“Perfection is real, and can be seen”

Josh1476 writes:

I’m thankful for Thordaddy’s dialectic. I’m [new] to WN, just about 6 months now, but I can sense my understanding of Our Cause much better with my mulling over wS. TD is most definitely hard to understand, but does that have to be his fault? Perhaps his IQ is so high that it is difficult for him to come down here to our level? And he still sometimes does explain his seemingly autistic expressions, even if poorly, it is always in good faith.

There is another commenter in the sphere who usilizes his own dialect and style of prose, gunslingergregi. He is a Salt-of-the-Earth Hero around these parts. I have a lot of respect for men like William Shakespeare who help Create the language rather than just follow everyone elses rules, whereby those people are also creating the language and it’s rules, but rather by authority instead of Divine Creativity.

Thordaddy has been around for years, most people are familiar with his enigmatic commentary. You never really know who is who behind his screen name, so you take him on face value. Prophet? Troll? I went into the WordPress dashboard yesterday and pulled up all of his comments on this blog in spreadsheet format… all 2,668 of them and skimmed through them. It was like when you pull away from a bunch of pixels to see a coherent picture, and in that body of Thordaddy’s commentary, I saw a man with something to say.

He and I have butted heads, which I suspect is something he’s used to. But I’ve also invariably expressed my respect for him. In part because of glimpses into his life he’s provided, such as this one:

PA… I was recruited as a quarterback… Then went to FS [free safety -ed.]. The drill was old-school one-on-one, ball carrier and tackler amongst our defense. The ordering was random and so I would, as a FORMER red-shirt freshman QB turned FS, frequently tandem with a DL and execute the very scenario I outlined. I ran the ball to hurt people rather than juke them. But I also wanted to get on the field as a “preferred walk-on” and smashing people was the most obviously NATURAL manner in which to do that.

And this one:

I was a preferred walk-on QB for what was at the time a lowly DIV I university.

I ONLY PLAYED FOUR GAMES at QB my senior year. New coach. New offense. “We” were a 1-9 DIV I highschool team.

And I was the best raw athlete of the 5-6 QBs we had when I was a redshirt freshman on paper and the field. But I was not cerebral about the game at all. And certainly apolitical about the whole affair.

I went to FS the next season.

I could dunk in one step with two hands… Easily.

I bulldozed 275lb-315lb d-lineman in the basic old school line-n-up… I ALWAYS TOLD THEM FIRST WHICH DIRECTION I WAS RUNNING… They knew a train was coming and exactly where we’d meet.

And it was there that a “black” senior who did a little stint in the NFL said, “Watch out for this one…”

He glimpsed wS in me before I glimpsed wS in me. Thanks Jason.

Ryu comments:

You will learn a certain admiration for TD in time […] One MUST be thick-headed to be a WN and take on ZOG. The recognition is coming that the white race was at its best under Christianity. Jesus is the perfect, sinless man TD is talking about. Perfection is real, and can be seen.

Ryu also links to the video below. It seems that when Thordaddy talks about Perfection, this depiction of Jesus illustrates his point:


53 thoughts on ““Perfection is real, and can be seen”

  1. If I remember right, I first read his comments on Firepower’s blog, which I found out about due to Advocatus Diaboli, which may or may not still be around.
    At first it seemed like atonal music, just kind of random, with phrases that made sense scattered about, but it has sense to it if you are patient. His thoughts on “self-annhialation” is very thought-provoking.

  2. Perfection is real in the sense that Platonic non-physical formations are real. Something to somehow aim at, compare to. There is probably no perfection without risk.

    Risk raises perfection’s bar, and the reverse. I read TD as being rather street smart, and harboring heavy concepts/ideation that don’t easily lend themselves to the common world of words. A pamphlet or brochure is probably in order to illustrate the points in full. The wS thing hits home w/ me, and evokes all kinds of parallel ideas, in art and in life.

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  4. I skip comments by [t]hordaddy… — Social Justice Esquire

    In a cryptocurrent context, this ^^^ “input” is a given… Constant… Essentially valueless. A known “output.” A mere matter of computation. From an information warfare perspective, the data craved is meta. “Why?” do you skip? And hop… And jump?

