An Alternative für Deutschland politician converts to Islam and explains why:

One of the reasons is tied to changes that have taken place in the [Protestant] church, which no longer reflects my values.

Let’s start with what religion isn’t, and what it is. Religion is not an affiliation or a strategy you pick based on its anticipated performance toward a practical objective. It is not a weak horse or a strong horse you ride. That describes a host of things, such as ideology, propaganda, politics, but not religion. Religion is a revelation (or a “revelation”) of a supreme, eternal and sentient metaphysical reality. What religion is, is either true and thus you’re accountable before its laws whether or not you are a believer, or it’s false and as such, it’s just a fairy tale. Hence the distinction between revelation and “revelation.” Abandoning the true faith because the human institutions that represent it are weak or corrupt is an error: you don’t stop believing in gravity because you had a bad physics professor.

Let’s speculate on why he converted to Islam. I’m ruling out the possibility that he found God. And now in no particular order, likely reasons for his apostasy:

  • He’s disconnected from his own roots like those whiggers of yesteryear who identified with rap because they craved an aggressive sound to make themselves feel less soft.
  • He is genuinely confused, and maybe not very bright.
  • He wanted his five minutes of media attention.
  • He anticipates an islamization of Europe and wants to be an early adopter.
  • He was paid or blackmailed into “converting” to demoralize German patriots.
  • He is an infiltrator sabotaging the party.
  • A demon appeared to him and he gave it a fair hearing.

There is a reality above the things that can be seen and measured. It animates all life, on down to the amoeba. Christianity is the revelation of the one true, omnipotent, omniscient intelligence, embraced by the European man because we are a race with the capacity of mind and the breadth of soul to stand in awe of it and to cherish the sacrifice that Jesus made for mankind. That revelation is the great gift that we have been given, a connection with immortality itself. And God has an adversary who seeks to destroy Christianity, along with the White man as God’s witness.

Some things are beyond human knowledge. But Christian martyrs refuse to deny God because their everlasting life is at stake. So can you not know, yet be so certain of it that you would give your life for it? Yes.

If you don’t feel the faith, I understand. One day something might click if you trust God and pray daily. Maybe you are not meant to connect with the higher truth, at least not yet.

If you embrace pre-Christian paganism, I share your appreciation for the aesthetic and the philosophy, “an inhuman thing” thought it may be, but the moment you start carrying on like Thor is real, you’re just playing D&D. Related: there is an interesting thread on Gab about the infiltration of the AltRight and White Nationalism by satanists pretending to be a pagans.

And if you convert to Islam, you are no longer White. You are a collaborator, something no White man will shake hands with or trust. You are a woman that opened her legs for a shitskin, a bitch that sold her own ass to the Ottomans. You have cast your lot with inbreds who laugh at you and you will burn in Hell for turning your back on Christ.

“The Faith is Europe, and Europe is the Faith.”

Here — Jesus Christ is King.”


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  1. The simplest explanation is that fringe politics attracts personalities that are essentially fungible. They can move between far left, far right, militant islam without actually changing much. We see this on the alt right too.

  2. I wish I knew a church led by a man who spoke like this. Current pastor is a good man tasked with a hard job (took over a church that badly needed revitalization), but he’s reading way too much from modern Christian “leaders” who preach a Soyboy Jesus.

  3. I would speculate that at least 5 or 6 things on that list may apply to him. Or maybe he just fell victim to the white guilt heaped on the Germans for the (((alleged))) sins of their fathers. Either way Europe will probably fall, hopefully brittania falls first then the rest of the continent can look towards Hungary, and Poland and step back from the brink.

    I spent some time in West Germany in the 80s, and it was fantastic place. First world high functioning society beyond belief. I was near Frankfurt which was already becoming a turkish shithole. Now if what I read and see is to be believed that same (((darkness))) has spread over most of Germany.

