It’s Okay To Be White


“It’s Okay To Be White” signs are getting posted in public spaces. It is a brilliant campaign. I enthused on Gab:

There is something ingeniously passive-aggressive in “It’s OK to be White” in how it draws college-muds to lose self control and sputter on camera.

Right out of Sun Tzu, strike them softly, watch them self destruct.

It works perhaps even BETTER than intended

@heartiste comments:

precisely. nazi armbands are catnip to libs because as symbols they permit easy pigeonholing of the wearer and cartoonish amplification of any threat he presents. in contrast, #IOTBW is using shitlibs’ psy ops weaponry against them. I love it

Aggressive insignia only work if the wearer follows through. Otherwise it’s all-bark, no bite. #IOTBW is not a demand or a plea, it’s subversion.

You can read more about the campaign at Steve Sailer’s in a series of his posts, at Gab and Twitter hashtags, and everywhere else on the internet. The Washington Post and the dean of Harvard Law School disapprove.

So does this Asian student at Tulane University. She is not a professional leftist. She is the professional Left’s client, part of the replacement population brought to Western countries and told sweet-nothings about belonging here. Watch her talk. They have no idea what to say:

(Update: the original video was taken down. Here is another video. The same clip with the female student begins at 4:17.)




LOL, this one might be Photoshopped


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  1. You did a post a few months ago about putting up large banners on highways. This is a much better solution. They’re smaller, simpler (and cheaper) to make, and much less hassle to put up. And replace, one they are inevitably torn down. The reaction they get is the same. In fact, it’s better, since miss Tulane likely doesn’t spend much time on the freeway, but being an urbanite (as most leftists are) would spend a lot of time walking around downtown/campus areas where the signs would be deployed.

  2. Lets make some pin buttons to wear. Plain white pin buttons. No logo, no words. Just pure white pin buttons.

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  4. Saw a sticker tonight just up Mass Ave from Harvard Square. It read “IT’S OKAY” at the top, and the rest was frantically scratched out by angry, angry little hands.


  5. It’s good for bringing in newbs. Use it until it gets stale.

    We want to go from “OK to be white” (which is weak sauce), to “white pride worldwide” and perhaps to 1488.

    A “WN” refers to the leadership class that remains of the real white race. Get them in the door, then radicalize them.

  6. — Use it until it gets stale.


    Alinsky’s rule No. 7:

    “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Don’t become old news.”

  7. What about “i don’t hate white people” as a t shirt/bumper sticker slogan? The key words are Hate and People. (((They ))) hate us and we know it (clap your hands). But we’re still people (and (((they))) know it), that’s the rub.

  8. — Saw a sticker tonight just up Mass Ave from Harvard Square. It read “IT’S OKAY” at the top, and the rest was frantically scratched out by angry, angry little hands

    Nice! I’ve walked the Mass Ave stretch from Brattle to Longfellow Bridge and then right to Back Bay more than one hundred times in the late 1990s. Boston/Cambridge always had right wing shitlords. It was a different era but I knew a few personally.

  9. — What about “i don’t hate white people” as a t shirt/bumper sticker slogan?

    Here it’s best to follow the /IOTBW/ guidelines at the top of the post: “Do not change the message under any circumstances. Now is not the time to be creative.”

  10. — Lets make some pin buttons to wear. Plain white pin buttons. No logo, no words. Just pure white pin buttons.

    I read this 15 years ago, may have been on AmRen and maybe it’s already a thing. Someone proposed that WNs signal each other in public by wearing something white every 14th day of the month.

  11. I was thinking last night of doing it. That is, posting this meme at the local high school.

    And then set in the actual logistics of it. A cold rainy night and posting wet ink-stained paper where exactly?

    On the institutional door frames outside the school? Obviously they would not have lasted the weekend and then so what’s the point.

    Whatever. Flyering is what we have been reduced to. At MPC they call that a problem of scale. Which it is.

    Pleasureman was cynical as hell and negative, on this it’s-ok-tobe-White campaign. I think that guy has some un-resolved circumcision grief.

    He got his ass handed to him by his commenters though, so good on them.

    The most current post on that thread is by Weimar Republican. Her latest comment at that thread is #60.

