A Word About The Black Pill

I think that the main reason for despair among some in the Anglosphere comes from the fact that, with a few exceptions such as the U.S. South, the English and Americans are simply unaccustomed to losing.

And now you find yourself a second-class citizen to brown sludge.

It’s a different perspective elsewhere. I have immediate relatives (had – they passed on of old age within the past two decades) on my and my in-laws’ side who survived atrocities in which they lost family members to a German mass execution and a Ukrainian massacre.

My formative history lessons were always about how everything is lost until a miracle and heroism deliver the victory… and victory always meant that things just go back to how they were, it was never about beating your inferiors far from home.

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  1. PA

    A very fine point and one I will need to think on further. However you did miss one thing. Your relatives were killed by foreigners and we are being destroy by treason.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog – A Traditional Conservative Future

  2. There has been plenty of treason. In 1772, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the most prosperous empire in Europe. Then it was wiped off the map until regained independence in 1918. The reason: homegrown nobility sold it off to the Hapsburg, Prussian and Russian empires. The latter two partitioning powers were quite brutal. Some nobles were also content to let Jews economically exploit the peasants.

  3. I agree and until they do lose they are not going to understand what it is like. I made a comment to a liberal WASP recently about Jews being the brains and energy behind the left. She acted taken aback and disagreed with me. I still think they see themselves as in charge.

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  5. “The English and Americans are simply unaccustomed to losing.” Come on, PA. You know better than to use simplistic platitudes. Westerners of leading (down) nations are unaccustomed to not having institution grant them political victories that they can take for granted. Reliable power is always DIY. No eustress, no manhood. Aurini is waxing poetically over the ruined institutions of our forebears, being part of something greater than thyself, staying true to the cause, etc. smh Socialism fed and defended by zealous Christian swing muscle bribes the poor to allegiance better than ascendant Christianity ever did, originally for an empire in decline and perhaps also, for us, in a middle-of-nowhere aftermath. These are the best and worst of times only if the bright trinkets of consumer choice without political choice are thought valuable. The fattest land in the grip of the empire is now the homeland. Cucks be cucks, born and bred. They will be faithful to the last, all for the afterlife taken on (((credit))), or is it really secular fear? Nihilist enlightenment cannot be denied, only delayed. I feel the inner conflict in the OP. The great thing about rebuilding anew is no jack boot on your neck and political riches that most can’t appreciate. Imagine a nubile woman looking at you like your daily decisions matter and with no thought or prospects of trading up or feasting on you as a superfluous man. Institution emasculates men because it uses men increasingly, and ultimately as pawns of debt magic religious and legal. Imagine but behold the ugliness of institutional imperialism if you can. Image the glory and beauty of cultural imperialism if you can. Judge by fruits if you can. The rise is always cultural expansion and refinement. Consider that many are called and few are chosen, but that biology and nature don’t read scripture to know how to behave, and that scripture refers to nature for its legitimacy. We delay and suffer because productive cucks make the decline go ’round. They will fatigue one glorious day, except who left will be able to fight? Out with a wimper seems likely, i.e. another dark nowhere ages with scimitar drones in the ascendancy and willing to pwn female sexual value rather than pedastalizing the idea of female purity as moral authority. I’ve thrown enough good vitality after bad at these institutions, these people, and our ‘way of life’. Social atomization is actually the best choice more and more, or why has it ever happened? C’est la vie at this point in the globalization rhythm of seemingly perennial systole. The mechanics of nature require a reset. Harmony with nature is victory. The nature is decline. The pill is black. The key color is still red. The key person is always self. The golden rule is a lie. Friends are a net positive to self. The lack of a social center of the universe makes self-centric individualism naturally righteous, friendship a two-way street. What are these ghouls before me? Beam them up, Scotty, but use the compost-ray not the transport-ray. This planet is perfectly habitable. It’s only a matter of power and stewardship.

  6. Reality Doug, I have not seen that name for a long time.

    Where have you been? I seem to remember you, maybe from The Spearhead? Or early ROK stuff?

  7. You are correct.

    But defeat, occupation and oppression will blow off alot of the chaff. It will force us to contemplate who we are. We will draw closer, become more defined, sharper and harder. From that comes a future revival, and then freedom.

