An American Nationalist Visits Warsaw

Occidental Observer contributor Adam Komiaga attends this past November’s Independence Day rally in Warsaw and describes his experience.

The 60,000-strong march, known for its participants’ aggressively patriotic posture and its umbrella slogan “We Want God” was attended by nationalists from all over Europe. The author of the article stayed in an apartment with Swedes who, like him, flew to Warsaw to join the march. He makes a number of street-level observations, starting with an encounter with a belligerent Pole:

But we’re almost forehead to forehead now. I lock eyes, my deep-blue squared against his ice-blue. It gets tense.

Our group keeps moving around him though, and like white water flowing around a jutting stone in the river we slide around him on both sides. As I side-step him, I lower my eyes because eye-contact that lasts a millisecond too long usually leads to a fight. Anglos and other Western Europeans rarely experience this sort of thing. Growing up in the comfortable and loving leafy embrace of Suburbia makes you soft. But spend some time in Eastern Europe and you learn the rules about eye-contact etiquette quick enough.

The guy is a good writer. That description of the anatomy of eye contact was well done. You can relate to this in the United States. With our diversity and police-secured general order, most of our public space outside of non-White enclaves is no-man’s-land. When I pass a homie or a cholo, my posture and eyes communicate a message. I look at him, sort of through him. A blank fearless face. Mastery, not aggression. “No disrespect but it’ll cost you if you try something.” They always drop their eyes. Fights can result in organ damage or death (yours or his) so the point is neither to bait nor to submit, the latter serving to embolden them tomorrow, but to claim absolute dominion over your personal space and leave the question of public space ownership, at minimum, open for the time being.

The American visitor comments on various fights he saw break out:

… we participated in the massive, 60 thousand strong nationalist march through Warsaw. Just like the night before, there were sporadic fights breaking out all along the route among rival football clubs and rival nationalist organizations.

Poles against Poles. Whites against Whites.

There are different levels of identity. Right wing factions and football fans brawling, ethnic and national rivalry, on up to our ideal of racial solidarity against the mudworld. There is racial solidarity. It happens in emergencies, such as at the Superdome in 2005 when local Whites and stranded European tourists created a security perimeter in an arena full of blacks. Or Vienna in 1683. There are also long-standing friendships, such as between Poland and Hungary. The mere fact of Polish national holiday celebrants welcoming fellow-European nationalists and chanting Christian, pro-White and anti-Islamic slogans means a great deal. There is your racial solidarity.

(A long aside: Europeans are a war-race. But we temper our violence with Christian honor, which we extend to and expect of our fellow-Whites and which is why unlike savages, we develop codes such as the Geneva Convention, mercy with submission, distinction between combatant and civilian, and recognizing the enemy’s individual gallantry. Raping girls is not something we brag about. Waffen SS was the world’s most fearsome military corps but the reason naahzees have a radioactive reputation isn’t just post-war Jewish propaganda, though that is a big part of it. German Ostplan campaigns in WWII broke with civilized norms through their brutal behavior in Eastern Europe. Oskar Dirlewanger’s counterinsurgency units, as one example, are responsible for murdering up to 120,000 civilians in 200 villages throughout Belarus alone, his favorite method being to herd people into a barn, then setting the barn on fire.

Likewise, Allies’ barbarity toward German civilians in 1945 is a stain on our honor. My grandfather was a brilliant, severe-faced man of aristocratic Kresy tradition. He served as a lieutenant with First Polish Army under Soviet command and told me about his infantry unit entering a village in Pomerania. He saw a Russian soldier grappling with a German girl and ordered him to let her go. There were discipline problems on the front, with Russian soldiers disobeying Polish officers. My grandfather put a gun to the Russian’s head and the girl ran away. End aside.)

Men are small-group tribal. We’re supposed to be territorial and ready to fight. That’s freedom. That’s what keeps us sharp. It teaches us to be polite. It keeps women loyal. How many of us had spent our youth in middle class comfort, never having a redneck square up to us at a mall? Or if you’re a redneck, a locking of horns with a cocky frat dude or a loudmouth off-duty soldier from the local Army base. Racial solidarity entails collective effort in an emergency. “No more brother wars” doesn’t mean kumbaya.

