On Fighting Through (not Against) the Poz

A couple of shots of wisdom from tteclod on Gab:

my advice to young men from this side of 40

don’t marry if possible, and don’t marry early regardless
fuck the highest quality women you can & never with condoms
sire children as soon as possible
children appear expensive, but are cheap in bulk
don’t suffer a disobedient woman: replace her w/ haste

Sensible words. His follow-on comment:

after completing apprenticeship to learn your trade, strike out alone as soon as possible so that you learn commerce, accounting, and discipline

there are always jobs for competent men, but there are rarely business opportunities for men whose family responsibilities prohibit substantial risk

You can’t go wrong by studying engineering if you have the aptitude. Further:

related: I’ve decided to stick with Boy Scouts of America unless they eject my boy & I

a coed, integrated, & poz’d Scout Troop is a social lab for @Heartiste advice

& also a good training ground for young men who must eventually navigate Weimerika

The chaser:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche



26 thoughts on “On Fighting Through (not Against) the Poz

  1. I think that goes with the idea of knocking them up young (then doing the patriarchy thing). His addendum “cheap in bulk” clarifies that. The modern trap is to marry them as they come off their cock carousel, get caught up in the costs of the wedding and buying a house, and sometimes forgetting to reproduce in time.

    K-selection in hyperdrive, high quality and quantity. A corrective to the modern materialism trap.

    I don’t endorse polygamy in any form for a number of reasons, among them because it creates a disgenic bottleneck.

  2. Don’t marry. Fuck lots of women without condoms and have children in bulk. Got it – be a nigger.

    Also, learn accounting and put your son into Boi Scouts.

    And bend like a willow tree, because Lord knows that if there’s one thing White men haven’t done enough of in the past few decades, it’s bending.

    This advice is shit.

  3. Many thanks for the recognition. I’ll add a clarification based on your comment about engineering and the Nietzsche quote.

    “You can’t go wrong by studying engineering if you have the aptitude.”

    No man should treat science, technical skill, engineering (which in other languages translates to “ingenuity’), and mathematics (all four together being ‘STEM’) as a career, but as the portion of education that both sets apart from, and intrinsically links modern civilized men to, naked savages and ancient empires, respectively. STEM is not a career path: it is the necessary part of a man’s competence that augments his mastery of the Trivium and Quadrivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric coupled with Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy), with his education within the humanities, broadly defined as the fields of History (& Anthropology/Archaeology and Classics), Law (& Politics & Civics), Arts (Visual & Performed Art, and Literature), and Philosophy/Religion. [Note: Religion should be studied as Law/Politics/Civics and as History, for the word “religion” did not exist as we know it until recently: it was both ‘law’ and ‘myth/history’ to our ancestors.] Most of what our mass media describe today as “science” is merely engineering, or a new and natural progression of technology that does not result from engineering so much as from an obvious “next step” usually devoid of moral examination. Science is – without exception – the process as described below:

    Observe Phenomenon
    Experience Curiosity
    Express Hypothesis (unsubstantiated but plausible explanation)
    Prognosticate based upon Hypothesis

    Customarily, ‘studying science’ consists of reading and memorizing previous hypothesis producing sufficient reliable prognostications to be called ‘theories,’ and then reproducing the results predicted by those theories with further observations of ‘science experiments.’ Such a program doesn’t produce scientists any more than a husband’s repeated conjugal visits with his wife produces a prostitute. It does, however, teach young fools that prostitutes, if paid, deliver services – and the rest of nature tends toward the same transactional state.

    Engineering (as we know it in the modern world) is the application of the theories produced out of many scientific observations to challenges within the natural world. The scope of such application ranges from the effort required to build a fire to that required to construct and maintain an aqueduct transporting potable water. The skills of engineering are also applicable to the ‘Crimson Arts:’ the necessary social acumen to woo and bed a woman. Every man who has ever once “jury-rigged” anything (with duct-tape or otherwise) has performed engineering. the only difference between such jury-rigging and the designs of a licensed (or chartered) engineer (like me) is the importance placed upon such actions by the government. As I tell my clients, “This isn’t rocket science.” [Rocket science isn’t rocket ‘science.’]

