“Love Me – Or Else!” She Stomped Her Foot In The Superbowl Ad

On the subject of Kulturkampf, you might recall that I recently gave a positive review to the first three installments of “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” movies. I have since viewed last year’s fourth installment, this one with an all-new cast as the original actors had aged out of their roles.

Don’t bother with 2017’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” It’s bad. The only good thing in it, is that Alicia Silverstone fills her predecessor’s shoes well as the GenX mom. She’s easy on the eyes and her acting is good. The rest of the movie is awful. The big thing, and this ties in with Superbowl commercials — is that blacks comprise about half of all the extras in any scene. And that’s with most of the film being set in unnamed farmland-USA locations. As with Superbowl commercials, just about all of the background non-speaking couples are interracial.

Similar heavy-handedness was seen in Superbowl ads. I watch TV once a year, so my eyes are perceptive. Apparently all upcoming Netflix and HBO series are so chock-full of constipated negro faces, that I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch them.

The Hillary Clinton’esque T-Mobile commercial was the epitome of the system’s solipsism. The female narrator’s voice, borrowed from a Soviet commissar, cracked angrily as she told the newborns that they are free to pursue r-selected reproductive and resource-poaching strategies when they grow up.

What occurs to me when I watch television once a year, is that they push togetherness so hard. But nobody wants to be “together.” We want to be apart, with our own people, exception granted when some kinds of folks are OK with imposing themselves on others in a take-everything, give-nothing arrangement.

Tellingly, the up/down-vote and the comments are disabled on T-Mobile’s YouTube video:


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  1. T-Mobile goes for an outright polemic? what’s dat got to do with selling phones???

    Well, what did you think of the soundtrack? Blasphemy? Ironic charms?

  2. N-crit; Stockhausen would eat Michael Jackson alive. As an angel; stay in criticism, faggot!!!! “It is a gorgeous time to flex in Wonderland…” Stay the fuck out of Dallas and shut your black mouth up… and more often….

  3. Synchronicity, EPG. I was thinking about a comment you made a while back (in which you mentioned Philip Glass) and right then, the above comment appears.

  4. “Smart phones” are the nexus tech of the profiling system. And the telecommunications corporation is a viral catalyst. Together, an array of impulse analytics is derived for the purpose of Virtual Reality. All the platitudes of “equality” dogma shall exist in the cyber-realm regardless of a material actualization. Ergo, “egalitarianism” IS REAL in the virtual world. Many moderns are begging to “sleep in peace.” What will be the price?

  5. 2/2)

    Admittedly, The Eagles (((victory))) was too cold on the Barnes Foundation for words. But may the Good Lord keep this continent alive and workin’! Lolzlolzzlolzzzz….
    As mentioned previously ::

    Drinks on me… eventually….

  6. To quote a walmart vice president of operations whose style i enjoyed listening to once (though he said allegations not ad):
    This is an ad that, frankly, i reject.

  7. EPG,
    Not sure if i was clear in my alludings; i was asking PA for comment on thr T-Mobile tech-tron re-imagining of the Nirvana track “All Apologies.”

  8. Contrasted with that microsoft ad last year with the diverse cast of children playing with windows computers, which struck a hopeful tone, this ad has an air of desperate lashing out.


  9. 3/3)) Nerdana was imitating The Pixies. THE PIXIES. Cobain was outdone by his drummer; an omega, PA nailed that one, dead-pan. Night, gentz

  10. So Rose McGowan recently got into a shouting match with a tranny at a Barnes and Noble. The tranny accused Rose of not being intersectional enough in her #MeTooing, which McGowan has assumed the mantle of some kind of figurehead of the movement. This is the kind of looney tunes behavior we are now seeing on the left, which seems to have devolved into a bizarre cult tearing itself apart as it’s various unhinged factions compete for ultimate victimhood status. Just watch this video and contemplate how weird things have gotten.

    I’ve been trying to understand where all this tranny mania is emanating from. A few years ago, no one really cared about trannies; now they are all the rage. They used to be extreme outliers, but now they seem to be everywhere. Of course women’s studies departments have pushed it relentlessly, as part of their intersectional theory which is very simple minded and does nothing to actually help minorities.

    I have a theory: transgenderism allows maladapted white males to ascend the victimhood hierarchy. In the current SJW social milieu, nothing is worse than a cis-het-white-male. Having nowhere else to go, they can become a tranny in order to play the victim olympics and assume an oppressed identity. I know it’s bizarre, but I think there is something to that.

  11. 4/4)) Perusing your rockstar list, again, PA; where is Mr Sultans of Swing? Knopfler I think. Get closer to your Muse(s) or become another Rolling Stone, ace. “Jaggedly… the dreams roll on…. !”

  12. 6/6) The SB was akin to Boogie Nights; comedic, in a disco-condoning way. It ain’t cut out for the hall of fame, in a Homeric sense. It’s “Toy Story,” for bitches; and a pathetique version at that!

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  14. Rose McGowan does not sound like an angry but mentally balanced woman in that clip. It’s easy enough to find a clip of a healthy woman yelling angrily and it sounds different. She’s presumably sober at the Barnes & Noble event (though perhaps medicated) but the drunk-like choking out of F-bombs and her facial expression make her seem mentally ill. Anonymous Conservative has a lot to say about the Left’s amygdala and such, with the tell-tale bugged out eyes and Uncanny Valley body language when they are triggered.

