The Things I Like In This Video

… as Dominic the Donkey brings Christmas cheer:

  • Paisans
  • Northeastern U.S. autumn
  • The flourish in the refrain
  • The architecture
  • The sports coat with jeans
  • Leaves everywhere
  • I can dance like that!
  • I can’t sing as well as that guy though
  • Mother Country words peppered in
  • The ‘stache
  • The amiable fat dude (every cool group has exactly one)
  • The city park and ‘hood
  • The derby cap
  • Christmas

60 thoughts on “The Things I Like In This Video

  1. There was a brief moment in U.S. culture, from about the mid-50s to the mid-60s, when Italian Americans had a powerful cultural presence, particularly in music. Sinatra, of course, was a demi-god, but there were many other overtly Italian acts: Louie Prima, Tony Bennett, Jerry Vale, Vic Damone, Dean Martin and more. They often peppered their songs with Italian, and even sang full Italian songs. This was when ghetto Italians were moving into the middle class in a big way. They even had presence in the early days of television, with Dean Martin and others being television staples. And the image wasn’t “Mafia.” It was Italians as boisterous, romantic, family-oriented (a million “Mama and Pappa” songs), lovers of food, etc.

    However, that other ethnic group that came to America by the boatload at the same time — oh you know (((who))) — were also at play, and they soon pushed the Italians out and by the 1970s the Jews had total control over the culture, which they retain to this day, and the kind of ersatz Italian music that had gained so much ground was essentially relegated to Vegas and the Italian Catskills. That was the last gasp of a European national group having a broad cultural presence in America (as Germans and Scandinavians and Irish had before them).

    After that, Italians in media were relegated to all-Mafia all the time, or to guido lunkheads like Vinnie Barbarino in “Welcome Back (((Kotter)))” or the dummies in “Saturday Night Fever.” And never again has a specific European culture been allowed to impact America. After all, there’s just no time left each year after producing another dozen Holocaust movies.

  2. It is telling that most of the real Christmas traditions come from the 60s, the peak of our civilization.

    For all the “progress” since then, no amount of money or technology can produce a better Charlie Brown Christmas or Its a Wonderful Life.

  3. Back when America believed in itself. And for that matter, the suburbs.

    It is tedious to reference Kunstler again, but credit where due it is his observation on the irony of It’s a Wonderful Life is that it was the hero’s life’s work was to give out mortgages to build out the suburbs. That was his noble calling and the tune of a wonderful life?

    So what made his life great was expending the resources and capital in such a way that left us with many of these problems that we have now.

    Which problems are a living arrangement that is not invigorating.

    A living arrangement which rather is deadening.

    Obviously life is a trade-off and balancing act, and it is jejune to suggest that we all go live in caves.

    Whatever. The problem is not the niggers and the jews, the problem is that we don’t know our place.

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  5. Regarding Saturday Night Fever.

    As suggested in Mr Ike’s comment, it is not genuine cinema, it is culture of critique.

    And perhaps available on Amazon; see how many minutes you can get through before you become gay.

    The Bee Gees were great though, and very not gay. Travolta on the other hand was a closet case “hidden in plain sight.”


    My god, that movie. It starts with Harry Gay Guido Libido [yeah i just made that up] getting out of bed in his underwear and dancing in front of the mirror with his go-to dance move the pelvic thrust, which he does in front of the mirror (in his undies), combing his hair.

    Next is the cliche of the stupid Italian household and the dumb (goy) Italian father, who was oddly cast as what’s-his-name (Harry something?), a famous and “critically acclaimed” guy who i don’t think is Italian.

    Peak culture of critique, it was. (though certainly we didn’t know that then)

    Younger readers may not know or recall — or care — that Saturday Night Fever was literally the greatest selling movie and album theretofore in the history of the world.

    Only to be followed up and topped by Grease.

  6. I will repeat my point about the Bee Gees though. They were very White. Very very very White, and Australian.

    And possessed of that Irish genie which is vigorous and can sing and dance.

