Idle Thoughts On Misheard Lyrics

Everyone has his story on misheard lyrics that illustrates some biographical quirk. My three:

1. Boney M — “El Lute

I heard a bit of Disco as a kid in the late 1970s and El Lute was one of my favorite songs, even though I didn’t speak a word of English at the time. That campy Euro-Caribbean band would not cross my thoughts again until two decades later, when I came across their Greatest Hits in a music store. Now fluent in English at almost thirty years old, I bought the tape and took a trip down memory lane. When I got to El Lute, I played it again because the song’s lyrics captured my attention, with its story about the famed Spanish outlaw.

Eleuterio Sánchez is either a murderer as convicted, or an innocent man per his steadfast claim. Only he knows the truth. He was born in 1942 to a dirt-poor peasant family in northern Spain, remaining illiterate until adulthood. He learned to read, earned a law degree, and wrote two books while serving a thirty-year prison sentence.

Because they own the recording industry, the song is anti-Franco propaganda. Nevertheless, you might still have a brain, but you don’t have a heart if your pulse doesn’t quicken to that story. See Point No. 8, short excerpt here:

Do you believe that a race has its destiny? If so, then ours is to build and destroy, at turns… “The European soul craves more; it needs more. If necessary, it will upend and destroy the world to get that ‘more.’ It will even destroy itself.”

I don’t mind stealing communist propaganda toward my ends. After all, I’m just taking back what’s ours: they co-opted our talent, they hijacked our folklore, so like cultural Viet Cong, we salvage the usable parts of the enemy’s equipment. Like in this bit of fun with El Lute:

And he wanted a home
Just like you and like me
In a country where all would be free

“Free love” vs “date rape” is the dividing line between Baby Boomers and Generation X. The dividing line between the previous generations and Millennials is that the latter never had a country of their own.

Though he taught himself
To read and to write
It didn’t help El Lute

The modern pursuit of an education is like grabbing a dancing reflection on water. Ancient Greeks called the program of learning that was essential to carrying out the duties of a citizen “liberal arts.” (Latin: ars liberalis, “the mastery of practices fitting a free man”). John Milton wrote that the ultimate purpose of education…

“… is to repair the ruines of our first Parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, to be like him, as we may the neerest by possessing our souls of true vertue, which being united to the heavenly grace of faith makes up the highest perfection.” (1644)

At my university seminar, we poured feminist grievances over Beowulf. In a twisted way, that was still education because education is as much revealed-desire to know, as it is acquired knowledge.

This is analogous to elite military training. A bus full of Army Special Forces trainees on their first day, all of them hand-picked by their respective company commanders as cream of the crop, pulled over on the side of a road on its way to the selection school where ruthless weeding-out is done up-front. The bus driver was uncommunicative with the soldiers, who were growing restless with the delay. What they didn’t know, is that the driver is an instructor who evaluated his passengers on their behavior and the first round of people, complainers and such, was cut before they even arrived at the school.

To be taught, a man must be teachable. I had a few excellent professors but on balance, it was my frustration with the corrupted learning that constituted my education. The Alt-Right is similarly self-educated in that by discovering the Red Pill, we reclaimed the accumulated wealth of Western wisdom, the path to which for us was a labyrinth.

With the prize on his head
People still gave him bread
And they gave him a hand
For they knew he was right
And his fight was their fight

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Or to put it differently: if you’re a guerrilla fighter, never harm your friendly civilians. If you’re a civilian, show your fighters some appreciation. At the very least, never rat them out.

On walls every place
They had put up the face of El Lute
And he robbed where he could
Just like once Robin Hood

Every nation has its populist myths. There are ballads of Pretty Boy Floyd begging a meal from struggling farmers in Oklahoma during the Great Depression, then leaving one thousand dollars on their dinner table under his napkin before disappearing.

El Lute’s story ends well for him, but what does that have to do with us?