  8. Hi, Ryu. Yes, I read and commented at those places. I am an outlier by Manosphere standards. I don’t think talk or writing or collective reasoning is a good use of my time most of the time. I participate here and there for stop-gap mental health reasons. No kind, intelligent life in meatspace where I am. I still blog on occasion. I add my cathartic two cents and hope it inspires someone positively. RP ideas definitely helped me, but the marginal returns of studying and participating in the Sphere get worse and worse for me, which only means it’s time for me to move on or grow or something. Our personal solutions, usually partial but real, are in meatspace if anywhere, IMO. Good luck to us all. These are interesting times.

  9. On the substance of it, we are not all individuals.

    If we were, we wouldn’t even have this thing called language. We wouldn’t even have to bother with it. We could just mark our territory with spooky Blair witchcraft stick signs. And on the side, look for females in estrous.

    What would be their sign? (oh yeah, there’s a joke there!)

    Their sign is a big bright red bush. Or more usually brownish red.

    White girls — they’re always in heat! (and that’s what we love about em)

  10. Do you remember when you were like 13 or 14 and first descried a full pubus mons underneath the bikini bottom?

    I know i do. I could bore you the details. I was in a hot tub with other kids my age, and adults were around in supervisory capacity. And it was awkward for the obvious reasons.

    But looking back, those adults were not doing their job of adequately supervising us. On the other hand, what were they supposed to do?

    Those adults were themselves all trying to get laid! hahahahaha

    Yeah. It was summer camp.

  11. At 14, i first fingered a girl. What was her name. I can almost remember but no. She was blonde and in the gifted and talented programs, which summer camp that camp was heavily tilted toward.

    Back then it was an adventure in sensual being. Now ‘fingering’ a girl frankly is randy and gross. First of all, age appropriate is how old exactly?

    Sex with a denuded half-dick. The big meh.

  12. The red pill goes far and deep, Doug.

    You should be having revolutions on a weekly basis. Don’t just read “mainstream” WN types like Rooshie, Amren or Roissy. You may be reading the wrong people.

    One of our best new WNs is Hell by the Dashboard Light.

    In this talk, he discusses Amazing Job Opportunities in Murka! You too can be rich!!!!

  13. Now ‘fingering’ a girl frankly is randy and gross. — Elk, above

    The CH mainstay Captain Obvious. One of his ontological themes ago a year or two, was really (literally) working the clit of one’s sex partner, in order that she be satisfied; and more to the point, to satiate the “gods of biomechanics” (in CH parlance).

    I have wanted for some time to throw in the observation, that having to do that (rub down the clitoris like you’re milking a cow), is a first-rate example of how the mechanics of sex are altered and diminished by the male not having a full set of genitals.

    That specific tactile stimulation is evolved to be accomplished by pinning down the female under the pelvis, and the slow grind therefrom.

    But the mechanics of sex with a denuded dick are different. They don’t lend to that movement, to that style of interaction.

  14. My race is largely run, and there is some relief in that.

    Life is sad and what more can you say. There’s a line from Beowulf, something about the disinterest that has a man with no children, toward everything and even the story.


    A comment of mine a recent CH thread was in response to a youngblood who was bragging about using Game to bang the Christian girls at his church, which same girls had previously ignored him for being a schlub.

    I asked what said the Bible, about his behavior. The first response i got was that David would not have minded.

    But so again i ask. Is Game that is not solely and specifically in the service of family and children — isn’t it then part of the problem?

  15. Game is a part of the problem, in a sense.

    Many whites have given up. However, giving young whites a way to get laid may get them off the couch and away from the vidya games.

    The sexual marketplace is highly distorted by government interference. It won’t balance until the USG is gone.

    Porn is a strange thing. Many of the hottest white women alive are having no kids. I’m impressed that Trump slept with Stormy Daniels, but sad that he didn’t knock her up and pass on those genes.

  16. Ryu, I do better keeping my own council that reading luminaries. I must be my own vanguard. Good advice for others is typically not good advice for me, and employment ideas are no different. My pain response tells me with consistency for all my decades to figure things out for myself. I can read experts of critical scholarship and decide for myself on pressing topics for which my understanding is weak. I want evidence. I am just not validated by the herd, which is fundament to perspective. I also stopped commenting on ROK because I didn’t want to use a disqus account.

