President Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment

In the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter bumps into his hapless would-be contract killer, who keeps walking and collapses later without realizing that his femoral artery got cleanly cut. Trump’s “shithole countries” comment, whether he actually said it or not, is a delayed-effect “only Rosie O’Donnell” moment on race. The Global South got called out on its incompatibility with Europeans and this mental image of muds=shit is not going away because it is rooted in truth.

Ultimately our incompatability with them is not about eye-queue, or anyone’s propensity for violence, or “they won’t assimilate” (Stop and think for a moment. Whose daughter’s uterus-lining are you volunteering to assimilate those uprooted aboriginals?). The objection is more fundamental and you can’t talk your way out if it, if pressed, any more than you can talk your way out of revulsion with feces.

Consider the Global North’s impulse to separate human waste from all of the other facets of human existence. Watch this ten-minute video, which illustrates how sewage is treated:

  1. Gravity lines. Wastewater flows downhill from homes in underground lines. Once the lines get too deep, pump stations push the dirty water up, and the process continues until water reaches a treatment plant.
  2. Headworks. The first stage of water treatment at the plant: the removal of inorganic solid matter, which is compacted and sent to a landfill. First, screens remove trash and debris. Then, the heavier grit settles to the bottom of the channel and is raked up.
  3. Primary treatment. Its purpose is to physically separate water from organic solids, which includes excrement. Water flows down narrow channels where rotating mesh screens catch solid matter. Captured biosolids go through their own treatment process.
  4. Primary clarification. Those are the round pools that you see from the airplane, where water is allowed to sit for a few hours, during which time settled particles are raked up from the bottom and suspended solids are also collected. Oil and grease is skimmed off the surface. Those things also travel to the biosolids treatment center.
  5. Secondary clarification. This process removes nutrients from the water, which otherwise would cause algae growth in rivers. Air is pumped into the water, which stimulates beneficial bacteria to feed on those nutrients.
  6. Advanced purification. Water is then forced through membranes that catch microorganisms. Then, remaining microbes are killed with chlorine or ultraviolet light.
  7. Water is returned to nature.

Meanwhile, recovered solids go through their own process. They are pressed for dewatering, disinfected via composting, and recycled for use in agriculture or as fuel. Now consider, how complicated the system is. And then once in place, who will operate it, maintain the equipment, regulate the biochemistry? Now you understand why the Third World, where Western “charity” lets it to breed to infinity, is so filthy.

In preindustrial times, Europeans built urban canals and rural outhouses. In Africa… ask an honest former Peace Corps volunteer what Africans do with their newly-dug latrines.

Analogously in culture, you might remember the early 1990s. Suddenly blacks became just like us and more than that, they became the face of commercial culture. Then came mass immigration. If you believe in a Brownian motion model of history, then happy mocha is our future. But that’s not how it works. Instead, the browner things get, the more regular people — with intelligent people at vanguard — start feeling righteous hate in their hearts until everything snaps back to its natural order because only we are capable of separating shit from everything else.

Polarity flips. One day diversity means mocha, the next day it’s shitskins. Trump tapped into an archetype, and then CNN helpfully spread the word that Diversity is a race to the sewer:


The look on the left-most ingrate’s face… does he not appreciate his nice toilet? along with the above-described sanitation process that he gets for free? I think all that talk of shit hits too close to home for him.

Look around, see someone who doesn’t belong in your country. Think freely, don’t be afraid of your feelings. Yeah, his face is a contaminant. And that’s not me telling you what to think about invaders, it’s me with my knack for seeing ahead of the curve, telling you how it’s going to be. Look forward to a polarity flip in Scandinavia, where the world’s least-shitty people live. Sweden, after this episode passes: “Eeew, your mom sat next to a Paki in school? it’s right there on social media archives!” In fact, Europe appears to be losing its enthusiasm for people from shitholes:

As politicians in America and across the globe lined up last week to condemn President Trump’s reported remarks calling certain African nations “s—hole countries,” there was a somewhat muted response in Europe — a sign of how the political winds of immigration are blowing.

Europe is a continent filled with leaders happy to speak out in condemnation of the U.S. president, but the silence last week was noticeable — with the New York Times describing a “ringing silence across broad parts of the European Union, especially in the east, and certainly no chorus of condemnation.”

Drive through a black area sometime. This ain’t Despacito:


30 thoughts on “President Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment

  1. I’ve designed structures for three raw water plants & one waste water plant

    the process is essentially identical at both ends

    most folks don’t realize thee process uses so much water & the waste treatment water is treated water from the raw water treatment plant

    also, chlorine for the process requires extreme safety measures. the personnel must be prepared to don gas masks & hide in a sealed room if a chlorine tank ruptures

    process design requires good understanding of chemistry, biology, & hydraulics plus keen understanding of various kinds of process equipment plus a team of supporting design engineers – civil, structural, electrical, mechanical

    running the plant requires reliable personnel who comprehend that lax attention to safety results in catastrophic casualty numbers – men who don’t get “snow days”

    water treatment is just one piece of the civilization puzzle. now imagine your opinion of a country, like ours, where the public toilets are often filthy

  2. Take a look at those nogs pictured on the sideline above.

    — So whatcha up to this fine day?