And then freedom really came to his land
And also to El Lute
Now he walks in the light
Of a sunny new day

2. Pink Floyd — “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II”

A quick gloss over an autobiographical matter: during my almost-teenage years, my family and I spend several months in Austria. This was at the beginning of the 1980s, and we were part of a wave of Eastern European asylees en route to their ultimate destinations in the Western Hemisphere. We were put up in a lovely Gasthaus in an Alpine village, but also spent a total of about two weeks at refugee camp outside of Vienna, at a facility that for me is the touchstone of dignified state architecture.

It was built in 1900 as a training academy for Imperial artillery officers. After WWII, the occupying Soviet Army used it as barracks. In 1956, it served as shelter for Hungarians after their crushed uprising, and the center continued to process Soviet Block refugees through the end of the Cold War. You can guess what kinds of refugees came through there more recently. That building today:


One chilly morning, my dad took me into town outside the camp’s gates, to a breakfast diner. The small town was overwhelmed with foreigners, who were mostly from Communist countries that shared their borders with Austria. A man my dad’s age, a fellow-Pole, hears us talk and asks if he can join us, all tables being taken. Leaving the two adults to their conversation, I turned my attention to the busy scene inside the restaurant.

The jukebox comes on, playing a catchy, unfamiliar song that I correctly judged to be in English. When the song ends, a strangely behaving, possibly-drunk young man approaches the jukebox, drops coins into the slot and that same songs begins to play again. He shouts something in German to nobody in particular and guessing by his look, he was an East German refugee. This cycle repeats several times, with the song ending and the young man loudly announcing something as he puts it on again. I didn’t mind the repetition, as I was becoming captivated by the song’s bass line and the sneering intro vocals.

A twelve-year-old travels with wide-open eyes, absorbing every detail of a new country. This being Austria, I was fascinated with the Nazi lore I’ve grown up with behind the Iron Curtain, now being a guest near the epicenter of that legacy. The reason my thoughts went there is because the shouted line in the song, just before the refrain (in reality “Hey! teacher!”), had me convinced to be “Heil! Hitler!”

And that, my fellow AltRighters, is how I ended up right here with you.

3. Nirvana — “Smells Like Teen Spirit” 

Ten years later I’m a student, doing my brief stint as a waiter in a mid-Atlantic college town. The evening shift had ended. A wad of cash in my pocket, I was in the mood for loud music and a buzz, so I told a co-worker: “Let’s go to X.” He and I walked one door over to a pub/dance club and we grabbed a table.

With our white dress shirts, now comfortably unbuttoned at the neck, we were indubitably the only dudes in the place not wearing flannel. It was difficult to talk over the noise. Doesn’t matter: a peculiar new song came on, its opening power chords halting the conversation. Then the hello, hello, hello, hello as the shell is chambered, then boom! goes the payload:

With the lights out!
It’s less dangerous!
Here we are now! …

“… undertakers?” — asks my colleague, quizzically arching his eyebrow.


40 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts On Misheard Lyrics

  1. The part about co-opting communist propoganda is dead on. I’ve always thought we should take the Internationale and rewrite it with nationalist lyrics.

  2. I wonder if it’s the sound of the music that implants false auditory hallucinations, or the thoughts we had been carrying around all day prior to putting on the headphones or hearing the radio.

    If the sound of the music suggests lyrics, I would guess it’s the complexity of percussion that does the trick, possibly a unique quirk of vocal signatures.

  3. Imma leave this right here. And Jeremy Messersmith is actually a very pleasant singer songwriter, if over the top fey and hipsterish.

  4. It’s easy to imagine songwriters deliberately leaving their lyrics vague. The Beatles released a track with a trick “reverse play” that was just a tease. Mystery and mystique are hyping mechanisms for the rich and propertied among the musical elite.