    The opening scene in SN Fever is that one-and-only Bee Gees tune, what’s-it-called.

    And it is a great scene, of Travolta “walking” and it memed into existence the meme of “walking” which is what sexy tough guys (with enough swagger to) did — in Brooklyn.

    You could only do it in Brooklyn though. You can’t do that anywhere else in America, without getting your ass kicked.

    But it is somewhere between difficult and impossible to overstate the influence of that movie, and disco and Travolta, had on the culture.

    Everyone wanted to be able to dance like that. Except out in the country where they saw through it for what it was maybe.

  7. Apologies in advance for the off-topic into the story of Elk’s Diminished Expecations, but yeah i tried to be John Travolta.

    You see, they didn’t tell us that he was gay. We didn’t know any better.

    But on the real, the joke around here was that John Travolta was “the best dancer in the world”.

    And to ruin the joke by explaining it, that was his sobriquet: it was repeated as if an accomplished title. Me being a sperg figured that there was a committee and blah blah blah.


    But i think back on the people who said that about him, but have to ask why was it that they were looking for satisfaction to that Hairy Beast of an Italian, and not getting it in their own lives?

    They say that the answer to that question is a problem of Scale, but they are wrong — rather it is a problem of Aesthetics.

    We are not creating an Environment in which we live satisfying and invigorating lives, and it’s not the scale of it that is the problem.

  8. John Travola WAS a good dancer, around 1980.

    He was real pretty, but he had “swag” as the blacks call it. Alot of white players / PUAs have it. It’s a good thing if you can pull it off.

    Most white men don’t have it now. I don’t mind if a WN has a little “mary” in him. I just watched a clip of Lindsey Buckingham and he was a little fem in 1981 too.

    Here’s your BG’s clip. One day, WNs will roll through nigger and Muzz hoods that way again.

  9. The thing I like most is the vessel not the contents . . . the digital technology that encapsulates the images, the pixels flowing like turbulent currents over rocks of still points in the image and so on and so forth.

    I was in computer science and I register easily the majesty and might of these technologies, many of which converged to make the internet and all of which are beyond the ken of the vast majority of users. So let’s celebrate the internet which gives us our only outlet for dissident voices in the Land of the Cathedral and its monoshaded Cultural Narrative. — GDN

  10. — Y’all watch this video and tell me it doesn’t make you happy inside. You can’t do it.

    Glad you liked it man! Can’t beat it.

    So the lyrics to the “Dominick” song mention the Tarantella, which I as looked it up, is a southern Italian dance. Not knowing anything about any folk dances anywhere (except for my barest of familiarity with a few Polish dances and the American two-step), I looked it up. Nice stuff! Sometimes an amateur performance is more fun than watching professional dancers.

    Check out these Italian girls. A bit stiff at first, then they really get into the spirit:

  11. Flair/swagger… also check out the opening scene to “Saturday Night Fever”, with Travolta’s famous strut. Forgot that part about how he stops and briefly follows an elegant chick with nice legs. Yeah, per Peterike and Elk, the movie had (((liberal sucker punches))). They all do. We are cultural Viet Cong, using the enemy’s discarded parts, etc.

    There was a good bit of folk wisdom nuggets in the movie (“nice girl vs cunt”), and the disco dance scenes were great.

    But also something about abortion and like Elk said, the buffoonish family scene. The worst sucker punch was the plot set-up in which the Italians had a coming-to-Jesus moment and with tails tucked between their legs, handed the Best Dance trophy to Puerto Ricans because racisss judges.

    Back to swagger… I always think about the most prole’icious of prole’iffic characters, Ric Flair.

    That same swagger was adopted, quite naturally, by a New York man who took up the burden of draining the swamp as the President of the United States.

    “I’m Ric Flair! The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!”

  12. — I don’t mind if a WN has a little “mary” in him.