  12. From that comment, which might could use a sarc tag:

    I am treated to a lot of cucks of the walk. Who play the brilliant hand of acting like Harvey Weinstein even if they are only shabbos goy and inflating their egos into the nearest potted plant as they block your exit with cries of racism. Part of the beauty part of living in enlightened areas full of chatter-boxes and strong proponents of white servility is not only paying through the teeth to turn our schools into the Heart of Darkness and the opportunity to pay for every person of brown’s every need- including our out performing Asian friends who will happily exploit every welfare program and have ethnic interest groups like “Asian Attorneys Association” and yet we would be put attacked for having ‘white people eating microwaved dinner-club’ seems legit.

    This whole dilemma of whites wanting to appear servile enough or polite enough to actually think Seinfield is funny because what is more funny than selfish and neurotic jews acting like their petty viciousness is not only wholly relatable but charming and funny. God forbid we are rude or have bad optics. If we keep ourselves prone- surely at some point the jealous cabal will not want to rip Becky’s hair off her head and appreciate our constitution. The raping will just stop on it’s own. As long as we grovel enough because that is how the jungle works. The meek inherit slavery for their children. How noble.

  13. His post’s title “It’s not okay to whine” treats the IOTBW campaign like a plea to have an equal seat at the table with all the rest of the Hodgepodge of Folks. By that premise, he’s right. But that’s not what we are doing because that would be asking for something that is not possible. We want the entire country back.

    IOTBW is not a plea or a grievance or a political petition, or a 95 Theses. It’s not even confrontation. It’s subversion.

  14. I thought that Seinfeld was funny, but the sad fact is that finding humor in it, is simply an indication of ye old existentialism problem.

    As Hardscrabble put it, there is nothing funny about comedy.

    Which aphorism cannot possibly be original, but what does that matter, right?

  15. It is not trivial to put up even a small sheet of paper in a public place.

    This campaign is a good segway to higher work. At the very least, one has to avoid witnesses and CCTV. High schools in modern Murka are busting with CCTV, inside and out.

    You’ve got to get in and out without being seen. And to go higher, the materials should be as anonymous or untraceable as possible. No DNA, hair or prints on the sheet.

    One can make it as hard or easy as one’s ability dictates. If a WN can’t even put up a poster without getting shook up, he may not be ready for other things.

  16. It’s a great idea. For maximum effect, someone from the Daily Caller or an indie documentary maker or suchlike should interview the distraught university admins and let them express their feelings freely.

  17. For extra credit, collect enemy hair etc and pollute the materials. (“We don’t know who did this .. but he’s black. This must never leave this room.”)

    I expect it will be a while before the police goes nuts on this sort of thing, though.

  18. Yes…. a consistent message fired everywhere endlessly.

    When it gets stale, you will be able to just say ‘Its okay’ to get the trigger out.

    Its power is that you can’t disagree and pretend not to be anti-White.

  19. What about “i don’t hate white people” as a t shirt/bumper sticker slogan?

    Hey, I’ll wear such a T-shirt without an ounce of shame, irony or reservation!

  20. I think it is a decent message, but it only makes sense posted in places such as liberal college campuses and other similar highly pc environments. Everywhere else, people wouldn’t really get it.

  21. Yes Cecil, the enemy thinks they have won already.

    To a large extent, they have. I see great promise in Gen Zyklon. It is the young who are truly revolutionary. I hope they will learn from us, then tell us to go to hell as they pull it off.

  22. I thought about doing this. I’m not sure what the consequences would be?
    I suppose I’d be fired if caught. But I wonder how to get the flyers visible without being seen by a camera.
    It’s ridiculous having to say that about something that is not even a crime. “It’s ok to be white.” The controversial aspect of it is just amazing.

    I feel like we are beginning to win majorly. The two demons in the picture posted by Cecil Henry are grossly overestimating their own power. Of course, they said all this pre-Deplorables era. I bet both of those vipers threw raging fits on November 8.

    Those two are the ugliest I’ve seen in a while. Especially the bottom one. It’s not hard to see the source of their motivation. All that money and power, yet they still can’t be as alpha as a working class white (or black) man.
    Damn my attempts to remain philosemitic have crashed and burned.

    Thank you for this post. White pills right and left.

  23. (It’s not hard to see the source of their motivation. All that money and power, yet they still can’t be as alpha as a working class white (or black) man.)

    The elites, whatever their ethnic background, are increasingly aware how unstable things are getting. They need more and more extracted wealth to protect their own strongholds, let alone bring in foreign cannon fodder.


    You are correct on “shook up”.