Someone once commented ruefully that Europeans have culturally blended into an undifferentiated pop monoculture, so national distinctions are anachronistic. I disagree with that, countering with my own observation that if I’m talking with a Norwegian, it’s just two guys having a conversation. But if it’s five Norwegians and me, or five of my countrymen and him, the odd-man-out quickly notices that one is not like the others. If you are American but not a Southerner or a Mormon, get together with them and discover that culture is real.

An illustration of European diversity comes when the author got separated his from his Swedish companions and joined up with a Dutch group, observing a change in vibe:

I lost track of the Swedish Nationalists I had come with and ended up marching with the Dutch Identitarians instead. To be honest, it was a welcome change of pace. All of a sudden, I was around a different kind of European. They could crack jokes, include me in the conversation and seemed to actually want to practice some of that pan-European solidarity I had heard so much about.

Turning his attention to the landscape: Warsaw is an ugly city, he reports. Indeed, anybody who is not from there will enthusiastically agree with that sentiment. Not me, though. I’m a true Warszawiak, it seems, as either because of childhood nostalgia or for some other reason, I find the city to be quite lovely. My indelible feeling of home is Warsaw in any given December, where it’s dark at 4:00 PM and snow is falling, the smell of bus exhaust in the icy air bringing back memories. Perhaps Warsaw is meant to be grim, a reminder of history’s bloody relapses. That’s her burden still, as Europe heads into a war.

Yet, that’s the city where globalism is considered dead, the only city in the world where Christendom’s nationalists are free to march. That’s Warsaw’s terrible beauty:

The sky was overcast and it got dark quick, but the harsh red glare from the flares lit up everyone and everything with a kind of sepulchral glow. The smell of the burning chemicals washed over me and I breathed it all in, like the mystical smoke from some pagan witch ceremony or something. The flares seemed to have a powerful, almost reverent effect on everybody in the march.

The article segues to its most interesting part, a meditation on a new generation of Europeans. A seventeen-year-old Polish skinhead joins his group. He’s part of a disciplined paramilitary unit:

I saw them at the march the other day. They came in like a war-machine, ranked up in a Roman-style Testudo formation, with their banners wrapped all the way around the group like a shield wall. Black suns and Celtic crosses were flying proudly behind the first ranks — these guys were the real deal. Protecting the flanks of the column were black-clad young men with their faces totally covered in black ski masks. Turns out our young friend was one of them.

Older Poles would run up, yell out abuse and some even tried to start fights. But the Black Bloc just kept marching in perfect discipline. Even the soccer hooligans didn’t dare touch them.

As the American visitor learns, the teenager lives in Sweden where he goes to school as the sole White kid in his class, having been previously expelled from a majority-White private school. In the young man’s words:

“You know, before I was even a nationalist, I had problems at the private school. The Swedes are worse than the Arabs and Blacks. They would complain about me and report me all the time. Always behind my back, never to my face. Poles are naturally too nationalistic for them, I guess. I like it better in my new school.”

Turns out that the Arabs and Blacks respect him ever since he became a Neo-Nazi.

“Every time I do this…” he throws up the roman salute, “they fear me.”

The author gets to Nazi iconography, dispensing with dead history. Again, he has a way with graphic description:

Nazi imagery may not be good at convincing shy huWhytes to join the Identitarian cause, but its ability to strike fear into the hearts of non-Whites is second to none. To them, we’re all just a blend of Crusader-Nazi-White Devils who’ve gone soft. They stiffen with fear when they see that black spider on a field of red and white and see the gangs of young White hooligans that fly it.

As the age-heavy racial demographics shift in parts of Europe with the passing of Boomers (good riddance, anti-racist dead weight), it’s the White teenagers and kids who are inheriting their countries in their infested condition and who will have to reconquer Europe to have a chance to live in peace — to extend Western Civilization’s life, if you want to use such lofty words. Maybe they’ll wait for winter and cut off invaders’ heat. If they are merciful, they’ll let them go back to their ancestral shitholes but either way, nurseries will be reclaimed.