    Neither do I. I’m a big-tent nationalist. One of my favorite “marys” is Morrissey. I’ve blogged a bit about his songs in the past. Strange dude, also I vaguely recall him saying something dumb-liberal recently. But he’s a good guy. Just said this in an interview with Der Spiegel:

    I want Germany to be German. I want France to be French. If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end. All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years. And now they just throw it away. I think that’s sad. … I’m sad that Berlin has become the rape capital… because of the open borders.”

  13. If one doesn’t mind a little “self-annihilation” then one does not mind “self-annihilation.” And so ALL THAT IS MISSING is “depth of perception” and conception of (P)erfection. These are the missing “in-greedy-ants” purposely alleviating one from an existential angst.

  14. All that is needed to falsify “universal equality” for all eternity is The Perfect Man. And inherent to his perfection was a celibate life.

    Ergo, the antithesis of The Perfect Man (and PROOF of “universal equality”) is the faggot’s charmed life.

    The mundane thesis is Christian sexual morality…. Marriage —> regenerate sexual relations —> healthy children —> solvent perpetuation.

    Which memes, in Elk-speak, “we” operate under the “aesthetics” of the faggot and against the aesthetics of white (S)upremacy. The latter at a disadvantage in “scale” to which reality presents no remedy.

    And that there is the rub…

    The highest IQ whites simply DO NOT KNOW genuine white (S)upremacy.

    And DO NOT THINK OF (P)erfection when contemplating “our” collective aesthetics at “scale.”


    These towering giants of intellect WILL NOT EVEN SEE the vulgarities of anti-(P)erfection (anti-white (S)upremacy) EVERYWHERE even as he alt-writes about a “scale” of “aesthetics” missing in the goodNarrative.

  15. “…a celibate life.”

    One must first undertake effective series of both utter dry-spells and more ‘robust’ periods to come at celibacy from a more proper, or direct, angle. Some even reject music categorically to supplement such determined shunning of raw Nature. Even a light foray into the showy silver lullaby distinguishing so much of modern music is said to compromise any commanding attempt at finding and sampling the obscure fruits that nourish an adequately organic experience of solitude’s more deeply buried nooks, secrets, and fainter suggestions. Even silence can take on the qualities of a mere prostitute if not foraged from a fruitful knowledge of The Other Side.

  16. So the lyrics to the “Dominick” song mention the Tarantella, which I as looked it up, is a southern Italian dance. Not knowing anything about any folk dances anywhere (except for my barest of familiarity with a few Polish dances and the American two-step), I looked it up.

    Sometimes I forget that not everyone was steeped in that New Yawk Irish/Italian/Jewish culture that I grew up in. Well here’s one for ya PA. Get your Eye-Talian on!

  17. And here’s a musical and visual reminder that there is simply no place on earth like Europe. No place with as beautiful a natural landscape, and nowhere even close to the cultural landscape. The blacks, the Chinks, the Arabs, the Indians… midgets, all of them. European culture towers above them all. Yet it’s all tottering on the edge. And once we lose it, it will never come back, because no one will be left to create it again.

  18. And here’s a musical and visual reminder that there is simply no place on earth like Europe

    Such a shame that a bored, enervated elite wants to give away our patrimony.

  19. “How so”

    I recommend all of you to get on Gab and follow several key accounts like Ricky Vaughn. Easy as 1-2-3, no need to provide any ID or phone number like on Twitter. One of the news articles someone linked, was about Angela Merkel’s earlier propensity to get publicly drunk. A video of her bikini dance in Greece (shudder) was included.

    It’s no news that much of the Democratic Party and many GOP’ers in the US are being blackmailed after having been groomed for public office. Europeans are bribed by rich Gulf states.

    There is no enervation or ennui. Never was.

  20. A fascinating point was raised about Trump’s rise to power and his apparent untouchability.

    What was Trump’s business, all these years? Answer: luxury hotels, in which the elites stayed.

    Did he spend all of those years collecting dirt on them?

  21. I have heard rumors, that many of those ritzy hotels are bugged.

    Good information to have, that “Mr and Mrs Smith” go to the Trump Plaza every Thursday, rent a room, and leave separetely.

