“Europe, Wake Up!” 2017 Independence Day March in Warsaw


We are united by the words on that banner: “We Want God.”

Tens of thousands of people marched across downtown Warsaw today in an Independence Day procession organized by Poland’s nationalist youth movement. Last year’s march was estimated at 50,000 strong. This year, patriots from Hungary, Slovakia, and even Spain have joined.

A national event catches the attention of spectators outside of its borders when, despite that event’s particularist nature, it speaks to the aspirations of people worldwide. Poland represents an alternative. Imagine your cities and countryside not being the world’s human dumpster. Imagine no concrete barriers and storm troopers having to guard your Christmas markets. Imagine the people and the law being on the same side.

Poland shows the world that it is possible for everyone to have the same in his own country. And that assertion of a people’s exclusive claim on their public space is why Westerners today turns their eyes eastward.

Avowing The Particular

The avowal of Poland’s national identity, an exclusionary claim, was expressed in this portion of the march:

At 0:30, the march participants chant: “Faithful Poland! is our goal!” After that, an off-camera speaker (who I think is the young priest that gave the rousing speech at last year’s rally) addresses the marchers, speaking solely to his countrymen. He says:

Brothers and sisters, thanks to whom do we have an independent Poland?

Thanks to whom do we speak Polish?

Thanks to whom do we have a Polish mother and a Polish father?

So let’s remember, thanks to whom do we have these things? Armia Krajowa! [fighters in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising]. Long live Armia Krajowa!

At 1:05, the camera cuts to the singing of the national anthem. The anthem, the salute to national heroes, the affirmation of only one nation’s heritage and ancestry, on down to calling out their clean bloodlines, are by definition exclusionary and without that proprietorship, they would have no meaning.

Affirming The Universal

History has a sense of humor. European workers are finally united, just not in the way that Karl Marx had envisioned. Humor aside, White countries are under siege and everyone knows what happens if we lose this war. Our graves and monuments will be torn down and our people wiped away forever from this world.

The demonstrators know this, which is why despite this being a Polish holiday, they unfurled a giant banner that bore an English language inscription: “Europe, Wake Up!”




65 thoughts on ““Europe, Wake Up!” 2017 Independence Day March in Warsaw

  1. Peaceful. Unifying. Respectful. Who’s criticising this? Why is this scene as a threat but allowing hundreds of thousands of military age men posing as refugees seen somehow as a “duty”?

    They aren’t opposing anything here, they’re celebrating a peaceful existence which as sadly short lived between wars. If anyone understands the need for social harmony it’s Poland which was carved up out of existence for 150 years. They fought for everything they gained and aren’t about to let the EU or any other outside power push them into accepting something less than what is in their national interest.

    Interesting to see Ukrainian flags in solidarity of the national march. Poland is a tolerant nation and people but they leanred the hard way that national interests come first.

    [Hey wala, good to hear from ya. I don’t know what the yellow-blue flag is, not Ukraine’s though. There are city and region colors in Poland, could be participants from another city. Warsaw’s flag is yellow over red. Ukraine’s flag is blue over yellow: “blue sky over golden wheat fields.” In the march it was the opposite. — PA]

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  3. “IV. Nation. The globalized elite defines a nation merely as a random aggregate of persons in a shared geographical space under a single government– a way station, in other words, to a new world order. The Alt-Right by principle opposes the dissolution of nations and, of course, most particularly our own.

    “A nation is revealed by shared language, history, culture, purpose. A nation is, in other words, a people: a population created by common ancestry. It is the duty of nations to fight by all means necessary to preserve the patrimony left them by their forebears, who bore so much to pass on to their progeny a life made fuller by their sedulous stewardship of culture and creed. Globalists would reduce all peoples to mere strangers behind the locked Gate of Ishtar, toiling under one lidless Cyclopean eye.”

  4. The Poz is probably still scrambling to find a way to deal with Poland and Hungary, make an example out of them somehow.

  5. Interesting article on the “brands” the Alt Right prefers. I never knew we were a consumer group.

    They claim we salute Taylor Swift as a leggy, Aryan goddess.

    ““It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump’s son, and they will be crowned American royalty”

  6. I’ll agree with New Balance. Still made in USA. The “N” logo can be interpreted however.

    Comfortable shoes, wide range of styles, and very durable. I’m partial to their Minimus line of minimalist running and training shoes.

