Forced To Stand

“[I]f there’s no place to hide, we’ll be forced to stand. People bring up South Africa as an example of a White population that wouldn’t defend itself, but don’t neglect the crushing psychological impact of knowing that the Entire World was against you. That won’t be the case everywhere, always.”  — S.J., Esquire

As reported, a 24-year-old homeless English man named Mickey Sage “hunted” for enemy-occupants in London and was sentenced to prison, saying that he would become a martyr for his country. He was arrested before injuring anyone. If lone wolf White-on-Vibrant attacks are the future, it’s because a cornered animal has nothing to lose. After all, the politicians have signaled clearly that compliance with race replacement only makes them more sadistic. When such bad faith becomes common knowledge, many young men in target-rich environments will be compelled by their pride, and old men by their reckoning with personal legacy, to think globally and act locally.

I do not attack anyone, therefore I am not telling others to do so. What I am saying is, that in the “lead, follow, or get out of the way” schema of opposition to our genocide, I get out of the way of those who lead or follow. This means that I don’t disavow any of our action heroes and I expect others to not do that either. I also refrain from armchair-quarterbacking these missions. Some rush to criticize the activist for attacking non-Whites when, as they put it, it’s the traitors at the top who deserve the wrath. They cite Corneliu Codreanu:

If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.

No disagreement with the great Romanian but in the context of our challenges, the sentiment is misused as a crutch to rationalize inaction and sometimes even to signal anti-racism. The “enemy-traitor” distinction is an impractical dichotomy in two ways. One, a foot-soldier does not have physical access to traitors; he kills the enemy grunt that’s right in front of him. Two, someone with Breivik’s talents can strike at the enemy’s heart, but very few people can pull off such a sophisticated operation.

Some missions fail due to inadequate planning, along with the fact that the fighter is doing something new and entirely on his own, without sergeants, captains, generals, ministers of war, and prime ministers guiding him along. But one learns from others’ experience and so it’s lone wolves today, hunting parties tomorrow. Prison today, glory tomorrow.

Some ask if action heroes are strategically counterproductive, but it seems a strange question, given that fighting for your home is how you keep it. So I go with “No” because anti-Whites have slapped away our every peace offering. At the very least, respect on the street is better than no respect. I don’t know whether action heroes are sinners that spill innocent blood or soldiers of Christ. But I know that life is not the Christian’s highest value. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. — John 15:13.

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  1. I hope he survives prison. I’d like to know the rest of his backstory, how he became homeless. He doesn’t look mentally ill or like he’s on drugs.

    He’s different from most of us in that he clearly thought he had nothing to lose. Guys like him are going to be the tip of the spear if this gets rolling.

  2. when I was a kid I would capture various types of predatory insects and place them in a jar, forcing them to fight. a black widow vs. a stinging centipede, for example. great fun…for awhile.

    one day when I was rounding up a couple of gladiators for a battle to the death, a centipede got loose and stung me. while was reacting to the pain the black widow got loose and escaped, doing neither me nor the centipede any harm. that experience marked the end of my cruel little coliseum spectacles.

    the lesson here is: fight the real enemy. you do that with information. “hey, centipede, it’s that fucker over there that’s putting you in this situation. don’t fall for the trap of fighting the black widow. go after the guy who owns the jar.”

  3. ultimately elites staying in power requires the public to be ignorant of their machinations. no matter how powerful or totalitarian, they must maintain at least some semblance of legitimacy because they depend on regular folks to do the heavy lifting of preserving their imposed order.

    the average person will cringe at seeing another human being hurt, no matter how foreign. but those “average” people are own friends, neighbors and family. without the right information, they can’t brought over to our cause. they will have to know the REAL source of the cruelty (weaponized dehumanization, wielded by parasites) before they can get behind the remedy.

  4. > it’s lone wolves today, hunting parties tomorrow

    The big obstacle here is that the “hunting parties”, that we know of at least, are not being smart about how they organise (example below). The critical preconditions are to avoid surveillance and exclude infiltrators. They appear not to be good at one or both of these.

    > a foot-soldier does not have physical access to traitors

    That doesn’t make sense. The baizuo are everywhere.