  24. The consequences to getting caught putting up such a poster could be very bad.

    As all WNs know, the enemy is relentless. If exposed, you might be pressure to be fired from your job. Promoting hate and violence. Certainly there would be a media campaign against the poster and the people around him would fold.

    We have to salute the courage it takes to just put up a simple poster. Not easy. One witness and a wrong connection and you’re caught.

    Finding CCTV cameras is a big part of action.

    Murka is a police state here and now. The very first step is avoiding human and digital witnesses.

    It is a skill and not everyone will take the time to develop it. One must climb the ladder. No one is born knowing how to select the time and place. Calculating your time exposed. Being able to get in and out without being seen.

    …and this is a very small thing, on the scale of the possible. A serious WN should be able to plant posters with ease and see CCTVs just as easy.

    [good comment, Ryu. — PA]

  25. Lara is correct that IOTBW only has great meaning on college campuses and amongst certain Internet circles… at the moment. IOTBW has got to be pushed more and more to spread into general consumption, in the same way that “white privilege” started as a term within leftist academia but is now widely known.

  26. Speaking of being white, I’d like to OT a bit and recommend a great film currently on HBO. It’s “Master and Commander” from 2003. It’s about a British man-of-war during the Napoleonic era, and very true to life. The crew is nearly all white, with a few token blacks who have no speaking parts (and which was historically true). It is unabashedly nationalistic, with rousing speeches about fighting for England against the Frenchies. There are no women of any significance, yet there’s not a hint of homosexuality. The violence can get rough, but it’s realistic, not gratuitous. All in all, a great film to watch with a boy of 12 or more (but know your audience). Indeed, there are young boys on the ship, which was also a historical reality. How shocking to the pansy boys of America today to see a 12 year old in bloody hand-to-hand fighting! It’s really the whitest, most nationalistic, most masculine film I can remember seeing in ages.

    And speaking of not-white, there is a great New Yorker piece on the Sackler family, the vile, murderous Jews that are largely responsible for the opioid crisis. It actually names them directly as Jews, but it doesn’t draw the connections. Still, it’s an object lesson in how incredibly evil these people are, how long they work at their evil, and all done under the cover of the “great philanthropy” they do with their blood money. Fascinating.

    Sorry for the OTs, but I’ve decided to start winding down my commenting career, and wanted to get these two things out there.

  27. Lara, OK to be White is good anywhere. In PC-land, it triggers and forces our enemy to expose himself. Outside the dens of PC iniquity, it makes the normies start asking questions.

  28. That joke didn’t quite work, but speaking for myself am finding those requirements rather demanding.

    So much regular life stuff to do, not to mention growing old and dying — and then to flyer the local high school and just to be in good standing?

  29. That movie Captain and Commander, the one with Russell Crowe and where the young third mate (i think it was) had to have his arm amputated with nothing but a dowel in his mouth and after a dram or three of the captain’s good stuff?

    That young third mate did a much better job of enduring, than did Russell Crowe’s other son, in Gladiator who according to Commodus “cried like a girl” when they nailed him to the cross.

    I always wondered about that. Whether Commodus was just being an sadistic asshole and lying to Maximus, or whether his captains just told him that to please their lord, or whether in fact he did cry like a girl as ended his young life in agony inexplicable.

    Julius Caesar on the other hand, in his war campaigns was known to be merciful to those whom he was duty-bound to crucify, of which there were many, and slay them in advance.

  30. That is the movie with Russell Crowe, and dollars to donuts the amputation scene is the one which Peterike is referring to in advising of its PG-13 content.

    It was done very memorably. That young man’s ordeal was a powerful storyline. He had to have his arm amputated after it got injured, and rather than cry like a girl, he sheds no tears and goes on to victory (with but one arm) in close quarters combat.

    Captain and Commander Russel Crowe gives a great King’s Speech, almost as good as Aragorn, before they go into pirate ship close-quarters combat, for which he uses a cool phrase like “hot and heavy” but that might not be it.

    But apparently, as with Aragorn, it was part of the Captain’s duty to give a first-rate speech and let everyone know exactly what it was they were being asked ordered upon threat of great bodily harm, to give their lives for.

  31. As we all know, the King’s Speech has become its own meme, to the point where it was mocked (and very well) in Game of Gay Thrones.

    But i think that irl we didn’t know that it was part of the king’s job responsibilities and qualifications, to be great speaker — better by a long shot than the captain of the debate team. Not only could he could he kick that guy’s ass, he could outspeak him too. At least before a battle.

