The Boomers’ Darkest Secret?

I’ve had this thought that somewhere in their souls, someplace they don’t want to look because they would frighten themselves, Boomers really do want to world to end after they pass. Even the conservative ones.

I don’t feel good about speculating on this. I don’t know if it’s true. But the observation is superficially consistent with their attitudes and behavior.

Generational rebellion defined them. Their parents being dead, Boomers are now giving the middle finger to their grandkids. Cult of youth + narcissism + old age = “let it burn.”

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80 thoughts on “The Boomers’ Darkest Secret?

  1. Surveying a number of thoughts, I got distracted by asking myself exactly where I picked up this customary locution of mine, “our friend” so-and-so, and it just occurred to me it may be Hyman Roth’s co-conspirator, whose name escapes me just now, who in her early audience with Michael in Gf Pt II speaks, in a duplicitiously confiding way, about “our friend in Havana.” I know I’ve always found something about that CHARMING–but perhaps I should refrain from overdoing it.

    In any event, “our friend Greg” does seem marvelously impatient just at a moment when the opposition is quite clearly in a hellish panic, and both the corrupt Intel “community” and the previous Administration could very plausibly find themselves going to jail. The hysterical shrieks of outrage on behalf of “muh FBI” from Juan McAmnesty and such are the water circling the drain before we fade to Liberal Marion’s frozen dead eye.

  2. The ontology of the Boomers is mysterious to me. LSD casualties could explain the vanguard of that generation, but it doesn’t explain Middle America snowbirds in their RVs or the fecklessness about the future.

    I had heard of a Boomer man whose only grandson, only child of his only daughter, who long ago had an hysterectomy of convenience well before her technical infertility would kick in, had taken to coke and meth and had some scrape with the law. I wondered what would become of it– would it mobilize him into any sort of intervention? Perhaps more to the point, his second wife who related it to me was supremely blasé about the matter, as to her it was an annoyance and an inconvenience that such affairs should distract from her problems, like an insufficiency of “under our name” funds for her pocket expenses, seeing as he likes to slip the occasional Benjamins to the wastrel daughter.

  3. louche pretty girl/wrong side of the pond (sweetie, you have to go back) has certainly grown lonely of late, what with how hard she’s diddling that ‘like’ button. Perhaps the good Colonel installed it on some sort of joystick for her, to keep her properly motivated.

    Well, if Greg is a mole then certainly there’ll be a melee to see who kicks to kick him off the plank into Hell on Judgment Day, but I’ll assume he’s just being his creaky-rocking-chair Boomer self. Hopefully we yeks will get to “see it when he believes it”

    And since the Rageaholic was such a big hit, we might as well supply the follow-up:

  4. If “generations” where defined by their separation from The Perfect Man, the “boomer generation” would be The Schism.

    If a Gen X son said to his boomer parents, “I don’t want myself, my wife or my children to live in proximity to niggers,” his schismatic boomer “father” shall be aghast. The anti-racism of the son’s father is an act of self-immolation… A transgression against man… Against white man… And against the racist white father. His own healthy-minded son.

  5. Boomers feel so much guilt about everything that they’ve become nihilistic, maybe. They just don’t care about anything since they’ve benefited from the pinnacle of everything Western modernity has to offer – but they were able to do so without doing much of the sacrifice or heavy lifting.

  6. No PA, don’t evade reality. Contemplate it.

    ALL white liberals are suicidal – but they don’t want to die alone. They want to take everyone else with them.

    That incident in Jonestown is accurate. They’ve spiked the Kool-Aid. But they want to be the last to drink it.

    It is interesting to note the lengths libbies go to in order to preserve their worldview. When they get raped, they often don’t report it or they don’t alter their behavior.

    Nature or God has a purpose with this though. They will self-kevorkian. We were never meant to convert them to WN. We have to wait for them to die. A smaller white race will be stronger.

    My boomer parents would disown me if I was outed as a racist.

    That disturbs me. I’ve seen [AB]s’ father wish him dead for his actions too.

    That’s why they’ve hesitated on the Final Solution to WN. Round up the leaders and kill us all – they lack the honesty for that. If they rounded up the top 10,000 of us and killed us, they’d put the movement back 20 years.

    But, they lack the will. All the best whites and now the best DAAs belong to us.

  7. I am a Boomer on the tail end, and was a young child in the 1960s when the immigration act that started all these problems was passed. I have been strongly racially conscious and opposed to the dispossession of my people for thirty years, since the very first inklings that it might be theoretically possible that whites would become a minority. I’ve been supporting our cause, donating to white nationalist thinkers, reading the writings of other awakened Boomer writers like Lawrence Auster and Jared Taylor. So I am unhappy to find the younger generation treating older white men like me as if we are some kind of subhuman creatures who are mentally sick.

    But I understand the anger. I would be angry too, in your situation. I would think, why couldn’t those damned Boomers see that this would happen and prevent it?

    Well let me ask you a question, as young white men. Why are there young white men joining Antifa and working passionately against white nationalism? When we Boomers were growing up the country was overwhelmingly white and the thought did not seriously enter anyone’s mind that whites would ever become a minority. The media is controlled by the Left and they never, ever talked about such a possibility, so why would anyone think of it? But the young white male Antifa members have no such excuse… they can see with their own eyes that whites are being dispossessed and demonized, and yet even though they are white men themselves, they work passionately to dispossess and destroy the white race. Why do they do that? Shall we Boomers demonize all young white people as mental sickos who want the white race to disappear because there are such people as young white Antifa?

    You see, it is not a problem of white people born from 1945-1965. It is a problem of white people of all ages. We are the most idealistic people on earth, and that works well to make high-functioning societies with high trust, where most people do the right thing even when no one is watching. Africans don’t do that, and that’s part of why their societies are shitholes. They have no idealism, they just act on impulses.

    But the downside of being an idealistic race of people is that if you are taught destructive moral beliefs like “equality” and “anti-racism”, you may hold on to them ferociously even when the evidence that they are wrong is hitting you in the face. And by the time they get to their thirties and forties, very few people change their political opinions. You will be the same.

    It may feel good to hate older white people but it is not constructive. It is not the age of people that is the problem. It is the Leftist ideals that are the problem. They are a problem for young white Antifa just like they were a problem for the Silent Generation men who passed the 1965 Immigration Act and the 1986 Amnesty. Blame the Leftism, not the white people.

  8. I’m a Boomer, but unlike some others of my generation, I grew out of being rebellious when I went out on my own. I then quickly became my parents……………

  9. I very much doubt anyone looks at WN boomers in any kind of negative way, or at least I don’t. If you’re like Ryu, and were red-pilled on race before 2008, you’re like a prophet. When people rail about “boomers,” I very much doubt you are remotely in the picture. When leftist are rail against the “Dark Ages” and condemn the “stifling age of repressed sexuality and thoughtless consumerism,” of the 1950s, they aren’t condemning Ginsburg. It’s clear that when modern Chinese decry their “Boomers,” who were a million times worse than ours (they actually got to sentence their parents to death on some instances during the Cultural Revolution), it’s clear they aren’t condemning the dissidents who were jailed and/or executed. When we talking about the wickedness of the persecution under Diocletian, we don’t include Lactantius in that, for obvious reasons.

    I’ve often said this with the faith; if a man managed to remain a faithful, orthodox Catholic in 1980, he was specially chosen, given the absolute degradation of the liturgy at that time, with no end in sight.

