Happy Christmas (inspired by J. Lennon)

Here’s my humble rewrite of John Lennon’s classic. “Rotherham,” as at some point I learned, is pronounced as a two-syllable ROTH’rm. Play the original record and sing along:

Happy Christmas, Sweden
Happy Christmas, Germany

So this is Christmas
In Nice and Cologne
An aching hangover
Dispossessed of our home

And so this is Christmas
In King Herod’s land
While Merkel sows evil
Mary cradles her Son

A very merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Let’s make it a good one
With lampposts and rope

And so this is Christmas
– snow is falling [backing chorus, with each verse onward]
Manchester and Rome
– Europe’s calling
Barcelona and Oslo
– Reconquista
The world is so wrong
– nah, ah, ah, now

And so happy Christmas
Are we ready to fight
For Dublin and Rotherham
In Stockholm tonight

A very merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Let’s make it a good one
With lampposts and rope

Praise God this Christmas
Helsinki, Lisbon
Berlin, and in Athens
New morning has begun

And so happy Christmas
I send you my love
Hold on to your dearest
May God rest John’s soul

A very merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Let’s make it a good one
With lampposts and rope

Snow is falling, Europe’s calling
na-ah, ah, now
Happy Christmas!


55 thoughts on “Happy Christmas (inspired by J. Lennon)

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  2. We were made for war, carved of it. War may be hell, yes, I’ve no doubt it’s worse than I can imagine. But try peace – peace while your nation is invaded. Try spiritual death. See how heavenly that is. No, I’ll take the trials, and I suspect the longer we put it off, the more hellish it will be. I just pray that I’m able to make it psychologically until I’m proved right. I know I will be.

  3. There is the pain of action and the pain of inaction.

    “Most” WNs now keenly feel the pain of inaction. Everyday, they get to see their nation, their women, and their condition worsen.

    The traditional way of the white male is to fight a problem head-on, not as a jew or a Muzz fights one. Many older and experienced WNs drop out, because of this issue.

  4. Aragorn was not above a song. As is well known, he sang at his coronation. Which was a nice touch, not in the source material. Inspired really. Kudos to Jackson and his advisors. Peter Jackson looks much better these days than does George Lucas, the latest meme of which him hanging out at the food court gets to go in the all time (meme) hall of fame. Though he looks pretty sad, to his credit he is not slouching there at the food court table with his diet coke.


    People are saying that Christmas is back because now Merry Christmas.

    I’ll believe it when i get a chorus of carolers at the door.

    Try and imagine caroling (as in doing it). Even as a lark or a joke, it would be very awkward.

    People, those who can sing songs and together are blessed. That is the number one sign of manifest community. To put it in sperg, the number one fractal representation of White gene living space.

  5. It’s a cliche but Christmas is depressing, for the very large proportion of people who don’t have families that live up to expectations or needs or whatever.

    Pretty much hardly anyone gets the Norman Rockwell painting.

    But there’s no denying that that ideal hangs over the holiday table.


    Without children, families are a disappointment. Without children, life is a disappointment, and it shows up in the holidays because everything is closed.

  6. “But there’s no denying that that [Norman Rockwell] ideal hangs over the holiday table.”

    That would be a great set-up for a skit. The holiday table re-enactment above which is hanging that picture.


    That’s the direction the online AR community needs to grow into, is real life drama (and comedy) re-enactment.

    The AR community either grows into more adult-themed creative endeavors, or it dies.

    As far as political activism, well that’s downstream from culture, right?

  7. Murdoch Murdoch targets Gen Zyklon and the “woke” of Milennials and Gen X. “He” regards everyone older than that as gone and over.

    Cartoons are the medium of those generations. We were raised by TV and internet. It’s why Geico and other companies use pets, animals or cartoons as spokesman.

    He’s no fan of the Greatest Gen. I feel as if I know him already.

  8. Drama with real people and real faces is more expressive by orders of magnitude.

    But to people who don’t know real faces, cartoons might be more effective on their limited capacity.

  9. The criticism is not aimed at Murdoch Murdoch. He has accomplished a lot. As does everyone who wins an audience in this competitive online world.

    But the medium of cartoons is limited, for one by the cartoon faces.

    Someone might respond that “you don’t get it” — maybe so — but then what’s to get?

  10. Murdoch Murdoch uses REAL FACES…

    And if physiognomy is real, “it” is actual at an instant.

    A picture of a face speaks a million words.

    What does elk look like?

  11. A picture of a face speaks a million words.

    A cartoon picture done up in a paint program in a hour or however long, does not rise to an inspiring level.

    The Sopranos it’s not.

    I’m sorry — read: not actually sorry — that some people are not getting this point, which shouldn’t need explained.

    But hey it’s the AR online, so what can one expect.

