What Else Have We Learned?

What have we learned? Suburban_elk reflects:


There’s a great promo line. Reminds of the scene from the all time cop buddy movie, before Mel got red pilled and was in it to win it with apeface Glover, and the blond creep baddie South African [but of course] was asked nicely by his boss, to step back onto the tarp to have his head shot out.

The [AltRight] tells the story of how we got jewed. We were jewed full throttle in the 80s — and didn’t even know it.

We were jewed but with a coherent culture. It was mostly movies and television.

We didn’t know what it really meant, to be jewed. We thought it merely meant to get shorted on a deal.

There was a discount movie theatre that had a two-dollar Tuesday jew night where they would play the big shows on their second run. I can’t recall the theatre’s name but it was a relic from the 50s. Now it is a walmart and or starbucks.

We used to call it jew night. Around town it was referred to as such. More innocent times. The 80s.

It is interesting to draw the distinction that the 80s were not necessarily more innocent across the world, and that it is an easy mistake to make, confusing the arc of one’s own life and generation with the larger world.

However, making making that connection (between those two arcs) is in fact something. What is the connection, between one’s own times (and life) and history?

We were jewed. And now every bit of cultural transmission that doesn’t include that aspect is irrelevant or more accurately, another vector of it.

Remember that show Northern Exposure. More recently i found out it was created by none other than David Chase and so thought maybe to watch it. Well the pilot makes clear the central theme. It’s the jew among the goyim. It is not even implicit. That theme is set out explicitly in the first few beats of the pilot. The jew doctor has to establish himself among the scary white-skinned goy bears in the woods. And he makes good and with the sweet juicy short hair pilot bitch from Michigan, who come to think of it is a stand in for Diane Keaton and Woody Allen.

That was the biggest hit of its day early 90s whenever, and that was it’s primary character arc theme. And which theme passed without comment.

We were supposed to identify with Dr Fleischman.

David Chase certainly did.



From “Lethal Weapon 2”

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  1. MW used to write about this alot. Virtually all of the TV and movies from the 80s and 90s were crypto-anti-white.

    He talked about “the beautiful loser” myth they promote. Better to lose with honor than win. That’s not how the jews think. They’d do anything to win – which is what it takes.

  2. Thanks for the highlight, PA.

    This is a good place for a correction I wanted to make on my gardening comment on the other thread, wherein I said that, over the course of a long season peppers were “relatively easy” and a better choice for beginners than tomatoes.

    Though true enough, it’s kind of a stupid comment, and requires a lengthy But actually …

    It’s kind of like saying gardening is easy, or playing the guitar is easy, or lifting weights is easy. Anything might be easy on one level, but there is also more complexity to it.

    For starters, their yields are unpredictable, and much more so in that regard than tomatoes. And so in that way they are NOT a better choice.

    One trick re peppers in zone four, is to grow them in pots. (Yes, you heard that correctly.) Pots can stimulate the plant to start fruiting, by limiting their roots or something. And that is very helpful, especially for big bells which often have an 80-day fruit time.

    I have more success with peppers in pots than in the ground. Last year I had 16 or 20 potted peppers and some others in the ground, which more or less settled that question, for the conditions of this microclimate.

    The other comment to make, is that yields can be disappointing. Some bell peppers might yield five or ten full size bells, or even less, and lead a beginner to wonder about its utility. An experienced (zone four) grower wants 30 or 40 bells per plant.

    I get that many (and more) from maybe half my plants.

    Also worth noting, is that generally speaking, hot peppers give more consistent and reliable results.

    The hottest hot pepper I have grown regularly is the Chinese 5-color, and it is pretty hot. It is a beautiful plant in that peppers go through five color stages, each one hotter than the last.

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  4. Usually I’ll begin by tossing in
    The customary Widow’s Mite
    Of a remark ostensibly on topic
    Before on my OT I start to bite

    I read elk’s missive beforehand
    And was considerably impressed;
    Later perhaps I’ll affix to it
    But now my OT to address . . . .

    Vox Day’s thoughts on the story purporting one “survivor” student in Florida had donned a bulletproof vest given him by his policeman father:

    “Just in case. Right. Occam’s Razor dictates that the father knew something was happening that day, and had his suspicions that the scheduled “drill” was there to cover something more ominous.”

    AURGHHGH!!! So close and yet so far!! If the dad thought his son was gonna get shot at, WHY WOULD HE SEND HIM TO SCHOOL AT ALL?!?!?!?!?!?

    Everybody and every institution is lying its ass off–why do people persist in believing in a pile of seventeen dead bodies that no one has seen? THAT’S what Occam’s Razor fucking dictates! IT’S ALL A DRILL– falsely presented as real!

  5. –and now back to elk.

    We have to make peace with the fact that we’ve been living under perpetual Red Guard siege since the historical Red Guards. Perhaps only now is it reaching the fever-pitch of a true totalitarianism (harmless and non-threatening videos questioning the Florida narrative removed from youtube for ‘bullying and harassment’; the little Antichrist “David Hogg” openly mocking “conspiracy theorists” in that “nah that’s cool yo” way), with full Gramsci Project control of media and academe–“Tell us how diversity has made your life better”. Endless struggle-sessions, endorsed by “capitalist” corporations. A landslide-elected President forced essentially to govern under occupation by a parallel, unconstitutional and seditious “government” doing its own thing, instantly freezing his every initiative, regardless of his complete and unambiguous constitutional prerogatives.