    I guess my point is that I still don’t grasp why anyone would identity with their own generation that loyally. The reason I don’t accept responsibility for Antifa is because millennials are retarded weaklings; it’s to be expected. I’m fine with my generation being a blight on the world. I tell my kids all the time that they need to be strong and gain resilience, because they will be the ones who have to restore the West, since we’re mostly worthless. Why do Boomers even identify with their generation? People are going to think of Woodstock when they think about Boomers. They aren’t going to think about Steve King, who is perhaps the most redpilled politician we have right now.
    But that said, I try to see their point of view. It’s not personal for me. My upbringing was in an Appalachian shithole, and my parents were more like third world parents in terms of their ignorance (and meth use), so they don’t even factor into the situation.

  10. Sorry to leave another long comment….

    When Kublai Khan died in 1294, the Mongol grip on China was airtight. He had only failed in conquering Japan and Vietnam, and those were due to environmental circumstances and particularly stubborn peoples. He was like the autocratic Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, 1500 years earlier, pretty much a God.

    His empire outlasted his death, unlike Qin Shi Huangdi’s, though. Yet it didn’t last forever. In 1368 peasant revolts and religious movements had finally gained enough strength to end Mongol power in China. The Mongols grew soft over the years, while the Chinese hardened. An illiterate peasant, Zhu Yuanzhang, established himself as Emperor Hongwu of the native Ming Dynasty, and restored all of the ancient culture and government style that the Mongols had destroyed.

    The point is, China is strong in 2018. It’s also still China. When the Mongols fled across the Great Wall, they fled with cowardice as extreme as their courage was when their ancestors invaded. There’s no reason we can’t survive. There is still a Lakota nation.

    The demographic threat is a problem, but it is majorly overestimated. Armed whites are very difficult to defeat. People (wrongly) claim that Cortes got lucky in Mexico, but what about Pizarro in Peru, the Portuguese in the Kongo Kingdom, or in Malacca, or India, or the British against the Zulu, centuries later? We’re they lucky also? It isn’t just down to technology, either. European gunpowder weaponry was nowhere near advanced enough to defeat hordes of enemy troops. With Cortes and Pizzaro, it was clashes of steel and unmatched ballsiness that brought them victory. Good fortune existed, but it wasn’t the deciding factor.
    White men are able to march in a line, and continue marching forward after a cannonball has taken off the head of the man to his right. The muds (with the exception of some Latinos and American Indians) can only do this to varying degrees. East Asians can do this just as well as Europeans, but the other races lack the courage, especially congoids. Have you ever watched footage of African civil wars? Watch how they scatter when enemy fire hits them, after they’ve spent thirty minutes shooting in random directions.

    There will be millions of whites in 2050. The minorities only matter as long as other whites are cucked. If every white person felt like us, there’d be an unassailable pro-white government by the end of the year.

    Sorry for the long posts, back to back. I’m sorry for taking up so much space on a blog that is not mine. I just agree with Vox that, “the Alt-Right is inevitable,” and with Paul Kersey that “Our primary mission is to survive.”

  11. You know that feeling when you got the day off and otherwise feel in good, and it’s Sunday and the only thing your country and society has on offer is

    1) the Church of Diversity down the street, or the other one sellin’ the same damn thing

    2) the Big Match, featuring your big niggers versus ours — which niggers is bigger


    Or you can go the gay gym route and pretend you were a great athlete in high school?

    Ah but wait! The other option is to work on your extended phenotype. Which is fancy talk for cleaning your room (boys) and shoveling your driveway (men).

    If people don’t get to build their extended phenotype in a collaborative effort that lasts a lifetime — they are as biological creatures limited. They get ‘depressed’ and some of them will turn angry and violent.

  12. Neither do i mean to hijack a thread.

    On the topic of Boomers. I think it was Vinny Boy Law who made a point, that the very identification of people with their generation (though he made his point with decades instead of generations), was indicative of our larger problem, of not identifying with something more permanent.

    If we were identified with a culture that transcended the weird music of its times, then we wouldn’t have to talk about Woodstock (and lsd and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah).

    The less people are connected to a larger Identity, the more they identify instead with their times and generation.

    The whole generational identity is a big deal nowadays, exactly because their [deliberate misuse — it’s a joke, get it] is a vacuum where once was something more lasting.

  13. The Extended Phenotype is kind of an inside joke. One of those awful pretentious inside jokes that no one gets. So let me explain …

    They used to blab about extended phenotype back in the day at Majority Rights, back when that was an important website. (circa 1950 or so)

    I thought that they meant that extended phenotype was for goyish jews or something — goy faggots who would carry their water. It does mean that, but that was actually just their particular use of the concept, which is from ethology or social biology or some fuckin science, and it means the habitat that a species creates to prosper. [*]

    And as such, it is a central concept for the generational question thing.

    The Boomers created a habitat in which their own offspring are being pushed around and ground into sausage. Literally, in the case of their penises, which at least are no longer trashed but instead sold to Oprah to make face cream for hags. But hey go ahead and be a Fatherland mainstay and sell your boy’s evolved innervation profile to Oprah because Jim and Bradan won’t call you out on it, Coach.


    But enough about that! Back to Boomers.

    And they fail to acknowledge the habitat that they did not maintain or create, for their own children.

    Whether or not they recognize it, at some place in their weird twisted heart-souls, they will not acknowledge it to save their lives.

  14. It is fair to say that the Boomers were victims of Scale, moreso than any other generation in the history of the world.

    On the other hand, we have all been victims of Scale ever since a long time ago. And keeping that in mind, Scale is an important idea, but it is overplayed. It is not the end-all-be-all.

    The Boomers got separated from their extended phenotype by easy energy. That is the factor that doomed their generation.

    I had one more point to make, but i forget.

    Oh yeah — it’s the old adage, You can’t fight City Hall.

    That was a very popular saying from the last century. They would say that all the time. And it still holds true, in the course of development and paving over paradise.

    Which is another adage that gets to it.

  15. Growing up, the Boomers around me voiced the belief that they were the end of history, that all of mankind preceding them had existed to bring them to life, that civilization itself reached its pinnacle with them.

    When you believe all of Existence, throughout all time, is in service to you, it’s hard to imagine or care about what comes after.

    The Baby Boomers are giving the impression that they don’t care about those younger than them, because they don’t care about those younger than them. Their primary concerns now include hoping that Social Security doesn’t fail until after they’re dead.

    After they’re dead, of course, history ends, so who cares.

  16. “Après nous, le déluge.”

    My parents, who are overall friendly and helpful specimens, seem to have imbibed some harmful atomization memes to this end, like ‘everyone ought in fairness to earn their own living according to their own capabilities … so leave nothing to the kids’. The same meme seems to apply to immigration too.

    In their defense, when I nowadays start talking about patrimony and related subjects, they look a bit embarrassed and don’t disagree.

  17. Social Security isn’t likely to last for the entire Boomer demo, and the equally-large Millennials don’t give a shit about them, either. Everything will need to crash so housing is affordable again.

    The Boomer era is pretty much a one-shot deal. When the money runs out the migrants will either line up at the airport or be pushed into the sea. Feminism will effectively end at that time too. Africa isn’t going to be 4 billion people by 2100 if we stop sending them aid, they’ll be half a billion at most.

    Even if the White population drops to 1900 levels we’ll still be a global force. Look at Serbia, Poland, Greece, Armenia etc. Their countries vanished off the maps multiple times and they’re still there. Not all of their women bred with the conquerors.