    Virtually all politicians are looking for some fun on the side. They are in it for the poon and $$$.

    One doesn’t hear the phrase “hush money” much today. But it is very real.

  22. Good to see that you are becoming more ruthless, PA.

    Here’s a glimpse of our future:

    Unis now are creating Clockwork Orange-like events to traumatize whites into becoming liberals.

    Just imagine, they’ll put white adults in re-education camps and turn the kids into trannies or breeders for minos.

  23. Bernie Bros are on a transition step toward the Trump movement, which is larger than the man himself, and which might ultimately be known by another name. Trump knew this as a candidate, which is why he gave him an endearing nickname “Crazy Bernie,” unlike the kill-shot names he gave his other adversaries.

    SJWs and non-Whites are with the Clinton/Wall Street wing of the DNC, backing the apparent strong-horse faction of their party. It’s a power & gibs position, as opposed to the idealist and crypto-traditionalist motives of Bernie Sanders’ base. The Sanders campaign knew its supporters’ aspirations, as evidenced by that great Simon & Garfunkel “America” ad.

  24. The Bernie Bros are a big problem for the Democrats, as they are resisting 2 things that the Obama/Hillary corporate-owned Democrats want – becoming the Black Party on social issues and making the USA a globalist paradise and colony of the entire world. (mass immmigration doesn’t benefit American blacks at all but they are too stupid to know it).

    BTW, here’s Democratic Primary results from the states where the Democrats have already effectively become entirely black-run:

    Mississippi – Hillary defeats Bernie 82-16 %
    Louisiana – Hillary 72-23 %
    South Carolina – Hillary 73-26 %

  25. Nice to see the “It’s OK to be German” signs, but I don’t hold much hope for that once great nation. Too many are too cucked. Here’s a sad anecdotal example. I know a German guy, about 45-ish, actually was in the military. But he’s completely cucked, to the point that every time he sends a “thumbs up” icon from his iPhone, he uses a black hand. It’s weird and creepy. And I know speaking to him he’s totally on board with the “oh the poor refugees they are good people and we must let them in!” mindset. What on earth can you do with such people? I really think that there’s a significant portion of whites in Western European nations that will never, no matter what happens, let go of the multi-cult religion. But what matters are the vast middle of people who know in their guts that their lands are being ruined, but they are too socially shamed to speak out, or even vote the right way. Their shame is so fully internalized that they can’t even face it privately. It’s truly a mind virus and it’s very, very difficult to dislodge.

  26. I’ve wondered if German generations are staggered relative to their American counterparts. For example, U.S. GenX’ers are less cucked than their Boomer parents but have failed in meaningfully breaking away from liberalism in their youth.

    Meanwhile, going by a couple of data points of my prior personal friendships, German X’ers are peak-Holocaust Guilt.

    By their mid-30s, we American X’ers have become drawn to the AltRight consciously or otherwise, while in Germany (going by my tenuous knowledge) people my age are hopeless and nationalists tend to be younger.

  27. “Bernie Bros are on a transition step toward the Trump movement, which is larger than the man himself, and which might ultimately be known by another name.”

    El gordo puro blanco. Given the direction we’re headed, white identity politics are inescapable. The only question is when. The Bernie Bros would do better as a faction of a reasonable party with a well-defined common interest. Meanwhile, let the cuck fools jump to the wrong side at the wrong time. They will.

  28. By their late 30s, American X’ers have become drawn to the AltRight consciously or otherwise, while in Germany (going by my tenuous knowledge) people my age are hopeless and nationalists tend to be younger.

    That’s the case in France – the National Front of Le Pen has much stronger support with younger white native French. That’s good news for us.

    But why? Because boomers and the currently retirement-aged French and Germans have a LOT of great advantages in the system – lavish retirement benefits and a lifetime of strong employment at good salaries with very ample vacation time. Everyone is working to keep paying money into the system that supports them.