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  6. ultimately elites staying in power requires the public to be ignorant of their machinations.

    FCC will likely kill net neutrality on December 14 so corporations will be able to cut off access to dissident sites. They are pulling out all the stops. We are the glitch in the matrix that can’t be tolerated.

    they must maintain at least some semblance of legitimacy because they depend on regular folks to do the heavy lifting of preserving their imposed order.

    They want us gelded and harvested for tax dollars.

  7. I thought the Grand Master dealt with this crap years ago.

    The reason we don’t commit random crimes is because random crimes are not politically effective. It’s folk activism.

    Muslims are running rampant in droves. They aren’t afraid of one homeless man with a knife. And the Liberals aren’t traitors, they’re domestic enemies. Treat them as such.

    You want to be politically effective and you have nothing to lose? Form a white gang and terrorize the underworld. Or just be an independent criminal and terrorize the underworld.

    If this guy became a Breivik, actually killed the right people, and did this with a plan of gaining political power in 20 years, I would understand that. Hell, I would understand if he fought a private war against a muslim gang. But this was just sad and ineffective.

    Remember, the goal is not the preservation of the white race, wealthy Liberals are already doing that fine. The goal is the preservation of ALL whites, especially the lower class ones. Not all white people are our friends, and not all muslims are the highest priority target.

    White nationalism is simply a stand in for working class white identity. We are the intellectual side of that, so don’t make the mistake of falling for your own propaganda. We need to guide the movement, not follow it. We lose our heads here, and the movement becomes a headless memetic behemoth. And that will just be a fucking mess.

  8. “FCC will likely kill net neutrality on December 14 so corporations will be able to cut off access to dissident sites.”

    I thought weev’s analysis on net neutrality was pretty informative:

  9. White nationalism is simply a stand in for working class white identity.

    From my vantage point all I can see is a white working class that’s been all but decimated. The opioid epidemic was the final nail in the coffin. I fear their project has completed, the rest is just a cleanup operation.

  10. It’s just hard not to black pill when you see what we are up against. Internet corporations will relegate us to the fringes of the dark web. It’s been made clear that our ideas are a threat to the established order and will not be tolerated.

    The Soviet Union fell with shocking speed, but that was only after decades of gulags and famine.

  11. Can’t remember if I already posted this, but they’re going to throw the book at him in the UK:

  12. The “Cambridge Extremist” mentioned in my twitter link above had his sentence cut by about half recently, but still more jail time than the Syrian sex attacker, obviously.

  13. “…act locally.”

    Without palpable syndical alliance, the halls of handmirrors remain a glassy hammock for demise in itself. An effeminate unconsciousness, rather than a more sporadically oneiric vigor prevails. I agree that Life isn’t the exclusive raison d’etre of the Ship, but one must fortify one’s position with a nearby slew of effective “Lifers” to sufficiently enliven glory’s fortuitous sirens. Anything short of this is just another rambling snore within a rambling discography of hollow picks and preemptive chatter. The crossroads should have a firm place in the mind, but it shouldn’t hinder one from excavating the horizons of Chance and open air among the interlaced graves of unscripted voyage that we periodically navigate.

  14. Men… Male libido… Hate rapists… And homosexuality are vastly different arenas of conceptual depth simply beyond the intellectual scope of the purposely libtarded.

  15. I rush to salute WN’s who fight The System. You missed the good part PA. WHY was he caught before he knifed any Muzz?

    England is covered in CCTV. They are the most surveilled people on Earth. Also, the public is mostly all snitch. His fellow whites called it in.

    There will be no hunting parties. Better than 9 of 10 normies are snitches today. The only way to work is completely alone. And I’ll say it – most WNs now WILL cooperate with the police.

    That man was not serious about his work. It is clear that he was underfed, was poorly sleeping, and was not rational. Living on the streets is hard. He may have been drunk or stoned.

    Obviously, if he wanted to kill Muzz mosques would be a great place to go. He knows that. It is very hard to work alone. He had the will, but no training, no backup, no armory, no transport, nothing that the military and the police take for granted. In fact, he did better than most cops and soldiers would without the uniform.

    I salute you, PA. I see changes in you.