  18. The Boomers were the last generation born before The Pill became widespread, which would of course be picked up quickly by anti-humans but not by pro-lifers. Because of this, there are many sh1tlibs among the Boomers. And the relatively large numbers of white Millennial sh1tlibs are due to sh1tlib Boomers having their 1.4 kids during the ’80s and early ’90s.

    Also, I really think the fact that the Catholic Church invalidated all their sacraments in 1969 had something to do with the craziness that hit everyone. It hit the Catholics first and hardest, ironically leading to a strengthening of Protestantism in the U.S. as Catholics fled their church. At least until the last decade or so, when SJW convergence and full-blown cuckery started to overwhelm evangelicals. Even the Mormons are starting to stagnate now.

  19. This is such an important point, it can’t be said enough — though I’m also surprised that it needs to be said:

    When people rail about “boomers,” I very much doubt you are remotely in the picture. When leftist are rail against the “Dark Ages” and condemn the “stifling age of repressed sexuality and thoughtless consumerism,” of the 1950s, they aren’t condemning Ginsburg. It’s clear that when modern Chinese decry their “Boomers,” who were a million times worse than ours (they actually got to sentence their parents to death on some instances during the Cultural Revolution), it’s clear they aren’t condemning the dissidents who were jailed and/or executed. When we talking about the wickedness of the persecution under Diocletian, we don’t include Lactantius in that, for obvious reasons. — WynnLloyd

    Every generation has screwed up. I encapsulated us GenX’ers once as “We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that.”

    Someone disagreed, but I insisted:

    Nah man, we flinched. If we’re gonna blame Boomers for screwing the pooch, we have to own up to our part. Tim was also outgunned but he went ahead and acted.

    Many of us thought that [Bill] Clinton was cool, voted for abortion, banged party girls rather than looking for a good plain-Jane to marry (this was before the obesity epidemic), cohabited in childless LTRs, lived it up during the late-90s tech boom, counted our 401Ks, and stiffed Pat Buchanan in 2000.

    Like others had said, it’s strange to make your generation an identity. Sure, everyone has his age-identity chauvinism. For my part, and feel free to disagree vociferously, I consider early 1990s Rock the greatest of all time.

    I was more right wing than many of my age-mates. A lot of guys in college voted for Bill Clinton. I loathed him literally from when I first learned of him, which was seeing an early campaign poster sometime in ’91 perhaps, announcing his local appearance. I hated his smarmy mouth and the big plastered-up Rhodes Scholar credentials, before I even knew anything about him. But I made other mistakes inherent to my generation.

    But unlike Boomers, those who followed know that they fell short and in many cases, they’re making up for it in various ways.

    If my tentative accusation in the original post is true — that they have a death wish by proxy — then it is even more important that Boomers (and readers of AltRight blogs are self-selected as the best of their generation) be introspective and generous with their descendants.

  20. my own close observation of Boomer behavior has led me to believe that that entire generation has what might be called “daddy issues”, caused by WW2.

    according to my grandmother, my grandfather left for the war as a perfect gentleman, and returned a sadist. much of that sadism was directed at my father (a Boomer). my father’s entire life trajectory was shaped by this fundamental relationship with his father.

    there were many things my grandfather did to my young, gentle-hearted father out of pure cruelty that would just break your heart. mindfucking kinds of things. sabotaging kinds of things.

    my grandfather was actually a very good man. hardworking. intelligent. talented. funny. he tried to be kind, but he was broken inside. he never recovered from the war. his life was a life of inner and outer torment. I was there at his deathbed. the regrets poured out of this hardened man like a waterfall. i don’t think he ever found peace. his time ran out too soon.

    the brainwashing those young WW2 soldiers received about inflicting the utmost cruelty on the Germans did not stay on the battlefield. it came home with them and poisoned their families in subtle ways.

    obviously my observations are biased, but my theory is that a large portion of boomers grew up feeling unloved by their fathers, and reacted by trying to create a more loving society. in other words, they reacted to the cold stoicism of their parents by find completely overboard with the feels… and now they feel bad about going too far.

    needless to say, I don’t blame them for it. they were a product of their environment. they didn’t have access to the information we have now. they did their best.

    for all their flaws my father and other Boomer friends LOVE the direction the country is headed in and they are all pulling an oar. God bless them.

    I’m honestly baffled by the despair of certain boomers. maybe there’s a hidden agenda. it makes no sense. for me courage is so much easier. no matter what happens, you only have to concern yourself with one thing: onward! -pj

  21. With the exception of Vietnam Vets and those who inhabit the Alt- universe of the blogosphere most boomers I come in contact with deserve no mercy or sympathy. Those of you who are awake are only a small minority.

    Most (not all) boomers have no desire to see any meaningful change. Even if that change could greatly improve the lives of their kids and grandkids. They were born on third base, got to home plate on a wild pitch, and they think they hit one over the green monster. They were the beneficiaries of a demographic and civilizational womb goof that probably only comes around every 500 or so years. They inherited peak civilization and left everything worse than they found it.

    I agree with PA’s comment that we Gen Xers could have done more. I didn’t wake up fully until that awful September day watching as we brought out our dead. I never believed the FBI story on OKC or Waco. My main regret is that I failed to heed the words of Ghangas Khan and take a life to make room for my own. I am just now 50 so maybe I’ll still get my chance.

    Five years ago the wife and I moved away from the city to the country and even with the huge challenges involved in such a shift we haven’t regretted it once. Our kids and grandkids love coming here and in some small way leaving them a safe space is more than most boomers do for their kids. Our kids are all in their 20s and are nothing like the snowflake millennials you see paraded on homo/vision. In fact most Millennials in real life grasp the reality of the shitty deal they have been handed. For all the bad rap minis get they, and the Zs that follow them give me some small hope for the country.

    At this point if we Gen Xers, and boomers are unable to restore the rule of law history will not look kindly on us. Unfortunately the only way left if Trump fails will be systemic collapse/ reset. Of the 2 types of boomers we had to chose from we can be thankful at least that 1) we will never have another boomer as president and 2) we got the one who still has a little marrow left in his bones.

  22. I’m honored my comment was of value.
    Plumpjack- I absolutely agree with this. Many boomers refer to their parents as “cold” and even “hateful.” I’m wondering how many of the greatest generation severely neglected their kids.
    My grandfather was an out and out hero in WWII. He spent his entire life emotionally dead. My grandma was a narcissist, but he played a major role in his sons’ weakness. He spent all his time working, which I always admired, until I had children of my own.
    How many of them were deeply traumatized? My grandfather (Papaw to me) was an illiterate hillbilly kid, who ended up engaging in brutal acts. He was in the 101st. He couldn’t put Austria on a map, but was part of a unit that went into Austria in order to root out German holdouts. The carnage in his stories, which he refused to tell anyone but me, was awful.
    I wonder how much of this plays into the idea that they chose a deal with the devil? They handed their country to the Poz, unwittingly, in exchange for being the world’s saviors, and after you’ve had your entire life wounded by a conflict, you’ll never be objective about it.
    The Holocaust and Nazism are always brought up as rhetorical hammers to beat us with. They wouldn’t be effective if we never were seduced into our savior role. They wouldn’t matter much more than the Cambodian genocide or Rwanda. Perhaps that’s naive, but would SJWs have half the ammunition they have if we stayed out of WWII? It wouldn’t be nationalism that was suspect. Nazism would probably be seen as a mania beginning and ending with Germany.

  23. wise thoughts plumpjack

    Consider the kind of damage modern war does to men’s psyche and that so many of the Boomer’s families were scarred by WW1, the Depression , WW2 and sometimes Korea too

    In a sense US society has collective leftover PTSD

    I’ve seen these results from Vietnam vets too, great soldiers, good men. Awful parents in peacetime leaving damaged kids

    Not all of them of course but it only takes enough.