    Which leads me to “gazing at monsters.”

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

    I am very fond of a “light novel” series out of Japan called “Goblin Slayer” by Kumo Kagyu. The titular protagonist, ‘Goblin Slayer,’ slays goblins. [Goblins, for sake of brevity, we shall describe as humanoid vermin who survive by thievery, reproduce by rape, and murder for entertainment. I’m sure such a description of may remind a reader of PA’s blog that we live with a Goblin Menace that is not fiction.] Goblin Slayer is a man of very few words, even when discussing what must be done to eradicate goblins. He personally experienced a goblin raid upon his village that left no survivors save himself, and has since stared into the abyss day after day for the sole purpose of eradicating the abyss, even if it is bottomless. He does not rest, except when he must, and usually by falling unconscious when he reaches safety.

    I wouldn’t dump such a description on PA’s blog except that I spent yesterday evening listening to a county jailer as he spoke to my son and two other boys about his job at the jail. This man works with goblins (and occasional innocents and madmen) every single shift. I can see it in his soul, just as I can imagine it when I read Goblin Slayer’s exploits. The other adult leader there that evening mentioned to me that such men must “compartmentalize” their lives. I don’t think they do. I think their experience with monsters leaves them scarred – but they do not become monsters, as Nietzsche suggests. I think they become the opposite of monsters, for when a man sees exactly how horrible the goblins can be, he is set forever against them, and does not withhold any method for the extermination of vermin.

    Nietzsche opined that gazing at the abyss risks the soul. It does indeed leave a scar, but if ever I am tempted to heresy by Calvinism, it is by believing for a moment that the goblins of our age are men, rather than the monsters we know them to be by observing them in their goblin holes.

  4. tteclod: I should make that its own post.

    Corvo: I hear you brother.

    One hundred percent.

    God, Country, Family is how White man does it. Sanctify your union before God and be accountable to your community. But what do you do when you are under hostile occupation?

    Seems to me, guerilla warfare analogy works, where you secure your objectives through non-traditional means while never harming friendly civilians.

    There are unaddressed anxieties.

    A father thinks about the pitfalls his son will navigate. Lack of decent women, removing himself from eligibility by slipping in social class, dealing with thermonuclear hypergamy unleashed. Legal traps.

    Does one tell his son about guerilla strategy? “Knock her up early and often, it’s the only way to be sure. Make your family, honor God, and maybe one day you’ll have a country of your own.”

    A father also thinks about the pitfalls his daughter will navigate. I don’t need to list the horror scenarios involving mixing. There is also the path of delayed marriage and childbearing.

    What does he tell his daughter, without the state and community backing him up?

    No doubt, “don’t get knocked up by some loser” is on that list.

    I don’t have daughters so my insight comes from one remove. I did write one or two posts about guiding girls along. I think they held up well with time so far.

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  6. The war in “West” is between high IQ white Nordic who believes in his right to existence from conception and high IQ Ashkenazi (jewhite) who believes in his mother’s right to kill him at conception (at his beginning complicit with the (f)ather and contra The (F)ather).

    This ^^^ is the material origin of the “poz.”

  7. My comment was harsh, made in the middle of long day spent wrestling with snakes. I disagree with much of the advice, but I don’t have all the answers either and don’t want to argue with White brothers — especially not fellow fathers. My bad.

  8. Advice is pretty meaningless. I agree with a lot of the good advice that is popular in this part of the web. Particularly that it is a good idea to try and have eugenic White children.

    That’s the main advice. That is really the point of life, and everything follows from that.

    So it is obvious enough and shouldn’t need to be said, but for that people — particularly young White girls — get the exact opposite advice.

    How reasonable is to advise young men on the reproductive strategies?

    Clearly, for any of those strategies to be brought into effect, simply advice is inadequate to that end.