  16. A quotation from another blog, that’s a compliment and a half, thanks bud.

    A crime like this serves no purpose except ruining your life. He did this for nothing.

    Lara, I think you may be missing the point that this guy already had no life, ergo (so human psychology goes) why not act?

  17. Regarding Net Neutrality: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Trudeau favour it. Use your noodle, folks.

    And actually, as Bruce Charlton is fond of pointing out, use your intuition. Very often in these trying days you can only assess the worth of something by who’s for and against it.

  18. It may be useful for the dissident right to examine the use of electromagnetic pulse generators if they are planning on direct action. Turn on one of those and fuck off every camera close enough to identify you. No idea what the requisite technical ability or materials would be, but it is something to which we may have to resort. Blind the watchers, then act.

    The Shadowed Knight

  19. The NYT & Co… a rapturous comedy of electrocardiograms. I say Obituary Hospital is on its last recycled legs. Have an icy beer and relax.

  20. EMPs are hard to build, Shadow. But even then, it is about witnesses.

    A human being is a live witness. A CCTV is a digital witness with perfect recall. Both are dangerous.

    Some areas are just closed off today, completely. Most of NYC, DC and London are off-limits for action. Too many wits and too many cameras.

    The “high tech” crowd sold out to the Enemy decades ago. We cannot out-tech them. We have to go low tech, like the Afghans.

    The Electronic Surveillence State is so bad, it even catches government operations. They say Mossad is the best action group in the world. Here you can see it catching them in the act.

  21. I notice the beauty boys article isn’t accepting comments. They know.

    I’m sure many people think it’s harmless, right? You do you, throw off society’s chains! As I get older I see ever more clearly the importance of social soft policing. No one wants it, because they can have everything they want (this is part of why charity drives make me nuts. Whom is truly wanting in America?). The fringe is only suffered existence because all of our bellies are full.

    As to hunger, etc., yes I do recognize that there are people going hungry, but that is less of a resource issue than a behavioral one, or one of neglect on the part of parents. Most charities seem to exist as tax write offs and salary machines for connected elites.

  22. The New York Times article actually gives legitimacy to the Oedipus Complex. By my observation, most boys/men don’t like thinking of their mothers in a sexual way at all.

  23. ZOG wants white boys to be trannies.

    That’s what I got out of the “Beauty Boys” article. Not only do they fool with the food and water, lowering test levels. Now they want kids to wear makeup too. Soon, dresses.

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  25. “White nationalism is simply a stand in for working class white identity. We are the intellectual side of that, so don’t make the mistake of falling for your own propaganda.”

    I agree and believe a problem in alt-right leadership and direction is its lack in acknowledging its aspirational working-class roots and resentments. There is a clear socio-economic class corollary within political affiliation sympathetic and not to the alt-right cause.


    That article that Ryu linked to is quite disturbing.

  26. I think that Marche essay in the nytimes was pretty good; it avoided becoming a moral screed, wihch almost all such essays are these days; i think this passage was humble and what distinguished it from just being ‘more of the same’ for this day and age:

    Sex is an impediment to any idealism, which is why the post-Weinstein era will be an era of gender pessimism. What if there is no possible reconciliation between the bright clean ideals of gender equality and the mechanisms of human desire? Meanwhile, sexual morality, so long resisted by liberals, has returned with a vengeance, albeit under progressive terms. The sensation of righteousness, which social media doles out in ever-diminishing dopamine hits, drives the discussion, but also limits it. Unable to find justice, or even to imagine it, we are returning to shame as our primary social form of sexual control.

    Next step: conceding that such a ‘return to shame’ to monitor social norm would be a ‘good thing.’

  27. I think it would be interesting to follow how this guy is treated in the aftermath of this article; i could see a lot of folk who comment here sharing his level of political intensity and commitment. He can’t easily be written off as a zealot by his political and cultural adversaries; but you can also see the tide turning against him the second it might become convenient to do as much.

  28. I don’t see much of an interest in white nationalism among working class white people. Most people would rather spend their time doing something more practical than thinking about abstract ideas. I don’t see a person’s interest in white nationalism as something to condemn him for, though. He isn’t any different than a race obsessed black person or a Zionist. Some people are psychologically intense.

