300th Post

After the euphoria of the 2016 election year and the rocky road that followed, it took work on everyone’s part to keep spirits high. We discovered that we’re in a long game, winning the election was just a step — albeit one of do-or-die significance.

October and November 2017 saw my all-time highest visitor and page-view stats. As always, I sincerely appreciate your reading, commenting, and linking. In return, I never make you read stuff you’ve already read elsewhere. Here are the ten posts of the most recent 100 to revisit, starting with the trilogy that reckons across generations:

We inhabitants of Diversityland will be regarded with the awe that historians reserve for survivors of civilization’s great dramas. Dispossession, Youth, Anger, Future:

Welcome to your exciting future, White teenager. No sarcasm: a corollary to valuing something you’ve lost is the fact that the depths of evil make the heights of good shine that much more brightly.

I don’t know anything about music but it’s my favorite blogging subject. Warszawskie Dzieci is about the nightmare of children in armed combat. I link to a contemporary performance of a beloved marching song and Laibach’s mind-blowing tribute. The post offers a few words on the relationship between an original song and its cover:

There are original forms and derivative tributes. The former are often simple, self-contained, and perfect. A creative tribute drinks the waters of the original. Classic forms inspire mannerist interpretations, and as such the cover-form offers tantalizing possibilities that can succeed spectacularly, revealing the compressed wealth of the simple original. At other times, the creative tribute misses the point or runs away with the artist’s ego, and fails.

Be A Lighthouse: a tribute to Ryan Landry, framed in heavier thoughts about our individual responsibilities.

Observations In New York City:

[A] woman is born with three choices: to be a wife, a nun, or a prostitute. The flaw of modernity is the fact that they try to be all three, to farcical effect.

Have you noticed a pattern in professional photos that show a man and woman in love? See if you know what I’m talking about in this example: Photos of Couples In Love

God Bless The USA: thoughts about my adoptive homeland one year after Donald Trump’s victory.

Europe, Rise From Your Knees!”:

As long as these Western people, in the privacy of their minds where there is no excuse for being a slave, consider their governments lawful and legitimate, they are kneeling… Getting off your knees would mean, first of all, that you open your eyes and see the evil that is staining your land.

What would be the next step in rising off your knees?

I don’t tell people to do anything I am not doing. But keep reading.

And No. 11, a word on love.

Open thread.



29 thoughts on “300th Post

  1. Recently discovered your site through Chateau Heartiste. Now I visit couple times a week. Just a regular middle class white man sick of the bullshit. Keep up the good work my friend.

  2. It is a good time to be a WN. Yet, I don’t think we’ll be celebrating when we finally win.

    The liberals are bent on destruction. They seem to want a nuclear war with Russia and China; Murka will lose badly. They would rather take everything down than surrender power.

    When that happens, we will busy just surviving. The ethnostate isn’t going to be fun. It will be ugly and alot of work. Almost like living in one of those bombed-out post WW2 cities full of rubble.

  3. BTW PA, I want to salute you.

    Other WNs are recognizing your name and your work. A reputation is a good thing to have. This will come in handy in the future.

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  5. That picture is from the Daily Stormer, and of our latest female hs Teacher of the Month poster girl.

    Not exactly a Van Halen video, but on the other hand, good enough to love?

    (The bitch was already on probation.)

  6. 300! This. Is. PA!!

    Congrats, senor. I remember when you had said you were going to get a blog started and here you are, 300 posts later.

    I know I’m one of those that tries to not go to extremes regarding how the Trump presidency is faring so far, and in doing so, it’s serving a greater purpose of being patient, being contemplative and biggest of all: withholding my tongue, as James puts it.

    MAGA’s influence is MMGA: making myself great again.

    Here’s to another 300!

  7. Not exactly a Van Halen video, but on the other hand, good enough to love?

    She’s gotta be lowest 10% by the standards of female teachers busted for “raping” a male student. “Naughty teachers” in the news tend to be thin, they trend very young (28 and below) and I think they’re noticeably above average in looks.