But [the young skinhead] is a good enough kid. Normal, sane and if I’m honest, he’s probably the future of the Post-First World. Generation “Zyklon” isn’t a meme. These kids are pissed. They are the first to feel what it is like to be in the White minority… and many of them don’t like it.

They will also have brothers and sisters, as White births are rebounding.


64 thoughts on “An American Nationalist Visits Warsaw

  1. Europe has its own Gen Zyklon too. It isn’t just a Murkan phenomenon. That young skin sounds just like Brevik’s childhood.

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  3. Lol, that Pole teen formed an Aryan Brotherhood on his own. Well, apparently that works too.

    Swedes can be such excruciating shitlibs (excepting the Sweden Democrats). I assume going to school there is like working at Google.

  4. Although, reading his other stuff, I conclude that he needs to lay off the present-tense magazine-journalist autobiographical style, which comes across rather self-importantly shitlib.

  5. Warsaw’s grey concrete ugliness is largely due to the city being so new, after being methodically blown up in WW2 (by those same Dirlewanger guys you mentioned).

    Lol at that website, Occidental Observer. Full of American weirdos hocking Hitler memorabilia and old Germans pontificating about Polish racial inferiority. You really see the massive contrast between these people and the more forward-looking “Generation Zyklon” alt-right.

  6. I looked at some pictures of Warsaw and it didn’t look bad. It looked like a modern American city. It’s probably just not as quaint and charming as some European cities.

  7. I think a lot of visitors are put off by what to them is a desolate downtown. Certainly, a lot of the city was rebuilt to its historic condition after WWII, notably the Old Town. There are majestic areas and lovely parks throughout.

    I’m not familiar with Occidental Observer, the guy’s observations were valuable though. There is a natural tension between a foreign vs a native observer’s impression of a place or event.

  8. — When PA says something is well written, it’s well-written.

    Thank you Sir. Something in the original Occidental Dissent article that I didn’t quote, but thought was very well written, was his description of the skinhead kid’s appearance of acummulated diversity-stress.

  9. Roosh has been fascinating to watch lately. There’s this dichotomy between the man, who basically became a grownup in the past couple of years, and his audience, whose members have become ever more juvenile.

    Complicating this are his library of “Bang” works that will never appeal to men as old as he now is, and his high melanin levels causing the browns rejected from forums like CH to gravitate toward him, while at the same time the good ROK writers and readers have mostly abandoned ship.

    If he doesn’t rebrand, he’ll have to retire, it seems.

  10. I think he’ll have to quit soon also, like Welmer at the Fearhead did.

    The red pill has alot of WN in it. A Muzzie can’t teach it properly. He is scared because he is trying to appease both his mino and his WN readers, which can’t be done.

    I don’t think he’ll be hanging around the Alt Right. Most minos can’t take the red pill doseage. He knows that if whites do wake up, they will kick him out of Europe and Murka.

  11. Good assessment. He formerly had an audience of thinking men, but when he started telling people to take it easy on the racial comments, it signaled to the low-IQ browns to take up residence. This, of course, led as it always does to White Flight, followed by brisk Shitholistanization.

  12. Next on ROK: “How this One Weird Trick Uses Poopoo Jokes to Get a Girl to Touch Your Peepee”.

    Bringing back the Patriarchy one thoughtful article at a time.

  13. The idea that the alt-rite is not bound to converge on WHITE (S)upremacy AS THOUGH men of all races had a collective fight in their mutual interest was ALWAYS a mass non-white delusion.

    Roosh cannot delude himself anymore. His original target market is perpetually moving Right…. Which memes his target market is moving towards wS.

    He either will not a) recognize this truth b) not see this reality or c) deny what is built into the liberationist ideology.

    There is a (R)ace to the (S)ingularity…

    Yet, this (R)ace is a white thing.

    Roosh is a mere spectator seeking out concession-stand freebies.

  14. I’m curious, TD. Why haven’t you tried to promote black supremacy to blacks or brown supremacy to spics?

    There is a relationship between race and religion. It seems as if one’s religion contains one’s highest ideals. When we see Christianity followed by Africans or Beaners, they always have to dilute it somehow.