  29. — By my observation, most boys/men don’t like thinking of their mothers in a sexual way at all.

    The art of the understatement.

  30. Prince Harry to marry Megan Markle.

    The English monarchy was possibly doomed anyway with their government so obsessed with importing so many “refugees”. As soon as the “New English” get to 1/3 of the country and have big voting power they will band together with the left and say “but the monarchy and union jack don’t represent ME… that’s not who I am” – and do away with all of it.

  31. — White nationalism is simply a stand in for working class white identity.

    There is a lot of truth in that, when for purposes of clarity one wants to side-step the delving into the finer taxonomies of WN that are called for in other contexts. The White working class is the backbone of our nations. An analogous wisdom is part of military doctrine, with NCOs (sergeants) lionized as “the backbone of the Army.” It’s an understanding that mid-ranking enlisted men bring qualities of character, common sense, and competence, without which things fall apart. They are not expected to craft strategy or understand military history, they are expected to obey their officers’ orders. Analogously, White working class people are typically not interested in race-theories; they just follow tradition.

    Tradition, like officers in the analogy, can be good or bad, real or fake.

    You don’t need to study biochemistry to know what food is tasty and healthy. You know it when you see it (or more accurately, taste it). Two illustrations:

    One, some years back I was in a sports bar on a weekend night, which became DJ night, and the DJ started playing the most ear-jarring nig-noise rap. The clusters of patrons standing and socializing around the bar, who were White and in their early 20s, appeared to neither like nor dislike the product. To me, they swam in it like fish in polluted water. Then, the DJ puts on a sentimental ’80s power ballad with uplifting intro notes, and there was an electric change in the atmosphere. You could feel it: everyone’s eyes lit up as though their spirit tasted something clean. You couldn’t write it off to nostalgia, as they weren’t born yet when the song originally came out. Then rap resumed and everyone went back to “normal.”

    Two, a working class older man lives across the street from me, whose adult daughter is a mudshark with two dusky fuck-trophies. A decade ago, he’d have them over for cookouts, along with an assortment of adults from that side of the “family.” You look at a presumably hard-working and decent man, if physiognomy is guide in this case, grilling for ghetto, and you see soul-death. It’s all over his eyes and posture.

    Ten years later now, he stopped doing yard work on account of age, and hires landscapers. I never once saw any his nigger teenage descendants or “son-in-law” helping out. In fact, I haven’t seen them in years.

    So what does this have to do with White working class being “White Nationalist” or whatever. Is it true, as noted above, that “Being a white nationalist isn’t all that different than being a SJW, either. They need each other.“? Do you need to be a doctor to know what food kills you?

    The White working classes follow tradition. The ones who are cut down had followed the fake tradition that was handed to them by satanic people. There are also many who are doing fine; this might be regional, contra MGE’s pessimism. Around here, they are doing very well, for the most part. If I were to pick my one best post, it would be Working Class Heroes. I say best, because it is the one that most accurately handles the most important subject of our time. I illustrated the two kinds of working class people, whom I dubbed, from real-life encounters just prior to writing that post: “Battery Shop Man” and “Stockings Man.”

    People have an aversion to conversation going too far in the WN direction. I understand that. Race is a shit-subject I would really rather not think or blog about. It is a corrupt and corrupting subject. Still, it falls on some to do the best we can to let people know that there is a real and a fake way to live, and that is a matter of life and death.

  32. At some point you think to yourself, wait a minute — why do we keep these people around again? There is no upside and there are so many problems — oh, they can’t stop telling us about all the problems, over and over — and there is this simple solution. So why not be a bit pragmatic?

    That’s when “the Saxons began to hate”, I guess. WN.

  33. Nobody can create sentimental power ballads anymore PA. That “technology” died in the 1980s. Just like space travel died in the 1960s.

    There’s a human aspect of technology and a material aspect. Today, the human aspect is dropping like a rock. I salute Communism for preserving human quality.

    I stay white by a strict diet of only pre-1995 media.

    There is a close relationship between “art” like music and action. It is no coincidence that so many DAAs worked around 1980.