    As a profiler, I suggest there is an aversion for objective (S)upremacy and DESIRE for self-annihilation?

    Your turn.

  5. I must say that a lesser man would have quit long ago. TD has put up with more criticism than almost any other WN.

    I have seen perfection in real life for very short periods, and have been perfect for a few hours in “certain fields.” But to be perfect for 33 years is a true accomplishment.

    The more advanced the material, the smaller the audience. That’s why few understand him.

    For a time, I was obsessed with finding perfection in movies. You can, with practice, see the best that a person can produce in their lifetime. A man or woman might be perfect for a few instants. Sports are like this also and some books.

    I think of [AB] and his mission. It took him 10 years of his life to achieve that few hours. After that, he was spent and returned to Earth.

  6. TD’s work reminds of another WN, Tex Arcane.

    Seems like Tex got shut down hard. He didn’t see a quiet death for Murka (or the KWA, short for Kwanistan, as he put it).

    He thought Murka had too much hubris. Debt leading to an apocalyptic nuclear war with Russia and China. First, decaying empires die internally, then the external enemies start coming in.

    I think ((( they))) would rather “shut it down” the whole world, than lose their power. They would prefer to annihilate all life on Earth, rather than allow white racial consciousness to take over. Tex says only those who have access to vaults or underground bunkers will survive. The next WW will be over fast, the hard part will be the aftermath.

  7. On comment I need to make – Thordaddy’s comments are also informed by a bunch of time that he has spent being a bouncer or manager in the restaurant/nightclub business. This is very important to remember.

    For my part, I am (of course) a 100% white-looking half-Asian military baby who grew up around supremely staunch conservatives in Marine Corps/law enforcement – these are people to whom the alt-right message is just natural. We “got the message” before the alt-right even knew what it was all about.

    But you learn a lot about people when they are at their most comfortable, most secure, most social and most drunk. At that point they will entertain all sorts of stupidity that they never would in more serious times. It’s important to read Thordaddy as someone who is extremely wise in the ways of the social world here in the USA of 2017.

    And Thordaddy does have a slightly arcane writing style but I don’t know if message could be delivered rightly by someone else or by other means — and his writing is a warning bell that lays down the gauntlet and says that whites should NOT accept the modes of thinking and memes that the mainstream media has been using to poison core America for nearly 4 decades.

    @Thordaddy – keep getting it done

    @ rickin’ – drop the passing envy — you’re way taller than me, after all. hahahahahaha

  8. Both GG and TD are comments I always read. GG is actually inspiring in a way and TD has much better insights than the vast majority. He should make his own blog. He and Gunslinger Greg both are enigmatic but those with truly something to say often are, though TD is more philosophy and GG is more “literary,” if that makes sense.

    Ryu- are you talking about the “Samson Option?”
    That’s some scary stuff. It’s one thing to nuke the Arab state that is invading you, but to hit Rome, London, Moscow, and other cities just out of spite is a frightening proposal. At the same time, they have to survive. Wish they understood that applies to us, also.

  9. America has a tradition of anti-intellectualism. And that’s a good thing.

    In my estimation, philosophy has no value beyond its application, and that requires comprehensible.

    If someone wants to say Be your best? well them there’s three words that gets to the point.

  10. If people find thordaddy’s “philosophy” posts compelling — then that is itself applicability.

    I would say that though they have a basis in worthwhile themes, that they are a struggling form.

    Standardized forms of communications, are the best forms of communication. Unless you are James Joyce (and look at how it worked out for him) you should stick to what others recognize.

    When I began my commenting career, under this handle, I used some goofy stylings but eventually realize that it was pretentious. The point of any writer is always clarity. That is what it’s all about. That is the only point.

  11. “If someone wants to say Be your best? well them there’s three words.” that gets to the point.

    The Army used to have a saying: Be All You Can Be

    How is thordaddy’s wS different from that?