  8. A hearty congratulations to PA on his 300th post. I’m pretty sure I have read every single post, And I, among many others, am a richer man for it.

    Thank you as well for allowing me to post my silly, often alcohol-influenced comments. And thank you for providing a platform for the rogues gallery of other commenters here, as well as acting as a virtual bartender in this saloon of ideas.

    Right now I’m going to raise a glass for the next 300 posts.

    I’m also going to raise a glass for the ADL and SPLC interns monitoring this blog as well. Just kidding. Suck it!

  9. While I’m here I’d like to give an RIP to “Fast” Eddie Clark, guitarist for Motörhead’s best lineup.

    He joins Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, and of course Lemmy Kilmister, in Rock and Roll Heaven, where you know they’ve got a hell of a band.

    Go to 2:35 to hear his absolutely searing guitar solo:

  10. PA, congrats. Your writings have held a considerable influence in my general path as well. May 2018 bring luck & prosperity to you and the growing horde of readers taking in your assorted insights.

    I’ll mention that I happened to pick up a bit more Polish history recently, mostly by chance from older books, and am quite impressed from many angles. Keep on truckin’, and another “cheers” to another few hundred!

  11. She’s gotta be lowest 10% by the standards of female teachers busted for “raping” a male student.

    The bottom decile, as low as that?

    Her latest victim was 17 years old. She’s a real “predator.”

  12. I’ll mention that I happened to pick up a bit more Polish history

    Yo, when did Poland become awesome, anyway? When I was younger, Polack jokes abounded, and now they’re amongst the greatest nations of the West!

  13. Polish pride is all well and good, but you kind of can’t have it both ways. As in Polish pride while being in America.

    You can have some pride in it and such. But this isn’t Poland. You can’t be two places at once.

    A lot of White American ethnonationalist AR types online talk about going to Russia or Eastern Europe. Going there to live. Some of them do. Or at least their online accounts would make it seem so.

    For instance Weev right now is living in Byelo Russia. (It beats Nigeria, eh?)

    Someone said and i can’t remember who this was or where — said that that’s ok (to do), but that “you have to become Russian.”

    In other words, you can’t have it both ways.

    My background is Old American. I capitalize Old American because it’s a distinct ethnic type. It’s not Polish and it’s not Irish. There is Irish and German mixed into Old American, though.

  14. There are a ton of Russians in this shithole suburb. I have no idea why they would come here.

    I would occasionally talk to these people, and my favorite question was, Why ever would you move here?

    And as it was a question that was 100 per cent sincere, it got no good answers. Or rather the answers were predictable and inciting: they had moved here to make money. As rent seekers.

    In their defense, that is what America has been about for awhile now.

    It’s only suckers that have any other notions on it.

  15. Excellent article, Ryu. Observations of an American WN participating in the great Warsaw march, segueing into thoughts about Generation Zyklon.

  16. — And as it was a question that was 100 per cent sincere, it got no good answers. Or rather the answers were predictable and inciting: they had moved here to make money. As rent seekers.

    Nobody can have it all. They can live in Russia, Poland or wherever where credit is hard to get, money is tight, but you live on your own historic land (this is hard to understand until you lose it), your landscape, even the ugly parts, are congruent with your soul, people know you and there are expectations governing your behavior, and you have multigenerational ties with old friends and extended family.

    Or you can be lured by “freedom” and brag about your overleveraged mcmansion and late model minivan on facebook. There is a vulgar… empty strain among some economic migrants I can’t relate to. Admittedly, I gave this an uncharitable bias.

    And one generation’s decisions impact the next generation.

  17. I’m curious PA.

    Do you think your WN would be stronger or weaker if you’d remained in Poland and never came to Murka? Would you ever have woken up to the red pill?

  18. Hard to say, interesting to speculate though. Likewise, what if you were adopted by rich liberals at birth?

    My personality and moral compass would have been the same. I come from a patriotic Catholic background, with Armia Krajowa veteran grandparents and anti-Communist parents. People I know of my generation in Poland who are vocally leftist and pro-EU almost invariably have parents who were Communists prior to 1989.

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