  34. I was born in Huber Heights…

    You’ve always struck me as possessing more a Rustbelt-like upper-Midwest demeanor and disposition than you do a ‘So-Cal’ sensibility; the latter seems something that you’d find to be too crass and debauched and thus ill-fitting to your Spartan-ish ways and positions.

  35. ZOG wants white boys to be trannies.

    No doubt.

    I’ve said before that “fashion”is soft fascism. They’ll tell you what you want, and what you have to buy to get it.

    In the case of this boy, he’s instagram famous, accounts and biz run by what MUST be a single mum.

    I keep trying to run from this idea because the circle is painfully impossible to square. I know single mums, not many, but they seem to do ok, and then I look closer… and I am horrified.

    Single moms run amok, and all by design in layers upon layers that we all know about and don’t need to rehash…

  36. I think that Marche essay in the nytimes was pretty good;

    Lol really? That little thinkpeice was nothing but Talmudic hand wringing with a Freudian cherry on top. As I’ve stated before, Freud was cokehead with shiksa fetish whose psychoanalytic theory was derived completely from case studies of shiksa females. It is totally non-scientific not to mention depraved. Most of his psychobabble has not withstood the test of time and more modern, scientific understandings of personality and mental illness have taken it’s place. Evolutionary psychology provides a much better explanation for our behaviors than psychoanalysis. The biochemical processes underpinning mental illnesses is still not well understood but blood tests to match people with appropriate antidepressants are being used routinely in clinical practice, so there’s that. Some of Freud’s theories are still useful, such as ego, super ego, id and it’s various defense mechanisms. But the whole Oedipal complex theory is depraved garbage. Men don’t want to consciously, unconsciously, or symbolically “fuck their mother and murder their father.” One wonders what type of person would come up with a theory like that. The Oedipal myth is about our biologically hardwired incest taboo, not about a subconscious Eros towards our mothers.

    As for the piece itself, I disagree with the entire premise. Yes, male libido is aggressive, but it isn’t like feminism hasn’t explored that facet to a neurotic degree for the past 50 years. Men in the west are for the most part civilized and decent when it comes to sex. Rape has been on the decline for decades, to the point now that feminists have to fabricate rape stats and prattle on about “rape culture,” which is totally misandrist and psychotic. I’d like to see less tiresome thinkpeices about shaming male sexuality. Let’s see the NYT probe some of the darker corners of the female libido.

    Fact is that women are now freed from their evolved biological roles as mothers, and this has been accomplished by male technology. Men have not been freed to the degree women have, which is why so many are losing out to women’s hypergamous sexual nature. So it’s no wonder so many are adopting “Chad” behaviors or just dropping out completely. I think the MGTOW movement is totally legit and I’ve had discussions online with many MGTOW’s who’ve said they wish they were gay because at least then they wouldn’t have to deal with modern women. Not sure I could blame them.

    As far as male aggressive libido, most women wouldn’t have it any other way, at least thats my observation from my discussions with them. They will excuse the most awful behavior from an Alpha while simultaneously gagging over Beta nice guys earnest courtship. As Camille Paglia posited, probably correctly, women often return to their abusers because the sex is hot. (Cue Rihanna).

    Yeah shame was an important check on sexual behavior, but in the absence of religion to transmit values and police behavior, it’s just going to be a darwinian free for all. I guess we have social media and #MeToo hashtags to supplant religion but good luck with that. We live in a Tinder world now and the next dick is just a swipe the right. And believe me, it’s not the dorky niceguy computer programmer who is getting swiped right.

  37. One phenomenon worth exploring is why, in the most feminist and progressive countries, women have voted to fling open the doors of their nation to hoards of third world muslim rape gangs. One might think said women are just a bit bored with their domesticated provider men. Black Pigeon Speaks had a great breakdown of this phenomenon but of course YouTube censored it.

    BTW, the night of the long knives is fast approaching and twitter and probably YouTube will be relegating more accounts to the gulag in a couple weeks. It will be interesting to see who will survive the cut.