    In America most now recognize izzlamb for what it is, a satanic control system designed to cast a dark cloud over the light given us by our redeemer. Spoiler alert, in the end they fail. One solution is to ring fence Detroit, put ALL the peace loving muzzies inside and turn the rest of their mosques into homeless shelters or glass factories. Any crybaby, pink haired, SJWs can join them inside the walls of the paradise that they are certain to build.

  4. Whiteness cannot exist under Islam, that’s part of the reason that psychofem liberals love the idea of bringing Muslims into the West – as a bludgeon against whiteness.

    The idea of a WN converting to Islam is pretty curious and downright funny. But I guess maybe it can work if you’re just going to be a “Muslim WN” isolated in some room doing Internet commentary and not really around 3-dimensional people very much. You wouldn’t be welcomed if you tried to trumpet “whiteness” while doing normal Muslim activities like actually visiting mosques for prayer, attending sermons, going on the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), participating in the Ramadan rituals, etc.

  5. The Lutheran church *** doesn’t reflect his values ****, if he is alt right. Women as pastors? Churches promoting divorce? Churches bringing in refugees? Collecting money to send these people?

    Perhaps he is infiltrating Islam. Perhaps modern Christianity is too weak for him.

    I can testify that Christians almost always have a more moderate form of WN than non-Christians. I have seen this many times. Christian WNs don’t demand the ability to destroy minos, as they have destroyed us.

    Vox is biased. He had to moderate his WN greatly – he was outed. He uses his “ban-hammer” (or censorship!) to turn his site into an echo chamber.

    Many non-Christian WNs insist that heaven is a consolation prize.

    “There, there, my sweet gentiles.

    You lost your land, property, and women. But heaven awaits! God will repay you your losses for being a good loser.

    Keep turning the other cheek. You must not want to murder the minos or jews who steal from you. You must not admire all the things they gain on this Earth.”

    Few WNs can teach Christianity as a revolutionary, warrior philosophy. Jesus, the avenger, slashing the throats of his enemies and crushing their bones into dust.

    As FP used to say, why can’t Christians behead Muzz?

  6. I’m all for supporting Christianity for cultural reasons, but please, PA, enough with the threats. If Jesus is going to threaten me with hell for not loving Him, then that raises serious questions about His character. Nobody should be threatened into loving anyone. That’s Stockholm Syndrome-type bullshit.

    Have some self-respect, gentlemen.

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  8. @Gouv: warning is not threatening.

    The love comes first from Jesus. The Bible even says Christians love him because he first loved us. Receive a loving warning and bury the unmerited pride, and you finally can be free from all the darkness.

  9. @Jaded Jurist

    Whether it’s ‘warning’ (repeating Jesus’ threats) or making the threat on your own, functionally it’s the same: you’re trying to scare someone into loving a Deity, and that’s horseshit.

    If you let yourself be scared into loving someone, even if that someone is a deity, then you have Stockholm Syndrome. Have some self-respect.

    And I’m a Christian anyway, so don’t preach to me.

  10. Just in case anyone is interested, there are in fact non-cucked Churches out there.
    The Society of St. Pius X (S.S.P.X.) has chapels all over the world. I follow the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest (I.C.K.S.P), but there’s also the Fraternal Society of St. Peter (F.S.S.P.). If you live in a decent sized city there will be one of those nearby. Also, Russian Orthodox churches tend to be non-cucked. Same with Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, and even Oriental, though the Oriental Orthodox have a largely non-white base.

    None of those will be WN, though. While I am thinking that WN and Traditional Catholicism are easily interwoven, the Church herself is not going to push overt WN ideas. Just as you won’t see the Church pushing for tax cuts or foreign policy. That’s not her mission. What the Church will do, is provide us with a traditional moral framework that supports the birth of children and the maintenance of our community, and provides us with a Western form of spirituality that is deeply ingrained in us.
    We get a purpose that at least for me, atheism can’t provide. Also, there are the gifts of the Spirit.