  12. I have thought about thordaddy’s criticism of the expressed philosophy in my commenting here, which criticism was that Elk wasn’t working from a conception of human perfection. (The exact criticism is on a recent thread, if it’s necessary to check against my recollected summary.)

    My response to that, is that a better starting point (than that), is — to what extent can human perfection even be conceived?

    To what extent can human perfection be conceived? and further, what is the form in which such conception ought be expressed.

    Any complex field of human endeavor might be an allowable form for such expression; the most complex form of all being life; and the more complex form than that being life and death; and the more complex form than that being the matrix that allows for it.

    The written word including its exchange on the Blogs, can be considered a part of the Humanities; most usually criticism.

  13. I also don’t fully understand Perfection, other than as an abstraction like Each Pond Gone points out, or as a performance-based peak state of being like Ryu says, which is downstream of the thing itself.

    That clip from Ben Hur helps illustrate it though. It shows how something innate to Son of God’s presence as a mere man freezes the Centurion. Jesus wasn’t doing anything, he just looked at him and that purity or perfection or sinlessness behind his eyes moved a proverbial mountain.

  14. — For my part, I am (of course) a 100% white-looking

    I picture you as a clean-cut Dave Grohl, who I surmise has some Tatar ancestry on his Slovak side, as did Charles Bronson.

  15. Sometime, I will have to watch all of Ben Hur.

    It is telling however, that the Jesus scene there was made in 1959. Such a movie could not be made today, anywhere, for any price. The human quality has fallen too far. The naked ability of human beings, without technology, has markedly decreased.

  16. “Being your best” and “striving toward (S)upremacy” are not synonymous within the context of the ZOGeist.

  17. My criticism of Elk is very plain vanilla…

    He is a high IQ “white” self-annihilator.

    And he shall be mired in this self-inflicted milieu to the degree (acuteness) and extent (duration) that he refuses to put his mind on objective (S)upremacy, ie., (P)erfection.

    This is not a critique that one can simply shoo away.

    It is a critique of the very individuals (high IQ “white” males) most accountable for a fall of their civilization.

  18. In the liberated lexicon of the ZOGeist:

    Supremacy = degeneracy…

    Such that…

    white (s)upremacy = white degeneracy.

    This is where a white boy getting “race real” STARTS his journey.

    The fallacy stares him rite in the face and he must be determined to “see” the countervailing truth and act out of this conviction.

  19. Alt-rite starting point is anti-egalitarian.

    Ergo, “universal equality” is false.

    All the smartest “whites” are using their brains towards technologies AIMED at realizing “universal equality.”

    The flaw is quite obvious.

    “Universal Equality” IS NOT a metaphysical claim, and as such, a voided aim.

    Therefore, their thirst for white boy’s “metadata” is with devilish intent.

  20. Someone please help. I tried to read that article I just cited above and got sick to my stomach very early, it seemed to me that the writer was making some attempt to stick it to straight males politically for lacking desire to copulate with trannies. Today’s it’s an article musing on it, in 10 years with liberals back in control of Washington DC it’s public shaming and losing your job if you don’t pay lip service to finding trannies perfectly bangable.

    But someone please read that and just tell me I’m wrong and paranoid.

  21. Camlost…

    Search for Mark Richardson’s “autonomy theory.”

    He saw this coming a decade ago…

    In HBD terms, straight white male is even more rare than formerly thought.

    Mr. Richardson’s shortcoming is two-fold.

    He refuses to “see” radical autonomy theory as the next obvious “progression.”

    And he won’t re-interpret homo* in deference to patriarchal order.

    *Under “universal equality,” homo=same=EXACT SAME=self**.

    **The future is now. Filthy rich homo-sexuals can possess sexbot clones. Radical sexual autonomy.

  22. To those who doubt our friend gunslinger’s bona fides, allow me to direct you to the hilarious barrage of Lewis Carroll-type comments he left when I cut/pasted to the chateau an email to my Congressman that got out of hand.

    I snorted with glee as gunslinger pedantically challenged my spellings and grammars, demanded citations, put in historical asides, and suggested I print up a boxed set and mail it in lolzolzlzolzlz

    It’s all in high style and holiday humor, an honor for me to read, and should serve as clear demonstration of the vast mental power behind the hero’s musings of our fabled gunslinger.