    Who is Taylor Swift? 😗

  7. “Imagine your cities and countryside not being the world’s human dumpster. Imagine no concrete barriers and storm troopers having to guard your Christmas markets. Imagine the people and the law being on the same side.”

    Well put. I do imagine this, I believe we had it, once, despite what revisionists, relativists, and the writers of dramatic entertainment would have us believe.

    Why did we have it? Cultural unity and shared identity.

    Diversity divided that unity. So interesting. I recall being made to learn the song “ Hands Across America” in 7th or 8th grade. Something something about racism and choosing to make the world a better place. One of the lines was “ divided we fall, United we stand.” Now, I get what they were after on its face, but then we have diversity is our strength…the two are incompatible. You cannot unite diversity. Even in “diverse” biological ecosystems, all species are out for themselves. Oh, they may complement and even benefit each other time to time, but they don’t do any “uniting” of various organisms in the face of adversity. And when invasive species come in, well, scientists and virtue sniveling eco warriors are the first to jump to eradicate the invaders.

    But I don’t need to tell this choir how they don’t listen to their own words. It’s not about peace or saving anything. It’s power and use of force to get their way, like toddlers.

  8. It’s interesting that the baizuo phenomenon is a Western disorder. Central and Eastern European whites so far appear to be immune from the disease. It’s doubtful that we’ll ever know for sure but I think this supports the evolutionary theory, that the countries prosperous and safe for longest (reduced infant mortality etc) have gone through generations with dysgenic mutations surviving and multiplying. These mutations weaken and then reverse certain attributes, the chief such being an attachment and loyalty to one’s group, preferring its interests to those of outsiders.

    A characteristic of the baizuo, I would say its defining characteristic, is a preference for the alien over the familiar, e.g. for Mohammedans over Christians. Though an instinct for males to defer to women rather than to dominate them is also strong.

    The mutation theory also fits the well established pattern that we and the baizuo are incomprehensible to one another and (with rare exceptions) there is no possibility of using facts or persuasion to convert from one to the other. The baizuo will remain so until the last one dies among the mosques and third-world squalor that he helped to import.

    So it doesn’t matter how many blogs and memes and flyers we make. Western civilisation can survive only by blood and iron – if it can still be saved.

  9. The Guadian disapproves of the march. They go with the estimated number of participants at 60,000, almost ten thousand more than last year’s numbers.

    Tens of thousands of nationalist demonstrators marched through Warsaw at the weekend to mark Poland’s independence day, throwing red-smoke bombs and carrying banners with slogans such as “white Europe of brotherly nations”.

    The article ties in President Trump and Polish government, both being seen as sympathetic to nationalism:

    Some participants marched under the slogan “We Want God!”, words from an old Polish religious song that the US president, Donald Trump, quoted during a visit to Warsaw earlier this year. Speakers encouraged attendants to stand against liberals and defending Christian values.

    “It was a beautiful sight,” [Poland’s] interior minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, said. “We are proud that so many Poles have decided to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday.”

    Other (((organizations))) disapprove:

    Reader cortesar at CH accurately summarizes the background of the event:

    This march is the part of the overall celebration but it is a separate entity. When it started 8 years ago by ONR there was a few hundreds only. It grew into the symbol of Polish and Eastern European Rebellion against (((EU))) structures which do their utmost to destroy one of the last islands of white lands.”

    Under the previous government, which was center-left / cuck / pro-EU, participants in this march clashed with riot police. That party was voted out of power in the fall of 2015. Last year and this, we see the people and the law in harmony with each other.

    ONR (National-Radical Camp) was illegal in Poland from its founding in 1936 until 1992, surviving under four governments: center-right Polish prewar gov., German occupation, Communism, and post-Communism. The man in the photo below is wearing its original 1936 green insignia:

  10. Sorry to go totally off topic. But as others have noted, Taylor is literally the perfect 9.9995.

    Like 7-and-a-half standard deviations above average.

    And did you know that babe has real musical talent. There is a good current thread on her at Sailer’s, in which someone posted this video clip,

    This effort, in my professional estimation, is a solid A- or A really

    She is not at the highest levels, but that’s live and sings and plays compellingly and with feeling.

    Taylor has more musical talent than Zubin Mehta the Georgian broad with the fake tits (are they fake?) that Lucius posted on the CH thread, playing the boring classical.

    In my estimation, i would say yeah that is a fair and true statement.

  11. Matt King says you are not supposed to make those jokes anymore.

    He’s right but.

    Are they not funny?