    Ryu made a really good point, though; it is true that the views of WN Christians are less violent than those of Pagans. Yet I see this as a good thing. The problem with WN in the last century is that A) there was too much emphasis on “angels on pindrops” ideas of purity, and B) a willingness to go over the line into savagery. We need soldiers and those soldiers will need to do battle, nevertheless we shouldn’t become outright exterminators unless it’s absolutely necessary. That will ruin us.

    Germany shot herself in the foot by opposing and attempting to eradicate the various Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe, who were actually ripe for liberation and fighting as anti-communist allies. If the Germans had entered Ukraine as liberators, they might have won the war. Certainly Japan would have benefitted from that approach. China wouldn’t be communist today if they worked to support nationalism, instead of throwing two year olds in pots of boiling water (provide that that account is true, obviously- many Japanese historians deny this. I’m not an authority, but just making a point). So I’m thinking that a Christian moral framework (properly interpreted) could strengthen us for battle, enable us to kill and die where necessary, but also keep us from descending into counterproductive brutality. But I’m not experienced at WN. Just forming a superficial opinion based on WWII, and obviously would be open to correction.

    When it comes to VD, to me he is perhaps the most brilliant person living. I’m not joking. He was envisioning all of this ten years ago, when it seemed like the entire world was heating up for Obama’s perfect world. So when he says, “the Alt-Right is inevitable” it is absolutely uplifting. It could be confirmation bias on my part, but all of the other things he does seem to fall right into place, and he seems to have a demoralizing effect on the enemy that only comes in second to the G.E.

    Just my superficial opinions. Feel free to squash them. It’s always better to learn than to win an argument, when things are new to you.

  11. One strives towards (S)upremacy as a white man or he self-annihilates.

    I said this some ten years ago or so.

    This is not a threat and is absolutely coterminous to Christian doctrine (being the (S)upremacist doctrine that it is).

    White nationalism is a GIVEN because white nations ARE TRUE already. That’s why “we” are here discussing how to save our nations as white men. So WN is not a movement. WN is a concrete actuality that is under siege by anti-white… (S)upremacists SPANNING the “political spectrum” from rabid liberated leftists all the way to the highly-exaggerated “hard right,” TO INCLUDE all of the alt-rite, VD, especially.

  12. While the church is cucked and packed with madmen and enemies, the proper solution is not to join the Enemy. Does this have to be pointed out?

    (I have an acquaintance, I suppose he’s really a well-off bugman, who some years ago converted from the usual sophisticated nihilism to muz on the demand of his indonesian gf, to marry. Horrible mistake, in my opinion, but I haven’t kept in touch to see how it worked out.)

    So, in the interest of certain commenters here, has the German fool mutilated his dick yet? His new master after all demands it.

  13. Ryu…

    Christians can kill mUzz in self-defense, absolutely. Christians can even demonize the mUzz religion, rightfully so.

    But in the game of “radical autonomy” for which the mUzz wage a mutual war of regression with Western “white” pagan nihilists, it is the duty of non-Christian/non-mUzz to irrationally annihilate the mUzz.

  14. Softness and lack of determination led us to this point. The muz already celebrate beheading us, raping our women and killing our young children while we pay for them to dwell among us. Hence, I think there’s plenty of scope for action without overstepping any moral bounds, including mass killings of invading men, women and children. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

  15. The muz already celebrate beheading us, raping our women and killing our young children while we pay for them to dwell among us.

    Actually, Muslims are very consistent about women – they have no particularly different desire to do violence/rape to white or Christian women than they do to women in their own countries. They have one, single standard – unaccompanied women get raped. Women behind closed doors with men who aren’t their father or brother get raped. An unaccompanied woman is a whore.

    And that’s a comprehensive summary of women’s rights under Islam.

    When those Rotherham UK rapists ended up in court they were shocked to hear that anyone actually cared about those girls. Their question was why the girls had the freedom be tempted into exploitation by those who claimed to “care.”

    Part of the reason that Islam has grown so much in the third world is exactly because of its uncompromising views on many things, especially women and their place in society. A man can be a man and know that he won’t be cucked or that he won’t bust his hump working to support a family only to see his daughter turn into the town whore.