    But under-30 unemployment in France is sky high: and young French know that when they go to retirement age the new EU won’t be able to take care of them so well, especially in the face of heavy immigration:

    Also, the lavish “social benefits” that Europe has enjoyed for the past few decades has been predicated on the non-laziness and trustworthiness of Europeans who will NOT abuse and game the system – but Muslim newcomers will drain welfare for every single $$ dollar. They will have women at home wearing the burqa, raising 5 kids and not even bothering to seek work, while getting the utmost $$ out of the system, and the Muslim men will work in kebab shops or other family businesses off the books, while also tapping out every free dollar they can get.

    Also, the young in Europe are actually having to spend time around these African and Arab newcomers, so they understand the big social shift that will happen and can see the future. Clueless Euro baby boomers are pretty insulated from it all, living a good life and still stuck in their thinking that Western Europe will always be 93% white just like they remember it.

    Remember the big riots in France in 2005 in the “suburbs” (aka banlieues)? The well-to-do French still live in their cities in lovely, quaint walkable neighborhoods and such – they haven’t yet been exiled outside of town like in the USA. At present all of the African and Arab immigrants are shut out of the city into ratty apartment complexes on the far edge of town, an inverse of the USA.

    And neither France nor German have “Affirmative Action” hiring programs at all – whites still occupy all of the cushy gubmint jobs (and those jobs are still considered $$ high paying), as opposed to the 50-90% black/minority presence you see in some public sector hiring in the USA such as in the TSA, post office, IRS, etc.

  29. Sortocracy Now!

    Will that work as a campaign slogan for city council?

    Probably not, because it is taken as a given that we be “up in this bitch together”.

    And we are; i don’t see how this planet, now that it is entirely known, can be separated into polities.

    In my estimation there has to be a one-world governing structure.

    Ergo Who Rules?

  30. The malls are practically banlieues now,

    Some Somali citizen was stealing a guy’s clothes as he was in the department store change room. Stop and consider the low-rent quality of this crime.

    This was at Macy’s department store, which brand used to be upscale. Now they got somalis with knives stealing people’s clothes from the change rooms. The local paper when reporting this crime at least initially didn’t even say that it was diverse.

  31. You’re right, it is interesting in parts. French rock/protest band Les Brigandes has a song titled “The Great Reacement.” This video has French and German subtitles, but I think there are also version with English subtitles.

  32. Read the parts about the rightwing frogs and scroll for a bit when the writer mentions himself or American issues.

    Ambivalent but I like it. Perhaps ripe for a reinterpretation.

    (Easter egg: written by …?)

  33. Lots of black-pilling on Trump. Yet people are downright ungracious in forgetting how he’s ripped the system’s mask off. Once removed, a mask can’t be put back on, ever. His trolling on Twitter is a big part of it

    Washington Examiner headline: “Trump may have broken the UK’s dumb, anti-free speech laws with his retweets”

    “The Prime Minister should make it absolutely clear that if Donald Trump comes to this country he’ll be arrested for inciting religious hatred and therefore he’d be better off not coming at all.” — U.K.’s Labour Party M.P. Chris Bryant

    Rock on, Mr. President!

  34. But wait, what a twist!

    [Chris] Bryant previously worked as a Church of England vicar, as well as having roles at the BBC and Common Purpose….
    Bryant won the Stonewall Politician of the Year Award in 2011 for his work to support equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.[12] He was given a score of 100% in favour of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality by Stonewall.[13] On 5 February 2013 he voted in favour in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on same sex marriage in Britain.[14] ….
    Bryant is openly gay, and entered into a civil partnership with Jared Cranney on 27 March 2010.


    Though the name somehow gives it away. I wonder if this fellow ought to do ten years in the clink for molesting the altar boys.

  35. At some point, alt-writers will recognize why a distinction between deracinated “white Christian” and white (S)upremacist is inevitable.

  36. The egalitarians are all about “leveling the playing field.”

    A white (S)upremacist surmises near infinite levels.

    Where “they” CROSS are the opportunities for resurrection and damnation.

  37. “big freaking deal.”