    There is a demonstrated correlation between dysfunctional sex expression including anal sex and pedo sex, and every other sick perversion, and the epigenetics [correct usage yay!] of circumcision.

  12. * There is a demonstrated correlation between dysfunctional sex expression including anal sex and pedo sex, and every other sick perversion, and the epigenetics [correct usage yay!] of circumcision.

  13. I wish i could be in Poland, and Polish.

    Or maybe West Virginian. A commenter at Kakistocracy made a VERY red-blooded post about the West Virginians, who he was one, that seemed to suggest that pride of place there still obtained.

    There is not much pride of place here, as far as i can tell, this is nowhere.

    Everybody knows this is nowhere — Neil Young[?]

    We absolutely have to have pride of place in order to survive. That’s what it is all about. Tom Wolfe wrote a lot about that, but he called it Championism, which word for the concept never took, but maybe let’s bring it back.

    At first it seems obscure, but upon reflection it is the familiar old concept of every unit or village having a champion, that most expressed the vigor and vitality of the people there. The vigor and vitality of these apple trees, of these fields and forests and streams.

    Irony of irony, pride of place still exists in the South but is diverted into the United Negro College Football Fund.

    Which joke has been made a billion times, but Our niggers are bigger than you niggers is in fact defensible (as pride of place) if they are considered as livestock. So at least there is that. Let’s hold on to that.

  14. Where is the Polish nationalist to disavow this celebration march as the movement of “white (s)upremacists?”

  15. Elk, I thought the duckface gave it away. I know who she is, I just don’t really care that much. But glad you do, she is pretty, and talented, but not the rags to riches gal she was made out to be at the start.

  16. “Taylor has more musical talent than Zubin Mehta the Georgian broad with the fake tits (are they fake?) that Lucius posted on the CH thread, playing the boring classical.”

    lolzolz I really don’t know why that, of all the things I post at the chateau, has seemingly gone “viral” but I merely posted it because a) I thought there was a good chance the skank was Jewish; b) I thought it a pretty disgustingly vulgar display of herself for the concert hall; and c) I know Captain Obvious is a discriminating Classical music lover.

    Schumann’s Piano Concerto is a masterpiece, and I don’t particularly fault her playing of it, but I thought her general appearance was less than appetizing and her jugs needed to get shoved back into the refrigerator.

    But for some reason that clip seems to have everyone salivating all over themselves. Even Greg Eliot, who actually charged me not too long ago with debauching the chateau by posting a K-pop video of a svelte 20 year old to prove a point about the reach of the Ill*m*n*t* which he seemed to think was intended to brainwash him into Icecegenation, to my surprise seemed to hint he would make an exception for that gypsified painted pianist. NOT the reaction I was going for . . . .

    PS Mehta’s the conductor, elk! lolz

  17. The Polish defiance is inspiring, but much as I wait for Bryan Singer to go down so we know that Pedowood has it a tipping point, I eagerly anticipate the East European bloc charging out of the EU.

    Pray God they make it official and rid themselves of all “””legal””” obligations to continue any farce about “negotiating” the reception of “refugees”.

    And may Pres. Trump bring out some more anti-NATO talk or, as seems not improbably, undermine it by trollishly insisting they raise their “defense” expenditures.

  18. As witnessed by my favorite action movie set-piece, the snow chase in “The Living Daylights”, there was a time when crossing an East European border was a mortifying trial by fire. George Soros can’t put all the refusegees in missile-launching Aston-Martins, now can he?

  19. — Even Greg Eliot, who actually charged me not too long ago with debauching the chateau by posting a K-pop video of a svelte 20 year old

    Heh, good old GE. His pig-headedness about the 60,000 marchers was pig-headed (“I’m waiting for each of them to flash my entitled Boomer ass his proper nationalist credentials!”) but I can’t stay annoyed with him too long, on account of his general good-guyness.

    PS: well done on “IV. Nation.”

  20. As Grampa Simpson mighta said, va-va-voom

    Groace, that woman is not pretty, and should be whipped for wearing a skirt that short.

  21. —lolz well, I just got back from the DMV and am catching up. I saw the ‘likes’ for my impromptu defense of Cap’n at the chateau. Although obviously it wasn’t a bullycide attempt against MK, I almost regret writing it since a) I don’t think CO really gives a damn what anybody thinks and, b) though I have my history with MK, I know many people really treasure his input and I don’t want to be guilty of running him off (though I’m sure he ghosts of his own volition, many people legitimately mourn his fleeting, and I have no objection to his sticking around. It’s just, as you know, he tends not to play so well with others, and the genius-saint levels of GBFM, CO, and gunslingergregi just seem to go COMPLETELY off his radar . . .)