    Western society was once the same way with women before the sexual revolution – “wayward” or adulterous females had their head shorn, or they got flogged with public embarrassment or were given a scarlet letter sort of treatment by all of society.

  16. If your church is too p$&@y and won’t make you “hard,” you might be a faggot.

    Individual accountability outsourced to a collective guilt.

    Good-hearted beta Christians are easy targets for savage kinds.

  17. So, in the interest of certain commenters here, has the German fool mutilated his dick yet? His new master after all demands it.

    He ought to, unless he is a poser.

    After all “Muhammad was born without a foreskin (aposthetic)” — wiki

    Some quick research on the actual question of whether the German pol has to get done, would seem to reveal that it not required for converts, but generally approved and encouraged.

  18. WNs who behead Muzz or who engage in other forms of action CAN’T take credit here or anywhere else. The whole West is a Surveillence State and the police are the jailers of the multicult.

    No man or group alive today could do such an action and take credit for it. The System response would be biblical. The police basically exist to protect the elite and their pet minos now.

    ….but very few DAAs have ever been Christian. I can name a few, from about 25 years ago. Since then, almost none.

    The tendency with the Christians is a sort of pacificism….it is God’s will….I’ll wait……wait…. for the collapse…..for the rapture…….the kingdom of God is coming……almost…..

    There isn’t much profit in the religious discussion in WN. It is as Harold Covington said. Christian WNs tend to censor the Pagans and vise verse. I don’t see either side as having a big advantage.

  19. WynnLloyd,

    I urge you to read from a “diversity” of WN authors.

    Vox has had to moderate quite a bit. Now that he’s got his name and face out there, he’s got a business out there also, which means he has to play alot more defense.

    There are entire universes that Vox doesn’t touch. He doesn’t discuss survivalism or direct action. He doesn’t talk about the police or military and their role supressing WN. He is good at NAJ (news and jews), organizing WNs, and being liked by them. He has done some good work at creating alt right alternatives like gab.

    The smartest WNs in terms of genetic ability (not popularity) are probably Tex Arcane, Firepower, Ted Kaczyinski, Mindweapon or perhaps Thordaddy the savant.

    From 1995, Ted:

    “Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto- dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual white males from middle- to upper-middle-class families.”

  20. Ryu, I’d advise you to give up your leftist sympathies or be scorned in a real… dog house.

    Your… pal….


  21. To kill a self-annihilator is superfluous. Contra-survivalism. It’s redundant action and resource depletion at the individual level (and self-annihilators LITTER the “playing field”).

    True mUzz are self-annihilators.

    Islam is a religious cabal of perpetuating self-annihilators.

    A “wn mUzz” is a radical autonomist and, ultimately, anti-wS.

    English-speaking pagans are self-annihilators, too.

    They bend before the (g)ods. They might kneel to a (g)od. They’ll never know (G)od. Anti-(C)apitalists, fun-duh-mentally. (s)ocialists hoot worship (g)ods. Terribly self-annihilating metaphysics. Bound to a loin cloth and mud baths. A predictably dutiful partner in an Islamic crime spree.

  22. Ryu,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve never heard of Tex Arcane. I will check him out. I’ve read Firepower’s blog back when it was available and also Thordaddy. Any other suggestions I welcome also.

    I’m curious about your suggestion on Kaczyinski. Isn’t that the unabomber? I was unaware he was WN. I always assumed he was a lunatic, unlike Breivic. I’ll read up on him.
    The most powerful aspect of VD in my opinion is his great predictive power. Because of reading him I ended up looking like a genius after the last election. My SJW former “friends” considered me nuts for insisting the president would win, and that the polls were fake. I just wish I had bet money lol. He predicts a rising of the alt-right over the long term, which is very comforting considering what we’re up against. That and the fact that he has very concrete achievements.

  23. @Gouv

    It is not scarimg. If you don’t love God, you end up loving yourself too much and this is Hell.

