. A new leadership class is born in Belgium and everywhere else. Those who watch will choose between the Identitarians and the sclerotic post-WWII order.

That ugly antifa couple up on that castle are mad that they were born two generations too late. It was cool to protest Reagan in Europe thirty five years ago.

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  1. In the linked clip from Sweden, it’s in the person of a tightly wound, frustrated mulatto.

    These scenes of nig subway intimidation are always frustrating, because they are overplaying their hands. Yet it’s easy enough to handle. Remember the soyboy who got killed by a nig on the DC subway? Totally unnecessary.

    Those who want to tussle should recall that negroes actually are gracile compared to whites, which is probably why they prefer to attack in packs. For instance, this lone one looks bigger than he is because of the parka. He could be handled by stepping up and arguing a bit, look over his shoulder and nod, then step in and work his body half a dozen times while he thinks someone’s coming up from behind. A liver shot is probably enough to put him down. Then stomp him good.

    OK, you’d probably get tagged as a Nazi racist on the news but still. Might be worth it if they showed the beatdown.

    Here’s an example of gracility. Note that the US national team of basketball players are noticeably smaller than the Spaniards.

  2. Loved the German clip, GREAT! Nobody wants to mess with a determined group of angry young men. The low energy wiggers were nasty looking but laughable. We need more like this.

    Pretty smooth media production too. Maybe the smartphone era is good for something after all.

  3. For instance, Thordaddy is a bouncer right? He could deal with that nig in less than ten seconds, judging from the bouncers I’ve met. Probably less violently than my example above too.

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  5. This was not in Germany, but in Gent, Belgium. The Gravensteen is a castle in downtown Gent, in the Flemish region of Belgium.

    These goods lads are speaking my language.

    Please correct this incorrect information. Thanks in advance!

  6. No worries!
    Thanks for the correction.

    I for one am happy to finally see my indigenous people waking up and firmly opposing the multicultural fairytale shoved down our throats by the left.

  7. Not much security at that castle. Must have been the antifa who called the police when they saw they were losing.

    Yes, the physiogamy was strong there. The racists looked like normal white men.

    The antifa looked very strange and unhealthy. The girl had those weird nigger dreadlock things.

  8. Yeah, from what I understand, Belgium, especially Brussels, is far more infested than Germany is even now.

  9. @Tim Geelen
    don’t call them indigenous- it’s a term reserved for abos and woohoo injuns. call them what they are – Europeans.

  10. @killroy

    It’s perfectly valid to call Europeans “indigenous” in their own continent. Besides, I think it’s good rhetoric. It might pull at the heartstrings of a few normies in a way calling them “Europeans” wouldn’t.

  11. “Indigenous” is a perfectly acceptable term and relevant term. Look it up in a dictionary.

    Apart from that, learn from vfm#7634 below. He clearly understood the bigger point whereas you didn’t.

  12. White man possesses a radically autonomous spirit… And desire for (P)erfection, ie., objective (S)upremacy. His indigenous incarnation is in-formative. A fearless acknowledgement of all the above gives rise to a stable identity.

    “Identity crisis” and “self-annihilation” are the dominating mechanisms of our time. Most simply do not care to know who or what they are and so the collective charge is already dampened and seemingly discharged. To be “jew-wed” just doesn’t shock the dull white mass into individual rejection of “identity crisis” and “self-annihilation.”

    They need models of stable identity, perpetually.

    These models will appear to be white (S)upremacists in one way or another. An “are me.”

    The lesson is simple.

    Be a white (S)upremacist… A model for the white race.

    Perhaps *you* will bring your people a new and captivating way to transcend the “identity crisis” and “self-annihilation” of the white race?

  13. If I could piggyback on Glengarry’s first post…

    One thing that gentlemen of color are very, very bad at is grappling. Any kind of body-to-body wrestling is completely outside their frame of reference, but their absolute biggest blind spot is defending their legs. As a reference:

    And once a POC is off his feet, he literally has no idea how to fight.

    Exhibit A (the fun starts about 0:40):

  14. As to the colored on the train, first instinct is to get among it. Second is, that’s a female boomer with fake red hair who probably was all for importing the POS in the first place, so you reap what you so.

    A conundrum.