    The chutzpah of k!kes railing against “white supremacy” in an all-white nation pretty much obliterated from the sovereign map for 200 years makes my blood boil. Since I’ve emailed enough offenses against PC to my Congressman to make myself unemployable and stalkable, I begin to fantasize sometimes about writing AIPAC with a “fuck the J*ws” screed.

    I really wonder what would happen if we got, say, 100,000 people to write Morris D. at the $PLC and tell him to go fuck himself.

  22. She is not at the highest levels, but that’s live and sings and plays compellingly and with feeling.

    Yeah, I didn’t know that she played instrumentally more than in a tokenly ‘accompaniment’ way, i.e., how she strums a few guitar chords in some of her performance numbers. She put feeling and distinction in that song.

    But it was someone else’s work, a cover.

  23. Taylor Swift has a spellbinding patrician look, along with that unusual Finnish (?) squint to the eyes. Her iconic Apollonian iciness = hawt Nazi memes.

    Next year, maybe, is the Year of Thot Patrol. Until then, the pretty girls will continue to flaunt the iron rule of womanhood, which insists that she can be just one, not more of these: Mother, Nun, or Prostitute. (There is also a fourth one, Witch, though you could make the case that that’s just corruption of Nun, as represented by Angela Merkel). Given the mileage Swift is still getting from commercializing her beauty, combined with the fact that she is neither celibate nor a mother…

    OK, good musician though. Her songwriting is quite good, voice is OK. It’s not bad, but compared to the Mireille Mathieus and the Nana Mouskouris, not to even look higher to the likes of Françoise Hardy…

    Seems to my musically unschooled belief that any pretty White girl who can carry a note (or has “pipes,” as much as I loathe that being a criterion) has a shot at rock/pop stardom.

    — The chutzpah of k!kes railing against “white supremacy” in an all-white nation pretty much obliterated from the sovereign map for 200 years makes my blood boil.

    John 8:44

  24. ^^^ Both ‘nun’ and ‘witch’ are fairly vague in terms of etymology… I’ve come across a sizeable flock of women openly identifying as witches. Could be bigger out west — some ritualistic flavor to otherwise big city livin’? The nun and the witch would converge in their identification as prophetess. Acting, seeing and interpreting from the flexible aperture between ghost and demon seems to be how they’d commonly see themselves. But a lot of the whores may very well fit that role with more accuracy, despite rarely taking credit for such dormant ability.

  25. Provocative commentary, but I just wanted to walk back my walk back on regretting taking score on CO vs MK: Matt’s really being a condescending AMOG ass to the Captain. Also, carlos danger just lost it and railed at GE calling him a yenta disinformation agent and claiming that Taki’s commenters he’s tried to recruit to the chateau won’t do it because they know of Greg and claim he eats up half the comments section and runs away smart people.

    Mmm. Well, food for thought. Greg really is startlingly negative when it gets right down to it– not so much blackpill in our usual sense but what can one call it? It’s a sort of habitual “wake me when it’s Judgment Day” attitude that he pours over everything. Of course I’ve had my own issues with carlos but this particular screed somewhat touched a nerve.

  26. GFriend’s album “Rainbow” features a technopop song called “Ave Maria” of which I initially declined to satisfy my curiosity whether it was actually about THAT Maria, but then I consulted the Eng sub editions and noted all these Muslim girls complaining in the comments, “I LOVE this song but I can’t sing it because I’m a Muslim and it’s about the Virgin Mary”.

    This amused me in a godly way.

  27. Muslim teenyboppers freaking out (examples):

    –” but still in this song Gfriend is like asking Ave Maria to strengthen their love(something like that,i guess). We Muslims can’t do that even though Maryam(or Maria)is a good woman and we respected her so much. We can only asks something like love,health or wealth to our only and one God that is Allah S.W.T. since He is the only one that can grant our wish.”