    After death, you will have what you want. If you want to follow the God’s way, you will be with God, this is called Heaven. If you want to follow your own way, you will be allowed to do that too: it is Hell. Heaven is joy and Hell is pain, but people choose Hell because they are so lost in their narcissistic addiction that prefer it, the way a junkie keeps on consuming heroin.

    This is a very old understanding: the Desert Fathers of the 4th century used to think this way.

    Hell is growing in you every time you behave selfishly. Time to control it before it is out of control, like in any other addiction.

    Great post, PA

  24. “They have one, single standard – unaccompanied women get raped.”

    Why not check if that’s true? There are plenty of unaccompanied muslim women around in western cities.

    “When those Rotherham UK rapists ended up in court they were shocked to hear that anyone actually cared about those girls.”

    At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found.

    Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said.

    Prof Jay said: “No-one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.”

    Revealing details of the inquiry’s findings, Prof Jay said: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered.”

    The inquiry team found examples of “children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone”.

    Speaking about her abuser, Isabel said: “I think because the police were aware and social services were aware and he knew that and they still didn’t stop him it I think it encouraged him.

    “It almost became like a game to him. He was untouchable.”


    Even the cucked Beeb where the staff probably had a group wank while writing the above. article.

    Sex abusers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as a gang of six men were sentenced for a total of 81 years over the “vile” sexual abuse of two girls in Rotherham.

    Three brothers and three other men were convicted of crimes including rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment after the pre-teen victims were “systematically groomed”.


    Look … just don’t be too gullible.

  25. @imnobody00

    You’re not going to gaslight me…Jesus specifically stated that Hell is a real place and it consists of a lake of fire. It is NOT, according to Him, a state of mind, narcissistic or otherwise.

    Don’t play games with me, because I’ll call you out each time.

  26. Gouv…

    Christian doctrine states that one can receive the afterlife that one desires. Christian doctrine also reveals one’s metaphysical options in graphic detail. Christian doctrine even implores one to choose one metaphysical option over the other ASSUMING one isn’t a self-annihilator.

    Your deep exploration into a strictly material understanding of “burning by fire” suggests an actual desire for some kind of hellish afterlife?

    Does Jesus ever state that the unrepentant sinners “will burn in hell?”

  27. WynnLloyd,

    Many famous white criminals were 1488. Ted might be called a HBDer, an Alt Liter, but a WN nonetheless. You’d have no problem convincing most white cons that PUA and MGTOW work.

    He was no lunatic. He had a genius IQ and was a professor at Berkeley in Math before his activism. Many don’t believe a genius would fight back against the system.

    His manifesto predicts the degradation due to technology and many other things in his mani.

    I agree that Vox is good at predictions. I remember him saying Trump would beat Shillary. He does have a good “feel” for the movement.

  28. Nobody,

    Thank you for your comment. Where did you get that notion of hell, and how certain are you of it? Willing to gamble your eternal soul for it?

  29. EPG,

    I don’t mind being scorned.

    You forget our lot as WNs, saviors to the white race. Jesus was crucified by the very people he came to save.

    So am I, so are you and all the other WNs in the world. Our greatest enemy is the one we try to save. And I def believe leftist WN is stronger than rightist.

  30. Ryu…

    A leftist wn is equal to wn jihadist as both are just a particular preference of “radical autonomy.” So the “strength” you perceive is in the area of leftism and jihadism to the parasitic exploitation of wn. For you to imagine things in the other direction just is to conceive a wn as parasitically exploitive. There is, of course, no recourse in a determination to fantasize of an egalitarian arrangement consisting of equal part leftism/jihadism and equal part wn in what is an inherently unstable “archetype.”

  31. Pedantic interjection, but Ryu said: “[Vox] has done some good work at creating alt right alternatives like gab.”

    Ahem, keep up on “current events”!

    I will accord VD due credit for confidently calling the election many moons in advance. I do however regret allowing myself to get sufficiently caught up in “helicopters at dawn coming to arrest Hillary” horseplay to actually email that in breathless excitement to family.