    If I WAS there it probably never would have happened in the first place (you never know though). I’ve mentioned this before, but for the lol’s I’ll stare down lone coloreds. Multi is a different story, and even a single is situational. Yet to have nothing but compliance. I think it confuses their hominid brain, used to getting away with the ape behavior.

    So he and I may have already been at it well before this seat incident took place.

    What I also do, and I’ve mentioned this before as well, as acknowledge every white person (those that don’t have their head in their iphag at least) whilst out in public. Like we used to do, as a people.

    I get a great reaction from that, and the people I see regularly now are doing it as well. So I would have already built up a rapport of sorts with some of the people there, so that should help.

    I HIGHLY recommend whites, especially, especially guys, to do this. Walk around like you’re the local Lord greeting the other nobles; it’ll also help your game as well.

    PS Very few shitlibs here (an increasing number of coloreds though), so YMMV if you’re in a shitlibtopia.

  15. Good thinking, they should basically be aware that they’re far away from home in unfriendly territory. That way they won’t get any wild thoughts in the first place.

  16. Lol, the black guy chimps out and, bad move, chooses a much bigger target. Well, Tyson, now you know why there are weight classes.

  17. I met a Flemish man once. He apparently only spoke his native language. Even though I couldn’t communicate with him I liked him. He was masculine, but good natured and he seemed kind.

  18. — I’ve mentioned this before, but for the lol’s I’ll stare down lone coloreds. (Skorzecin)

    I do the same. Also, I stare down white morons who try to make coloreds “feel at home” in an otherwise White space. It’s usually older individuals who still think it’s 1962 and one should be nice to negroes. Please, pass from the scene already. Unfailingly, I will periodically witness a fat almost-70-something fuck in an expensive suit make a big show of giving up his commuter train seat for some black female, making a point of calling her “ma’am” even though she’s half his age.

    Someone I talked with today wondered, “Aren’t old people supposed to be wise?”

    Good question. Boomers are exempt. Not entirely their fault. They were heavily imprinted with anti-reality in young age, and then the world changed. Their disorientation is compounded by the material comforts they enjoyed in every decade of their life, on through today, which made them morally lazy.

  19. @ Glengarry – Here’s an example of gracility. Note that the US national team of basketball players are noticeably smaller than the Spaniards.

    The Gasol brothers gave the USA big problems in the 2008 Gold Medal game.

    In the 2012 Gold medal game in London the USA team was absolutely dominated by center Marc Gasol of Spain until foul trouble sent him to the bench, had that not happened the Spanish team surely would’ve won the gold over the USA. Marc Gasol has been an NBA all-star several times and is still one of the best big men in the league, he has hands and technique like a surgeon.

    The 2012 Spanish Olympic basketball team did “cheat” and use several “Spaniards” of African descent, like Serge Ibaka and Victor Claver.

    When Argentina won the basketball gold in 2004 I think they only used native Argentinians and no expat African Americans.

  20. The Gasol brothers of Spain (Pau on left, Marc on right). Unquestionably the best brother-brother combo in world basketball history:

    Paul – 6 times all-star, 2 NBA titles, 2 all-NBA,
    Marc – 4 times all-start, 2 times all-NBA, won defensive player of the year

    Both headed to the NBA hall-of-fame.

    The German Dirk Nowitzki is still the best European basketball player of all time and is a top 25 best NBA player of all-time, but unfortunately (just like German tennis legend Boris Becker):

  21. For Nowitzki and Becker to cuck like that, boggles the mind.

    They would have spent their lives surrounded with the idea that blacks are better athletes. Which is double plus ironic, given their own examples to the contrary. There they are, the very top athletes in the world, and thinking that they will race mix to create better athletes.

    Obviously it is speculation that their goals were eugenic selection for better athletes, but it’s actually not really speculation, because wanting to have better athletes for kids, is a sort of prime directive that most people can relate to.

    I used to make the joke that the operating culture of this clowneville town was “the cult of the athlete”. I can’t think of a better way to describe the culture that went into my childhood friends upbringing in the little league and then the traveling teams, and then of course the varsity squad.

    “This one, he never even had the makings of a varsity athlete. Small hands.” Not all of us made the team.

  22. The idea that blacks were better athletes, is so central to coming of age in America in the suburbs in the 80s.

    I can’t do it justice this morning, but just to think back on it and by way of example. I could pull out my hs yearbook and point to the two guys who were voted “best athlete” in my class and the class ahead.