    Tolkien comes up on this blog often enough, and he had some thoughts on advice, that he expressed through his High Elves. His advice (on advice) was not to give it.

    Who was the character in Othello, with the most famous speech on advice. Was it Othello himself? If so, that has to be factored into the quality of the advice — or rather, into the quality of advice itself.

  9. I have long said that no one takes this seriously. If fathers cared, they would be reaching out and trying to introduce their sons and daughters to one another. Instead, we get advice worthy of savages from the very ones that bemoan the ones we have. Do your sons win if Europeans become a pale imitation of those same savages, both literally and metaphorically? If the results of our efforts will only turn us into what we hate, then we will have failed before we begin.

    We are not going to win by outbreeding the savages, and it takes no great effort to outbreed the traitors and infiltrators. We win by embracing what makes us superior. We win by becoming, each and every one of us, an exemplar of the virtues of our great civilizations. You have a culture and a people of which to be proud. Take up its banner. Do not scrabble in the mud with the savage races for scraps. Be proud of what you are, and who that makes you.

    It is okay to be White. Act like it.

    The Shadowed Knight

  10. Good effort post by tteclod.

    I would disagree that Game and the Crimson Arts can be approached with the efforts of an engineer and the weapons of science. Though that approach seems to work for some.

    But really, it’s not a subject for engineering, and any such descriptions of the biomechanics and human sexual dynamics are after the fact.

  11. — If fathers cared, they would be reaching out and trying to introduce their sons and daughters to one another.

    That’s important. From over a year ago:

    If you have young children, join activities and make friends with other parents. Looking ahead to your children’s marriage, there is a scarcity of young men who have their act together and young women who are wife-material. It’s good to have inroads to connect your kids with high-value potential partners. Even if they ultimately date and marry via their own social network, your association with good families will have set for them expectations of quality.


  12. There must be a desire to live where “things” make sense with the subsequent recognition of those empirical facts which evince a fascination for Final Liberation.

    What modernism gives “us” is a collectively-mediated desire for chaos such that a “peace of mind” seems nearly impossible to attain.

    So where a healthy-minded white man desires a world that makes sense such that a peace of mind is possible, those ill-minded individuals DENY the possibiiity of a peace of mind and thus SLAVE away to make nonsense of this world.

    This reality is not surmountable at that level of critical mass.

    So every white man has a moral obligation to make himself well, first. Force his mind right. He then must confront his truest desire. IF “it” is “right” then he has peeped maximum moral autonomy and his oath of freedom. IF “it” is wrong, he will endure the material consequences, now or later.

  13. Most white men don’t have it in them anymore to act “savagely.”

    I think that WNs suited for it, should enter the abyss as deeply as they can, and become the monsters that the System fears so badly.

    We need monsters. White men are too nice, and have forgotten how to do terrible things.

    The simple and easy act of putting up posters is a big deal. Forget about the higher (or lower levels) of armed robbery, rape or homicide. If someone can’t put up a poster without being seen, they have no business fighting the System directly.

  14. You’ll be happy to know that success will has been achieved. Can I come to the clubhouse now (j/k)?

    It takes quite a bit of courage to put up a flyer, when you’re putting a decade and a half of study and work on the line, especially when you have five children. Yes it seems on the surface a little silly, but as a veteran nothing I did in the army ever put me in danger of losing my entire future like this. And of course the clandestine red-pilling I’ve been throwing at students for half a decade now could come to an end. Anyone who works in academia knows that that’s the career equivalent of nailing the 95 Theses on the cathedral door.

    Thought has to be put into things. That’s the beauty of this kind of subversive act. Blasting Rahowa at max volume and openly calling out kikes is great for guys in prison. The rest of society has to move much more carefully.
    For my part, I was merely asking a tactical question.
    My opinion, anyway.

  15. Men with kids are not suited for action.

    Kids and marraige means you have something to lose. And unlike the military, there will be no pension, parades, or pats on the back for your work.

    The military and police work FOR the system. Not against it, ever. We are not impressed at all by pulling triggers for the enemy. You wore a uniform for the jew. It doesn’t help at all, when you try to work without permission.