    Quote: “you can’t one up him on truth
    if true
    it just is
    the president spoke the truth”


  23. I also opened that article but as soon as I saw the author’s flippant tone I closed it. Frankly, unless the Left has a Bolshevik-to-Brezhnev conversion, I don’t see Democrats’ return to power without war. They consider Trump’s presidency to be a White coup and if given a chance, they’ll make sure it will never happen again.

    Just read their tweets.

    Trump knows this.

  24. I consider some poor guy getting fooled into midnight grappling with a tranny to be an excellent example of regret rape of males.

  25. To those who doubt our friend gunslinger’s bona fides

    I have followed that website for a long time, and have no problem believing in the far-out personas that some people present, within the usual bounds of fish-story exaggeration.

    That said, I am skeptical that anyone ever has bench pressed 225 lbs fifty times. And it’s possible i am misremembering that detail and if so, my bad — but that’s what Mr Gunslinger said in one of his comments!

    However — Somebody has to be at the top of the pyramid.

    Which fact is a great theme of the book Blood Meridian. There is an apex pyramid structure to human groups wherever they may be. And every sub group, and every group in total, will have its man at the top.

    This guy at work was recollecting the local legends, the “greats” with whom he had gone to school. There is one baseball player who is very famous, so famous that fans of that sport would be able to guess who. But there was another guy was “360 lbs and all muscle” who (so he says) won the state heavyweight wrestling title four years in a row.

    Skeptical of four years in a row. Maybe two, or three.. Though it would be easy enough to check facts. Wrestling in the this state is along with Iowa and Pennsylvania and Ohio, and top-tier sport. Higher than football, for instance. Or at least it was back then.

    Is it possible that someone was 360 lbs and all muscle, in high school no less?

    People are definitely smaller now. T-levels are of course closely tied into that.

    If we had real “social scientists” they would be looking into that data and those questions.

    I think that there are epigenetic triggers for robustness and strong jaws that are activated in more natural, more wild habitats — and crucial to those triggers is better sex; and which triggers are not activated in the dull suburbs and city living.

    Such speculation is totally beyond my pay grade, as I have no science. But what’s the motherfucking explanation for looking at the year books from 30 years ago, versus today? A more pedestrian explanation is that the hardier people simply are no longer living in the suburbs and the cities.

  26. A lot of people get a misimpression of White people by the fact that they don’t see them in the countryside, where they are very strong and robust. And not beaten into submission by this cityfied living.

    I know that people are wrecked everywhere days, but there’s something to the fact that this citified social environment requires a certain submission to it.

    For a long time in my commenting career, that was a theme, out of my own life experience. Which theme is very obvious, but no one seemed to be making it clearly enough. Which theme is quite simply that

    Any One Life Story is a Fractal of Its Group’s

    That axiom can be elaborated and clarified, but that’s the basic point.

    So when White people are conceding and conceding — well that has an effect on the health of its individual Whites.

    This stuff seems very obvious. Now. But at the time, people were wondering about the White Death and trying to place it in context.

    For what its worth, I would say my commenting expresses that idea fairly much at the forefront. As a beat down White person, I know of whence I speak. And also having the humility to acknowledge it.

  27. “So when White people are conceding and conceding — well that has an effect on the health of its individual Whites.”

    Now in the Trump we are supposedly winning.

    The Trump Effect is real of course. I am no black pill faggot.

    I do think that lifting weights is gay though. Do you think Hardscrabble Farmer lifts weights? I don’t follow him anymore, now that he long ago left the blogs and went on his personal way. But is it not the case that he was the best man?

    And not to drag him into it (which is embarrassing for everyone, hahaha) — but the point remains. Better men come up with better more challenging ways to spend their limited time and energy.

    Unless your adventure trade is Fighter, in which case i suppose you have train with weights.

  28. Just buy a summer house and maintain it by yourself (no cheating with latinx workers, though you’re permitted to use neighbours and family) and you will become lean and mean as if by magic.