  15. Ryu…

    There is, to be really race real, no such thing as black (S)upremacy or brown (S)upremacy or whatnot. Not even in mere conception. Right here and right now might be the first time ever given to such notion?

    There are, of course, various critiques of “female (s)upremacy” and “Islamic (s)upremacy” and “black (s)upremacy” or perversions like “Jewish (S)upremacy,” but ALL ARE BASED on a pejoratively perfunctory pozzed permutation of “white (s)upremacy.”

    The HBD reality is that ONLY A CERTAIN RACE OF MEN believe in objective (S)upremacy, ie., (P)erfection.

    And if the Jewish diaspora is the signaling mechanism utilized to determine intensity of anti-(S)upremacy THEN this desire for (P)erfection almost certainly resides within the blood of the white race as the Jew qua Jew is an anti-white (S)upremacist.

  16. A mother cannot birth a parasite; she can only conceive a child.

    Ergo, a parasite seeks out its host. And when the eldest protocol is a denial of the (S)upremacy of the host THEN a ravaging will commence. In alt-rite speak, this is “white degeneracy.”

    So what is a counter to white degeneracy… A counter to a particularly acute parasitic ravaging of a host-child?

    Memetically-speaking, white fathers must take up white (S)upremacy in the face of the anti-white (S)upremacist Zeitgeist led predominantly by filthy rich “jewhite” faggots.

    White patriarchal (S)upremacy is the host and the “Jewhite” anti-white (S)upremacist is the parasite.

    The only one that needs to show for this Game to get exciting is the genuine white (S)upremaciist?

    Will he though?

    Will he ever show up?

  17. Consider this anecdotal profiling factoid…

    I’ve traversed the following cyberspaces over many years:

    PA’s place
    Vox Day
    West’s Darkest Hour
    American Renaissance
    Fred Reed
    Denmark Vesey
    Hunter Wallace’s
    Conservative Treehouse

    And I’m sure many other domains of the right and left…

    Have you EVER seen any one write of the anti-white (S)upremacy inherent to Jews?

    I have never known any other writer, alt or otherwise, ever state that Jews are inherently anti-white (S)upremacy.

    “We” KNOW that Jews as Jews HATE white (S)upremacy and have weaponized its de-capitalized iteration for mass rejection.

    {{{Their}}} hatred for white (S)upremacy is literally all throughout the media, virtually voiced by a pain-grow coalition of fellow travelers.

    So the solution to the Jewish Problem is clear.

    Strive toward (S)upremacy as a white man and speak an ordered English that recognizes the exalted status of a genuine white (S)upremacist amongst a healthy-minded white populace.

  18. Bowery’s comments:

    “Civilization”, eh? How long has that been around? How long would the Social Pozness Zombies last if not protected by your precious “civilization”?

    And don’t give me this shit about women having no agency. Sure there are plenty of zombies with holes running around — and that’s what Game is about exploiting. Women, on the other hand, recognize civilization is a womb war and are choosing to pump out as many high quality babies as their bodies can withstand despite the risks to life and limb: Risks you’ll never take with your own body to stand athwart the civilization and its fall, by walking up to an AIDS vector who is going through girls like a hot knife through butter in the nightclub scene, challenging him to go to the island with you and, if he refuses, killing him.

    Bowery is internet famous for his meme of Natural Duel. The details of which are fully laid out and easy to find.

    He insists that there is nothing rhetorical in it as a solution to essentially all of our intra societal problems.

    At first apprehension it seems larpy and ridiculous. But upon further reflection it is “the only solution” to life’s big problem of having to live with other assholes.

    And also, Natural Duel (apparently) has a long history in White societies and is the origin of the Boogie Man aka the Bog Man. Which esoterica is quite well known among the younger TDS and TRS guys. So take that, jews!

  19. In the excerpted comment, I like Bowery’s mockery of the idea that women have no agency. Which meme is kind of the albatross around the neck of the online AR, at least that part of said movement such as at TDS and TRS, and CH as well.

    Weev for instance, who is a big shooter, says categorically that he disregards entirely anyone not fully accepting of coverture and all that goes along with it. How many kids does Weev have?