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  6. An amusing piece of current nonsense in K-pop: the line in Exid’s “DDD” that goes “Why don’t you zip ma baby”

    The entire line is in English, but originally the “zip” was supposed to be “shh” but apparently there was concern that foreign listeners would interpret this as “shit” so it was made “zip” instead.

    Which actually makes sense, in a cute Kongrish kind of way, since the message is apparently to put a lid on it; but it’s sparked all kinds of headscratching, much of it probably from the South Pacific where the idiomatic expression “zip it up” probably isn’t familiar or sensible to them.

    It would seem that in some weird roundabout way the “zip” is being taken by ESL populations as some sort of sexual innuendo: unzip your pants? zip them back up? or something to that effect lolz

  7. OT: Not Vox-baiting on purpose with this one, but I’m objectively curious as to what PA or other gabbers think about this proposition: the other day, a propos of some leftist startup I’m not familiar with, VD writes:

    “You have to be pretty stupid to go on Gab and volunteer yourself for the targeted harassment and libel that will be directed your way in the name of free speech. And you’d have to be an utter moron to even consider putting your livelihood in the hands of the out-of-control SJWs at Etherium. Both Gab and Etherium observably fail to grasp that providing confidence to the consumer is the single most important factor in corporate success.”

    –is that in any significant way fair to the experience on Gab? What I mean is, obviously even on twitter people have/can get into all sorts of mudslings, with real and potential doxxers, stalkers, and so forth. Vox was hugely upset by the p*d* libel at gab, which in itself is understandable (if of questionable judgment) irrespective of his subsequent stance, threatened actions, and thankfully risible fallure in fulfilling them. But as I’ve pointed out, he was called a p*d* on twitter too, even if (rather slowly) that was taken down. Never mind that he himself once encouraged– . . .

    To me it just sounds like more butthurt combined with a peevish anxiety to ‘remind’ his peeps not to go joining in the fun. But I’m not on gab, so for skepticism’s sake (and ironically remembering what some of the Ilk themselves said in pro-gab days, which I once pasted here, about their delight in LOOKING for fights on gab), I ask the question: do people feel that gab is, in a negative way, a Wild West experience that one has to put on especially thick armor for, or is it basically no different than twitter except without the need to fear that SJWs will get you deplatformed? Is gab, as VD seems to insinuate, a minefield for getting yourself doxxed, harassed, or otherwise damaged, or is he just being bitchy because they didn’t delete that something (serious or not) he didn’t like?

  8. . . . Well, now I AM gonna have to Voxbait with this one.

    VD strongly insinuates in a post I skimmed while going back for the gab quote above that HE is “Chuck Tingle” of Space Raptor Butt Invasion fame.

    I read SRBI back in the day, very curious about the hoopla (and remember I was in much kinder spirits toward VD back then). It had of course been speculated that GBFM(TM) was behind it, and as a special aficionado of da GBFM I was especially curious.

    I thought there was some real potential to that theory, but one thing bothered me: the gay sex.

    I mean sure, I knew going in that there might be some sort of effort at portraying gay sex but I sorta figured it would be in a, well, perfunctory sort of way. I mean, since the whole thing is SATIRE it wouldn’t really be necessary to get all in-out, in-out, would it?

    So when I got to those passages I thought maybe this was a bit much. GBFM, after all, is hardcore Dantean on the sodomy=usury=evil equation.

    Still, I thought the Chuck Tingle interview, with all that “kiss the sky” and true love talk was, in a weird way, a sort of jokey inversion of GBFM themes, as if the author were, you know, paying tribute to virtue from a feigned position of vice. So I thought maybe there was still some possibility– after all, GBFM can use pornographic images to further his message– but I was more skeptical.

    And then, the whole Tingleverse just kept growing. I mean there’s DOZENS of Chuck Tingle works (I’m on the author page and stopped counting discreet titles after seventy). Stuff like “T-Rex Anal Workout” and “Gaygent Brontosaurus”. I long since figured GBFM would’ve lost interest (and he does have a life of his own). Indeed, that whole Hugo ship has long sailed.

