Warnings About Aid To Africa

Even liberals now warn Europeans about the consequences of providing irresponsible humanitarian aid to Africa:

Africa specialist Stephen Smith has warned that the next migrant crisis is on the horizon as Africa’s population continues to boom and that Western aid, particularly education, may contribute to Africans seeking a better life in Europe. Mr. Smith, the author of the new book La ruée vers l’Europe, or The Rush To Europe, warned that the exploding demographics of Africa will have direct consequences for Europe.

Keep in mind that Africans don’t actually “migrate” in the sense of crossing seas on their own. What most of them have been doing since 2015, is floating in NGO-supplied rubber boats off Libya’s coast, then getting picked up by European vessels and transported to their Western European points of destination, where housing and welfare money await.

Africa is not pushing them out; the EU is vacuuming them in. It’s time to sink any boat that crosses into a European country’s territorial waters and send back the Africans who are already in Europe. Israel shows what can be done, with recently repatriating its illegal infiltrators to Rwanda. And they weren’t even from Rwanda or speak the local languages. Whatever Israel does seems to work. In 2017, only 18 African asylum seekers entered that country, while 220 entered in 2015.

The aid industry feeds on Whites’ feelings of pity. But the movie Gremlins warned us thirty years ago: Gizmo is cuddly, but if you give it water it multiplies and if you mistime its feeding, you get nasty critters that you now have to get rid of.


Or as I once commented on “charity“:

‘Tis the season for corporate charity drives. But do people who perform charitable work ever ask themselves “where does my work lead?” Many Christians, as well as members of secular foundations, volunteer in Africa and it’s reasonable to appreciate the value of their work where their charity alleviates individual suffering. An example of that would be plastic surgeons traveling overseas to repair children’s cleft palates. The beneficiary of pro-bono work in this instance is a single individual. The operation makes a permanent improvement in the life of that patient with no effect on the relative well-being of others and with no impact on the larger social ecosystem. But on the other hand, if charitable work such as the delivery of improved health services, sanitation, nutrition does impact the larger social ecosystem — then “what is the meaning of what I’m doing” ought to light up in the mind of the humanitarian.

Your charity might temporarily ease individual suffering but then cause the alleviated misery to boomerang back million-fold in the form of African populations growing beyond their land’s carrying capacity. Consequently, your beneficiaries will require ever more of your charity, and with zero probability of improvement over the long-term but with high probability of becoming a devastating burden on non-Africans, whose lands they’ll seek to swarm. Before you donate, you probably ought to put aside your moral vanity and ask yourself: “when meddling in complex ecosystems presumably as a servant of Christ, am I in fact serving His adversary?”

[NSFW comic strip below]


I don’t read Japanese but the pictures alone in this cartoon adequately illustrate the consequences of no-contraceptives aid to Africa:



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  2. Damn that’s a good racket. I’m going to use my WN training to become “an expert” in nigger and mino migration. 100$ per hour, here I come!

    I don’t speak Jap either but that comic is very clear. WN has to be simple enough so that a 6 year old can understand it.

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  4. There is something more diabolical at stake.

    Radical “white” self-annihilators of every politicized cloak are directly accountable for the massive explosion in Africa’s black population. Paralleling this exponential rise in population is the cucked conversion to Western Christianity and a potential fallout of mass damnation.

    Ergo, a continent-wide die-off in Africa when the aid runs out equals “white guilt” put into maximum overdrive and the extreme persecution of cucked Christians for damning so many pathetic souls.

  5. That’s just the point of the AIDS… A cancerous exponential growth in population followed by a massive decimation of Black Street-shitters.

    Then the r/evolution in the West hits max “white” guilt.

  6. Anyone remember the Agent Smith line from “The Matrix” where he talks about how viruses just multiply beyond all ability for resources to support them?

    The funny thing about African overpopulation is that it will never correct itself.

    When Europeans had excess population or too much competition for the same scant resources that caused social instability, which in turn led to the crusades, organized colonization or major wars. Africans are so terrible at organized warfare that they can’t even correct their own demographic balance wtih a conflict that brings population back into line with resources, while causing political advances.

    Pretty much every political advance of Europeans has been driven by war – the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, etc. etc.

    Even Japan’s imperial period of warfare stemmed from their realization that needed to become a colonizer to expand their “genetic footprint” but (most importantly) – Japan is resource-poor in general but especially in relation to its large and dense population – so the nation’s very genetic future called for seeking cheap raw materials and $ markets to sell their goods.

  7. There’s a bit of a painful audio RASP right at the beginning of this video, so for the curious I’d advise waiting a couple of seconds before you click your audio on, but otherwise a gently entertaining view of a day of sport with the Bofors 57mm naval cannon, a pretty lightweight mount and one I’d love to bedeck a half dozen corvettes with and take to the old Med and put a very quick end to the “refugee” crisis:

  8. Remember that old “stereotype” about black women being terrible restaurant customers and never being able to order anything that’s actually on the menu?:

    Black actress Leslie Jones goes to high-end Atlanta restaurant, doesn’t like food and (of course) starts major Twitter beef after not liking the food and sending a million other dishes back.