    In a society with a long history and a sense of kinship, this would be a bit easier to manage but the US isn’t a real nation and with apologies to Ryu White isn’t a real identity .

    Even when the population was nearly entirely European it was a bunch of people held together with manufactured culture, loads of money and fear of sometime much worse

    TL;DR There is no us in the US and this complicates our mental state

    How we create some real things is beyond me though I’ll say the immigrant invasion might be be enough to create the White race WN’s are always on about which given enough time might be a real thing

  24. @WynnLloyd: ” I wonder how much of this plays into the idea that they chose a deal with the devil? They handed their country to the Poz, unwittingly, in exchange for being the world’s saviors”

    I agree with this..once they an entire generation was convinced to kill their own brothers, selling them the Poz and “Holocaustianity” was relative child’s play.

    who can blame the boomers for taking the easy road? their parents had already sold the country’s soul to the devil. seemed like a pretty good deal at the time. most were hard workers and wanted to earn their way. is it their fault that they were completely in the dark about the bigger forces at play?


    and to you young guys who want to blame the boomers for everything, you can’t imagine how lucky you are to be living in the information age. when I was in college the internet was barely beginning to exist. to “surf the web” (which was ONLY text) you needed to know Unix. no images, no links, no mouse, very little information and you had to be a science nerd to find it.

    it’s only the explosion of information in the last 15 years that allows you to see history in a clear light that has never ever been possible.

    so before you judge anyone about anything they did in the past, ask yourself how much you’d know about the JQ, or anything else, if you had NO INTERNET. because that’s how life was for virtually every generation that came before you.

  25. “Consider the kind of damage modern war does to men’s psyche and that so many of the Boomer’s families were scarred by WW1, the Depression , WW2 and sometimes Korea too

    In a sense US society has collective leftover PTSD”

    I agree with this. each generation is trying to undo the damage of the past. it just keeps getting passed down, like a virus.

  26. Plump jack, I always find some value and wisdom when I read your comments. I do know how lucky I am to be living in this country at this time in history. I have lived the american dream and although I didn’t do as well as my parents I have been able to raise a family, work hard, travel, and reinvent myself when necessary. And now at 50 I don’t have to work full time. Will I have enough to live to 80 or 90? I am not sure. My life has been filled with Quality so I don’t need extra Quantity to make up for it.

    My boomer parents divorced when I was 13l but I hold no ill will towards them. I lived with my dad who was off working and chasing tail. Being left to my own devices was like being raised by wolves.This helped me not make the same mistakes with my kids. My biggest problem with the boomers is how so many went along with the bailouts because they feared losing a few percentage points off their portfolio. Not all but many refused to rise up in the slightest. And yes I have yet to walk in their shoes, and if I make it a few more decades I might do the same thing. I hope not as I feel my ancestors and my descendants would frown on that.

  27. I want to second the observation of plumpjack about the importance of the internet. When I was a Boomer growing up there were only a few sources of information: you watched the CBS, NBC, or ABC evening news and the local news on tv, you read your local newspaper, you went to the library and read a magazine or book, or you were told something by the liberals you had for teachers at school. The networks and newspapers were all run by good solid liberals and you simply were not exposed to non-liberal ideas. I’m sure there were some fringe sorts of right-wing newspapers but the average person was not aware they existed or how to find them if they wanted to. The only way for an average person to have a dialog was to write a letter to the letters section of the newspaper and hope it got published. Then you’d wait a day or two and see if anyone responded to it. The only letters that got published are ones the liberals running the newspaper wanted published.

    The internet is incredible compared to that, a real life-changing resource. I’m sure we all use it many times a day. In many ways it is our greatest hope, which is good reason to expect that when/if the Left controls the government they will first rule that “hate speech” is not protected speech, and then ban blogs like this as they do in now in Europe.

  28. My very elderly father, who was born just before and grew up during the Great Depression, always votes for the Democrats, even though they are actively working to dispossess his own grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I point out to him that the Democrats are flooding us with non-white foreigners and that this is going to be bad, and he says “I don’t agree with them doing that, I don’t like that, but I am never, ever, ever going to vote for a Republican. I support the labor movement and I do not support greedy Republican fat cats.” [I’m paraphrasing.] His mindset is the one he was formed in when he grew up in a poverty-stricken depression-era home with a father who worked to organize unions in the steel industry. He only watches and reads the usual liberal news sources like CBS and the major newspapers, and simply doesn’t believe facts I quote from anywhere else about things like black crime rates, or crimes committed by illegals, etc.

    I have to help him fill out his paper absentee ballots and it kills me to watch him check the names of the most liberal idiots running for any particular office, but it’s just the way he was raised and past a certain point people just don’t seem to change their opinions. We are all, I think, largely a creation of our particular times. For my father, the labor unions are the most important social institution, even though in reality they are practically irrelevant now. I suspect that for young white people, racial identity issues will be most important.

    My point is that people are formed by the crucial issues of their youth and there’s not much point in blaming anyone for that. Things play out the way they are going to play out.

  29. I should have included this in my last comment: I don’t think Boomers secretly want everything to burn down after they are gone. I think they definitely don’t want that. But I think the average liberal Boomer does not believe that the doomsday predictions of the right regarding immigration are going to happen. They think that the immigrants, whether Muslims, Africans, whatever, are going to assimilate just like Irish, Italians, and Jews did and will someday just be nice white liberals themselves with darker skin.

    I had an argument about this once with some very liberal Boomer friends. I pointed out how completely incompatible Islam is with all of their fundamental liberal beliefs, and they basically agreed. And I said, do you want to live in a Muslim country? And my very liberal Boomer friend said emphatically that he did NOT want to live in a Muslim country, but that he “just didn’t think it was going to be a problem.” I said, if you bring in millions of Muslims, how is that not going to be a problem? How is that not going to make the country more and more Muslim? And their answer was just that they didn’t think it would be a problem and that the Muslims would assimilate and become only culturally Muslim the way they themselves were no longer really Christian but were still culturally Christian.

    So it’s not a matter of these Boomers secretly wanting the country to be destroyed. They really don’t. But they just believe their liberal claptrap about immigrants assimilating, etc, and beyond that they think right-wingers are mean and unkind and selfish, and they don’t want to seriously entertain any right-wing ideas because that would mean and selfish, etc.

  30. I have had the same argument and it seems as if they just don’t care about what happens after their gone. Once I convinced them that there is no ‘magic dirt’ the only response becomes ‘Ill be gone so it doesn’t matter.’ The boomers in my family with the exception of one don’t care about any of it as long as they can go along the way they always have.

    Nowadays what limited time I spend on politics is spent trying to convince any mini’s or Zs in my family not to trust the sacred totems of the past. Two party rule, big medicine, big media, big food, big edu. All have become nothing more than grifts and frauds. I no longer waste time with people whose only answer is elect more Repubicks. We are Trying to be the change we want. Forming small groups in our new community. At the end of the day no one is coming to save you so plan accordingly.

  31. Excellent comments on this post.

    Armed white men ARE hard to defeat.

    HOWEVER….it is one thing to perform heinous acts under someone else’s flag, and to be called a great hero, given parades and loved by all.

    Quite another to work on your own, with no order or support, and everyone seems to hate you for it.

    A true DAA is exceptionally rare – like 1:100,000,000. At least right now.