    –“hi, im a muslim too. since im writing a fic based on this song, i’ve googled the meaning of Ave Maria, in latin it means “Hail, Maria”. Which is, we know we’re not supposed to even say that. And the lyrics too, I know what you mean. But all I have to say is, it’s all up to Him to decide. I think as long as we’re still praying to Him as is, and this song is merely only for entertainment plus we’re not actually praying to Maria, it’s fine. Don’t get too worked up on it I guess”

    –” i mean i pray to Allah,believe in him and go to mosques sometimes,but im wearing short clothes and do not cover my head,dont know maybe muslims like me can sing this song¿?+ i guess Allah will forgive us if we sing this song cuz its about pure love and theres no illuminati stuff so…”

  28. The CH thread, Daughter Guarding, which starts with an excerpt from PA, might be a sort of bookend.

    I liked the following blockquoted comment from Ironsides in response to this meme:

    Translation of all this huffing and puffing:

    “I spoiled my daughter absolutely rotten, giving her an ego-swollen princess syndrome which is almost certain to launch her onto the Carousel with Saturn rocket boosters because she thinks that she’s so Precious and Special that no solid regular guy is worthy of her …

    … and realizing my mistake at some level, now venting my futile beta rage by being as obnoxious as possible to young men interested in her, which has the effect of driving off the decent, hard-working betas who would actually care for her and make her happy with a family, while the alpha cads see right through my posturing and pump-and-dump her over and over again, laughing at me as they swagger out the door at 3 AM in search of greener puss-tures.”

  29. Taylor Swift is really talented. I am glad that Nikcrit and I agree on this.

    I will share something that is obscure, but not really.

    I picked this up in that book by Eddie Boy Wilson, which title eludes at the moment.

    He said that music is fundamentally about rapture.

    That guy has a weird and offbeat take on the humanities, but his perception on it (them, the humanities) is startling and original.

    So what makes for the best music is conveying that feeling of rapture. Sharing it.

    Some people have so much talent, but everyone has an amount of rapture, that they get to feel in life.

    So it is about the coinciding of those two things.

    There are other functions of music, that are less obscure, than that. Essentially music is for dancing and marching, and getting in time.

  30. “That guy has a weird and offbeat take on the humanities, but his perception on it (them, the humanities) is startling and original.”

    Recently finished another at-bat studying much of F. Kafka. At some junctures an apparent utter lack of confidence in the human condition, paired with stubborn attempts at deviously ‘shoveling’ excesses of meaning point-blank into its maze-like lairs/sanctuaries bring the Marquis de Sade strongly to mind as philosophic compadre. I’m not aware of attempts to render gems like “Justine” or Kafka’s later “Metamorphosis” musically. The potential rapture..

    I’m probably not as invested in the blog bullshitting as others here may be, but I gravitate toward this site and its general comments. Unavoidably creatures of exhaustive habit – living on so many planes of existence already, just how many tawk crews, in how many dimensions, does one have to weld with to sufficiently be “in the know”? Between my own pursuits and those occasional trips to jail, I tend to take the virtual as simply virtuality. The menu is never quite the Meal. This place has impacted and matured my perspectives significantly though. Thks for keeping it going.

  31. There is also a “Rules for Dating My Son” t shirt that is equally stupid. I don’t think those “Rules” are geared to appeal to all beta males so much as low IQ beta males. I can’t imagine anyone intelligent wearing those t shirts.

  32. “Top 10 rules for dating my daughter”

    I know the list is corny in how it is expressed, but the “daughter watchdog” mentality it portrays accurately describes Western patriarchy through the ages. Having your daughter become a whore would’ve always been a shame on the father and, in days when food and resources were harder to come by, no man wants to toil his life away providing for a daughter only to see her become the slut laughingstock of the town in adolescence.

    Also, you’d want to make sure that your progeny are reputable and can provide for themselves, because if they can’t make their own way then they can’t take care of you in your old age.

    Also, with psychotically patriarchal Muslims moving to the West in such huge numbers people simply don’t realize that Muslim fathers are NOT going to stand by and let their adolescent daughters go out and screw with wild abandon like Western women – they’re going to put their daughters in Burqas and send them to militant, anti-Western preaching Mosques as a way to keep the sexuality of their daughters in check.

  33. Yeah Camlost but.

    The counterpoint as detailed in the referenced thread and comment, is that modern American dads blurt out those thoughts in the form of try-hard douchebag feelings by wearing them on a tee shirt, when they’re not wearing their other tattoo t-shirts which say things like [insert saying here].

    The joke is that they don’t enforce those uh, commandments with patriarchy; they literally post a billboard on their fatass and walk around like a blowhard sperm whale without the intelligence or dignity of same.