  38. Evolutionary psychology provides a much better explanation for our behaviors than psychoanalysis.

    Well, to the extent it might compare to existing norms, i thought this essay DID flex a bit of evo-psych and resisted the urge toward moral sanctimony via standard psychoanalysis.

    It was somewhat objective, given this was a nyt essay about a contemporary news story and ‘crisis. And comparing relatively more civilized western male behavior to the history and norms of its lessors will provide you with a rather impoverished rhetorical victory.

  39. Being a white nationalist isn’t all that different than being a SJW, either. They need each other.

    I get what you are saying in a dialectical sense, but I don’t think they literally need each other to exist. If the SJW’s want to live in their multi cult paradise, let them. European diaspora peoples likewise.

  40. — One phenomenon worth exploring is why, in the most feminist and progressive countries, women have voted to fling open the doors of their nation to hoards of third world muslim rape gangs. One might think said women are just a bit bored with their domesticated provider men.

    Blogger Jim is one of the smartest guys on the internet. He has his take:

    Needless to say, feminists, and indeed women generally, are totally untroubled by [rape of 12-year-old Swedish girls], just as they untroubled by Rotherham.

    What happened is that Swedes escalated the definition of rape, so that looking at a woman sideways was rape.

    Then they de-escalated the punishment for rape, so that it was similar to letting your dog poop on the pavement.

    And then they imported a million or so brown Mohammedans.

    Swedish males are a little bit unhappy about this but, after all “We are not your women”, so they are not all that disturbed.

    And what is the reaction of Swedish women? It is “bring in more refugees! We are not your women!”

    Female resistance to rape is a shit test. It is not that they don’t want to be raped, it is that they don’t want to be raped by insufficiently powerful males.


    The extraordinary and vicious rage and hatred directed at high status white male heterosexual frats is because they do not dare rape, dare not sexually coerce women, having too much to lose, and thus feel like fake alphas. And nothing enrages a woman worse than having sex with a seeming alpha and finding he is not actually all that alpha. That is a thousand times worse than being raped, and they are getting it all the time from frat boys.

    His argument follows the same line that Camille Paglia had articulated over the years. I like to posit that the Alt-Right is a synthesis of Pat Buchanan and Paglia. The former represents moral nationalism and the latter amoral sex realism.

    Buchanan’s thoughts come from the Bible, via the Birchers. Paglia’s come from pagan Greco-Roman antiquity via de Sade. Both are influenced by 19th century Continental Romantics.

  41. . There are also many who are doing fine; this might be regional, contra MGE’s pessimism.

    That may be the case because I’m biased from seeing just the worst of it all. Charles Murray believes that a top-down revival of traditional values will be the cure that ails “Fishtown.” I think it’s a mix of denial and Boomer naive optimism. That sort of civic nationalism will be untenable as long as whites are denied a positive ethnic identity that is allowed for everyone else.

    I think it would be interesting to follow how this guy is treated in the aftermath of this article; i could see a lot of folk who comment here sharing his level of political intensity and commitment. He can’t easily be written off as a zealot by his political and cultural adversaries; but you can also see the tide turning against him the second it might become convenient to do as much.

    Nazi LARPing and regalia is certainly stupid and counter productive, but it is the fault of the totalitarian left that allows no space for any positive white identity. The left would love for every white nationalist to be a Nazi sympathizer, much easier to discredit them that way. I can understand where the temptation towards Nazi LARPing comes from though: If I am going to be called a Nazi for putting up an “It’s Okay To Be White” flyer, or denying the existence of 32 genders, why not go full hog? I’m curious as to what you may see as a reasonable white identity movement implemented in the US.

    Coming soon to a college near you – college courses titled “White Racism”.

    The course title may be new but the content certainly isn’t. For at least the past decade Uni’s have been shoving these intersectionality courses down students throats, where they are indoctrinated with postmodernist CultMarx lexicon that boils down to “white men bad. POC’s and women good.” Jonathan Haidt has observed that many colleges have given up with the pretense of being dispassionate institutions of learning and are now quasi religious in their mission.