    There were 300 boys per class, and approximately exactly 1 per cent black, and guess which race were both those trophies? They were blacks, both of them.

    But the god damned point, is that they were NOT the best athletes. I would have to go into the boring details of why that was so, but we were ‘infatuated’ with their seemingly superior development.

    It is disgusting, looking back on it. There also would have been some (what would be the word in statistics) some slant toward selecting them, for sticking out. The kid in the class ahead was captain of the football team. Our football team sucked. His long term squeeze was a top tier (white) girl who was something of a friend of mine. At the time, i did not judge her at all. I wonder how others thought felt about it.

  23. That nigger football captain was also a neighborhood kid, and he something of a good guy. He played well with the other kids.

    One time in elementary school there was stand-off between him and Bob Irishman [not his real last name] to see who was the toughest.

    The showdown was exactly on the last day of elementary school and so a big deal. They stared each other down for like a half hour, and no one was willing to throw the first punch.

  24. Who is the “toughest” kid in your class?

    Can you take him?

    Those two phrases were used to frame up the dominance hierarchy, in elementary schools across the Land, in the 80s.

    Do they even have those dominance hierarchies anymore?

    You are inclined to say, yes of course they do. But the new arrangement of anonymous rats in even bigger mazes, I bet the dominance hierarchies are all chaotic and unestablished.

    Which is a pretty fascinating way to look at it. The fact that those dominance hierarchies being LOST, correlates MORE with school shootings.

  25. Dominance Hierarchies are a big deal, in human society.

    In the Alt Right, we know this like the back of our hand. We know this primatology, because we are high iq people who don’t need no jew Sapolsky explain it to us in soothing and apologetic, appeasing and exculpatory terms.

    Without dominance hierarchies, people and especially men, don’t know where they stand and end up lost and confused; and more to the point, ineffective in doing things. Like practical things. Like all things that require working together.

  26. The other axiom though, is that the dominance hierarchy of the groups in play, express in the lives of the individuals.

    Like for instance back in my high school, where those two niggers got very top status. They were “the best athletes” for god’s sake.

    Except they weren’t! which is the point. They were given that most prestigious accolade (and all that went with it), because their group the blacks was accorded said place on the larger stage, and so they were put there on the smaller.

  27. I don’t mean to go all

    How did you rate in high school?

    which is a Boomer X post topic.

    The Kids don’t relate to the same mishmash of personal social categories and cliches. [*]

    However, it is still a good joke post topic, at least until my generation is dead and irrelevant.

    How did you rate in high school. Sailer, back before he stopped being funny, got some mileage out of it. His twist on it was that for Betty and Don Draper, and for that matter Tony Soprano, the relevant question was about their moms but for Gen X a better tell would be high school.

    The all time funniest single panel cartoon that i ever saw was by Groening and it was called, well you can guess!

    I couldn’t find an image last time i tried, but it is sheer genius. It is a single panel parade of year book cartoon sketches, with “Superboy” and “Golden Girl” in the first row and top spots, and then 88 panels later trailing off into “what’s-his-name” “what’s-her-name” “who knows” and finally dead last “who cares”.

  28. I was talking with this guy at work, who was a great athlete in high school. But he was hurting to the point that he was in pain and from a high school football injury. He was the wide receiver and was all extended out for a catch and got clocked.

    I said to him (since he wouldn’t shut up), it wasn’t worth the price.

    He replied (and very irritably), that he didn’t know at the time, that was the price.

  29. This is the a really good article on Counter Currents. The best there i have seen in like forever,

    It says that we must embrace liberals who aren’t conservatives but who like White things such as the environment.

    The author’s basic idea is that Conservatism is a lost cause because of all its lost causes, and that the AR brand may be a lost cause because “the Right” has a history of sucking.

    He has a point.

    I hate hate hate hate the culture of business blah blah etc that the right side of politics has worked with. I don’t want to be on the Right. I want to be on the side of the animals and Planet Earth. I think most intelligent White people feel the same way, and those that don’t can please fuck off.


    Most of the commenting action these days, is the TRS forum.

    The big to-do over there, the big fucking in-joke, is ‘yet another thread on optics’, with the more adult among them laughing about how they can’t figure out how to dress for their events.