    My objection to the (stupid stupid stupid) idea that women have no agency — is quite simply that: Yeah, they do not — but neither do you or does anyone else,

    UNLESS agency is specifically reduced to the concept of Male Energy or Yang or Manly Initiative or wtf you want to call it. Anima or Animus or whatever Jung called it. (And it’s interesting to note that such a fundamental idea doesn’t have a familiar lexicon with which to express it.)

    But that specifically, is the idea of agency, that can be ascribed to men but not women.

    However, the idea of agency is more generally associated with the larger grounds about self-awareness and being able to act with one’s own interests.

    But those two things are not at all the same.

    So yeah, only men having agency is a stupid idea.

    (This criticism of it, is rough, i know.)

  20. No, women don’t have agency. They mindlessly fuck the strongest men, or the men who seem highest-status. It’s on white men to get stronger, and to cleanse our territory of aliens so that we are the highest-status men in our territory.

    Currently western governments use anarcho-tyranny to crush white men and protect muds. Of course this results in muds swaggering about arrogantly, knowing they can stomp a white man’s head in with no consequences, while if the white man defends himself he’s going to jail for life (as per PA’s post on the guy who opened fire at a gas station). This makes the muds look pretty high status and thus women will fuck them.

  21. I cringe every time someone says “agency” in reference to a single person. Legally speaking, an “agent” does not represent himself, but another, called his principal. Why not just call it what it was always called before shitlibs got in there and Shanghaied the term in order to obfuscate: free will.

    I suspect shitlibs prefer agency to free will because everyone knows that under free will you’re responsible for the outcome of your choices, while under agency…who the hell knows? It leaves the door open for the person with “agency” to make horrible choices and somehow still remain a victim of oppression.

  22. Roissy has said the same thing.

    Women test their men. Will the white man fight? No, OK then we will sleep with the strong men, who are the minos.

    White men ARE WN. The only concern is getting as strong as possible. Even today, women obey the strongest group in the room, currently the USG.

  23. On a lighter note,

    Is Roosh not White enough for an American White Nationalist?

    I would say that he is. That would be my vote, based on his looks alone. He looks easily as White as Al Pacino, and slightly less than John Travolta.

    That’s just by his looks, and not considering his work. About which work, would that tally as a plus or a minus?

    I don’t follow him closely enough to know, is he sympathetic to White ethnonationalism, or not.

    Roosh is half Persian and half real White, and Persians are the closest major ethnic group to White European. Or at least they were, last time i looked at that fucking science fuckin thing graph color dot distribution. Persians are certainly in the broader continental category of White, along with some Arabs and a whole bunch of others.

  24. “They will also have brothers and sisters, as White births are rebounding.”

    Births are counted by the mother’s race rather than the child’s race, possibly because it’s easier for the bean-counters if they cut corners that way. In 2015, it was 53.5%, but in 2016 they started to put mixed-race mothers in their own group rather than apportion them among the other races, bringing the white percentage down to 52.1% in 2016. The minority-white thing results when the child’s race is considered rather than the mother’s.

    That said, though, otherwise the white percentage was lowest in 2008, when it was 53.4%. What happened was a birth rate crash among Hispanics which actually caused the white percentage to go up to 54.3% in 2011.

    The good news is that white demographics are in fact improving. We went from having the lowest TFR of any group in 1990 (except Cubans) to now being higher than American Indians, Cubans, Asians, and Puerto Ricans. Mexicans went from 3 children per woman to 2 in the course of a few years. Blacks are still 6-7% higher than whites, but would likely drop to lower than us if we ever managed to cut off black immigration — which Trump has been trying to do with his targeting of chain migration, refugee resettlement, and the visa lottery. Married black women in fact have lower TFRs than married white women, I guess due to these Talented Tenth women adopting liberal Democrat procreation patterns.

  25. White skin isn’t enough to be a WN.

    “White” liberals are the best example. In fact, they are worse enemies than most minos, other than the jews.

    Roosh is pretty white…but is he loyal to the cause?

    The ultimate test of a WN is the ability to kill minos. That’s why our DAAs get such respect.

