So, What’s Our Choice?

Lawrence Auster once threw his hands up in exasperation and asked his correspondents, and I’m paraphrasing from memory: “If Jews can’t live in the diaspora and they can’t live in Israel, then where can they live?”

We can ask globalists a similar question.

If our tolerance is rewarded with this:



Immigrants protest against racism









… and our nationalism makes you oy-vey:

Poland’s leaders have let an evil genie out of the bottle. What we’ve witnessed on the streets of Warsaw represents a threat not only to liberal democracy in Poland but also to the stability and welfare of the European Union.

… then it almost sounds like reasoning with you is not within the realm of options.


51 thoughts on “So, What’s Our Choice?

  1. This abuse scandal is the first time I’ve ever seen Jews called out for anything. We can’t let them shift the blame to some nebulous White patriarchy or men in general. When your friends and family talk about these scandals – remind them that these people are all Jews. And these women are all gentiles. Nobody can argue with you. It might make them uncomfortable, but that’s the point.

    Normies must be made to realize this is a Jewish problem. When criticism of the tribe becomes acceptable discourse, the walls will come down.

  2. Normies must be made to realize this [abuse scandal] is a Jewish problem.

    Talking with Joe Wisconsin today about our beloved senator Al ‘Groper’ Franklin, and he was all like, Al shouldn’t be persecuted for harmless fucking-around.

    I said that Senator Franklin was part of the liberal coalition that would have prosecuted people for that.

    And that was the extent of that political conversation.

    Not to go off topic, but the thing about Franklin’s behavior is that it can’t be misconstrued. Groping a sleeping person isn’t the same as making a boorish pass at her, or him in the case of Kevin Spacey. It’s not rape, but if it was your mom or your wife, what would be the proper punishment for that?

  3. That fifth picture, of the hovering monkey. Is that even real?

    Check out the thumb on that primate.

    Or the second to last picture of the mopes with the “no border” sign. As if they’re not living proof Erectus Walks Among Us.

  4. Regarding the “hovering monkey” photo… what IS with that hand? It looks like there’s a huge gash between the thumb and first finger, like the hand is starting to rot and fall apart.

  5. Yes the “hovering monkey” photo is real. It’s from the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, Germany two years ago. The “No Border” photo is from Italy.

    Gross, the author of the linked NYT article, is Poland’s rough equivalent of Tim Wise. He’s most renowned for his 2001 book “Jedwabne”, named after a village in eastern Poland where an anti-Jewish pogrom took place during WWII. The book made a lot of news, with various media campaigns pushing a “soul searching” narrative on Poland “confronting its antisemitic past.”

    The facts as described in the book had been challenged or discredited by other historians, including English historian Norman Davies, who is regarded as the world’s foremost scholar of Polish history. Facts as they stand, is that there were indeed pogroms in eastern Poland during the war. They were, however, retaliations for Jewish collaboration with then-occupying Soviet army. There are accounts of Jews leading NKVD agents, during that occupation, to homes of Polish intellectuals, or just people with college degrees or with some kind of a clerical job pre-war, for summary execution (sometimes involving extreme cruelty) or deportation to Siberia. “The Black Book Of Communism” documents such rattings-out. Personally, I have heard stories from older folk who lived through that time and place.

    All kinds of things happen during war. What happens today though, is what affects the future. Whenever you see a historian known for his sensationalist and not entirely credible writing having an inflammatory opinion piece published by the premier liberal blog, er, newspaper of record, you always want to look for ulterior motives. Why is this animus against Poland being stoked?

    And returning to the original point of the post, what is the alternative to muscular patriotic marches — morbid tolerance?

    How is that working out?

  6. I’ll go with a bit of a gut feeling on this one… it’s not the ONR insignia, or the “White Europe of Brotherly Nations” banners, or anti-immigrant slogans that triggered the usual suspects about this march. Those things are common in Eastern European marches and even during soccer games.

    What triggered them, is “We Want God.”

    They can subdue and demoralize and cuck-out an atheist Europe. Not a real Christian Europe though.

  7. The black’s hand in the fifth picture looks strange because his index finger has been cut off.

    Also, from the woman’s reaction his smell must be horrendous.

  8. “What triggered them, is “We Want God.”

    They can subdue and demoralize and cuck-out an atheist Europe. Not a real Christian Europe though.“

    And not a Poland that practices a uniquely belligerent Catholicism that is in many ways a throwback to the 1930’s, tempered by the fires of clandestine faith under the Nazi and Soviet occupation. Poland will not follow the apostate Pope who currently sits in the Vatican in his spineless reaction to muslim savages. Polish Catholicism is “reactionary” to the Juice to whom it threatens by its existence. Same with the Russians who have returned to Holy Mother Church after forced atheism, who made the murdered Romanovs saints, martyrs to the faith, executed by, (((guess who)))?

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  10. Here’s a photo for this thread – the “migrant” rapists from Sweden who live streamed the rape of a girl on Facebook, she had gone to their apartment and gotten high: (3 were convicted, longest sentence was 27 months)

  11. Paddy Chayefsky or William Shakespeare?

    David Brooks or Edmund Burke?