    Jones’ response: “Ask your snobby manager who thought it was just black people trying to get out of paying instead of it being the bad service and terrible food. He actually said ‘No you just didn’t like what you ordered.’ Um yea cause it’s nasty son! I just wanted to eat in Atlanta! Y’all ruin that.”

    This is the response from the manager of the restaurant group, and we know that restaurant managers try to accommodate as much as possible and always agree with the customer.

    “Her and her guests were verbally abusive to two of the nicest people we have in the company,” Buckhead Life Restaurant Group president Niko Karatassos wrote. “She ordered Blue Cheese on her Salmon and didn’t like the taste. Not a good flavor combo but she wanted it. Manager apologized, made he a new one, comped the entire table and she and her guest continued to Verbally shame the manager in the middle of the restaurant. She was very mean to the staff.”


    Are stereotypes ever not true?

  9. Camlost, I have spent a number of years working in luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. It is true that blacks, especially women, are consistently the worst tippers and the worst customers. There are notable exceptions. D***n S*nd*rs and Br**nt G*m**l, for example, are great tippers and are very friendly. Most of the black Jesus freak athletes, on the other hand, are aloof and are terrible tippers.

    Low Class blacks who bring along bugs or hairs to insert into their plate are fairly common, but a strong-willed manager with a backbone will discourage them.

    However, sometimes the manager is hamstrung by social mores: https://www.mercurynews.com/2016/04/18/east-bay-book-club-members-kicked-off-napa-wine-train-settle-lawsuit/

    Blacks are a paucity of customers in elite NorCal restaurants such as French Laundry or Gary Danko. In general they are the the exception to the rule in exclusive NorCal spaces. I can only imagine what it’s like in elite restaurants in the South.

    However, I should mention that when I dined at Commander’s Palace in NOLA there wasn’t a black patron to be seen for miles around…

  10. PS – I should add that the athletes who have a future in the front office or broadcasting are the most pleasant and generous to deal with, The one who are bankrupt within a few years of retirement are the ones who are the assholes that everyone tries to avoid.

    Ans of course the classiest athlete (and his father) that I have ever dealt with is a certain quarterback who won four rings for the local team. He was as “Cool” as it gets under pressure…

  11. @ Lothar

    However, sometimes the manager is hamstrung by social mores: https://www.mercurynews.com/2016/04/18/east-bay-book-club-members-kicked-off-napa-wine-train-settle-lawsuit/

    Ha, that’s the case of the black women on the quiet and contemplative Napa, CA train for wine sippers. We discussed that here. This is just a case of liberal Californians not knowing much about black people. It was a lost cause, the manager on the train probably thought that those black women were causing a disturbance on purpose, when they were really just being who they are.

    When you put more than 2 black people together, along with some alcohol, there’s going to be a lot of noise. Lots and lots of noise, screaming at each other from 4 or 5 rows back, guffawing laughter and clapping. And singing along to music played on phones even though there’s probably a sign right in front of them all asking for quiet and respect for fellow passengers. And coordinated group dancing.

    And if you also reach more than 5 black males in the presence of said alcohol, it’s going to be really rowdy and some stuff “will surely go down.” They’re simply not going to behave in accordance with the orderly standards of white folks.

  12. — When you put more than 2 black people together … there’s going to be a lot of noise

    I learned this in Army basic training, late 1980s. One day an instructor had to leave the room, sternly warning our platoon: “if I hear any goddamned noise through that door, you’re all fucked.” Or something to that effect, and it was, as we knew from experience, a threat with real teeth.

    With everyone exhausted from lack of sleep and constant regimentation, it was an almost too-good-to-be-true opportunity to catch a nap, read your letters, or talk with a buddy at whisper volume.

    But right after the NCO’s departure, blacks started talking loudly and goofawing, while we Whites angrily shushed them. Of course, a minute later another sergeant walking down the hallway heard the noise coming from our room, and next thing you know, we are out on hot pavement doing muscle-failure pushups with a team of drill sergeants screaming at us.

    A few weeks later, a field tactics instructor says something about a study showing that US Army has the worst noise discipline in all of NATO.

  13. But right after the NCO’s departure, blacks started talking loudly and goofawing, while we Whites angrily shushed them. Of course, a minute later another sergeant walking down the hallway heard the noise coming from our room, and next thing you know, we are out on hot pavement doing muscle-failure pushups with a team of drill sergeants screaming at us.

    The funny thing is that the heavy partying college kids down South always choose an off-campus apartment complex that has a healthy amount of black people living there (but not too many).

    Why? Because black people don’t call the cops on you and they don’t keep regular schedules so their noise masks yours and your partying and drug use doesn’t stand out. And you can always find someone from whom you can buy your nickel or dimebags when you can’t get a hold of your regular dealer.

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