  34. It’s called a song you stupid worthless bitch, is what i shoulda said.

    Back when i was a young man and still went out, was at the library playing the piano, and as the practice room exchanged occupants, what she said to me was “very minimalist.”

    As i recall that was her exact phrase and to her credit, very pithy. But them swapple try-hards and their classical strivings who can’t get their hands around and appreciate a song.

    Unlike Taylor Swift. Who must have the very best teachers that money can’t buy. I wonder to what extent she would take credit for the arrangement on that cover.

  35. How about it, babe, you and me making together forever, the sweetest of sweet love songs?

    A boy like you and a girl like me, what are the odds?

    Come on now, i’ve come a long way — hit me with it!

  36. The Roy Moore saga will have accomplished two things by its final unraveling:

    The demons will have effectively lowered the age of consent, thereby, ipso facto minimized the barbarity of their pedoohilia all the while slimultaneously legitimating “false accusations” for their own personal benefit and at the expense of the cuckservative collective.

  37. Poland’s stern ethnocentric center limits the ways it can influence other European states. Vibes from the Polish center hit other national borders, stall, then reverse themselves. You need a strong network like BBC broadcasting your message in order for it to stick.

    The worst part of having a weak national broadcasting system (from a patriot’s point of view) is that American programming can be dumped at a penny on the dollar of its cost, erasing hard-won local programming and importing a globalist agenda onto the national books, at great cost.

    Of course, the American networks are the strongest on the face of the globe, and that went hand-in-hand with the developments of the first technologies . . .

  38. — the “daughter watchdog” mentality it portrays accurately describes Western patriarchy through the ages. (Camlost)

    The beta-dad daughter-guarding was a subject of two Chateau Heartiste posts this week. He describes the difference between the all-bluster-no-muster beta dad approach with a proper patriarchal approach in an inline response to a commenter, who asked:

    “Okay, if what is described here is really beta-male daughter guarding, then what would alpha-male daughter guarding be like?”

    CH replies:

    [CH: it’s more proactive, less reactive, and more importantly alpha dads don’t deliver empty threats that can be easily bluffed by jerkboy BFs. the alpha dad lays down the ground rules, expects an adherence to standards from his daughter, welcomes her suitors but asks them tough questions, and says he loves his daughter so much he will disown her if she ever betrays herself and the family with a horrible decision that can’t be forgiven or reversed. throughout, he employs the same game techniques (drained of sexual tension ofc) he would if he were single and hitting on women, to keep his daughter in awe of him.]

  39. 1 Watching the first Narnia movie on the weekend. Even during the ww2 intro there is a beauty seeing no aliens in a white land.
    2 Channel surfing the same day, came across aljazeera reporting the Poland march. They sounded shocked that there would be nationalism on independence day.

  40. I saw that longish Al Jezeera tweet-video, which stressed (understandably, given their audience) the anti-Islamic nature of the Warsaw march. It also flashed up short quotes from that Pankowski anti-racist and some liberal female journalist. Having those two define Polish nationalism would be equivalent to letting Michael Moore, if not Tim Wise, and Rosie O’Donnell define the American spirit.

    It’s good that they are “shocked” with European patriotism. Morbid Tolerance was already tried in points-west, and it doesn’t work.

    — Even during the ww2 intro there is a beauty seeing no aliens in a white land

    I watched a DVD of Home Alone (1990) last weekend and was downright moved by the scenes near the end of the movie in which the boy is wandering the streets of his town on Christmas Eve and walking into a church. It’s not just the all-White extras in those scenes, although that’s fundamental to the beauty of the scene… there was something reverend about the cinematography that is not seen today.

    Home Alone 2 (1992) started showing the poz. For example, a variant on the Numinous Negro, where a black cop talks sense to a befuddled White major character.

  41. Are the competing conceptions of (G)od ethnic-deep, racially-deep or a matter of a dominating cabal of high IQ individuals distending across all demographics?

    What appears to be the case is that the latter group simply possesses no conception of (G)od while an ethnic-deep conception merely rises to the absoluteness of (g)ods. And so it seems rather self-evident that only on a racial level are there truly competing conceptions of (G)od. Ergo, only between races is there war over The One True (G)od.

    So ethnic Poles walk with heritage Americans both possessing a racially-derived* conception of (G)od emblematic of white (S)upremacy.

    *Where race = one’s father.

  42. Home Alone is just the tail-end of the last white decade, the 80s. Today you can’t find an un-pozed movie. Then, there were many.