    It is the best way I know of to determine a man’s true beliefs. He can’t do it. He lacks the conviction necessary. To him, WN is a game, perhaps a way to gain hits or popularity.

  26. @Ryu

    Roosh recently wrote that he suspects the Left hates him so much because he’s been trying to help white men find mates, so there’s that.

  27. speaking of white births: i only have 2 kids, but i have 2 friends who have 5 EACH, and 1 who has 3… so far 😉
    let’s see where my younger brothers end up.

  28. Roosh’s dad is Persian, which DNA-wise is very White (the two others nations with whom Persians share the most genetic similarity are the Danish and the Italian—something you can see in their faces). Persians are also in some ways the original Aryans. Surely “Iran” is a derivative of “Aryan”?

    Roosh refers to his Armenian mom as “Middle-Eastern”.

    If we’re using the one-drop rule, Roosh isn’t White. If we don’t mind gray areas, he’s fairly White. At least as White as Southern Europeans whose lands stretch deep into the Mediterranean and have mixed somewhat over the centuries with North African blood.

  29. Roosh is an anti-white (S)upremacist and so the argument over his relative-“whiteness” is alt-rite subterfuge in the service of anti-wS.

  30. Ugh, bad pronoun placement in my last comment. What I meant was that Persians, with their high cheekbones and arched eyebrows, plus thick dark hair and olive complexion, look like a cross between Danes and Italians.

    Also, FWIW, Arabs and Persians share nothing but Islam and kebabs. They are different peoples with different ancestors. Arabs are Semitic, coming as do the Jews through Abraham/Ibrahim.

  31. The Left hates anything that moves Right.

    To move Right just is to move towards wS where white man is concerned.

    This puts the Rooshes of the world in a very precarious position.

    He can’t go all the way to wS…

    And the Left will never forgive him for edging even a nanometer to the Right.

  32. Yeah, the grey area of European skin and facial structure with black hair and black eyes “passes” when such a person is rare. When that becomes majority phenotype though, it starts to feel foreign.

  33. Thordaddy, you used to write that WN was de-facto homo because it is a sausage-fest.

    Do you still feel that way?

  34. Roosh has nothing to add to the alt-canon that is “Female Agency: The Illusion.”

    The “debate” amongst alt-writers is actually an oh-so-subtle narrative questioning the God-ordained free will possessed by the white woman.

    If it can be conclusively argued that white woman does not possess God-ordained free will then it can be conclusively claimed that the white (S)upremacist does not exist.

    Ergo, Jewish anti-white (S)upremacy IS MADNESS unless white woman possesses God-inspired agency?

  35. The continental level race groups put Arabs and Jews in the White category. Persians are neither Arabs nor Jews; they are one of a few non-European groups (and probably the largest of said) that might have a case for being White.

    That’s some old hat HBD and borderline spergery; but those basics need not be avoided.

    My opinion is neither here nor there, but I would be inclined toward inclusion for those borderlines who have bona fide American background and loyalties.

    In the case of Roosh, I bring him up to solicit opinions on the specific question of whether his phenotype would qualify as White American.

    And further, on the question of how his work, mostly online but in toto — weighs on that question.

    To repeat my opinion on the first question: he would qualify about on the level of Al Pacino, but less than John Travolta.

  36. Ryu…

    When I say that “wn” is de facto homo, what I meme is that “wn” possesses no ordered sexuality upon which a white nation could possibly perpetuate. Therefore, the only manner in which “wn” could survive is parasitically.

    This is clearly a fatal flaw.

    The flaw of anti-white (S)upremacy.

  37. PA, check this out for a laugh; it sort of a ‘shit-lib’ pondering of ‘white privilege’ the way many a ‘shitlord’ would ponder aloud for reasons of satire:

  38. This morning’s comment is simply a look back at the link above,

    In my initial read of that subthread, I mistook the handle of “Captainchaos” and read it as Captain Obvious.

    “Captainchaos” sounds familiar from somewhere long ago. Majority Rights, probably.

    Bowery puts down the rules of Natural Duel at the link.

