The God-Emperor in a Meme


A meme I put together. The text, a twist on a Gamergate quip, is based on a comment at Vox Popoli.


3 thoughts on “The God-Emperor in a Meme

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  2. Wordy, but accurate.

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if he came just to take names and kick ass. I live near his GC in Hunterdon county. He’s been in NJ often enough that, while I’ve never met him, people in my social and professional circles have, and no one can say a bad word about him. This was well before he bid to become president. Several people have said he is physically impressive, but also obviously intelligent and shrewd to an almost uncomfortable degree. He can smell a liar and a fraud miles off, but is willing to let them come close, closer, closer… to be sure they’re within range to be finished off.


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