    Suburban_elk, yes, paragraphs would have been considerate. It takes effort and since I am not exactly living the rewarded life, I tend to save my energy. It is my catharsis, which is selfish, but losing and pain has it’s limits; hence the black pill of nihillism. Putting breaks in the right spot takes more though, and then I see the weakness of what I wrote, then I must edit to make the paragraph breaks sensible, but since I am writing for others to see, it somehow helps the catharsis, then yes I ought to break it up. If I do that and the breaks seem random, you will know why.

    I don’t understand how fingering at 14 relates to the discussion here unless you too are employing catharsis. So many Xians will enjoy the sin and then repeat and have their cake and eat it too. It’s not like a man-child overwhelmed by testosterone and bad parenting, very commonplace, had a plan, but it is real easy to champion purity later in life after having enjoyed what might be, or should have been, natural and healthy. I don’t think sex is dirty. I think animal goals and aspirations are dirty in the sense of being base and toxic to my higher being.

    Classic strawman argument: “On the substance of it, we are not all individuals. If we were, we wouldn’t even have this thing called language. ”

    The implied presumption is that morality requires religion, which is universal submission in Abrahamic thought. I don’t agree with that. Nature is an ecological system. The law of conservation makes individual organisms compete for stuff, even mates. With your logic it is equally true that individuals competing in an ecosystem, be it an economy or something more brutish, can’t be individuals because they share an ecosystem. Your experiences and achievements thereof are not mine or anyone else’s. People can manipulate you, but they can’t get the value out of your life that you can. It is the same for all of us. Hence, the concept natural rights, and individuality. Does the collective or the individual sin?

    Selective cooperation, regarding with whom and for what, are critical to living better than perfidious herd animals, which are the social norms of the liberated ‘fairer’ sex. Perfidious herd animals are stronger that zealous suckers emotionally attached to utility for these she-beasts and their elitist masters, and have been winning for more than half a century. Do you even want to fight and win on earth in this life? If not, then be that true Christian and rejoice in His plan.

    I think you who see individualism as factually or morally incorrect are simply herds animal that need to belong to some sing-song feeling of narrative greatness beyond your painful littleness. Christianity is your sing-song tingles of choice, and a product of decline in the Roman Empire. Others who are more practical herd animals in this life choose socialism, which you fund and champion by your labors and activism and charity. I just left a comment on the latest Vox P. post, but I expect it may be screened and dropped. Details of my proposition that Socialism is a more competitive alternative to Christianity is explained therein.

    If I am wrong, what I say is just empty words. Nevertheless, the black pill has entered your hearts out of necessity, whether you understand it or not. The socialist inquisition regulates our lives more and more. You pretences at debate get thinner and thinner. Nature will require a change in your behavior, whether you morally disagree or not. Pretend you are exempted from natural law by supernatural agency if you like. I don’t believe it, but maybe you are so special you get a miracle to make it true. We shall see. You shall feel the natural truth upon thyself whilst thou lives on this mortal coil. You are not supernatural, and if you feel pain, you are not exempted from natural regulation of your natural being.

    Supplication does not loosen the noose of the globalist cog you feel, even if you call it your cross and proof of virtue. And you would have others follow your example? I did, and I resent you, but neither am I an atheist. I am agnostic. I admit I am little in the shared universe, but I am everything experiential in my mortal life. If you accuse me of playing god, so be it. How dare I presume to be the steward of anything that is so intrinsically me and not you. Without choice and agency, I have no fault of responsibility. Next, you will tell me I am not worthy of existence, of my life itself. I have it, my life, such as it is, and I do not apologize for it or bow to you and your herd sing-song tingles.

    If there is a supernatural agency that gives me my life, then you do not. If there is not, again you do not. I am I. You are the collective. The herd sets your direction. I set my own. You will be carried far with assistance, farther than you could have gone alone. I have floundered under betrayal by herd animals pretending to be something more. You don’t feel the masculinity or cultural agency in your blood. I do. I can potentially go somewhere worth going commensurate to the nature of what I am. You are always already there. You are never lost, you are never left behind, you are part of something greater than yourself, so you must undoubtedly say and believe. You presume to be part of heaven prematurely. I would rather be alone than a part of something less than myself. The West is in decline. Compassionate visionaries make incline. They conquer to make their visions come true, or it does not come true. You believe in conquest too, one free of any responsibility for the implementation or the outcome. I never heard of anyone worshipping their great #2 god.