    It is a theme which resonates, for very obvious reasons. We are looking a leader to give us meaning, and tell us what it is we should die live for.

    Julius Caesar also said that, in looking for a few good men, that men willing to die for something, were a dime a dozen (though that aphorism is not what he said) — but that give him one good man willing to live for something.

  32. * If I could take more time but it is hard to do when you are on a roll, i would have clarified the following pronouns:

    Not only could could the king kick that guy’s ass, he could outspeak him too.

  33. Well, I once stole an NEA recruitment poster from an Education Department building. It’s hard to explain why, but I took a certain fancy to the feisty schoolteacher minx in her asstight chinos and five-inch cork wedge heels and decided to take the thing. Spent about a month casing the joint–whatever would I say if someone saw me taking it down? There was a wide-open gallery at my back where I would have to stand to unpin the thing, and some faculty office door right next to me, from which some perpetual gurgling sound emitted. Finally one night in February I set out for real to take it. Stealthily I would unpin one of the four pins holding it to the board and walk on, tour around, go downstairs (taking a composition book to stow my booty in, I could pretend to be writing haiku or whatever). Come to think of it, I have a notion I actually did sit down there for a while on some public chair, scribbling away ‘innocuously’, as if I belonged there. Was there some girl there too whom I scoped out in real life? And finally, I removed my prize, folded it insight (it was not a large poster: something that came obviously folded in the first place).

    I’m quite sure I thought mirthfully about the Stephen King story “Springheel Jack” as I set out into the night, walking blissfully amid the melee of young people. I had dropped out of grad school by that point, so I was not “of them”, even without my secret mission of crime, but what did they suspect? NOTHING, I tell you!

  34. Tulane girl quite amuses me. The globalized language of teen angst (“I was already having a bad night”– meaning what? jizz on her chin? a bad half a hit of E? hectoring call from New Delhi?– but is this girl definitely South Asian, as I too at first supposed, or could she be some kind of feather-not-dot admixture from Latin America? she looks a bit like that “Dutch-Colombian” fashion model, same kind of hair), the semi-explicit AffAct moans of being in over her head academically, and now?–lolz well let’s put those powers of Logical Thinking to work! “It’s okay to be white? Like, it’s not okay to be people of color?”

    lolz well . . . I mean in the cosmic sense it really isn’t “okay” to be “of color”, now is it? Not compared to the awesomeness of White (and our Separate but Awesome Ice Cousins across the Eurasian plain) Considering how that brown skin is Nature’s mark of disfavor.

    Mind you, she might go back home and thump the Bhagavad-Gita and make a charming mother of children to some Bombay bureaucrat. All of which should keep her from implicitly lumping herself in with godforsaken nagroes.

    Reminds me of the matter of that Northeast Asian girl we catch a glimpse of tagging along with the SJWs at the end of the video with the Confederate Flag youth. What the hell is she thinking?

  35. — I’ve decided to start winding down my commenting career

    A good reason is a good reason. I always think “oh cool!” when I see your handle on a New Comment notification.

    — Julius Caesar on the other hand, in his war campaigns was known to be merciful to those whom he was duty-bound to crucify, of which there were many, and slay them in advance.

    In that “Gladiator” forest battle scene, I cheered for the Barbarians. And lost a bit of respect for Russel Crowe’s character when he described Rome as “light unto nations” (not those words verbatim, the script writers were subtil).

    — and our Separate but Awesome Ice Cousins across the Eurasian plain

    For a quarter-century I’ve searched for the right rhetorical twist on Koreans and Japanese and I’ve finally found it.

  36. I don’t apologize for having high standards for WNs.

    WNs are the leaders, the best that remains of the white race. A full suite – MRM, PUA, HBD, JQ, immigration – WN is exquisitely rare and takes many years to create.

    If someone can’t deal with trouble, ***NOW*** is the time to find out. The real danger in WN comes from the uncommited or the half-committed. You can’t rely on someone looking the exit already.

    There is nothing more important. Not your mortgage, career, or any of that other flim flam. WN is not “business as usual.” It’s the survival of our race.

    That “OK to be white” campaign is drawing heat. Many WNs will back down in fear.

    WNs getting caught for merely these posters will probably face severe punishments. I’ll be doing some work myself.

    We don’t need more WNs. We need better ones.