    If VD is Chuck Tingle, then . . . ??? Is gay dino porn actually what pays his bills!! Because if VD=CT, he has kept up this gay dino porn thing LOOOOOOONNGG after the need for the joke was over.

    Which would surely mean either it actually makes him a shitload or else he’s really into this stuff lolz!

    Indeed, I’m not sure I buy his insinuation that he is Tingle. It’d be like him to bullshit just to get attention. I scanned the comments and only a couple of people raised an eyebrow. One person acted like they were in on it and cool with VD being CT, but are they aware how many of these fucking dino porns there are?! My god, writing one or even a trilogy might be understandable, but whoever Tingle is he’s written a buttfucking LIBRARY!

  9. Sample titles:

    Anally Yours: The Unicorn Sailor

    Pounded By My Handsome Ghost Boats

    Lonely Author Pounded by Dinosaur Social Media Followers [!!!lozlzoz??!!!]

    I’m In Love With the Handsome Mummy Racecar In My Butt

    Taken By the Gay Unicorn Biker

    Pounded In the Butt By the Sentient Manifestation Of My Own Ignorant Climate Change Denial

    –Far be it from me to deny there’s a certain “art” just in dreaming up these titles. But honestly, can you imagine actually forcing yourself to write out “stories” for this? Over and over and over and over again?

    Hell, after that little parody of Vox I posted at the chateau the other day, I was tempted to do a series of maybe six or seven posts in the form of letters from VD demanding that CH take down my “libelous” parody! lolz Hell I’m still tempted to do it,

    But you know even if it’s funny and original comment, a lot of people would probably say “okay, har har but enough already.”

    If Vox really writes this stuff then geez, what the hell is wrong with him? On top of all the other stuff he takes credit for, does he not have enough to do to keep him from sitting down every night to crank out crypto-satirical dinosaur gay sex? Even if the actual contents were somehow clever in their way, I think it skyrockets the hypothesis that he’s a cokehead homo.

    I mean Space Raptor would have been a clever joke for one-three stories, but talk about homoautistic obsession.

  10. Amazon reader review by “C. J. Daniel” on Oct 30th for “Sentient Fort Pauls Manofort Is Charged In The Butt While Tromp’s Foreign Policy Advisor Georgie Papadop Admits He Lied About Hiding Inside”:

    “what’s not to love? The cover, amazing. The title, amazing. The speed of composition — the indictment literally was announced this morning — damn, Chuck Tingle, you write like if the Road Runner were on adderall. Mr. Tingle, you are a national treasure and I need you to make a t-shirt store with your wonderful covers printed onto high quality cotton apparel so I can proudly share my love of your work with the world.”

    Maybe VD has a stable of interns pumping out these CT books (and the amazon reviews? if CT wrote a 4100 word story about the Manafort indictment that morning, it’s hardly less prodigious of C. J. Daniel to read and review it the same day too). VD of course has been extremely punitive about “fake reviews” on amazon, but then he’s Mr. “Call ’em a p*d*phile”.

    People Always Project!

    It sure as hell sounds like a fake review, considering the plea for CT to crank out merch (which VD is known for!) to he can “share [his] love of [his] work with the world”.

    And “Road Runner on Adderall”? God help VD if he wrote all of this.

  11. I assume this is the quote?

    I’ve been banned by Goodreads, banned by Twitter, suspended and weirdly locked down by Facebook, which has a Real Name policy that prevents me from using “Vox Day” but insists that I remain “Charles Tingle”, and none of it has harmed my blog traffic or my book sales in the least.

    Vox Night and Day, lol

  12. And that, my fellow AltRighters, is how I ended up right here with you.

    Too funny. They should redo the music video like that, in an appropriate college class room setting.

  13. PA, some notes on one’s “poster” for Its OK to Be White.

    Put in the right place, with the right material, and it will stay up.

