“Nuts!” Hungarian Style

Viktor Orban says in a YouTube statement:

The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian prime minister, that they will – if necessary with force – obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants. According to their plan, this will happen in June, at the summit of prime ministers in Brussels. Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe.

“Nuts!” refers to a U.S. commander’s reply to German emissaries at the Battle of the Bulge, who demanded that the American forces surrender in two hours or face annihilation. He laughed and said, “Us surrender? Aw, nuts.” He wondered how to formally reply to the Germans, and another officer suggested: “what you just said … nuts.” It was then explained to the emissaries that this means the same thing as “go to hell.”

The European Union is the Fourth Reich, so it’s fitting that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator. Wisely, Orban has cracked down on Soros-sponsored organizations in Hungary.

The Visegrád Battlegroup is well equipped and competent. Its troops are experienced in combat, as well as patriotic and unencumbered by brainwashing and Diversity. As to the other side’s likely levels of motivation, the EU might have to rely on the famed military prowess of welfare-gorged Africans and Arabs because it is unlikely that young Western Europeans would be willing to kill or die for that shitty blue flag.

Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát,
Együtt harcol s issza borát,
Vitéz s bátor mindkettője,
Áldás szálljon mindkettőre!


12 thoughts on ““Nuts!” Hungarian Style

  1. Amazing. There “should” be no question that liberals want white genocide.

    The EU will send trained killers (soldiers) to make them drown in migrants.

    I don’t doubt for a second they might do it. Murka invaded Yugoslavia when whites there started kicking out the Muzz. This has already been done, at least twice.

  2. One way or another, these countries will leave the EU, which might not last a lot longer. Meanwhile, Eastern European countries are still benefiting (or “benefiting”) from EU infrastructure/jobs money and the freedom to work abroad. There are still internal politics as well in EE, with its Euro-enthusiasts and liberals.

    The difference is that in EE, the traditional Right over there is seen as the Normal and it’s popular and confident, while Western conservatives had for a long time, until the recent rise of the AltRight, operated from a philosophically compromised position.

    When Murka bombed Serbia, it was still a unified country and the media could still get away with painting Serbs as the bad guys. I don’t see much of a will for that now.

    One can be in the habit of always raising worst-case-scenario alarms, but so be it. There is no utopia, there is no permanent settled peace. There will always be conflict and struggle for survival. We’ve seen worse.

  3. Hungary has nothing to fear from the EU. They may attempt force, but it will fail utterly. All attempting to force Hungary would do is radically strengthen the nationalist movement in every European nation.

    If fighting does go down, it might be worth it to volunteer to fight for the Hungarians.
    Sure, the enemy doesn’t actually give a flip about international law, but it will look absurd and troubling to most countries, even if they hate Europeans with a passion. “Take these thousands of migrants, because we say so, or we will invade you.”
    It’s a cause of absolutely delusional, out of touch mental cases stuck in the last century.

  4. The EU will never raise a finger against Hungary with military action, if only to avoid the immediate and catastrophic damage that would do to European stocks. And Orban knows that, but what he is doing he is preventing the future verbal violence that is political correctness from taking too much ground in the field of public opinion.

    Immigration restrictionism has now become a mainstream topic in the USA thanks to Trump refusing to back down and pushing it on twitter and within the 24-hr news cycle. He broke the taboo, and Marine Le Pen’s acceptance into the mainstream in France is also helping. Orban and the other E European nationalists want to get ahead of the cure and do the same.

  5. The real kicker is that you know they will send white EU troops in.

    The jews love using whites vs whites. And most of these white soldiers are so cucked they are willing to fight for migrants.

  6. The best possible outcome for the Visegrad states is for a rump state EU to survive, even as members slowly slough off. Mouthy Belgians and Luxembourgers serve a valuable service in continually reminding the various nationalists how much they are held in contempt, and the kind of world that they would impose upon them if left to their own devices. It’s political gold for a rhetorical master like Orban.

  7. You guys should read “Cauldron” by Larry Bond. Military fiction written in 1993.

    Some plot points:

    “Economic upheaval around the world in the early 1990s becomes an opportunity for France and Germany to consolidate their power in Europe through an alliance called the European Confederation or EurCon. However, it is a continental partnership in name only; France provides the political power with the Germans carrying economic muscle. ”

    “The main plot takes place in 1998. Because North African immigrants are flooding Europe looking for work, riots in France and Germany prompts both countries to force a number of former Warsaw Pact nations to accept them in various factories.”

    “French oppression in Eastern Europe comes to a head in May 1998 when a people’s uprising in Budapest results in the puppet regime’s collapse. Seeing the turmoil as a potential harbinger for unrest, France orders military forces to subjugate the Hungarians days later; however, the Hungarian Army slows down the French assault.”

    “The French and Germans invade Poland two months after the attack on Hungary. Because of heavy opposition, the Poles figure out that the EurCon armies plan to envelop Polish forces in a pincer movement and pull them out to safe havens in Eastern Poland.”

    And of course USA to the rescue, but with EGK in power it’s not as far fetched as it was in 1993. In fact the whole scenario is much closer to the being possible now than I thought anyone could have imaged, the author himself. I enjoyed it, but I am that way inclined.


  8. Skorzecin, that sounds like a prescient book. I guess though, for people in the know on European politics, it was not difficult to foresee such a scenario.

    I knew a number of young upper class Western Europeans in the late 1990s thru my then-girlfriend’s graduate program. Very nice people, and one of the things that stood out was their boundless optimism about the EU.

    One Geman dude I talked with, a highly intelligent alpha, said that wars in Europe are no longer possible. He’d say, and this made sense to me: “Look at all of us. My friends are French, Czech, Spanish, there is no way any of us would follow some Hitler ever again because we’d never again fall for nationalism.”

    He also found the ubiquity of American flags in the US disturbing.

    I can see how he sincerely wanted for peace and brotherhood to prevail in Europe.

    But what he didn’t understand, and I didn’t either (though I had reservations about his optimism without the ability to articulate them) is that he envisioned a solidarity of European elites that would run the continent harmoniously.

    He didn’t account for non-Europeans. Or for the fact that his instinct for Ordnung does not translate in Greece or Italy. Or that Poland finds atheism repellent. Or that the English will laugh at any German deigning to boss them around, and that the French have empire nostalgia.

    Finally, it’s odd that in the book you mention, and in The Camp of The Saints, and in present reality, the option of rebuffing and expelling the non-Europeans doesn’t factor in. The ruling classes will sooner go to war with each over the mud-burden.

    This is why anti-racism is a satanic perversion of Christianity.

  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve read “Cauldron”, but I think you’re right. I don’t remember any resolution to the non-white invader problem, and I’m almost certain that nothing was mentioned about the (((enablers))) of the whole situation.

    There’s bound to be a online pdf version somewhere, I’ll see if I can rustle one up.

    As to a single European identity, it’s obvious with hindsight that that notion is a practical impossibility, especially if it’s a forced one emanating from Brussels (or Paris, or Berlin for that matter).

    Better off a series of genuine FTA’s, rather than full on EU despotism. Trouble is, no matter what you do, (((they))) and their shabbos goys will always work for their own benefit first, and if the masses should benefit as well that’s only a side effect.

    And then you have the bureaucrats….

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