    There is a great secret out there. Why white men commit suicide in such proportion, why soldiers and cops self-kevorkian in such numbers?

    What so many white men did during war was criminal, and they were praised for it. If there had been no war, they’d be behind bars.

    “Someone” will have to give white men permission and take the blame for them. I hope to give them that freedom.

  32. This is an excellent thread and very thought provoking.

    I’m the Gen X parent that disagreed with PA’s assertion that X-ers flinched. My point was that Boomers had the numbers, the money and all the political power in the 1990s. Plus the internet and alt right info were not like today. Conventional news still dominated. Thus, most of the generation was still blue pilled. Waco, OKC, Ruby Ridge etc occurred without modern smartphones recording everything to broadcast everywhere. The ability to connect with like minded individuals like on this blog was just not there. Discussions of government malfeasance only occasionally could occur with trusted friends in person. I get PA’s point but think it’s too harsh.

    BTW, some of us did marry the girl next door. We were at the onset of hook up culture at a time it did not yet dominate as today.

    Regarding Boomers: I think that they don’t have a generational death wish per se. It’s that their self-absorption is so all encompassing that they cannot conceive of a world without them being at the center. Everything is always about them. Arguing with them just doesn’t work.

    I put together some shared Gen X-er experiences with regard to the Boomers into a hypothetical letter to them a while back. My point was that Boomers had extended family or nuclear family types of childhoods. Then as adults they ripped apart those relationships for subsequent generations. A latchkey kid was inconceivable during their childhood. Gen X was the first generation to see the uptick in divorce in such high numbers. Despite what they might say, nothing was ever for the children.

    To Boomers “we are the children” is who they perennially are.

  33. Somewhat topically, i bent the knee and watched most of it with my two best boomers, and to see the Halftime Show.

    There has been some speculation that Timberlake is /ourguy/ what with his “Dick in a Box” parody song, and latest album Country Boy. (What a great family name he has, and being from Tennessee. Tennessee is in all seriousness the most American state; Cormac would agree: his best hero the Kid was based on a true story and from there.)

    So how did he do, is he /our guy/? I thought he walked a pretty fine line. He called out to “South Minneapolis” which to anyone in the know is pretty funny. The faggot US Bank Stadium is NOT in South Minneapolis nor the hood, but there a North / South side thing in this gay stupid faggot city.

  34. Ask a boomer, “Do you molest your kids?”

    They’ll vociferously deny doing so. Then reply, “That’s funny, you’re f*cking them now. Between social security, immigration, the devaluation of marriage, and countless other trends, your generation has harmed more kids than any NAMBLA member.”

    It’s pederasty, both literal and metaphorical, all the way down.

  35. Only the individual can ultimately be accountable. Accountable collectives are the denial mechanisms of the self-interested individuals. Thinking in terms of “generations” only goes so far before the Law of Diminishing Returns takes effect. “We” don’t grant niggers pardon for their sob stories of childhood/adolescent horror when assessing their accountability in the destruction of the peace RIGHT NOW. Seeking solace in one’s generational greatness is as riddled with pitfalls as blaming an entire generation for the precipitous fall of one’s civilization.

    If the paradigm is a perpetuating self-annihilation then any assessment of the Boomer Generation needs to be filtered through this overriding anti-metaphysics. To wit, generations do not alter the metaphysics. But the Boomer Generation can be generally understood as having broken away from Western Metaphysics at an individually schismatic level. The reverberating consequence giving little hope for a descendant reversal.

  36. Parricide is a legitimate department of “radical autonomy.”

    At the same time, a homicidal father is worthy of annihilation.

    A white racial consciousness must draw the finest line collectively or else it will be an individual disaster.

    At the end of the day, the most intelligent individual whites are accountable for the fall of this civilization and this class transcends all the categories and spectrums and so forth. Albeit, their ULTIMATE accountability decimated by a global scale. As such, only a minority of high IQ whites will have properly earned a socially-mandated death penality for their intellectual effort in uprooting civilization itself.

    Generations be damned.

  37. — my own close observation of Boomer behavior has led me to believe that that entire generation has what might be called “daddy issues”, caused by WW2. // according to my grandmother, my grandfather left for the war as a perfect gentleman, and returned a sadist. much of that sadism was directed at my father (a Boomer) (Plumpjack)

    The above explains a lot and is in line with my recent sympathetic POST about Hippies & Vietnam vets. In particular that embedded video of “Let the Sunshine In” from Hair makes you appreciate young Boomers’ refusal to be another meat-grinder generation.

    But that’s a generation’s politics. The younger generations’ grievance is Boomer’s hedonism. They took the ideal of “Golden Years” too much to heart. What old age should be, is time with grandchildren and passing on of accumulated wealth (material and otherwise) to the younger generation. Expensive travel or other extravagance on the part of retirees, when one’s children honestly struggle, is obscene. The RECENT “An Ingrate’s Letter To His Boomer Parents” post illustrates this grievance.

    — each generation is trying to undo the damage of the past. it just keeps getting passed down, like a virus. (Plumpjack)

    That line gave me pause.

  38. Many of us thought that [Bill] Clinton was cool, voted for abortion, banged party girls rather than looking for a good plain-Jane to marry (this was before the obesity epidemic), cohabited in childless LTRs, lived it up during the late-90s tech boom, counted our 401Ks, and stiffed Pat Buchanan in 2000.

    Even today in 2017 the alt-right still doesn’t give Pat Buchanan the credit he damn well deserves. He alone amongst public figures anticipated all of our current problems 35 years ago, gave us a path to victory and conservatives didn’t hearken to his message.

    My dad used to love Pat Buchanan, even before I was old enough to understand politics I remember him praising his politics.

  39. Many of us thought that [Bill] Clinton was cool, voted for abortion, banged party girls

    By the way, I am glad that Bill Clinton is now out of the way and we got his 2 terms finished back in the 90’s. He is the most cunning and manipulative politician in history, and the real brains and true, original source behind the anti-white/anti-Americanism sweeping both USA and world politics.

    @ PA – I think maybe only you and I amongst commenters here remember the little flurry of PC politics that came along with Bill Clinton’s ascension in the 90’s. It was a direct foreshadowing of what has happened since 2010, fortunately back then the Democrats had a bunch of scandals that killed their momentum and PC died for a time.

    Barack Obama was just a mulatto “blank slate” puppet fool with few real skills outside of staying just ahead of media coolness trends – he doesn’t have 1/10 the political skill of Bill Clinton. If the Democrats had a likable white male “smoothie talker” like Bill Clinton available to run for office in 2020 that could destroy the whole nascent Trumpist movement.

    Barack Obama was a miserable failure for the left – all he did was go overboard on everything and wake up core America and pave the way for Trump… and he did so at a time when whites are still in a workable position demographically. Conservative America desperately needed Obama to come along and help break them out of their warmongering mindset once they realize they’ve got war enough going on right inside their own borders.

  40. — I think maybe only you and I amongst commenters here remember the little flurry of PC politics that came along with Bill Clinton’s ascension in the 90’s.

    Yeah, 90 thru 93 saw a major sweeping away a lot of the things that people had eternally taken for granted, like “sexy sexism” in the workplace. Nudie calendars in construction site trailers were deemed to create a hostile atmosphere. There was Anita Hill, Tailhook, Shannon whatserface at The Citadel. Hollywood pumped out agitprop blockbusters like “Dances With Wolves” and “Sleeping With The Enemy.” In retrospect, it was all coordinated and so obvious.