    Paper posters are no good. They come down too easily. A swift pull and all of one’s work is over. Best to do something a little more permenant, so it has some endurance.

    I think many are being too obvious and going for too much. Put a hot poster in a trafficked place and it will be removed quickly. A bit more sublety works better.

    My own work has lasted for more than a week so far. Like other forms of action, one has to “fly under the radar.”

  14. — I’ve always thought we should take the Internationale and rewrite it with nationalist lyrics.

    Revolutionary Left created great melodies, along with aspirational though brutal Sociorealist art when it was European. Once they went global and had to accommodate sub85 IQ sensibilities, their iconography devolved to rap and shopping.

    — Is gab, as VD seems to insinuate, a minefield for getting yourself doxxed, harassed, or otherwise damaged

    I’m surprised there even are liberals on Gab, being that they already have free reign on Twitter. That’s just an aside observation; the attacks against Vox came from the so called AltReich. I don’t get into any minefields there, I use Gab as a news source thru following key users like Ricky Vaughn and for humor/bantz.

    As to Chuck Tingle, LOL! I figured that’s just VD’s sabotaging of the converged Hugo Awards.

    An effective person who attains a level of public exposure will inevitably attract vile commentary. You can imagine what Trump and his family get on Twitter. Or that “R*p* M*l*ni*” banner at the opening of Trump Hotel in DC.

  15. “…stealing communist propaganda…”

    The few stateless zones in the Basque country/Zapatistas in southern Mexico. Anarchistic projects like that could inform this peripheral domain of the right in terms of utter persistence. They are ironically far less likely to have thought things through independently. But they definitely stay at it, which is admirable.

  16. Not following the Vox drama.

    I occasionally still check out some of the links to him. There is a current hash between him and ZMan, where he apparently conclusively demonstrates ZMan plagiarizing.

    Yeah oh well whatever who cares.

    The funny part to me is that Vox slips in yet another reference to his iq, in this case being one full standard above ZMan’s.

    How does he know this?

    And secondly, a fair estimate ZMan’s iq safely 3 or 3-and-a-half standard deviations above the white norm, so say 140 to 150. So Vox is saying that his is 160?


    That is pretty grandiose. If his SAT’s were less than 1560 or 1580, he is totally full of shit. Perhaps some hacker can access that database and check that out.

  17. There is a different type of intelligence that can easily be summarized as animal intelligence, that iq tests don’t measure at all.

    Animal intelligence is situational awareness, but only in part.

    Situational awareness is short term, but animal intelligence includes intermediate term horse sense and long term farmer sense.

    Those sorts of pattern recognition occur at a slower pace. The time constraints of the iq test work against measuring animal intelligence.

    Cochran suggests that Neanderthals bigger brains were used to understand their prey. Specifically how would they move.

    “He’s not too bright, but he can see through a brick wall.”

    Gandalf said that of [quiz show answer below] so it is safe to say that was an epigram from the old country.

    * Barliman Butterbur, innkeeper of Bree, mocked in his lifetime but still remember

  18. Anglin’s linked article on Franklin, is pro click.

    His take is dead-on. How can Franklin not resign, without everyone knowing that everything from now on it a total joke?

    Everyone has known that for a long time already, i guess.

    But the pro-click, that i am beating around the bush on, is that Anglin “goes there” in regard the topic of male female relationships, and age issues involved.

    Apparently on the latest TDS he went all in (haha) on the pedo ephebo distinction, and really got the jimmies rustled.

    His summary of that spectacle is included in his article in response to the Atlantic cover,

    which article is essentially the most current Anglin manifesto.

    Don’t read if you’re all about muh sweet 16 virgins.

  19. And as long as I am going there, i will repeat that, contra to Anglin’s contention, the ephebo pedo thing is not the final taboo for the Alt Right in America.