  37. In that “Gladiator” forest battle scene, I cheered for the Barbarians. And lost a bit of respect for Russel Crowe’s character when he described Rome as “light unto nations” (not those words verbatim, the script writers were subtil).

    Yes, the way he stated all of that was quite Hollywood corny and anachronistic. However, the Romans surely would’ve regarded the Germanics across the Danube/Rhine with utter scorn and considered them to be quite savage.

  38. Gladiator’s opening battle scene was Hollywood’s last grasp of greatness.

    Or to make the same statement without bringing into it Faggotwood’s own problems — that was a great fucking scene.

    Not quite up for an effort post on it this morning, but it would be worth one.

  39. The director of course it what’s his name, that famous goy.

    But that battle gets right so many the realities of violence and battle, and what it was like back then before drones and satellite intelligence. Not that i would know, but for instance:

    Maximus almost bought it once or twice, and was saved in the nick of time by “luck” or “chance” like when his best friend the dog got that guy’s sword arm in his mouth at the last second.

    Or the German champion, the chieftain who fought with the spiked ball on a chain, who held his ground on that hill until he eventually got swarmed out and dead.

    Among those Barbarians, as their chief of chieftains, he would have been the biggest and best fighter. It is hard for us to imagine the amount of skill-at-arms that those people would have achieved, selected for it as they were and then with the relentless practice.

  40. Crowe’s career as playing a super badass seems to have caused him some problems in real life. I think that is a pattern that probably has occurred with some other people too. It certainly is the case in real life, that you shouldn’t get to big for you hat. So when it happens up on the stage, and then he can’t live it down.

    There was a famous celebrity gossip item 10 or 15 years ago, where some Aussie Bergans got Crowe on film rl fighting in a bar swinging his arms around like a girl, and they blackmailed him for it. Of course if that happened nowadays, no way could the footage be kept off the net.

    And then comparable, not quite so long ago, Crowe got in trouble out in his boat on the ocean off the Grand Banks (actually i just made up that location but it was somewhere off the East Coast) and had to be dragged in and rescued — and boy did ever look frazzled and fat! and uh, washed-up, in the pics that followed.

    So him getting in over his head. Yeah it can happen to anyone, and those are just what made the news, so cut the guy some slack?

    I would like to cut him slack, but since after all he is a Bergan WN 1.0 Avatar, he gets none. /cue Ryu

  41. Actually that movie is pretty great, but when you go back to rewatch, a lot of the acting and dialogue is wooden — you find yourself waiting for the five or so action sequences.

    The black slave dude who found his inner warrior was well caste and portrayed race realistically. He was low intelligence and humble, and but yet still heroic. In his place, maybe a great man.

    Also Maximus’ slave what’s-his-name, the character actor who played the same part in Braveheart, as Celtic throwback natural warrior tough from a hard place and with the scar on his face.

    The old dead grandpa jew as a former gladiator was simply not believable. Even Crowe in that role was a stretch.

    Crowe does (or did) have a tough honest man’s Roman face though.

  42. Re skill at arms and by way of illustration. I was pitching some compost and speared on a tine some poor old mole.

    That little rodent in its death throes screamed like a rabbit. There was a shovel to hand and i grabbed it and with two quick thrusts knocked it off the tine and severed its head. I had sharpened the blade on that shovel recently enough.

    There is no substitute for practice; but you can’t practice waging a campaign of war.

  43. There is no substitute for practice; but you can’t practice waging a campaign of war.

    I don’t sit at the computer and wank off and try to come up with epigrams.

    Only real world experience yields out anything memorable or worthwhile.

    We are all supposed to be working on the farm. That is the most best way that a man can be a man and know about life.

    That is how we evolved — along with battle of course — to be the best that we can be.

    There is no way around that fact. And so by consequence, we can’t achieveth our best as individuals and society outside that milieu. That conclusion cannot be avoidedeth.

    And so therefore for us to succeed and be happy in any meaningful sense, we have to return to the Farm. And not as heroic individuals like Hardscrabble, but as a large scale social organism.

  44. Just to be clear. There is a certain contradiction in us idolizing are genetic archetypes from the bronze age, while at the same time our creative endeavor is channeled into narrative story lines on the computer.

    We can create the environmental milieu in which those people evolved and survived and thrived, and sustain it, and even have a safety net and a voluntary participation clause to full citizenship so that nikcrit doesn’t have to participate in natural duel.