    In the course of reading comments upstream, I wondered if ideologically Boomers and MIllennials weren’t hit with a similar psyops: for the Boomers in their formative years it was the (((news))) about racists in the South and MLK as their moral redeemer.

    GenX never gave a fuck about ol’ fat-lips.

    But MIllennials got their Obama. It’s important to remember that before his persona fizzled over the course of his presidency, he too was seen as an “anti-racist redeemer.” Outside of the USA too. In 2008, Germans ecstatically responded to his speech, probably wondering at some level if this will finally get the Holocaust monkey off their backs. Obviously not, given that in 2015 they got the migrants.

    In all this, one can’t discount the importance of 2016 campaign meme wars and currently humorous sites like The Daily Stormer in its popularity among young people — kids and teenagers — in reaching them before anti-White campaigns do.

  41. Cam: Barack Obama was just a mulatto “blank slate” puppet fool with few real skills outside of staying just ahead of media coolness trends

    Yeah, it was amazing how unimaginative he was by democratic norms even then. Charisma and presentation intangibles aside, his nuts-n-bolts policies were basically just very lightly warmed-over positions of Jimmy Carter.

    I recall us arguing about whether or not it was possible that Obama intellectually fathom an hbd-vs-blank slate social reality.

    Back then I thought it possible and argued as much but today i’m not as sure.

  42. “and to you young guys who want to blame the boomers for everything, you can’t imagine how lucky you are to be living in the information age. when I was in college the internet was barely beginning to exist. to “surf the web” (which was ONLY text) you needed to know Unix. no images, no links, no mouse, very little information and you had to be a science nerd to find it.

    it’s only the explosion of information in the last 15 years that allows you to see history in a clear light that has never ever been possible.

    so before you judge anyone about anything they did in the past, ask yourself how much you’d know about the JQ, or anything else, if you had NO INTERNET. because that’s how life was for virtually every generation that came before you.” – plumpjack

    We’re about 30 years since the practical inception of the usable internet for the average person. Yes various technologies seeded the way for the sprouting and flourishing of preinternet communications but they quickly fruited into the most sophisticated and revealing communications mode humanity has ever known.

    The last time we were at similar stage in human civilization it was the practical inception of the usable printing press for the average person. The power structure of the time saw to it that the bible was of the highest priority for the new technology, but that soon became a detriment to the power structure when the average person had access to the truth of what was actually written compared to the claims of the representatives of the power structure. Soon all sorts of other topics of more tangible value became available. At that time the printing press made ancient knowledge handed down in scribed manuscripts available to the average person. The average person had to be inculcated into the magic of interpreting esoteric markings left on a page from times past – into living vocalizations in our world – so a revolution in mass education and literacy began. No longer were intermediaries need to interpret and distribute orations of the magic scribed word and those same authoritative intermediaries soon lost their dictatorial powers over the flock and populace. Shortly the sacred few became the vulgar hordes. Printed maps of the known world became available to the average explorer dreaming of far away lands and soon whole new worlds previously unknown were challenging the world view promulgated by the destabilized power structure.

    Today we are about three decades after the beginning of the internet and we are beginning to reap the harvest of those previous seed plantings, or perhaps suffer the shrapnel injuries of this new detonation of information distribution. It didn’t require an internet for Russia to overthrow the decrepit soviet goyim prison imposed by the one party dictatorship. But now this nascent internet is reverberating through our two party dictatorship and each is being revealed for the corrupt swamp they are. We are now witnessing by internet availability the frenzied manipulations of exposed swampsters.

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  44. My take: when my Dad came home from WWII, he sat on his ass and let this happen. Calling them the “Greatest Generation” is a self applied title.
    We are in that part of the cycle(weak males=bad times) where strong Men,rising out of the mess weak males have created, and create good times.
    My gut is telling me that this just might be the last cycle.

  45. I thank my parents that I’m a boomer. I’m a war vet and a college grad. I am concerned about the future of our people in this grand experiment at individual freedom. I’m a father of two seemingly well-adjusted, reasonably happy, successful children and a loving husband to my first and only wife of 41 years. I’m an autodidact and a self-starter. I take responsibility for my words, my actions and the consequences of my decisions. I learn from my mistakes and the mistakes that I see others make. You can’t blame boomers for the new world order and the globalism that began to take root in the 1890’s and spread like wildfire following WWI. Without boomers, you’d be reading the comment in a newspaper. Being a boomer is a different experience for each aging boomer and you can’t use a roller to paint the picture of boomerdom. We will all be gone soon enough and then you can get on with life as citizens of the non-identarian world. Maybe even speak Esperanto to each other and lament the good old days before blue pills were so in vogue. Be assured that someday, there will be another boomer generation and the fun and blame will be repeated usque ad mortem.

  46. Our father’s and mother’s born between 1920 and 1935 or so, grew up in the depression and many (pre-1927) served in WWII. These folks came home, went to school, got married and had their Boomer families. The WWII generation did not want their children to suffer what they had to endure, so we boomers NEVER had to want for anything. We are spoiled beyond compare. All our lives, we wanted it our way. When the boomers grew up and got married (unless they were gender confused), they hovered over their children and even made sure the kids got trophies for finishing last last. It was indeed the boomers who created the mess we’re in as they are the parents the X’ers and the early Millennials. SNOWFLAKES! Then, the boomers ensured all the entitlement programs were in place to take care of themselves in old age without regard for the future. It is no wonder we are so far in debt and now teach Marxist ideologies in our public schools!

    I will say in some cases, boomers wrestled and fought our way through school which built character in at least some of them. These are the elderly Patriots of our time. In my case, I went to college and had to significantly contribute to my education. When I graduated, my old man broke the plate and sent me and my brothers out the door. That was good as none of us ever moved back in with our parents. I served a quarter century in the military and when my kids reached the age, their plate was also broken. They are thriving, conservative warriors today (not six sided ice crystals). My advice, be a real father, teach your kids to work, shoot, know the Holy Bible and survive on their own. At the appropriate time, break the plate and send them on their way. Finally, be there for coaching, understanding and tough love when necessary, but make your kids stand on their own two feet. With any luck, they won’t melt.

  47. “Their parents being dead, Boomers are now giving the middle finger to their grandkids.”
    Born slightly after WWII, that makes me a Boomer.
    Your statement is so general and all encompassing as to be considered Dead On Arrival.
    You don’t know me.
    With 15 grandchildren and hopefully more on the way, I and my wife (who is also a Boomer…you don’t know her either), cherish each one of them.
    Did I say, “Let it burn”? No.
    Do I say, “Leave it better than we found it.” Yes. That’s a daily task.
    I am responsible for my portion of the world.
    You are responsible for yours.

  48. The (((federal reserve act))) was enacted in 1913. Women got the vote in 1920.

    Men who allowed these things to happen were born between 1850 and 1880.

  49. Niggers were brought by white men to America on boats they could never have invented between 1492 and 1850. They were brought here to be farm equipment.

    They were freed after hundreds of thousands of white men killed each other in 1865.

    They are now outdated farm equipment unleashed on the whites alive today.

    Bringing Africans to America to be slaves was the greatest crime committed in world history. The victims of this crime are all white Americans alive today.

    There are now 42 million Africans who get to call themselves natural born United States Citizens.

    The Mexican wall won’t solve much.

    Best case scenario for an African is it lives its entire life being ugly and useless except in an affirmative action non-STEM job and creates “only” three ugly useless children instead of the usual 8, and no white children.

    Worst case….violent criminal, of course.

    Even the best of them are not NEEDED in our white country.