  32. –the “keep up on ‘current events'” also requires a lolz. I’m not trying to bust ryu’s balls on that one–back in the day, it certainly felt that VD WAS instrumental in hyping gab. Whether that was a bit of co-opting in progress, I don’t know, but obviously it turned into a “burn the village to save the village” (or save face) situation, which happily wasn’t one of VD’s wins..

    OT: has anyone else ever noticed what a total bitch education realist is?

  33. PA, is the thread on gab to which you’re referring to is the one by Fash McQueen?

    That was quite eye-opening and one powerful rebuttal with regards to paganism and its true origin.

    Every entry was spot on.

  34. I didn’t see Fash, would be cool to see that thread as well. The one I read started with Anglin posting this:

    I had just assumed that the stuff about the Ukrainian Nazi movement being filled with satanists was Russian propaganda. Now I’m not really sure about that. Furthermore, Nick Griffin said in his book that satanists had infiltrated nationalist groups in Britain. Moving forward, we are going to have to ask whether any group pushing weird/ultra-aggressive shit is not in fact just a front for satanism.

  35. Nick Griffin deserves respect for his service.

    I will say, that some of the strongest WNs out there are Satanists. It stands to reason that if someone is willing to defy God and risk hell, certainly they will have less fear of the USG, antifa or liberals.

    Gotta be careful mixing religion into race, so all WNs must be Christian. HAC warned against this years ago.

    Un-cucking Christianity is going to be a job. A few may get there, by their own work. I do not see a mass approach working there at all.

    I don’t think most have ever heard a Satanic WN. Styx is one:

  36. Ryu, I don’t expect all WNs to be Christian. That’s not possible. One can’t just be “well meaning” for the sake of solidarity and call himself a Christian. If you don’t believe then you aren’t one and that describes many people. Speaking for myself, what is expected of White non-believers for the purpose of trust is two things. One, respect for true Christianity (not cucked Judeo-Churchianity) and for one’s own Christian ancestors. Two: don’t attack or subvert Christianity. The rest is a personal matter.

    Mendo, thanks for the link. I am posting Fash McQueen’s Gab posts here:

    1/ I hope you’re noticing something that I’ve become aware of as I’ve fought with pagan/satanist cultists on Gab. Their main goal has absolutely nothing to do with White Nationalism. Their goal is, and always has been, the destruction of Christianity. We’ve foolishly allowed them to infest our movement under the guise of “paganism”. (muh Aryan religion)

    2/ Pagans are like faggots. — They look for a movement to infiltrate that will allow them to push their degenerate ideology. Their singular goal is the promotion of their cult — not the good of the movement. Pagans are in the process of trying to retcon “paganism” into some kind of “noble White man’s religion” in an attempt to make it palatable to the Alt-Right.

    3/ If pagans hadn’t stumbled upon the Alt-Right, they would be Marxists smoking pot at Burning Man while pushing the exact same voodoo cult. They’ll infest any movement that will accept their fringe ideology. Remember how many Jews & fags tried to flood into the Alt-Right before we explicitly said “No Jews or fags”? Do you think their main concern was Whites?

    4/ If you prod a pagan long enough, he’ll spill the beans. Pagans admit they’ll help Jews kill White Christians. Pagans would have helped the Bolshevik Jews slaughter White Christians. Practically every great man, who built modern White Civilization, was a Christian. Pagans would have killed them all. Pagans aren’t pro-White. – They’re anti-Christian.

    5/ If you fail to properly define your movement, and instead say: “We don’t want to talk about religion, we’re just going to focus on saving the White race.” — you’ve opened the door to being infiltrated by Satanists/pagans. — It’s inevitable. Practically every comment and post pagans make is designed to promote their cult, or attack Christianity.

    6/ When you began looking into the “SEIGE” cult — there was a commenter who attacked you as a “Bible-thumper” out of the blue, when you hadn’t even mentioned the Bible or Christianity. — Didn’t you find that odd? The commenter was a “pagan”. It’s very telling that this “pagan” would launch an attack on you to defend a satanic cult.