    Literally, they don’t know what clothes to wear. And who is ‘they’ you may ask?

    I dunno — who are we anywaze.

    Some commenter there made the joke, that you’re not going to inspire and recruit to your cause good strong dick-swingin vigor points by telling said dick holster that he has to dress like a golf accountant.

    The white shirt and khaki pants uniforms, was insightfully characterized as wannabe sperg appeal for being a normie.

    Another commenter said that he feared that those optics participants were all nerds aka goons who were afraid that if they tried to look cool and “tough” they might get laughed at.

  30. One more post, PA, and then i promise to cede the floor.

    On the topic the how to dress, for young people and for those middle-aged pieces of shit Boom X lost souls who still can’t get their shit together, of whom i know a few.

    As it turns out, there is a simple code. And you have to follow it every day. And even on your days off. There are no exceptions to these rules.

    1) Pants with a belt. Never wear shorts. As in never. With the possible exception of being on a boat or at a labor day picnic. Memorial Day picnics also allows for them. Also exceptions obtain for your cucked out father’s funeral. (that’s a joke)

    2) Leather shoes. This is absolutely the biggest most inviolable rule, and has no exceptions ever.

    3) A collared shirt. Again, always. Tee shirts are for children. Never wear a sweatshirt. And as far as logos, try and avoid any lettering on your clothes.

    And even better, make your own. Knitting sewing and tailoring are all respectable crafts. In the old days they were more often women’s work, but these days that stuff is man’s work too.

    4) Tennis shoes are pretty lame.

  31. Wasn’t the Sierra Club something like what you’re thinking about? Though as I recall they got bought out by (((global capital))) and now sing a different tune.

    White environmentalism: Hardcore rules and punishments about littering, owning and managing animals, etc. Let the spirit of Lee Kuan Yew fill your law makers. Mex and nigs BTFO.

  32. For those tired out by high concept WN, let me repeat the advice above. Working bottom up is as valuable as top down. Build up your family and neighborhood and so on into a bastion of alt-right Whiteness and greatness.

    I think David Hines has some great pointers here regarding practical political and social organization, which basically is, steal the leftist playbook. It’s well documented and much of it is available for free. An environmentalist club, for instance, could be a great starting point.

    Here is one of his great articles on the topic; the others are at the second link.

  33. Speaking of politics. After the election, I had some hopes that we could get alt-right NGOs with government funding, but the movement proved a bit too shambolic to support that sort of thing. (We need more Jews, I guess.)

    From what I understand, the main connection with Trump was really between Bannon and Milo and then Milo’s pals (including Vox Day). So that is pretty much burned by now. But I think we still have some quiet sympathizers in high places.

  34. Human dominance hierarchies: Yeah, I’d say they normally get hashed out in the teens. However, the modern situation of warehoused teenagers battling it out entirely separated from adults and relatives is of course very unnatural. More like a prison scenario. (Anyone seen Cell Block 99?)

  35. WNs have no money, GG.

    “Most” WNs are poor working class and headed for the gutter. That is the hidden truth behind “minimalism” – we can’t chase things anymore, because we are poor.

    The natural state for a white man is as a farmer or soldier. We are not a race of money-counters like the jews, or nomads like the Muzz.

    I haven’t seen Cell Block 99. I’ll look it up though.

  36. — the modern situation of warehoused teenagers battling it out entirely separated from adults and relatives is of course very unnatural.

    I see a lot of adult attention to school/teens in this generation. It’s a natural reaction to social changes and “helicopter parenting” is part of that wagon-circling adaptation. Extended family and old-friends networks will take on high importance in the coming future. People are already taking passive and active steps to avoid atomization, in which geographic mobility is a culprit.

    Marrying into big-family will take on as much appeal as marrying into money always did.

    — “Most” WNs are poor working class and headed for the gutter.

    Downwardly-mobile middle class is the vanguard of revolution.

    — The natural state for a white man is as a farmer or soldier.

  37. The natural state for a white man is as a farmer or soldier.

    Looking at the family tree, I seem to be descended from a long line of fecund farmers and a somewhat less fertile line of merchant mariners. And my fate has thus been to be a rambler, yet I’ve also always had a fondness for the farm and farmer.