    The final taboo for the American Alt Right (and is there any other kind?), is still and always the ritual diminishment of the penises of baby boys, euphemistically known as circumcision.


    Which topic came up on my otherwise favorite AR podcast, The Fatherland, “the most mature podcast in the Alt Right” and which evoked from yours truly a strong screed against the doofus panel member guest they had on, who was more-or-less bragging, or at least insisting, about having had his own four sons genitally reduced, and to which in response, none of the good goys particularly host Jim and muscle Bradan, called him out on.

    My comments to them are linked here:

    That message board is its own particular medium, not meant for discussion or even criticism but rather for light heartedness and good feels.

    However it is worth linking for the insight there, which is aimed at anyone who has not faced the issue: anyone advocating for circumcision has a duty to witness the ordeal they are causing to be done specifically to their own sons.

    And if they do not bear witness to it, they are either victims or cowards.

    And there is no way around that conclusion.

  20. “and to which in response, none of the good goys particularly host Jim and muscle Bradan, called him out on.”

    Necessary qualification: I stopped listening at that point in the podcast, when it seemed they had moved on.

    The show’s host and regulars seemed taken aback by their guest’s (Coach) approach to that issue. But whether or not Coach was censured later in the show, i don’t know.

  21. “The final taboo for the American Alt Right (and is there any other kind?), is still and always the ritual diminishment of the penises of baby boys, euphemistically known as circumcision.”

    To call it a taboo, for the Alt Right, is probably not accurate.

    It is not so much taboo (for the Alt Right), as it is a disagreeable subject.

    Some subjects are not spoken of because they are very unpleasant and disagreeable; but that is not the same thing as being taboo.

    The subject of male genital reduction still is taboo in American culture at large, however.

    In the Alt Right it is more of a generational divide.

  22. Alt Right

    Also, I request that White Advocates stop using idiosyncratic capitalization and punctuation when saying Alt Right.

    Alt Right is simpler and looks better. If we can’t agree on this, it is a sign of needless contentiousness and ineffective squabbling.

    I tell you now, that without any doubt whatsoever in any way, the standard capitalization and no un-necessary punctuation is more eloquent and by a long measure.

    The needless muddying up of simple words is “precious” and childish. And looks bad.

  23. How are you otherwise supposed to separate the Christians from the infiltrators?

    As it stands today, by and large Christians in America are not distinguishable by their penises from the jews.

  24. Years ago on facecuck, a “friend” made a post, about how some guy at the gym was working out so effectively that it was made clear his religion.

    “What was his religion?”

    is the question that i missed the chance to ask.

    Co-incidentally, that same high school person went on later to share about how today was the day he was having his son gentially reduced.

    But the original joke that the guy made, was sort of funny, if one is in the mood to laugh about the adumbrated glans penis.

  25. I am going to try and listen to that last hour of the latest Daily Shoah, wherein Anglin goes on his rant about pubescent sweet little muh virgins females and Sven gets taken aback.

    That show can be hard to listen to, in the sense that most of the personalities are trying to express themselves by talking. I don’t know what is the common phrase for that, how shall we say, tendency of character, to want to assert itself by speaking and being a personality.

    On the one hand, be somebody, but on the other hand, be quiet.

    (And on the other hand, entertain us.)

  26. I don’t really “get” ZMan. I scanned his blog once and was mildly impressed; I think it was there that a commenter made the point that it confuses him why Steve Sailer is a big deal when have the isteve commenters seem more intelligent and expressive than Steve does. Why does Zman LOL everything?

    Strictly on the science thing, VD has the better of the argument, but I haven’t looked at any follow up (obviously, I shouldn’t!).

    What kills me about Derb giving a “speech” annotating VD’s 16 points is the obvious, shameful laziness of it: oh, I’ve got a speaking assignment and nothing to present, what to do, oh well, I’ll look up some Alt Right manifesto or other and then just checklist that off lolz!