    The contradiction and irony to his economic policy and past is notable, if not surprising at this late date. It’s spit in the face to a decisive element of his electorate.
    And that is really too bad.

  38. PA, I have to say, I have watched this video about 15 times now, and I can’t stop picturing you dancing “like that”. It’s a PA I’ve never imagined before.

  39. In a choice between the two, count my vote for the official BG’s video posted upthread.

    Which video i have of course seen, but just watching again now, it is worth a few words. I can’t do it justice right now, and anyways five thousand word essays on cultural artifacts are so five years ago.

    But the video is set in a burnt-out wasteland (the Wasteland?), and the lyrics are strange:

    I’m goin’ nowhere
    somebody help me
    somebody help me yeah

    Coupled with the derelict scenery, the theme is that they are staying alive but they are missing something in their lives. They are directionless and wanting fore something more, and it is an aching that isn’t so simply as another one night stand.

    That song and those singers and that video is genuine and sincere. It stands the test of time.

    So much of popular music from that era and the larger era of the second half of that century, is such treacly crap, and all about one fucking tired theme: falling in love.

    Staying Alive is not about that. And what it has by way of contrast is crucial: a feeling of tension.

    Something is at stake. Where are they going? What are they doing? Where are they?

    And also of course, as a footnote, that specific lyric that always seemed odd:

    We can try, and understand
    the New York TImes, effect on man

  40. Also i would remark upon the Walking as done by the Bee Gees in the opening of that video.

    If it was possible, they outdo Travolta.

    Those guys are hardcore ectomorphs and between the three of them couldn’t bench press five hundred pounds — but in spite of that, their walking in synch and with that rhythm makes them seem potentially dangerous. Quick on the draw. Lethal as renegade soldiers.

  41. “big freaking deal.”

    The contradiction and irony to his economic policy and past is notable, if not surprising at this late date. It’s spit in the face to a decisive element of his electorate.
    And that is really too bad.

    C’mon, Trickin’. I see you are still funny on Trump.

    And when liberals do this sort of thing it’s hilarious – they find a “GOTCHA!!” that some illegal labor was used at a Trump construction worksite and then they OMG OMG OMG proudly declaim how that shows that he just dissed all 60 million of his voters!!. And actual Trump voters simply yawn, as we’re grownups and know how the world actually works.

    The funniest thing is when liberal media outlets look at the origin of Melania’s dresses and then claim that if she’s wearing something made by an Italian designer then that means that she’s “undermining” Trump’s “made in America” focus on rebuilding America’s manufacturing sector:

    You know, as if Trump declared that we would shut all ports and stop all international trade and stuff. You simply cannot explain anything realistic to these anal media-obsessed liberal nerd Obama-bots of today, it’s as if these people have never lived around 3-dimensional human beings..

    And yes, you heard that right – these are grown ass_ adult media professionals obsessing over Melania’s dresses.

  42. — obsessing over Melania’s dresses.

    In the feminized and gamma male (I repeat myself) journalism industry, that might be a Mean Girls bitch-move against a superior woman. They did that with Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, making big noises regarding the use of campaign funds.

    A woman’s presentation takes a lot of work to create an illusion of female grace. Digs at her clothing aim to ruin the spell.

    When it comes to Biological Envy, liberal females feel homicidal rage for attractive middle-aged women married to impressive men.

    — “We can try, and understand
    the New York TImes, effect on man”

    Yeah… what is up with that?

  43. So nikcrit, if you have a few minutes I’d be interested in your opinions:

    1) Do you ever worry about whites waking up – and either cleansing their lands or separating into white-only states? Or do you just assume whites have grown too weak to ever resist, and that we’re looking at a South Africa/Zimbabwe outcome at this point?

    2) Assuming whites are exterminated, what do you envision the future USA/Europe will look like? The same as it is now, with high-tech stuff everywhere, bridges that don’t collapse, sewers and electricity that always work…just without any white faces around? (paradise amirite?)

    or…something different? Just curious.


  44. I am starting to think Melania might be the best thing about Trump. She is really starting to grow into the role of First Lady.

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