    Those actresses are all either prostitutes who willingly advanced their careers by letting creatures like Weinstein touch them or maybe in the case of younger ones, girls who shouldn’t have been left alone with them. They say that female victims of formative-age sexual abuse willfully put on weight, dress dowdy and do other things to make themselves physically unattractive in a subconscious move to repel male interest. In McGowan’s case, it’s the buzz-cut. There is an archetype of shearing the hair off a disgraced woman’s head and in this case, they do it themselves. I’ve wondered what the brilliantly talented Sinnead O’Connor experienced that would explain her own head-shaving and similarly odd behavior.

    The female subconscious does yearn for rape. But it wants to be ravaged by a Chad, not a creepy uncle, an alley nigger or a reptilian showbiz Jew.

    — I have a theory: transgenderism allows maladapted white males to ascend the victimhood hierarchy. (MGE)

    Maybe. It’s almost as if being a gamma-male SJW has shown itself to get you nowhere in Prog circles, so in some cases where maladaptation flirts with the fuzzy boundary between bottom-status psychology and mental illness, fake transgenderism occurs. (Fake, as opposed to the extremely rare clinical cases, as I understand them, of genuinely wrong-brain in wrong body.)

    The Left has always pushed sexual deviance from traditional procreative ways to attack society. I suspect presently there is an end-game of normalizing pdphlia and stigmatizing “pdo-phobia” in play.

  15. 8/8-)— Had coffee at a Burger King this morning; I shit you not: BB King was playing on their radio thiggamajig. The world is getting beautifully, dare I say eerily… blue… ever since Congress got manhandled by Prez. Trump; after King’s solo came the same ol’ stuff by that aging rapper, Bizarre of D12.. maybe it’s the fasting.. tee he he he….

  16. Maybe. It’s almost as if being a gamma-male SJW has shown itself to get you nowhere in Prog circles, so in some cases where maladaptation flirts with the fuzzy boundary between bottom-status psychology and mental illness, fake transgenderism occurs. (PA)

    If the rumors circulating on Twitter are true, Andi Dier, the trans activist who “called out” Rose McGowan at the B&N, has a history of sexually assaulting teen girls.

    Found an article on the Trannie outbreak: (RYU)

    From the article:

    As a result, since there is no longer a goal or a hope, people have turned inward, and focus on making themselves as “interesting” (iconoclastic, unique, different) as they can in order to come out ahead in the social game. We are living in a vast mob where each person is trying to claw their way to the top for attention and thus, money/power.

    I think this is true, and it is a trend made possible by social media, which has transformed an entire generation into narcissistic attention whores.

    I can’t log on to Facebook anymore without seeing a post that basically says if you are white male, go kill yourself. No wonder so many white men are actually going that route, or else going the transgender route.

    Jordan Peterson chokes up on this BBC interview when asked about the aforementioned phenomenon of male (implicit here is white male) suicide. He quite accurately states that an entire generation has been brainwashed by Cult Marxists to believe they are patriarchal oppressors and denizens of rape culture.

  17. NPR music critic Ann Powers, didn’t like Justin Timberlake’s performance because he is a white male.

    Justin Timberlake’s entire career and art is based on his ability to be smooth — his ability to be easy, to create music that seduces us with references to the past, with appropriations, with artful mixes, and never quite shows any struggle. But we are living in a moment of struggle, and we want our pop music to also reflect that struggle. And frankly, Timberlake now embodies that phrase so often spoken today: white male privilege. It’s just not a good look for 2018. And it’s really, in some ways, not his fault — it’s just who he is.


  18. Yes, all of my kids really enjoyed the Wimpy Kid books and we had hardy laughs as a family watching the movies. They are good 80s type fun, but you left out how the mother tries to shame her son when she finds a “porn” mag. He gets a lecture about the women in the magazine being exploited.

    I found a song I think you posted earlier I was trying to find. At least I think it was from this site.

  19. Ha! that was one of the funnier scenes in the original movies!

    Mom: “How do you feel about having owned this… type of magazine?”

    Rodrick (the charismatic jerk older brother, saving face in front of his bandmates) — this has to be seen in the clip to appreciate — facetiously thinks about the right word like it’s a vocabulary quiz, then in an “aha! moment” points: “Ashamed.”

  20. Rose McGowan does seem mentally unbalanced. It may be one of the reasons she was willing to speak out against Weinstein, though. Apparently, she had a lot of pressure put on her to keep quiet.

  21. Semi O.T. but not really….

    The following story is actually interesting in its unpredictableness, as a feature in a mainstream liberal globalist media brand.; i.e,, rather than go with and promote the rank p.c. gesture exemplified, the public and even media pundits covering the incident go out of their way to criticize Trudeau and even castigate his actions, calling him out for ´virtue signalling.´

    Might this be the first time an alt-right term has permeated liberal msm memes and thrown accusatory behavior back at its source?

  22. As ads like this show, eventually (((they))) push things too far. It is their wont. All the goyim have to do is sit back and wait for it. I believe Generation Zyklon is in the Green Room presently, dampening on their acne medicine, getting ready for their starring role in world history.

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