    7/ And here’s the big tell. Even “pagans” know there’s no such person as “Odin” or “Wotan”. — They know it’s just a bizarre, made-up character. So who are they actually worshiping? Because they’re worshiping someone. — They’re praying to someone. — And it sure as hell isn’t God. Paganism is Satanism. It always has been. And it’s a deadly cancer in our movement.

  37. It’s mostly true, PA. Fash McQueen has a good grasp on things. He’s a strong Christian WN. But – has he welcomed the rebuttal of a strong Satanic WN?

    I am a member of that “Seige” cult. I definitely salute James Mason and Charles Manson.

    I am not here to “debate” or save people. Either one wants to learn and advance, or not. At least half of modern WNs are pagan.

    Here is a video of a Bible-thumping Christian with Neo Nazi Satanic pagan James Mason.

    One has to “see” if a normie Christian is better than a WN Satanist. It begins at a particularly useful part.

  38. I laughed out loud after 11:00 when Bob Larson (the evangelical radio host) plays a skinhead song and says: “I apologize to my African-American friends for playing this song called Nigger Nigger Go but I think it’s needed to prove a point.” You can see him bob his head for one beat and then scream the lyrics into the mic: “Nigger nigger Go! nigger nigger row your way home!”

    I noticed that the PC style of that day is different than now. It looks like early 1980s. The host was civil with his Nazi guest, asking intelligent questions letting him answer the questions. Even his outbursts were more for the purpose of theatrics or to accent a point, than to ridicule or silence him. But there was also a completely pre-AltRight naivetee about the state of affairs. It’s not because Larson is a liberal. It’s more like, there is none of the feeling of war that we have now. Today, libs know that things are bad, they just live in a warped reality with its insane rules. But back then, any notion of mass unrest and loss of America was unthinkable to an average person.

    To suggest an established “they have to go back” AltRight truism of today — that our nations must separate for everyone’s good, which includes Jews going to Israel — would have been thought of as craziness then.

    It goes with my post that showed the Reagan era as a narrow-center consensus, then the country flexing and bursting over the successive Presidential terms until you get to today’s perfect polarity.


    UPDATE: I listened a bit more. It might be ten years later than I thought, as Clinton (I think, there was shouting) was mentioned. Larson was getting more and more animated.

  39. Ryu: I don’t think most have ever heard a Satanic WN. Styx is one:,

    I’m sorry, are you actually referring to the pop band? Or is there something fundamental or even just assumed that I’m missing?

  40. A wn satanist is like the local globalist.

    “Any means necessary” equals “terminable without consent.”

    It is a devilish formulation…

    Satanists hiding amongst wn just as globalists hide amongst locals. Yet, the taint is suffered by local white nationalism.

  41. WN used to have some amazing programming in the 80s and 90s. In the 1980s, there were still a few local TV stations that would have racist TV shows.

    Old timers don’t like the modern WN much. They say, they used to meet up IRL and knew virtually all WNs in the country. You could drive across the country and stay at other WNs’ houses as you went – that’s how it was 30 years ago. Of course, the Surveillence State was much less then too.

    The debate among WNs for Christianity or Paganism is very old. HAC knew this, which is why he recommends avoiding religion entirely.

    It is rare to find an honest competition between the two. James Mason the Satanic racist is far stronger than a normie white Christian. His style is unconventional because he is a sort of “leftist” WN.

    I don’t think things are going to roll out the way many believe they will.

    (They) will not allow WN to get too popular. The Samson Option is a nuclear war with Russia and China. Just imagine WN coming to fruition, a new ice age, the national debt exploding, a nuclear war, magnetic pole reversal, all happening at the same time.

    The USA isn’t going to die a quiet death. Most still think they can take Russia or China. I agree with Tex that it will be over fast and Murka will lose badly.

    The time period we live in right now will be forgotten as the daily concern of survival trumps everything.

  42. Anything is possible but the male imagination tends toward the epic. Apocalyptic scenarios have to be considered with that in mind.

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