    — Oh, hanging around the shithole. And you?

    — Much the same.

    Talk about an extended phenotype.

  3. It is an interesting counterpoint, however, that

    American toilet habits are not healthy.

    You are not evolved to shit, sitting down. The intestinal tract and the colon are not vacated as thoroughly as they are, when vacated from a standing posture.

    This American toilet training is, I am convinced, the absolute primary cause of the epidemic of colon cancer.

  4. This whole topic has to include that counterpoint.

    American toilet habits are shit.

    Literally — they leave the shit and all its toxins, in the colon and lead to cancer.

    And this “hypocrisy” is an example of a very much larger point, of how the 20th-century culture of White America failed to produce healthy people.

    The extended phenotype of White America. Does it include the toxic sit-down shit? [*]

  5. The accompanying photo reinforces one of my ancillary worries in all of this. Are the people of shithole countries building immunities to bacteria that will one day jump their backyard latrines and effect a plague-like wipeout of civilized countries? Just think about the water the people in these places drink and how sick it would make any of us.

    Stopping the aid pipeline is not enough. We need a shithole quarantine.

  6. * That’s a joke, and it’s meant as a play on the nebulous concept of extended phenotype. But the simple answer is that yes, the extended phenotype of White American does include the sit-down shit.

    And that’s example no. five-billion-and-five that the White American habitat that they built for themselves and their children — is not invigorating, and worse.

    At its most basic levels of toilet training, it failed.

    If this is a contentious assertion and you want to argue, that’s cool, but don’t come at me with a false dichotomy that pointing out that the praxis of American toilet training is flawed, means that exposed shithole sanitation is a good thing.

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  8. — now imagine your opinion of a country, like ours, where the public toilets are often filthy

    I meant to include an anecdote in the post but it slipped my mind:

    A Western European friend of mine is a private pilot and he once flew to tiny municipal airport in India. He was warned by a colleague about certain deficiencies, so he brought his own roll of toilet paper.

    However, he was not warned about this: the walls inside and outside of the restroom were caked with streaks of dried shit. As it turns out, at that Indian facility the hand wipes the ass, same hand then smears excess excrement on the wall.

    — What do the Africans use their newly dug latrines for?

    According to one former Peace Corps volunteer, they strip off all the hardware and dump bodies into the pits.

  9. You know, part of me almost hopes Dick Durbin really did make up the shithole remark as a fecal libel–he is of course a real tool but the self-devastation the Left created for itself, if he did make it up, is Biblical in its justice.

  10. Tex Arcane mentioned something interesting. His archives were recently lost.

    It is well known in the AR that many of those “conquered diseases” are coming back to the West by vibrancy. Tex talked about the bed bugs, TB and so on.

    One of Tex’s prophecies is an apocalyptic nuclear war with Russia / China. That kills the minos and liberal whites, but famine and disease make a big return. Tex thought John Tutor was real, and recommended re-learning hygiene as an important topic.

  11. Prob alot of colon cancer comes from lack of fiber.

    Processed food tends to strip out the nutrients and the fiber. Sometimes, they put the artificial vitamins back in but rarely fiber. It is also why many Murkans have pooping problems.

  12. Yep, I saw that story. Privacy is power. WNs who post under their real names will have a hard time of it.

    Many do not comprehend that Murka is an occupied territory. That woman who designed Wack a Mole has connections to the SPLC and law enforcement. Must be nice to be protected like that.

  13. Roosh (who was under discussion recently, courtesy of yours truly) just today has a call-in video up on yourube, where he does NOT condemn a black caller, who calls in to complain about his problems bedding White women in Europe.

    So Roosh made his position on that clear enough. Or so it seemed, after listening to only the first five minutes.

  14. Neither of those suits looks cut exactly right.

    To my taste they need slightly let out at the waist.

    No doubt they are professionally done, and ergo that’s in fashion for them. And it’s no news the gay look is in fashion.

    The red jacket is English or whatever. Tom Wolfe wrote about how certain classes in NYC used to feign that style. And he even wrote specifically about the red jacket.

    I think Mr Wolfe’s point was that even back then, which was the 70s, it was an affectation. Stupid Americans, they’ll never be the real thing — and they don’t even know it.

  15. I am pretty down on America. Their toilet habits are lazy. Realistically they need to learn to poop standing up. And then they can employ their considerable talents to recycling their waste, but the fact is that humans evolved to poop not sitting down.

    It takes some re-training, but my god it is a healthier habit.

    Such unhealthy habit is of a piece with their other baffling praxis of literally carving out the genitals of their newborn male children.

  16. The Fatherland is the “most mature podcast on the alt right.”

    It is available at The Right Stuff. I am a big fan of it and their three or four mainstays. Jim, Bradan, and Coach.

    However Coach with his wife is pregnant and having a son, and at the very end of the last show Jim asked him if he was going to “snip snip” and Coach was not sure. Apparently — i am surmising here — he has had his first son clipped and so this his second is in jeopardy of having to “look like his father.”