  45. The point being that there no alternative to managing the human population on a planetary scale.

    The alternative, as i said in Aphorisms, is Who’s Coming to Dinner? but instead of debonaire nigger it’s Mr Cockroach.

    The alternative is literally evolving into cockroaches.


    Intelligent race-respecting political advocacy that is in line with Natural Order has to appeal to people who watch Dr Ed on youtube. Which intelligent people are — god help us — inclined to call themselves liberals. Ed himself makes the joke that he is one of them.

  46. The white race is not the jewish race. It is no good to try to live as a jew, spic or nigger.

    Traditionally, and in reality, we are a race of farmers and warriors. Not merchants or traders, working white collar jobs or counting money.

    That’s why white men sense as they feel out of place today.
    This mode of living is alien.

    There are few things more exhilerating for a white male than to take back part of what he was.

    That’s why we promote revolutionary behavior. Because the System has screwed us, we must screw them back.

    Put up a poster or two, Elk. Come back and tell us how it felt.

  47. Don’t discount the effect of low T on white men today, and their general apathy.

    A healthy 20 year old today has the testosterone levels of an 80 year old man in 1920. Old men and women don’t fight back.

    Eat a steak, lift some weight, don’t jack off, then see how you feel about the System. Physiogamy is real.

  48. OT: a week ago (Oct 31!) I left a brief critical review at the chateau of new (?) commenter and blackpiller/kissass combo “bigjohn” but it went straight to mod. I forgot about it but suddenly got a notification that bigjohn suddenly has replied a few minutes ago.

    I had written:

    1. bigjohn wishes she could think of just one reason to hope her precious children won’t grow up in a world run by headrags, enchiladas, and muh nags, but honestly can’t think of one

    2. bigjohn doesn’t know how to search this blogamathingamajiggie, and can somebody help her please?

    3. bigjohn is heartiste’s longest-reading and most authoritatively sincere fan, and more than worthy to address him at length in the most solicitous terms of world[l]y advice.

    (((bitch))), please . . .

    “bigjohn”etc replies:

    “Got a good laugh out of this. I hope when the muds take over they put you in a cage filled with a bunch of flea-ridden cats, then light a fire under the cage so the cats rip into you as you both burn to death.”

    lolzolz I had thought to raise the question of “bigjohn” back then, because it struck me that she isn’t the first one to publicly ask other commenters to help her “search the archives”. I’m convinced at this point that this must be some kind of fetish– she literally gets excited by leaving “tells” so people will pick on her.

    Well, I shouldn’t step in the poo, but oh well. As long as vanauh is going to drag around trying to troll, I’ll at least (and hopefully these days not much more) point that fact out!

  49. In a piece titled, “Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lower case kkk in formation,” writer Meghan Herning argues that Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” serves as a “subtle, quiet white support of a racial hierarchy” by positioning the singer alongside the history of the eugenics movement and the rise of neo-Nazis.

  50. The famous goy director elk is thinking of is of course Ridley Scott, who has just graced the screens with the ludicrously crappy “Alien: Covenant”, which I haven’t actually watched but I’ve devoured so many youtube reviews dissecting (and often displaying) its crappiness that I think it may be offered with some assurance that either Scott has completely lost it thanks to drink and/or senility (he’s acted completely out of it in promotional interviews, speaking in gibberish and plain nodding off on camera), or else was essentially escorted off set (for these or other reasons) and didn’t ‘direct’ the film anyway (and perhaps took to the bottle to drown his sorrows). It really is a shamefully bad picture, clearly in such stark contrast to the 1979 masterwork that I fantasize double-billing them for a date or a hypothetical Film Class as a study in personal and cultural collapse.

    I never liked Gladiator but I’ll allow that the opening battle impressed many. Ridley Scott’s films are of course notorious for their morbid treatment of torture and death, so I won’t fault elk for pondering the meaning of Commodus’ “cry like a girl” taunt but considering how flakey Marcus Aurelius’ own death in that film is, I think it’s safe to assume Scott and company probably didn’t think it out very well. In Anthony Mann’s The Fall of the Roman Empire, the sword’n’sandal epic Gladiator essentially remakes, M. Aurelius is poisoned to death. Scott’s film obviously tries for some kind of weird homoincestuous-patricidal vibe, with it left unclear whether Commodus consciously suffocates his father or else is just getting off on some Oedipal rush of fatherly affection which he (chump that he is) manages to ruin. It would be a bizarre and disgusting display even if the scene had some sort of clear intent; but it doesn’t, except to leave the viewer grossed out and disoriented.