    That video above was pretty hard hitting. Some parts are familiar but I’m happy my extended family has, as far as I know, entirely stayed out of the modern divorce/abortion swamp.

  38. Extended family and old-friends networks will take on high importance in the coming future. People are already taking passive and active steps to avoid atomization, in which geographic mobility is a culprit.

    Scattering half or more of the population of young people to far off universities, most likely never to return, is not a very natural act either, come to think of it.

    Extended families, large families and old friends should be natural alt-right territory.

  39. Bob Matthews knew it, PA.

    He always used to talk about the white farmer as the building block of revolution. Many of his earlier followers were farmers who lost their land in the late 70s, early 80s.

    An old school WN gave me that thing, about whites being farmers and soldiers.

  40. “However, the modern situation of warehoused teenagers battling it out entirely separated from adults and relatives is of course very unnatural.”. – Glengerry

    It’s completely unnatural, and would been considered impractical if not impossible, outside the most radical of leftists, up until the postwar USG boom. I wrote about it on my blog comparing it expressly to a correctional enviroment.

    “The white shirt and khaki pants uniforms, was insightfully characterized as wannabe sperg appeal for being a normie.

    Another commenter said that he feared that those optics participants were all nerds aka goons who were afraid that if they tried to look cool and “tough” they might get laughed at.” – Suburban_Elk

    The backstory and cultural factors behind that strategic decisions are far deeper than implied above. I believe the observation above is more insightful of the referenced commentator than anyone else.

  41. I believe the observation above is more insightful of the referenced commentator than anyone else.

    Yes. That angle is part of it.

    Why is someone bothering to care, unless the topic somehow concerns him?

    Someone who is all bent out of shape about how other people dress, and willing to think about it and react to it, and go so far as to comment on it so that other people pay attention. Wtf is that about, if not a personal reveal?

    The ‘optics debate’ that gay-rages at TRS, and the ensuant looking-down criticism from whomever else, is ripe for a parable or fifty. Hmmm let’s see …

    nope, can’t come up with anything.

    Oh but wait there IS a saying. It’s called lead by example.


    These questions of ‘optics’ or aesthetics, and I prefer the term optics because aesthetics is a much broader class of questions and concerns, are so much drama. To the point where it becomes about the drama and the joke and the fun of it.

    You don’t like Matt Heimbach and TWP?

    Well buddy, who cares what you like. Grow your own garden. If Heimbach fails to start up his warehouse project, then he fails and life moves on.

  42. The central drama of the Alt Right is the rift between, the schism if you will, between The Right Stuff and the Dinosaurs MPC.

    Two years ago it looked that MPC was winning, and now it looks like TRS is winning.

    Quite simply there is more energy on the TRS forum. More better jokes. And really what else matters.

    The schism between those two factions can be considered the schism between politics and creative, in the same way that in Mad Men it was between accounts and creative.

    Anyone who can do creative content and get views, is winning. The politics faction wants to criticize the creative for needing to grow up and not wear silly furries and armbands — well ok then, what do they propose instead?

    Run for city council already. Your online criticism of creative everyday becomes more like an old man bitching.

    [good analysis. — PA]

  43. The most philosophical Murdoch Murdoch to date. Almost every single two-liner of dialogue is a keeper.

    Lauren Southern’s mudsharking gets the action rolling, then there is the debate between the head and the heart.

    Jordan Peterson makes an appearance.

    Possibly the best one yet.

  44. Here is a follow-on video posted by the Flemish Youth that tore down the EU banners from the castle.

    They look fantastic.

    Money quote:

    We’ve seen it today. The leftists were all 40, 50, 60 years old. People who are living in a dream that we should become a multicultural society with completely open borders… But that will never happen. So we literally tore their dream apart.

  45. Leather shoes to a man.

    Except the guy in the second row on their left. He didn’t the memo re sneakers and sweatshirt. Sloppy slop slop slop.

    The gloves on the point man are a ‘nice touch’. The guy with the scarf walks like a prancer but hey we need artsy intellectuals too! #totalspectrumdominance

  46. Ah, you’ve become a true Murdoch Murdoch fan PA.

    He’s a strong dude. He’s been in longer than Roissy or Rooshie.

    There’s a 6 hour vid that had every episode, up to the recent Miami Vice one. Check jewtube for it.

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