  29. I do think that lifting weights is gay though. — Elk

    And as a result of this belief, your actual muscles will have degenerated more rapidly giving you less command over your skeletal structure. The negative psychological effect is a given.

    The belief is truly self-annihilating.

    That you use the word “gay” as opposed to “homo” is ALSO an indication of a self-annihilating ethos BY WAY of political correctness.

    Your belief literally translates into:

    “Lifting weights is self-annihilating.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong on the basic mechanics.

    Just some food for thought, Elk.

  30. Glengarry…

    To be perfect is to will ALL Right.

    This is not an elusive meme.

    The English language DEMANDS Capitalization. Some words are greater than others even where a dulled mass “see” something inversely synonymous.

    (G)od > (g)od…

    This is basic computational English.

    (P)erfection > (p)erfection…

    Rudimentary logic.

    (S)upremacy > (s)upremacy…

    Incarnated racial realism.

    “Credit where credit is due” demands sound Capitalization.

    Perpetuation is “break even.”

    If you will all Right as a self-aware white man then you are the stuff of white (S)upremacy.

  31. Homosexuals have clearly used the phenomenon of “lifting weights” to countervail the muscle degenerating effects of a homosexual lifestyle. And with the AIDS narrative came ELITE ACCESS to the best of “performance enhancement drugs” for a large swath of homosexuals.

    Ergo, Jack Donovan.

  32. PA…

    If “we” show no respect for Capitalization amongst ourselves and refuse to utilize our liberated English versus their liberated English then we shall have abandoned and forfeited the mind war whole stop.

    When the enemy pens “white (s)upremacy” while slimultaneously referencing white (S)upremacy, his is an act of ideologically-driven degradation and diminishment of the best of white man.

    It is ALSO the enemy’s DISRESPECT for Capitalization and so an inherent attack on the English language. An attack on our very ability to communicate with each other as high-minded white men.

    The attacks have been methodically executed with ample examples of stunning social destruction.

  33. One decides what work best for him, though I’m with thordaddy on lifting. A sedentary job requires it. I recently stopped biking due to a change in circumstances (not health) and found myself needing to do the dread gym cardio at least twice a week and increase lifting to be in top mental form.

  34. — The point of any writer is always clarity. That is what it’s all about. That is the only point. (Elk)

    Yes, very much this. I’ll add, that abstraction should be reinforced by examples, such as stories. Jesus accompanied His instruction with parables. It’s no accident that I featured thordaddy’s experience-anecdotes in the main post, not the theoretical comments. I’ve learned from those stories.

  35. @ PA – with that tranny article I posted doesn’t it also seem that the writer is absolutely basking in the ability to pester and hound straight men in 2017? It wasn’t so much a serious article about policy or social mores as much as it was a way of just reveling in the newfound attention – all you have to do is make any weak claim that you are being oppressed and that gives gays or LGBT’s the megaphone.

    It’s like a gay man making jokes and shaking his rear and flirting with men he knows aren’t interested and saying “oh I know you want this” – with the knowledge that if you were to punch him in the face like he deserves you’d get hit with a hate crime charge and a long sentence.

    It really was taunting and teasing, and this is just the beginning for this type of thing.

  36. Camlost, that article is the apotheosis of liberalism, a forced equality among unequals. Obama’s second term is when it all bubbled up. “Bake the fucking cake, you bigot!” That’s a mere difference in flavor, not substance, from “Integrate your schools, Little Rock!”

    There is a saying: when the cat’s away, the mice come out and play. Liberalism backed by the police state has hogtied this proverbial cat (people of good character), and encouraged every type of damaged, immoral, weak, poor character, slutty, lesser-race, gamma male, and degenerate to find his moment in the sun.

    (Instead, anyone’s moment in the sun ought to be grounded in humility and personal excellence.)

    Someone at CH commented about growing up in 1960s Australia, recalling guidos playing soccer on the beach in proximity to the families there, to annoy them. He noted that they like to push to see what they can get away with, a kind of impulse to “poke & retreat” or taunt one’s superiors, which you and I might not relate to. They did that until some Aussies threw one of them a beat-down.