  12. You read like a fag that hasn’t actually watched any Murdoch Murdoch videos. I’ve watched two. I don’t watch cartoons, either. I have watched cartoons though in the company of my children. I also profile. For twenty plus years. Clearly, I do not need to see jew in action to know of your self-annihilating pathology. You’re a dark cloud with sliver slimings.

  13. thordaddy — As a rule, your comments are unreadable.

    So calling you autistic is not even an insult. It is simply a description.

    The concept that you are always on about, of self-annihilation, is simply the concept of dying rather than living — there is nothing original in it.

    Your ‘poetry’ reads as rap to a very simple meter. For better or worse. There is a market for that: niggers and wiggers. I don’t think it is worth the time to decipher.

  14. You read like a fag that hasn’t actually watched any Murdoch Murdoch videos. I’ve watched two. I don’t watch cartoons, either. I have watched cartoons though in the company of my children. I also profile. For twenty plus years. Clearly, I do not need to see jew in action to know of your self-annihilating pathology. You’re a dark cloud with sliver slimings.

    So you call names: a fag and a jew.

    That’s the level of your argumentation, and I am a fool to engage with such a witless wonder. Hahaha

    But I will repeat: Your autism online is a matter of public record. You have (literally) ten thousand posts to that effect. Nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine of them are insane and unreadable.

    ?PA is about the only blog where you are even tolerated.

    Every other blog you participate on, you are never responded to, at all.

    Let that sink in. Your efforts at communication: have utterly failed.

    Whereas mine, have not. The influence of my presentation and ideas, on this online blog world, is a million times greater than yours.

    You respond with vehemence to anyone who takes the slightest interest in your incoherence. Why is that?

  15. Also thordaddy, your trademark device of conflating homonyms, is childish and not clever.

    Intelligent people use standard English to communicate better, with people whom they respect.

    Whereas weirdos and autists try and come up with their own language, for some reason that no one understands.

    But here is your real problem is.

    It is that you don’t have a craft, and that you don’t work with your hands. Am I right, or am I right?

    Not very White. Not White at all.

  16. What percentage of thordaddy’s comments are read by intelligent eyes and closely, versus Suburban_elk’s?

    As if there is any doubt about who is purveying more clearly quality ideas, and questions and concerns, and with more force and more style. Hahahahaha

    Yeah I am being an asshole now, but thordaddy is on the level of a field mouse. It is only at the tolerance of his betters, that he is even allowed on the field.

  17. “What percentage of thordaddy’s comments are read by intelligent eyes and closely, versus Suburban_elk’s?”

    It is for the readers to decide, and it comes down to that question.

    Speaking for myself, i skip thordaddy’s comments almost always. I won’t involve other regulars, but over the years several have said the exact same thing.

    Give me a break.

    thordaddy expects his real life personality as a tough guy to carry weight, online. This isn’t a bodybuilders forum — and if it were, at least those guys are intelligent enough to acknowledge that they are gay. (It’s a joke, bud: get it.)

    Newsflash, pal: you’re only as good as your last post. And yours wasn’t much to begin with.

  18. Elk… Just keep spreading the word about your mangled manhood.

    And is “bouncing” a “craft of the hands?” Or did you have something more artistic in mind?

    What of “planting seeds?” Does one need hands for such a craft?

  19. The difference between you and I, “elk,” is that I’ve never been the underdog. And before you fancifully imagine how awesome that might be, you ought to think about how much “tolerance” you get for always being the underdog in your own mind?

    In other words…

    NO ONE… Online or IRL expects “elk” to fight for the white race.

    NO ONE…


    So that’s a cushy little position that you have crafted for yourself and you never even had to use your hands.

    You only use your >140 IQ.

    That’s pathetic.

  20. And is “bouncing” a “craft of the hands?” Or did you have something more artistic in mind?

    The application of violence which includes bouncing, is a trade. It is no craft.

  21. The point is, “elk,” is that whatever “handcrafting” you do, “it” is NOT DONE as an expression of white (S)upremacy.

    When people look at my face, {{{they}}} see one willing to fight for the white race.

    Don’t get your metrics twisted.

  22. TD’s work is very advanced, which is why so few can understand him.

    I get it now, and can translate. I’ll have a post on it in a few weeks. Maybe I too will promote White Supremacy, once I figure out if the perfect man wants us to actively destroy the enemy, or just let him decay naturally.

    What did you think of Murdoch-Murdoch, TD?

    I can see the man behind the show clearly. 40s+, white, male, in WN for at least 10-15 years. He knows the movement in and out.

  23. Is it merely a trivial point that no white man of significantly high IQ willingly SPEAKS OR WRITES publicly of his desire for (P)erfection? Or, God-forbid, narrates a virtual tale giving rise to the specter of a race of white men desiring objective (S)upremacy?