    I remember the church scene. It is strange to see a kid being able to walk the streets, alone, and no one questions or messes with him. Wouldn’t happen that way today.

  43. “Today you can’t find an un-pozed movie.”

    Good god I just watched the most recent Spiderman movie. They have octupled down on the multi-culturalism, up to and including Peter Parker’s mulatta almost girlfriend. And they already set up his next movie girlfriend, MJ, who in the original comics was a smoking hot red head, to be this fugly mystery meat girl who talks about “slaves built the Washington Monument” and is a rabid SJW. And Peter Parker goes to a nerd school that is chock-a-block with Asians and Islams, and naturally they have a few token smart blacks, and the teachers are mostly black in this genius school (ha ha ha).

    Why do I subject myself to this bilge?

  44. Nothing on television, or anything else in politics and life, can be seen and considered now, without its Race context being front and center.

    Those who would rather not (consider same) have for a long time and with some effectiveness, used as a strategy the idea that always being on about race was an obsession and revealing of personal shortcomings.

  45. The last thing i saw on television was the biography of Joseph Campbell, back in the 90s after his death when he became hagiographied.

    It is painful to watch.

    Because missing is the context of that man’s impressive and — let’s just call it as it is — beautiful life.

    I would recommend it, but as i say, it becomes more a documentary of the remnant White American culture and the times of the man, rather than about its purported subject.

    Watching Joe speak to a circle and circle of adoring creme de la creme White girls on this coast and then that one, and all them them entirely unaware of the rot that is everywhere around them.

    His life is presented as the hero’s journey, but where has it gotten us.

  46. “It is painful to watch.”

    Campbell was at heart a film director all too willingly “home alone” and barking up a blind alley of secondhand samsara. Steeped in Blavatsky’s futile theosophist tradition. One of the more rash diversity mongers. He didn’t respect myth quite enough to lay any real groundwork for some himself using his own Western vantage point. He instead helped engulf our marketplace with yoga pants yentas and absurd preachings concerning the ‘Power of Now.’ As Buffett would say, if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.

  47. WNs should be very careful in the media they consume.

    I recommend nothing later than the early 90s. You can’t experience a white culture any other way today, than by looking to the past.

    During the last white decade, even minos were better than they are now. The beauty of the jewess and mulatto peaked about 1990 also. I salute (((Jamie Gertz)))

  48. — During the last white decade, even minos were better than they are now

    Others have pointed this out too: up through the 1980s when Whites owned this joint, there was some of un-self conscious social mixing. Agnostic once did a quantitative breakdown, showing that pop bands were more likely to be mixed in the 80s than since, with music going into ethnic silos with the loss of social trust. My observation was that b/w duets were fairly common in the 80s, without any salacious mudsharking vibe. There is no pleasant song like Kool & The Gang “Cherish” recorded after ’90.

  49. It is an incredible thing to see, PA.

    Minos are better off having racist whites around, than to have a forced integration.

    I believe this is why we see “a few” minos coming to WN, offering to help. It isn’t charity. They know they need whites. Of course, only the smartest minos know this.

  50. “…loss of social trust.”

    Early Talking Heads come to mind, with their token often wielding a tambourine, wide-eyed and grinning in older recordings. Incidentally, many agree that the birth of rap was stumbled upon in a song by a chiefly white German band, Can. Their singer at the time was, however, black. The track was called ‘Little Star of Bethlehem.’ Can went through multiple singers, including a Japanese guy that I’m loosely acquainted with. Damo. He puts out phenomenal stuff to this day. ‘Hunters and Collectors’ is a mid-70s track that will never get old.

  51. Agnostic once did a quantitative breakdown, showing that pop bands were more likely to be mixed in the 80s than since, with music going into ethnic silos with the loss of social trust. My observation was that b/w duets were fairly common in the 80s, without any salacious mudsharking vibe. There is no pleasant song like Kool & The Gang “Cherish” recorded after ’90.

    Also, since the 90’s black music has been freed from old morals their lyrics have gotten much more vulgar and profane, especially as Rap and R&B have essentially fused into one. Whites just aren’t going to feel comfortable singing shameless songs of African-style inhibition like “I’m in love with a stripper” or “Lemme See That Tootsie Roll”.

    Also, blacks don’t care much about live instrumentation any more so blacks and whites don’t jam together and grow organically like they once did, so no more interracial groups like Average White Band or Sly and the Family Stone.

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