  37. The famous blog troll Sylvio Silver was of that background: Guido Australian.

    I forget what was the slang was for those people then and there. Maybe it was “greaser Italian scum.” I always thought that had a nice ring to it.

    But memorably, their slang for the Anglo-derived Aussies was “cakes.”

  38. Silver’s self-proclaimed background was not Guido though: rather it was South Slav.

    To hear him tell it, back then there was something of a coalition in urban Aussieland, among the non-traditional, non-Anglo newcomers. It included South Slavs and Italians, and maybe to some degree Lebos.

    It is a familiar pattern. But hopefully one that can be avoided, in these our present circumstances.

  39. Speaking of fags acting out.

    I once saw a real scene (that really happened), in the public space of this our fair city.

    Which spectacle was so weird and funny and memorable and unbelievable, that I have been unable to tell about for knowing that I can never do it justice in a comment. It was literally I couldn’t believe it.

    This recollection will not do it justice. It would have to be recreated in a skit, and presented that way.

    But what happened was …

    At the local lakes is a pavilion and a cafe, with public space for the public to break bread together and look out at the water and sailboats on a summer day. Locals will know where exactly i mean.

    But then surprise! out of nowhere comes this guy sets down a boombox. He is dressed like a retarded fag going to exercise class. 40-ish and 50 lbs overweight. He looks not like a gay fitness buff, but more like a pill-popper — but hey, one trying to get his act together.

    So he turns on his radio, and fairly loud but not too loud, and (of course) it’s exercise music ala YMCA but not that tune. If there is a song that can be as bad as that song would be, then that’s the song that he played.

    And he proceeds to do an impassioned all out exercise dance. Well choreographed and precise. Not graceful or inspired or particularly talented. But actually choreographed and here’s the thing; with feeling.

    So that’s it. That’s the story.

  40. The coda to that story, is that — to the guy’s credit — at the end of the dance, he turned off the music, and the show was over!

    That locale is family friendly. Mostly upscale White woman and families with kids, and some sorry hard bitchy exercise cunts.

    And the perfect performance enhancer: Some of the women were compelled to clap or congratulate him on his performance. To say something to the effect, that was really nice!

    And he responded “in form” and appropriately, such as I have been working on it for awhile.


    Immediately thereafter I was bugged [bugged, ugh] by the question of whether or not the guy was doing his thing sincerely, or whether it was ironic (or whatever).

    Now I know that to consider such a performance, such a “presentation”, in terms of irony (or not) — is not the way to look at it. Like i say, it was about ten years ago. Pre peak poz, as it were.

    What would happen to such a fellow doing those sort of antics in Serbia or Russia.

  41. — What would happen to such a fellow doing those sort of antics in Serbia or Russia.

    What would happen to you at that lake had you done a rendition of “Dixie” while wearing a MAGA hat?

  42. Trying to remember what song it was, that he “featured.”

    It would be a better story with that detail! but alas.

    For purposes of recreation, let’s go with Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John. (Let’s Get Physical would be too over-the-top.)

  43. What I get from all of this is that we’ve forgotten our path leading to Perfection and have forgotten what has brought our civilization this far in the first place.
    What is objective Supremacy?
    It really is very very simple-
    God has laid instructions for us to follow in order to lead us to objective Supremacy. Can you attain this in this life? No. The point is you aim higher constantly, bc you will never be perfect, in this life. Without the constant need to better oneself then we would be perfectly content. But the Lord wants our contentment to be in Perfecting ourselves through Him, not of our own (a)ccord.
    And I paraphrase
    “Is perfection being the best you can be?”
    No the zog army does that right now and I’ve never seen a weaker group of mercenaries. I am a US Marine and I am proud of my accomplishments but rather dishonored by whom I served.
    The best you can Be is always less than Perfection- in this life.
    The point is that (((they))) want you to strive for your “best shot”.
    “I tried my best” ain’t good enough.
    Trying ain’t doing
    However it is warranted by whitePerfection that you do even better. Constantly

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