    High IQ “white men” willingly write about the ritual crime committed upon their infancy with the consent of their mother and nonetheless scoff at the idea of “perpetuating self-annihilation.”

    Where it counts, “elk,” all that matters is the above.

    I embrace white (S)upremacy.

    You embrace perpetual self-annihilation.

    I am not bearing false witness in regards to you.

    You are toeing the line of demonization.

    And it is because your main metric is junk.

  24. thordaddy, your comments speak for themselves.

    They are junk. Crap. Worthless.

    They appeal to online AR autists, if anyone at all.

    I thought my saying that above was a bit harsh — but it’s all true.

    You are unreadable, and your presence on this blog brings it down into a level that is embarrassing.

  25. This argument is exactly the retard olympics, where even (especially) winning is a testament to stupidity.

    So I will concede that point, that by talking with this tar baby , time and energy is a-wasting.


    The point is, “elk,” is that whatever “handcrafting” you do, “it” is NOT DONE as an expression of white (S)upremacy.

    This is a perfect example of your its retarded nonsense. He has no idea objectively, what would be the subject of its evaluation, and yet he is so eager to fit it into an obscure and pretentious dialectical framework. Yawn.

    People with any real and talent, use words sparingly and effectively. Thordaddy does neither.

    thordaddy you are not qualified to engage in conversation here. It is an embarrassment to anyone who would look into this blog as a representation of serious ideas or politics.

    I have called thordaddy a tar baby before, and that is that.

    Like a retarded autistic child, there is no end to his his want and needs.

  26. This blog has attracted its share of weirdos. I don’t know that I am the exception to the rule, or not.

    But for a long time the most frequent commenter was Nikcrit.

    And then it was thordaddy.

    At least Nikcrit was comprehensible. (for the most part)

    I have invested a lot of time here, and for a reason. That reason has not been to argue with retarded autistic tar babies.

    thordaddy, I would guess that your arc is that — you can’t grow up because you “peaked” in your mental powers a long time ago, and for some reason are stuck there, back at a time when your verbal felicity might have been impressive. But it never got disciplined, and now it is but sad and incontinent word salad.


    Without the use of comprehensible English, it’s a drag. That fact says it all, of course. But on the online autistic AR wants to be special or something, and what with purity spiraling, it allows for pretentious nonsense.

    I think i have avoided the pretentious nonsense, by qualifying my ideas and expressing them as clearly as I can. thordaddy does neither, which demonstrates some combination of lack of intelligence and lack of respect.

  27. There is a valid meta-point to be gleaned from this argument.

    The only time that thordaddy is remotely comprehensible, is when he is engaged in playing counselor to an adversary.

    His advice that a good way that this character of Suburban_elk might overcome his own grief and trauma of genital reduction aka circumcision — is to have a son and leave him as God would have, is of course exactly right.

    And that advice is hereby credited and acknowledged.


    However, it has to be noted that it only my efforts in exposing that trauma and shame — which trauma is not isolated to this one person, but on a collective level of White Americans and their fathers in the tens of millions — it is only within the domain of my work and efforts, that the character of thordaddy has anything to say that is comprehensible.

    So yes. Though it might be arrogant, it is probably fair to say that the only time thordaddy has contributed anything of value, has been in response to my situational presentation.

    Alone and unguided, he is lost.

    So of course, like any solipsist, he has it backward. He is contributing nothing without being shown how; without the framework provided by others who have awareness and perspective to present with clarity.

    I expect no acknowledgement of this rather obvious dynamic. If he were capable of the necessary perspective, it wouldn’t be as it is in the first place.

    Oh well. You’re welcome.

  28. It is of course a typical martyr’s dynamic.

    That narrative arc is featured in the story of Jesus and Frodo too. Some most give it up, so that others can keep it.

    And here it plays out as he who exposes his own grief and shame, for what was done him, and in an effort to make right, as being self-annihilating,

    It is what it is.

    In other words, jesus was a convincing self-annihilator. That was his story. He wouldn’t shut up, and look what happened to him.

    And it’s not what happened to him, that was a long time ago. It’s that his story is presented as heroic.

  29. WNs can develop a certain affinity for Jesus.

    Jesus was sent to save his people. Instead, they betrayed him to the authorities and crucified him, eventually killing him.

    WNs want to save their people. Their most common enemy is the average white – not the jew or mino. Often normies will dox WNs, destroying lives and careers.

    Many WNs have been martyred in a similar way. If crucifixion was still in fashion, it would be used against WNs. I understand Jesus in that way, very well.

  30. It would seem that thordaddy acknowledges that life is simpler, for less intelligent people.

    To fulfill his obligations, his duty, his dharma — all he has to do is lift weights and bounce? is what i take from his posts.