    You win by losing and suppose to be part of something greater than yourself. You are not part of the jackboot on your neck, though the voice from above uses the language your regard as your own. Liquidation of Western greatness is not greatness of quality. Being fodder for the greatest social process of our natural lives, global decline that cannibalizes the West, is an achievement to be sure, but a perverted excuse for achievement. Redemption is individual, or you would not be a joiner who advocates everyone join. What does it matter if not everyone joins the collective? Is the collective weaker if individuals are ‘left behind’? What untapped efficacy can the faux or immoral individual have if we are not individuals but a collective?

    Therefore, you have beaten me a priori. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours, comrade. Female sexuality belongs to us all. That evil sexual individualism of animals is amoral or immoral. Let us share, since the opposite of animal individualism is clearly the path to righteousness. No, wait. That’s socialism. You are a follower of the special exemplar that offers us relief of our wicked individuality. If redemption is collective, the belief in my heart is irrelevant. Women make the best priests and Churchianity is the way, or something like that. I admit ignorance about such things.

    How about this? You give up your possessions and follow the correct collectivism. If I possess a womans’ sexuality, I am not possibly a husband but rather an individual not really an individual, maybe an animal without morality, who claims individual rights for myself based on the individuality of the wife that I claim for my personal benefit. In the natural world the only thing lower, more base, than an animal trying to win at being an animal is an animal trying to lose at being an animal and claiming moral superiority and victory. It is inanity like that that drives others with some grounding in our shared reality to nihilism and the black pill. What surprised me until I realized that Christians are not intellectually honest was that Christians don’t just embrace abject poverty and secular powerlessness. If the rich person is so unlikely to go to heaven and the poor person is so likely to make it, if a believer believes, why not be a secular nihilist? Evolutionary psychology is the only intellectual framework to provide a cogent answer or an answer that passes empirical testing. Hence, the Red Pill dance of Christians trying to make the loose ends fit. You read it all the time on purpose. You presume a solution to the problem you have constructed.

    Propaganda is a Catholic term. Utopia is a Protestant term. Christianity has spawned an ideology by evolution that is bigger, faster, stronger. You have lost, as desired, and you have your invincible spiritual ace in hand for the last laugh. This is what you wanted. This is your moment. These are your times. No, wait, you provide the muscle pool of imperial enforcement. Better dead than red, right? And charity with other’s money is the Lord’s work, right? Doing that dance marathon? or just sitting on you ass waiting for the big day? Meanwhile, libtards jostle relentlessly and cruelly for the gravy winnings of liquidation of their cultural betters. I go my own way, disgusted.

  17. I hope I can convince you to hang around awhile, Doug.

    There are so few WNs who have a career of 10 years or more. They are the most valuable and the most rare.

    You will find PA’s site amenable to your needs. His WN style is moderate and inoffensive (to other WNs).

  18. Ryu: I’m impressed that Trump slept with Stormy Daniels, but sad that he didn’t knock her up and pass on those genes.

    What exactly do you find exceptional about Stormy? Do you think she really is a natural blond? How do you think a kid that came from those two would compare with Barron?

  19. Admittedly, Stormy is enhanced. Over-the-top, perhaps.

    But she does at least appear to be the stereotypical hot big titted blonde bombshell, when she was young. I like her look from that time.

    I don’t like to see any white woman go without kids, but especially a beautiful one.

  20. Ryu, that Swedish youtuber that you commented about on CH is good. Just basic stuff in that short video but he communicates it well. Haven’t heard of him before.

  21. Ryu, thanks for the welcome. I consider myself to be a white culturalist more than a WN, but the difference in practice would not look much different in dermal hue. However, there are plenty of whytz I would exclude from my world, sad to say. I have standards. I think PA is very reasonable, before commenting here too. Most bloggers would have deleted my comments here by now. I still think meatspace is the key field of play. We will be forced offline and underground unless something systemic breaks first, which I doubt will happen. The capacity of sheeple to be sheeple amazed me until I felt of natural sheeple as a different species, which they are mentally. I don’t like being surprised and fooled again, so I won’t foolishly project humanity as I understand it and myself.

    One WN in vid talked of putting ‘steak’ on the barbe. I thought how true and denied. Nothing less will work, but nothing will work now. If there is no window between the breakdown of current system and the institution of muz law, for us there is no solution. We might only be able to plant cultural seeds for future victory. Deh Webz should be a treasure trove of reflection and knowledge for any next Western civilization, if there is one. Meanwhile, we deal with our situations the best we can. Guys like Stefan Molyneux will never get it. It’s not an intellectual failing per se. It’s overwhelming fear, an emotional failing. That’s what I love about Game. The field does not lie. Women’s nature is strictly honest (and predictable) in action. Truth is never convoluted. It is straight and ‘true’. Women go straight for the jugular. Herd animals herd.