    I wrote this message on their board:

    Congrats on the pregnancy, Coach.

    I don’t exactly what Jim was referring to, with his “snip snip” comment, but in case it was that thing,

    Please leave your boy as God made him and with a fully evolved innervation profile.

    No White kid wants to be the last ersatz American jew, believe me!

    So in summary. A leading figure in the AR is deciding whether or not to sacrifice his son.

    A facebook group exists for that show, and I can only hope that they give him the business about it, there.

    But (perhaps) the problem is that their fan base is younger, and not so acknowledging of the cumulative Life Story effects of missing genitals! Anyone seen my viagara? I sure could use five-second orgasm!

    Anyways, I am more-or-less certain that at least some of those guys follow this blog, and will read this message.

    Let us save that baby boy from the cult of the trophy taking medical community. Who it should be said, which members of for the most part are NOT ethnic jews. Or at least not at birth.

  17. I will close with this. There is a point about the jewish community that legendary MPC poster That One Guy gets credit for making. I don’t have the link to his specific post on this, but it’s simple enough.

    Anyone can be a jew. All you have to do is devote yourself to the cult. To somehow definitively prove your loyalty.

    Such mode of group selection and perpetuation is a familiar one, in the complex habitat of human social biology, and has been used by other social groups — but to better effect!

    For instance the Cossacks.

    For instance Comanches.

    For instance the fucking Muslims use it too. (two out of three then)

  18. Look around, see someone who doesn’t belong in your country

    This was me at McDonald’s yesterday. Granted, it was my own damn fault for going there, but a little chemically enhanced fast food isn’t so bad now and then.

    I was the only non-brown skin person there. All I heard was Spanish. Every single one of those people did not belong there, at all.

    Worse, I saw a billboard talking about “his future” with some 8-year old nog’s face.

    I knew I was in the right for feeling how I did when I was eating there

    It doesn’t help that where I live, it is a shithole, where the societal fabric is hanging on by a very thin thread. It’s all illegals, as far as the eye can see. Neighbors are filipino trash, with about four different families all taking residence in the house. Their front and backyards look like landfills themselves. They even tossed out a toilet on the curb that’s been there going on damn near three months. I dare not check to see if it’s empty.

  19. I think whether a country has a functioning sewage treatment system or not is a good standard to apply. Fred Reed pointed out there are many poor countries which are not “shitholes”, I would agree. It really is a small number of countries which would qualify.

  20. White men are good at asking the basic questions about how to organize society. Colored ask high falutin questions about fairness and social justice,but the white man will wonder,” What do we do with the SHIT?”

  21. My father was in the hospital for surgery last year and he and one of the either physical therapists or nurses got to talking and the subject turned into preparing for natural disasters, as the flooding was going on over the country.

    The man told my dad about keeping a water supply handy, not just for drinking, but eliminating body waste, which is one thing most people don’t think about. Obviously you could use non-potable water, i.e. collected rainwater, but it got me thinking about preparing along those lines.

  22. Trump tapped into an archetype, and then CNN helpfully spread the word that Diversity is a race to the sewer:

    I haven’t watched cable news in years, but I am traveling for work and clicked on CNN just to have something on in the background while I ironed my shirts. Anderson Cooper was on droning on solemnly about the latest “breaking news” that Trump apparently at one point may have wanted to fire Mueller, and how this could be the final nail in Trumps coffin basically. I had to go run some errands, then 2 hours later I came back to my room and then Don Lemmon was on with his sourpuss face prattling on about the same thing. I can totally picture Trump just sitting there running his mouth like “This Russia bullshit is getting old. Can’t we just fire this Mueller fuckwad and get on with it? Oh, we can’t? Well fuck him then. How’s the progress on those wall prototypes?” Then some goody-goody NYT careerist shrike (who needs a raise to pay for her fertility treatments) picks up the big scoop on how Trump is now “obstructing justice”. Didn’t they say that like 6 months ago when Trump fired some other guy investigating some other bullshit?

    Now what I’m trying to figure out, is there any actual evidence of anyone besides Hilary Clinton “colluding” with Russia? I’m serious. The talking heads keep yammering about “muh collusion” but what was Trump supposedly “colluding?” What’s the conspiracy here, folks?

    What it comes down to, I think, is these shitlibs are in such extreme denial that Clinton lost to a character like Trump, that they can’t possibly imagine it happening without conjuring up the Russian boogeyman conspiracy. Would Republicans have done the same had HRC won? I think not. They would have been like “yeah Trump was a huge mistake, Hillary was a shoe-in anyway.”



    BTW, I recently found out that Anderson Cooper is from the Vanderbilt family. He’s old money. OLD money! Talk about huuuWhite privilege! He recently went to Haiti to virtue signal how it wasn’t really a shithole but he stayed at a luxury resort patrolled by armed guards. (Conan O’Brien did the same thing). Don Lemon is, let’s face it, not that smart. He would be better off as a local news anchor in like Indianapolis, although I think he’s from Atlanta. I bet it eats him up that he’s CNN’s black gay token.

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