  50. There are a number of problems in play that aren’t easily encapsulated in one ball of wax.

    The Boomer’s parents were children during the Great(?) Depression, some into World War II. During that time, owing to the dominance of the Progressives whose demigod Franklin Roosevelt, the Tyranny of the Experts was instituted, and an unwarranted degree of deference to political and social authority was drilled into their heads.

    Those same parents drilled that deference into their children’s (the Boomers) heads.

    What we had in the postwar period, roughly up to 1965 was a high-trust society, wherein the Boomer’s parents and the young Boomers were lulled into a complacency, save for a well-placed fear of international communism. That complacency gave our domestic communists, masquerading as democrats/progressives unfettered access to the levers of power and cultural influence.

    A proper understanding of what has happened cannot be achieved without realizing the grievous damage inflicted by the termites in the woodwork: the Cultural Marxists, disciples of Antonio Gramsci and the devils of the Frankfurt School. They are a patient lot, though they probably got a bit ahead of themselves by fomenting the race riots and “free speech” movement of the 1960’s. They were able to profit from the induced chaos and the Long March Through The Institutions has proceeded apace for the past 50+ years.

    All the while, it was received wisdom that the emergence of authoritarian government “couldn’t happen here.” This was a vivid illustration of both complacency and the purposeful mis-education of Boomers, particularly in history. Virtually everyone who had any sway in this country had a huge incentive to decouple our people from their heritage and history.

    Complacency leads to the pursuit of personal gratification and inadequate attention to preserving what we had and what we leave to our descendants. Anyone who spends a decent amount of time reading actual history quickly comes to the conclusion that Mankind has been to this rodeo many, many times in the past.

    The Founders are denigrated as Dead White Guys for a purpose: to keep us from remembering what is important.

    ” … for it is a truth, which the experience of all ages has attested, that the people are commonly most in danger when the means of insuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.”
    – Alexander Hamilton

  51. The issue is much more fundamental than nation states, generational gaps, religion, race, poverty, capitalism, socialism, tech, etc.

    The world population is nearing 8 billion people on a single planet with a decaying ecosytem by virtue of pure use and exploitation. Even if the usa or NA was ‘perfect’ for the last 70 years, there would still be this fundamental issue of human overpopulation and decaying ecosystems.

    Who thinks the world pop should reach 9.5-10 bil in 30 years is good? Even if one thinks it is ‘good’ or is just indifferent, is it responsible?

    10 billion people on earth is not human “progress”, it is “progression”.

    The discourse required is inhuman and unethical.

  52. Not us. While we were both born right after Truman’s administration, we did not fit the mold of the Baby Boomers we saw when we lived in a top-20 metro area (per USA population base). We home schooled from zero until college. Moved to the country. “Practice” certain useful non-urban skills to develop adequate skillsets for grid down (your definitions may vary). We have no use for big city life, big city dwellers, or the traffic/problems/taxes/weird laws going along with same. We have, per the brilliant novel “Lucifer’s Hammer” archived much knowledge for the next gens, in the form of old (pre-internet) encyclopedias, science, math, engineering and medical books. In plastic. We preach what we practice and vice versa. We know a number of families who have sacrificed and done the same (I took a gigantic pay hit when we left the big city), and a number of families willing to rationalize their non-move, and will “take care of things when the time comes.” Uh huh. If someone has more guidance along these lines please jump in here. To freedom, to The Church (yes, we are “bitter clinger/deplorable” types), to the West, the following generation will be more important than ours. We see it. So do others.

    —Bill Cthulhu

  53. I’m an older boomer with Millennial kids of whom I am very proud…When my oldest was about 13, he pointed out that when his group finally took over, they would have to slash all welfare and SS to the older generations. I told him he was right…But I don’t think Boomers are as bad as the Silent Generation and “greatest” generation that preceded us, who willingly let politicians and (((bankers))) drag the US to fight a completely unnecessary and ruinous series of wars, and the development of a Police State…In an event, the whole Potemkin edifice that is America and most of the West will collapse before 2050, and it will be up to the Millennials and Generation Zyklon to fight for something better, like a return to 1900…

  54. Boomers, being the first entitled generation in living memory, were the first to embrace perpetual adolescence, in the form of becoming hippies on one end of the spectrum and, for those somewhat better behaved, by playing hookey from Church.

    Gen X, aptly named, was like “WTF? I want to be a grown-up, but what does being an adult actually look like? Where are my examples to follow? And why, after doing everything I was told, is it so hard to make ends meet?”

    Millennials, being born to adolescent and enabling Boomers or confused X-ers, lacked the structure even to desire or even see the importance of growing up and went all in on nihilism and victim culture, convinced that, or at least wishing that, whining and crying is a valid existence. They’re just poets whose works haven’t yet gotten the recognition they deserve, they convince themselves.

    Gen Zyklon seems to be of the mind, “There’s no order in this world and nobody leading it. There are no authorities willing to take authoritative action. We’re adrift at sea and under attack, so let’s just fire up the engines, point this ship toward healthier-looking shores, and damn the torpedoes. Sink or swim, we don’t have to live like this.”

    I know my pontificating here is not particularly more insightful than others’, but I think there’s something to the “abandoning of adulthood” and “jettisoning of Christianity” themes that Boomers are entirely guilty of, and which explains much, including the plight of their progeny.

  55. Millennials, being born to adolescent and enabling Boomers or confused X-ers, lacked the structure even to desire or even see the importance of growing up and went all in on nihilism and victim culture, convinced that, or at least wishing that, whining and crying is a valid existence. They’re just poets whose works haven’t yet gotten the recognition they deserve, they convince themselves.

    I can’t hate on the Boomers too much because Millennials are 100x worse.

    The Boomer’s most serious crime is the mortgaging of future generations to fund entitlement programs that will collapse behind them as they exit. But I can’t entirely lay the blame at their feet for that as the problem is simply the result of demographics. Boomers are a large cohort that will stress social security and medicare beyond it’s capacity to pay out. A lot of Boomers have been sounding that alarm for decades, but the programs were poorly designed and politically nearly impossible to change absent a crises.

  56. I went back and read all the comments on this thread. It is educational and in many ways confirms my own normalcy bias. It seems that some boomers here still don’t get it. If you exist in this Alt universe, coming here and places like this you are not the problem. Stop getting so butt hurt. You are an outlier and as such the fault lies with the large number of your pier group that only care about themselves.

    I have a few boomer friends out here who I have great respect for. Both are Nam vets. They fight the county on flood issues and agenda 21 crap. I am fortunate to have them as neighbors, they are woke in many ways yet both of them feel the need to always defend the whole boomer demo. They no longer worship at the sacred totems of their piers and yet still they spend a great deal of energy defending boomers at large.

    Many Gen X ers I know really only want to protect their kids and grandkids and don’t give 2 fucks anymore if this thing burns to the ground. Back during the bailouts if even just Blankfiend, Dimon, And Porcine had gone to jail and a few banks would have been allowed to fail we would be walking in high cotton by now.

    By kicking the can down the road yet again the outcome will be worse than it had to be. That used to be a favorite game of boomers as kids, kick the can maybe that should be their generational epitaph. Again to those of you (HERE) who I have much gratitude and respect for this doesn’t apply to you.

  57. What pisses me off the most about Boomers is that they honestly believe they are always right. Even a simple political conversation with my Boomer mother is impossible. As soon as she is proven wrong, the conversation ends and she pretends she was never proven wrong. All my other Boomer relatives behave exactly the same way, especially when they are with other Boomers. My eldest sister (GenX) believes everything my mother does and everyone jokingly calls her my mother’s clone. Yet, I can have meaningful discussions with her, she doesn’t assume she knows everything and that she’s always right.