    But from the time America’s kids started smoking grass and “dropping” “acid” (horrible thing), we certainly have been spiraling toward collective insanity. And earlier, when the childish specious nonsense “I haff uh draim!” was treated as an actual argument for something.

    In Godard’s “La Chinoise” the heroine complains that college exams are “racist” because they “privilege” full time students at the expense of part-time students. That was 1967. Alas, we still need much more than the midterms to turn this boat around!

    Finding out that little mischling kike shit crisis faggot David Thorne Hogg and exposing After School Shooting Theatre would be a good start. “Q Anon” be damned–America MUST HAVE the total epistemic crisis of faith in institutions and “reality” demanded by the fact we’ve been Satanically Matrixed into this madhouse. 9-11 was a Jewish job! The Holocaust didn’t happen! Sandy Hook didn’t happen! The moon landing– who knows yet? Let TRUTH rain down, and the Judeo-nog alliance fall.

  6. Oh lookie, a “Parkland Shooting Survivor”!

    “Maddy Wilford was shot in her chest, torso, and arm, but she is already out of the hospital and expected to return to school next week.”

    Impressive recovery! We saw some speedy miracles from the hale and hardy Sandy Hoax victims too. Or that “hero” from the Oregon shooting. I wonder what sort of scar cream Maddy Wilford will be using? Maybe Castalia House can publish her book on herbal gunwound treatments!

    Oh and if “Maddy Wilford”‘s three “assault rifle” (lolz) wounds aren’t enough to keep her out of class, will David Thorne Hogg be putting off his Presidential bid long enough to graduate? Bueller? Bueller? . . . .

  7. “In Godard’s…”

    His “My Life to Live” was my initiation into his interesting output. He always struck me as an intellectual ‘fluent’ in film rather than a film-man who dabbles in intellectualism; the milieu in which one immerses oneself in ultimately seems to speak directly through one’s individual expression, decorating it, for good or for bad, with its own inescapable idiosyncrasies. I will try to watch “La Chinoise” some time.

  8. Sucks to be woke. There is hardly any movie or TV show I can enjoy anymore. Especially the 1980s stuff, as you point out. Sucks to see so many things I loved, now with my Jew filter on. They have controlled things and spit out antiwhite venom for a long, long time.

    Even a movie like “A Few Good Men.” The retard marine is the Germanic blue eyed kid. His protector/mentor is the African. Exactly the opposite of real life. Many subtle little things like that are in EVERY. SINGLE. MOVIE. other than the ones made by the hero Mel Gibson.

    Yet our women, cute as they are, remain sleeping.

    Letting women vote was THE key to the downfall. I’m increasingly convinced that this conclusion is correct. Think about it.

  9. — Sucks to be woke. There is hardly any movie or TV show I can enjoy anymore. Especially the 1980s stuff, as you point out. Sucks to see so many things I loved, now with my Jew filter on. They have controlled things and spit out antiwhite venom for a long, long time. (Publius)

    With my IRL friends we call it the Liberal Sucker Punch. Every movie has it. Even ostensibly traditional ones like Forrest Gump, which had: glorification of single motherhood, the most vile representation of fatherhood (Jenny’s dad), master-servant script flipping when Bubba’s mom gets rich, and the tradition of American warriorhood ending pathetically with Lieutenant Dan.

    — Even a movie like “A Few Good Men.” The retard marine is the Germanic blue eyed kid. His protector/mentor is the African. Exactly the opposite of real life. Many subtle little things like that are in EVERY. SINGLE. MOVIE. other than the ones made by the hero Mel Gibson.

    A Few Good Men was one of the most subversive movies of its time. The early ’90s had a whole blitz of them: Dances With Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans, Sleeping with the Enemy, off the top of my head. Even Platoon-inspired ‘Nam movies were full of black glorification and other forms of PC.

    “A Few Good Men” was a snake. It sat ill with me back then, with how it dumped every masculine and martial virtue into the loudmouth caricature of COL Jessup. (And of course, there was a black judge.) There was even post-Tailhook “sexual harassment awareness” thrown in when he makes cringey talk about blowjobs in front of a female officer, but the big picture was all about “Harvard Mouth” (Tom Cruise) prevailing over honor codes.

    Funny, though, how virtue gets personified by a negro martyr (the senior accused black enlisted man) and there is not a single admirable White character, on down to the dim-witted junior enlisted Marine defendant, as you pointed out.

  10. Damn it, PA!! You made me hate Forrest Gump and A Few Good Men. At least I still have Hidden Figures, teaching me that we couldn’t reach the moon without a few oppressed black women. And then there’s Falling Down. Oh wait…nevermind.

  11. Nooo, don’t ruin my Col Jessup speech* …

    * Written by (((Aaron Sorkin))) natch

    And to revisit Forrest Gump, remember the ending where his slutty dying AIDS childhood friend convinces him that Li’l Forrest is his kid? “We banged once a while ago so sure he’s yours, Forrest. Look, he’s a lot like you except smart! He’s white n’all!”

    I told her, “I want a blo-od test, Jeh-nny.” And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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