  42. Blogger Jim is one of the smartest guys on the internet. He has his take:

    One of my favorite comical takes on Mattress Girl, Emma Sulkowicz:

    spring of 2012 at Columbia University
    Emma Sulkowicz, an 18-year-old human-identifying persyn of ambiguous race, gender, and sexual orientation, had bravely decided to pursue her education as a doctoral candidate in quantum fluid mechanics despite generations of systemic oppression by the patriarchal white male capitalist supremacist society
    she studies 19 hours a day while working 3 jobs to support herself because of the exploitative university framework that allows straight white males to attend college for free
    Emma’s continued progress despite all of the obstacles placed in her way by the fiendish administration (run exclusively by old white men) catches the attention of Paul ‘Cunt Crusher of Cologne’ Nungesser, renowned Germanic neo-Nazi and top agent of the Kyriarchy, who had been assigned to Columbia University straight from Germany to ensure that no brave strong competent progressive world citizens could dispel the carefully-maintained illusion of white male supremacy
    right before Emma’s final exams, Paul ‘Womb Wrecker of Westphalia’ Nungesser batters down the door of her dorm room, the wood splintering under the assault of his 7 foot, 400 pound frame of pure Aryan rape muscles
    terrified, Emma stammers out, “who are youyouyouyouyou?”, her eyes glued open by this perfectly-developed result of 10,000 years of female-oppressing evolution standing before her
    the arrogant übermensch barks out laughter, the glint of misogynistic sadism shining visibly in his cruel, penetrating blue eyes, and replies in his thick nazi accent that he “ist heer für die hang out”, his hands moving to unfasten his gleaming eagle swastika belt buckle
    despite her encyclopedic knowledge of feminist theory, Emma finds her body betraying her; seduced by his shining platinum-blond hair and chiseled arrogant countenance, her eyes move unwilling downwards as he prepares to institutionalize his misogyny inside of her vulnerable yielding form

    the high-ranking SS officer hangs out his biological rape weapon over 18 inches in length and thicker around than a coke can, with fist-sized grenades of weaponized male privilege dangling ominously inside his patriarchy pouch
    Emma tries to resist, but she is caught in the same paralyzing magnetic field of sexual desire that has kept womyn of all colors subservient to the white male kyriarchy since time immemorial
    Emma’s body betrays her as Paul ‘Hymen Hammerer of Hamburg’ Nungesser stalks towards her, polished jackboots clacking harshly on the cold tile floor, his meaty oppresschlong already slick and glistening with the tears of the 517 WOCs he had violated before breakfast
    her quivering womanhood, confused and reacting unconsciously to generations of societal indoctrination falsely claiming that PIV intercourse isn’t rape, begins to soak her panties with pre-rape juice, preparing her for this thunderous Teutonic invader intent on wrecking her even harder than her father’s native Poland three generations ago
    his rough hands seize her hips, and tears flow freely from Emma’s diverse brown eyes as Paul ‘Slut Slammer of Stuttgart’ Nungesser flips her effortlessly over onto her stomach, shredding the underclothes from her body like Adolf Hitler shredded the Treaty of Versailles
    an extremely-problematic sensation of arousal vibrates through Emma’s slim, nubile form, the dusky-skinned womyn shuddering beneath this blond brute as she feels his massive patriarcock, now as rigid and firm as the strict gender norms imposed by white male supremacist America, pulsing with wicked sexual intent against the tantalizing tanned curve of her tightly-clenched tuckus
    as he presses his turgid dongminator against the delicate petals of her defenseless feminine flower, it’s the searing heat that finally awakens the strong independent womyn that resides within all survivors of the patriarchy that empowers her to cry out, “we n-need to have a c-chill sesh, maybe during the…”