  22. Classic strawman argument: “On the substance of it, we are not all individuals. If we were, we wouldn’t even have this thing called language. ”

    The implied presumption is that morality requires religion, which is universal submission in Abrahamic thought.

    Try being less in your own head. Things might make more sense.

  23. Here is a writing assignment for ‘Reality’ Doug, should he choose to accept it:

    “Black pill Solipsism, and Five Reasons it doesn’t make for a fun character on the internet”

    500 words.

  24. The internet and blogging doesn’t work for most people.

    Just about everyone wishes that they could communicate, with words and pictures on the screen, like Andrew Anglin.

    But most people can’t. Most people don’t have that ever elusive certain something. Talent, is what they call it.

    But Suburban_elk he gets the job done. He gets his points across. Sometimes the self-mockery (and egomania) is pathetic and sorry and sad, and even hard to read.

    But oh well if that’s the price to pay, he is willing to pay it. To be known and remembered, even if only to some small degree.

  25. Quite simply, the trick to effective writing, is to figure out how it looks and on the page, to someone else.

    And before that, it’s to have a point.

    I think that most participants and would-be participants, have a point. There is a point that we have in common, which is our experience as an unrecognized people. That experience, this story — has yet to be told.

    The reality of that fact is a screaming nightmare. It’s why so much bad stuff gets circulated. People are (literally) dying for it.

    But so has the talent to tell of it?

  26. I appreciated Doug’s reaction here:

    I don’t understand how fingering at 14 relates to the discussion here unless you too are employing catharsis. So many Xians will enjoy the sin and then repeat and have their cake and eat it too. It’s not like a man-child overwhelmed by testosterone and bad parenting, very commonplace, had a plan, but it is real easy to champion purity later in life after having enjoyed what might be, or should have been, natural and healthy. I don’t think sex is dirty. I think animal goals and aspirations are dirty in the sense of being base and toxic to my higher being.

    That was fair enough take on my earlier comments.

    I don’t need to defend my earlier comments, but will all the same. The point, ‘Doug’, was in the telling itself. The point is entertainment.

    Entertainment (as such) has been trivialized, but that’s just what the jews have done to it.

    Among comrades and compatriots, we tell our stories to share the wisdom and wit that they may might contain.

    I don’t think i get any catharsis in thinking back on that sweet young brownish-blonde pussy. Or maybe it is a little cathartic to think on it, in the sense that it stirs what’s left of an old half-dick. And also the trivial observation that though this girl was a natural blonde, her pussy hair was more brownish. And at 14 years old, that did not compute. For a young hard-on, that was a disconnect and a surprise.

    So that would be an example of “humor”, which is a device by which we “communicate” and so ease the “pain” of this thing called the human condition. I find that “humor” is best employed often, in order to stave off feelings of “loneliness” and “hopelessness”.

    Hey man — your mileage may vary. Some people would rather wallow in solipsism and despair.

  27. I will close with this. In the link on the other thread, to that animation video by the what’s-her-name Youcis Honeypie.

    The voice-acting by Azzmador was first-rate. It made the story.

    Voice-acting is a legitimate talent, in that it’s something most people can’t do for shit, because (for one) they don’t have enough perspective from their own life, to convey the larger context that other people are looking for.

  28. “Voice-acting…”

    Yes, a useful talent. There is a sort of underground Yiddish theatre in NY where they proudly cultivate it. I think it’s still in operation. People here might be mortified, but that vernacular was originally chiefly German. I dated a stage actress who knew strong Yiddish and they’d do their versions of Strindberg, Alfred Jerry, and other oneiric spectacles.

    Surrealism as an aesthetic project, of course, came up short long ago. Its naive shock therapy was superseded by advertising and various general sleaze. But some of its scattered artifacts remain valid from the standpoint of entertaining h.-poiesis, even thought-provoking.

  29. About those tweets: they wish.

    There similar tweet from some thot opining about women ruling the world as men fight to the death, where she gets to fuck the survivor-winner. Then someone found pics of her and her soyboy boyfriend.

    The female-id-exposed was unmasked as “she wishes she had a hotter boyfriend.”

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