    All I want, as a Millenial, is for them to admit they screwed up. If Boomers would simply say, “my bad” about 90% of my hatred for them would vanish. Instead, they literally blame their children.

  58. ANY talk of generations, that gives some specific characteristic to the entire (completely arbitrary) generation, is collectivist-speak.

    What’s more, even if one could accurately say “Boomers share trait X”, the question is whether any other generation, facing the same incentives, would act differently than the Boomers did. I see no evidence of it. If Boomers grew up spoiled, how much more so for the succeeding generations?

    This latest whack at Boomers, that they want nothing to follow them, is just silly.

    However I understand Boomer hatred, even if I am one. They are the last generation that will live off the work of the younger folks. It’s not that younger folks are any more virtuous; it’s that the piggy bank will be broken by the time they retire. “Socialism lasts until you run out of other peoples’ money.” Younger people will work all their lives under a forced “contribution” to Socialist Security that they will never see themselves. It would be weird if such a thing did not generate resentment. But let’s not forget, Boomers did not invent Socialist Security.

  59. Boomers can’t say “nigger” because they have, collectively, dispensed with the idea of a perfect white father.

    Yes, this sounds crazy at first, but it has much explanatory power.

    The high IQ white patriarch is most accountable for the fall of this civilization.

    Yet, he is his only real enforcement. He is the only one able to hold himself accountable. Those around him, who would scapegoat him, do so by way of “unprincipled exception.” {{{They}}} care not for the Fall, they only care for the ways and memes that can be exploited in those white patriarchs who do care.

    I don’t read “butthurt” in the Boomers responding here. I do, though, read a typical lack of racial awareness that Boomers, being less immersed in a total anti-racism, just might not be comparatively conscous of.

    As another commentator noted…

    Forcible integration with the nigger IS A CRIME AGAINST the white man.

    And the Boomer Generation possesses the kind of historical clout that can legitimate this claim and give rise to a new and real discussion about “racism.”

    But THE BOOMER GENERATION has chosen, collectively, to cuck-out.

  60. That apocalyptic view that SS won’t be around when the current generation retires has been the prevailing paradigm for generations since before the boomers.

    Pre- and -post millennials of the previous millennium instituted it in the great depression without a full payment plan in place and that is still the way it gets paid for.

    Every generation has subsidized the previous generation – and itself.

    Could be it was one of the prevailing beliefs at the time of institution that the subsequent generation should be willing to show its gratitude for the works of the previous one, but that and other justifications at inception has little to do with individual “boomers” being able to change anything about that program except to keep renewing it.

    What legislature is made up of just the “greatest generation” or “the boomers” or “the gen alphabets”?

  61. Here is one of the things that bewilders me about Boomers: they remember the 1950s, they know what a real traditional White country they inherited looks like. And they see everything I see now, and it’s difficult to understand why they don’t feel this implacable volcanic hate over all that loss. Instead, the ones that I know (not my parents) are quite mellow about the murder of America. Even the Trump-voting ones.

  62. Perhaps the complacency is so strong because they never had their jobs replaced by immigrants, their children married spouses who looked like them, and SSI (for those not already enjoying a company pension–remember those?) is projected to last until they no longer need it.

    They deserve all this, in their minds, because they saved the nation from the evils of racism, sexism, and hypocritical Christianity, and also because some of them were drafted into the Only Truly Evil War that America has fought in.

    It’s the younger generations, not they, who are spoiled and ungrateful. Why invest in such brats?

  63. Yeah, that might be it. The Boomers are basking in the “glory” of their heroic generation, like an out of shape man reminiscing about the glory days when he was the admired high school athlete who got the cheerleader. Either way, facing reality is too uncomfortable.

    Explains how touchy they are when one criticizes their generational cohort, as well.

  64. This will be the last time I repeat myself, but I think I may be onto something, and I’m trying to distill it: Boomers see themselves as a hero generation, bringers of justice to an unjust land. This accounts for their defense of their entitlement and for their bristling at anyone who calls into question such a narrative–or worse, anyone who apportions any blame to Boomers.

  65. I was born in the midst of the Boomer generation, but I was red-pilled before there was a red pill. In the fall of 1966, I entered what was then called junior high as a seventh grader. I went from a nearly all-white, working-class grade school, to a 70% to 80% black junior high. The blacks periodically terrorized us in isolated incidents. I matured mentally and psychologically from a twelve year old in 1966 to a forty-year old by June 1969. And then I went to an almost as bad high school. I am a race-realist and always have been. I wasn’t “awakened” to immigration until the nineties. I have turned into an alt-rightist, and I have to applaud all the young and younger people turning to the alt-right and identitarian movements. Keep it up. I want my grandchildren to look like my grandparents, and I want Western Civilization to survive and to thrive.

  66. Conan,

    Were you aware of the early WNs like George Lincoln Rockwell or William Pierce?

    So much time to wait….I almost feel sorry for you. 40 years.

  67. Now, keep in mind if you read this that I do not want to defend anybody but me. After all, most people are idiots, eh?

    As a Peak Boomer, of ’57, I have to say that I *hate* the mother-f’ers who came before. I embody their “don’t trust anyone over 30” schtick on a 100x Jimi Hendrix feedback loop. Ever always privileged. Solipsistic. Me. Not you. Me. And the poor downtrodden poor.

    So yeah. By the numbers I am a Boomer, but I really think boomers ended with the ones who could meaningfully mourn the Beatles – say aged 17 in ’70. Push societal blame back a few more years to account for the Beat generation, and you could really find a more appropriate generation demarcation.

    Even at 60, I can feel lost between boomers and Xs. I was That 70s Show – did you ever think of them as boomers? Boomers watched Howdy Doody and Dobie Hollis. I watched Gilligan and looked up to the Professor and still didn’t much care about Ginger or Mary Ann.

    I can barely remember the last vestiges of segregation in the South. Separate water fountains for coloreds in Sears Roebuck. No more. But did you ever realize that some Boomers got to experience it full bore? Then they got equality bull bore bent over, and took it out on us little kids after them. And so I learned egalitarianism. Took a long time to unlearn.

    Basically I just hate ’em. Gut wrenching hate.

    Especially growing up in Atlanta, getting to see the vile black ‘leaders’ behavior. Fully enabled by the ones who came before. The Beats, the boomers of the Summer of Love, the feminists, the protesters, the marxist pigs.

    I fret for my gen z kids in college, and hope I can get them out the door with a good start. I hope they’ll recover quickly from government school. We did well by their education – their scholastic and creative achievements make us proud. But I know I can’t force them to think how I want. (Kind of like how you can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think…)

    But hey this past year has been great, right? Here’s to many more, even better. There is hope again. Go the Donald!

  68. Wherever one stands on Die Boomerfrage, I value all of the personal accounts posted on this thread. I truly think I learned a lot.

  69. it’s difficult to understand why they don’t feel this implacable volcanic hate over all that loss.

    Perhaps, unfathomable as it may seem, they don’t feel the same sense of loss that you do.

    Personally, I think a real top-down economic renaissance in America would all but finally wash away entirely any lingering American ethnic tensions.

    I know you don’t share that opinion.

  70. — Perhaps … they don’t feel the same sense of loss that you do.

    That’s exactly the point that people are making: many Boomers are unpatriotic and don’t give a damn about their posterity because “I got mine.”

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