    That is a modest achievement, and each to his own.

    However, in the real world, in the same way that I have learned not to “get in the grillz” of larger and stronger primates, it would be becoming, could thordaddy use that simple lesson in other spheres of endeavor.

    However I will continue to beat him up, as long as necessary. Frankly it is fun, if a little on the easy.

  31. Elk…

    I don’t think yuu’ve ever beat anyone up?

    And you are certainly not adapted to withstand the kind of insults (or assaults) that I’ve been subjected to in 22 years of “bouncing” or fifteen years of “family life.”

    And you’ve probably never changed a single diaper.

    But you know “radical autonomy” and white (S)upremacy.

    And yet you know neither.

    Surely though, you are intelligent enough to understand that wS has nothing to do with niggers?

    Can you follow?

  32. it’s a relief to know that thordaddy isn’t just going over my head.

    merry christmas, pa. props for what you’ve built here over a couple of years. no small feat.

  33. Another thing I’ve noticed about so many of the high IQ “whites” (Vox, Lands, Elk, etc.) in the alt-rite (do you get this substitution, elk? You BOW TO A DIFFERENT RITUAL) is that they want to enjoy all the perks and stereotypical status of a grand intelligence and yet deceptively forsake all the responsibilities.


    You are Exhibit A.

    You want to talk about “scale…”


    Talk about the perfect scale*…

    You are the ham-crafted poseur.

    *The smarty-pants crowd says no such “thing” can actually exist. And then the smarty-pants crowd can’t see the ultimate consequence of this fatalistic BELIEF.

  34. Alex Sosa…

    You are diverting.

    Alt-rite IS BUILT UPON the idea of “going above” one’s OWN HEAD in order the see the zeitgeist IN WHOLE.

    If I talk about (P)erfection…

    And this goes over your head?

    That is YOUR FAULT.

    White man HAS A CONCEPT of objective (S)upremacy.

    The concept is scaled universally VIA The Perfect Man.

    “It” is infamously dog-whistled as “white (s)upremacy” and irredeemingly relativized to the nigger.

    And don’t expect Elk or Vox or Nick to help you to escape this psychological vortex.

  35. “Who is the greater fool, the fool or he who argues with him?”

    I forget where that line is from, but it seems appropriate.

  36. I’ve been in about twenty street fights, and lost most of them. Pretty much all of them, to be truthful.

    I got my ass beat pretty bad by the police, once. They might of used a baton or a taser, it was no love tap.

    I did knock some guy’s teeth out. He claimed it was teeth but witnesses said it may have been only one. Which issue was part of our informal settlement. 500 per tooth is how it was settled. That was overseas. Let me tell ya, the jails in Asia are no fun.

  37. It is refreshing to note a past willingness to fist fight… And depressing to note that you no longer seem to feel the obligation.

    The guilty culprit is your >140 IQ.

    I find this a quite magnanimous assertion.

    And I’ve never read your rebuttal?

  38. — But for a long time the most frequent commenter was Nikcrit.

    I still occasionally zap his passive-aggressive comments. Most recently, one was a bit of heavy breathing in the form of a question about White women’s alleged penchant for mixing. Another was an oh-so-“just inquiring” NYT link about Trump.

  39. What else is your >140 IQ guilty of, “elk?”

    First, “it” is guilty of rejecting your right to existence from the beginning, ie., your conception (and as a result, you feel no obligation to fight for your life anymore).


    Fortunately, there is no actual argument from you. So the “greatest fool” be damned.

    Your “metric” is perverted.

    And you have to come to grips with this truth.

  40. PA….

    I’m done for the night.

    Merry Christmas.

    — Thordaddy

    Same to you, Thordaddy. Hope you and all the other commenters had a good Christmas. Mine was merry and bright!

  41. Elk, your candor is appreciated, in this thread and in general. Easy for me to say, as I wasn’t its target. Some things ask to be aired. I agree with you a good deal. Thordaddy did himself credit with his replies.

  42. I’m thankful for Thordaddy’s dialectic.
    I’m knew to WN, just about 6 months now, but I can sense my understanding of Our Cause much better with my mulling over wS. TD is most definitely hard to understand, but does that have to be his fault? Perhaps his IQ is so high that it is difficult for him to come down here to our level? And he still sometimes does explain his seemingly autistic expressions, even if poorly, it is always in good faith.
    There is another commenter in the sphere who usilizes his own dialect and style of prose, gunslingergregi.
    He is a Salt-of-the-Earth Hero around these parts. I have a lot of respect for men like William Shakespeare who help Create the language rather than just follow everyone elses rules, whereby those people are also creating the language and it’s rules, but rather by authority instead of Divine Creativity.

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