    One interesting part of it, is that the two can only emerge alive “back from the island” under this one condition:

    When two return alive one shall forever be shielded by the other. The relationship must be announced jointly by them before they are permitted to leave the combat ground. Two are not permitted to return alive if one has been permanently disabled or disfigured by his opponent.

    Does a nasty face scar count as permanently disfigured?

    Perhaps if his nose is cut off, but how about an earlobe?

  39. The other random comment — sorry PA — is that what a stupid football game the Vikings had. So they won it in the last play, but only on account of a dumb nog on the other side completely missing his tackle.

    And that complete miss isn’t even up for debate. He totally missed that play like he had an iq of 50 or something. Those guys, as part of their job, have to know some basics about playing smart.

    Serves em right.

    Back in college, the first week of freshman year at the dorm room co-ed intramural softball game, I fielded an infield hit but “missed” the play by throwing the ball to the wrong base or something, and this hard-on who was by his own account “a great athlete in high school” got on my ass for it. I responded all alpha and shut him down, let him know that I was willing to go to the mat if he didn’t LTFU.

    That guy’s name was Oswaldt, and he had a bad case of alcoholism. Not sure when slash if he failed out, but it is a likely bet. A bad case of acne, and willing to fuck anything. He was though, a great athlete — one of several “great athletes in high school” on our very floor.

    I don’t even exaggerate to say that nearly half the guys on the floor were “great athletes in high school” and several had been voted “most athletic in their class”.

  40. I’ve made that joke a hundred times and yeah it’s Boom X posting, but looking back it’s like wtf was going on?

    All these “great athletes in high school” and they got nothing better to do, than to tell you about it.

    That’s the onion of it. That they weren’t using their very real talents in such a way that they didn’t have to tell you about it. God knows those guys were great athletes in high school.

  41. The highlight of my college career was delivering pizzas. I was a superstar pizza delivery guy. It was in fact, challenging and competitive and requiring intelligence and skill. To deliver pizzas at that level in a college town, make 60 or a 100 bux per night, when the average tip was hardly a dollar.

    Old Alex Linder would always emphasize the “tragedy” of college, is that’s the time in a “young man’s life” when his physical energy is at its peak.

    You go to classes, study, play sports for three hours, and then drink a case of beer. And the next morning you’re ok?

    Jesus, try that now.

    Utterly unstructured and un-supervised waste of time. Young men at that age might could take a four-year vacation on the ranch or on the farm and learn a million useful things — but that would be too obvious a solution.

    There was a guy at “my college” who was an exact coeval and he took some LSD and jumped out his seventh floor window. And died.

    The thing about him was his dad was a famous local columnist of some long standing, back at the TC homefront. What an awful thing that was.

  42. Oswaldt and I went on to become high-level partiers. What a crazy (stupid) scene. I wanted to drop out but didn’t have the balls to do it.

    The people I hung around were all heavy “partiers”. Many of them dropped out and those who graduated did so with less than honors. Like i say, totally aimless and unstructured. I took a music appreciation class, for god’s sake.

  43. One other random memory.

    Russian Literature 201: Twentieth Century

    The final exam was as simple as reading 7 or 10 passages which were excerpts from the novels on the syllabus, the only one of which I remember now is Zamyatin and the other one with a cat on the cover (the most famous one).

    That was it, that was the final exam. A 10-point mix and match. There was a term paper that went along with it to determine final grade.

    But I had read the books, and it took me literally one minute to mix and match em correctly, and I got up and went up to the professor standing at the back of the hall, and handed my “work” to him. And stood there and talked for a minute, as the rest of the hundred or so students made their best guesses, and during which extra minute or two none completed their test. They sat there like monkeys.

    Probably not ten of them had the books.

  44. It occurs to me now, and for the first time, that on the part of the professor — it was a brilliant way to determine who had read the books on the syllabus, and who had not.

    Kudos to him. He was a Russian guy with a sense of humor. One of the books describes a famous passage where the hero is some “stud” who sings in the shower. The hero of the book is a consciousless Soviet man; an ethnic Russian who succeeds brilliantly under their system.

    But our professor made some good jokes about the hero’s endowment, which was a part of the story. The hero of that system had going for him a big dick (if not much else).