    Susan Sontag or Jane Austen?

    Saul Bellow or Thomas Hardy?

    Philip Roth or Hermann Melville?

    Sigmund Freud or Adam Smith?

    Why can’t fucking goy just admit they’re stoopid?

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  13. Franklin: Respected and beloved Founding Father.
    Franken: Leering communist infiltrator Jew with an aching dick.

  14. What’s left to discuss? We know that all that will happen is dissimulation, smoke screens, blather, deflection and, of course, various brown women screaming about our racism and their entitlement to top universities and sinecures. Eh, let’s cut to the chase.

  15. In the larger scheme of things, if only Europeans had had the common sense of Poland or Hungary. They beat that out of you at University, you know.

  16. What if you’re off the grid or out in the woods and meet some ancient friends? Don’t worry. Whiteness finds a way.

  17. If Poland continues to be a sore thumb sticking out of the European “mosaic,” the big guns of Germany, France, and Britain — all liberal, with some conservative-leanings in the U.K. — will inevitably turn on it.

  18. The big EU powers seem to be paralyzed with their bad social choices.

    The main issue that gets booted around that I’ve heard of is mandatory refugee quotas, so Poland gets their dose of muslims too, but my feeling is more countries are turning against the whole idea, while the ones that still want to take in more more more … can’t admit they aren’t capable of handling the current hordes on their own. Which quotas tacitly do. Britain is broken but Brexiting, France is still under martial law, and Germany seems to be in two minds. Perhaps this will change if the US gets a cuck/globalist president again to whip the vassals into shape again.

  19. — The big EU powers seem to be paralyzed with their bad social choices.

    Swedish and German governments were strenuously against Bush’s anticipated Iraq invasion in 2004. Reasons expressed by them would have been the resulting refugee wave inevitably reaching their countries. Eleven years later, they outright invited them in and suppressed the native population’s objections.

    Part of the problem, though, is native-normies’ naivete. In Iceland, some staggering number of households volunteered to host refugees. I have no idea what Sweden or Norway is like, never been there outside of airports. Is there a sense of doom among normal people there now? Brevik described the life of a lower-class Norwegian kid in Oslo, which was hell. And that was twenty years ago. Did the hell spread to where the middle class now feels it?

    Between the native ruling classes in Western Europe and their bourgeoisie, it seems to me, self-preservation instincts will kick in. I never bought into the “dodo bird” theories about Scandinavians. It’s not normal to have animals on the loose in your kids’ school. Rape epidemics are not a default-tolerance condition of humanity outside of Africa. One can imagine the pent-up blood-lust among the kinds of European men who end up unleashing hell on enemy civilians.

  20. Sounds like a nigger hit that liberal. Good stuff!

    Women want to be equal, they got it. Seems like a beating or rape are the only way they truly learn they aren’t men.

    I found this story amusing. Why, not enough women of color have been sexually harrassed!

    S most nigger and spic women aren’t attractive enough to harrass. They are jealous that only white women are raped.

  21. PA, I’m not familar with Brevik’ s childhood, and much is made online by the media of the (translated) system’s desire to keep him with his crazy mother. Any recommended sources?

  22. Ryu: the oblivious female subway rider continued sitting next to the groid with her ear buds back in even after he cursed her out. Around blax, never relax.

    Ulric: he describes his early teenage years in his manifesto. If you can’t find a working link, Mencius M. heavily excerpted those biographical passages in a U.R. post he wrote shortly after the event.

  23. glad to have found your blog PA 🙂
    if things continue to slide i’ll have to get my kids polish passports (citizen is granted by blood not place of birth; both wife an I have dual citizenship USA/Poland) and send them there to study and find good people to start families with 😀

  24. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.
    Its a crime, not a policy option.

    White Genocide: Justin Trudeau style. Jail for Justin and all these anti-White criminals.

    “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.”

    – Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy.

  25. NSA leaker Reality Winner is easily the textbook example of a foolish Internet liberal a chick who definitely needed patriarchy to keep her from making dumb decisions at age 25 because she should’ve been taking care of kids.

    She’s been denied a release on bail and is heading to at least 10 years of Federal charges, all advocating for “the other” that she has never actually met or could tolerate living with, and releasing classified info for the liberal cause simply doesn’t work as liberals in high government won’t intercede for you because they want as little clarity/oversight in government as possible – as you see even the Trump-hating, uberliberal Washington Post expresses no support for her:

  26. “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me….
    – Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy.

    Trudeau is a festive goofball homo*, but I don’t think he actually made this comment, even Breitbart, Daily Caller nor Drudge don’t have anything on this comment.

    Trudeau has made all kinds of globalist, pro-immigration comments to make himself look good in the International Press since Trump’s election but AFAIK Canada hasn’t actually changed its fairly restrictive, skills-based immigration policies much at all this year.