    the heartless future camp commandant, enraged by this small but infinitely significant act of heroic defiance in the face of his overpowering intersectional privilege, decides not to ravish her quivering ciswoman genitalia and impregnate her with a future beneficiary of societal privilege, instead aiming his malevolent man-ram at the tight virginal pucker hidden between her satiny-soft cheeks
    without any warning or preparation, Paul ‘Booty Batterer of Berlin’ Nungesser bashes his bulbous biospear against her bared butthole in a brutal blitzkrieg unseen since the Battle of the Bulge
    Emma screeches as her sphincter is smashed to smithereens by the Sturmbannführer’s swollen staff of sexual enslavement, her slender shape shuddering with spasms of servile sensual submission, screaming, “…SUMMMMERRRR!!!
    he hammers her hole for 40 straight hours, reaming her abused ass without mercy as Emma’s body tries to cope with the trauma of her total violation by falsely interpreting the experience as enjoyable, cranking out orgasm after orgasm as she surrenders herself to his Aryan aggression
    after what seems like an eternity, Paul ‘Ferocious Fuckmachine of Frankfurt’ Nungesser reaches rapegasm, flooding Emma’s bulldozed bowels with 15 gallons of his steaming-hot subjugation sauce
    he leaves her there, broken and barely-conscious, his privilege pudding leaking out of her and leaving a permanent stain on her mattress in a startlingly-accurate reproduction of seven and a half pages of Mein Kampf
    as he prepares to leave, Paul ‘Muff Mauler of Munich’ Nungesser warns Emma to keep silent like the good Republican bitch he had just made of her, mocking the brave survivor of his brutal sexual assault by asking a “lying gook buttslut” [sic] like her if she understood that her purpose in life was to serve as “the White Man’s cumdumpster”
    completely overwhelmed and exhausted by her trauma, the courageous victim of the patriarchy whispered in a soft, shuddering voice…
    “lol yusss”

    thankfully, due to the efforts of our progressive and visionary leader President Barack Hussein Obama in establishing and funding the Intercollegiate Service for Institutionalized Sexism (ISIS), Emma Sulkowicz’s ordeal was discovered by ISIS Field Director Judith S. Rosenblatt, who assisted Emma in recalling the details of her sexual trauma 12 months after it had happened
    Ms. Rosenblatt also advised her to take up her mattress as a sign of public protest against the ubiquitous rape culture on American campuses, where women are statistically more likely to be raped than they would be in a lawless Central African war zone which has been wracked by unceasing political violence and suffering from a complete collapse of governmental authority for the past 20 years
    in response to the recent article published by the Daily Beast expressing skepticism about Ms. Sulkowicz’s allegations, Ms. Rosenblatt reportedly exclaimed, “Oy vey, the boyim know! Never forget the one in four!”

    NVR 4GET THE #1in4!!!!

  43. BTW, the night of the long knives is fast approaching and twitter and probably YouTube will be relegating more accounts to the gulag in a couple weeks.

    The screaming blueticked mob dehumanized them by shouting “troll! troll! troll!” while they were deleted one by one by snarling commissars of excessive weight. The 6,000,001 accounts that were shoahed shall never be forgotten or forgiven. Kek remembers!

  44. One might also ask if the forcibly deactivated accounts still are counted in Twitter’s statistics. At an investor’s call, for instance.

  45. “Patriarchy pouch” had me rolling, then I kept going…thanks for that, I’ll be chuckling for days.

    As a genre, I enjoy historical fiction. It usually Spurs me on to reading primary and secondary sources and commentary on the period in question, so I can separate fact, such as they are, from fiction.

    I once attended a lecture on the English monarchs. Henry VIII was a hot topic. You wouldn’t…ok, maybe you *would* believe the number of young women who thought they knew all about him from watching…The Tudors. The show was well done but not accurate. History is often boring compared to the eternal soap operas of our dirty minds.

    It is a mistake to let women into higher education, at least en masse and at all stages. The things we think we know couldn’t be bound by the universe. What we actually know, or care to know? Fits in a coin purse if we’re lucky.

    What you get is courses on White racism, which as MGE says is just a rotten rose by another name. I went to a decent uni, Rutgers, in the mid-late 90s, and this crap was peddled by every divorced or lesbian or black prof in every course. Even my weed ‘em out freshman chem class, taught by a Chinese who could barely pronounce English words, featured a lecture on exclusion in the sciences. Calculus was about the only class that didn’t feature this BS. It probably does now, though.

    But you see, grievance committees and mongering are easy. You can teach any monkey to make a semi articulate argument, and if it isn’t cogent, well, oppressed! So you can drive the financial machine on the backs of people’s pride in their achievements. They’re too slow to see how low the bar has been dropped. That only wins you points in limbo.

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