    Others who are more current on their 20th century Russian literature will know that book, it’s not obscure. I’m just geezering the title.

  45. Cat on the cover… “Master and Margarita”?

    The conscienceless Soviet man reminded me of Gletkin from Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.” (Not Russian lit though).

  46. What did you learn at those parties, Elk?

    Partying has value, if one learns about people or gets laid. Many whites who did not party at all in HS or Uni regret it.

  47. I’m not sure how Elk’s link does not go to exactly what eye alt-rite.

    There is the instinctual remnant of “white (s)upremacy” engulfed by the modern trepidation for a near certain homo-racial hate rape for those white boys failing to win their duel or get caught in doing so.

    White boys shouldn’t die because they’ve lost a “duel” (or won, but got caught) to a nigger if the nigger should have never been here in the first place.

    “Duels” seem best suited for white men vying for the same white beauty with a mutually unaccommodating intensity.

  48. “Duels” seem best suited for white men vying for the same white beauty with a mutually unaccommodating intensity.

    Good point.

    I said as much upthread, by specifying that (i thought) Natural Duel to be more-or-less entirely intra societal.

    The way it is presented by Bowery at the link, is not entirely within an intra-society framework.

  49. If anyone reading this ever gets momentarily set back by the inter versus intra distinction and has to think back to his “I was a great athlete in high school” glory days and set about to himself clarifying with memories of intramural basketball? know this — you’re not alone.

  50. Wasn’t familiar with Bowery, and that was well written fiction. One of the story’s many plusses is a plausible Alpha protagonist, rather than a caricature of one.

    Offering a duel to a welfare beggar / ward of an illegitimate state / grinning ape that’s groping on three whores — is wrong. You don’t duel it, you cut its throat.

    Paying visits to policemen later… that was good, and developed well.

    The story does end on “to be continued…”

  51. It is indeed a good story. What interesting times we live in, that mild-mannered men are waking up to the reality of the Brown Plague.

    Imagine the movie “Falling Down” but where it’s the incompetence of LaQueefa, the indolence of José, and the insolence of Rashid that drives our avatar/protagonist to Be The Change.

  52. “Falling Down” was interesting for its time. It was strange in that it articulated White discontent but then neutered it.

    Every negro in it was numinous, on down to a ghetto kid who for inexplicable reason knew how to operate an anti-tank weapon (this was before Call of Duty). The estranged wife, as it turned out in the end, had reasonable grounds for the frivorce. And should you actually act on your grievances… well, you saw what is done to crazy nahzee pawn shop owners.

    Notably though, and just as with “Breaking Bad” decades later, Mexicans were sacrificed as a class of people with no redeeming qualities.

    You know what they say, write your own stories. If interested, I wrote a long one once:


    It is a Hillary win cautionary epic, written prior to the election.

  53. IT’s HAPPENING!!!!!


    (Sorry I would hyperlink but posting from my phone)

    Glad to see Trump playing hardball. These California moonbats are not used to us calling them on their bullshit. They are too busy #MeTooing from their awards shows and shoving all manner of kikey degenerate garbage and porn onto the rest of the country to notice that they are way out of step with the rest of the populace. The truth is their entire economy is propped up by illegal migrant labor and all the negative externalities are pushed off onto the middle class while the 1% who benefits from this arrangement morally grandstands about muh diversity. I think deep down your typical Californian shitlib knows this and secretly wants daddy trump to restore some semblance of order to their state. How do you discipline an unruly child? You back up your threats with swift consequences. The kid will scream and cry for a bit, but will quickly realize she is powerless and submit to authority. After that comes respect and gratitude.

  54. Fantastic, MGE. People who black pill and are impatient with Trump (elsewhere, not here) should always take a breath and wait when things seem slow or Trump plays possum.

  55. I found a bugwoman, via Slate Star Codex of course. Start reading here:

    Life path: Fundie childhood / rebellion / camgirl (of course!) / San Francisco startup.

    Seems like an intelligent, possibly even nice girl and yet … yikes, the abyss of detached nihilism behind that reasonable smile. In other words, a prime specimen of the more unusual female.

    Better start thinking about your _upremacy.

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