    Vox is such a famewhore, I don’t think it registered with him what an essential slight it was, for Derb to riff off him out of sheer lassitude.

    VD telling Derb not to comment on any subjects of which VD is solicitious to be thought intelligent was infuriating though.

    I do hope he goes out of business. “muh blog twaffic! muh bestselling kindle amazon political philosophy”. What a twerp. Why does he have to tell his cult that getting (repeatedly–you think he’d learn his lesson) booted off social media hasn’t hurt his funds in the slightest?

    I assumed “Chuck Tingle” was someone in the VD periphery hauled in to plant something they could use for the Hugo Awards demolition. But at over a hundred gay be@stiality tales now, at 4,000 words a piece? Whoever writes that shit is at an Anna Karenina word count.

    If it’s Vox, then he got WAY high on his own buttsex stash. Psycho.

  27. –I take it “Ishmael” is the saruh incarnation du jour? I’ve left it alone, but she’s brownnosing gunslinger, who I love for his own sake as well as suspecting he is an old friend, plus that VD sniffer “Lazarus”, who once accused me of being a nigger (!) was telling gunslinger to shut up, so I let them both briefly have it.

    saruh was certainly more amusing when she was in a wheelchair. I made a geography reference just to see if we can’t fret her into railing about Europe’s “lack of transportation infrastructure”, the one that dictates that all White women must burn Congolese coal.

    But who the hell is heinrich? what is he up to?

    the strappyesque person railing against the pain of intercourse for women was rather amusing lolz

  28. Circumcision IS a vile, barbarous semitic stain that should be abolished. I know it will be an uphill fight, but after making America English Only, abolishing Aff-Act, etc. it would be a great way to help get rid of Jews if the revolution hasn’t arrived already.

    I’ve already forgot which Unz contributor set it out, but the English language, abolish Af-Ac plan seems like an excellent corollary to Building the Wall.

    Can we replace Franken with a Trump GOP Senator? Wisconsin ’16, Minnesota 20!

  29. As it stands today, by and large Christians in America are not distinguishable by their penises from the jews.

    Sorry, I guess I was being too obscure. “… except by stopping this strange practice.” If memory serves — and if so, only at second hand — depantsing to check your allegiance was a quick method when there were doubts during the Yugoslavian war.

  30. Elk…

    You’re stuck on the sickNarrative…

    And you can’t see the obvious answer to your query.

    If an alt-rite is, at its core, pro-abortion (and “it” is thus entertaining the ideological argument for a “right” to rape) then alt-rite silence on ritual white male genital mutilation is one of complicit guilt. In other words, alt-rite ACTS OUT the projected reality of the Jewish Kind.

    The “chosen ones” had their sons penises snipped because their fathers could not think but their dicks.

    Is this also the way of the white race?

    Does white man really think with his dick… Therefore, in need of mutilating his son’s?

    Yet, IF one BELIEVES that his “mother” had a “right” to kill him in utero THEN he might be a rapist who ends up mutilating his own junk.

    Or the whole circumcision derision is a diversion from a deeper perversion.

    Rationally, if you believe in “abortion” then you cannot whine of “circumcision.”

    They are of the same fine thread of anti-metaphysics for certaIn.

  31. If one is a materialist with a mutilated penis, how might you find redemption?

    Beget sons free of the sick ritual.

    Short of this…

    You wallow in the abyss.

    Or else set your mind on being anti-materialist.

    A one hundred and forty plus “eye cue” and jew don’t see perfectionist?

  32. Yes, PA… And an amazingly poignant reminder that white (S)upremacy is not some flaw man cuntcockshun of the anti-(s)upremacist kind.

    A desire for (P)erfection hides its mechanisms in the (f)ather.

  33. Police arrest Dequan Gunn, Quintadric Gunn, Dikembe Thomas for shooting Dontravious Cullin-Stanle and Antavious Smith.

    Welcome to AmeriKKKa.

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