  27. That pokerfaced “NO BORDER” regiment.. wouldn’t an earnest proponent of such spin at least be smiling, logically? Duration herself will work wonders there and elsewhere; the dark-crabs hungrily scurry back to their own (partitioned) dens. It seems at moments that these things all happened ages ago, history meanwhile still so often seeming so young.

    “Time is the best censor, and patience a most excellent teacher.”

    I have too much respect for Poland to visit in such a proudly nativist moment for them. I say take after that land and forge a separate imaginative structure to what they’re doing, whether more emphatically or in quiet.

  28. Ryu,

    I never knew that part, thank you. To borrow a phrase from the current year, I’m triggered.

    What is it you’ve said before, it’s the ones who get angry young?


  29. — Goto page 1387 of 1515

    Several pages later Breivik describes his teenage years in Oslo. He was allied with Paki gangs by necessity, which gave him mobility through the city. A good moment after a Moroccan gang attacked a Norwegian neighborhood, and in response 20 or so Norwegians caught up with them and — I don’t remember if he explains what happened, but the Moroccans agreed to never return to that area.

    — glad to have found your blog

    CBR, glad you did!

    Donald Trump’s tweets — calls the blacks he saved form Chinese prison “ungrateful.” Says “I should have left them in jail!”

    He was criticized by our side for his apparent soft-heartedness in rescuing a couple of Basketball-Americans from the consequences of their actions. It’s almost as if he knew, though, that the ingrate will shine through. Just another Trump chess-move in the long-term MAGA game?

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  31. Trump was handling the incident by making it go away. Diplomacy.

    Trump gets points, the Chinese don’t have to deal with a stupid situation.

    And the blacks involved learn nothing.

  32. One finds that the strongest WNs are already developing their skills in their teens or before. It is too late to rebel in your 20s or 30s. The skills show early, or not at all. One needs time to climb the ladder.

    Anders associating with Pakis is like a young white Murkan acting the whigger. I was a whigger, or wanted to be one, when young also. Several of the strongest WNs I know lived as the only whites in mino-filled areas.

    Very few WNs grow up in a racist household. There are a few out there. Their WN is not that powerful, I find. They don’t “hate” the system the way an ex-Janissary does.

  33. IIRC, Breivik spent a lot of time around lower-class Pakis because he was very much into the Graffiti culture.

  34. My choices were placed in stark relief today as I went health insurance shopping on the Obamacare website. All garbage insurance with exorbitant premiums and deductibles, each year more expensive then the next. I then wrote a check for my student loan bill, now almost cracking the $200k mark, so as to fund a university system to indoctrinate the next generation of white male hating SJW’s.

    As a hard working, self-employed tax paying white man, what am I getting out of this current arrangement, exactly? I pay roughly 30-40% of my income towards taxes, even more if you consider that my healthcare costs are artificially inflated by obamacare, and where does it all go? To fund a neo-cohen war in service of Israel? Bomb some roads in Afghanistan and rebuild them? I think about this every time some smug Jew like Sarah Silverman lectures me about white privilege. Yes, white men have the privilege of paying the majority of taxes in this country, but consume the least. And if it weren’t for men like me, you wouldn’t have your little ethnostate.

    Later I went to work for a bit, only to listen to a morbidly obese Medicaid brood sow bitch about her $3 co-pay. Her BMI is literally of the charts. The chart doesn’t even go high enough to classify her. Yet this woman managed to reproduce not once but 3 times, with the assistance of expensive medical and surgical interventions, all courtesy of taxpayers like yours truly. All 3 of her kids have different last names, of course.

    I no longer see the current arrangement as legitimate. Any white man, once the wool is pulled from his eyes, will see it too. That is why they are so afraid. They know it is true. They know the moment a spark of collective consciousness is lighted within us, we could upend the system, go Galt, and make it work in our favor. They know they need us and we don’t need them.


    We are in the middle of an undeclared race war. To end a war you have peace talks. We should focus on specifics: Who’s going to get what? Which counties in our state should be for whites? Which ones for blacks? Which ones will be “multiracial”? Let’s get out maps and start marking them up.

    White ethnostates, along with corresponding black ethnostates, Hispanic ethnostates, etc., cut off just about every complaint of unfairness by non-whites. You can’t discriminate against people you don’t live with. If Ta-Nehisi Coates says white racism is incurable, this is the solution.

    All races can talk about ethnostates in a positive and forward-looking way, without dragging in tired discussions of the past or uncomfortable conversations about IQ. It’s easier to call yourself a supporter of a white ethnostate than a white separatist, white advocate or identitarian. You support something—you aren’t yourself something, and this depersonalizes the conversation.

  36. AmRen describes a peaceful separation of equals like Czechs and Slovaks going their separate way, or Yugoslavians less amicably but ultimately to everyone’s relief. In the case of USA, it’s not “oppression” that’s our black fellow-citizens’ grievance. Their beef is with the fact that they think they are oppressed while deep down they long for reenslavement.

  37. > To end a war you have peace talks.

    To end a war one side has to win. Definitively. Peace talks are just about the details of how magnanimous the winner chooses to be.

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