What Kind of a Leftist Are You? (German edition)

My translations from the meme below, hopefully with the idioms right:

The Theoretician. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Gramsci — he’s read them all! For him, socialism is the only true system. Even though it has already failed in more than 40 countries… this time, it will work out for sure!

The Noble Revolutionary. From a well-heeled home, he never had to experience material poverty or budgeting. Dad paid his Antifa riot lawyer fees. Deems himself the vanguard of the working class. Has never worked.

The East German Retiree. Was overwhelmed with the changes after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His apartment is still as it was in the 1970s. Similar to West German pensioners who vote for Merkel’s party, he is impervious to reason.

The Cosplay Communist. Because he’s a dwarf, everyone should be a dwarf. Dreams of a world in which all people are equal – just like him. He scorns achievement because he is too pathetic to accomplish anything.

The Open-Borderette. Projects her self-hatred onto her own people. Her moral high-horse is compensation for the shortcomings of her personality. Her daddy-complexes are the driving force behind her political worldview: the yearning for a strong daddy-state.

The SJW. Introduces more rules of behavior, thinking, and language than an 18th century French etiquette manual. Wants free shit for everyone. Hates capitalism but would die without Apple, Twitter and Starbucks.


It’s not a complete list but it aptly identifies the types of people who aren’t monsters or particularly deviant; they’re ordinary folk who’d have been ignored as harmless eccentrics or peer-motivated toward healthier attitudes in a free system.

A similar list for Americans might be lighter on high-theory and heavier on social justice. I also once listed the qualities of an Eastern European anti-racist. But whatever the nationality or impulse of a leftist, they all serve the interests of global usury.

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  1. The list includes just about all of the useful idiots. May I add:

    1. The Disingenuous Globalist Billionaire

    Keeping the ponzi scheme/hamster wheel of the global economy spinning ever faster is all we care about. We will invite millions of third world consumers into the west to stimulate demand and depress wage inflation. This is all for the children.

  2. Ryu: love it!

    Coincidentally, the old post I link to in the last paragraph above is very related to the upcoming event. It even mentions a professional anti-racist that is also quoted in your article.

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  5. How does the local Polish media cover racist marches, PA? Not the BigLib places, like BBC, ABC or CNN.

    Are Poland’s newspapers and internet converged? Racist, or neutral? Sounds like Rafal Pankowski is a member of the Polish SPLC.

  6. I’m only superficially familiar with Polish media. “Gazeta Wyborcza” is a premier leftie newspaper and is widely regarded as anti-Polish. It was founded by anti-Communist intellectuals in 1989 and had subsequently gone through American-Jewish ownership (I forgot the woman’s name), and is now owned by two large media companies. Its editor-in-chief has always been Adam Michnik, a Jew and one of the paper’s founders.

    For an interesting fact, his brother Stefan Michnik, now in his late 80s, fled to Sweden during the 1968 antisemitic purges. Poland has a standing extradition order against him, which Swedish courts refuse to grant. He also has an arrest warrant in Poland. This is over his role in the execution of forty Armia Krajowa veterans in 1951 (the guys who fought in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising). Immediately after WWII, Stefan Michnik was a judge on the Stalinist court panel that issued those execution orders.

    Other popular news media portals don’t show any obvious signs of being converged. In fact, skimming through them I get a decent impression of the headlines and ledes.

    Today is Independence Day in Poland, which is the occasion for the massive marches through Warsaw we saw last year and before. From what I just read, the march is to begin at 3PM local time, so in less than two hours.

  7. Hail to Polish Independence, and to the Armistice!

    Da Lucius is working, as perhaps muttered about or even promised at some dim point in the past, on his own Alt-Right Manifesto, which perhaps will shortly fall dead to the interwebz press (but maybe I’ll commission a Polish translation from we-know-who, just to put it up in the running against the cuneiform encyrptions of the Darth Lord of Darkness).

    For effective rhetoric, and in honor of the busy Alt-Right working man, the LS version keeps to ten–count ’em, TEN!–headings. Exm:

    VIII. Wealth. The Alt-Right, as the pro-reality, pro-civilization party, honors the free use of economic talents. However, we reject the reductivist recipes of economic autists, whether popular Marxists or vocal Randians. Economic decision-making is not the ultimate determiner in human life. Of mere fiat wealth we are profoundly suspicious. We consider a different angle: the prudent stewardship of more permanent resources, from precious metals to potable water to the liveability of our land, is of paramount importance. Most vital of all is human capital: we embrace the truth that our greatest wealth is our children, “more than all the money and riches in this world.”

    –That’s actually the only one that tips its hat in snark to VD, so rest assured that the final product will be respectably sonorous and serious (though I’m debating whether the heading on Race should or should not include one stinging demotic shift of register along the lines of, “Nigga, please!”

  8. Lucius… “VIII. Wealth” is good.

    Professionally edited videos from today’s Independence Day march in Warsaw are just now getting uploaded to Youtube. Below is one.

    At 0:20, the chanting is “Faithful Poland – Our Goal!”

    After 0:30, an off-camera speaker addresses the marchers. By his voice, I think it’s the same young priest who gave that rousing speech by the stadium last year. He says: “Brothers and sisters, thanks to whom do we have an independent Poland? Thanks to whom do we speak Polish? Thanks to whom do we have a Polish mother and a Polish father? So let’s remember, thanks to whom do we have it? [he shouts the answer]: Armia Krajowa! [fighters in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising]. Long live Armia Krajowa!” The crowd repeats the “long live”

    At 1:30, the camera cuts to a crowd assembling to sing the national anthem. They begin singing, and shortly later loudspeakers play a recorded version with the marchers.

    I glanced at Polish and UK news portals but didn’t see any reports of abnormal occurrences, as we know they’d jump all over a mishap or bad news of some kind. Hardly anything in the news about it, in fact. No news is good news, in this case.

    One Sorosian tack I noticed on Polish MSM live-stream site earlier: exaggerated emphasis on fringe opposition activities: a handful of pro-EU demostrators got a big feature… feminist tweets got prominent posting in the article. But that was really sidebar to the heavy, and generally positive, news coverage of official ceremonies involving the President.

  9. Good for the Poles, from what it sounds like.

    A better form of leftist is good old BDS-supporter Roger Waters, who keeps getting criticized by the papers (“intellectual terrorism” – ynet) and dumped by corporate sponsors, though not yet stopped from performing by BDS-submissive states. Even if the topic keeps coming up.

  10. “Der SJW” looks like a male acquaintance of mine who I’ve known since childhood. Mostly German as well. He works in some pretty hard-line mathematics these days; seems to keep his politics to himself.

    The “open-borderette” may need broader verbal elaboration, perhaps in novel-form. I wouldn’t doubt that someone is already on it.

    I think some ‘Nallivka’ is the closest drink I’ve currently got to anything Polish. Will take it out this wknd for the holiday. Well done..

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