    As a veteran, you could kill without the slightest hesitation. As a civilian, just putting up posters is hard. That’s the difference it makes, being their armed slave.

    There has been no modern DAA, to my memory, with a family, who has ever distinguished himself via action.

    At the extremes of WN, you have family propagandists and childless action types. They are the two opposite poles. One should not take advise from the other.

    Best to leave the really dangerous to those who can do it.

  16. You’re right, of course. Before and now. I realize my post sounded assholish. I was trying to joke. Such is the aspire curse ha.
    Very thought provoking (being serious- your comments are a good reminder that these issues a deadly serious). And yes, like it or not that uniform was in fact for the Jew. Killing one group of semites for yet another. It’s upsetting at times given the sacrifices made but it’s the truth. Sucks. But we have to go forward. You’re right about that most definitely.
    The best thing I can do is speak to the young. Whether anonymously or subtly with rhetoric. I just don’t have the fight in me anymore to be on the frontline with based stick man, though I can play a supporting role as can most of us. I would fight if forced, but I’m at that phase of life that direct confrontation is better for the young. My health issues complicate my lifting and cardio, for example. But I’m raising some based children. And I’ve converted some others. And I did get a couple of those fliers up. Wearing my MAGA hat and causing a scene has got to be enough for me right now. That and putting up a few posters/trolling lol.
    Anyway I’m sure no one cares about my personal history; I just didn’t want anyone to think I disagreed with you.

  17. Don’t worry about it. It is well to remember that most WNs only have a certain amount of fight in them. Do what you can while you can.

    Most WNs will quit or retire at some point. Only a few people can do this for their entire lives, like William Pierce or Manson.

  18. Military men have been tested. They put it on the line. They may have served for the wrong people, or for the wrong reasons, but they put it on the line. WN? A bunch of boys playacting as tough guys, and Charlottesville showed how well that works.

    There is no WN “action group.” You have done nothing. You have no real conception of what it takes. You have not fought. You have not even trained to fight. You have talked a big game on the internet, which is not hard, and it is for sure as fuck not action.

    No, the military is not owed any deference. As time goes on, it will be less and less prestigious, as the failures and embarrassments grow more prominent and more frequent. The rot has set in, and the whole structure is crumbling. Some good men will come out of it, and those men will be important to have.

    You do not know what a monster is. White men have not forgotten how to do terrible things. We merely lack the incentives. Why fight for a race that has abandoned us? Where are our women? None of the fathers around here see us as worthy of their future, so why would we protect it?

    You want monsters? Give us a reason to wake it up, or fuck off. Fuck you, pay me.

    The Shadowed Knight

  19. Cops and soldiers don’t know the meaning of the phrase “lay it on the line.”

    When they die on duty, they are heros. Every American worships the ground they walk on, their families get big $$$, donations, pity, marches. In fact, a holiday in their honor is coming up Friday.

    When WNs die, we are villains. Our families disown us. Wives leave. Other WNs often distance themselves.

    A WN puts far more on the line than any cop or soldier. They merely risk their life (which they are well-paid to do).

    We, on the other hand, get no pension. No widow-benefits. No budget, no legal protection, nothing of the sort.

    I am not impressed at all with America’s hired guns. They need BigDaddy’s permssion to act. Without it, they are useless.

    The greatest danger for a Murkan cop or soldier…is his own gun.

    Suicide is the leading cause of death for them. They kill themselves, in greater number than the enemy kills them. That’s what they deserve for serving The Beast.

  20. Yeah, Ryu. All those WNs fighting and dying. You do nothing and you put nothing on the line. All you do is talk, and you are half fucking retarded at that as it is.

    The Shadowed Knight

  21. You are a younger man than I, SK.

    I will not waste your time with a complication of WNs like Bob Matthews, Anders Brevik, Dylan Roof and all the others.

    I appreciate your anger. It is the best thing a young white can have. To channel that in an appropriate way is a great challenge.

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