  51. Or the German champion, the chieftain who fought with the spiked ball on a chain, who held his ground on that hill until he eventually got swarmed out and dead.

    The Romans said lots of positive things on the valor and honor of the Germanic warriors, not so many good things on their personal hygiene.

    There’s lots of similar scenes in Tolkien – Hurin’s last stand where his attackers have been ordered to only take him alive, and he chops off their arms until he’s standing on a mountain of their bodies and eventually tires — the Dwarf King Dain wielding a great axe standing over and personally defending the body of his fallen human ally King Brand amidst a sea of attackers during a great siege.

  52. OT 2: this is really gratuitous, but I WAS thinking about Vox Day’s fantasy fiction this morning, asking myself whimsically if I’m ever going to try and read it, just out of curiosity to see if there’s any literary merit in it (as I’ve often accepted by default) or if in fact, as a critic argued in the yt comments for the Anglin-VD debate, it’s unreadably awful message fiction. Today, Vox culls an amazon reviewer for his Throne of Games book, with this preamble of his own:

    “I always find it intriguing to discover how few of my blog readers read my fiction. That’s fine, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, as everyone has different tastes and preferences. It’s not as if most regulars here get into Eco, Hesse, and Murakami either. But it is still satisfying to hear when someone finally gets around to giving it a shot and then discovers that it’s really not that bad.”

    –You know, these days I always find it intriguing how Vox can’t express himself on any topic without sounding like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, which is odd considering he’s the most normal, salt of the earth, manly man superhigh IQ megagenius you could hope to meet. And if his followers aren’t scarfing down kindle re-orders of all his fiction that’s TOTALLY FINE TOO! I mean, they’re probably poopy-heads who can’t handle the likes of Homer, Vergil, and– oh wait, I’m not sure if Vox ever reads those guys either. I mean, they’re not on his annual reading lists with all those Jane Marple murder mysteries and whatnot. But oh well. Eco, Hesse, and Murakami are the biggest names in Great Books because they’re the ones Vox never stops talking about.

  53. I’m down on the annoying VD, but there’s nothing wrong with having a literary taste of your own. My own kindle is full of the classics, but somehow I end up reading a lot of genre slush anyway. I was better at reading the good stuff as a kid really.

  54. This one is dedicated to Ryu.

    That’s right, play it twice for extra power. European 80s and 90s music had some interesting features.

  55. Back when Glengarry was in school, Hesse was seen as the quintessential writer for high school philosophers. In my opinion Murakami lands somewhere around there too. Eco was sort of middle brow in his writing too, the thinking man’s Dan Brown. So there are some limitations. Well … Still quite a bit beyond the Harry Potter/Game of Thrones devotees.

    The modern reader who wants to level up has some problems in that so much modern lit is garbage. Is reading Infinite Jest really time well spent? And DFW is by no means the worst of the set. Searching out the good stuff can get time consuming.

  56. If someone can’t deal with trouble, ***NOW*** is the time to find out. The real danger in WN comes from the uncommitted or the half-committed. You can’t rely on someone looking the exit already.

    I wonder about this attitude at HBD and other neo-rightist sites; is it outright recruitment and boot camp, a la Ryu’s take, direction and critical reactions> or is there room for academic detachment? You (PA) and other such blog runners send mixed signals (i.e., the ‘Are Blacks Human?” post comes to mind.)

    And I’m not being cloying or ‘virtue-signally’—- or at least I think I’m not; I’m genuinely confused about the practicality of what’s expected or presumed of participants.

    Legal segregation and other more historically ‘extreme’ race positions are non-starters for me; however, I do believe neo-right/HBD-driven blogs are on the cutting-edge of 21st-century socio-racial-cultural inquisition and analysis—–the discomfort those modern disciples cause is a sign of its pertinence; their getting at uneasy questions.

    Not to be critical, but for a NAM, the Ryu elements of such sites are affectation; a sort-of learned form of ‘playing Army’ —- all of which is fine in and of itself but DOES exemplify that mixed mission and signal I had mentioned about this corner of the blogosphere.

  57. There is no mixed signal; everyone works according to his ability.

    You would not want – EVER – to work with a WN who has be forced into action. He’s a dead ringer to get caught or talk afterwards. It is not a casual thing, nor a one-time deal.

    There is no academic detachment in the field, or when your future is on the line.

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